Just when you think there can’t be any more new opportunities for writers…

A New “Genre” of Copywriting Is HERE!

  • It’s BIG — part of a $6.8 trillion industry…
  • It’s GROWING — online searches from companies wanting help are increasing by 51% a year
  • It’s READY — The number of prospective clients who are ready to hire qualified writers has quadrupled

From the Desk of Rebecca Matter, President, AWAI…


You’ve likely never heard of this style of writing…

Yet right now — the demand for writers who know how to do it is blowing up.

Every day, more and more companies are going online and searching for help with this.

And because companies now realize how important this kind of writing is to their bottom line…

… the number of them who’ve made it a priority and are ready and willing to spend money on it has QUADRUPLED.

All this growing demand has basically created an entirely new “genre” of copywriting.

One where the projects are short and simple…

… where one assignment with a client can easily turn into ongoing work for weeks or even months on end…

… and where there are more than a dozen fast and fun projects that pay $1,000 or more.

It’s why I believe this new “genre” of copywriting has the potential to launch thousands of new copywriting careers in short order.

And if you’re ready, I want you to be one of them.

I’ll tell you what this new “genre” of writing is…

Give you a glimpse into some of the fast and fun projects you’d write (and why they pay so much!)…

Show you the pent up demand there is for this — and why oftentimes “landing clients” is as simple as telling them you specialize in this…

And explain how you can get started right away (all you need are a few formulas and easy-to-follow templates and you’ve got 80% of what you need to succeed at this).

This Is Growing By Leaps And Bounds

As AWAI’s President, I’m regularly talking to you about the many writing opportunities available to you today.

For example, this year alone, I’ve made AWAI members aware of great ways to make a living as a writer, like emails, sales letters, content marketing, writing for Web3, UX (user experience) writing, and more.

All of these paths are fantastic for any aspiring or experienced writer.

They can provide you with the freedom and flexibility you’re looking for.


It never ceases to amaze me how, as time goes on… as e-commerce and online adoption evolves… as companies get “hip” to what’s working now…

even bigger opportunities get created as a result.

What I have to share with you today is no exception.

(If I didn’t tell you about it, I wouldn’t be doing my job!)

As I mentioned before, what we have here is an entirely new “genre” of writing.

One that is now firmly cemented in what is a sure-and-steady $6.8 TRILLION industry.

One where clients are actively looking for help — and you can be the one to fulfill that demand.

Just in the last few years alone, we’ve seen a 343% INCREASE in adoption across the board.

That means the number of companies who are now making this a priority has more than QUADRUPLED. That’s a LOT of companies who could be your potential clients.

I can’t think of any other writing niche with that kind of growth.

And get this —

Google searches from companies looking for help with this is increasing by 51% a year!

That’s active companies that can use your help and would likely be HAPPY to hire YOU!


Because writers like you play a key role in all this… and it’s why it’s become a writing “genre” unto itself.

And you want to know something that’s even crazier?

Hardly any writers specialize in this form of writing, simply because they don’t know about it!

THE MOST Beginner-Friendly
“Genre” of Copywriting EVER…

It’s called Sales Enablement Copywriting.

I know — it sounds very formal and a little scary.

But I promise, it’s one of the simplest ways to make money as a writer available today.

Because despite the name…

… you won’t be doing any selling.

Let me explain…

Your Fast Track to High-Paid Writing

Sales enablement is part of the Business-to-Business (or B2B) market.

If you’re not familiar with B2B…

It’s where one company sells its products or services to another company. Think consulting, technology services, training — anything designed to help a company cut costs and increase productivity and revenue.

In order to make that sale though, a B2B company needs good marketing and a great sales team.

The marketing department is responsible for generating interest in the company and attracting prospective clients and customers, also known in the B2B world as leads.

Marketing Dept illustration

Marketing departments traditionally do this with materials like white papers, case studies, brochures, ads, articles, and more. These are your bread-and-butter projects as a B2B writer.

Then there’s the sales department.

Their job is to get on the phone or travel in person to talk to the leads the marketing department generates.

