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  • ATTENTION … FOR THE NEXT 7 DAYS ONLY … we'll be welcoming a limited number of serious copywriters into the Circle of Success.

    Circle of Success is AWAI's version of Harvard Business School, where we take our most eager and ambitious members and put them through a demanding, albeit highly rewarding, and comprehensive learning experience.

    Everything from helping you plan your career path … to mastering the essential skills … to taking your career to the next level … it's all part of COS. And this year, we've added even more "perks" for you.

  • One of the most valuable benefits of being a COS member is the over $55,000 worth (this year alone) of AWAI resources that are yours for the asking. And these resources aren't available to you only while you're a copywriter in training. You'll have access to them … plus exciting new ones we add in the coming years … even after you become a direct-response professional … for as long as you choose.

  • In the past, the biggest obstacle to joining Circle of Success has been the cost. But this time around, we think we've solved that problem with our "name your price and terms" plan.

    In other words, if you're ready to succeed – we'll do everything we can to ensure you're not shut out of this opportunity merely because you don't have the money to spend right now.

    Click here to learn more … and then call Jacqueline or Debbie at 1-866-879-2924 to work out the payment plan that works best for you.

  • Congratulations to Brendan Tolani Mosweu, winner of our "A Speaker Who Motivated Me" Writing Challenge. Brendan – your $100 AMEX gift card is in the mail.

    Brendan wrote about how Dr. Ramson Mumba's speech made him realize that he was living in "default mode." You can read Brendan's full essay, and the 13 lessons he learned that day, here.

  • And special recognition to these AWAI members for their essays:

    A. Michael Anch … Paul Black … Christine Butler … Steve Collins … Richard Crandall … Jo Ann Dearden … Michelle Durham … Derrick Fuller … Mark Henderson … James Hernandez … Janine Lehane … Careen Longhurst … Mandy Marksteiner … Trish McEnnery … Cindy Pierre-Morton … Myles Saulibio … Kathleen Siver … Rachel Sonneson … Terri Test

    I was inspired by your stories. Keep writing!

  • Need clients? It all starts with one seriously intense day. W alk in at 8:00 a.m. with zero experience. No website. No clients. No portfolio. And walk out at the end of that same day with:

    • A well-suited niche that's both profitable and in need of copywriters
    • 50+ qualified prospects in that niche
    • A website with everything you need to land clients
    • A critique of your website (if you already have one), including what you need to fix it up
    • A proven six-month roadmap with detailed, week-by-week instructions telling you exactly what to do every step of the way
    • A complete information packet that positions you as a professional, even if you've never had a "real" copywriting job
    • That one day is Saturday, June 26. And it all happens within the walls of a Marriott hotel meeting room in Dallas, TX.

    Joshua Boswell is going to open up the floodgates and pour out everything he used to transform himself from being $200,000 in debt to making over six figures in his first year as a copywriter. He will completely obliterate the common reasons given for not hitting that mark. ("I'm too new" … "I don't have any big clients" … "I don't have a decent portfolio.")

    This is not a sit-back-and-take-notes kind of conference. Not at all. In fact, we wouldn't even call it a conference … or a workshop.

    It's like nothing you've ever seen before – total immersion in the task at hand, with life-changing results.

    Click here and let Joshua take you on a "Six Months to Six Figures" journey.

  • Job Opportunities

    • Wanted: E-commerce copywriter with a passion for girls' fashion
    • If you're Web savvy, a good researcher, and have great communication skills, this full-time copywriting position may be for you …
    • Freelance copywriter needed in the Chicago area to write investor communication pieces, annual reports, press releases, brochures, sales materials, and more.

    Details on these and more copywriting and graphic design opportunities here

  • Free teleconference reminder: How to Make $1,250 Per Day as a B2B Web Writer. If you're interested in learning more about writing web copy for the business-to-business (B2B) market you won't want to miss the FREE teleclass today at 3PM ET sponsored by Wealthy Web Writer.

    You won't make millions writing web copy for business-to-business (B2B) companies. But, you can do very, very well. $1,000-$1,500 per day is not unusual. And, the assignments — emails, web pages, landing pages, online video scripts — are often short and relatively easy to write.

    In this fast-paced session, Steve Slaunwhite, will give you the basics on writing effective B2B web copy, getting clients, and earning the top rates.

    Get all the details here.

