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The best-paying Web writing opportunities in 2011 … a sneak peek at our first Holiday Steal … an exciting announcement from Dan Kennedy … a direct mail letter you can easily write that guarantees an 80% response … and more

  • JUST ANNOUNCED: Get the inside scoop on how to land the best-paying Web writing opportunities in 2011 for FREE!

    The U.S. Department of Commerce predicts that e-commerce will hit $267.8 billion in 2010.

    By 2012, it will have increased another 25% … topping $334 billion … and there is no end to its growth in sight!

    On December 18, you can learn how to take advantage of what e-commerce offers you for free during Wealthy Web Writer's first-ever virtual event, the Web Writers Summit.

    Listen in as seven of the industry's leading experts tell you exactly where the money will be spent online in 2011, and what you can do to guarantee you'll be booked solid with high-paying clients who desperately need your services.

    This groundbreaking event will be available only to those who sign up before it starts. Don't miss out on one of the BIG moneymaking opportunities of 2011.

    Claim your free VIP pass now.

    I know everyone attending the upcoming Web Intensive will be paying close attention to that call!

    And if you haven't heard …

  • For those of you going to the Web Intensive in San Diego February 27 to March 2, Rebecca would like to arrange a personal call with you beforehand.

    "We'll talk about where you are in your career, where you want to be (and how fast), your income targets, your strengths, your weaknesses, how much money you want to make, and so on," says Rebecca.

    "Together," she continues, "you and I will develop a rock-solid plan for you to follow. This plan will best prepare you to turn what you learn at the Web Intensive into a thriving and profitable Web writing career.

    "I know the Web Intensive can be a true turning point in your career … and I want to do everything I can to make sure you're as prepared as you can be to get the very most from it, the minute we start on February 27."

    That's Rebecca!

    If you've already signed up, look for an email from Rebecca this month scheduling your call.

    And … if you haven't signed up yet … there are a few spots still open.

    So … yes, you can still join Rebecca and the A-list lineup of experts who are coming armed with their best stuff to share with you. Their goal: for you to leave the event as a Web Copy Specialist.

    BUT … like I said, there are just a few spots still open … and the $1,000 early registration discount ends Dec 15th.

    You can sign up today right here  … save the $1,000 … and schedule your call with Rebecca.

    Or, if for some reason you're not sure if attending is right for you, please read this letter … and then give Jacque, Pat, or Debbie a call at 866-879-2924. They'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Rebecca has also invited you to email her directly at if you'd like her help making this important decision. Just be sure to include Web Intensive in the subject line.

    And, speaking of e-commerce … were you one of the masses of people shopping online on Monday?

  • According to Tuesday's Wall Street Journal, as of 6 PM EST on Monday (aka Cyber Monday), online shoppers had spent 20% more than they had a year ago by that time. This was based on IBM's Coremetrics, which tracks shoppers' behavior on more than 500 e-commerce sites. EBay's PayPal, which processes 15% of all global e-transactions, said worldwide payment volume had increased 21% over the prior year.

    And judging by the amount of emails I received promoting Cyber Monday, not to mention all the website copy, PPC ads, and social media campaigns that had to be written, I'd guess some web writers made a good chunk of change this year too!

  • "I'm booked solid through mid-February 2011! This is the first time in my freelance career that I've been booked this far ahead." Pam Foster shared that great news with us during our COS monthly teleconference on Tuesday. Click here to find out how Pam's gotten herself into such an enviable position … how she landed 7 ideal clients in just 7 weeks … AND how you can too.

  • Earlier today, I sent you a note with this subject line: Death Knell for Catalogs? Or Dinner Bell for Copywriters?

    Since then, I got this note from Jay White:

    "Hey Katie – it's Jay White here, and I had to send this over to you immediately …

    "Looks like Target has integrated quick scan response codes into their Christmas toy catalogs, so readers can quickly scan the bar codes with their smart phones and go directly online to Target's site for more information, ordering, etc.

    "Isn't this incredible? First JC Penney starts moving almost entirely to an online catalog format, and now Target is blurring the lines between print and Web even further.

    "Which means our newly revamped Secrets of Writing for the Catalog Market training is being released at the OPTIMUM time. All those copywriters who are interested in catalog copy will be perfectly positioned to take advantage of the ongoing shift from printed catalogs to online site copy.

    "And I've gotta admit – I'm totally PUMPED about all the new material we've added regarding how to apply your catalog copy skills to the Web and how to effectively market to the Web catalog industry!

    "I'm really excited about this opportunity for AWAI members … Let's take the catalog copywriting world by storm!"

    Here's a look at what Jay's so excited about …

  • The world's most comprehensive program for mastering catalog copywriting just got a whole lot better!

    We've taken what was already, hands down, the most comprehensive, most interactive, most authoritative program for becoming a Master Catalog Copywriter … and made it twice as good!

    Click here and you'll see how I can say that so confidently.