Sales Dept illustration

Think of it like playing baseball.

You’ve got a pitcher and a batter.

The marketing department pitches the ball…

Baseball batter and pitcher illustration

… it’s the sales team’s job to knock it out of the park, so they can run through the bases and score the sale.

Now, because in the world of B2B most products and services are often very expensive (in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars)…

… closing a sale takes a lot more time than in the consumer world — where you simply find what you want, enter your credit card details, and stuff gets shipped to your house.

And because of the high product prices and complex B2B buying processes, these sales departments need a LOT of written materials to help them bring the prospect closer to a sale.

You: The Hero

A salesperson at a B2B company needs things like prospecting emails, call scripts, presentation slides, customer success stories, and more.

These are all materials they can use “in the field” while they’re talking to their prospects.

Traditionally, the marketing department created these materials for the sales department to use.

The only problem?

The marketing department is good at one thing — marketing…

They don’t do any one-to-one selling, so they don’t have that experience to guide them when creating materials for the sales team.

So that’s why oftentimes the materials they create for the sales team to use “in the field” can be ineffective — especially because a salesperson might find themselves in different situations the marketing department didn’t foresee…

As a result, salespeople are telling their managers:

“Give me better tools! Give me better scripts, follow-up emails, and valuable content pieces I can use with my prospects!”

And the managers and Vice Presidents of Sales at these huge B2B companies are saying, “YES, we will.”

They want to give their sales team better tools, because the whole idea of sales enablement is to create the written materials that help the sales team SELL MORE.

The better tools the sales team has…

… the more they’ll sell.

Which is why…

Getting Clients Is Far Easier
Than in Other Writing Niches

The demand for sales enablement writers is only growing.

It’s been over the last three years or so that we’re seeing the beginning of a massive shift towards sales departments actively looking to hire good writers.

They’re willing to pay good money if you know how to create these sales enablement materials. Because at the end of the day, it helps them make more sales.

And frankly, the projects are far simpler to complete than bigger projects like white papers, sales letters, or anything else like that.

Because the most commonly used sales enablement materials are short — often just a couple hundred words or at most, two pages.

It’s why it’s such a massive opportunity for any aspiring writer.

Once you learn how to create these “formulaic” pieces, the sky’s the limit.

And the great thing is — you DON’T need a prior background in B2B or even the corporate world to write these pieces. (If you do have that kind of experience, great… but it’s not a requirement at all.)

The materials you write will all be based on existing content your client has already created… and from any interviews you do in order to get what you need.

Let me prove it to you, by giving you just a small taste of the kinds of projects you could get paid $1,000 or more to write.

It all starts with…

The “Sales Game”

Each of the sales enablement pieces you’ll be hired to write serve a strategic purpose at each stage of the customer-buying journey.

That’s simply the journey a prospect takes from not knowing anything about the company’s products and services… to getting interested in them… to ultimately making the purchase.

And when it comes to the traditional B2B selling process, there are three steps every prospect goes through:

  1. Discovery
  2. Assessment
  3. Consideration

Going back to our baseball analogy, think of it like a baseball diamond:

Sales Dept Illustration

The first base is discovery.

That's where the prospect is discovering the product or service the salesperson is offering, and they’re learning how it might solve their problems or challenges.

Second base is assessment.

The prospect is interested and is now reviewing a lot of information on how the product or service can benefit their company — and evaluating if the solution is a right fit.

Third base is consideration.

The prospect is very interested and is now wanting to know “How much will we have to invest in this product or service?” It’s at this stage the salesperson would present a proposal for the prospect to consider.

And of course, home base is the SALE.

This entire “B2B buying journey” can often take weeks, sometimes months before the prospect is ready to make the purchase. And it’s why…

Your Words Play a Pivotal Role

For example, let’s say a client is at first base — discovery.

During this stage, the salesperson NEEDS a lot of emails — to book initial meetings and follow up at each point in the process.

This is probably one of the most common projects you’ll get hired to write. And honestly, it’s a pretty easy project to tackle.

