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Kraft, Time Warner, DSW, Consumer Reports, Harrahs told us: "We need copywriters!" … partying with Bay Area AWAI members … two time-sensitive savings deals for you … new contest with $5,800 worth of prizes …

  • Yesterday, we told you about a very special "early-early bird" deal where you can save an extra $50 off this year's Bootcamp FastTrack to Success Home Study program.

    And that's IN ADDITION to the 50% discount!

    Well, tonight our little "offer test" ends, and the price goes back up.

    It'll still be an outstanding bargain tomorrow – half off the regular "post-Bootcamp" price. And, you still get everything people attending Bootcamp get – including the spec assignments – for a fraction of the cost of being there.

    But why not reserve yours today, before tonight's midnight deadline, and pocket the extra $50?

    Order here.

    AND IF YOU'RE ATTENING BOOTCAMP … We've got you covered! You'll get access to the complete Home Study program as part of your Bootcamp registration package. That means you won't have to worry if you can't attend all the presentations you wanted to … or if you want to be able to go back and reference something one of the presenters said during one of their talks.

    You can soak up every bit of information, at your own pace, when you're back home.

  • "Visit the land of B2B. It's a Web writer's paradise!" says Steve Slaunwhite. B2B means business-to-business, and refers to companies that sell products and services to other companies, rather than to consumers like you and me. A forklift manufacturer is a B2B company. So is an accounting firm.

    B2B companies – and there are more than 5 million in North America alone – spend more on Web marketing than any other sector, making it the largest Web writer's market in the world.

    "And," says Steve, "you'll have a great time in B2B land, writing emails, websites, social media posts, e-newsletters, and other online communications for clients who value your Web writing skills and pay you very, very well."

    Steve recently wrote an autoreponder email series for a mid-sized B2B company and was paid $4,500. That's five emails, each about a page long (roughly 325 words). And other types of B2B writing projects can pay equally well.

    Right now, there's a huge demand for writers who know how to write for the Web AND write for B2B. So if you have that combined skill set – and can position yourself as a good B2B Web writer – there are potentially thousands of B2B companies that are going to want to talk to you.

  • Steve's advice: "If you already know the basics of writing for the Web, your 'ticket' to this fun and lucrative market is the Secrets of Writing High-Performance B2B Copy program.

    "In that program, I teach you everything you need to know to write B2B websites, emails, landing pages, e-newsletters, and other B2B marketing communications like a pro.

    "Complete the program, and you'll have the knowledge you need to succeed in the land of B2B – and confidently hang out your shingle as a solid B2B Web writer."

    And, it gets better …

  • Sign up for the Secrets of Writing High-Performance B2B Copy program by midnight tomorrow, and you'll get an instant $100 discount! PLUS … access to an exclusive webinar where Steve and Nick Usborne will show you how to land B2B web projects!

    One last word from Steve: "Check out the largest – and, in my opinion, most interesting and well-paying – Web writing market there is. B2B has something for everyone, with lots of opportunities up for grabs, even if you're new to Web writing."

  • Kraft, Time Warner, DSW, Consumer Reports, Harrahs … These are just some of the companies Rebecca and I met this week at the DMA conference that are now going to use to hire new copywriters.

    And that barely scratches the surface. We'll send out a full report about our DMA experience next week … but in the meantime, here are some quick notes I jotted down:

    The marketer from Time Warner told me he has 300 small-business clients who ALL need B2B copy written for them. He was THRILLED to hear about DRJ!

    Another mid-size biz owner said, "We try to write our copy ourselves … but we do a terrible job of it! I can't wait to try out this Job Board."

    "It's not about the money," said a catalog marketer. "It's about saving me time. I need copywriters!"

    And, the marketer from Papa John's International told us, "I don't want to write copy. I want to hire someone to do that so I can do my own job!"

    We'll be following up with all of these marketers and the rest who stopped by our booth to find out how AWAI can help them find copywriters. (It was great … we were the busiest booth in our row!).

    So keep your eyes on for even more jobs in the coming weeks! And if you're coming to Bootcamp, stay tuned for the updated list of marketers who will be at Job Fair. The list is growing!!

  • A special thanks to the AWAI members who helped represent us so well at the conference: Kenya McDonald, Diane Harris, Karla Lindblom, Lara Fabans, Anne Cates, Jean Thompson, and Lane Sennett.

    These Bay Area AWAI members helped man our booth at the conference, and worked hard to promote you to all the marketers who wanted more information.

    One marketer even said to Jean, "why are you promoting other AWAI copywriters? Aren't they your competition?" Her response: "there are way more marketers who need copywriters than the other way around. There's plenty of work for all of us!"

    Here are some notes from Karla about the experience:

  • "Karla Lindblom, AWAI member, checking in from the Direct Marketing Association 2010 Conference and Exhibition …

    "After a full day at DMA 2010, my mind is still racing … We talked to so many marketers!

    "Their universal message? They need good copywriters – skilled, creative, professional copywriters.

