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    Look at what all’s going on just today … a webinar about using video to get clients at noon … a teleconference with Joshua Boswell for Monday Morning Jumpstart members at 3:00 … and a COS class for the Everett Group at 8:00 tonight.

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    Congratulations to the following 14 AWAI members. All of them landed a paid assignment from Rebecca at the Web Copy Intensive last week! The workshop is already paying off for …

    Laura Armbruster, Todd Bershad, Christine Butler, Cyndee Davis, Bob Edlestein, Virginia Gleghorn, Ann Jordan-Mills, Joffrey Long, Matthew Newnham, Jack Quinlan, Heather Russell, Lee Schwarz, Beth Strauss, and Paula Williams.

    A case of mistaken identity? “I came home from the Web Intensive so psyched and full of confidence, my husband thinks he picked up the wrong woman at the airport!” After getting a paid assignment from AWAI, Christine Butler said, “I’m ready to completely clear my calendar and start writing 24/7. Thanks again for a very energizing and successful few days!”

    Christine’s not the only one. “I came home hugely motivated and ready to blast forward!” says Ann Jordan-Mills.

    Ann is one of our 14 spec challenge winners, AND she got another client during the Web Intensive. She’ll be using what she learned in Vegas to help revamp her new client’s website.

    In fact, Rebecca reports that 5 people got new clients while they were at the Intensive. They took something they had just learned, went back to their rooms, and closed a client right then and there.

  • “Before the Web Intensive, I didn’t even know what Autoresponders were. Now I’m getting paid to write them!” says Barbara Hales.

    “Joshua inspired us to go out and get our first client. And guess what? I did! I’ll be writing a website for a start-up company in the health field, and part of the job involves writing an autoresponder series. Thanks to AWAI, the Web Intensive, Joshua Boswell, and Jay White, my confidence level has jumped to new heights!”

    Ann, Christine, Barbara, and the others had to take four days out of their schedule to fly to Las Vegas for the Intensive. Imagine what the payoff would be for you if you could get the same exact material they got, in the comfort of your home office on your computer, to go through over and over at your leisure …

    And the good news for you? You can … with the Web Intensive Homestudy Program. And for a limited time, you’ll also get access to a 4-part, fully interactive webinar series with the presenters – FREE!

    Learn more about the complete Homestudy package now.

    Michael and Don are looking for a researcher/assistant writer to help them with a book they’re writing about the life of artist Barnett Greenberg.

    They asked me to pass this message along to you:

    “We need an organized taskmaster to help us complete this fun and interesting project. Research skills are a must. Clear, direct writing … the kind of writing you’re learning from AWAI … is a must too. Knowledge/interest in art is NOT a must … but a plus.”

    Send a one-page letter describing your relevant experience and the reason you should be chosen to me at kyeakle@awaionline, and I will pass your letter on to them. (No resumes. A one-page letter only. Failure to follow these instructions is an instant disqualifier.)

    Everyone will get a reply. Good work could lead to future projects with Michael and/or Don.

    WebVisible helps small and midsize businesses get seen online. They are currently looking for a freelance copywriter with SEO experience to write Web pages and online ads.

    Go Ahead Tours is looking for an experienced copywriter who is also passionate about travel to write short form and long form copy for catalogs, travel itineraries, emails, blog posts, and more.

    Get all the information on these and more jobs now!

    I wouldn’t have had the guts to go after that job if I hadn’t read Pam Foster’s new program, Site Audits Made Simple,” says copywriter and AWAI member Eddie Adelman.

    Eddie got two copywriting jobs immediately after going through Pam’s new program. One is rewriting website copy for an online job recruiter. The other is writing online sales materials for a small-business coach. Eddie reports that he’s “ready to rock the house.” I have no doubt that you will, Eddie. Are you ready to join him? Read on …

    Become your client’s “Web doctor,” and reap the rewards (for years to come) …

    • How would you like to have a step-by-step blueprint for diagnosing your client’s website problems?
    • Once you diagnose the problem, how would you like to actually get paid to write the proposal?
    • And if your client accepts your proposal (which they already paid you for), guess who follows through and fixes the problem (for another fee)? Yes, YOU!

    If this sounds too good to be true, it gets even better. Because if you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t even have any clients yet,” Site Audits Made Simple is also a great new-client prospecting tool.