After all, you already know how to write an email — even if you’re just used to writing an email to a friend. The process is exactly the same here, you just have to know a few subtle differences that make it effective for this first stage of the B2B buyer’s journey.

Let me show you.

This is a “typical” example of the kind of email a salesperson might write to a prospect:


I know you’re busy. This will only take a minute and could help you cut costs…

With insurance fees for warehousing operations going through the roof, leaders in e-commerce distribution are under enormous pressure to make cuts.

Our new line of forklift trucks, with COB technology, are so safe that distribution facilities can often negotiate better insurance rates.

To reserve a private, customized online demo:

  • Use this Calendly link to schedule, or
  • Reply to this email with three desired dates and times.

Lower insurance rates for your facilities are awaiting your response. Don’t wait!

Let’s talk soon,


So at first glance, it’s not a bad email.

It’s polite.

It has benefits for the prospect.

And it has a nice call-to-action.


The problem is that it sounds like hundreds of other emails this prospect has received from other sales teams.

So more often than not, this kind of email gets ignored.

When you’re a sales enablement copywriter, your job is to make sure that doesn’t happen.

So you just make a few tweaks here and there… and you end up with something like this:

Hi Jill,

I just read about your promotion to VP, Logistics. Congratulations!

If you’re like many new leaders in e-commerce distribution, you’re feeling the pressure to reduce insurance costs.

Did you know that safer forklifts can help?

In fact, our new line of forklifts (featuring our groundbreaking COB safety system) is cutting insurance costs for our clients by 12%-18%.

Would you be interested in finding out if you can get similar savings?

If so, here’s a suggestion: Let’s hop on a quick Zoom call where you can ask questions and get the answers you need.

Looking at my calendar, I have Thursday 2:15 p.m. and Friday 8:45 a.m. free. Or, use my handy Calendly link.


Do you see how this is more effective?

It’s a lot more personal. It shows understanding of the prospect’s challenges… and gives a solution with a simple call-to-action.

Now, one more thing I want to mention:

That entire email is just 113 words.

Tell me…

How long would it take you to write those 113 words?

And more importantly — would you like to get paid very well to write those 113 words?

This is why I’m SO excited about this opportunity!

Okay, let’s take a look at one other kind of project you could easily charge $1,000 or more to write:


Now, once the salesperson has passed first base (discovery), the next base they’re trying to secure is assessment.

As the name implies, it’s where the prospect is evaluating the product or service the salesperson is selling.

And one fun and well-paying project you might get asked to write for this stage is known as a battlecard.

I mean — even the name is fun.

What they are is a single sheet that contains ALL the key points a salesperson might need when on the phone or face-to-face with a prospect…

They need to know quickly, specifically, and easily exactly why their product or service is the best. Why the competition doesn’t hold a candle to them. Why their solution saves money and time… and more.

And they’ve got to be able to know all this “on the fly.”

That’s why on the day of the meeting, the salesperson will grab one of the battlecards created by a skilled writer like YOU.

It contains ALL of that great information, in a single sheet — where it’s easy to read and understand.

Like this:

You can see how it’s broken up into small chunks of copy. Each section is a key point for the salesperson to use, depending on the situation they find themselves in.

And again — because this helps lead to a sale, writing these pays well too!

Plus — you can see it’s not a lot of copy here. You could write one of these in a few hours and call it a day.

You Could Probably
Write This In No Time Flat

Once the prospect has gone through first base (discovery), second base (assessment), it’s now time to help close the sale.

That means the salesperson is on third base — consideration.

This is where the prospect wants to know “how much” it’ll cost and what exactly they get.

So to that end, your clients might hire you to write a pitch deck and a proposal.

A pitch deck is just that — a PowerPoint presentation with slides going over the main parts of the offer.

Something like this:

As you can see, it’s just a series of slides.

Oftentimes, you could get hired to write 50 or even 70 slides at once.

Now, a salesperson doesn’t need all those slides. Instead, what they’ll do is customize their final slide deck for that prospect. They’ll choose the slides that fit best for the situation.

