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  • Get all the help and support you need as a Web writer on an ongoing basis … Yesterday, Rebecca officially unveiled the new Wealthy Web Writer website.

    “Its mission is simple. To provide you with a solid career roadmap to follow. To give you a place where you have access to the tools and resources you need to be successful. And, equally important, to be a place you can turn to for encouragement, motivation, and inspiration as you move forward in your career.”

    Learn what’s in store and how you can become a founding member.

  • “If you are willing to spend an afternoon reading Michael Masterson and Mike Palmer’s new book: Copy Logic! – The New Science of Producing Breakthrough Copy (Without Criticism), you’ll hold in your hands a proven system almost guaranteed to produce powerful direct-response copy … every time.” – Sean P. McCool, Copywriter, Stansberry & Associates, AWAI 2009 Wall of Fame Inductee, 2008 Bootcamp spec challenge winner

  • Clayton Makepeace, 7-figure copywriter and publisher of The Total Package, agrees …Copy Logic! will change the way direct-response marketing campaigns are created for generations to come.

    “In this eye-opening volume, Michael and Mike reveal their proprietary process for transforming ‘good’ copy into ‘great’ copy … and ‘great’ copy into legendary copy.

    “Every direct-response business owner, marketing exec, creative director, and
    copywriter armed with this simple but powerful approach will find that it
    instantly multiplies response, revenues, and profits by an order of

    Get your first-run copy here today for only $24.95.

  • Love is in the air … for Blackberry, Subaru, LensCrafters, Payless Shoes, McDonald’s, and more.

    The New York Times reported last week on a flurry of new advertising campaigns focused on love.

    “Love what you do.” (Blackberry)

    “Love. It’s what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.”

    “See what you love, love what you see.” (LensCrafters)

    “I [heart] shoes.” (Payless Shoes)

    “I’m lovin’ it.” (McDonald’s)

    “Love the skin you’re in.” (Olay)

    “Everybody knows somebody who loves a Honda.”

    “Quality you can love.” (Nissan)

    “You can hate the morning less, and love running more.” (New Balance)

    Times reporter Andrew Adam Newman asked how three automakers all arrived at love slogans. Erich Marx, director of Nissan marketing, responded, “Maybe we all felt there had been an emotional tug missing from the messaging.”

    Have you recently included some love in a headline? Send it to me at

  • Americans’ job satisfaction falls to record low. 55% of American workers are dissatisfied with their jobs … the lowest level recorded in 22 years by the Conference Board research group.

    Hats off to AWAI members who are not in this unhappy majority … who have created “jobs” for themselves that are not only satisfying but financially and emotionally rewarding.

    If you’re not part of the happy minority yet, here’s the key. It all starts with understanding the power of persuasion … the foundation of the Accelerated Program … and the core of everything we teach at AWAI.

  • B2B Copywriting Pro Ed Gandia made the leap to the writer’s life just over three years ago, and hasn’t looked back. At that time, Ed was looking at the same challenges you may be facing:

    • How are you going to get your career off the ground?
    • When will the time be right?
    • How can you find the time to make it happen?

    Ed answered those questions and more in this Golden Thread article. He walks you through the way he managed to achieve his dream while working a demanding full-time sales job. Today, Ed’s living the writer’s life … working his own hours … making six figures as an in-demand Business-to-Business copywriter … and having the time of his life.

  • I asked Ed: What did it feel like when you finally resigned from your job? What did you do to celebrate?

    Ed: It felt wonderful! By the time I resigned, my boss knew of my plans. He knew that I had given him 100 percent all those years, but he also knew that my future was elsewhere. He was very happy and supportive.

    To celebrate the occasion, I opened a bottle of 1991 Niebaum-Coppola “Rubicon” – a terrific red wine from Napa Valley, one of my all-time favorites. This wine has a special meaning for me. It signified the big leap of faith I took when I left corporate America. Rubicon is the name of a river in Italy that marked the boundary between the Roman province of Cisalpine Gaul to the north and Italy proper to the south. When Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon with his army in 49 BC to make his way to Rome, he broke the law and made armed conflict inevitable. Once he crossed the river, Caesar knew he was fully committed. That’s when he uttered the famous phrase ālea iacta est (“the die is cast”).

    I believe in symbolism, and I believe in celebrating your victories. So I made sure to celebrate that pivotal moment in style … and in a way I’d never forget!

  • Now, I’m asking you … How will you celebrate when you start living the writer’s life? Send a note with your plans to

    And, if you’ve already celebrated, congratulations! I’d love for you to share your story with me!

  • ATTN: Dan Kennedy Business of Copywriting Academy attendees … Your first pre-academy prep call with Dan is Thursday, Jan 21st at 6pm.

  • From Dan: “The high-income copywriter does not sell copywriting services, nor is the majority of his fee payment for that. The client wants and prizes something else entirely.”

    On this call with Dan – a preview of the Business of Copywriting Academy exclusively for those registered to attend – he will pull the curtain back on this part of the client psyche and discuss how to provide what the client most desires. The pathway is trust … so Dan will also be discussing the keys to establishing trust.

