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  • "From 15 attendees and a handful of presenters back in 1998 to, hands down, the biggest event of its kind in the country today … you can't help but get charged up about something like that!"

    Master copywriter and veteran Bootcamp speaker John Forde is already pumped about AWAI's 2010 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair. And so am I …

    Today marks the kickoff of our countdown to Bootcamp, and I'm already going on record to predict that this year's event will be the BEST BOOTCAMP EVER.

    Returning All-Star – and perhaps one of our most popular presenters of all time – Herschell Gordon-Lewis shares my excitement …

    "To say I'm at least as enthusiastic about coming to Bootcamp as the attendees is a deep understatement! As a speaker, I always – always – learn as much as I transmit. Those who attend Bootcamp are serious about our craft and their potential positions in it."

  • The lineup of copywriting legends gets bigger every year.

    If you've been to Bootcamp before, you know why we're bringing back Bob Bly, Herschell Gordon-Lewis, Don Hauptman, Michael Masterson, Jen Stevens, John Forde, and Will Newman, just to name a few.

    But this year we're pulling out all the stops, and adding a few more world-class pros to the mix …

    Mark Everett Johnson was the copy chief for renowned copywriter Gene Schwartz at Rodale. Since going freelance in 1992, Mark has never made less than six figures per year. (A recent client of his saw a 466% increase in response after applying one of Mark's techniques!)

    Ted Nicholas has been called everything from the "Father of Emotional Direct Response" to "THE King of Marketing" to "Direct-Response Jedi Master." He's produced over $5.9 billion in sales for his own companies and those of his clients.

    Nick Usborne has been a copywriter for 30 years now, 11 of them dedicated solely to online copy. He's worked with, and has been a Web-copy consultant for, companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Disney, America Online, and The New York Times.

  • And Bill Bonner will be making his first Bootcamp appearance. Bill is the president and founder of Agora, and has been recognized as one of the best copywriters in America.

    "After 18 years of working with Bill in one capacity or another," says John Forde, "I'm sure that's an understatement. There's nobody who's more of a natural at persuasion in print than Bill."

    In fact, John continues, "Most of the people behind the podium wouldn't be in this business if it weren't for Bill. Along with Michael Masterson, Bill trained half of us, challenged all of us, and built a business – Agora – that's one of the leading forces in the information publishing industry."

  • With a lineup like that, Bootcamp is bound to sell out yet again, albeit a bit earlier than usual this year.

    Lock in your spot now, and get early-bird pricing – PLUS enjoy a flexible payment plan, at no additional cost!

    Sign up now online.

    Or call Barb, Debbie and Jacqueline at Member Services to discuss your options at 866-879-2924.

  • Wait a second. Whose Bootcamp is this, anyway? It's funny … Bootcamp was started over a decade ago to help aspiring copywriters get the skills and make the connections to transition into professional copywriters. Yet today, it's hard to tell who's getting more out of it – the speakers or the attendees!

    "There are very few events where the speakers are eager to attend the whole program," says Jen Stevens, travel writer and copywriter. "But with Bootcamp, we are – and we do. You never know who you'll find yourself sitting next to: Michael Masterson, John Forde, Mark Everett Johnson, Don Hauptman. They're in there just like you, taking notes, discovering something new that could be worth thousands of dollars!"

    And John Forde tells us, "I go to Bootcamp to teach and lead workshop groups, but I always come away with piles of my own notes about things to try, things to work, even product ideas. Plenty of that comes from the presentations, but as much or more just comes from being around people who are plugged into the same things I work with every day."

  • Breakfast with Bob Bly? Cocktails with Michael Masterson? I'm always amazed by how generous every speaker is with his or her time. But at the end of the day, they all have one purpose: to help you launch or advance your copywriting career as fast as possible. And you'll not only be hearing from these master copywriters, you'll be rubbing elbows with them …

    Over coffee in the lobby between sessions … in the buffet line at breakfast … or over a beer or cocktail after hours at the lobby bar – that's often when the real value of Bootcamp reveals itself.

    • Last year, Carolyn Warren happened to sit at a table with one of the highest paid copywriters in the country (probably the world.) He liked her book idea, made a recommendation – and next January, Wiley & Sons is publishing her book.
    • Starr Daubenmire's very first project, writing health e-letters, came from meeting AWAI co-founder Don Mahoney in the hotel lobby. Shortly after that, she met a marketer from Total Health Breakthroughs at Job Fair, and is now a contributing editor and copywriter for them too!
    • After Roy Furr proved himself to a speaker over dinner, she offered to give him a referral. So far, Roy has earned more than $6,000 from that one client – and that's likely to double before the end of the year. Talk about a nice return on investment!
  • What kind of return on investment would you like to see? Mark Everett Johnson, a presenter at this year's Bootcamp, actually came to AWAI's Web Copy Intensive in Las Vegas as an attendee this past March.

    According to Mark, "It's not a matter of if you'll get a ROI. Rather, it's how big of a return, and how quickly!"