  • $325 million in charter school grants = grant writing opportunities for you. JP Morgan Chase & Co. took out a full-page spread in the May 20 New York Times with the headline "Investing in our Children's Future." The ad announced a $325 million funding initiative by Chase to help over 1.4 million students attending 4,600 charter schools in the U.S. through their program, The Way Forward.

    Charter schools are publicly funded but operate independently, providing alternatives to a traditional public school education. Grants are a vital part of their survival, but they typically don't have a professional on staff with the time or expertise to do the proposals correctly. That's where you come in.

    Grant Writing Success: Opening the Door to Grant Writing Opportunities shows you how to use the writing skills you already have to help organizations like charter schools get the money they need to continue their programs.

    Learn more about this rewarding and profitable writing opportunity here.

  • Seth Godin hand-picks Jessica Kizorek as global change-agent partner. Jessica, author of AWAI's Marketing With Video Online for Profit, wrote to me a few days ago, saying, "I'm up in New York this week, after being chosen by New York Times bestselling author Seth Godin for a private, week-long mentoring session with him and 11 other brilliant minds who are changing the world. I'm here with people from the Gates Foundation, the White House, and other incredibly powerful organizations, learning how to create MASSIVE impact on a global scale."

    Besides being an author, filmmaker, and Internet marketer, Jessica has been using her online video marketing skills to help organizations in every corner of the world. She's used video to tell stories about fair-trade cocoa farmers in Ghana and human trafficking in Thailand. The day after she finished with Seth, she headed to Africa to shoot a documentary for Women Thrive.

  • And speaking of Jessica and the power of video … 94% of marketers plan to increase online video ad spending in 2010. This according to a survey of ad agencies commissioned by BrightRoll, the largest video advertising network.

    The average U.S. Internet user watches 182 videos online every month. And Google and MSN say that online videos boost sales by 72%. That combination creates a huge, lucrative opportunity for enterprising marketers and copywriters. Find out how to harness the power of online video marketing directly from Jessica … right here.

  • Repeat customers for your clients could mean repeat business for you. recently reported that it costs 6-8 times as much to generate a new customer as it does to sell to an existing one.

    What are your clients doing to encourage their customers to make additional purchases? How can you help them make their businesses more profitable (and muster up some ongoing business for yourself in the process)?

    Consider helping your clients set up a system to manage their existing customer databases. Then offer to help them write email messages, postcards, newsletters, auto-responders and more so they can stay in touch with their customers on a regular basis. These kinds of pieces usually go out once a month or more, which means you could turn the project into a steady gig.

  • Instant conversation starter. Tell someone you're an "infopreneur," and you're bound to pique their interest. It's working for Noel Gama, especially since he put that title on his business card.

    Noel has been an AWAI member since 2006, and has tried a lot of our programs. He calls How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites the most enjoyable of all, and his all-time favorite forum. You can see the work of this infopreneur at

  • "I'm astounded by the quality of support and the many 'extras' without additional charge," says Harry Kroyer about Nick Usborne's program. "This has been our first adventure in site building, and Nick's webinars have been extremely useful."

    If you want better tasting, more nutritious, less expensive bread than what you can get at a bakery, check out Harry's site,

    And if you're looking for an easy way to finally put your ideas for a website into action, or add "website publisher" or "infopreneur" to your profile, check out How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites

  • 6 ways to make envelope teasers and email subject lines stronger

    1. Review the prospect's core complex.
    2. Study past examples.
    3. Write MANY of them.
    4. Say them out loud.
    5. Subject them to the 4 U's.
    6. Test them with a peer review.
  • And another "basic" to always keep in mind: Write like you speak! In every sales letter you write, you're having a conversation with your reader – it just happens to be on paper.

  • New AWAI Writing Challenge: Tell me about your favorite summer pastime.

    Memorial Day weekend is seen by many as the official kick-off to summer. If you're further north than we are here at AWAI headquarters in Delray Beach, the weather may be just warming up enough to engage in your favorite summer activities. Time to break out the bike, the kayak, the beach chair, picnic basket, or whatever makes summer special for you.

    I'd love to hear about it. What's your favorite summer activity? How does it energize you? Where do you go to do it? Does it inspire your writing?

    Here's one of my favorite summer activities … spending time at our local (and very casual) beach club. It's open year-round, of course, since I live in Florida. But I really appreciate it this time of year … especially at the end of the day when the sky puts on such a great show.