    Pam Foster has been helping her clients improve their website performance for 13 years now. When she started offering site audits, she couldn’t find any resources to help her put a structure or system to the information she was providing to her clients.

    So Pam had to make up her own system. And along the way, through trial and error, she developed time-tested steps and tools. Those steps and tools became her personal site audit guide, and positioned her as a valuable consultant.

    Initially, she charged $1,000 for a site audit. Today, her clients pay her $2,500 and up. (And that’s for the proposal – before she even writes any of the Web content for them!)

    You can skip all the trials and errors that Pam went through, and become a highly paid expert Web advisor yourself with Site Audits Made Simple.

    Grab your copy here … and save!

  • WRITING TIP: 5 ways to increase clarity in your copy. Steve Roller spent 19 years in direct sales before he became a copywriter. He figures he gave over 25,000 one-on-one sales presentations during that time. In that environment, Steve says, “You have to learn what to say and how to say it to persuade people. I still use those lessons every day writing copy.” Here are his top 5:

    1. Get a hatchet. Cut out anything you can. Are all of your paragraphs necessary? Cut those that aren’t. Now read what’s left. Is every one of your sentences necessary? Can you get your idea across using fewer of them? If so, get out the hatchet.
    2. Ramp up your verbs. Are your verbs vibrant? Do they sing? Search for the various forms of “to be” (is, am, are, was, were). When you find one, try to replace it with a more active, descriptive verb.
    3. Eliminate confusion. Have you really said what you meant to say? Read each sentence and ask yourself: Are these words in the right order? Could a reader misinterpret what I’m saying? If so, rewrite or change the order of the words.
    4. Use specifics. One of the best ways to engage your reader is to make your ideas concrete. You do that by using specifics. A simple example: Say “19” instead of “many.”
    5. Slice your sentences. This takes point # 1 above to the next step. Are your sentences short? Have you trimmed away unnecessary words? Do they express one idea each?
  • Steve’s Latest Return on Investment? 1,641% (so far … ). Steve also sent me this note this week: “While my old 401(k) and IRA plod along with miniscule returns, investing in my copywriting business has paid off big-time.

    “Two recent examples: (1) Pam Foster’s The Web Copywriter’s Clear Path to Profits. Investment: $99. Return: I got one project as a direct result of this program, worth $1,641 in fees. (2) Jessica Kizorek’s Marketing With Video Online for Profit. Investment: $199. Return: Again, one client (so far), worth $395, but I wouldn’t have gotten this project without the program.

    "And the program that got it all started: The Accelerated Program for Six- Figure Copywriting. Investment: $507. Quick Return: $655. Now, that's only a 29% return (still better than the S&P 500). But that was before I ever finished the program. Before I spent another dime on anything. Heck, I didn't even have a business card or a website or anything!

    Now that my copywriting business is up and running, I can say that the Accelerated Program has been indirectly responsible for tens of thousands in fees I've gotten since then. I would not be a full-time copywriter today if I hadn't invested in that one program.

    “Overall it’s been a ‘bull market’ for my copywriting investment dollars. Keep the new programs coming, AWAI!”

  • WEB STRATEGY: PPC ads that work. Andrew Palmer shared these five keys to a successful pay-per-click ad campaign at the Web Intensive last week in Las Vegas:

    1. Have a strategy. Ask your client, “What do you want this PPC campaign to do? Acquire leads? Buyers?” When you know the answer, you can develop a sound PPC ad strategy that gets results.
    2. Think like your prospect. Your PPC ad has to answer the question your prospect is thinking when he does a Google search. Your landing page and autoresponder series have to answer that question, too. Everything has to work together and be relevant to what your prospect is looking for.
    3. Brainstorm search terms. Figure out what keywords your prospect will use to find the information he wants.
    4. Write good copy. Make sure everything is relevant, grabs your prospect, resonates with him, and makes a good offer.
    5. Test everything. If people are clicking on your ads, look at the numbers and figure out why. If you’re not sure, test it and get your answer that way.

    Andrew went into a lot more detail in his presentation, but knowing these 5 keys will put you way in front of most copywriters.

    To get Andrew’s full PPC presentation … plus the full presentations from these web giants:

    SEO pioneer Heather Lloyd-Martin
    Autoresponder expert Jay White
    "Zen Master of the Internet" Matt Furey
    Six-figure Web copywriter Pam Foster,
    Top Web copywriter Nick Usborne
    Master motivator Joshua Boswell

    Click here.

