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  • “I walked away with more useful copywriting ideas and tips from the 2009 Bootcamp than any other,” says Bootcamp veteran and Master copywriter Bob Bly.

    And he wasn’t even there!

    But Bob saw every PowerPoint presentation … heard every lecture … read every handout and bonus … without leaving his office, thanks to the 2009 Bootcamp Home-Study program.

    Bob told me: “With special guest speakers like Dan Kennedy and Clayton Makepeace, 2009’s Bootcamp was the most valuable one yet.”

    NOTICE: The 2009 Bootcamp Home-Study program will no longer be available after tomorrow at midnight. To have “forever” access to Dan, Clayton, Michael Masterson, Mike Palmer, John Forde, Jen Stevens, Will Newman, and more copywriting superstars, click here to order and save.

  • Quick. What’s the easiest way to get a new client? Simple – it’s through a referral from someone you know. In yesterday’s Wealthy Web Writer, Sid Smith gave us the best time to ask for a referral … how to ask for a referral … and what to do once you get it! Read it here.

  • And speaking of getting clients, have you tried using video to do it? Well, if you’re a Platinum Wealthy Web Writer Member, you’re going to learn how to do it … and do it effectively!

    Starting February 12th, Jessica Kizorek a 29-year-old adjunct professor at the Miami Ad school, the author of three books, one AWAI program, a public speaker, consultant, and video producer will conduct the first of a three-part series on using video to get clients and promote yourself online.

    And as a Platinum Wealthy Web Writer member, you get access to all three sessions – FREE. Get all the details on this and the other training events planned this month at

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  • “Monday, February 15, is Leap Day for Roy Furr. “For almost 5 years now, I’ve known I wanted to be a freelance copywriter. Problem was, I had an awesome job doing online marketing and copywriting for an IT career training publisher, so it was hard to make the leap.

    “This year, though, my small family will be moving across the country for my wife’s work. I decided it was finally time.

    “So, after years of spare-time freelancing on top of my full-time gig, I’ve ramped up and, beginning on Monday, I’m working for myself full-time. I have to say, a big reason I can do this now is thanks to connections I’ve made through AWAI – at Bootcamp and elsewhere!”

  • Roy’s off to a good start. He emailed yesterday, saying: “Just did a seminar promotion project with Brian Tracy – he’s hosting his first-ever workshop-style event and I was referred to write the copy to promote it. Got word from his Marketing Director that the seats are going fast and it’s likely to sell out! I’m more and more convinced every day that copywriting is the most exciting career choice imaginable.”

    Congratulations, Roy, on making the leap! Keep us posted on your success.

    How about you? Is 2010 your Leap Year? If so, send me a note about your plans at

  • “Excellent. Loved it! I couldn't identify with the ‘safe harbor’ guys … and that’s GOOD! I'm a candidate for heading out to sea.” Ralph

    “Excellent! Well written and just happened to fit right in with where I am mentally these days.” Mike

    “The $36,000 man story illustrates an opportunity for everyone who dreams to have a better life and financial security”. Joselito

    “Excellent story, excellent message.” Marvin

    “Thank you, Joshua. Your article was very inspiring. I especially enjoyed your last paragraph. I have re-written it in the first person – for me to read daily and remind myself. It's now printed and up on my bulletin board.” Ann

    See what everyone’s talking about here.

    And, one more …

    “What an awesome article! I have had someone say to me before that you can't fit a 11 x 17 dream in a 3 x 5 mind. I actually felt sad for Mr. $36K. Can't wait to start Monday Morning Jumpstart. Amy

  • The Times They Are A-Changin’ – Are You? We’re not talking Bob Dylan 1964 changes here. We’re talking technological changes – especially in the way we consume media. (There were six articles related to Apple’s new iPad, Amazon’s Kindle, e-books, and smartphones in the Business section of The New York Times on February 1.)

    These are truly revolutionary times, and these changes are already having an impact on your future as a copywriter.

    This is a whole new world from even five years ago.

  • What does this mean for copywriters? In a word: opportunity. The demand for media content – and the ads that go along with it – is growing exponentially.

