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  • We’re launching our most important resource in years … one that we’re certain will have an immediate and profound impact on anyone taking (or who’s taken) the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

    Before I tell you about it … a quick story. Early, early on – after a few not-so-great customer service experiences – I decided that everyone who works for AWAI must take a crash course in the Accelerated Program before doing much of anything else. My reason was simple: If an AWAI staffer was going to talk with members about copywriting, they’d better know the material, inside and out.

    So once a week, our newest staff members and I would meet at a local restaurant over breakfast, where I would walk them through the program, one section at a time, until they understood it clearly. And it worked like a charm. To this day, I would put AWAI’s staff up against the staff of any other company when it comes to knowing their product.

  • Which brings me back to the matter at hand – and the new resource we’re all so enthusiastic about. It’s a way for us to “walk you through” the Accelerated Program, section-by-section, week-by-week … so we can help you better understand the core principles of copywriting and get through the program much faster than you ever could on your own.

    And although it was inspired by those “breakfast sessions,” there’s a lot more to it now: live demonstrations online, added content, special guest experts, and so much more (as you’ll learn in a moment).

    Needless to say, we’re excited about what this resource will do for our members – and the early interest you’ve shown in it.

    The funny thing is, over the years many members have come to me – half joking – and said: “Love the program. But is there any way you or Don or Paul or Michael could sit down with me while I work on it … in case I have questions?”

    Now, I’m happy to say … yes, there is! It’s called The Accelerated Program Live Companion Series – and for a very limited time, we’re offering it at a special 50% Off Charter Discount. Get more details by clicking here …

  • REMINDER: If you posted your goal on AWAI’s “Commit to Achieve Your Goal in 2010” goal wall, you get free access to next Wednesday’s teleconference with Joshua Boswell, Rebecca Matter, and me. Writes Joshua:

    Just as I was sitting down to the computer to write you a little note on goal setting, I was rudely interrupted.

    My third child, a 10 year old boy named Jared, came screaming into my office. ‘Dad, dad, the garage is full of water and freezing.’

    Not good.

    I rushed down to see what was going on, only to find that three of my water pipes had frozen in the -5 degree weather and burst like pipe bombs. (Don't ask how I know what PVP looks like when turned into a pipe bomb … )

    Almost without thinking, I rushed over to the main water valve and shut it down. Within seconds, the water flow stopped. A few minutes later, the plumber was called. A few minutes after that, we were all happily sliding around the garage, which actually makes a decent hockey rink.

  • What does this have to do with goals and setting effective goals?

    Joshua continues:

    I'll explain all the details during a free call I'm doing on Jan 27 at 3pm EST (Yes, you read it right, the call costs you nothing.)

    But, for now, the most important thing I want you to know is that success in your life is very much like this story.

    Specifically, there is a valve in your life that can turn the flow of money, prosperity and success on … or off … in an instant – just like the water main in your home

    And guess what? It is not goal setting. Goals are more like the pipes – but they are not the value that controls the flow. That's where most people fail. They think, "I'll set this goal and success is mine! Goals are the key, right?"

    Nope. Wrong.

    On Jan 27 at 3pm, I'll give you the real key and show you how to turn the valve on and off, at will.

    I'll also show you a 7 point strategy for getting everything – and I do mean everything – out of life you've ever wanted.

    If your curious to know what the valve is and how you can use the 7 points to really get what you want, then I invite you to join me on the call.

    One valve. 7 points. Success is easy.

    I'll talk to you more on the 27th.

    It’s not too late to join us. Just post a goal on the AWAI Goal Wall this week and you’ll get the call instructions. It’s really that easy! Click here.

  • When Jay White talks … 1,400 people listen!! Yesterday, Jay held a special teleconference on the topic of writing autoresponders. And over 1,400 attendees dialed in.

    They weren’t disappointed. He gave valuable information for anyone looking to jump into the vastly under-serviced and lucrative world of autoresponder copywriting. He even generously provided a 10-step outline showing the basics of crafting emails that generate results.

