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  • Our first-ever Accelerated Program Live Companion Series starts next Tuesday. This is where Rebecca, some special guests, and I walk you “page-by-page” through the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting over the course of 16 weeks.

    There are still a handful of last-minute spots available – and you can still get one at the 50% discount.

    You can get the full details by clicking here … but the bottom line is, it’s a great way to reinforce a lot of the stuff you’ve learned … make it stick in your mind forever … and learn some new tricks along the way.

    If you’re interested, please let us know by 5:30 p.m. (Eastern) tomorrow. We have to close the doors on this session and get everything ready for the first meeting on Tuesday. Call Debbie or Jacqueline at 866-879-2924.

  • “Thank you so much for putting the Companion Series together. I’ve been thinking for the last year that I need more focused learning,” writes Nancy L.

    “I’ve worked my way through the first three-quarters of the program, but keep getting distracted. Having a set time each week to work on this, with other excited copywriters … and with you! … is exactly what I need.”

    Claim one of the final spots for this session here.

  • FREE TELECONFERENCE with copywriting legend Dan Kennedy next Wednesday!

    You don’t want to miss this! Dan’s going to talk about a very different approach to your copywriting future … one that can help you raise yourself to HIGH DEMAND and HIGH INCOME as a pro.

    During this FREE teleconference, you’ll discover …

    Dan’s personal CLIENT ATTRACTION METHODS, including:

    • Traditional and NON-traditional and hidden sources of clients
    • How to create MAGNETIC STATUS for yourself, so clients come to you
    • Dan’s personal CLIENT MANAGEMENT METHODS, including:
    • The biggest status & income breakthrough
    • How to present and gain acceptance for your recommendations and compensation (without resistance or stress)
    • How to create permanent client relationships
    • How to “mold” the copywriting assignment so you have the best chance of producing a “WIN” – and how to avoid being stuck in a can’t-win situation

    Plus, a whole lot more.

    Register here.

  • This teleconference is unprecedented for Dan. He doesn’t typically do them, unless he’s speaking to the owners of the companies that pay him thousands of dollars a year for his marketing advice.

    But the truth is, Dan’s got something of a soft spot for copywriters … in particular, up-and-coming copywriters. He loves this business, and he’s at the point in his career where he’s done it all … he has all the money and clients he needs … and, much like Michael Masterson, he gets a huge kick out of helping folks who really want to get a taste of success.

    If you’ve never heard Dan speak, I strongly encourage you join us on Wednesday. He’s inspiring … entertaining … and will challenge the way you think about yourself, your role as a copywriter, the way you think about clients, and how you present yourself to them.

    Register here.

    And if you can’t make the call on Wednesday, not a problem. We’ll play it again on Sunday morning at 10 a.m. (Eastern). Just click here for the details.

  • “The question of my fees never even came up.” Steve Roller saw Dan’s presentation at Bootcamp, where he touched on strategy and positioning. Using just one of these techniques, Steve says, “the question of my fees never even came up in the initial conversations with my last two clients. They hired me before they knew what it was going to cost them. I wish I had met Dan Kennedy when I launched my copywriting business 16 months ago!”

  • You’re getting emotional (and that’s a good thing)! “The first rule of all copy,” said copywriting legend Gene Schwartz, “is that it produce an emotional impact … every word must carry image, picture, feeling.

    “Two emotional images, joined together in the right way, can often have ten times the impact that either of these images has by itself.”

    Your job as a copywriter is to do exactly that: Combine words in such a way as to evoke an emotional response from your reader.

    The key is to do it subtly. Yes, you’re deliberately building emotion and mood into your copy. But it should be virtually unnoticed by your reader.

    Try doing it right now. Look out your window. How many different emotions can you can pack into a single sentence … paragraph … sequence about what you see? How rich and powerful can you make those few words?

    Keep this in mind when you’re writing your next sales letter, Web page, autoresponder … even your next email to a friend or colleague.

    And a final piece of advice from Gene from his classic book, Breakthrough Advertising: “Always shoot for the moon – it’s one of the few real thrills left today!”

  • The first Social Media Olympics. NBC isn’t the only place to get your Winter Olympics fix. A lot of folks are following Lindsey Vonn and Apolo Anton Ohno, and the other athletes, on Facebook and Twitter.

    So, what’s the big deal? A lot of Internet marketers are watching this very closely. Will social media change the Olympic experience for the better? Will it change mainstream media coverage? And how will it affect Olympics-related marketing?

    All good questions, and the answers could help you. Tap into the Social Media Olympics. You may learn a thing or two about using social media more effectively for your clients and your own business.

