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Important Reminder: You’ve got 24 more hours to decide on these two special offers …

  • I’ve got great news if you thought you were too late to take part in our highly anticipated Accelerated Program Live Companion Series, which begins next Thursday.

    There are still a handful of last minute spots available – and for the next 24 hours only, you can still get them at the 40% discount.

    If you missed it, this is where Katie, some special guests, and I walk you “page-by-page” through your Accelerated Six-Figure Copywriting Program every week over the next 12 weeks.

    It’s a great way to finish the program quickly … reinforce a lot of the stuff you’ve learned … make it stick in your mind forever … and learn some new tricks along the way.

    If you’re interested we need to you let us know today, given we need the remaining time to get you everything you need for first meeting next Thursday.

    You can grab one of the remaining spots by signing up here.

    If you prefer to secure your spot by phone, please call Barb, Debbie or Jacqueline at 866-879-2924 today.

    Or you can get the full details by clicking here and watching the short video presentation we put together for you.

  • Make more money as a freelancer – without having to work any harder.

    Nick Usborne’s newest program, Profitable Freelancing: The Definitive Guide to Earning More Money as a Freelancer From Day One, will show you exactly how.

    Over the last 15 years, Nick has developed a proven formula for freelancing that allows him and the freelancers he coaches to earn more while working less, earn passive income while vacationing, and earn more from every project they take on.

    And in Profitable Freelancing, Nick will show you how you can do it, too. Whether you’re just starting out, or already working as a freelancer, your career and the way you approach your business will be changed forever.

    And remember, the special $100 discount ends tomorrow. Make sure you secure your copy before Friday, August 6th, at midnight.

  • “A year ago today I didn’t know I was going to Bootcamp. It would be the first event of its kind I’d ever pay for out of my pocket.

    “Now? I’m living the writer’s life to the fullest, I’m working with some of the top names in direct marketing, and most important, when someone asks me, ‘Who do you work for again?’ I can say, ‘Myself!’”

    Roy Furr had heard about Bootcamp, but making the decision to go was tough. After all, he had a good job at the time, and a wife and baby to support. But when he finally said “Yes!”, he dove in … and things haven’t been the same since …

    “The last year has been amazing! Within 3 months and 3 days of getting home from Bootcamp, I launched my full-time freelance business. And now I’m coming up on the 6-month anniversary and I couldn’t be happier.

    “Yeah, the decision is scary. Big decisions are. But you don’t get ahead unless you make those scary decisions, jump in head first, and love the ride. And I can tell you, there are amazing opportunities to be had on this side!”

    If you’re already registered for Bootcamp, congratulations! You’ve made the big decision and can now prepare for the life-changing event just three months away.

    And if you’re on the fence (like Roy was), you’ll definitely want to make your decision soon …

  • Because I’m predicting that this year’s event will be the BEST BOOTCAMP EVER. Actually, I went on record back in June with that prediction – but based on the response we’ve gotten since then, the new Job Fair marketers we’ve added, the enthusiasm of the presenters who will be here, and the excitement level of everyone here at AWAI, I just had to say it again.

    This year’s Bootcamp is truly shaping up to be the best ever!

    And it’s amazing how fast it’s approaching.

  • Just 90 days from today the Marriott in beautiful, sunny Delray Beach, Florida will become the epicenter of the copywriting world!

    For three magical days in November, connections will be made, careers will be launched, and lives will be transformed …

     … and you can position yourself smack-dab in the middle of the action! I’m talking about:

    • 60+ marketers who need copywriters and want talk to you;
    • An all-star lineup of copywriting legends like Bob Bly, Ted Nicholas, Mark Everett Johnson, Bill Bonner, and Nick Usborne to help catapult your copywriting career; and of course
    • Master copywriters sharing insights that will enhance your copywriting skills and potentially slash years off your learning curve.

