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  • “Ad agencies and design firms – a BIG market for B2B copywriters.” That’s the word from B2B pro Steve Slaunwhite. “There are more than 70,000 ad agencies, direct-marketing agencies, design firms, public relations agencies, investor relations agencies, and other types of marketing consultancies throughout North America,” says Steve. “Some are large with hundreds of employees. Many are mid-sized or smaller, and there are numerous one-person operations. But they all have one important thing in common …

    “Virtually ALL use freelance copywriters, at least on an occasional basis.”

  • This is good news for you. Steve told me yesterday that “right now the greatest need amongst ad agencies and design firms is for good B2B copywriters.” In fact, Steve just forwarded a lead to AWAI’s B2B copywriters from the director of an ad agency who contacted him looking for writers.

    Steve’s advice: “If you decide to approach ad agencies and design firms, you’ll need to present your credentials: B2B copywriting training, business/professional work history, and, ideally, a couple of portfolio samples. The best person to contact is the creative director.”

  • REMINDER: Steve, Ed Gandia, and Pete Savage will be giving their proven techniques for breaking into the lucrative B2B copywriting niche in next week’s Virtual Workshop: How to Launch and Supercharge Your Own B2B Copywriting Business.

    If you register now … right here … you can still save $200.

  • Another AWAI member hired by Agora! Congratulations Ryan Carr!! Writes Ryan: “I received an official offer from them yesterday and will be moving to Baltimore in early January!

    “Attending AWAI’s Copywriting Bootcamp was the best decision I ever made for my career. Just a few weeks after attending, the holy grail was mine – a full-time copywriting position with Agora!”

  • And congratulations to Apryl Parcher … the latest addition to AWAI’s Wall of Fame. In Apryl’s “previous life,” she owned and operated several small retail businesses. But the fixed schedule and other limitations (not to mention having to work every holiday) weren’t for her.

    “I love the fact that now I have a 10-second commute to my home office, and I have the flexibility to work around my family’s schedule. I can take a vacation when I want to – or a mental health day, even – and not feel guilty. As a copywriter, I feel much less restrained and free to create.”

    Here’s a great success practice Apryl uses: She has what she calls an “accountability email partner.” Early each morning, Apryl and her buddy go over their schedules for the day and exchange ideas for keeping on track with their goals.

    I’ve asked Apryl to tell us more about how that works … how she got started with her partner … and how you can get the same kind of working relationship going. More to come!

    In the meantime, you can read Apryl’s profile here.

  • Important Update on the Sold Out Vegas Web Intensive: With big demand for this popular event Rebecca and Denise have been working frantically with the venue and speakers to accommodate more attendees.

    “We came up with a solution for the training, and all of the speakers immediately got on board, but we’ve been waiting on the Treasure Island Hotel to give us the final number,” Rebecca told me.

    “Unfortunately they’re only able to accommodate 15 more people, and since we’re currently over-sold by 9, that only leaves 6 spots.”

    So if you want to attend, call Barb, Pat, or Jacqueline in Member Services at 866-879-2924 and tell them to grab you one of the new six spots.

    You can also learn more or reserve your spot online here.

  • “November has been my single largest booking month ever … right at $20K,” writes Jim Turner. Jim closed a deal on Monday (11/30!) for a $7,500 project to write website copy. And once the website is up, he tells me he’s looking at approx. $4,500 per month of ongoing work.

    How did he land this sweet deal?

    “The note below came into my LinkedIn account while I was attending Bootcamp,” Jim said. “I know there are some who think that social media is a waste of time, but I get at least 3-4 of these a month. Some turn into work and some don’t.”

    Here’s the note Jim got less than a month ago … that’s going to put $7,500 in his pocket now, plus more in the future:

    Hello Mr. Turner, We are a Marketing Agency that develops communication strategies for private and public companies around the world. We are wondering if you would be available for providing us with your writing services for an Online Penny Stock Website (and forthcoming newsletters) that will see the light soon. We have thought about some sections that should be included in the website and the areas we want to develop content for. We are looking for this work to get underway very shortly. If you are interested in this start-up project, please confirm and ask any questions you may have in order to get an accurate quote and timeframe. Thanks for your time and consideration.

    Learn exactly how Jim uses social media to attract these opportunities.

  • Check out these three new money-making websites from AWAI members:

    Was it hard to do? Not according to Lee Toth. “I thought Nick’s How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites program was excellent. It covered all the aspects of putting up a website that even a novice computer person could handle. I always felt that to do anything like that you had to be a real tech wizard.

    Lee adds, “Putting up my own website has made working on the Internet less intimidating.”

    Why do it? Paul Parry: “I’d been learning all I could about Internet marketing for over two years, and had a go at all sorts – articles, PPC, selling my ebook, building a website – but a) hadn’t made any money, b) needed just a little more knowledge, and, crucially, c) needed to follow a proven system for creating a site I could be proud of.

    “Nick Usborne’s Money-Making Websites program was amazingly helpful. I like his writing style (which is to the point, educational, and not in the least bit patronizing). And I really appreciate the detail he provided as he described the whole process, from the very early stages right through to promoting the ‘finished’ site – while giving great examples and resources throughout.”

    Why now? “I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but just didn’t have all the pieces to know how,” says Darlene Freiberg.