  • “Is the Day of Tiny Ads Finally Here?” asked one of those New York Times articles. In 2009, worldwide spending on mobile advertising was only $1.4 billion – less than 1/3 of 1% of total ad revenue. Barely a blip on the radar.

    Windsor Holden, a principal analyst at Juniper Research, predicts that mobile ad spending worldwide will more than quadruple, to $6 billion, by 2014. It’s inevitable, he says, with the huge growth of all things wired, including laptops, smartphones, and the expected sales of iPads.

    A recent survey from the Forrester Group backs up Holden’s prediction: “Interactive marketing spending will trend up from 12% today to 22% in the next five years. Dollars will shift from traditional marketing and advertising channels into social media, email, and mobile marketing.”

    Be a leader in this niche, not a follower. Click here to get started.

  • “This gave me a sanity check that I have a shot at succeeding in my selected niche.” That’s Circle of Success member Rob Carlson on how he felt when he learned that his spec assignment for financial publisher Elliot Wave International was selected.

    “I want to be a financial copywriter, so this was a great sign that I’m on the right path. I’m thrilled that I went to Bootcamp and had the opportunity to work on this spec.”

    REMINDER: You can still get access to everything Bootcamp had to offer through our Home-Study program. BUT … (1) you need to order now to get the highly discounted price. And (2) it WILL NOT be available after midnight tomorrow.

    Bring Bootcamp to your home. Here’s how.

  • Job Opportunties …

    • Copywriting Opportunity in the Medical Field – 100% Telecommute. Work from your home writing consumer-oriented Web content on the topics of bone marrow transplants and cardiac health. Previous experience addressing cancer and cardiac issues a must.

      Get the details on this and more copywriting and design opportunities here.

    • AND FOR MEMBERS OF STEVE SLAUNWHITE’S B2B FORUM: Sarah Clacher shared two B2B jobs she heard about with her fellow B2B copywriters this week. One for a copywriter with knowledge about energy efficiency; the other for someone with tech case study experience.

      If you’re not yet taking Steve’s Secrets of Writing High Performance B2B Copy program, sign up today. You’ll get connected to this invaluable forum for free, giving you ongoing access to Steve and your fellow B2B copywriters.

  • According to AMR, a market research firm, B2B companies will spend more than $3 billion on online marketing this year – and that number will grow by 12% a year through 2013.

  • Don’t sabotage your own success … learn from an experienced copywriter what mistakes they’ve made with clients, so that you can avoid them!

    Grab a copy of The Web Copywriter’s Clear Path to Profits and join Pam Foster on February 16th for a free teleconference, “10 Things to Never Do with Web Clients” she will be holding as a special bonus.

    Before the call, you'll be able to submit all of the questions you have about working with clients, and Pam will answer them live for you. Plus, you'll learn from your fellow writers' questions too!

    Learn more about The Web Copywriter's Clear Path to Profits, and how you can get it for only $79.

    You'll automatically be registered for the call when you order. And if you already own The Web Copywriter's Clear Path to Profits, you'll automatically receive instructions a few days before the call.

  • Two AWAI members who are traveling the globe … and why the “Writer’s Life Rocks” for them:

    Olive Wolfe is using her writing and photography skills to publish her first blog ( Olive says, “[In 2009] I was in the Czech Republic once again and stayed in the Gustav Mahler hotel in Jihlava, led a tour to a Tuscany cooking school, returned to India in the Cochin in the Kerala province, then back to my old stomping grounds in London for the holidays.”

    Wow! Talk about living the dream. And …

    Jen Adams has always been deeply passionate about travel, but was tied down to specific locations because of her work in corporate HR. Since becoming a full-time writer in 2008, she’s been able to travel freely and pursue her passion.

    Last year, she spent time in Argentina, Austria, Belgium, and England. This year, she’s embracing her freedom even more, wintering in Cuenca, Ecuador.

    Jen explains, “My clients don’t know that I’m on the road so much. Thanks to the Internet, I can work continuously even as I roam. At 29, I’m living the life I dreamed of as a child, but didn’t expect to have until I retired. My time is my own – I can work on interesting copy, deal with interesting people, and explore interesting places. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!”

    It’s a brave, new world out there, and AWAI members seem custom-made for this change in thinking and attitude.

