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  • “If you want my advice, get rid of this program … or at least raise the price,” said Chris Davis, AWAI’s Chief Financial Officer.

    My response: “Not so fast, Chris. There’s a good reason our members wait all year for this … It’s the only way to get every copywriting, selling, and skill-building program for (quite literally) “pennies on the dollar.” Plus, our members love it!

  • So we compromised: We’ll happily welcome 75 new members to AWAI’s Infinity Program between now and next Friday. (Warning: If we hit 75 before next Friday, we’ll have to close this offer early.)

    It’s a win/win: We’ll have 75 very happy members … and Chris can relax and not worry that we’re giving away the store!

  • If you’re not familiar with the Infinity Program, it’s a very simple proposition: You pay one low price and get access to every resource we offer, for life. Right now, that’s over $27,000 worth – and we keep adding more skill-building and opportunity-oriented programs to our library every year.

    Click here to learn more about it . When you see the low price, you’ll understand Chris’s “concern.”

    Just remember … I gave Chris my word: 75 is the absolute limit.

  • Congratulations to Lisa Smillie, winner of our “Favorite Summer Pastime” Writing Challenge. Lisa – your $100 AMEX gift card is in the mail.

    Lisa wrote about the joys of watching everyday miracles – right in her garden. Aside from the satisfaction of growing her own food and teaching others to do the same, gardening provides Lisa with much-needed “thinking time,” which lends itself to creativity and writing success. You can read Lisa’s essay here.

    And special recognition to these AWAI members for their essays:

    Gaby Deramus … Sara Essop … Barbara Ewing … Charlotte Fleming … Roger A. Ford … Peggy Gordon … Nancy Graves … Dara Grieger … William Grumman … Sally Jones … Eric Kamine … Catherin Koleski … Sarah Lover … Michael A. Lynch … Mandy Marksteiner … Jean Newbold … Ray Ogles … Vera Petkovsky … Thomas C. Picciano … Ronald J. Priestley … Urbano Pulido … Rosalie R. Robinson … William Shaw … Laurie Stephens … Don Stewart … Dennis Watkins

    Look for a surprise from AWAI in your mailbox for participating. And keep writing!

    See below for details about our next Writing Challenge.

  • 2 opportunities for Grant Writers …

    Build your portfolio and play a part in the creation of a future national treasure. Whether you’re an experienced grant writer or just finishing AWAI’s new program, Grant Writing Success: Opening the Door to Financial Opportunity, you won’t want to miss this.

    Mary Guinane McNamara wrote me this week about a unique project. Mary got her start with AWAI back in 2002, and has become a very successful copywriter specializing in the fundraising niche. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund has been a client of hers for some time, and a few years ago Mary helped bring a traveling exhibit of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to the Sioux Falls, tri-state area where she lives (Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota).

    Now it’s blossomed into Siouxland Freedom Park, 55 acres in the heartland. When it’s complete, the park will have replicas of the monuments in DC, as well as an interpretive center.

  • Here’s where you come in. Thousands of foundation and government grants are available, and Mary needs someone to write the proposals to secure funding for Siouxland Freedom Park. (They’re looking to get $2.5 million!)

    “It would be one project to start with, and would be pro bono, but could lead to more projects with the organization,” says Mary. “You’ll get valuable experience and feedback, a great addition to your portfolio, and a chance to play a small part in honoring the contributions of our veterans.”

    Interested? Mary is looking for someone who either has some grant writing experience or has finished (or is in the process of finishing) Grant Writing Success. Contact her at Please include your relevant background information – any grant writing experience or courses you’ve taken – and two writing samples. (They don’t have to be grant writing samples.)

  • And here’s another nonprofit organization that needs help from a grant writer … this one submitted by AWAI member Mary Beth Spann:

    Mary Beth sent us this from the Just Kids post: “We are looking for someone that can write grants and implement programs for our youth. We work with over 200 at risk kids and we are in dire need of a professional grant writer. Thanks.” More details about this opportunity here.