    Dan insists that there are specific Points-Of-Connection with the client that just about anybody can create for themselves, that motivates trust on clients’ part.

    “There is one fact about trust that gives no particular advantage to the highly experienced or long-established copywriter over the beginner, no benefit to the old versus the young; and that any freelancer can use with any and every client. This fact can be your ally,” says Dan.

    On this call, he’ll reveal this one vital fact. This, you don’t want to miss!

    Finally, there’ll be a brief overview of everything to expect at the Academy and how to best prepare.

  • There’s a seat left for you. If you sincerely want maximum money, respect and enjoyment as a professional copywriter in 2010, I encourage you to join Dan Kennedy for his Business of Copywriting Academy in May.

    You'll be part of a small and personal group learning Dan's particular, consultative approach to copywriting that transcends writing by assignment.

    Dan will show you how to get clients, get better and better fees, get great results for clients, manage client relationships, and build your career.

    He's going to "open his play-book" and show you how he raised himself from fledgling copywriter to million-dollar-a-year copywriter … how he attracts, manages, keeps and leverages clients … how he works behind the scenes … and more.

    Click here to hear about it directly from Dan … and to take advantage of a big savings.

  • “January is getting off to a good start for me,” writes AWAI member Gloria Rand. “I’ve got two meetings scheduled this week with potential clients for my SEO copywriting services. I’ll also be talking with one of my current clients in a few days about some more content he needs written for his website. Plus, I recently started writing articles for a graphic designer to help his website rank higher, and today I got approached by another Web designer to do the same thing! Also scheduled – a 10-minute talk about blogging for leads at a local networking group later this month.

    AWAI Wall of Fame … here I come!”

  • So, Gloria … what advice do you have for your fellow AWAI members who may not be quite so busy yet? “Network! I belong to 3 different networking groups, including the local Chamber of Commerce. Meeting people, showing an interest in their business – rather than just pushing your own – definitely goes a long way toward building trust and gaining clients. I also belong to a bartering group, BarterFirst International. My meeting on Thursday is with someone who found me through BarterFirst. I hope that helps!”

  • Your Money-Making Website Training Begins January 18th … Back in December, Nick Usborne invited you to start creating your own money-making website – as part of a very special group.

    Dozens of AWAI members will begin writing new sites, starting January 18th. Even Nick will be starting a new one.

    Side-by-side, you’ll go through Nick’s money-making websites program, section-by-section. But he won’t just be repeating what’s in the program. He’ll be sharing the new insights, tips, and tools he uncovers as he builds his own new site.

    Each week, for seven weeks, he’ll hold a teleconference call or webinar. Nick will walk you through the process of creating your website, and then open the line for questions.

    And here’s the best part … as a member of his program, you get to attend for free. You just have to sign up by January 15th.

    Learn more.

  • Allan Knight will be part of Nick’s group. “I think this is the greatest idea,” wrote Alan. “It really shows you care. And, it’s probably the only way I would ever get my website done. Kudos to Nick, Rebecca, and AWAI for organizing it. I read 70 pages of the program the first night; I can’t wait to get going. I’m in.”

  • Job Opportunities …
    HBO Seeks Full-Time Copywriter in New York City … HBO needs a full-time copywriter eager to take on responsibility. In this position, you’ll write copy for a variety of marketing campaigns. You’ll sit in on brainstorming sessions, help direct campaign strategies, and generally have the opportunity to exercise your copywriting muscles while making a meaningful contribution to a company known around the world.

    Part-Time Copywriting Opportunity for Web-Savvy Copywriter … The Small Business Service Bureau needs a part-time copywriter to create and edit content for multiple websites.

    Get the details on these and more copywriting and design opportunities!

  • Having Trouble Getting Motivated? – It happens to the best of us. But if procrastination becomes a habit – you’re doomed! Let success mentor Bob Cox share with you his strategies for avoiding this pitfall. And that’s just a small taste of what he’s got on offer …

  • ATTN: Circle of Success members … Our call this month is Tuesday, January 12, at 4 p.m. Master Copywriter Will Newman will be joining us for a discussion of COPY LOGIC!.

    Here’s what Bob Bly has to say about Michael and Mike’s soon-to-be-classic: “Copy Logic! presents 3 of the most useful copywriting processes ever devised. One of which not one copywriter in a thousand knows, and is worth ten times the price of the book.”

    Plus, Will is going to show us a great new tool for getting your copy review sessions started.

    Jacqueline will be sending you your dial-in instructions. And, if you have any questions you’d like us to answer, please send them to by Monday, Jan. 11th.

  • Are you free on Tuesday, January 20? I hope so, because Jay White of AutoResponder Apprentice will be holding a FREE teleconference that you’re invited to attend. Jay’s going to reveal all his secrets on how he makes six figures a year writing email and autoresponder copy, AND how you can break into this highly lucrative market.

