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  • This offer ends tomorrow at midnight!
    “I want to send you a refund for every penny you invested in AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting …

    “But, only if you’re ready to take a GIANT leap forward in your copywriting career .” – Michael Masterson

    If you have any questions about whether you qualify for this refund, call Debbie, Jacqueline, or Barb at 866-879-2924 by 5:30 p.m. (Eastern) on Friday.

  • By now, you know that this unprecedented offer is for AWAI’s Master’s Program. If you aren’t familiar with the Master’s Program, here’s a quick snapshot of what it contains:

    • More than 60 advanced copywriting secrets from some of the greatest masters of the direct-response world — delivered in 24 easy-to-digest “sessions” … plus two new soon-to-be-added secrets that Michael Masterson has spent the last three years developing.
    • All 24 sessions on CD for easy listening anywhere.
    • BRAND-NEW!!! Your “all-access pass” to Agora’s In-House Copywriting Training Webinars and Recordings.

      (Here’s the back-story on this huge addition to the program: Two years ago, Agora hired AWAI to hold private training sessions for its new, in-house copywriters. It was designed to turn these gals and guys into Master Copywriters — by instilling in them some of the most powerful copywriting secrets and techniques around.

      These sessions were not open to the public. Only Agora copywriters could attend … until now. Agora has agreed to let AWAI share the webinars and recordings of these valuable training sessions with you, but only through the Master’s Program.)

    • Six live spec assignments you can start working on now.
    • Your own “Master’s Library.” This includes 18 reports that will give you all the information every Master Copywriter needs to know — from how to research over the Internet … to what the government says you can and can’t do or say in your promotions. Best of all, it’s all conveniently formatted on CD.
    • Special “Master’s Only” access to our 10K Challenge website, where you can choose to write a spec sales letter from over a dozen AWAI assignments.
    • Paul Hollingshead’s “What’s the Big Idea” report … where you learn the secrets to anchoring your promotion with an exciting and compelling concept.
    • Lifelong updates. Anytime we update, revise, or add a section to the program, we’ll send you the newest and latest version.
    • A few “unannounced” surprises. All designed to get you to your copywriting and financial goals quicker and easier.

    In other words, everything you need to accelerate your career and take it to the next level.

    Order your Master’s Program before midnight on Friday and save over $600!

  • “I’m dying to plunge into your new grant writing program,” writes Cathy Swormstedt, “I’ve written one successful grant (brought in $500,000 for a local museum), but that was a few years ago. This program sounds terrific.”

    $500,000 for a local museum … talk about making a difference! Suzanne Mulligan knows that special feeling too …

  • Looking back over her four years as a grant writer, Suzanne says: “I was privileged to help great organizations get much needed revenue for

    • Programs that supported the prevention of animal cruelty, child abuse, and family violence;
    • Groups that trained young athletes (a Water Polo Team and an Olympic Judo Club) and a group that helped senior citizens stay healthy through physical activity;
    • The community organizations Crime Stoppers and Graffiti Busters;
    • Social issues such as anti-racism and homelessness.

    “Each project was different – I was never bored. And, it was always a win-win for me and the organization.

  • “And,” says Suzanne, “Funds for small projects were just as important as funds for large projects.

    “A great example was a relatively small grant that a Rotary Club made to the local child welfare agency. The money was donated to purchase large duffel bags. The hockey-style bags were given to each child who was removed from an abusive home. Instead of youngsters putting their clothes and stuffed animals into green garbage bags, they were able to pack their belongings into a real bag with a zipper.

    “It still amazes me, but sometimes the smallest grant could have the biggest impact.”

    If you’d like to use your writing skills to not only make a good income but help make an impact like Cathy and Suzanne have done, get Grant Writing Success today. You’ll save over $200!

  • Job Opportunities
    What do a dental service, a business intelligence tech company, and an online shoe seller have in common? They’re all looking for copywriters.

    Learn about these opportunities and more here.

  • CORRECTION: Last week, we told you that The Sovereign Society, an investment newsletter publisher in Delray Beach, FL, was looking to hire two to three copywriters. Everything we said was correct … except the email address to apply to. It should be:

    If you’re interested in one of these plum positions, please re-send your information today. Get all the details here.

  • The U.S. Department of Commerce predicts that e-commerce will grow by 25% in the next two years. Learn how to tap into the opportunities available to you from the master online copywriter himself, Nick Usborne. Next Tuesday, May 11, Nick will be holding a special free teleconference to show you exactly how to take advantage of this market.

    Plus, you get Nick’s special report when you enroll, absolutely free: “Why Right Now Spells Big Opportunity for Online Copywriters … What Those Opportunities Are … and How to Get Them!” Sign up today.

  • Straight talk on how to get clients. Joshua Boswell knows a thing or two about getting clients. His first full year as a copywriter earned him just over six figures, and he’s tripled that since then.

    In the 6th installment of the Wealthy Web Writer’s 6-part Roadmap Tutorial Series, Joshua presents two solid methods for finding and closing clients. He also shows you how you can effectively implement each one.

