Inside AWAI

From Katie Yeakle, reporting from the lobby of The Delray Beach Marriott, aka “Bootcamp Central” …

  • Bootcamp kicks off today! If you’re attending … I’ll see you at the cocktail reception tonight.

    If you aren’t joining us here in Delray Beach … Rebecca, a very special team of Roving Bootcamp Reporters, and I are going to make sure you feel part of the Copywriting Event of the Year by publishing daily issues of Inside AWAI for the rest of the week.

  • AWAI trivia: Where the first incarnation of the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting was written … and the story of how it almost got trumped by Princess Diana. I’m going to be sharing this bit of AWAI lore with the group tonight in my Welcome address.

    Then …

  • Michael Masterson is going to share with us the most important success secret he’s ever learned … his “Special Theory of Wealth.”

    Now, normally, when Michael speaks to AWAI members, it’s all about copywriting … and he’ll be doing that on Friday when he and John Forde teach the six easiest and strongest ways to begin any sales letter.

    But, this year, he told me, he’d like to talk about something else too … specifically during this Key Note address.

    He’s been toying with the idea “what is it that successful people do to create wealth” for some time now.

    Finally … this year … he’s figured it out … and he has an interesting core idea about it that he’s very excited to share with AWAI members.

    “I know this isn’t about copywriting per se,” he told me. “But I’m willing to bet that most of the Bootcamp attendees will be interested in hearing how wealth is really created on an individual basis … and how they can put this idea to use in their own lives.”

    If this is something you’re interesting in too, I strongly recommend you reserve your copy of the Bootcamp Home-Study program right now … before 5:30 today … while you can still get it for 50% of what it’s going to cost tomorrow.

    Reserve your copy here.

    Now … please meet your special Bootcamp Roving Reporters. First up … Mindy Tyson McHorse …

  •  Mindy’s goal for Bootcamp? $20,000 in new business this year. And, over the next three days, she’s going to share with you what she’s learning … who she’s meeting … and how she’s going to accomplish this.

    From Mindy …

    I can’t even begin to describe how STOKED I am to be at Bootcamp right now!

    Besides the fact that I’m planning to scoop up all kinds of new and useful information to help me earn more in my freelancing business …

    And, besides the fact that I’ll soon be meeting with live marketers who have a real need for copywriters …

    I am MOST excited to be connecting with so many others who share my dream of total independence through The Writer’s Life. See, this is actually my fourth Bootcamp. I keep coming back because it is the live, human connection with other copywriters that gives me the adrenaline shot I need to keep on chugging throughout the long year ahead.

    On top of that, every year Bootcamp changes (or rather, improves) some aspect of my life. Last year, it was the launching point for The Reality Blog. That’s a blog I write for The Wealthy Web Writer where I share all my ups and downs as I strive to earn six-figures in a year. I’m almost there, too. Right now, I stand at $83,000 in income for 2010. To push me over the top, my new, gutsy goal is to land $20,000 in projects through the Job Fair marketers here at Bootcamp.

    Can I do it? I’ll let you know. But, even more than my goal for another $20K in projects, I’m hoping this Bootcamp gives me the tools (and courage) I need to move past that six-figure mark and on to even bigger, bolder goals.

    Over the next three days, I’ll share every “Aha Moment” I have while I’m here. Here’s hoping it helps you move forward in your own freelancing biz, and here’s hoping you root for “Team Mindy!”

    Now, please meet your Roving Reporter #2: Steve Roller.

  •  Steve’s including you in his goals for Bootcamp. Check out #4 on his list. Yup, he’s promising to share with you strategies he learns here that you can incorporate … before Saturday!

    From Steve …

    This will be my 4th Bootcamp, but it was Bootcamp 2008 that was the pivotal point in launching my copywriting career. After trying to make inroads as a part-time freelance copywriter for a few years, with little success, I made the life-changing decision to become a full-time copywriter within six months of Bootcamp.

    The quote from Scottish expeditionist W.H. Murray is a good description of what happened next: " … the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves, too."

    Things started falling into place. Within two weeks of Bootcamp, I got my first paid writing assignment, which turned into a monthly gig. I started calling myself a copywriter, but more important, really thinking of myself as a copywriter. I took whatever projects I could get to build my portfolio. And I finally became a full-time copywriter (one month ahead of my goal!)

