You Could Be One Conversation Away
From Tripling Your Income…
Will You Know Exactly What to Say?

Dear AWAI Member,

Next to public speaking, I doubt there are many things more universally dreaded than the old meet-and-greet business card swap that most of us picture when we think of networking.

And as a writer, you might be tempted to believe that you don't have much to gain from it.

What I'm about to tell you might change your mind…

The $100,000 Conversation

Like most AWAI members, I knew next to nothing about copywriting when I first started. I had no contacts in the industry, no samples of my work, and certainly no business cards or other marketing tools up my sleeve.

I showed up at the annual AWAI bootcamp – my entire family including my infant daughter in tow – to stake my claim as a copywriter. I'm sure I didn't present the most professional picture of myself, nursing in the back of the room and wiping runny noses during breaks. Thankfully, I was able to go out on the first evening to dinner with about 20 complete strangers.

I say thankfully because I know today that I made $100,000 during that dinner.

I met another fledgling copywriter who was just a little further along in her career. She still had a full-time job, but her copywriting projects were picking up and she was making a name for herself. Her name was Krista Jones.

If you'd asked me before that meal if I was any good at networking, I would have told you I was terrible at it. I don't do small talk very well, I'm awful about remembering people's names, and when I'm uncomfortable, I tend to put my foot in my mouth… deep and often.

I started my copywriting career in earnest 3 years ago, and have doubled my income each year almost exclusively by networking

Sometimes it takes a while, but if you concentrate on helping other members, and getting to know their needs, they naturally refer business your way, and can become an excellent extension of your marketing arm.

– Apryl Parcher,
Freelance Copywriter

But striking up both a friendship and a professional connection with Krista was easy… because I wasn't thinking of it as networking.

I thought of it as a chance to talk to someone else who was doing something I wanted to do… a chance to hear someone else's story, and to tell my own. The more pleasant and interesting the conversation became, the more we were both inclined to follow-up and stay in touch.

As a result, a year later, Krista recommended my copywriting services to one of her main clients when they were in a jam and needed a freelancer for something fast. That client happened to be Nightingale-Conant – and I still write for them today. Adding them to my client list led to other top-notch clients… and today I can easily say that $100,000 of my income over the last three years can be directly attributed to that one conversation.  

Effective Networking Made Easy

At first, I thought of that chance meeting as a very fortunate accident. It turns out that I had stumbled upon the most powerful marketing tool a copywriter can have, and I didn't even know it.

In fact, I learned that networking is really nothing more than talking to other people. Then, following up, remaining in touch, and building an authentic relationship where both parties share information, contacts, and support.

Lucky for me, I met someone who showed me how to turn my accidental networking skills into a more consistent and effective approach to networking that I could replicate anywhere, anytime, with anyone in my path. 

Now, I'd like to introduce you to my “secret weapon” when it comes to networking skills:  Ilise Benun.

Ilise specializes in teaching people in business the art of self-promotion. She is also a master at networking. At AWAI's request, she has rolled all of her knowledge and wisdom into an essential guide for any freelance writer:  

Effective Networking:
The Fastest Way to Win Clients
and Grow Your Business

This essential guide to networking can help you turn any casual or formal conversation into a $100,000 marketing effort. Use this tool effectively to either launch or dramatically improve your existing business, and you may even double or triple your income each year, too.

I know I have. And I'm certainly not the only one.

Talk to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime… With Ease

If you find it difficult to network effectively, you're not alone among writers.

You might be too shy and timid to risk being noticed. Or maybe you try a little too hard and end up seeming obnoxious and overbearing – bordering on what Ilise plainly labels “a networking jerk.” You'll get noticed…but for all the wrong reasons.

If you're disorganized, you might fall short on the follow-up. Or maybe you simply never realized that your connections and relationships with other people could have a direct and profound impact on your bottom line. Worst of all, you might not even be trying to network with others.

But Ilise Benun makes it easy in the AWAI program that is essential to building your business: Effective Networking: The Fastest Way to Win Clients and Grow Your Business.

You'll learn how to use simple formulas to transform every conversation and interaction into a powerful marketing event…convert every casual connection into a referral-generating machine…elevate every networking opportunity into a paycheck.

All without feeling uncomfortable, fearful, or downright stupid ever again!