    Thanks, Mary and Mary Beth, for sharing these opportunities with our members.

  • REMINDER: With more than $500 billion available in grants each year, matching organizations that need money to the funders who are giving away those billions can be profitable, rewarding, and fun. (And it’s a great way to use the persuasion skills you’re developing now … without having to write long sales letters!)

    But to be a part of this “funding bonanza,” you need to know the simple secrets to writing successful grant proposals.

    And that’s where 30-year grant writing veteran Toni Rockis and AWAI’s exciting new (and very popular) grant writing program come in. In the program, Toni gives you everything you need to launch your very own successful grant writing career – including dozens of secrets she’s used to win $65 million for her clients over the years.

  • Until tomorrow, you can still get Grant Writing Success for the “charter membership” price first introduced in April. The deal includes a big savings … $218 (more than 40% off the official price) … plus some exciting bonuses.

    However, come Friday midnight that savings will no longer be available. If, after tomorrow, you decide that you’d like to explore grant writing as a full-time career … a sideline … or just to get insider know-how to secure much-needed funds for an organization you care about … you will have to pay full price.

  • You’ll still get the bonuses, of course … including an amazing one that we’re adding this week …

    We’re calling it the Grant Writing Success Road Map.

    In it, pro grant writer Suzanne Mulligan shares the exact plan she followed to develop her own successful grant writing business.

    In addition to giving you a timeline for completing Grant Writing Success and the supplementary resources that come along with it, Suzanne shows you how to:

    • Connect with nonprofit organizations that need your grant writing services.
    • Find the right foundations, corporations, or government grants to meet their needs.
    • Complete the necessary administrative work to ensure your clients have a professional business plan in place.
    • Secure contracts.
    • Write and submit proposals.
    • Identify more ways to bring value to the organizations that have hired you.

    With everything you need to know about writing grants in Grant Writing Success, and now this new Grant Writing Success Road Map, you’ll have everything you need to launch your own grant writing business.

    And if you order before tomorrow at midnight, you’ll also save $218. Take advantage of the charter offer now.

  • Help your clients leverage Facebook for higher profits. Target Marketing Group reported last week in its eM+C e-newsletter that fans of brands who are on Facebook spent $71.84 more on those brands during a two-year period than non-fans. This was from a recently published whitepaper from Syncapse, a social technology company. That may not sound like a lot, until you see how many fans some companies have. Nike, for example, has more than 2 million fans; Starbucks more than 8 million.

    The study found that:

    • Facebook fans are 28% more likely to continue buying from a brand than non-fans.
    • Facebook fans are 41% more likely to recommend a brand product to family and friends than non-fans.
    • 81% of Facebook fans feel a connection to a brand versus 39% of non-fans.
    • Incorporating all of the above factors, the average value of a Facebook fan to a company is $136.38.
  • A Facebook Fan Page is an easy add-on to your existing clients … as well as a way to land new ones. First use those stats to encourage them to let you create and manage their page, and then set it up using these five easy steps published recently in Wealthy Web Writer …

    To begin creating your page, click on ‘Ads and Pages’ on the left column of your Facebook profile page or use the ‘Advertising’ link at the very bottom of the page. Select ‘Create a Page.’

    1. Select your category/title – Give careful thought to the name of your page and include your most important keywords. It should clearly represent your business. A word of caution: if you want to change the name once your page it’s published, you’ll have to delete your entire page and start over.
    2. Add your profile image – This space can be utilized like a banner ad. It’s 200 pixels wide by 600 pixels deep. Be creative with ‘eye candy’ to capture attention here — use your logo, your photo, or whatever image best represents your web-writing business. This image is the one fans’ friends see in their News Feed as a thumbnail.
    3. Add your business information – Include the name, website URLs, an overview of what the company does, and any other pertinent information. Again, for SEO purposes, select your most important keywords for your niche and business.
    4. Add engaging content – Use your tabs to post relevant, useful, or entertaining content to attract fans and keep them returning to your page. You can add videos, photo galleries, articles written by you OR others, events (such as a webinar on your specialty), blog entries, surveys, contests, and more.
  • You can use a Fan Page on Facebook to land new clients, as well as by using LinkedIn and Twitter. It's a great way to attract new clients AND will give you experience as you approach potential clients to help with theirs.

