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  • “The person retained for this job will get a $2,500.00 flat fee + $100.00 an hour, and, of course, the glory and joyous (!) experience of working with me,” wrote Dan Kennedy in a fax to me yesterday.

    He asked that I pass this message along to you:

    “I need a copywriter to function (only) as a ‘reader,’ to review rough drafts of a major project I’m working on and give feedback about what ‘rings right’ and what doesn’t. The target audience of the campaign is: young women, from high school to late 20s, so language appropriateness is important.

    “The person I’m looking for will have proven, successful experience writing direct-response copy for print and online media for that audience, whether as a staff writer in-house or freelancer, although I’d also consider a non-DR writer from a magazine(s), catalog company, successful blog, etc. aimed at the same audience.

    “Confidentiality regarding the client will be required, but you will be able to use me as a reference with restrictions, presuming I’m satisfied with the quality of your input.

    “I am also willing to involve a few non-paid interns in this same way, who lack the requisite experience but are freelancers with some work under their belts (not just aspiring) and some connection to this audience – i.e., their own age, daughters that age, etc.

    “I do not want resumes; I want a one-page letter describing relevant experience and reasons I ought to choose you, and, if available, a sample (one) of your relevant work, with phone and fax contact info, either faxed to me at 602-269-3113 or Fedex’d to me at Kennedy Inner Circle Inc., 5818 N. 7 th St., #103, Phoenix, AZ 85014. (Failure to follow these instructions, instant disqualifier.)

    “All will get a reply. Good work could lead to further involvement on a ‘reader team’ or even, possibly, copywriting assignments.” Thanks, Dan.

  • OK … so let’s review: $2,500 plus $100/hr for having an “insider’s” look at a brand-new campaign that Dan Kennedy’s working on … a personal reference from Dan that you can use to promote yourself … the potential for more work from him … AND the “cool factor” of being on a first-name basis with Dan!

    If you meet Dan’s qualifications, I strongly encourage you to write that letter to him today. Apply everything you’ve learned so far through your AWAI programs. Follow his instructions. This is opportunity knocking.

  • What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas. Our Web Intensive in Las Vegas kicks off on Monday … and even if you couldn’t make it this year, you can still get a look at what’s happening.

    Rebecca has arranged for you to receive a FREE VIP pass inside the event so you can see AND hear what’s going on each day … including tips from our pros, techniques being taught, live interviews with attendees, and behind-the-scenes moments even attendees won’t see.

    To claim your all-access pass, go here.

  • More good news for you. As soon as we saw how quickly the Web Intensive was filling up, we made arrangements to capture it ALL on video … knowing that (a) we might not be able to accommodate everyone who wanted to be there and (b) not everyone who wanted to come would be able to.

    So … you can still “attend” this year’s Intensive … hear everything the 7 highly respected, world-class Web copywriters have to offer … AND have it ALL take place in the comfort of your own home.

    No flights, no hotels, no house sitters/babysitters/dog sitters necessary.

    “Hang out” at home with SEO pioneer Heather Lloyd-Martin, autoresponder expert Jay White, “Zen Master of the Internet” Matt Furey, six-figure Web copywriter Pam Foster, PPC copywriting master Andrew Palmer, top Web copywriter Nick Usborne, and the always inspirational and motivational Joshua Boswell.

    Any one of these sessions could take your Web copy business to the next level (or launch it once and for all!). You get every single session delivered to your computer, all three tracks (depending on your level of experience), plus the five spec assignments we’re handing out in Vegas.

    Get all the details here.

  • This is going to be the best Web Intensive EVER!” Rebecca couldn’t contain her excitement earlier this week as she and Denise put the finishing touches on the agenda for next week.

    “Even though this is only our third event, it’s amazing how much we’ve improved the training since the very first one. And I didn’t think that was possible!

    “This year we have two tracks – for newbies, we’re going to ensure they walk away with the skills to work and land clients in the highest-paying areas of web writing. And for our returning attendees, we’ll take them to the next level, to ensure they’re able to charge more than their competition, and go after the ‘big fish’ when they leave Las Vegas.

    “Like I said … It’s going to be the best Web Intensive EVER!”

    Remember, you don’t have to miss out. With the Web Intensive Homestudy program, you get BOTH tracks. Plus, if you order now, you’ll SAVE 50% … and get to attend a live four-part training session where you’ll learn how to land clients and build your web writing business, using the skills you learn from the Homestudy program. These training webinars alone are a $396 value!

    Do not miss out on this opportunity. Order now.

  • “There aren’t nearly enough grant writers to help all the nonprofit organizations that need money,” reports Toni Rockis. Toni’s been writing grant proposals since 1979 and is the author of AWAI’s upcoming program for breaking into and succeeding as a grant writer.

    “While we often hear about federal grant money,” says Toni, “There are more than 75,000 family, corporate, and community foundations in the U.S. that gave away over $44 billion in grants during their last funding cycle.”