    "We heard 'Does AWAI have people trained in catalog copy? Health market copy? White papers?' Yes! Yes! Yes! And more!

    "It's amazing what you can learn when you ask the simple question, 'Do you use copywriters in your business?'

    "My takeaway? Today was a loud confirmation that opportunities are everywhere, and our services are in demand – just keep marketing, and keep following up.

    "The people we talked to are eager to hear from us!

  • And a very special shout out to everyone who came to our first … but not last … "AWAI Local Meet and Greet!"

    Cocktails, snacks, and AWAI members! That's all we needed for a great party Tuesday night. Thank you all for coming … It was so much fun to meet you and hear about how you're achieving your goals of living the writer's life! And, no surprise, "copy buddy" friendships were formed … great getting-clients tips were shared … new niches were discovered. That's what happens when AWAI members get together!

    Rebecca and I will definitely be doing more of these get togethers when we travel. So stay tuned … we may be coming to your home town!

  • Job Opportunities
    Write Copy for DirectTV … American Express Seeks Graphic Designer … Nickelodeon Needs an SEO Expert

    50 more jobs have been added to so far this month … and that doesn't include any of the companies we met this week that will be posting in the next week or so!

    Check them all out here.

  • Here's another exciting job opportunity for an AWAI member …

    Mike Ward, the head of Money Map Press, one of the fastest-growing financial newsletter publishers today, is looking for a copywriter, either to work in-house or on a full-time retainer basis. Mike will be at our Job Fair on Nov. 5 from 2:30 – 5:30 p.m . If you're interested, Mike asks you to bring a full financial package that you've written for review.

  • It's not too late!
    If you haven't yet signed up for this year's FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair, there are still a few spots available.
    Click here to register now , or call Member Services at 866-879-2924.

    Kenya McDonald just did! After spending the day with us at the DMA conference, Kenya told me:

  • "I have been fully re-energized and am very ecstatic about what's about to happen in my near future.


    "Yes, I purchased my flight this morning and I arrive in West Palm Beach, FL Wednesday morning (had to lock in the low price). I'll be doing the payment arrangements. (Thankfully you have sold out yet!).

    "After my day at the AWAI booth at the DMA conference, I realized that if I want my career to take off I just can't miss Bootcamp. I want to meet my fellow copywriter's. I want to meet job prospects. I want to sit down with the likes of Michael Masterson and Bob Bly and learn how they stayed focused in the beginning. I want to form a group with others like the Delray Motivators did. I just want to be there … so I will be.

    Kenya's making it happen … just like Ann Jordan Mills did last year:

    "I remember writing to you when I got home from the last Bootcamp, and telling you about the strong sense of family I had felt in Delray Beach," writes Ann. "Well, it's a year later, and that feeling has only intensified.

    "After a year of contact with all the incredible folks in your office, and a year of involvement in Circle of Success, numerous webinars, forums, calls, and support groups, etc., it feels like I will be coming home again. Or even coming to work … to the office. It's almost like one great big staff meeting for all of us active virtual AWAI members.

    "I can't wait! I'm counting the sleeps, as my children used to say when they were little."

    Don't put it off. Join Kenya, Ann and 300 of our fellow copywriters who will be learning from the very best in our business … networking with each other and meeting marketers looking for writers.

    Click here to register now , or call Member Services at 866-879-2924.

  • From Barb Hume, AWAI's Member Services Director

    "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy ." – Jack Nicholson, in The Shining

    We all need to let loose once in a while … and what better way than with some good ol' fashioned song and dance? Or, in this case, Karaoke!

    A little known fact: Karaoke originated in Japan some 20 years ago as a form of therapy as well as a form of entertainment. It turns out it's therapeutic for all of us to relive the moments of our youth when we stood in front of a mirror and belted out a tune … even if we were singing into a hairbrush!

    For all of you coming to Bootcamp, get ready to enjoy a little therapeutic Karaoke on Wednesday night! Let me help you fulfill the rock star dreams of your youth by letting me know what song(s) you want to sing along to.

  • Would YOU like to be a six-figure web writer? If so, you won't want to miss this exclusive Wealthy Web Writer teleconference call on Wednesday October 21st at 3pm. The Wealthy Web Writer's own Reality Blogger, Mindy Tyson McHorse, will be coming clean on her progress during the year. She'll share some of the ups and downs she's faced along the way as well as tips on how to overcome them (including what not to do!).

    Mindy offers a real world, live look into the life of someone who started from scratch and dreamed big. If this is something you can relate to, be sure to dial in and get the advice that could launch you to long-term, web writing success.

    You'll also discover:

    • Where is Mindy in her goal to earn six figures this year – will she succeed?
    • Which client attraction tool landed Mindy $30,000 in projects in the span of only 30 days
    • Best practices for staying sane, happy, and healthy as a working web writer
    • What incredible life-altering event Mindy will soon experience and how it will impact her career
    • How Mindy intends to make $20,000 from the Job Fair at Bootcamp (yes, you read that right – $20,000!)
    • Plus, find out tons more secrets about real life as a working web writer!