  • Brand New to Web Writing? Wondering “What's Next!!???" Wealthy Web Writer has the answer …

    Starting this week, Wealthy Web Writer will kick off its first roadmap for new web writers, addressing your most pressing questions like:

    What do I do next to get started?
    What skills do I really need?
    What can I do to find my first client?
    How do I follow up?

    With the help of successful copywriter Joshua Boswell, members will now have access to a powerful video series that will show you step-by-simple-step exactly what to do next.

    And, guess what? The price is right (FREE!).

    Joshua is going to answer that question for you in 8 very simple video presentations. This is no fluff, no sales, no gimmicks, meaty, juicy, no-holds-barred content.

    And when you’re all done, you'll have a very precise roadmap. You'll know what to do tomorrow, this next week, this month, and as far out as 6 months down the road.

    Joshua told me this all reminds him of the wonderful last line from the classic movie Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory …

    “But Charlie, don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted. What happened? He lived happily ever after.”

    So Wealthy Web Writer Members, stay tuned for your access instructions to, “What's Next?: Your Step-by-Step 6 Month Roadmap.”

    And if you’re not yet a member, jump on now. With resources like this being added to the Wealthy Web Writer website, we’re bound to see a membership price increase soon.

    Lock in the current low rate now!

    Free one-on-one site reviews from Nick Usborne. Mark 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday, March 22, on your calendar. That’s the date/time for Nick’s FREE bonus session for all Money-Making Website members. If you haven’t had your site reviewed yet, please private message Nick through the forum with your site’s URL and one question you’d like answered. You can access the forum directly here.

    If you haven’t started your Money-Making Website yet, now’s a great time. Here’s how …

    Writing Challenge Deadline. There’s still time to tell me where you do your best writing! Send your entry to me by March 20, 2010. If your essay is chosen, you’ll get a $100 American Express gift card and have your essay published on the AWAI website. Details here.

    Reserve your early bird spot (and discount!) for Bootcamp 2010. I was right about the buzz we started with our announcement that Bill Bonner, legendary copywriter and founder and president of Agora Inc, will be giving a special presentation at Bootcamp this year.

    Again … I STRONGLY urge you to reserve your spot today. Here's a reservation form to make it easy … complete with an early-bird registration discount. Or call Barb, Pat, Jackie, or Debbie at 866-879-2924. Payment plans are available.

    Are you leaving money on the table? “If I hadn’t hired Nick, I’d be out of the copywriting business by now,”says Katherine Andes, a freelance business owner.

    Nick Usborne, of How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites and Copywriting 2.0 fame, helps his students transform their freelance “job” into a true freelance “business.” Big difference (including a big difference in pay).

    He’s also been a very successful copywriter for 30 years. But over the course of most of those years, Nick says, “I lost millions of dollars by undercharging.”

    In Breakthrough Freelance Success, Nick reveals the principles he used to start getting the fees he deserved. If you missed his call on Monday, you can still get in on his exclusive 3-part group coaching that starts April 17 (included at no extra cost with Breakthrough Freelance Success).

    You can also save $100 if you act fast before midnight on Friday, March 19. Get the details on both.

    Avoid the mistakes Nick made early on, and start building a more profitable copywriting business today.

    Traditional media getting the squeeze. For the first time ever, online marketing spending will overtake print marketing spending in 2010. Research group Outsell predicts that companies will spend $119 billion on digital advertising this year, compared with $111 billion on print advertising.

    What does that mean for you? If you’re a copywriter, marketer, or designer who understands online marketing strategies, you’ll be in a stronger position to land more projects.

    Econsultancy and global digital marketing provider ExactTarget conducted an online survey between December 2009 and January 2010. The results of the survey indicate that one area in particular is poised for growth: paid search engine marketing campaigns (PPC ads). ExactTarget reports that 51% of the 1,000+ participants in the survey plan on increasing their budget for PPC ads this year.


    Eddie Adelman did it. Ann, Barbara, and Christine, plus 11 other copywriters at the Web Intensive last week, did it: They took immediate action on new information they received … and were rewarded with paying clients.

    My challenge to you – tell me what action you’re going to do THIS WEEK to move closer to your goal of living the writer’s life. Send me a quick note at I’m rooting for your success!

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