    If you’d like some guidance on how to do it effectively, check out AWAI's Social Networking: The 21st Century Way to Find New Clients .

  • A good site to bookmark: This useful resource for editing your copy helps clear up grammatical challenges – “lay/lie,” “who/whom,” “that/which,” whether to hyphenate “hot dog eating contest”(you should!), and much more. You’ll also find an interesting story about what “the slot” is all about.

  • Michael Masterson on one of the simplest ways to start a side business. For years, Michael has been encouraging people he knows to start a side business, preferably on the Internet, in order to develop multiple sources of income.

    And Michael certainly knows a thing or two about how to do it!

    He says one of the simplest ways to start a successful side business right now is to tap into the manufacturing power of China.

    Hard to do? Not at all!

    In Early to Rise’s brand-new China Wholesale Trader program, veteran entrepreneur Marc Charles shows you exactly how to set up your own Chinese import business: how to find manufacturers, how to get in touch with them, the best way to negotiate, and where to sell your products online.

    He even gives you advice on which products to sell. Here’s a hint: Do a quick eBay search, and you can see that electronic gadgets (cell phones, laptops, iPods, and iPads) and school-related items (boots, backpacks, and dorm decor) are hot. Another huge market is for herbal supplements and natural remedies.

    This business requires very little start-up capital. And most Chinese manufacturers let you buy small quantities so you can test your market.

    On top of that, it doesn’t require office space or employees. You don’t have to deal with bureaucratic red tape. And with drop-shipping, you don’t even have to maintain any inventory. The products are sent directly to your customers.

    Check out Valerie Johnson’s story to get all the details. She used this approach to create a super-successful business that went from $0 to $1.8 million in revenues in just 5 years.

  • Wealthy Web Writer Exclusive: Tell-all interview with six-figure copywriter Pete Savage … Learn how to land a new client, and possibly win a copy of Heather Lloyd-Martin’s SEO Copywriting Success program (worth $495) by listening in today …

    Find out how when you dial into this exclusive interview with Pete Savage.

    Wealthy Web Writer Reality Blogger Mindy Tyson-McHorse will be interviewing Pete about his tips and strategies for landing work with big advertising agencies. Pete will share his secrets on how to:

    • Choose the right agency for your interests.
    • Make your case for working as a freelancer.
    • Get involved with big-name client accounts.
    • Set appropriate fees for your services.
    • Grow your portfolio with impressive agency work.
    • And much more!

    This teleconference is free for all Wealthy Web Writer Platinum Members. Simply login to the website for access instructions to the live call, as well as to access the playback for this and every webinar or teleconference offered by Wealthy Web Writer each week.

    Remember, they’re all FREE with your membership!

    Not yet a member of Wealthy Web Writer? Join now!

  • “Where all this energy and motivation came from, I don’t know. First I got it, but now it’s got me,” wrote Ron Montgomery.

    Ron had some big news to share …

    “Yesterday, I got my first client – I’ll redo Web pages, landing pages, consult with them for products and a product funnel to build their business, etc. They were convinced to hire me because of both my copywriting and Internet marketing knowledge.”

    Ron is crediting this success to the Accelerated Program Live Companion Series.

    “I’ve had the Accelerated Copywriting Program for a long time (I’m embarrassed to tell you how long) and never finished it. But I’ve been able to get myself back on track with the Companion Series.