  • “Just the other day, I was meeting with a chap about how our companies could work together more,” writes Glenn Fisher, Editor of the UK-based Shortcut Bulletin. “I complimented him on his writing. It’s good. And he opened his satchel, and what did he have there? Exactly. AWAI’s Copywriting Program.

    “It’s funny, actually … You can tell who’s done the program … especially marketers and business owners … they always have the smarter thinking edge.

    “Bottom line is, if you want to learn how to write copy, this is the program you should do.”

  • Congratulation to Don Kowalski … on his new money-making website, The Smoothie Insider,

    Don bought Nick Usborne’s How to Write Your Own Money-Making Website programlast September.

    “I’ve read many how-to books from marketing gurus. The problem was, their systems seemed very cumbersome, not something the average person could master or keep up with.

    “I’ve read Nick’s program 2 1/2 times, and it really makes sense. It establishes the foundation for the whole thing. Building a website can be intimidating for a beginner, but Nick de-mystifies it.

    “I have 30 pages up so far, and I’ve seen the traffic numbers double each month.

    “My suggestion? Just follow Nick’s advice, and don’t rush it. If you can run a computer and have the motivation, it works! Thanks again, AWAI.”

    Here’s how to get started.

  • reports: Change is good! recently wrote about changing times for writers. Unlike most of the news we hear these days, this is all good:

    Due to tough economic times, publications are relying more and more on freelancers.

    Personal sites and blogs have made it easier for writers to develop an audience.

    The proliferation of online content has opened up more opportunities for writers from all backgrounds.

    Businesses and organizations now rely on great content to attract new customers, sell products, and spread important messages – the trend of content marketing.

    Freelancers … you may look back on 2010 as being in the right place, at the right time.

  • Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Joshua Boswell takes these concepts seriously. Especially that last part about the “pursuit of happiness.” Your happiness.

    You may know Joshua as the guy who made over six figures in his very first year of copywriting, and has tripled that since then.

    What you may not know is that Joshua has helped numerous AWAI members achieve their goals. People like Jared Prazen, who jumped his client base by over 332% after working with Joshua. Or Penny Thomas, who got a whopping 48% response on an information package, using a self-marketing technique that Joshua taught her.

  • Joshua’s extending a very special invitation to you. He’s offering to personally mentor you every Monday morning, just like he did with Jared and Penny … to unlock the vault on all his best motivational and money-making secrets … to help you get exactly what you want in 2010.

    Read Joshua’s invitation here.

  • Pump up your writing and your muscles! More from Sarah Clachar … this time, a fitness tip:

    “You’ve heard of legendary copywriter Eugene Schwartz’s 33-minute efficiency formula? Set a timer for 33 minutes. Focus completely on your writing. When the timer goes off, stop, get up, and do something else for 5-10 minutes. Something mindless. No writing or reading allowed.

    “How about making those 5-10 minutes productive? Get a power workout in, and re-energize your brain at the same time.

    “I’ll get on the floor and do some push-ups. Maybe some interval sprints on the treadmill. Jump rope, or even just stretch.

    “It may not seem like much, but it can bring huge results. The key to getting a tremendous workout in 10 minutes is to exercise with intensity. (Be sure to build up to it gradually, of course.)

    “Studies show that a few short bursts of exercise with rest periods do more for your heart, blood sugar levels, muscle tone, and weight than slogging along at a slow jog for an hour.”

    Thirty-three minutes of intense writing, then 5-10 minutes of intense exercise. A winning formula. And by swimsuit season, you’ll have those buff abs or ripped arms (not to mention serious writing chops) you’ve always wanted. Eugene Schwartz would be proud.

    Do you have any health, fitness, or productivity tips you’d like to share with your fellow AWAI members? Send them to me at and I’ll pass them along.

  • A “hidden” skill all businesses need – and copywriters can easily learn. There’s a hidden, in-demand world of copywriting work just waiting to be discovered.

    All businesses and organizations need it.

    Big ad agencies used to do most of this work, but nowadays companies are turning to freelancers to do the job.

    The pay in this area is quite good.

    And best of all, as a copywriter, you already have most of the skills needed.

    Melanie Rembrandt told us all about it in an exclusive teleconference for AWAI members on Tuesday. If you missed it, you can listen in here.

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