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  • "What I expected to be a simple interview turned into so much more," Rebecca told me right after her teleconference with Bob Bly on Tuesday for Wealthy Web Writer.

    "Bob stressed 10 unstoppable trends in our industry that, in his words, 'all freelancers have to be aware of and be sure they're prepared to deal with.'

    "Plus … he gave away specific actions freelancers can take to greatly improve their chances for success. He spelled out …

    • The 3 most effective ways to approach potential clients …
    • How to secure your dream client …
    • How to pre-qualify potential clients with his MADFU technique …
    • What you should ask EVERY potential client …
    • Even the top 4 things marketers look for in a freelancer

    "It was very powerful," Rebecca added. "And he did all this in less than an hour!

    "Bob gave away so much information about being a successful freelancer. I want to give all our members a chance to benefit from what he had to say."

    So, that's what Rebecca's doing …

    For the next 24 hours only …

    You can access Rebecca's entire interview with Bob Bly on the Wealthy Web Writer website for FREE.

    Just click here and you'll be taken right to it.

    WARNING: This will be available for free for 24 hours only.

  • Delray Beach, FL forecast for Wed., Nov. 3 (aka … Bootcamp kickoff) High: 83°, Low : 71°

    We're rolling out the welcome mat (and warm temperatures) for you!

    If you have any last-minute questions about Bootcamp … about the agenda … what to bring … what to expect … anything at all … don't hesitate to call us at 866-879-2924 or send us a note at

    Denise, Barb, Debbie, Jacque, Pat … Jill, Kristin, Josh … Kathleen, Lindsey … Lori, Jackie, Bonnie, Christina, Audrey … Chris, Rebecca, Michael, Don, Paul … me! All of us are looking forward to meeting you and making this Bootcamp an event you'll remember as a turning point in your copywriting career. See you next Wednesday!

  • Special message for those not coming to Delray Beach next week …

    DON'T MISS THIS: As soon as Bootcamp starts … that's at 5:30 p.m. next Wednesday … the "early-bird" 50% savings special for the Bootcamp Home-Study Program ends.

    Dollar for dollar, this is the best value on the planet. By having Bootcamp come to you, you get Ted Nicholas's secrets of billion-dollar headlines … the most important marketing advice he ever gave anyone … and two questions you should always ask in your copy. (Plus one frequently asked question you should never ask!)

    You get Nick Usborne's advice on how to stop slogging away as a freelance pieceworker and build a wildly profitable freelance business … how to step up and attract more profitable clients and projects … AND how to leverage your skills and knowledge to create multiple streams of income.

    You also get Michael Masterson and John Forde on the six easiest and strongest ways to begin any sales letter – the only six you'll ever need to master. Not only that, they're going to show you how to slash your writing time by 30% and increase your fees by 300%!

    Plus, you'll get insights and success strategies from Bill Bonner, Bob Bly, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Don Hauptman, Lori Haller, Will Newman, Jen Stevens, Steve Slaunwhite, Mark Everett Johnson, Gary Hennerberg, Joshua Boswell, Ed Gandia, Pete Savage, and more!

    If you're serious about 2011 being the year you hit your stride, you're going to want to have this mega-resource within reach. Why not get it now … before the price goes up?

  • This Just Added! Reserve your Bootcamp Home-Study Program before Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. and you'll also get free access to an exclusive post-Bootcamp teleconference where you'll hear from, and ask questions of, Bootcamp presenters and marketers.

    Don't miss out!

  • 1 hour and 45 minutes! That's how long it took Nick Usborne to review all of the websites completed during the most recent Money-Making Websites training series. And that was just the group that got their sites up during the training!

    Over the coming weeks Nick will continue to review websites for members taking his program – one of the many benefits that come with Money-Making Websites.

    Sherry Sapienza was in Monday's group.

  • "My money-making website,, is my retirement 'career'" writes Sherry. "So I was very grateful to have Nick review it and help with its structure.

    "Thanks to Nick, Rebecca, and AWAI for a SWEET program and a lifetime of growth!"

  • Rich Linder's site,, was another one of the 20+ sites Nick reviewed on Monday.

    And he told me he was a bit hesitant about submitting it.

    "As it turned out," writes Rich, "I had no reason to worry. Nick is so nice. His review was supportive and extremely helpful to me. While he pointed out my site's strengths, he also gave me several suggestions that would not have occurred to me.

    "Nick's review showed me that I'm heading in the right direction. Now I'm even more motivated to continue building!"

  • And Janet Grosshandler said, "Waiting for my turn for Nick Usborme to review my website on Monday felt like sitting in high school chemistry class before I was called up to the chalkboard. This was my 'baby.' Did he like it? Was it okay? Would I have to start over?!

    "Of course, nothing like that happened. Nick was extremely helpful, practical, and complimentary. He pointed out what worked for him and what didn't. (And with his wealth of experience, I knew that if it didn't work, it should be fixed.)

    "After his review, I quickly made a list of 23 more things I need to do immediately to make my website better.

    "I learned so much as Nick reviewed not only my website but also the other sites on Monday. Seeing what he feels 'works' and what needs to be added to increase visitor traffic helped me tremendously. I was able to see what everyone else had created and that inspired me to improve my site.

    "The entire webinar series that accompanied the Money-Making Websites program moved me along so much faster to my goal than if I was still struggling by myself. And the review was the 'icing on the cake!' It validated that I had created a viable website that will grow and be monetized over the months and years!"