    And if you're a Wealthy Web Writer Platinum Member or an attendee of the Build Your Website in Four Days Webinar Series … you get it FREE!

    Get all the details here.

  • Have you heard about this new contest yet?
    Live the Writer's Life Giveaway. Simply tell us what The Writer's Life means to you, and you'll be entered to win some fabulous prizes!

    Prizes Include:

    • An Apple iPad (a $500 value)
    • $300 American Express Gift Card
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    • Premium Website Package (a $500 value)
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    • Wealthy Web Writer's Complete Web Package (a $2,500 value)

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  • In the news …
    Facebook founder giving back.
    The movie "The Social Network" has been #1 at the U.S. box office for two weeks. It charts the history of Facebook, and paints a rather unflattering picture of its founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

    What you may not have heard about amidst the movie buzz is that Zuckerberg recently went on Oprah to announce a $100 million gift aimed at improving public education in Newark, New Jersey.

    The $100 million will be used to start a foundation called "Startup: Education," with no strings attached, providing "flexibility to try out new things," Zuckerberg said.

    This is further proof that there's huge money being given away out there. In fact, there are over 75,000 foundations like this that give away an estimated $44 billion every year (not to mention over $500 billion given each year to nonprofits by government programs).

    Organizations that want to tap into this money need one thing – a skilled grant writer. So if you can …

    1. Match the need with the correct foundation or grant agency …
    2. Submit a grant proposal that follows a very specific and structured procedure …
    3. Write persuasively to help your grant proposals stand out and get funded …

     … you could have a very lucrative (and rewarding) career as a grant writer. Toni Rockis has been doing it for over 30 years, and shows you exactly how in Grant Writing Success. Click here for all the details.

    As more philanthropists follow the lead of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and now Mark Zuckerberg, the opportunities for grant writers will only increase.

  • YouTube and Facebook save a dying company. 76-year-old Robert Wagstaff spent a decade of his life using traditional marketing to try to sell his Orabrush, a unique product designed to clean the tongue and prevent bad breath. Nothing worked, not even a $50,000 infomercial, and Wagstaff figured he had a losing product.

    Out of desperation, he asked a Brigham Young University business class for help. He hired a student for $500 who had an offbeat idea: Make a funny video about bad breath and show it on YouTube.

    A year later, people have watched Orabrush's YouTube clips 24 million times, Wagstaff has sold $1 million worth of the product, and major drugstores are starting to stock it.

    While many companies are trying to mimic the recent Old Spice YouTube videos and go "viral," that's the wrong approach. Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3, an Internet television company, says it's all about connecting with customers.

    "Going viral is diametrically opposed to building that trust and relationship between a media property and an audience. Brands spend all this time thinking about how to make something go viral when they ought to think about how to create a meaningful relationship."

    Connecting with customers and creating meaningful relationships – that's exactly what you're learning to do!

    If an old dog like Wagstaff can learn online video marketing, so can you. Video marketing expert Jessica Kizorek can show you how in her program, Marketing With Video Online for Profit.

    Have a great week!

  • What's happening at AWAI the week of Oct. 18 – 22, 2010

    Topic: Money Making Websites – Session 6

    Join Nick Usborne for this 7-part webinar series as he walks you through the process of building your own money-making website.

    Today is the Live Q&A. If you have any questions, this is your chance to get answers.

    Participants: Money Making Website members only
    Date: Monday, Oct. 18, 2010
    Time: 3:00PM (ET)
    Topic: "Reality Check-in" Call with Reality Blogger Mindy Tyson-McHorse – teleconference

    If you're hoping to become a 6-figure Web writer, you won't want to miss this call! Wealthy Web Writer's own Reality Blogger, Mindy Tyson-McHorse, will share her progress to date and some of the ups and downs she's faced along the way – as well as tips on what not to do!

    Participants: Wealthy Web Writer members only
    Date: Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010
    Time: 3:00PM (ET)
    Topic: Accelerated Program Live Companion Series – Session 10

    Becoming a Master Storyteller

    Jennifer Stevens shares her secrets for Story Leads – including how to find the story behind your product and develop your voice to connect with your prospect. Plus the secret of "transubstantiation."

    Participants: Companion Series members only
    Date: Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010
    Time: 3:00PM (ET)
    Topic: Circle of Success: Getting Clients – Silver Group

    Join Malcolm Smith for a Mini Peer Review session where you will evaluate the headline and lead for your self-promotion letter.

    Participants: COS Everett & Klamath Group members only
    Date: Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010
    Time: 8:00PM (ET)

    Note: Access information for all of our events can be found on the AWAI Google Calendar:

As Executive Director of AWAI, Katie Yeakle has been helping people live the writer’s life since 1997.

“AWAI is built on a big promise … that we can teach you a new skill that can lead to increased income … independence from the 9-to-5 grind … and the freedom to live and work where you choose.

“All of us at AWAI stand behind that promise. In fact, that’s how we measure our success – by how many people we help reinvent their lives.

“Follow our proven advice, and you can be among the many successes we’re so proud of.”