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    Steve’s main client – a B2B firm in the training industry – needs so many articles, case studies, and white papers written that he can’t get them done fast enough. “I actually have an open order with him to write as many as I want, as quickly as I want. (Talk about a dream client!)”

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  • Have you heard the news? Grant Writing Success: Opening the Door to Grant Writing Opportunities is now available! We thought this would be a great fit for a lot of our members … and, judging by the early reception this “non-writing” writing opportunity is receiving, we were right.

    Learn about this cool way to earn a great living and help people at the same time.

  • $44 billion in grant money. That’s how much 75,000 family, corporate, and community foundations gave away during the last funding cycle, just here in the U.S. And that’s not counting over $500 billion given away through more than 1,000 grant programs under 26 federal agencies.

    Non-profit organizations depend upon grants to keep their programs operating. The money is out there. Here’s the problem:

    “There aren’t nearly enough grant writers to help all the non-profit organizations that need money,” says grant writing veteran Toni Rockis.

    That’s where you come in. Toni is the author of Grant Writing Success: Opening the Door to Grant Writing Opportunities. She wrote the program specifically with AWAI members in mind, because you’ve already developed the skill these organizations need: clear, concise, persuasive writing.

  • AWAI member Suzanne Mulligan knows about the power of grant writing first hand. After working in the non-profit world herself for years, Suzanne had an “Aha!” moment when a friend told her how his organization had brought in $100,000 in funding from grants because he had taken a very targeted approach to researching and submitting the proposals.

    Shortly thereafter, Suzanne started her own grant-writing business. One of her first success stories was helping the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals set up a program for elementary school children. She did it by following that targeted approach.

    “The money is out there. You just need the right tools to connect your favorite charity to the grants,” Suzanne says.

    And that’s exactly what Grant Writing Success will help you do. If you’d like to use your writing skills to not only make a good income but help make a difference in the world, get all the details here.

    Even if you don’t plan on specializing in grant writing, consider the value you could add to the organizations you feel strongly about …

  • “I need to devour this program quickly!” Sam Thomasson told me. “My kids go to a charter school, and we depend partly on grants to make up for budget cuts. The school’s Fund Development Team asked the parents who could write, and I raised my hand before I knew what I was getting into. Please send me Grant Writing Success ASAP!”

  • Inside the life of a freelance web writer. Over the last four months Wealthy Web Writer’s Reality Blogger, Mindy Tyson McHorse has shared her ups and downs, challenges and victories on her path to six-figure freelance copywriting success.

    Today during a special teleconference, Mindy will give her fellow web writers an update on how she’s transformed her career in this short time period and what you can do to accelerate your income results like she has.

    Mindy’ll also share 3 new habits she’s picked up that have made a world of different in her productivity and helped her to pull in new projects.

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  • Convince potential clients to hire you! When you’re a new copywriter, how do you convince marketing directors, web masters and business owners to hire you?

    What if they want to have samples, testimonials, and proof that you’re a worthwhile investment?

    Joshua Boswell tackles this very common question during the 5th installment of Wealthy Web Writer’s 6-Part Roadmap Tutorial Series, available now on the site.

    During this session he’ll walk you through the process of putting together a solid, highly-effective information packet that will instantly make your potential client trust that you can get the job done.

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  • Job Opportunity
    Attention ambitious new copywriters: Paradise is waiting. If you’re immersed in the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting (or maybe even finished with it), you have a good understanding of strong, direct-response copy. In fact, you’re already building a solid foundation for writing that sells.

    Imagine parlaying that foundation into an opportunity where you could …

    • Learn advanced copywriting secrets
    • Make a name for yourself quickly
    • Earn a good salary, plus benefits and incentives
    • Become a six-figure copywriter within 2-4 years if you apply yourself …

    All while working in very casual attire just steps away from the Atlantic Ocean in beautiful Delray Beach, Florida!

    The Sovereign Society, a prominent investment newsletter publisher, is looking to hire two or three sharp, motivated copywriters.

    For a full description of the position, and details on how to apply, click here.

    And, for more opportunities for you, click here.

  • Copywriting pays the bills … in more ways than one! Longtime AWAI member and Circle of Success member Ednette Mixon is getting closer every day to living the writer’s life, and is on her way to her dream of becoming a Wall of Fame copywriter.

    Last weekend, after having what she considered to be an unsatisfactory experience in her local emergency room, she decided to put her copywriting skills to the test. She wrote a strong, persuasive letter to the hospital, detailing the lack of service she’d received.

    The result? The hospital is waiving Ednette’s $150 co-pay and all her physician’s bills. Not only that, but the letter moved straight up the hospital’s chain of command. Management is now reviewing internal service policies so other patients don’t have to suffer the same treatment that Ednette did.

    Ednette turned a potentially negative situation completely around, and even got to enjoy some “glicken” in the process! Not bad at all.

    There are endless possibilities for using your copywriting skills in your everyday life. For example, I’ve heard from AWAI members who refinanced their mortgage loans on the strength of a good, persuasive letter (without having salaried income), and even lowered their property tax bills with a convincing letter to their local assessor.

    If you have a story like Ednette’s to tell, please let me know at

  • No boundaries for Money-Making Websites. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you’ll understand what is all about!

    René Sifonte established his specialty cake shop in Isabela, Puerto Rico back in 2002. It was only recently, however, that he set up his website. “The clarity of Nick’s program has enlightened me and removed my fears in the way I look for new opportunities in the Internet global community,” says René. He’s already using Nick’s program to build another website.