    None of it would have happened without the inspiration of Bootcamp, and the invaluable nuggets of information I got from every presenter. I learned things in four days that would have taken years to learn on my own, and it's the reason I keep coming back for more.

    This year I have three goals for Bootcamp (besides taking a ton of notes and incorporating new ideas into my business):

    1. Sit down one-on-one with at least one legend (and in my mind, every presenter at Bootcamp is a "legend"!) Ask them some heavy questions, discover how they achieved success, and possibly find someone to pattern my success after.
    2. Develop a small "mastermind" group of copywriters with similar goals and interests as me. I want to find two or three like-minded people who I can brainstorm and strategize with, bounce ideas off of, refer prospects to, and in general, help move our careers forward together.
    3. Maximize Job Fair by focusing on the top ten clients I'd like to work with. Make a good first impression, follow up with samples or a spec assignment, and get at least two projects from this. Ultimately, develop one into an ongoing client relationship, not just a one-time project.
    4. Help you move forward in your copywriting career by uncovering the inside stories and revealing some golden nuggets that you can implement right away (before we're even back from Bootcamp!)

    I'll keep you posted on my progress, and I'll be providing you with your very own "backstage pass" each day of Bootcamp.

    And, last but not least … please meet your third Roving Bootcamp Reporter, Roy Furr.

  • Will Bootcamp #2 be twice as nice for Roy Furr? You’ll find out … because he’s going to share with you his 4 M’s this week … Momentum, Motivation, Mastery, and Meetings!

    From Roy …

    I got in last night and earlier this morning I gave myself a little gift to get things started off right. I went down the road to Kennedy's All-American Barber Club and got a Signature Haircut – including hot towel treatment, shampoo, conditioning, and a mini-massage – and a Signature Straight Razor Shave (my first!). And yes, this is the same Kennedy's Barber Club of which Dan Kennedy – world-famous copywriter and speaker from last year's Bootcamp – is the Chief Strategic Advisor. It never hurts to put yourself in the right frame of mind to start off big events like this!

    This is my second year coming to Bootcamp – and what a whirlwind it's been since last year. Last year, I had a full-time J-O-B, with no definite plan to "Make The Leap" to full-time freelance. Yet because of connections I made and things I learned at Bootcamp last year, I was able to quit my job and start working for myself as a freelance copywriter within 3 months and 3 days of returning home.

    The freedom and opportunity has been a godsend!

    • I never work a full 8-hour day,
    • I'm making as much as I ever did working for someone else, and …
    • I love what I do far more than I ever could as an "employee!"

    I've said it before that Bootcamp gives you the 3-Ms you need to succeed as a freelance copywriter – the Momentum, the Motivation, and the Mastery. But I'll tell you what – there's a 4th M too, that I'm hoping to get more of this year. MEETINGS.

    The people I met last year have literally made my freelance career. Well, this year I'm focusing on meeting more of the right people, and making more of the right connections. My goal this year is to make those important connections that will propel me to new heights in 2011.

    And yes, I've come to learn, too. I know by the time I walk away on Saturday afternoon I will have picked up those few critical tips and tricks that will kick my copywriting skills up three notches – just like I did last year.

    Ultimately though, I'm looking for those few Moments of Truth – the life-changing moments that come when I meet someone new or learn something that will dramatically help my copywriting. And I'll be sure – as your Roving Bootcamp Reporter – to share those with you as they come.

    There you have it. Your all-star team of Roving Bootcamp Reporters.

  • And, while Rebecca, Mindy, Steve, Roy and I will be doing our best to bring Bootcamp to life for you, there still isn’t anything like experiencing all the sessions … all the presentations … all the hand-outs … all the spec assignments yourself. Especially at home … on your own schedule.

    And, if you’re reading this before 5:30pm today, you can get it all for just $249.

    You’ll still be able to order at 5:30 … but it will cost you twice as much … although it will still be the bargain of the year for when you consider you’ll be seeing and hearing the top copywriters and direct-mail professionals in the country share secret after secret, strategy after strategy, on topics ranging from writing a winning headline and techniques for polishing and presenting your work, to landing clients, and making as much money as possible in 2011.

    Bring Bootcamp home. Reserve your complete Bootcamp Home-Study program today.

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