    Not to mention on of my favorite things … the informal discussions that go on over coffee at breakfast, poolside between sessions, and over cocktails after hours.

    Where else are you going to have a chance to rub elbows with the likes of Michael Masterson, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Steve Slaunwhite, and John Forde?

    August 1st always marks the true start of countdown to Bootcamp. And the 2010 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair has been filling up fast. Seats are still available as I type this today – but remember, the Early Bird Discount ends this month, so I don’t expect them to last long.

    If you’re planning to join us, reserve your spot online now.

    Or call Barb, Debbie, or Jacqueline at Member Services to discuss your options at 866-879-2924.

  • Will you be the next inductee on the AWAI Wall of Fame?

    Every year, there are at least a couple of copywriters who are bold enough to tell Katie or me that they’re going to be on the Wall of Fame by next year’s Bootcamp. And it’s amazing how many of them actually do it!

    We know there’s power in setting goals. But WOW does that power get so much stronger when you tell someone else what you’re shooting for.

    I remember when Mindy Tyson McHorse made the commitment to become a Wall of Fame member at the 2007 Bootcamp. She was a brand-new copywriter looking for a change from the 9-5 job that gave her little time for her family. She got her start by landing a spec assignment from Job Fair and getting a 5-page website project from a friend of a friend. From there, she kept plugging away …

    Two years later, Mindy did indeed achieve her goal of becoming a Wall of Fame member. Since then, she’s been able to coordinate her schedule to spend more time with her husband and young son. Not only that, she made $80,000 last year – working part-time – and is on track to clear the six-figure mark this year.

    It all started with attending Bootcamp, and a commitment to making it happen. Today, Mindy is living life on her terms, making a solid income, and doing something she loves.

  • What’s your goal for this year’s Bootcamp?

    Whatever your goal is, let Katie or me know about it when you come to Bootcamp (or email me in advance at

    Not only will we do our best to help you achieve it, we’ll also be there to toast your success!

    And if, like Mindy, your goal is to be on the Wall of Fame, we’ll be sure to save a spot just for you.

    If you need help setting your goal, here’s a good example to follow …

    Like a lot of copywriters, AWAI Member Rachel Karl’s goal is to hit that six-figure benchmark. And you know what? While it’s aggressive, I have a feeling it’ll happen.

    Why? Three things …

    1. She told me her goal. In fact, she announced it live while I was interviewing her for Wealthy Web Writer – which makes her accountable to me and everyone else who was listening!
    2. She made her goal specific and put a date on it – not just six figures in 2010, but six figures by Bootcamp.
    3. She’s acquiring the skills she needs to land clients that pay well, and continues to work hard at mastering her craft.

    Bottom line, Rachel is a big thinker who doesn’t shy away from big goals. I’m excited to meet her in person at this year’s Bootcamp, and find out if she hit the goal in time. This will actually be Rachel’s first Bootcamp too. Here’s what she told me this week about her decision to attend …

  • “It took me 3 months of struggling and fighting for clients and gleaning what I could from AWAI to start gaining some ground as a copywriter. If I had gone to Bootcamp last year, I could have accomplished that in 3 days! I can’t afford NOT to go this year!”

    Rachel has been an AWAI member since March of 2009, so last year was the first time she’d heard of Bootcamp. She didn’t think she could afford to spend the time or the money. She didn’t have a lot of clients yet, and was spending all of her time chasing after jobs.

    Of course, as she says, “I realized right after Bootcamp was over and I heard all the amazing success stories that, if I had gone, it would have cut my path to success by months!”

    Since then, Rachel took Jay White’s Autoresponder Apprentice program, used his style to write some killer emails promoting herself to prospective clients, and landed some big fish. And when I say “big fish” – I mean a couple of clients who pay her on retainer to write all of their emails for them!

    What a difference a year makes!

    So … will she hit the six-figure mark by Bootcamp? Find out from Rachel herself in Delray Beach in November.

