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  • Here’s what Bill Bonner, founder of Agora Inc., has to say about today’s Daily Steal: “In this book, Michael Masterson and Mike Palmer give away all our secrets! Please don’t buy it.” You can get your copy here … plus the very special Daily Steal bonus we added.

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  • You’re inspiring us! So far, 833 AWAI members have posted what they’re going to accomplish in 2010 on AWAI’s Goal Wall.

    It’s exciting, to say the least. And, I have to tell you, every day since we started this, people here in the office have been coming up with new ideas for ways we can do more to help you reach your goals. You’ll be hearing about them in the weeks and months to come.

    In the meantime, thank you for inspiring us to keep improving what we offer you. And never forget that all of us are as committed to your success as you are.

    If you haven’t yet posted a goal, I strongly encourage you to do it today. It’s a powerful motivator. Just click here.

  • Job Opportunity
    Freelance Copywriting Project for Children’s Book Club

    A Manhattan children’s publisher/retailer has an immediate need for a freelance copywriter to work with their book club marketing division creating direct-sales pieces for newly released children’s books.

    Get the details on this opportunity and more here.

  • “It’s the one skill every copywriter needs to have in today’s climate. It’s also the next step in moving your career forward,” advises Michael Masterson. If you missed his note yesterday, he was urging you (if you aren’t already) to become proficient in writing online advertising copy.

    “It will open doors for you. And create opportunities to earn more.”

    Michael pointed out that right now is the time to do it … because there are literally millions of businesses that need online copy. Many of them are having a tough time finding marketers and copywriters who understand this new medium. So they are climbing over one another to find skilled performers like you.

    If you have been thinking about moving into the online world, but have avoided it for some reason, put that procrastination to rest.

    1. Online writing is not difficult to learn.
    2. Online writing is in demand.
    3. Online writing is very lucrative.
  • Michael’s best advice on learning how to write online ad copy:

    Step 1: Keep practicing the basics. Read out loud and/or hand-copy a winning sales letter every day. You can use AWAI’s Hall of Fame book or one of the various “swipe files” that are available on the Web. Read the same piece of copy over and over again. Read it until you think you have figured out how it works. Read it until you can repeat large chunks of it from memory. This is a recommendation I’ve been making for more than 20 years. When I first suggested it, other copywriters thought I was crazy. Now, people have seen the results of this simple learning process. If you are not doing it regularly, start doing it today.

    Step 2. Analyze the Web copy you come across. When you get an email, study the subject line. Think of it as a headline in a sales letter. Does it pass the “Four U’s” test?

    When you land on a Web page, does it grab your attention? Does it connect with what you want and are looking for?

    Start noticing how different pieces of Web copy correlate to the elements found in a sales letter.

    Step 3. Get Nick Usborne’s Copywriting 2.0 Program. The first two steps will start you on the path of transferring what you already know about copywriting to online copy. But mastering writing online ads as soon as possible should be your number one priority.

    The fastest way I know to do it is with Nick Usborne’s Copywriting 2.0 program.

    Nick’s considered by many to be the best in his field.

    He did it the right way. He mastered the fundamentals — how to write a sales letter. Then, he learned how to apply that knowledge to the Internet. And that’s what his program shows you how to do too.

    Order your copy of Copywriting 2.0 by Dec. 22nd, and you’ll save $150. Learn more here.

  • Another Circle of Success member is making a name for herself …

    “The best part,” Cindy Cyr told Rebecca, “is that the client is super excited! (Truthfully, so am I – this is EXACTLY the kind of company I want to work with!)

    I did some more small projects for the client I did the Zig Ziglar project for … which has now led to a permanent gig –$1,600/mo for a marketing series we’ve lined up, plus he’s added my services to his permanent list of client services. (I used the proposal outline you sent me as a template to pitch this idea.)

    “I wrote a sell sheet to include in their packet, along with descriptions for their proposals. As a result, I now have 2 new clients that will be starting in the next few weeks, plus he has 5 other clients he is currently pitching my services to.

    “The other exciting thing is that part of the marketing series project idea is to set it up as a duplicatable service for his clients so that I can do the same type of work for them.

