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  • “I’m a Disney freak. Very serious student. And I was a fan of Eisner, the company’s 2nd longest running CEO after Walt himself.”

    This is from a note Dan Kennedy wrote to the 1,000+ people who listened to his free teleconference last night.

    “I did very nicely investing in Disney stock when Eisner came in,” continues Dan. “During his tenure, Eisner had Disney acquire ABC and ESPN, launch several successful cable-TV channels, partner with Pixar, expand its time-share business, and otherwise dramatically expand its reach, create many new income sources, and leverage its every asset, brand, character, and human resource to the max creating a much, much, much more stable and valuable business than had existed more narrowly before him. He thought differently about the Disney business.”

  • Dan asked me to share this because one of his goals for you, with his one-time-only Business of Copywriting Academy, is to get you thinking differently about yourself, about clients, about the business of copywriting … for you to become a much more valuable asset to yourself, as Eisner made Disney a more valuable asset for its stockholders (and, for that matter, its customers).

    Dan’s Academy is about 60% full as I write this. But with so many people hearing Dan talk last night about what he’s got planned for them, I expect the remaining seats will fill up quickly.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: To get the most favorable rates and bonuses for Dan’s Academy, you’ll want to sign up by Monday.

    To register now, call Jacqueline or Debbie at 866-879-2924 or simply click here.

    To read the entire presentation about the Academy and then register, click here.

    And if you missed Dan’s call last night, we’re going to replay it Sunday morning at 10 a.m. (Eastern). Grab a cup of coffee and spend an hour with a man who’s opening a life-changing door for you. Click here to register for the call.

  • “Being responsible for my own financial destiny is exhilarating!” Congratulations to Kathleen Cleary, our newest Wall of Fame member! Kathleen got her start by submitting a spec assignment at the 2007 Job Fair – and landing the project. That piece went on to become the control, and it set her copywriting career in motion …

    Read Kathleen’s story and full Wall of Fame profile here.

  • Are you a candidate for AWAI’s Wall of Fame? There are two criteria. (1) You need to have written at least one control. (2) You need to have achieved a goal you set for yourself in your copywriting career.

    If both of these criteria apply to you, fill out this application … and then expect an email from me!

  • Do you have a freelance job or a freelance business? There’s a big difference …

    With a freelance JOB … you are tied into a constant and relentless cycle of finding work, doing the work and billing for the work … over and over again … one assignment at a time.

    When you take a vacation or are sick, you don’t make any money during the period you are off.

    You tend to be at the beck and call of your clients, and think twice before saying no even to their most unreasonable demands.

    With a freelance BUSINESS … you are very focused on a set of ambitious, long-term goals for your business. You seek out only those clients and assignments, which move you forward towards achieving those goals.

    You aren’t paid by the hour; you charge a value-based fee for each assignment. (And you earn significantly more per assignment than if you did charge by the hour.)

    You have a reputation as an expert and authority in your niche, so you spend very little time looking for new clients – because they come to you.

    Which one do you have?

  • How do you make the switch between having a freelance job and a freelance business?

    Step one is an inner game, inside your head. You have to make that switch in attitude first. You have to create an inner determination to be in control of your business and set some clear goals.

    Then you have to take action, on a consistent basis, with each step taking you forward in the direction of your goals.

    You know Nick Usborne from Copywriting 2.0 and How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites.

    What you may not know about Nick is that besides being an in-demand copywriter and author, he's also a very successful coach who helps copywriters and freelancers make the switch so that they are able to make a lot more money, without adding on extra hours to the day.

    His students gladly pay him thousands of dollars, to get the information just published in his latest course, Breakthrough Freelance Success.

    The course takes you through all the steps necessary to creating a more profitable freelance business.

    It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out, or have been freelancing for decades. Nor does it matter whether you are a writer, copywriter, designer, coder, virtual assistant or consultant.

    The same principles and strategies apply.

    For more on creating a freelance business that works for YOU, learn about Breakthrough Freelance Success here …

  • Speaking of Nick, two more AWAI members are benefiting from his Money-Making Websites program.

    Scott Elder’s website,, is giving him a side income and helping him become a stronger Web copywriter.

    Says Scott:“How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites has greatly reduced my learning curve and saved me thousands of dollars. It cuts right to the chase with proven strategies. An added benefit is that I can now have productive discussions with website designers and SEO experts.”

    And it’s a family affair for AWAI member Bonnie Fernandez …

    “My husband and I are fine artists. This program has not only brought new markets to us through keyword research, but also helped us avoid trial and error in new product development.

    “In addition, our daughter followed Nick’s program step-by-step to set up her website, It’s been a life-changing experience for her, allowing her to save money for college, have a career focus, and share a passion of hers.

    “This program is worth its weight in gold.”

    (A correction on last week’s announcement about Michelle Sears’s new site. The correct link is

  • Do you have a passion to share with the world? A hobby you’re always talking about? Consider joining the hundreds of other AWAI copywriters who are building their Web copywriting skills while developing a secondary, passive income stream. Read more.

    Already taking Nick’s program? Remember, as soon as your site is up, send us the link and we’ll share it with your fellow AWAI members.