And don’t worry — even 50 slides may sound like a lot, but it really isn’t. As the writer — all your client is expecting is the text for each slide.

Which as you know, isn’t very much text per slide.

So it’s a fun project that is highly valuable to your client and pays well.

Another project during this stage you’ll typically get hired to write is a proposal. Something like this:

Again, nothing fancy here.

What you’re creating is a nice template the salesperson can customize to their prospect.

But you’ll create it in a way that helps move the sale forward. Each section of the proposal flows as a subtle, yet powerful, sales pitch that ensures the prospect instantly understands why spending the money on this product or service is valuable to their company.

Which is why your client will hire you to create this kind of template, instead of just creating something on their own. Because it’s critical to closing the sale.

And yes, it can pay $1,000+ to write each one of these, even though it’ll just be a page or two of copy.

That’s how valuable all these materials are — because they’re used at every single stage of the buying journey.

In fact, once you dive into the world of sales enablement copywriting, you’ll have access to…

More Than a DOZEN Fast and Fun
Writing Projects That Pay $1,000 and Up

Sales enablement gives you access to a LOT of different projects you can write for your clients.

And the great thing?

The majority of these projects are formulaic. If you can follow a template, you can do this.

Which means even if this is your first encounter with B2B, or with sales enablement, this is DEFINITELY something you can get into.

Of course, you’ll need to learn the best practices and how to apply the formulas for the projects sales directors need written.

But once you learn them, it’s off to the races.

Clients are expecting to pay $1,000+ for projects like:

  • Competitor battlecards
  • One-sheets
  • Selling guides
  • Call scripts
  • Sales decks and scripts
  • Templates for prospecting emails and follow-up emails
  • Customer success stories
  • Blog posts and articles

Now, we’ve covered some of these already. And you’ve probably heard of a few of these — like customer success stories or blog posts.

But they are actually different in this context — for sales enablement — because they’re specifically written to move the sale forward versus offering content or educational information.

For example — a blog post won’t be your run-of-the-mill blog post.

Instead, you’d write it in a way that a salesperson can use in a specific sales situation to increase their chances of making the sale.

But again — if you know the frameworks and can follow a general template — finishing these projects in a way that benefits your client is pretty straightforward.

Remember — with sales enablement copywriting, the stuff you’re creating will get used and tested in real time, “in the field,” by these sales teams.

So unlike most other “genres” of copywriting, you’ll know right away if it works or it doesn’t — and then you can make tweaks for them.

It’s a great way to land clients that want to continually work with you.

One Just Isn’t Enough!

A great thing about sales enablement writing is that you typically don’t get hired to write just one project.

Instead, your first assignment from a client will include a lot of materials they need you to write. So it ends up being more of a package.

Because of that, it's not unusual to get a $3,000-$5,000 gig right out of the gate because the client wants you to write all these different pieces — and wants them to be cohesive.

And if you think about it — it makes a lot of sense.

Why would the sales director want to go out and hire 10 different copywriters to write 10 different sales enablement pieces?

It’s much easier to hire one good writer and pay them well to write it all.

And when it comes to the really short projects like email templates — where each email is only 125 words or so — you don’t get hired to write just one email.

You’ll get hired to write 10 or 20 of them at once. And you could charge anywhere from $2,000 at the low end to about $3,500… just for this one project.

But of course, as we just saw, it doesn’t stop there…

You’ll also probably get asked to write a battlecard… a one sheet… a few call scripts… and more.

Do you see the opportunity here?

And the great thing is — again — there is no having to come up with a Big Idea… be a creative genius… or anything like that.

Because you’ll typically have existing materials to work with so you can see “what” messaging needs to go into these sales enablement pieces.

And of course, you’ll interview your client to get any other information you need.

You do that once, and you can go ahead and write ALL of these sales enablement projects for your client. Which means writing fun, short copy and getting paid thousands of dollars to do it!

How to Get Started with
This Lucrative “Genre” of Copywriting

By now, you know what sales enablement is…

… why there’s such huge and growing demand…

… you’ve seen the kinds of projects you might be expected to write (and how much you could get paid to write them)…

… and how it all fits together into the bigger picture of the “sales game.”