  • At the end, Jay answered a few questions about his Autoresponder Apprentice program: “With this program, you can follow my step-by-step method for putting together autoresponders … which are really just follow-up messages … that get opened, get read, and get click-thrus.

    “Plus, you’ll hit the ground running with an entire session devoted strictly to finding – and keeping – top-level clients.

    “I’m giving you the tools to succeed … all you need to do is plug in the system and start pulling down the kind of copywriting fees you’ve always dreamed of.”

  • Rowena Angel and Sandi Krakowski wrote in immediately after the call. Rowena said: “Just got off the call with Jay White and it was GREAT! I met Jay at the 2009 Bootcamp. He is such a down-to-earth person, and extremely funny. Listening to him on this call, you can’t help but catch his excitement and love for what he’s doing. Please thank him for the ‘nuggets of wealth’ about how to add autoresponders to what you’re already doing as a copywriter.”

    And Sandi said: “I REALLY enjoyed Jay’s teleseminar today, and have been going through his entire course since it first came out at AWAI. Currently, I’m able to charge $1,295 for an 8-email series that I can crank out in about 4 hours. But one of my best email series, which was 12 emails and I was paid $2,495, earned my client $ 58,000!

  • SPECIAL OFFER FROM JAY: Now through Tuesday January 26 at midnight, you can order Jay’s Autoresponder Apprentice program for $100 off. Plus, he is throwing in an exclusive bonus webinar where he’ll critique auto-responder submissions from members – LIVE! You’ll be able to “watch him in action” as he evaluates copy, shows you what he would do different, and most important … why!

    If you have been eyeing Jay White’s Autoresponder Apprentice program – now is the best time to grab it! Save $100 here.

  • “Not only did the recession make me feel more secure as a freelancer, it made me more money! As I watched friends and family endure layoffs and job losses, I was grateful to have a whole pool of clients instead of just one employer. And instead of a bummer year, it was a banner one in the fundraising arena.

    “Because my oldest daughter would be getting her own set of wheels last June, I knew my taxi time would be going down. So I set a goal of increasing my business by 12% in 2009 … and it went up 31%! In fact, I only kicked up the marketing the first part of the year, and didn’t have time to do any the last half of the year because I was so busy. I’m still grateful for the support from my friends at AWAI for helping me get started. Cheers from Nebraska!” – Mary Guinane McNamara, AWAI member since 2002

  • “I’m writing to let you know that I landed the copywriting gig and it looks like it is going to be a good-sized project,” writes AWAI member Sue Keeler.

    This note from Sue came just 12 days after she sent Joshua Boswell, her Monday Morning Jumpstart mentor, an email with “In a Panic! Please Read!” in the subject line.

    Sue told Joshua that she felt like someone had “dropped a bomb” on her. A potential client had contacted her with a huge project and, as she explained, “I don’t feel ready to charge what you charge, but I also don’t want to sell myself cheap.”

    Joshua’s response: “First of all, it sounds like a block of gold was dropped in your lap, not a bomb. Congratulations!

    “Second, take a deep breath and relax. They obviously like you, or they would not have given you a shot at the project.”

    Then, he walked her through what to say and what to charge.

    Sue told me, “Even if it hadn’t worked out, the advice Joshua gave me was enough to give me the confidence to think bigger instead of settling for less than I’m worth. Writing has always been my strength, but AWAI showed me a way to put my skills to good use and I am very grateful for that. Not to mention that it has provided me with a happier way of life doing something I enjoy.”

  • Ever wish you had more details behind how someone achieved their six-figure goal? Introducing the Wealthy Web Writer Reality Blog, featuring AWAI Member, Mindy Tyson McHorse …

    Mindy’s goal is to make six figures as a web writer this year. And so Rebecca has asked her to bare it all for you, and give you every single detail along the way.

    By sharing everything she does with you, she hopes to give you the right combination of motivation and details, so that you can move towards your own goal that much faster.

    Through Mindy’s weekly blog posts and videos, you’ll get to:

    • Watch proven methods for landing clients played out in real life – and in real time – with never-before-shared details of the process.

    • See what’s possible when you really put yourself out there, and get new ideas for marketing yourself.