  • And, yes, it's true … the "twice as good" Secrets of Writing for the Catalog Market program is yet another of AWAI's Living Products. So if you already own it, you get all the updates for free … including these 3 new video lessons contributed by Jay:

    Module One – Jay explains the ins and outs of the catalog world, and why it may be your best opportunity to quickly become a well-paid, well-respected copywriter.

    He shows you how it is a market of niches within niches, and how that variety can be an exciting – and lucrative – aspect of catalog writing.

    Then he goes through the ways that the Internet has changed the catalog world, and what these changes mean for you as a catalog copy expert. Hint: It's good news!

    He even takes you, quite candidly, through the pros and cons of the life of a catalog copywriter, as only a veteran can.

    Module Two – Jay gets right into the meat of the good stuff – how to find, contact, and secure top catalog clients.

    He shares his insights on …

    • Finding clients that are desperate for good copywriters
    • Where and how to advertise your services
    • Secrets to landing your first catalog copywriting gig

    Then Jay lays out his detailed, step-by-step, easy-to-follow method for reaching out to prospective clients and landing great projects.

    Module Three- Jay rounds it all out by answering the most frequently asked questions about catalog copywriting. These are issues and concerns that, throughout his career, Jay has heard and learned to anticipate from new catalog writers.

    If you're ready to add "Catalog Copy Pro" to your arsenal of skills, click here to get started. If you do it today, you'll save $150!

  • 86 jobs posted on in November!

    WOW!! That's got to be a new record!

    And this week, well-known companies like Mary Kay, Sirius/XM, and Staples are just 3 of the companies you'll find on DRJ looking to hire copywriters.

    Looking for new clients? Make sure you're checking out each week.

  • Bootcamp job specs are paying off for Janet Grosshandler!
    Janet writes: "Good news! I sent 2 specs to a sports energy supplement health company rep I met at Bootcamp. They liked what they saw and hired me for a magazine advertorial and an email sales letter project. We did a phone conference with another partner to discuss the projects. Both are done, revised, and accepted. And the check is on its way! Yeah!

    "I never could have gotten started without Bootcamp and AWAI and Wealthy Web Writer's help. Pus, I asked for and received great advice from AWAI members Mindy Tyson McHorse and Gloria Rand – two very special connections I also made at Bootcamp.

    "I'm working on other specs, my websites, article marketing, and online marketing video scripts and Web pages for several websites. (2 are from a

    client who will barter a Costa Rica vacation condo!) I never thought all this could happen so fast!

    "Things are good, and there's a huge smile on my face."

    And here's something that will keep Janet smiling …

  • The complete 2010 Bootcamp Home-Study program is now loaded on your myAWAI page. (And in record time, I may add! Great job, Denise and Josh!)

    If, like Janet, you attended Bootcamp and got Home-Study as a bonus … or you couldn't attend but knew you didn't want to miss out so you pre-ordered access to the Home-Study program … you now have three ways to absorb all the powerful secrets and insights shared by the world-class copywriting and marketing pros who were there.

    • Watch them via video.
    • Listen to them via audio.
    • Read their presentations via PowerPoint.

    Plus, the Bootcamp Home-Study program creates a virtual Job Fair for you, with access to marketers and spec assignments like the one that just paid off for Janet.

    If you don't have this program yet, I strongly recommend you order it today.

    And … some great news …

    We're bringing back our Holiday Steals this year … and, yup, the Bootcamp Home-Study is on the list of great programs you can get at a "steal."

    I'm a little early announcing that we're doing this, but that's part of the fun of it for me! So, please, be my guest and go ahead and take advantage of this great opportunity to get the complete 2010 Bootcamp Home-Study program for 50% off now!

    I guarantee you'll find yourself referring to the lessons taught by Michael Masterson, Bill Bonner, Bob Bly, Mark Everett Johnson, Nick Usborne, and so many more Master copywriters throughout your career.

    And a reminder …

  • You can reserve your spot now for the 2011 FastTrack to Success Copywriting Bootcamp and Job Fair at the Early-Bird discount rate (which includes the easy monthly payment option). Just click here.

  • What it takes to get ahead in copywriting … from this year's 10K Challenge Winner! Ever since Roy Furr was announced as this year's $10K Challenge winner, he's been bombarded with questions like "What did you do to win it?" and "How can I be the winner next year?" Now he's agreed to reveal the simple steps he took to get ahead in copywriting … and what he did this year that made him stand out as our $10K Challenge winner.

    On Tuesday, during an exclusive Wealthy Web Writer webinar, Roy will share 5 steps to getting ahead in your copywriting career, including:

    • The Writer's Life … What does it really mean? And how hard do you have to work? (Roy's answer may surprise you!)
    • The single best thing you can get from AWAI that puts you on track to be a successful copywriter.
    • What's more important to clients than response. Yes, response IS important. But even if your sales copy is fair and you do this, you're likely to get hired again.
    • Emails that potential and past clients will be happy to get from you. These anti-selling messages are likely to land you new projects – at least, they consistently do for Roy!
    • Why some great copywriters fail at freelance while others succeed. Your copy can sell like gangbusters, but you can still fail at freelancing (and in your career, in general) if you don't get this one thing right.