    “This Series has also been a catalyst for me to do other things. During these 16 weeks, I have also written the copy for and put up two websites for myself. I took a four-day Internet Marketing Seminar with Nitro Marketing a few weeks ago, and I will be at Joshua Boswell’s Six Months to Six Figures event in Dallas on Saturday.”

    Ron goes on to say, “I would like to thank you, Rebecca, Denise, Jen, Bob, Nick, Steve, and anyone else I may be leaving out for this incredible Companion Series. I never cease to be amazed at the quality and value AWAI gives to us, your members. Your dedication, creativity, and persistence is nothing short of astounding.”

  • You’re welcome, Ron. But … we have to give credit where credit’s due. You did the work. You put yourself out there. (Okay … so we pushed a little bit .) But it was you who landed your first client. Great job! And Ron … one more thing: You think you’re motivated now? JUST WAIT until you spend a whole day with Joshua on Saturday! Your motivation meter will read off the charts!!

  • Hearing the takeaways Tuesday night from each of the attendees was probably my favorite thing about the 16-week Live Companion Series session …

    Elizabeth Hartenberger told us her biggest takeaway was realizing that it's not as scary as it seemed at the very beginning.

    Rebecca Robbins added, “I started this course not believing I was a writer. Now I do.”

    And for Pam Conners, it was the structure she needed to move forward. She told us, “What I liked best is that it was at a scheduled time each week. I felt compelled to show up and show up prepared having done my reading and homework. I wouldn't have the discipline to do this on my own. I felt like I had to keep up.”

    Rebecca and I can’t wait to take the next group through the training. It was an intense 16 weeks, but after seeing the success attendees had with the past one … we can’t not do it again!

    Stay tuned for the next opportunity to join us as we walk through the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

  • “Kudos to Rebecca Matter and Nick Usborne! Yesterday’s webinar on writing web copy was fantastic! It was a great way to learn the principles of home page writing. Just what I need. I can't wait for the next one. The webinar format worked well. I could follow along as Nick spoke. I’m sorry I missed the first 15 minutes. Can't wait to see the replay. Good stuff. Now this is great added value to my Copywriting 2.0 program.” J.W. Abraham

    JW is talking about the 4-part training program that we put together for people taking Nick’s Copywriting 2.0 Program.

    Remember, if you have the program, you get to attend FREE! Just login to myAWAI for access instructions and to download the assignments for each session.

    By the end of the series you’ll have experience writing the four main web copy projects you’ll encounter most often as an online copywriter, and have a portfolio of samples to show potential clients!

    Not yet part of Copywriting 2.0? Learn more here.

  • “The book that influenced me the most was How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie,” said Tony Wiersielis. “I had a life-altering experience shortly after I read it and witnessed another person’s life changing before my eyes.

    Tony was responding to my question a couple of weeks back about books that have changed your life.

    Continues Tony: “I received the book as a gift from my older sister while on Christmas leave from the U.S. Marines in 1978. As a teenager and as a 19-year-old Marine in technical school, I was abrasive, combative, and smart-mouthed. I regularly traded insults with another Marine, Kenny M., and was always on the verge of getting into a fight.

    “I read the book several times and thought deeply on the principles taught in it. I decided to try them out on Kenny when I got back to the Marine base in California.

    “I can still remember the look on his face when I walked up to him and said ‘How’s it going, Kenny?’ He paused for a moment in surprise, thanked me for asking, and we started talking.

    “We became friends, skydived together, and met up again when we were deployed to Okinawa. We haven’t seen each other in years, but we parted as friends. That experience led me to practice Carnegie’s other principles in earnest, and my life and dealings with other people changed for the better.

    “Fifteen years later, I took the Dale Carnegie course, which also involves confidence building through public speaking. One of my classmates was a Goth-type young woman who was extremely introverted and appeared to be paranoid. Throughout the 13-week course, I witnessed this woman blossom into a new, self-confident, outgoing human being. By the last week of training, she had already started as a graduate assistant with another class. It was very much like watching a slow-motion film of a butterfly coming out of its cocoon.”