    • Let someone else test the waters for you, so that you know what to do (and what not to do) when navigating web-writing success.

    • Walk away with a proven roadmap to six figures.

    You don’t have to go it alone. Join Mindy each week and share the journey to success!

  • Mindy is already getting rave reviews … “Thanks for all the great information! This is exactly what I need to get going, and I'll be right there with you – keeping up with the blog, checking your progress, taking the steps myself. 2010 is my year. The first year I have actually committed to making it happen. I've set my goals, including earning $30,000 in 2010 from copywriting. A big goal for me since I'm just getting started, but definitely do-able. Go Team!” – Deborah

    “Mindy, first of all I want to thank you for taking the time to share with us your weekly tasks and experiences. I believe this will help me greatly. My goals for this year are to get my first client by January and then from there make around $2,000 a month.” – Malisia

  • And if you share Mindy’s web-writing goals this year, your timing couldn’t be better. According to a recent survey from the Forrester Group, “Interactive marketing spending will trend UP from 12% today to 22% in the next five years. Dollars will shift from traditional marketing and advertising channels into social media, email, and mobile marketing.”

  • More good news for online copywriters. Retailers are investing more time, attention, and resources into their websites, and sales numbers from the end of last year show it. Major sites experienced no down time at all during the holiday season and reported good response times despite traffic increases. Online sales over the holiday season totaled $27 billion, up 5% from the previous year. These improvements in the overall online shopping experience indicate that businesses are readier than ever to spend money on online marketing … including content development and promotional materials.

    Join Wealthy Web Writer as a founding member and learn how you can take advantage of these opportunities in 2010.

  • Working in B2B? You may want to consider attending this white paper event: White Paper Success Summit 2010 is a live online event that will empower business owners and marketers to attract quality leads and grow their businesses with educational white papers.

    The world's leading white paper experts will show you how.

    Presenters include:

    • Michael Stelzner (author, Writing White Papers)
    • Bob Bly (author, White Paper Marketing Handbook),
    • John Jantsch (author Duct Tape Marketing),
    • Brian J. Carroll (author, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale),
    • Jill Konrath (author of Selling to Big Companies),
    • Ardath Albee (author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale),
    • Roger C. Parker (author, White Paper Design that Sells),
    • Joe Pulizzi (author, Get Content Get Customers),
    • Jonathan Kantor (author, Crafting White Paper 2.0)
    • And many others!

    The online summit starts Tuesday, February 2nd and runs through February 24th. Save 34% when you sign today by Midnight Pacific Time.

    Learn more about the event and how you can register today.

  • Insights from master copywriter and marketer Denny Hatch’s excellent free e-letter, Denny Hatch’s Business Common Sense:

    • “Since 2007, the Obama campaign has built a database of 3.1 million supporters and raised more than $700 million, equaling or surpassing what all the candidates from both major parties combined collected in private donations in 2004.

    • “It doesn’t matter whether you like Obama, hate Obama, or are somewhere in between. If you are in business – any business, consumer, B-to-B or nonprofit – and do not monitor how this extraordinary organization communicates with its constituency and its prospects via email, you are a damn fool. This guy is a great communicator, and we can all learn from him.

    • “It was political direct-mail pioneer Walter Weintz who first asked for contributions of money back in 1952. His rationale: (1) An influx of cash would help pay for the direct-mail campaigns, and (2) those who send money have a stake in the outcome – like betting on a horse. They want their candidate to win and will spread the word among friends, family, neighbors, and business colleagues.”

  • REMINDER: Sunday, January 24, is the deadline for AWAI’s latest Writing Challenge: What Does the Writer’s Life Mean to You in 2010? Get the details here.

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  • And, finally … Dale Carnegie on the importance of “active learning”:

    “Learning is an active process. We learn by doing. So, if you desire to master the principles you are studying, do something about them. Apply these rules at every opportunity. If you don’t you will forget them quickly. Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind.

    “You are attempting to form new habits. Ah yes, you are attempting a new way of life. That will require time and persistence and daily application.”

    Let us help you achieve a new way of life.