Get started today – and watch your bottom line start to grow with every person you meet.

Bob Bly, wildly successful copywriter and AWAI Board Member, credits Ilise Benun with helping him overcome his natural tendency toward being shy. He reports:

“I am timid, shy, and non-assertive, but with Ilise Benun's guidance and advice, I have been able to overcome my natural tendencies and earn millions of dollars in my own business.”

Well-respected graphic design guru and author Roger Parker echoes Bob's praise:

“Ilise's advice combines empathy with empowerment: she understands where her readers are coming from, and without condescension or affectation, she provides the ennobling advice that can add years to a life and greatly multiply cumulative lifetime earnings.”

And even AWAI's Katie Yeakle put Ilise's approach to networking to the test before inviting her to reveal her secrets to the rest of the AWAI membership:

“I used to hate to contact people I didn't know... but now I actually look forward to it. Ilise's techniques made it much easier to get over my fear and pick up the phone. Now, I can honestly say that 9 times out of 10, something good comes out of the effort. With those kinds of odds, I never need to hesitate anymore.”

Now, you can also harness the power of networking – with less fear and more results than you ever imagined you could achieve. I'd go so far as to call it…

The Missing Ingredient for Freelance Success

I'm Monica Day, a fellow member of AWAI. Like many other members, I became a copywriter for the freedom, the income potential, and the chance to earn a living as a writer. I have to admit, I also hoped it would get me out of having to do a lot of that more corporate-type stuff… like networking.

But as I quickly discovered, you still need to land the clients in order to live the enviable life of a successful freelancer. Which means you have to identify and find the right prospects, connect with them in meaningful ways that help you stand out, be able to talk about what you do, and make a strong impression so your prospect thinks of you first when they have an assignment sitting on their desk.

My first copywriting client was a guy I met at bootcamp last October. A few days after we met, he called me with a project. He hadn't seen any of my samples – I hadn't even finished a spec assignment. But he liked my work ethic. I was always working when he saw me in the lobby. And he said he felt like I really cared about his business when we were talking. He was willing to take a chance and work with me, just based on that connection.

So many writers are reserved or introverted by nature. When you can excel at networking, it gives you an edge, and sets you apart from the competition. Which, of course, results in getting more work. I've been at this for less than two years, and I've already got a steady flow of assignments…and I credit that success largely to the work I've done on my marketing and networking skills with Ilise Benun.

— Mistina Bates,
Freelance Copywriter

You might be as surprised as I was to learn that you already have many of the skills and insights you need to become a master at networking… or at least to quickly become a lot more comfortable meeting and making connections with people who could help your career.

Now, all you need to do is assemble your skills and put into place a system for following up with contacts, staying in touch, and helping others to achieve their goals. You'll see for yourself that when you practice the kind of two-way networking approach that Ilise describes, other people will become invested in helping you to reach your goals as well.

That's where Effective Networking: The Fastest Way to Win Clients and Grow Your Business comes to the rescue. You'll discover:

As you make your way through the simple checklists, tips, and worksheets, you'll find yourself wondering why you were ever so afraid to reach out to people. Ilise makes it seem that simple and straightforward.

Every area is broken down into manageable pieces – naming your business, creating your business card, filling out your name tag at an event, introducing yourself and describing your business without breaking into a cold sweat.

Decisions that once seemed big become small and easy to make. Details that once seemed overwhelming are suddenly surmountable. Efforts that once fell flat begin to work like a charm. In fact, networking tasks will become so simple, you'll start to carry them out naturally. That's when it all starts to come together.

No more fear in the pit of your stomach. No more second-guessing yourself after every single introduction. No more stashes of business cards full of names and faces you've already forgotten… and will never contact again.

Instead, you'll have a broad circle of contacts and connections… a steady flow of referrals… and a very healthy bottom line.  

Listen to What Other AWAI Members Are Saying…

You don't have to take my word for it. Many other AWAI members have had a chance to meet Ilise Benun personally and attend some of her workshops. Every time, as she gently leads the group through her step-by-step approach to the most important elements of networking – careers are transformed:

Many of us who have met Ilise in person at a workshop or conference – or maybe even worked with her one-on-one as a mentor – have spent several thousands of dollars to secure her expertise. But in their usual fashion, AWAI is delivering several thousand dollars worth of value and career-transforming information for as little as $179.