  • Potentially the most important business meeting of your career!

    Think about it. Even if you’ve never written a page of copy for a client, Job Fair could open doors to your new copywriting career. Last year, 58 businesses participated to meet with attendees one-on-one and offer spec opportunities to write for them.

    And this year, Job Fair will be bigger and better than ever before …

    Remember, the marketers who attend are concerned with what you can do for them, not necessarily how fat your portfolio is or what big names are on your client list. So even if you’re just starting out, you won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind event for copywriters. A great job on a spec project could seriously launch your career … just like it did for past attendees like Mindy and Roy!

    And if you do have some experience, you won’t want to pass up the chance to meet such dream clients as Agora, The Motley Fool, Mercola, Nightingale-Conant, Newsmax, The Oxford Club, and many others. They’ll be there, in person, looking for their next copywriting star … and wanting to talk to you!

    Job Fair is the icing on the Bootcamp cake, and we’ll help you take advantage of it to the fullest.

    Register now!

    And then stay tuned for the complete line-up of marketers attending so that you can prepare to meet with them in person.

  • LOTS of job opportunities for online copywriters!

    Speaking of jobs, if you’ve been learning how to write web copy, you’re in luck! I’ve been watching the job boards, and am excited to report that there are more opportunities for you than any other type of copywriter. Check this out …

    Overdrive Interactive – an online marketing consulting company – is looking for a freelancer to write copy to help support their marketing efforts and for their clients …

    QVC – the famous home-shopping network – needs a freelance online copywriter who can create effective copy for printed materials, collateral materials, email messages, newsletters and more …

    And Corbis – the popular image and animation supplier – wants to hire a curious, sharp copywriter with a good sense of culture to write copy for websites, email messages, direct marketing campaigns and more.

    You can get the info on these hot jobs and more here.

  • Over 20 new jobs posted each week on

    With such an increasingly big demand for good copywriters, we’ve decided to put even more muscle behind our popular job board,

    And as of right now we’re adding at least 20 new jobs a week!

    Both AWAI members, and the marketers hiring them, are enthusiastic about the results they’ve received so far …

    Marketer John Newton of The Healthy Back Institute told me, “I’ve had good luck with writers who’ve taken your Six-Figure Copywriting program. In the past, we brought on several copywriters and invariably all applicants worth looking at had taken your program.”

    Talk about another great reason to make sure you attend the Accelerated Companion Series!

    And AWAI member John Torre said, “ provides AWAI members with an outstanding opportunity to secure work. I just landed a contract to provide several press releases and articles per week and am looking forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship with my new client! Thanks again!”

    So if you haven’t checked it out in a while, you’ll want to make it a priority.

  • How to “sell” SEO to current and new clients … that’s what Heather Lloyd-Martin will be revealing on August 11 during an exclusive Wealthy Web Writer webinar.

    Smart marketers know they need to add fresh content to their websites on a regular basis, to keep both the search engines and their customers and prospects coming back again and again.

    But … what happens when you’re working with a client who doesn’t think they need SEO to improve their website? How do you convince that client that they need your services?

    Heather Lloyd-Martin will show you how to upsell your clients using simple, available strategies that everyone has at their disposal, including 5 tips to make even more money as a Search Engine Optimization Copywriting VIP.

    Get all the details here.

    And as with all Wealthy Web Writer events, this $79 teleconference is FREE for Platinum Members.

  • How to Write Your Own Money-Making Website was well-written and presented,” writes Rosa Chillis. “The step-by-step instructions were clear and easy to follow. I want to thank Nick for the live free follow-up seminars. He is so generous with his time and in sharing his expertise. I have spent a great deal of money over the past 3 years trying to learn how to make money on the Web. Nick’s program is by far the most comprehensive (and comprehensible) I’ve used to date, and the cost is reasonable.”