    To make sure you get the biggest return, as quickly as possible, here are 5 ways to take advantage of this year's FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp & Job Fair …

    1. Do the spec assignments from AWAI. It's not only a great way to build your portfolio, it's a chance to walk away with a check for $1,000 from Katie and me!
    2. Hang around between sessions and make connections … like Carolyn, Roy, Starr, and many others did last year.
    3. Apply what you learn at Bootcamp as soon as you return home. Steve Roller got his first paying client ever within weeks of Bootcamp, and enough work within a few months to pay for his entire trip to Delray Beach. (He'll tell you about it himself in just a minute!)
    4. Participate in the 10K Challenge. Past winners Pat McCord, Joshua Boswell, and Pam Foster left Bootcamp with a guaranteed $10K from AWAI.
    5. And, finally, take full advantage of what is probably your most important opportunity: Job Fair. If you're ready to either launch your copywriting career or take it to the next level, there's no better place to start. You'll be able to meet with marketers who need you and value your skills, face-to-face.
  • If this will be your first time at Job Fair, here's what to expect: a huge conference room full of top marketers who need one thing (and are willing to pay big money for it) … people who can write good copy!

    "I got my first two paying clients through Job Fair – which covered all my expenses and then some. I'll be back next year for sure!" wrote Anne Michelson after 2008's FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp & Job Fair.

    Sean McCool landed paying assignments from Job Fair in the online marketing and fitness niches. He also parlayed Job Fair contacts into a full-time copywriting gig with Stansberry & Associates, an affiliate of Agora.

    Frank Eaton met the man McGraw Hill calls "America's Top Copywriter" – Bob Bly – and ended up writing several articles and an e-book for Bob. Now that's making a connection!

    Last year, 58 businesses participated in Job Fair, including …

    • Agora
    • Early to Rise
    • Healthier YOU
    • Healthy, Wealthy N Wise
    • Cabot Heritage Corporation
    • Fresh Brewed Media
    • The Motley Fool
    • International Living
    • Mercola
    • Newsmax
    • Stansberry & Associates
    • The Oxford Club

    Many have already committed to returning this year – and with the growing demand for freelance copywriters, we expect to have an even bigger turnout.

    This year's list hasn't yet been finalized, but we'll start making the announcements soon. Each one will give you the opportunity to make a connection and land a paying gig. It's a great way to earn back your investment in Bootcamp, even if you've never had a paying client before.

  • What about online copywriting opportunities? Have no fear … in addition to sales letters, I'm expecting to see a lot of opportunities for writing Web copy at this year's Job Fair, especially emails, websites, search engine optimized copy, and, of course, video.

    Even though marketing via online video is still fairly new, it's already responsible for driving a THIRD of all Internet traffic … and that figure is increasing!

    In fact, research conducted by Cisco concluded that online video will attract more than half of all Internet traffic by 2014.

    Three ways you can take advantage of this trend now:

    1. Use online video to market your own services. Try incorporating online video in your website or blog.
    2. Add video script writing to your list of services. More businesses are turning to online video to educate prospects about their products and services and make more sales. There isn't a lot of competition (yet) for online video copywriters. Consider positioning yourself as a leader in this area.
    3. Learn how to distribute your own video online for maximum marketing exposure … and add this skill to your tool belt, too.

    To get a leg up on video marketing before Bootcamp, check out master online video pro Jessica Kizorek's Marketing With Video Online for Profit.

    And because I know the demand is going to be so great, we've also added Jessica to the Bootcamp speaker line-up. I wanted to make sure you had the tools you need to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity!

    Video marketing is very similar to direct-response marketing: The purpose is to get the prospect to take action.

    And get this: Starting pay for most video scripts is $100 per minute! (That's about one page of copy!)

  • NOT TO BE DENIED! Copywriting is a solo vocation by nature, but that doesn't mean you have to go it alone.

    At Dan Kennedy's recent Business of Copywriting Academy, Cheryl Malcham, Chris Allsop, Cassandra Lee, and Mindy Tyson McHorse connected and formed a mutual support group. They call their group "Not to be Denied" – named for one of Dan's harness-racing horses that they saw while at the Academy. Very fitting, considering that the four of them plan to be unstoppable!

    As Cheryl says, "We'll look forward to sharing extraordinary results with you in November as we are NOT TO BE DENIED!"

    Bootcamp is a perfect place to form these kinds of informal alliances. Jim Turner says Bootcamp is where his career was really set ablaze – after meeting other like-minded copywriters and forming the "Delray Motivators," a strategic partnership that helped accelerate his success to Wall of Fame member and beyond.

    It's easy to do. Everyone attending Bootcamp is looking for the same thing: fast copywriting success. Chances are, you'll run into others with specific goals similar to your own.

    And if you're not the outgoing type – if you're feeling a little shy about mingling – come find me, anyone else on the AWAI team, or one of our popular veteran attendees. We'll be happy to hook you up!

  • Think you should "wait till you're ready"? You could be making a huge mistake! Steve Roller sent us a short video this week describing how he turned his potentially big mistake into a triple payoff that's still generating dividends. You can catch his story here.