I can tell you right now, you could earn that amount back – and increase it by 10 or 20-fold – by putting just one of the hundreds of tips and insights from the program to work in your business right away. 

Special Bonus: Go Beyond Networking…

Once you realize the power of networking – and experience for yourself the lightning speed boost it can give you toward reaching your goal of earning a six-figure income – you'll be hooked.

Leaders in the industry… famous people we admire… people we might think we have nothing in common with… people who intimidate us… our dream client… we all have a list of people that we'd like to meet, whose cell phone number we'd like to have on speed dial, but we think they're out of our league.

You'll discover ways to break through any barriers that might stand between your goals and the people who are in a position to help you reach them more quickly.

Become an Overnight Success 

The Ultimate Secret to Freelance Success Is…

What makes some AWAI members succeed beyond their wildest dreams…while others have a harder time getting going? When I met Ilise Benun, I instantly knew the answer. 

Ilise is able to instill confidence in even the most shy and timid person. She provides a step-by-step approach to networking that helps you lose the fear, exude confidence, and make valuable connections. Not only have I watched her help transform – and in some cases jump start to a full run – the businesses of many AWAI members…I’ve even put her advice to work myself.

While I attend many events and conferences, and generally enjoy meeting new people, I dread picking up the phone and calling someone I don’t know. It was my networking Achilles heel – especially since I do 90% of my work on the phone or on email!

So I put Ilise’s tips to the test and found it became much easier. Because I was no longer thinking about myself and what I wanted when I picked up the phone! I became so focused on listening to the other person, and finding out what their needs and interests were and seeing if there were ways we could work on solving them together…that I forgot all about myself and my nervousness.

Now, I can honestly say some of the best connections I’ve made – and some of the most fruitful – were made because I followed Ilise’s advice.

That’s why I’m pleased to offer you our comprehensive program on networking effectively. It’s called: Effective Networking: The Fastest Way to Win Clients and Grow Your Business.

I put it to the test myself, and it passed with flying colors. I’ve watched other AWAI members put the principles in this program to the test…and I’ve watched them succeed practically overnight.

Now, you can do the same.

Katie Yeakle

When you become successful at networking, you'll know it immediately. And I have to tell you, it's not only a great feeling, it comes with very tangible results, too:

These aren't hypothetical results, mind you. These are real benefits that have come to me and other people I know who have taken the chance to improve their networking skills. They can happen to you, too.

Order Effective Networking: The Fastest Way to Win Clients and Grow Your Business today and see for yourself.  If you don't start to see a difference in yourself and your business within 30 days, all you have to do is phone Member Services and AWAI will be happy to completely refund your money. So there's no risk involved in trying … and the possible gains are through the roof!

You've got nothing to lose, an expanding circle of meaningful connections to gain, and your goal of living the well-compensated life of a top freelancer hanging in the balance. Based on my own personal experience, and that of countless others who have made their name in the industry through networking, the greater risk would be passing on this offer.

After all, isn’t it worth $179 to discover how to have just one “$100,000 conversation”? If this were a stock tip instead of a networking program, I’d be reminding you that you could earn an outrageous 55,765% return on your investment! And you’d immediately realize that a can’t-lose deal like this doesn’t come along every day.

But I think this is even better than any stock pick you could find. It shows you how to turn every connection into a meaningful one – plus dramatically enhance your earning potential the minute you put it into practice. When a financial return is merely the icing on the cake… you know you’ve found something more important than a good deal.

You’ve discovered the kind of life-changing opportunity that you’ll be talking about for years to come. Can’t you hear yourself now?

The best thing I ever did was …”

Go ahead and take a moment to order now… and let the fruitful conversations begin!


Monica Day,
Freelance Copywriter
AWAI Member

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P.S. When's the last time you had a $100,000 conversation? A $10,000 email? With Effective Networking: The Fastest Way to Win Clients and Grow Your Business, you'll have them all the time – with just about everyone you meet. Get started today and transform your business practically overnight.

P.P.S. You can work and work on improving your skills – indeed you should – but what good does it do if no one knows how good you really are? The most important thing to remember about networking is that it isn't about you! It's about all the people you're going to help when you unleash your well-honed skills on their behalf. Now, stop being so selfish about sharing your talents with the world! Start networking… effectively… today!

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