    Roy's promised, "By the time you're done with this webinar, you'll be 10 steps ahead in the business of freelance copywriting."

    As with all Wealthy Web Writer events that take place each week, this $79 webinar is FREE for Platinum Members. Get all the details here.

  • If you aren't a subscriber to Dan Kennedy's Look Over My Shoulder and Marketing Your Services Letter for AWAI members, you missed this announcement from him in his Thanksgiving issue …

    In Development: I am working on a comprehensive course to prepare freelance copywriters to work with clients in the Information Marketing industry, including niche-industry "gurus," consultants, coaches, newsletter and home study course publishers; seminar, bootcamp, and conference marketers; and others of this ilk.

    To a great extent, I have birthed this cottage-industry, and helped create its trade association, the Information Marketing Association, and its yearly convention, the Glazer-Kennedy Insiders Circle Info-SUMMIT ™, attended by nearly 1,000 info-marketers every year.

    The course will include insider info on who the potential clients are, where they are, how to most effectively reach them, what they need and want; the "tribal language" of the industry, so you are accepted; the mechanics of how their businesses work; combined with: the chief copywriting opportunities, how to write copy for them, and a sample kit/swipe file of winning campaigns and copy for different purposes … plus a Kennedy Certification for graduates that will have significance with these clients.

    As I am inching ever-closer to retirement, and happy without securing new clients, protecting my position in this field is of less and less concern, and its growth and expansion is creating great need for capable, affordable pro-copywriters who "get it" for these clients. There is A LOT OF available work.

    Because I will be issuing Certifications, individuals participating will need to qualify, and the total number is limited. If you would like to be on the advance-invite list and notified of this in advance of all AWAI members, let Katie know at IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO CONTRIBUTE – examples, a case study, questions, etc. – send those details to her as well.

  • Dan dedicated 4 pages of his Thanksgiving issue to "The Art of Getting Clients" … including three steps that can substantially increase your income from copywriting. And, as he says, none of the three have anything to do with (a) getting better as a copywriter, (b) the latest online wizardly, or (c) the way most copywriters think of their work.

    He spells out exactly how you can "be an opportunity maker, not an opportunity waiter."

    Every issue Dan puts out is outstanding … I learn something new and useful every month … but this one only was well worth what he charges for the complete year's subscription.

    If you aren't Looking Over Dan's Shoulder every month … I highly recommend it. You can get started here.

  • And finally for today … another early holiday gift. This one from Henry Bingaman:

    "There is a type of direct mail that will guarantee a response rate of 80% or better … and even the people who don't respond feel grateful for having received it.

    It's not conventional self-promotion, but there are lessons from this type of mail that will help you get new clients and happy referrals … and this technique works even better if you're brand-new."

    He gives you all the details here.

    See you next Thursday!

  • What's happening at AWAI the week of Dec. 6 – 10, 2010:

    Topic: Bootcamp 2010 Follow-Up Teleconference Call

    Join Joshua Boswell and his special guests to learn what you can do next to take the lessons and tips from this year's Bootcamp and turn them into an action plan for your success.

    Participants: Bootcamp 2010 attendees and Bootcamp Home Study buyers only
    Date: Monday, Dec. 6, 2010
    Time: 12:00PM (EASTERN TIME)

    Topic: COS HEADLINES – Week #1 (webinar)

    Will Newman discusses the Big Idea – how to recognize it and develop it in your promotion.

    Participants: COS Elkhorn Group members only
    Date: Monday, Dec. 6, 2010
    Time: 7:00PM (EASTERN TIME)

    Topic: 5 Steps to Get Ahead in Copywriting … From This Year's 10K Challenge Winner (webinar)

    In this exclusive Wealth Web Writer event, AWAI's 2010 $10K Challenge Winner, Roy Furr, shares his personal success secrets that you can use to get ahead in your own copywriting career … and perhaps become the next 10K Challenge Winner!

    Participants: Wealthy Web Writer members only
    Date: Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2010
    Time: 12:00PM (EASTERN TIME)

    Topic: COS HEADLINES – Week #1 (webinar)

    Roberta Rosenberg discusses the Big Idea – how to recognize it and develop it in your promotion.

    Participants: COS Pioneer Group members only
    Date: Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010
    Time: 7:00PM (EASTERN TIME)

    Topic: Accelerated Program Live Companion Series – Final Session – More Secrets From the Masters

    Katie & Rebecca share "More Secrets From the Masters" – Plus, this is your chance to ask any questions you may have about your Accelerated Program.

    Participants: Companion Series members only
    Date: Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010
    Time: 3:00PM (EASTERN TIME)

    Topic: Circle of Success: Getting Clients (webinar)

    Join Malcolm Smith for a Peer Review session to evaluate the body copy of your self-promotion letter.

    Participants: COS Everett & Klamath group members
    Date: Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010
    Time: 8:00PM (EASTERN TIME)

    Note: Access information about all of our events can be found on the AWAI Google Calendar:

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