    Foundation proposals are a great way to break into grant writing. As a copywriter, you already have the writing skills. It’s just a matter of learning the process and specifics of writing winning proposals.

    Many nonprofit organizations – like homes for battered women, park districts, animal shelters, and schools – rely heavily on grant money. They need good grant writers to keep their programs running and their doors open.

    “I’m excited to share this program with AWAI members,” says Toni, “because there are so few good grant writers!”

    The best part? “You can write proposals from anywhere in the world and have a solid income stream. A beginning grant writer can earn $50,000 and up a year, and an experienced grant writer certainly has the potential for six figures and up.”

    Look for Opening the Door to Grant Writing Opportunities in April. To get on the “FIRST IN LINE” list when it’s available, click here.

  • Your Copywriting “Need to Know”: 3 Components of a Good USP. During Tuesday night’s Accelerated Live Companion Series webinar, Rebecca and I discussed the importance of understanding and being able to identify your product’s Unique Selling Proposition. We shared these tips from Master Copywriter Bob Bly:

    1. A USP has to have a direct or implied benefit. It must say “Buy this product and you will get this particular benefit.”

    2. It has to have an important benefit – important enough to “move the masses” (or at least your prospect).

    3. The benefit must be unique – one that the competition cannot or does not offer.

  • Then we encouraged everyone listening to get the answers to these 5 questions (thank you, John Forde!) before starting any writing project:

    • How is my product really different from the competition?

    • How clearly expressed are my benefits?

    • How “deep” is my product’s personality?

    • How can I beat my competition on customer service and fulfillment?

    • How can I show that my product is reliable?

  • But that wasn’t all … we also walked the group through these copywriting fundamentals:

    • How to unmask your prospect’s innermost feelings, desires, and beliefs.

    • How to understand what ideas, facts, and phrases are likely to encourage, frighten, and excite him.

    • How to make him want to be your customer forever.

    • Plus … the secret structure of a direct-response sales letter

    • Plus … two more power-writing secrets to add to the three from the week before!

    It was a jam-packed session to say the least. If you didn’t get into this first session, we’re sorry about that. We’re filled to capacity now. But you can get your name on the “FIRST IN LINE” list for the next time we offer it.

    And note to those who are in the group: Master Copywriter Will Newman will be our guest pro next week! If you haven’t met Will yet, you’re in for a treat.

  • What a difference a year makes! Has your Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting been collecting dust? It’s never too late to get back to it. In fact, as Starr Daubenmire explains, sometimes it’s an absolute necessity …

    “I lost my corporate job in January 2009. I was devastated by the less-than-one-day notice and the total loss of livable income. I’m in my late 50s and not in a position to retire. I also have some serious health issues, including recent knee surgeries.

    “I dusted off my Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and got to work. I took Steve Slaunwhite’s Secrets of Writing High Performance B2B Copy. I soaked up every tidbit I could about copywriting for months. I submitted a few spec assignments, and was ecstatic when I got chosen – by none other than AWAI Co-Founder Don Mahoney – to write a promo as a result of one of them!

    “Fast-forward to Bootcamp. It took every dime I had to get there, but I was psyched for the Job Fair. I had my checklist and was able to leave my portfolio with some marketers.

    “Long story short – in early December, I added Early to Rise as a client … and am now having my copy critiqued by Michael Masterson, of all people!

    “One other thing – I wrote to AWAI that my goal this year was to match my previous corporate income. So far, in February alone – my copywriting billings exceeded my monthly corporate income by about $1,000!

    “The potential is there, and I love working from home so much that I will do whatever it takes to keep up with my goals.”

  • Three take-aways from Starr’s story:

    1. A job loss can be a blessing in disguise – an opportunity to create a whole new career.

    2. Spec assignments aren’t just a way to build a portfolio – they can and often do lead to paying assignments.

    3. Write down your goals. They’re more likely to happen.

    Congratulations, Starr! Keep us posted on your progress.

  • What MBA students have that you couldn’t get (until now … ). An unconventional course has appeared on the curriculum at Columbia University’s prestigious business school … at the London Business School … and at the Haas Business School at the University of California at Berkeley. Says student Brandon Peele, “I attribute 80% of my $120K MBA price tag to this one class. It changed my life in profound ways.” Now you can get all the life-changing benefits of this program … From your home … For less than a thousandth of the tuition.

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  • Who’s in the driver’s seat of your freelance career? You … or your clients? There’s a difference – the difference between having a freelance job or a freelance business.

    For 30 years, Nick Usborne has been a freelance copywriter, consultant, and coach. He’s worked with companies like Microsoft, Disney, America Online, and The New York Times.

    He’s always enjoyed success, but it wasn’t until he developed the three critical keys to launching a freelance BUSINESS that his income tripled.

    Until recently, only Nick’s coaching students (at a few thousand dollars a month) were privy to these keys.

    Now, with Breakthrough Freelance Success, Nick shows you how to go from having a freelance “job” to having a freelance “business” where you're in complete control of your projects, your fees, your clients, your income, and your lifestyle.