    “Thanks again for the GREAT info during our meeting at Bootcamp. These past 2 months have been a turning point in my business, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the ongoing support and help from AWAI.”

  • Thank you for the awesome Daily Steal deals! The Desktop Marketing Success program steal came at the perfect time for me. I'm in the middle of building my copywriting business website.

    “For years, I've been using what I learned from AWAI's programs in my work as a marketing professional. Now that I've left the corporate financial world behind, I have all the tools I need to build a successful copywriting business.

    “Happy Holidays to everyone at AWAI. Here's to a great 2010!” Nancy McMahon-Shanley

  • “There’s never been a greater, broader, more expansive need for us,” writes Dan Kennedy in this month’s issue of Marketing Your Services, the bonus letter he includes with his Look Over My Shoulder program for AWAI subscribers.

    “The proliferation of media challenges every business, large and small, to do more and better marketing. Even the small, local restaurant is now virtually mandated to move beyond the Val-Pak coupon, Yellow Pages ad, and serving good food … to websites, e-zines, customer clubs and their online resources, targeted direct mail, in-store events, diversifying to include daytime catering to businesses, party catering, bartending classes, wine clubs, etc – all of which require copy that sells.

    “Even the economic trauma is, in many ways, a gift to us, in compelling suddenly uncomfortable business owners to dig in, get to work, and more proactively and creatively advertise, market, promote and sell.

    “There is every reason for general optimism about this business. It is, though, entirely up to you to create specific reasons for personal optimism about your business – NEW specific reasons. That’s the gift to give yourself this season.”

  • It’s finally happening … Dan is personally conducting a 2 1/2-day Business of Copywriting Academy. If you sincerely want maximum money, respect and enjoyment as a professional copywriter in 2010, this is for you.

    You’ll be part of a small and personal group learning Dan’s particular, consultative approach to copywriting that transcends writing by assignment.

    Dan will show you how to get clients, get better and better fees, get great results for clients, manage client relationships, and build your career.

    He’s going to “open his play-book” and show you how he raised himself from fledgling copywriter to million-dollar-a-year copywriter … how he attracts, manages, keeps and leverages clients … how he works behind the scenes … and more.

    Click here to hear about it directly from Dan … and to take advantage of a big savings.

  • “Funny you should ask about using our persuasive writing skills for a specific benefit,” wrote in Susanne Scaldino after reading about my friend’s $12,000 letter in last week’s issue of Inside AWAI. That’s the reason I bought the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting in the first place.

    “About 3 years ago, my husband and I became friends with a retired couple who worked with him in a local store. During that time, they decided to change their cell phone provider. (Their contract had expired about two years earlier and they had gone month to month.) When they notified their original provider of their decision to change, the company sent them a bill for $432 because they were cancelling their contract and told them they would be reported to the national credit reporting agencies if they didn’t pay it, etc., etc., etc.

    “These folks were good, hardworking people, and the thought of a black mark on their credit made them sick. (Literally – the husband had serious heart problems.) They were working to supplement their retirement income.

    “My husband told them that I was a paralegal, and they asked if I could take a look at their paperwork – the letter they had sent to the original cell phone company, etc. – and see if anything could be done to reduce the bill. I looked over all the correspondence, did some research on FTC regulations for cell phone companies, and pulled some case law on collections. Then I drafted a letter for them to sign explaining why they did not owe the $432. (Of course, I copied the General Counsel for the cell phone company, the Acting Director of the FTC, and all three credit reporting agencies.)

    “Within 48 hours of their receipt of the emailed copy of the letter, the cell phone company sent notification that ‘in the interest of good customer relations,’ the account balance was being changed to $0.00 and wishing them all the best with their new service provider.

    “I have to tell you that I had received the AWAI mailing about the Six-Figure Program about 4 or 5 times prior to all this, and had never bothered to read it.

    “I got it for the 6th time the day AFTER our friends received their email correcting their account balance. That time, I sat down and read the package several times, front to back. I ordered the Program, did the coursework, and am now a Circle of Success member. My niche is, of course, the legal field (writing copy for law firms as well as companies that provide services to attorneys).

    “AWAI has literally changed my life, and it all came from that one letter.”