Even better:

You understand that you’re well-positioned to get in early on this — and become an authority in a space where good, qualified writers are hard to find.

That’s why to help you learn the best practices… the formulas… the templates to get you up and running…

I’ve brought in one of the top sales enablement copywriters in the world to show you the ropes.

Steve Slaunwhite B2B Copywrting Expert

His name is Steve Slaunwhite.

For more than 25 years, he has worked as a B2B copywriter…

His clients, past and present, include some of the biggest names in the B2B world: UPS, Hewlett-Packard, Sprint, and Forbes, to name a few…

He’s won awards in multiple countries for his work (including AWAI’s own “Copywriter of the Year” Award in 2016). He’s a sought-after speaker and teacher, and his how-to books for business writers are top sellers on Amazon.

More importantly for you, though, Steve is also one of the best copywriting teachers around.

Through his own programs and here at AWAI, he’s mentored hundreds of writers to more successful and profitable writing careers.

Now, despite all this success… and all this experience writing for his B2B clients…

He has just made the biggest “pivot” in his 25-year writing career…

Choosing to focus most of his writing efforts on sales enablement.

That’s how GREAT this opportunity is!

But there’s too much demand, and he needs your help.

Which is why he’s agreed to train you over the course of four weeks, and help you become a CERTIFIED Sales Enablement Copywriting Specialist.

It’s all part of our exciting Sales Enablement Copywriting Mastery & Certification training.

4 Key Phases to Get You Up and Running

This training is where Steve gives you the keys to the kingdom.

He gives you all the formulas he’s developed for writing these sales enablement projects… all his templates… and all his “best practices” for completing these fast and fun projects like a pro.

This way, you’ll be able to work with any B2B company’s sales department and deliver sales enablement materials that get REAL results!

To that end, as part of the Sales Enablement Copywriting Mastery & Certification training, you’ll meet with Steve twice a week, every Monday and Thursday at 11 a.m. ET starting July 18, for a total of four weeks.

During each session, he’ll help you really hone your skills so by the time you’re done, you will:

  • Understand the world of sales enablement…
  • Know the projects and how to write them…
  • Sharpen your B2B writing style…
  • Be able to apply the latest techniques in writing sales enablement content that gets results…
  • Have writing samples to show prospective clients…
  • Know how to handle a sales enablement project like a pro…
  • Know how to land sales enablement writing projects…
  • And more!

And at the end of every session, Steve’s created an assignment for you to apply everything you just learned, so you’re not just learning “theories” — but grasping the concepts and practicing how to apply them immediately.

Here are the four phases you’ll go through to accomplish all this, as the weeks progress:

Phase 1

A Crash Course in Sales Enablement

In this very first session, Steve’s going to take you behind-the-scenes and give you a complete and fundamental understanding of sales enablement.

This foundation is critical to have, before you learn anything else.

You’ll learn who the players are… you’ll take a deep dive into why it’s so in demand and why it’s so valuable to these B2B companies… and more.

You’ll take a look at the “client” you’ll be writing a sales enablement package for throughout this journey.

You’ll see what they need, why they need it, and know exactly how you’ll help them. You’ll get an inside look at the typical projects you’ll work on and what they look and feel like — so there’s no surprises on your journey ahead.

Also, and this is VERY important —

You’ll get access to a BONUS “quickstart” guide on writing B2B copy. This is in case you’re brand-new to the space, and need to get quickly up to speed. It will ensure you understand the overall B2B industry, along with some of the best writing “practices” for it.

Now, with Phase 1 complete, it’s time to get you moving fast…

Phase 2

Master the SIMPLEST (And Most In Demand)
Sales Enablement Project —
So You Can Work with Clients ASAP

Now that you’ve got a solid foundation, it’s time for the next phase (Sessions 2 and 3).

In these two sessions, you’ll hit the ground running. Steve will show you how to write the MOST in-demand sales enablement project today. It will form the bulk of your writing income…


Because Steve has written literally thousands of emails by now, he’s gotten pretty good at it and at getting his clients the results they’re looking for.