    To break through to the other side, click here.

  • “Despite 15 years of freelancing, I was still completely awed by this material!” I think Nick’s Breakthrough Freelance Success is the most transformative thing a freelancer could read,” said freelance business owner Nan Hughes. “Applying any one of these easy-to-grasp ideas can change your income forever.”

  • “Wow! And again, wow! Between Nick’s new program and everything on Wealthy Web Writer, I’m having a difficult time picking and choosing all the goodies. Thank you for such an unbelievable value!” – Cathy Chapman

  • Here’s more for Cathy to “wow” about … more additions to Wealthy Web Writer this week:

    1. Teleconference with C.J. Hayden:“Get Clients Now!”

    2. The Reality Blog: Do You Take Yourself Seriously?

    3. Featured Article: Your “Dumb” Questions Answered Here

    4. The Hands-Down, Easiest Way to Keep Up With the Latest SEO News and Innovations So You’ll Always Be a Key Resource to Your Clients

    5. 3-Minute Guru Video: YouTube Strategies for Your First Videos

  • If you haven’t joined Wealthy Web Writer yet, here are two more very good reasons to get in now …

    1. The WWW Job Board opens this week!

    2. The first WWW Roadmap starts this month! During this 7-part training program Wealthy Web Writer will help out the newbies who want to know: … “I’m new to web writing. Show me what to do step-by-step to succeed.”

    And all of this is included FREE with your platinum membership. Join now.

  • SAVE $50 ON Marketing With Video Online for Profit … AND GET SPECIAL FREE ACCESS TO A 3-PART TRAINING ON Using Video to Get Clients and Promote Yourself Online.

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  • The timing for this special offer couldn’t be better. The folks over at AdAge say that surveys, research, and statistics all point to online video growth of up to 50% in 2010.

    Online Media Daily reported on Monday that 65% of marketers believe email video marketing campaigns have a moderate or significant influence on conversion rates, and 64% of the 200 marketers surveyed plan to use video in email campaigns this year.

  • And President Bob Myers says this about the power of video. “Video is a critically important element to sales. The sites which engage and entertain customers will be winning here in the near future.”

  • ATTN Attendees of Dan Kennedy’s Business of Copywriting Academy: You should have received your Recommended Preparatory Reading List by now.

    There’s something else coming your way, too. Dan just sent me a galley copy of his forthcoming book No B.S. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy and asked me to copy and send it to you.

    Says Dan, “The book won’t be published until mid-year, but I wanted the folks coming to the Academy to have it beforehand. There’s an optional, nite-owl Q&A session about the book.

    “While it is all relevant to our attendees, I specifically emphasize Magnet #s 1, 2, 5, and 21 re your own thinking, and 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, and 15 re practical business-building strategies.”

  • ALSO … the second pre-Academy teleconference with Dan will take place later this month. Barb Hume will send you the details.

    Remember – after last month’s call, Melanie used some of Dan’s advice and signed a retainer contract for several months of work worth thousands of dollars.

    “Please thank Dan for me,” Melanie wrote in. “That was just one hour over the phone. I can’t wait to see what happens to me after spending 2 ½ days with him.”

  • If you haven’t yet made plans to join Dan for his Business of Copywriting Academy, there are still spots available for this one-time-only event. If you register now, you’ll have access to all the prep teleconferences, prep materials, and “surprises” from Dan that are being given to attendees.

    Call Jacqueline or Debbie at 866-879-2924 or click here now to reserve your spot.

  • Writing Challenge Reminder: Where do you do your best writing? Keep the essays coming in!

    One winner will be selected from all entries received. If it’s you, you’ll receive a $100 American Express gift card and have your essay published on the AWAI website.

    More details here.

  • Congratulations to Karen Patry, Donna Fitzgerald, and Glenda de Vries … the latest AWAI members to launch money-making websites!

    Say’s Karen: “Even though I had zero Web experience, I could see that Nick’s program would work. It was clear and detailed, and I’ve been way beyond pleased with results so far! A huge thank you for this program.”

    You can check out Karen’s website at

    Donna agrees. “Nick has done an excellent job and given me focused, useful information for improving my website and its potential for profitability. I still have work to do, but I feel I have a much better handle on what it takes to be successful on the Internet.”

    Donna’s website,, features her personally designed, original, coiled copper wire jewelry.

    Glenda de Vries, a published book author, was frustrated with the lack of financial returns from her efforts.

    That changed recently. “Since taking Nick’s Money-Making Websites course, I truly believe for the first time that I’ll be paid sufficiently for my time and effort. Thank you AWAI and Nick for this great opportunity.”

    Glenda’s website is

    Not long ago, Karen, Donna, and Glenda had no website experience or results. Now all three have their very own money-making websites.

    Have you been delaying building a website because you find the whole idea confusing? Would building your own website give you more confidence to go after Web copy clients?

    Nick’s program can help you. Find out exactly how here.

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