  • You could still have your own money-making website up in 2010 … Many people who took the most recent training series were able to get their websites up with lots of search-ending friendly content in just 7 weeks. You can do it too!

    And, until tomorrow at midnight, you can get access to the entire program, including the most recent 7-part training series, access to the member forum, and critique from Nick … AND save $100.

    Learn more about the program and this special offer here.

  • 86 freelance, full-time, and part-time jobs were added to in October! Check them out here …

    Plus … two of the marketers I met at the DMA conference asked me to pass these opportunities along to you:

    The Emergency Medicine Foundation, the charitable arm of the American College of Emergency Physicians, is looking for a copywriter for their end-of-year mail appeal. The job requires experience with the following:

    – non-profit writing
    – direct-mail appeals for charitable gifts
    – medical society writing
    – quick turnaround

    Please send a short paragraph introducing yourself, your rate for a 700-word appeal, and samples of your work (demonstrating experience with the above criteria) to

    And a data company is looking for a "class clown" to write their copy.

    "We're a data company on a mission to transform our boring image into a fun, engaging, and a bit cheeky brand. We hope to partner with a talented writer who can steer us away from corporate clichés and infuse a conversational tone that incorporates humor, Ninja-related metaphors (we'll explain later), and powerful verbiage. Knowledge of the direct-marketing industry is a huge plus.

    "Please forward two writing samples, similar to the style of writing we're looking for, and your rates to"

  • "Knowing the words, subject lines, word count, most repeated subject lines, day and time of delivery trends, and more is essential for anyone who wants to get ahead in email marketing," writes master copywriter Gary Hennerberg. "With this information, any copywriter can 'steal smart' and be steps ahead!"

    Gary's covered all that and more in his new book, What's Really Working in Email Marketing, which includes the top words used in the subject lines from nearly 350,000 email marketing promotions that have been logged by Direct Marketing IQ's Email Campaign Archive.

    BONUS: Gary gives you the 186 Most Repeated Subject Lines of 2009-2010. Says Gary, "These are the most used (and likely most successful) subject lines written. Ideal for any copywriter looking for ideas and inspiration. (Or to steal smart!) I've also included 22 charts with important trends and statistics every copywriter needs to know."

    Get your copy here.

  • Will Newman weighs in on "The Great Wikipedia Debate." Question: Is Wikipedia a good resource or not? Many people – including many copywriters – swear by it. They love the ease of use and the vast amount of information on it.

    But many Internet researchers hate it. Because Wikipedia allows anyone to alter its entries, you can't always depend on the information.

    Grant Barrett, for example, a well-known writer of slang dictionaries, rails against Wikipedia for this very reason. He tells the tale of having made an entry about the origin of a slang expression. Three hours later, his entry – which he had proof for – had been changed. A commonly believed but incorrect version of the expression's origin replaced his.

    Who's right? Is Wikipedia a good resource for copywriters or not?

    The definitive answer is: It depends.

    Wikipedia is a great place to start your research on almost any subject. The key here is "start." You can often get links to more trustworthy sources within Wiki articles. Even if those specific links aren't there, many times you can find names, places, and ideas that'll broaden and improve your searches.

    Wikipedia is usually a good place to find accurate information on modern culture. If, for example, you need to know who played Potsie on Happy Days (Anson Williams), Wikipedia has the answer quickly.

    But if you need to know something like the population of Zimbabwe in 1997, you shouldn't trust Wikipedia without verifying the information with at least one more source.

    My favorite way to use Wikipedia: Let's say I'm trying to find an easy-to-understand, quick way to define or explain a complex concept like autoimmunity. I head straight for Wikipedia.

    If I can verify that Wikipedia's information is correct, I copy/paste it into what I'm writing. I then rewrite it in my own words. Is this a form of cheating? No way. It's a handy shortcut to more conversational copy.

    One final bit of advice about Wikipedia: If you're referencing your sources for a client, don't use only Wikipedia. You must verify Wikipedia's information with other sources – and include those additional sources for the client.

  • Reminder … Sunday's the deadline to enter this month's AWAI Writing Challenge.

    Get all the details here.

    Look for the winning entry in the Nov. 11 issue of Inside AWAI.

  • And, in closing this week … some Halloween trivia from Rexanne's Halloween …

    • Of all the candy sold annually, one-quarter of it is sold during the Halloween season (September – November 10), making it the sweetest holiday of the year.
    • Tootsie Rolls were the first wrapped penny candy in America.
    • The number one candy of choice for Halloween is Snickers.
    • Halloween is the second most commercially successful holiday, beat out only by Christmas.
    • The U.S. consumer spends upward of $1.5 billion on Halloween costumes annually, and more than $2.5 billion on other Halloween paraphernalia, including decorations, crafts, etc. More than $100,000 of that is said to be spent online.
    • Candy sales in the U.S. for Halloween average $2 billion annually.
    • Halloween is the third-biggest party day of the year, behind New Year's Eve and Super Bowl Sunday, respectively.
    • 86% of Americans decorate their homes at Halloween.
    • Halloween is the eighth-largest card-sending holiday.
    • Of all the pumpkins marketed domestically, 99% of them are used as Jack-o-lanterns at Halloween.
    • Approximately 82% of children and 67% of adults take part in Halloween festivities every year. If that includes you – Happy Halloween!
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