  • “At that moment, I vowed to no longer be at the mercy of some employer …” Congratulations to Steve Coombes, our newest Wall of Fame member!

    Read Steve’s inspirational story and full Wall of Fame profile here.

  • Are you a candidate for AWAI’s Wall of Fame? There are two criteria. (1) You need to have written at least one control. (2) You need to have achieved a goal you set for yourself in your copywriting career.

    If both of those criteria apply to you, fill out this application … and then expect an email from me!

  • Travel Writer and Photographer Ray Batson scores another article/photo spread. Congratulations, Ray, on another article and photo spread in International Living! Last year, Ray’s Antarctica photos and story were published. This month, it’s a 2-page spread about an African safari he took with his wife, Rhoda, and their granddaughter.

    “Rhoda and I have taken a lot of trips,” Ray says, “and I always liked the Steinbeck line, ‘We do not take a trip, the trip takes us.’”

    Since discovering AWAI’s Turn Your Pictures Into Cash program, Ray says, “I take my trip ‘notes’ on my camera.”

    These are Ray's photos from his IL spread.

    Next trip for Ray and Rhoda … the northwestern Mediterranean!

    If you love traveling, and sometimes find inspiration for articles coming to you during or after your trips, follow in Ray’s footsteps. Getting your stories and photographs published may be easier than you think when you have some “inside” knowledge.

    And as a copywriter, you already have an inside track with your writing skills. Find out more about getting paid to travel here.

  • “I must temporarily slow down the cascade of incoming opportunities …” Not a bad problem to have, right?

    In her letter to Monday Morning Jumpstart mentor Joshua Boswell, Mary Manix continues:

    “ … on January 3, things really started rolling in favor of my travel writing for TV and publications. I can now say, I’d attribute your teleconference for insight and clarifications into strengthening my vision and results … thank you again for your generosity!”

  • Have you ever wondered … What should I be doing right now to get everything in life I ever dreamed of? Joshua answers that question, and much more, once a week with his Monday Morning Jumpstart. He explains it all at

    As Joshua said in the short version of his purpose statement on the February 15 Monday Morning Jumpstart video:

    “I help people get exactly what they want in life.”

    That he does. If you’ve ever thought you could use a personal coach, a mentor, a guide pointing you in the right direction, Monday Morning Jumpstart may be your “missing link.” Let Joshua help you get exactly what you want here.

  • Say goodbye to backaches, neck pains, and other writer’s afflictions! As writers, we spend a good part of our day sitting in front of a computer. Ann Jordan-Mills shares three tips that will help you avoid a trip to the doctor or chiropractor:

    “Many years ago, I experienced carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strains, backaches – the works – because of not paying attention to ergonomics at my workstation.

    “I learned my lesson the hard way, and now I’m an ergonomic fanatic!

    “Three things to help you avoid aches and pains at your desk (and don’t wait – these problems have a way of catching up with you!):

    1. “Use a ball chair – an exercise ball on a basic frame with wheels. I use the Fitball Chair, but there are lots of varieties out there. Amazon carries them. It will help your back, and it’s great for core strength, too.
    2. “Get an ergonomic curved keyboard – helps with arm, wrist, and carpal tunnel issues. You can even take it on the road to use with a laptop.
    3. “An adjustable keyboard tray is another great piece of ergonomic equipment. You can raise or lower it, angle it backward and forward, and even twist it sideways if you’re not sitting quite straight at your desk. This will help with neck and back issues.”
  • Big demand and little competition (so far). Every day, copywriters and content writers churn out millions of new pages of information, on virtually every topic imaginable.

    A lot of these writers are booked solid, and they need help in one particular area – researching their subject matter.

    As an Internet researcher, that’s where you’d come in. You would dig up the information and facts these writers need, but don’t have time to find themselves.

    Coming very soon … AWAI is teaming up with an expert researcher to bring you “How to Be an In-Demand Internet Researcher.” Expected launch date is April 15. Click here and you’ll be among the first to hear when it’s ready (and get an “early-responder’s” discount!).

  • Money-Making Website updates …

    • “The stuff I’ve picked up going through Nick’s program the second time has doubled my traffic!” writes Michelle Sears. “The program is amazing.”

      Here’s the link for Michelle’s new website:

    • “A no-brainer way to start a new profit center.” Rhode Island native Ann Ronan and her husband are both using Nick Usborne’s How to Make a Money-Making Website program to create a portable income stream.

      “We see this as a viable way to semi-retire while still maintaining a great standard of living,” Ann says. “Nick’s program has fantastic step-by-step instruction. Combine that with phone instruction and coaching, and you have a no-brainer way to start a new profit center. My husband saw my excitement, so he’s creating his first site, too!”