    Writing autoresponders is perfect for anyone who prefers writing short copy instead of long sales letters that require a lot of time, research, sweat, and tears! Jay will even cover his secret ninja method for short copy success, along with …

    • How he landed a gig with one of the biggest names in Internet marketing with ZERO experience
    • How to add 30% … 40% … even 50% – or MORE – to your copywriting fees instantly
    • The insider conversation he had with Jay Abraham
    • How to write smokin’ hot emails and autoresponders that get opened, get read, and get click-thrus
    • How to bring hordes of potential clients to your doorstep

    This is definitely a call you won’t want to miss! So mark your calendar for Tuesday, January 20, and Sign up now for the FREE teleconference.

  • “Masterful!! Reminds me of listening to Earl Nightengale about 50 years ago while I was working my way through college as a catalog clerk at Sears. Keep up the great work!” – Ralph Thompson, in response to Michael Masterson’s advice in Monday’s issue of The Golden Thread.

  • Congratulations to Ernest Raasch … winner of the “Best Gift I’ve Ever Given” writing challenge. Ernest, your $100 AMEX gift card is on its way to you.

    You can read Ernest’s winning essay here.

  • Writing Challenge honorable mentions to Ray Ogles and Tony Wiersielis. Ray and Tony, you’ll be receiving signed copies of Michael Masterson and Mike Palmer’s new book Copy Logic! The New Science of Producing Breakthrough Copy (Without Criticism).

    You can read Ray’s and Tony’s winning essays here.

    And a special thank you to:

    Jaye Alderson … Sandra Almonte … Rowena Angel … Maxine Arnoldy … Donna Banker … Carmen A Brown … Nicole M Brown … Bobbi Buchanan … Cathy Chapman … Carlton Clarke … Frances Coulson … Cyndee Davis … Lisa Danella … Lynda S Davis … Corinne Dixon … Marion Erikson … Wendy Foard … Derrick Fuller … Allyson Gierke … Christina Gillick … Paul Good … Curt Graham … Liz Gray … Michelle Gust … Fred Harwood … Mark Henderson … Cheryl Ireland … Gerri Iseman … Lawrence Katzman … Linda Kaun … Doris Kinney … Lynne Landers … Gene Laramy … Cathy Laska … Millie Martin … Sally McCaughrin … Rhonda Morrow-Little … Monica Muehsam … Monica Mutuma … Mike Pacowta … Cori Padgett … Jack Palmer … Terry Palmer … Jeanette Patindol … Ronda Payne … Judith Pazmino … Ann Price … Jackie Ramirez … Art Remnet … Neil Reuben … Carolyn Rogers … Kathy Sanders … Shirley Schmeckpeper … Lee Schwarz … Michael Shiffermiller … Michael Snyder … Marcia Studenski … Rick Swartz … Jeremy Thomas … Travonda G Thomas … Wyntris B Wells … Richard Westlake

    Your essays were touching and a pleasure to read over the holiday break. Look for something special coming in the mail to you from me in the coming week.

  • New AWAI Writing Challenge … What Does “The Writer’s Life” Mean to You in 2010? If you’re already living it … tell us how your life has changed since becoming a copywriter … your new daily routine (or lack of routine) … the new freedom you enjoy to travel or work on your favorite hobby … the memories created by being able to do more with your kids … the time saved by not having to commute to an office every day … how it feels to not have to answer to a boss … and so on. We want to hear it all!

    If you’re not quite there yet … tell us what your hopes and dreams are … really visualize what it will be like to achieve your copywriting goals … how your life will be improved for the better. Paint a picture of exactly what living “the writer’s life” will mean to you.

    Send your 1,000-word (or less) essay to me at with “The Writer’s Life 2010” in the subject line. If you send your submission as an attachment, please include your first and last name on the essay … not just the cover note.

    One winner will be selected from all entries received. If it’s you, you’ll receive a $100 American Express gift card and have your essay published on the AWAI website.

    All entrants will be recognized and will be sent a special gift for participating.

    Deadline: January 24, 2010

    Look for the winning entry in the January 28th issue of Inside AWAI.

  • One more success tip from Ed Gandia: “One of the things that helped me quickly hone my copywriting skills was reading proven sales letters, and then writing them out by hand. Every week, I’d pick one letter from AWAI’s Hall of Fame book. Once a day, I’d read it and write it out by hand.

    “Sometimes I wondered if this was helping at all. As I’d read those winning sales letters, I’d think, ‘Man, these guys are so good. I’ll never get there.’ But I soon realized it was a mistake to think like that. There are very few ‘natural talents’ in the world. Almost everyone at the top – no matter what field or industry they’re in – got there because of practice, practice, practice.

    “So I kept at it. Reading and writing. Again and again.”

  • Are you a candidate for AWAI’s Wall of Fame? There are two criteria. (1) You need to have written at least one control. (2) You need to have achieved a goal you set for yourself in your copywriting career.

    If both of those criteria apply to you, fill out this application … and then expect an email from me!