Inside AWAI

We’re starting the holiday gift-giving season today … with something special for you.

Click here and you’ll be taken inside a winning sales letter that was a control for three years. And your tour guide? None other than Master Copywriter Lee Marc Stein.

Lee shares with you his writing process … shows you the very concept statements he gave his client … and gives you insights into why the package worked so well.

Plus, you’ll see the actual winning package with analysis from marketing pro Sandy Franks.

Normally you can only get access to this through our popular Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection. But, today we’re giving you free access to it as a way of saying “thanks” for being part of the AWAI family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Next week … Inside AWAI will be back with more news, opportunities and success stories. If you have some good news to share, send me a note at

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