    Already a Wealthy Web Writer Platinum member? Access the entire roadmap here.

    And if you’re not a member, learn how you can join today.

  • “In six weeks, I went from not having a topic to having a live website!” writes Kerrie Hubbard.

    Summer is almost here, and for many of us, that means one thing – fresh produce from our own gardens. But what if you live in the city or in an apartment and don’t have a yard?

    Kerrie has the solution at Kerrie says, “I had the How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites program for a while, but didn’t do much with it until we had our 7-week walk-through with Nick. This structure and accountability was exactly what I needed to make it a priority in my life.”

    Nick just started another 7-week walk-through on Monday. It’s not too late for you to join the group and get your own money-making website up and running. Click here for details.

  • “I’ve purchased a lot of Internet marketing programs, and they didn’t come close to the results I’ve gotten with Nick’s How to Write Your Own Money-Making Website program,” says Michelle Sears. “This is a step-by-step guide that really works. It helped me build a 70-page website that’s getting traffic, and I finally feel like I’ll be able to quit my day job and be a work-at-home mom.”

    You can check out Michelle’s site at

  • Nick’s How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites program isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. We don’t bill it as a “six-figure opportunity,” because it’s not. It is, however, a solid way to generate anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month, working part-time.

    Michelle, Kerrie, and hundreds of others are supplementing their income (in some cases replacing it), building a passive monthly cash flow in their spare time, improving their writing skills, and creating a small business around a passion, without the normal small-business hassles. Find out how you can do the same here.

  • “One of the most compelling and concrete suggestions I’ve seen,” said Leon Altman about Michael Masterson’s article in Monday’s The Golden Thread. And Mike James said, “It had the ‘Aha’ effect. Thank you.”

    If you missed Michael’s article, “How to Write Well: The World’s Simplest Formula,” in The Golden Thread on Monday, you can read it here.

  • Congratulations to Daniel Ball, Ernest Raasch, Cathy Koperek, and Julie Gubler … Reality Blog Challenge Winners!

    It’s a win-win-win-win week over at the Wealthy Web Writer, where Reality Blog Challenge winners were just selected.

    The April Challenge was to land a bartered deal with a client. Participants were instructed to offer their copy services in exchange for any type of goods or services they needed (or wanted!)

    Daniel Ball took the challenge to the extreme and landed a bartered deal that gets him unlimited computer tech support for two years. In exchange, he’ll be writing two sales letters and some website copy.

    Not only does Daniel now have his computer tech needs taken care of, he has a bona fide new client, along with real samples to add to his portfolio. In recognition for his efforts, Daniel will receive a copy of Nick Usborne’s Copywriting 2.0 (a $497 value).

    Honorable mentions for the April Reality Blog Challenge include Ernest Raasch, Cathy Koperek, and Julie Gubler, all of whom have won a $100 AWAI gift certificate.

    Watch for the new May Reality Blog Challenge, where you could win a copy of Heather Lloyd-Martin’s SEO Copywriting Success (valued at $495). To compete, all you have to do is become a Wealthy Web Writer Platinum Member.

  • Online and SEO copywriting with a twist … The Direct Marketing Association reports that Juniper Research has determined that almost half of all mobile phone users are comfortable making purchases online through their phones. That number is expected to grow significantly.

    Something else to keep an eye on … As John Forde reported in his Copy Roundtable newsletter on Tuesday, Apple has already sold over 1 million iPads – in half the time it took them to sell a million iPhones. In addition, users have downloaded over 1.5 million iPad-only books and 12 million “apps.”

    These trends could have a huge effect on the way marketers connect with their audiences. If you’re taking advantage of the new technologies, not just as a user but as a copywriter, drop me a note at I’d love to hear about it.

  • Writing Challenge Reminder: “A speaker who motivated me”

    One winner will be selected from all entries received. If it’s you, you’ll receive a $100 American Express gift card and have your essay published on the AWAI website.

    Deadline: May 24, 2010

    More details here.

  • 3 questions for Michael Masterson:

    1. In your experience, what’s been the best thing about living the writer’s life?

      MM: Actualizing my lifelong ambition to be a writer … and getting rich by writing!

    2. What advice would you have benefitted from as you set out to start living the writer’s life?

      MM: Don’t try to show off. Write simply. Look for good ideas. And listen to your teachers — they know more than you.

    3. What about after you got there? Anything you wish you’d figured out just a little bit sooner?

      MM:To be a good writer you have to be willing to read more and more deeply than your clients and your readers.

  • And, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who are reading this … with a special shout out to AWAI’s Kathleen Kelley, aka my mother. You’re my inspiration!

As Executive Director of AWAI, Katie Yeakle has been helping people live the writer’s life since 1997.

“AWAI is built on a big promise … that we can teach you a new skill that can lead to increased income … independence from the 9-to-5 grind … and the freedom to live and work where you choose.

“All of us at AWAI stand behind that promise. In fact, that’s how we measure our success – by how many people we help reinvent their lives.

“Follow our proven advice, and you can be among the many successes we’re so proud of.”