So what he’s done is distilled all that knowledge and trial and error into frameworks and examples you can use — so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

Over the course of these two sessions, he’ll share his examples, writing formulas, and best practices with you…

He’ll even show you the secret structure he uses to create emails that will get your clients the results they’re looking for… and cover all the different kinds of situations you’ll be writing for.

For instance, clients will need emails for…

  • Getting an initial meeting
  • Following up on requests for more content
  • Following up on a quotation or proposal
  • Following up with a webinar invitee
  • Following up with someone they met at a conference or trade show
  • And more…

Steve will show you how he approaches all these kinds of emails and even give you his highly profitable “RAP” formula for writing them quickly.

EVEN BETTER: Steve will REVIEW your emails after you’ve written them! This is hands-down, the fastest way to learn and level up your writing skills. You’ll know exactly where you stand, where your strengths lie, and what you can do to improve — before you go out and land your first client!

Phase 3

Rounding Out Your
Sales Enablement Writing Skills

You now know how to write sales enablement emails for entire sales teams.

With this one skill alone, you could create a nice revenue stream for yourself.

But we’re not stopping there.

Steve wants to make sure you’re armed with everything you might need when it comes to writing a full-on sales enablement package for your clients.

That’s why in this third phase — which covers Sessions 4, 5, and 6 of your training — you’ll round out your knowledge, by learning the rest of the keystone projects you’ll be asked to write:


Steve will show you how to get the key information you need from your client for these… he’ll give you simple templates to make the writing go much faster, including the four key components of a battlecard, and show you the key pieces of copy you’ll need to write for each of the sections. He’ll even give you example “starter lines” you can use, so you’re never at a loss when it comes to starting these projects for your client.

And because these are such a common bread-and-butter type of assignment you’ll get asked to write…

… Steve’s bringing in another B2B expert to help him review these for you! This expert will review your battlecard and show you where you’ve shined… and the areas you can still improve, to ensure you have a finished and polished portfolio piece.

One Sheets and Call Scripts

You’ll learn what a one sheet is and see how simple it is to gather all the information you’ll need, organize it, and write it all up on a single sheet of paper. Then, you’ll move on to call scripts sales people can use to call on their prospects. He’ll even show you how to manage a call script project from start to finish!

Sales Decks and Proposals

This can be another lucrative income source for you. Steve will show you what sales decks are all about… the three parts to a pitch… how to use the “before, bridge, after” technique to make the writing process go smoothly… and more. Then you’ll look at the parts of a winning proposal and the formula for writing one for your client.

In addition to all of this, Steve will give you a copy of his client questionnaire — a simple set of questions that ensure you get ALL the information you’ll need to write all of these great projects for your own clients.

Phase 4

Clients and Project Management

This is where all your hard work so far will pay off in spades.

Because remember — after each training session, you’ll have an exercise to work on. These exercises will develop your sales enablement writing skills… they’ll help shape you into a great writer clients want to hire.

Now in this last phase (Sessions 7 and 8), you’ll learn everything you need to know about attracting clients and working with them!

You’ll discover:

  • The three types of clients you'll come across for sales enablement projects and why it matters…
  • The three most effective ways to attract clients to you…
  • How to turn a "discovery" call into a new, high-paying client…
  • The "50 Coffees" technique for getting clients referred to you on a regular basis…
  • The basic project management process and a step-by-step system for successfully doing each part of the process (nothing is left to chance)…
  • How to ensure you provide a top-notch experience so you get hired again and even get referrals…
  • What information and materials to ask for once you land the project…
  • The "Golden Question" framework to use to get exactly the kind of information you need to deliver a high-quality project…
  • Tips for submitting your copy (make sure you follow this!)…
  • The one thing you should NEVER assume about your client — and how to make sure your final submission is as professional and high-quality as possible…
  • And much more…

Get DIRECT Access to Steve
and FEEDBACK on Your Writing

Steve will be there with you every step of the way. As soon as you enroll, you’ll get access instructions for joining the private community for this training group.