    Send your 1,000-word (or less) essay to me at with "My favorite summer activity" in the subject line. IMPORTANT: Include your name on the attached document itself, not just in the email. (Entries without names on the document will be disqualified.)

    One winner will be selected from all entries received. If it's you, you'll receive a $100 American Express gift card and have your essay published on the AWAI website.

    All entrants will be recognized and will be sent a special gift for participating.

    Deadline: Sunday, June 20, 2010

    Look for the winning entry in the June 24 issue of Inside AWAI.

  • Your Roadmap to Becoming a Wealthy Web Writer is Complete! Joshua Boswell's Roadmap Tutorial Series on Becoming a Web Writer has given Wealthy Web Writer Platinum Members a step-by-step, no-holds-barred process to becoming a web writer in the shortest time possible AND a leg up to the competition.

    With this very precise roadmap, members now know what to do tomorrow, this week, this month, and as far out as 6 months down the road.

    But Joshua didn't want to send them down that road to success without answering any questions they had for him first!

    That's' why Joshua will be holding a one-hour webinar on Thursday June 3rd where he'll be answering the most frequently asked questions and supplying further explanation on each module from Convincing Potential Clients to Hire You … to How to Define Your Niche.

    PLUS – he'll reveal a secret weapon for those that really want to jumpstart their web writing career.

    To access Joshua Boswell's Roadmap Tutorial on Becoming a Web Writer and next week's webinar join Wealthy Web Writer today!

  • "Travel writing has always been a dream of mine. Now it's happening!" Allyson Gierke is making things happen, fast. It was just last year that she joined AWAI. Then she came to Bootcamp in November and joined Circle of Success.

    Circle of Success gave her access to all the AWAI programs, and Allyson says she's working on several of them right now … including The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program, which has launched her writing career.

    "I just had my first travel essay published by a local magazine here in Montana," Allyson wrote to us. "It was very gratifying to see an article in print, and my goal with this story is to start my portfolio.

    "Thanks so much for these excellent programs!"

  • Before I sign off for this week, I want to share this letter from Circle of Success member Cyndee Davis. It's a little long for Inside AWAI, but it so perfectly brings to life what COS is all about that I decide to include it all.

    My very first paid assignment as a freelance copywriter was to write a video script and coordinate the production. I had never done anything like it and had no idea where to begin.

    I did, however, have a membership in Circle of Success. I also was

    starving to be PAID REAL MONEY, so I accepted the project with enthusiasm!!

    Using COS, I ordered the Video Marketing course, then searched through AWAI for teleseminars and webinars about script writing, making videos, etc. Nick Usborne's Copywriting 2.0 was rich with useful information. As you can imagine, the days after I landed that client were filled with serious research and study.

    The 2010 Web Intensive in Las Vegas began a week later. It couldn't have

    happened at a better time … !

    On the second night in Vegas, there was a COS reception in the hotel. I went and found myself talking with Rebecca Matter, Mindy Tyson-McHorse, and Pam Foster.

    Where else could I possibly just walk into such a lineup of helpful and knowledgeable people?

    I told Pam about my assignment, my FIRST assignment, being the writing of a video script and asked if she had any suggestions. She led me to a quiet table in the corner away from the chatter, and jotted on a napkin a list of pointers along with an outline to guide me through the process!

    I left that reception breathless with excitement and armed with all I needed to go back and "Git 'er done," as we say in Texas!

    The project was completed in six weeks on schedule, including the time I spent at the Web Intensive. The video turned out well (even though it was my first attempt), and the client was pleased.

    I walked away thrilled to have a real check to deposit into my business account, and empowered knowing I could now write video scripts. More to the point, I felt I could take on any copywriting assignment, because of AWAI and Circle of Success in my pocket.

    Training, resources, support … those are just a few of the many benefits you too can have as a Circle of Success member.

    Click here to learn more … and then call Jacqueline or Debbie at 1-866-879-2924 to work out the payment plan that works best for you.

As Executive Director of AWAI, Katie Yeakle has been helping people live the writer’s life since 1997.

“AWAI is built on a big promise … that we can teach you a new skill that can lead to increased income … independence from the 9-to-5 grind … and the freedom to live and work where you choose.

“All of us at AWAI stand behind that promise. In fact, that’s how we measure our success – by how many people we help reinvent their lives.

“Follow our proven advice, and you can be among the many successes we’re so proud of.”