  • Thanks so much, Tony, for sharing your story with us. I agree. How to Win Friends and Influence People has had a tremendous impact on me too. I re-read it about once a year. And if you come to Bootcamp, you may hear Michael Masterson talk about his experience when he took the Carnegie course 30 years ago. It’s a very funny story … with one of the results being he wrote his first control not long after. Talk about life-changing!

  • Momentum, Motivation, and Mastery … That’s what Bootcamp’s all about for returning Bootcamper Roy Furr. Here’s Roy’s perspective:

    • Momentum. When you invest in Bootcamp, you have an incredible opportunity. You have the opportunity to learn a lot – then, at the Job Fair, to get gigs to pay back your investment … all while you’re still there. I made it a point to pay back my investment ASAP with gigs I got because of Bootcamp … I did that, then those gigs snowballed into a full-time freelance copywriting career.
    • Motivation. There’s nothing that gives you incredible motivation like being surrounded by people who share your dream … And it comes from everyone: from those who’ve just caught the bug to those who are living the dream to the max. From the speakers to your fellow attendees to the AWAI staff … everyone at Bootcamp will help motivate you so you finally feel “I can do it, and now’s the time!”
    • Mastery. Being in the room with, asking questions of, and connecting with the absolute masters of our craft is priceless. When I attended last year, there were a few little tips that I picked up that have been key to most of my success since going freelance full-time … tips that made an impression since I was hearing them straight from the masters. Plus, I had the benefit of the personal interactions. You can approach and have long conversations with many of the masters. Last year, I spent 30 minutes at Job Fair chatting up Clayton Makepeace, joking with him and learning more about copywriting.
  • Since our Bootcamp edition of Inside AWAI two weeks ago, seats have been filling up fast. There’s still time to get the $200 “Early-Bird” discount, and schedule payments if you like. Click here to reserve your spot or call Debbie, Jacqui or Pat at 1-866-879-2924.

  • New AWAI Writing Challenge: Tell me about your best summer job. School is out, and high school and college students everywhere are using their summer work to get some experience, earn extra spending money or help pay for college, and (hopefully) parlay that experience into a better job down the road.

    What was the best summer job you had as a student? What did it teach you? Did you do it for the experience or the money (or both)?

    Tell me about your best summer job in high school or college, and what you took away from it.

    Click here for details on how to enter.

    Deadline: Sunday, July 18, 2010

    Look for the winning entry in the July 22 issue of Inside AWAI.

  • He turned his world upside-down to pursue his dream. Archibald MacLeish could have had a prestigious career as an attorney. He graduated first in his class at Harvard Law School. He got hired by a big firm in Boston. He was on the fast track.

    But he found that his law career distracted him from his true passion – writing poetry. On the day he got promoted to partner, he resigned from the firm, moved his family to France, and began to focus on writing. It turned out to be a good move.

    Over the course of his career, MacLeish won three Pulitzer Prizes, was editor of Fortune magazine, was appointed Librarian of Congress by FDR, wrote numerous stage and screen scripts to great acclaim, and in 1965 won an Academy Award for his work on The Eleanor Roosevelt Story.

    MacLeish summed up his philosophy by saying, “The dissenter is every human at those moments of his life when he resigns momentarily from the herd and thinks for himself.”

    The Writer’s Life. It all starts with a dream. What’s yours? What are you doing to make it your reality? How can we help you get there quicker?

As Executive Director of AWAI, Katie Yeakle has been helping people live the writer’s life since 1997.

“AWAI is built on a big promise … that we can teach you a new skill that can lead to increased income … independence from the 9-to-5 grind … and the freedom to live and work where you choose.

“All of us at AWAI stand behind that promise. In fact, that’s how we measure our success – by how many people we help reinvent their lives.

“Follow our proven advice, and you can be among the many successes we’re so proud of.”