    Rosa’s site,, helps people achieve the highest levels of success in business, interpersonal, and family relationships. The site not only provides superior self-improvement and education products, but shares insightful and useful ideas to inspire you to achieve any goals you may have.

  •  “Nick’s program was fun! I’m still in the beginning stages here, but I plan on writing back soon and being able to tell you about my explosive results! Thank you so much for sharing Nick with us!” said Terri Day.

    Terri’s site,, provides research to help people find exactly what they need in the quickest time possible, specializing in health-related fields.

  • FREE Teleconference: How to create a BIG second income by writing YOUR OWN money-making website.

    You’ve seen the success of other AWAI members as they’ve launched their own money-making websites, and now it’s your turn.

    Join Nick Usborne for a one-hour teleconference where he will reveal his step-by-step formula for turning a few “spare time” hours a week into over $5,000 in passive income each and every month.

    If you’re looking to build a passive revenue stream – money that comes in whether you’re working or vacationing – don’t miss this very special call.

    Learn more and register here.

  • Insider’s Tip: “Help the reader into your copy with arrowheads, bullets, asterisks, and marginal marks,” advised legendary adman David Ogilvy in his famous book Ogilvy on Advertising.

    It’s a simple fact: Handwritten notes and doodles can improve the look and response of your copywriting without changing a single word! Many times, a well-written letter or ad can get an additional bump in response by simply adding these personalized “me to you” copy boosters in just the right way.

    Until now, doing this was difficult, time-consuming, and a downright pain. And even if you could do it yourself … is that really the best use of your time?

    Here’s the good news. Direct-marketing expert Mike Capuzzi has created what’s been called “the world’s easiest-to-use secret weapon” for copywriters and marketers who want to add the power of handwriting and marginal marks to their copy.

    It’s called CopyDoodles®, and it’s used and endorsed by many of the world’s top copywriters and marketers, including Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas, David Garfinkel, Ray Edwards, and Yanik Silver.

    The beauty of CopyDoodles is that you don’t need to be a design or graphics expert! In a matter of minutes, you’ll be using CopyDoodles to:

    • Tap into the power of handwriting and doodles in the fastest, most effective way possible
    • Create “eye magnets” to draw readers’ eyes to the most important parts of your copy
    • Add a unique, personal, and fun look to your offline and online marketing (No plain-vanilla looking copy here!)
    • Achieve new levels of response without having to change a single word of your copy!

    Add value to the work you do for clients

    If you can cut and paste (or drag and drop), you can use CopyDoodles to boost the response of your copy.

    Mike Capuzzi, who spoke at our recent Dan Kennedy Business of Copywriting Academy as a guest of Dan’s, has a 15-minute video presentation that can instantly improve the effectiveness of your copywriting.

    It’s only for Inside AWAI subscribers – and it’s available now here.

  • Writing Challenge Reminder: “My Daily Routine”

    One winner will be selected from all entries received. If it’s you, you’ll receive a $100 American Express gift card and have your essay published on the AWAI website.

    Deadline: Sunday, August 22, 2010

    More details here.

  • P.T. Barnum, the great circus promoter and advertising genius, once said, “Advertising is like learning – a little is a dangerous thing. If a man has not the pluck to keep on advertising, all the money he has already spent is lost.”

    We’d like to think that if Barnum were alive today, he might say the same thing about copywriting (and he might call Bootcamp “The Second Greatest Show On Earth”!). You have to keep on honing your skills – it’s an ongoing thing.

    And there’s no better place for aspiring copywriters, as well as well-established movers and shakers, to do that than AWAI’s 2010 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair. Put yourself where the action is. Hear from copywriting legends, connect with potential clients who are hungry for good copy, and network with fellow copywriters.

    It all happens at the Marriott in Delray Beach, November 3-6.

    There are still seats available, but they won’t last long. The Early Bird Discount ends this month. Contact Barb, Debbie or Jacqueline today at Member Services today at 866-879-2924 to lock in your spot.

    Or register online now.

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