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  • A $500 value … yours FREE! Bootcamp is loaded with information-packed sessions, and sometimes more than one session is going on at the same time. But you won't miss out …

    Because you'll have complete access to the 2010 Bootcamp Homestudy Program when you get back home! That means you can access every session in the comfort of your home office, or replay a session to brush up on certain skills. It's a goldmine that you'll refer back to, again and again, throughout your copywriting career.

    And it's included FREE with your Bootcamp registration.


    • One day in Dallas + a six-month roadmap = Six Figures

      Yes, 2010 is almost half over – and you may or may not be on track with your goals for the year. It doesn't matter. Joshua Boswell is asking for just one day of your time. In return, he's going to give you everything you need to get results. Guaranteed.

      Joshua guarantees that you will walk away with these three things …

      1. A proven niche to focus your marketing efforts on
      2. A list of qualified prospects in that niche to contact
      3. The mental/emotional skills you need to enter your "New World" where clients find you and money flows easily

      Think about it. You – a six-figure copywriter before the year is over. Even if you haven't yet earned a dime. Joshua's one-day event in Dallas is only 16 days away, but there's still time to get in.

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    • Need some ideas for a summer goal? How about some extra motivation as well … in the form of a $2,500 check?

      If you missed yesterday's email about our brand-new "It's Your Summer of Money" Challenge, here's the deal: While your friends and neighbors are lazing away, you could be quietly building a solid spare-time business that could be generating serious cash by Labor Day!

      When AWAI member Nan Hughes read about the Challenge, she wrote in to say, "I thought – what better gift for me and my savings account! I live the freelance lifestyle, and it's wonderful, but saving is up to me and I've got big dreams … like a trip for two to Disney World as we ease into the empty nest. And with a 30-60-90-day plan and support from AWAI … it's time to stop wishing and dreaming and time to start doing! Thanks, AWAI."

      Get all the details on how you can participate in the Challenge here.

    • Use the copywriting skills you already have to …

      • Experience a type of writing that always tops the list of "best jobs"
      • See your name and articles in print (It's kind of an ego boost!)
      • Write from anywhere in the world (just like copywriting)
      • Pay for an extra vacation or two every year
      • Enjoy the places you visit in a richer, more unique way than as a casual tourist
      • Possibly increase your tax deductions in a fun way!

      Earlier this week, I interviewed Jen Stevens, author of AWAI's The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program.

      Jen's favorite part of being a travel writer? Going to exotic places and getting paid to do it!

      You can do that, too – if you know how to contact editors and write articles they need. It's not hard, according to Jen, and there's a natural affinity between copywriting and travel writing. You already have an advantage over most travel writers: You know how to get people to take action!

      For a limited time, we're offering The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program at 50% off. Plus, if you act now we'll throw in The Lazy Man's Guide to Travel Writing (a $30 value) FREE! This book gives you the essential requirements to break into travel writing quickly.

      Start living the travel writer's life today.

    • Writing Challenge Reminder: "My Favorite Summer Activity"
      One winner will be selected from all entries received. If it's you, you'll receive a $100 American Express gift card and have your essay published on the AWAI website.

      Deadline: Sunday, June 20, 2010

      More details here.

  • The FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp & Job Fair is all about launching your career or taking your career to the next level.

    But it's even more than that …

    There's magic in the air when you step into the Delray Beach Marriott. As Jen Stevens puts it, "There's something different about rubbing elbows with real people for a few days, instead of communicating via email. Something happens. There's an energy created that you just can't get through the ether. I always get a new idea or two about how to approach a writing project – and I come away really excited to give it a try. Energized."

    It's that energy that inspires the lofty goals that inevitably get made at Bootcamp every year. Roy Furr, for example, moved up his "Personal Independence Day" and quit his full-time job less than four months after his first Bootcamp. And Rachel Karl made it her goal for 2010 to make six figures … by Bootcamp. (We'll check in with you again in a few months on that, Rachel!)

    So, what's your goal? Will you be our next inductee into AWAI's Wall of Fame? Will you follow in the footsteps of Joshua Boswell, Pat McCord, and Pam Foster … and collect a big check for $10,000 at the Awards Banquet on Saturday? Our new and improved $10K Challenge gives you a number of opportunities to earn cash … even before you finish the Accelerated Program.

    Set a goal – for the summer or to be reached by Bootcamp – and send me an email with the details at We'll do everything we can to support you. We'll cheer you on – and when you get to Delray Beach in November, we'll raise a toast to your success.

    "Money Loves Speed." Joe Vitale, 2007 Bootcamp Keynote Speaker

Rebecca Matter has been helping people live the writer's life since 2004. "I consider myself lucky," says Rebecca. "I'm inspired every day by the AWAI members who are reinventing their lives and achieving their dreams of financial security, independence, and the freedom to live and work where they choose.

"It's exhilarating to know that even in today's economic climate, we provide a solution for people who want to escape the 9-to-5 cubicle lifestyle and become in-demand professionals, running their own businesses – and their own lives – on their own terms."

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