  • Look for Cheryl Hoskins’s first romance book, Even Love, on bookshelves Jan. 11, 2010. Cheryl, who writes under the pseudonym Cher Lane, credits AWAI’s Writing for Love & Money program for getting her started on this exciting new career.

  • “Thank you for an excellent Bootcamp experience!” writes Norman Hawker. “It was my first, and it was everything you said it would be and more. The value I got came in three ways:

    1. Meeting movers and shakers in this business and learning many of their trade secrets.
    2. Making friends with fellow AWAI’ers – some newbies like me and some well on their way.
    3. Making a commitment to invest in myself and my future in this business.

    “Going to Bootcamp made the dream much more real for me. I have seen for myself that it is possible to make a comfortable living writing persuasively.”

    Don’t forget … grab one of the 15 Daily Steal Bootcamp 2010 spots that will be available only tomorrow – and save big on what could very well be the event that changes your life too.

  • From Michael Masterson’s Journal
    It’s a business I didn’t even know existed until just recently …

    • It requires no capital outlay.
    • It requires no expensive tools. A computer with an Internet connection is all you need.
    • It is easy to learn.
    • There is a great demand for this service, but little competition.
    • You can start out small and grow as big as you want.

    I’m talking about becoming a professional researcher – doing online research for the information-publishing industry. As a researcher, you can charge by the page, by the hour, or by the job. It’s up to you.

    The information industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Thousands of new copywriters and editors are coming on board every month, and many of them desperately need help in researching their subject matter.

    Whether it’s business, finance, health, travel, sports – you name it – there are millions of pages of information being published every day on the Web. You can provide a very valuable service to all those writers out there who have more work than they can handle. Just offer to do the research for them and they will happily pay you a fair fee.

    I discovered this niche just last week while reading an essay by a well-known copywriter who churns out more copy in a month than most copywriters put out in a year. Her secret, I found out, is that she has a researcher who does all the background work for her. The researcher spends her time on Google, sorting through articles and journals and locating the facts and figures the copywriter needs.

    I can think of a dozen busy writers and copywriters who would love to have a researcher helping them.

  • THIS JUST IN: AWAI will be collaborating with the researcher Michael mentions above to create a step-by-step program to teach you how to start your own successful Internet Research Business.

    Sign up here and you’ll be among the first to hear when it’s ready. (Plan on early 2010). Plus, you’ll be entitled to a special “first-responders” discount!

  • Congratulations to all the winners so far in our “Commit to Achieve Your Goal in 2010” prize giveaway:

    Andrea from Stockton, CA who’s going to “earn $1,500 a month through my website and my resume business combined.”

    Cyndee from Spring, TX who’s going to become a six-figure copywriter by the end of 2010.

    Francoise from Liberty, TX who’s going to have a minimum of 50 photographs accepted by a photo stock website by mid-July.

    Ruth from Los Angeles, CA who’s going to be a sought-after, highly paid copywriter and bestseller author.

    John from Kingman, AZ who’s going to make a five-figure income in 2010.

    Marc from St. Paul, MN who’s going to complete his book, Selling Success, and have it published and available on Amazon.

    Fred from Farmers Branch, TX who’s going to stop procrastinating and complete the Accelerated Program by January 31, the B2B program by the end of February, and continue working on the Masters Program throughout the year. When November arrives, he intends to have enough paying clients to provide income to attend Bootcamp. (“It is already on my calendar!” says Fred.)

    William from Pomona, Queensland who’s going to have his book on the treatment and cure of musculosckeletal pain published in 2010.

    Their prizes? A Nitendo Wii … Garmin GPS … iPod Shuffle … Net Book (mini-laptop) … Blue Ray Disc Player … Chocolate Decadence Basket from Godiva … 1-year subscription to Netflix … Sony Playstation3

  • 8 more winners coming tomorrow through the 25th … 8 more fun prizes to be given away. Check the site daily.

  • REMINDER: Sunday’s the deadline for AWAI’s latest Writing Challenge: What’s the Best Gift You’ve Ever Given? There’s nothing better than giving a gift that surprises and touches the recipient … that lets him or her know you care.

    So tell me … what’s the best gift you’ve ever given? What made it special for you and the person who received it? Tell me about it in a 1,000-word (or less) essay. Get the details here.

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