      Check out Ann’s new site (and check out Rhode Island!):

    • “Great looking site! Wow. What a strong start.” That was Nick’s reaction when he saw Doug Kroeker’s new money-making website.

      Says Doug: “I bought Nick’s program a while back, but if Nick wouldn’t have had his training sessions, I probably wouldn’t have done anything with it.

      “The training sessions helped jump-start me, and everything just kind of came together. I had 98 visits in the first 15 days, and if you Google ‘vegetable gardening organic,’ I’m already on the first page!”

      And here’s Doug’s site:

      Reminder to everyone taking Nick’s program: As soon as your site’s up, send us the link and we’ll share it with your fellow AWAI members.

      And if you aren’t yet working with Nick on building your own money-making website, here’s how you can get started.

  • Roy’s “Leap Year” update. Last week, we reported that AWAI member Roy Furr made the leap to working for himself full-time.

    This in from Roy: “I think the most exciting thing about my first week of full-time freelancing is how many clients and potential partners are coming out of the woodwork and lining up to work with me. Plus, relationships with previous clients are expanding dramatically right now. I have no doubt making the leap and becoming a full-time freelancer was the right decision for me!”

    Nan Hughes, who has gotten to know Roy through AWAI, sent him this message: “Congratulations on your leap, Roy – you will do great! I’ve been working on my own for 15 years now, and still thank God every single day. I’ve watched my son grow up, and some years made more money than my siblings combined. You can do this!”

  • Are you ready to make the leap from aspiring copywriter to professional copywriter like Roy? If so, we’ve put together a roadmap for you.

    It’s an easy-to-follow, eight-step plan.

    And whether you’re looking to make the leap now or plan to do it in the future and just want to know what the path looks like, this roadmap will help you get organized and stay on track.

    Click here for all the details.

  • Attention Wealthy Web Writer Platinum Members: Here’s some of what’s new this week. Keep in mind that there is much more on the site, but these are some highlights I want to make sure you see.

    • Teleconference with Pam Foster: “10 Things to Never Do With Web Clients.” It’s a shame that some Web copywriters sabotage their own success by making some simple mistakes that annoy prospective clients. During this call, Pam Foster will describe those mistakes so you can avoid them and keep your clients happy!
    • The Reality Blog: Are You a Thrasher or a Shipper? Ever get held up when it comes to seeing your projects through to completion? Thanks to feedback from a WWW member, Mindy Tyson-McHorse had an “Aha!” moment this week that’s helping her overcome that problem. Now, she’s propelled to follow through on projects with speed she’s never had before. Read this week’s Reality Blog to find out if this method will work for you.
    • 3-Minute Guru Video: 5 Secrets to Writing a PPC Landing Page. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an art form. Do it well and it rakes in the cash and makes your clients very happy … but make just a few mistakes and it’s like dumping their money down the drain. In this 3-minute guru video, you’ll learn 5 tricks for writing your landing pages right.

    And if you have a request for training, a specific article, or a how-to video, remember that you can submit it through the WWW website at any time.

    Not yet a member? Learn how you can join here.

  • Marketers to Add BIG Chunks of Their Budget to Video This Year. At the end of last year, Web TV Enterprise predicted that online video ad spending would increase by 50% in 2010!

    Producing online videos may seem intimidating, but with the software available these days, it has become simple.

    And as a copywriter, you bring something to the table that most marketers and online video producers don’t have …

    You know how to sell with words!

    Which means you can write scripts that get viewers to take action.

    Whether that action is to visit a website, take a survey, or make a purchase … you know how to write persuasive copy to make it happen.

    You can do the entire video, or simply write the script. Either way, it takes only a weekend or a couple of evenings to learn everything you need to know to start offering this new service to your clients.

    AWAI’s Marketing With Video Online for Profit is the fastest, easiest (and least expensive) way to do it.

  • Says AWAI Member Jim McCullough, “Within two weeks of ordering Marketing With Video Online for Profit, I landed a training video for a home-security company which paid me $5,000!”

    Right now, you can save $50 on Marketing With Video Online for Profit, AND get access to a special 3-part training series,Using Video to Get Clients and Promote Yourself Online,valued at $237, absolutely free. Here’s how.

  • “Nick Usborne takes traditional beliefs about what it means to be a freelancer … and just tears them to shreds.” That’s what Rebecca told me earlier this week when we were talking about something she’s been cooking up with him over the past year. Watch for an announcement from her coming Monday. Your outlook on freelancing will never be the same …

  • REMINDER: The deadline for AWAI’s Latest Writing Challenge is Sunday, February 21. Read all the details here.

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