You can find Steve there, along with some of the AWAI team, to help you along the journey.

You’ll be able to ask him questions directly in the group, meet your fellow sales enablement copywriters, and really immerse yourself in this fun and lucrative niche.

Plus, this is a great way to stay accountable and motivated as you work through the training materials to help you get up to speed in the shortest time possible.

But I think the best way to use this access is to reach out to Steve with your questions between each of your sessions together.

So if there’s something in the live session you didn’t quite understand or want some more clarity on, reach out.

You’ll Have a Complete
Sales Enablement Portfolio

By the time you’re done with this training, you’ll have a polished, sales enablement portfolio.

That’s because each step of the way, Steve has you writing and implementing what you just learned.

If you follow along, you’ll end up with a number of sales enablement pieces you can proudly post on your site or provide to clients when they ask if you’ve got any experience.

One More “Perk” for You

Another thing you get as part of this training, is the chance to win a $3,000 payday from AWAI!

That’s right.

I know how exciting sales enablement is… and I want to reward you for choosing to take part.

So here’s what we’re doing:

We’ll be going through all the final assignments, along with Steve.

From there, we’ll narrow it down to the folks who’ve impressed us the most… and choose a winner.

That winner will receive a $3,000 check from AWAI!

What this can do for your confidence goes without saying.

Everything You Need to Become
a CERTIFIED Sales Enablement PRO!

Just four weeks.

That’s all you need to be ready to step in and meet the insatiable demand for sales enablement content… and make a great living as a writer.

Remember — you’ll have one of the top writers in the business — Steve Slaunwhite, in your corner.

He’ll guide you, step-by-step, and show you the ropes and how to completely master this all-new kind of writing.

You’ll learn what sales enablement is and why it’s one of the fastest-growing business trends in the universe… You’ll understand who the players are and why they need you so badly…

You’ll learn who does the hiring and gain a thorough understanding of why your writing skills are critical to helping these companies ramp up their sales in record time…

And of course, you’ll gain the skills:

  • You’ll know how to write six of the most in-demand sales enablement projects that pay $1,000+ and can be completed quickly and formulaically…
  • You’ll know how and where to find clients who will say “YES!” when you tell them you specialize in sales enablement copywriting…
  • And you’ll know what to charge, how to handle the entire client relationship from start to finish, and so much more.

With the Sales Enablement Copywriting Mastery & Certification, you’ll gain everything you need to be a go-to sales enablement copywriter for the huge sea of businesses that desperately need your skills in the coming year.

Sales Enablement Copywriting Mastery & Certification Badge

Here’s a Recap of
What You Get By Enrolling Today

When you join Steve for this exciting training, you get:

  • A total of eight LIVE training sessions over the course of four weeks. You’ll meet with Steve online every Monday and Thursday at 11 a.m. ET for two sessions per week, to make sure you gain the skills at an accelerated pace — you’ll learn how to meet the rapid and growing demand for sales enablement content that helps companies around the world increase their sales.
  • A Quick Course in B2B Copywriting, to give you a solid foundation in writing for the B2B market (even if you’re a total beginner).
  • You'll get to “zero-in” on (and quickly master) the specific knowledge you need to build a strong foundation as a sales enablement copywriter.
  • You’ll learn the SIX PROJECTS you can offer right away to your prospective clients (at premium fees).
  • You get DIRECT access to Steve via the private, members-only Facebook group. This is your chance to get the personal guidance you need, connect with your fellow Sales Enablement Copywriting Mastery & Certification trainees, and share your wins!
  • The opportunity to be Certified as an AWAI Verified™ Sales Enablement Copywriting Specialist as soon as you pass your Certification test and final assignment. You’ll want to “wear” this Badge proudly, because it’s a serious accomplishment. It’ll put you on the path to earning better fees, having more confidence, and giving your clients confidence in your ability — even before they’ve hired you.
  • You get the chance to get PAID $3,000 simply by submitting your final assignment. This alone could pay for your investment today in the Sales Enablement Copywriting Mastery & Certification training.