  • “The Accelerated Program Live Companion Series is like having a backstage pass to the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting … the pages of the program spring to life!” – Steve Roller, after Tuesday’s first Live Companion Series session.

    Brad, Jane, and Laurie wrote in right away too:

    “Great job on the first night of the Accelerated Program Companion Series. It pumped me up!” – Brad Lloyd

    “LOVING the Accelerated Companion series!! Thanks for a great class!” – Jane Sanford

    “I went through the Accelerated Program a few years ago, but was distracted (to put it very mildly) by a series of family tragedies. So, a guided refresher is a good plan for me.” – Laurie

    REMINDER TO ALL PARTICIPANTS: Next week, we’ll be covering “Know Your Prospect,” “The Structure of a Sales Letter,” and “Power Writing.”

    If you didn’t get into this first session, we’re sorry about that. We’re filled to capacity. But you can get your name on the “FIRST IN LINE” list for the next time we offer it.

  • Eliminate the “good” and the “better” and achieve your best – this year. You could read what we have to say about Joshua Boswell’s Monday Morning Jumpstart all day, but some things just need to be heard.

    This past Monday’s edition captured the essence of what Joshua does for his group every week. He has the unique ability to identify the challenges you face as a new copywriter, and help catapult you out of the land of mediocrity.

    Watch here for a solid action item that should be the starting point for reaching your writing goals this year

  • “I now have a template for success.” Jamie Sylvian, a publisher and AWAI student since 2005, has been using autoresponders for years to build his business. As Jamie told us, “I already knew the power of autoresponders. Some of the ones I wrote made me a lot of money. But until I bought Jay White’s Autoresponder Apprentice program, I didn’t realize there was a formula for creating consistently successful emails. There is, and Jay pins it down so well in this course that I now have a template for success.”

  • “Okay, this lady has serious potential. She’s really taken my formula and run with it. These are very good … a definite thumbs up.” – JW

    The “JW” here is Jay White. And, he’s talking about a series of autoresponders Nancy McMahon-Shanley wrote after taking his program, Autoresponder Apprentice.

    I left a message on Nancy’s phone telling her that we’ll be testing 4 of her autoresponders … maybe more … and paying her $50 for each one.

    Her quick response: “What a wonderful surprise to hear your voicemail with the good news. My husband was wondering what all my yelling was about.

    “Jay’s program really gave me the motivation to write my first set of autoresponder emails. Being able to hear Jay’s enthusiasm for his work in his recordings really made the program material come alive.

    “When you listen to Jay, you can’t help but think, ‘YES, I can do this!’”

    By the way,” Nancy continued, “I’ve been using AWAI’s programs for quite a while, since 2000. I was a corporate marketer earning six figures. I was in the financial services industry. You can imagine how things were going last year. My belief in the copywriter’s life allowed me to voluntarily leave an industry I no longer believed in.

    “I’m going back through the Accelerated Copywriting Program, so I signed up for the Live Companion Series. Last night’s webinar was great. Just like listening to Jay, hearing you, Rebecca, and Denise go through the material really brings it home.

    “I’m on my way to making 2010 MY year, thanks to AWAI. Next stop: Ultimate freelance success. My next goal: Finish up my website by Monday!”

  • Copywriting success without writing sales letters? Absolutely. Master autoresponder writer Jay White tells us there are thousands of websites that need autoresponders. These consist of a series of short emails that are automatically sent to a new prospect who has just opted in to your client’s email list. Jay tells you more here.

  • The Next Hot Niche … We’ve been talking up B2B and Web Writing, for good reason. They’re two of the most lucrative niches you can get into. Now, B2B pro Steve Slaunwhite reports that a segment of B2B and Web Writing is one of the hottest markets these days: writing online video scripts for B2B companies.

    Just about every B2B company wants videos on their website. The problem is finding good writers who know how to create the scripts they need. These are high-paying gigs if you know what you’re doing, Steve says.

  • It gets even better. John Janetos, VP of business development and marketing at email marketing services provider iPost agrees. He points out that the online video craze is now spilling over into email campaigns. More and more marketers are using video in the hopes of engaging more subscribers and increasing conversions.

    Janetos offers businesses this advice: “People have short attention spans, so it’s important to deliver a highly focused message that will appeal to the target audience. … In the B2B world, content trumps appearance … stories sell, and they should tell a story that matters to subscribers.”

    Now isn’t that exactly what you do as a copywriter?

  • 4.5 x $250 x 6 = $6,750. That’s how much Julien, a newbie video script writer, will be getting to write 6 financial services industry video scripts, approx 4.5 minutes each. “And, I’m still pretty new to this,” she says.

  • Online videos may look intimidating, but with the software available these days, video production has become a simple task.

    But as a copywriter you bring something to the table most marketers or online video producers don’t have …

    You know how to sell with words!

    Which means you can write scripts that get viewers to take action.

    Whether that action is to visit a website, take a survey, or make a purchase … you know how to write persuasive copy to make it happen.

    Because in the end, a flashy and attractive video does not mean it will be effective. If the viewer doesn’t take action, it’s a wasted effort just like anything else that fails to get the job done.