  • “Nick’s program and the group sessions were the kick in the pants I needed!” says Betty Santoyo.

    Here’s Betty’s new site:

    “I bought Nick’s program back in February 2009 and read it,” says Bett, “but didn’t really get started until January 2010 when the first group sessions started. The group sessions really motivated me and pushed me forward to actually get the website formed.”

  • From zero to full-blown website (with passive income potential) in only seven weeks. If you have a passion, like René, or a unique idea, like Betty, but haven’t quite figured out how to turn it into an income-earning proposition, here’s your chance. The second installment of Nick Usborne’s group coaching program (free to all Money-Making Websites members) starts Monday, May 3. There’s still time to get in.

  • Congratulations to Carol Montgomery, winner of our “My Best Road Trip Ever” Writing Challenge. Carol – your $100 AMEX gift card is in the mail.

    Carol lived the life of a “roadie” for a week, re-lived her Elvis back-up singing days, and even got to sign an autograph for a mohawked, tattooed, and pierced punk rocker fan. Now that’s a road trip!

    Here’s Carol and her son Kevin in front of a 450-year-old pub … one of the stops on their tour.

    Congratulations also to Dayton Ault and Bob Bois, honorable mention finalists. Dayton and Bob … an autographed copy of Michael Masterson’s Architecture of Persuasion will be coming your way.

    You can read Carol’s, Dayton’s, and Bob’s winning essays here.

  • Hats off to all 41 AWAI members who sent in essays this month:

    Lorralyn Anderson … Robert Baker … Rob Bullock … Kelly Coones … Gina Coviello … Lisa Danella … Goretta Duncan … Stephanie Gerbig … Leonie Harrison … Dana Houser … Kerrie Hubbard … Mary M. Johnson … Ann Kuffner … Nancy Lamb … Nina Lewis … Mandy Marksteiner … Steve Mash … Lana McConnell … Ann Jordon Mills … Gary Moore … Delbert Myers … Judith Passmore … Belinda Pollard … Carol Powers … Naomi Rodrigues … Coleene Rumaner … Leanne Rumsey … Janet Boynton Runeson … Patty Rutkowski … Brian Salisbury … Jan Schochet … William Shaw … Rob & Jan Smith … Christina Solstad … Richard Stooker … Judi Ward … Julie Ann Weber … JB Wilson

    It was fun reading about your adventures. Keep writing!

  • New AWAI Writing Challenge: Tell me about a speaker who motivated you.

    Did you ever listen to a speaker who really touched you? Inspired you and motivated you to change your life? It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does you don’t forget it.

    Maybe it was a famous speech, like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s moving “I Have a Dream.” Maybe it was a rousing half-time speech given by your high school coach. Or maybe it was a speaker at a conference, who connected with you at just the right time in your life.

    Tell me about that unforgettable speaker … and the decision you made or action you took as a result of what you heard him say.

    Send your 1,000-word (or less) essay to me at with “a speaker who motivated me” in the subject line. IMPORTANT: Include your name on the attached document itself, not just in the email. (Entries without names on the document will be disqualified.)

    One winner will be selected from all entries received. If it’s you, you’ll receive a $100 American Express gift card and have your essay published on the AWAI website.

    All entrants will be recognized and will be sent a special gift for participating.

    Deadline: May 24, 2010

    Look for the winning entry in the May 28 issue of Inside AWAI.

  • Two writers … one a recognized legend, the other just beginning a very promising career … on what The Writer’s Life means to them:

    “Freedom,” says Master Copywriter Herschell Gordon Lewis. “I can locate wherever I decide to locate. I can work when I want to work, and play when I want to play. I not only can enjoy the huzzahs that come with success but get paid for the enjoyment, a double-dip of happiness. How many, no matter how boldly they claim success, can match that?”

    “Freedom,” says soon-to-be-six-figure-copywriter Mindy Tyson McHorse. “I LOVE that nothing in my life is pre-determined by someone else or by a given set of work rules. Also, being in command of my income, my free time, and the type of work I do is extremely empowering. I’m more confident in myself and my abilities than I ever have been in my life.”

    What does The Writer’s Life mean to you? Send me an email at

  • “AWAI Bootcamp is the only place to get direct access to and learn from the top copywriters in the business. I know I can count on Bootcamp for proven ideas that will help me make more money immediately,” says Master Copywriter Mark Everett Johnson.

    Mark is one of our very special presenters at Bootcamp this year. And, good news for you … he’ll be available throughout the event. You may even end up sitting next to him at a session or two.

    If you haven’t yet done so, make your plans now to join him, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Michael Masterson, Bob Bly, Bill Bonner, Ted Nicholas, and the ALL-STAR lineup of our industry’s top copywriting and marketing minds that we’ll be announcing in the weeks to come. Plus, meet dozens of marketers looking to hire new copywriters at Job Fair … connect with your fellow AWAI members … gain new skills … confidence … and a deeper understanding of how to use what you’re learning to it’s greatest advantage.

    Click here to reserve your spot while our easy payment plans are available, while the early bird registration discount still applies, and while there are still seats available. Or call Barb, Pat, Jackie, or Debbie at 866-879-2924.

As Executive Director of AWAI, Katie Yeakle has been helping people live the writer’s life since 1997.

“AWAI is built on a big promise … that we can teach you a new skill that can lead to increased income … independence from the 9-to-5 grind … and the freedom to live and work where you choose.

“All of us at AWAI stand behind that promise. In fact, that’s how we measure our success – by how many people we help reinvent their lives.

“Follow our proven advice, and you can be among the many successes we’re so proud of.”