In all, you get what amounts to a “franchise in a box” — where you’re given everything you need to get up and running as a sales enablement copywriter.

You’ll also have a financially valuable skill that’s highly in-demand and part of a huge industry (B2B). One where each sales enablement “package” you get hired to write could mean a $2,000… $3,000… or even $5,000 payday.

Imagine what that could add up to over the course of a few weeks… months… or even a year or two!

That’s why $5,000 to attend this powerful training with Steve is more than fair.

After all, there aren’t many places you can invest $5,000 and end up with years of income that completely supports your entire lifestyle.

But in the world of sales enablement, it’s possible.

But because this is such a new “genre”… such an exciting area of writing… I don’t want money to be a factor in you NOT taking this training.

That’s why through this special offer, you can enroll in the Sales Enablement Copywriting Mastery & Certification training for just $2,500.

Click the button below and I’ll see you soon!

And to make it even easier…

You Can Enroll Today for
Just $500 and Pay as You Go…

I know that things are really *gestures chaotically* kind of crazy out there right now.

So I wanted to make sure it’s even easier to take part in this all-important training with Steve, at a time when securing your financial future is more important than ever.

That’s why you can enroll today and secure your spot for $500.

Then, simply make four more monthly payments in the same amount.

This way, you can start now.

Start learning the skills.

Take action and put yourself out there so you can land a client or two.

Start earning sooner, rather than later — and create the freedom and flexibility you want for your life and career.

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No Risk to Try It Out

In addition to making it super easy for you to enroll today…

100% guarantee

… I also want you to know I’ve got you covered if you decide to change your mind…

So here’s what I propose:

Sign up now and secure your spot in the Sales Enablement Copywriting Mastery & Certification training.

Then attend the first session with Steve on Monday, July 18 at 11 a.m. ET.

If for any reason by the end of the first session you don’t feel this is right for you, no problem.

Just call or email our Member Success Team before the second session on Thursday, July 21, and let them know. They’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund of every penny paid.

Act Now and Take Advantage of
What Is Part of a Burgeoning $6.8 Trillion
Opportunity for Writers

Sales enablement copywriting is here — and it’s BIG.

This is an all-new and exciting must-have skill for writers who want a sure and fast path to high-paid writing.

The demand is only getting started, in what is part of a burgeoning $6.8 trillion B2B market.

So if you are serious about becoming a high-paid writer in the fastest time possible…

… writing projects that are easy to learn, short, and fun…

… and in an ALL-NEW niche where clients are desperate to find good writers and are actively looking for qualified writers…

I invite you to join the group of mentees who will train directly with Steve on how to do this.

Remember — just one or two projects could easily pay for your training.

What’s more, getting clients to say “YES!” to hiring you is very simple, since there’s practically zero competition from other writers who know how to do this well.

So if you’re ready… and you want a fast path to becoming a well-respected, high-paid writer…

And you want to get in early on this new “genre” of writing — where you can become an early adopter and pioneer…

Then the time is now.

Click the button below to secure your spot:

To your success,

Rebecca Matter
President, AWAI

P.S. BONUSES! Enroll now through today’s special offer and get the following bonuses to help you succeed with sales enablement writing even faster!

  • The Sales Enablement Content Questionnaire. You’ll use this pretty much every single time you land a project. These questions are vetted and have been meticulously crafted by Steve through trial and error. Get the answers to these questions and you’ll have ALL the information you need to write sales enablement content that significantly BOOSTS your client’s sales!
  • The Sales Enablement Copywriting Fee Sheet. Know exactly what to charge for more than half a dozen sales enablement projects. Use this as a guide as you’re starting out, and then increase your fees as you gain confidence!
  • An Example Battlecard. Since this is such an important piece that can help make or break the sale, you’ll get a fully fleshed-out example of a battlecard. Feel free to use this as a template or guide when your client hires you to write a battlecard for them.
  • An Example Call Script. Anytime you land a call script project, just open up this example — Steve’s done all the hard work for you. Use this as a guide and template to writing call scripts that actually work to increase appointments and sales.
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