    “Nick’s program made it possible for me to accomplish something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and it’s given me a sense of achievement and confidence that I can really do this. I love all of it – the writing, research, and seeing the finished product, knowing (as Nick says in the program) that the site will always be there and grow from here on, sort of like an investment plan.”

    Is your money-making website ready to make its debut? Send me a note at so I can give it some attention!

    And if you haven’t started on yours yet, why not start now?

  • “I absolutely love Monday Morning Jumpstart! Joshua’s videos are very inspirational! I had a lot of mental roadblocks … like what to do with few samples, one testimonial, and no paying copywriting clients. He explained how to use what I do have to get me through until I have more copywriting clients. Thank you!” – Kathy Erwin

    Let Joshua help you achieve your goals. Start your week with a clear plan and a supportive mentor. Sign up for Monday Morning Jumpstart here.

  • Job Opportunities …
    ATTN: Health and Wellness Copywriters … Freelance Copywriting Project With Potential for Ongoing Work

    Intellivent, an integrated marketing group in Manhattan, seeks a freelance copywriter knowledgeable in nutrition and food markets as well as health and wellness. You’ll work on e-commerce and print efforts to promote a new brand of healthy frozen foods. You must be able to hold your own under tight deadlines. Apply here.

    Get the details on more copywriting and design opportunities!

  • From Michael Masterson’s Journal:
    Clayton Makepeace has been writing successful copy since 1975.

    Among his many accomplishments, he has written several of the biggest-

    selling sales letters of all time.

    I started writing copy a few years after he did, so I’ve had a chance to learn plenty from my own experiences. But when I read what he has to say about his method, I always learn something new and valuable.

    Recently, I read an article in which he explains how he builds a sales message based on the product’s features. He begins by listing the features, and then asks himself two simple questions about each one:

    Why is this a feature?

    What good does it do the customer?

    Asking these two questions leads him quickly to the benefits of the product.

    Once he determines a benefit, he “dimensionalizes” it by adding specific detail. This gets him very close to finished copy very quickly.

    The process goes like this:

    Product: a drill bit
    constructed of carbon steel
    Why: carbon steel never wears out
    Benefit: The last drill bit you’ll ever buy!
    Dimensionalized Benefit: You can save up to $75 a year in broken drill bits … hours of unnecessary trips to the hardware store … and hundreds of dollars in lost income!

    Another example:

    Product: a dental service

    Feature: a TV in every exam room
    Why: more comfortable for the patient, and helps time pass more quickly
    Benefit: Your appointment is over before you know it!
    Dimensionalized Benefit: Great for fidgety kids: The time zips by. In fact, just last week, littlie Jimmy asked if he could stay longer.

    I use a similar process, which is in AWAI’s Accelerated Copywriting Program. Mine is Product, Feature, Benefit, and Deeper Benefit. As in:

    Product: perma-tee for golfers
    Feature: made of handsome, unbreakable plastic
    Benefit: You only need one.
    Deeper Benefit: Other golfers will admire you.

    I like digging out the deeper benefit because it reminds you of what is really motivating the customer. In this case, you recognize that golf is a competitive game on many levels, including “who has the latest gizmo.”

    But I also like Clayton’s technique of dimensionalizing the benefit, because that gives you instantly usable copy. In this case: “Wooden tees are expensive! I save enough money every year for a free round of golf. Plus, I don’t have the clutter of extra tees in my pocket. Not only that, my perma-tee is distinctive. My golfing buddies are always asking about it.”

    Get the best of both techniques by combining them: Start with Feature. Go to

    Benefit. Go to Deeper Benefit. And then Dimensionalize!


    • Look for AWAI Holiday “Steals” starting Wed., Dec. 10th. Every day until Christmas … a great deal on one of our most popular programs. One more way we’re working to help make 2010 your most successful year yet. Details coming next week.
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    • Are you a candidate for AWAI’s Wall of Fame? There are two criteria. 1) You need to have written at least one control. 2) You need to have achieved a goal you set for yourself in your copywriting career.
    • If the answer for you is “yes!” to both of these, fill out this application … and then expect an email from me!
  • 5,000,000 words over 50 years. That’s how many words legendary author Cormac McCarthy says he’s typed on his portable Olivetti Lettera 32 manual typewriter. Grand total: a dozen novels, several screenplays, two plays, two short stories, countless drafts, letters, and more written on his pawnshop purchase.

    McCarthy is auctioning his classic machine for charity tomorrow … and already has a replacement Olivetti ready to go … another classic that “almost looks brand-new.” A friend found it for him for $11 plus $19.95 shipping.

  • New AWAI Writing Challenge … What’s the Best Gift You’ve Ever Given? There’s nothing better than giving a gift that surprises and touches the recipient … that lets him or her know you care.

    So tell me … what’s the best gift you’ve ever given? What made it special for you and the person who received it? Tell me about it in a 1,000-word (or less) essay. Get the details here.

  • “I’ve been thinking about what the Master’s Program has meant to my copywriting career, and the word that keeps coming to mind is ‘CONFIDENCE.’

    “When I took the Accelerated Program, I knew I could write decent copy. But after I took the Master’s Program, I was confident enough in my skills to approach some of the top marketing companies and know I could win projects – and produce control-quality copy. That’s how much of a difference the Master’s Program made to me!” – Russ Banister.

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