    Learn how you can quickly add video to your list of services …

  • “I am so grateful to have Wealthy Web Writer available. It is invaluable! The scope and quality of information is extremely helpful. Thank you for all you do.” – Robert Wedge, Wealthy Web Writer Platinum Member

    Wealthy Web Writer had a very busy week last week. And Rebecca tells me there is some very exciting news for members coming next week. I’ll give you a hint …

    It has to do with access to jobs and clients! :-)

    So make sure you stay tuned. In the meantime, here are four items posted to the website this week that Rebecca wants to make sure you don’t miss …

    1. Webinar with Steve Slaunwhite: “The Next Hot Niche: Writing Online Video Scripts for B2B Companies”

      Writing for B2B online video is one of the hottest web writing markets these days. Just about every business-to-business company wants at least one—and sometimes several—short videos on their website. Yet, they struggle to find writers who know how to create the scripts they need. If you’ve ever had dreams of being a Hollywood scriptwriter, this is the next best thing! In this webinar, B2B copywriting expert, Steve Slaunwhite, will explain the basics of writing B2B online video scripts and show you how to land these high-paying assignments.

    2. Webinar with Jessica Kizorek: “Using Video to Get Clients, Part 2 – How to Create Your Videos”

      In this webinar, video expert Jessica Kizorek will take you through all the steps necessary to create an effective, winning online video. You can use what you learn in this Webinar to get clients, promote your own products, or even get work writing video scripts for B2B businesses!

    3. The Reality Blog: Overcoming False Starts

      Most of us can relate to the excitement that comes with new projects, but how about re-launching ourselves if those projects happen to fall through? This week’s Reality Blog covers that topic in honor of the Olympians who overcome false starts on a regular basis. Along with that, read about the similarities between web writing and going for Olympic gold and then find out what Mindy has planned for this week.

    4. 3-Minute Guru Video: Configuring Aweber For Autoresponders and More

      You get the concept of how an autoresponder sequence works … but how do actually set one up if a client asks you to? In this 3-minute guru video, we'll go behind the scenes at Aweber and see how to setup your account and how to schedule your autoresponders.

    Not yet a member of Wealthy Web Writer? Learn how you can join and get free access to all of this, plus a whole lot more.

  • Congratulations to Ray Ogles … winner of the “My Perfect Day” writing challenge. Ray, your $100 AMEX gift card is on its way to you.

    Ray described the day his realtor called with good news. The farmhouse, the workshop and office, the storage barns – they were all his! A Perfect Day, indeed.

    You can read Ray’s winning essay here.

    Thanks to each of you who submitted an essay. Seems you take the “early to rise” adage quite seriously, and fuel your craft with good, strong coffee. Well done.

    And a special acknowledgement to:

    Jacque Anthony … Ingrid Campbell … Regnia Cannella … Cathy Chapman … Glenda Cooper … Jennifer Corrales … Cyndee Davis … Patricia del Valle … Robert Dixon … Robert Fishbein … Karen Gordon … Peggy Gordon … Dana Houser … Paul Johnson … Nina Lewis … Rhonda Little … Christiane Marshall … Lana McConnell … Timothy Owen … Leah Perkal … Aniuddha Railkar … Joanne Reilly … Karen Rihacek … Janet Runeson … Antoinette Svaleson … Kyra Tillman … Richard Vance … Dell Walston … Lynn Wiley

    Look for something special coming in the mail to you from me in the coming week.

  • New AWAI Writing Challenge: Where do you do your best writing?

    Hemingway did his best writing in Key West and Havana. Mark Twain was inspired by the Mississippi River in Hannibal, Missouri. Thoreau wrote from his simple cabin in the woods. And Stephen King wrote Carrie and Salem’s Lot in the laundry room of a rented trailer.

    What about you? Where do you do your best writing? In your home office? A local coffee shop? A quiet corner of the public library? A favorite vacation spot?

    Tell me about the place where you do your best writing … and why it inspires you. Is it the location? The view? The solitude?

    Send your 1,000 word (or less) essay to me at with “I do my best writing …” in the subject line.

    One winner will be selected from all entries received. If it’s you, you’ll receive a $100 American Express gift card and have your essay published on the AWAI website.

    All entrants will be recognized and will be sent a special gift for participating.

    Deadline: March 20, 2010

    Look for the winning entry in the March 25 issue of Inside AWAI.

  • “Those were the best rules I ever learned for the business of writing. I’ve never forgotten them.” Words of wisdom from an A-level copywriter? Not exactly.

    That quote is from master storyteller Ernest Hemingway. He learned the business of writing when he was a cub reporter for the Kansas City Star in 1917, long before he penned The Old Man and the Sea, The Sun Also Rises, and A Farewell to Arms.

    These are the 5 rules Hemingway was referring to:

    1. Write in short sentences and short paragraphs.
    2. Use active verbs and vigorous English.
    3. Write authentically (in your “natural” voice).
    4. Write with compression and clarity.
    5. Write with a sense of immediacy.

    NOTE TO MEMBERS OF THE ACCELERATED LIVE COMPANION SERIES: Talk about a definition of What is Good Writing!!

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