The Perfect Life …

It was a sunny spring Tuesday in Vermont, the kind of day we wait for all winter long.

I had just finished playing ball with my dog and I was loading my golf clubs into the car when a neighbor came up to me …

“I have to ask you,” he said.

“I see you home every day, playing with your dog, puttering around the house, loading up your brand-new car with skis and golf clubs and suitcases, taking all these trips …

“You’re too young to be retired, yet I never see you working. Do you mind me asking …

“Just what is it you do?”

That’s when I knew I had found “The Perfect Life!”

Here’s how you can have it too …

Dear Reader,

My name is Paul Hollingshead.

We’ve never met and chances are good you’ve never heard of me.

I’m nobody famous.

I’m not in the news at all.

I don’t run a big company.

In fact, I’m probably a lot like you …

But what I have to say to you today could change your life – in a very positive way. I’m going to show you how you can retire at the end of this year … and start living a dream life … doing exactly what I do.

Before I tell you just what it is I “do,” it’s important for you to know a few things about me …

Some things that, quite frankly, I’m not all that proud to tell you.

First and foremost, I’m not the most motivated guy in the world. In fact, some say I’m downright lazy.

I don’t like to work any more than three or four hours a day.

The rest of the time I’d rather be golfing, boating, visiting friends, throwing a Frisbee with my dog or traveling around the country. (I don’t know many people who wouldn’t rather do those things than “work,” do you?)

Another thing I can admit about myself now is … I’m not all that ambitious. Could I have gone to college and gotten a degree and made my way in the business world? I guess. But I’ll never know for sure, since I never did any of that.

My laziness and lack of ambition made me less-than-stellar years ago – back when I had to work for a living.

As a result, I never made much money – until I discovered what I’m here to talk to you about today.

Money – that’s the problem, isn’t it?

I don’t care about money, but it’s pretty damn hard to have a good life unless you have some.

And if, like me, you’re lucky enough to have a family … and you enjoy some of the finer things in life – like new cars, playing golf, going to good restaurants, travelling and grilling prime steaks instead of the regular cuts – you need a lot of it.

That’s why, every day, I thank my lucky stars I discovered what I’m going to discuss today.

Because now I have all the money I need … and then some.

And I don’t “work” for it. At least not the way most people do.

If You’re a Little Bit Lazy, Like Me …

If you decide to follow my path – the path of a lazy, unmotivated college dropout – there’s no reason you can’t be doing exactly what I’m doing by the end of the year.

And what I’m “doing” is making between $200,000 and $400,000 a year having fun with what I like to call my “retirement pastime.”

Here are a few things you should know about my retirement pastime:

That last one brings up an important point.

Another thing about me that I forgot to tell you. You can call it an odd little quirk, but I don’t like shoes.

I find they’re confining and uncomfortable and they make me feel like I’m working. I’ll wear them when I have to. But if I don’t – I like to be barefoot. (Fact is, I’m barefoot as I’m writing you right now!)

So what is it I do … from my home, in casual clothes and bare feet?

In short, I’m a writer.

But not the kind of writer you’re probably thinking of.

I don’t write books or stories for magazines. I’m not a journalist either. It’s too hard to be that kind of writer. And to be honest, I don’t have the talent.

But even if I had the talent, I’d never give up what I do now.

Because the kind of writing I do is much easier than writing books. It’s also much quicker. I always wanted to be a writer. And I tried writing books … journalism too … when I was younger. Both were very hard work – and as I told you, “working hard” is not my strong suit.

It was also extremely time consuming. A single $500 assignment for a local newspaper could easily take me all week to complete!

Yes, I liked the “idea” of being a writer – but not if it meant working 60 hours a week and eating bologna sandwiches three times a day.

I’m a Writer (But No Ordinary One)

But today, when people ask me what I do, I can tell them:

“I’m a writer.”

Yet I don’t work long hours. I seldom write more than three or four hours a day. I write only if I want to and then I write only as long as I feel like it. And I write in bare feet … because I don’t want to feel like I’m working.

Yes, I’m a writer.

But not, thank goodness, an ordinary writer. Do you know how much the average, ordinary writer makes? Less than $15,000 a year!

So from an income perspective, you’d have to categorize me as an extremely successful writer. For the last five years, for example, my writing fees have averaged $330,000 a year.

And remember – that’s part-time, from my home, in my bare feet!

But even better than the money is the freedom and fun …

I’m serious about that. I have no boss. I have no pressure. I never have to do a darn thing I don’t want to. I can even wake up on pretty much any morning and say: “You know what – I’m going to give myself the day off!”

If that sounds appealing to you, please stick with me for the next few minutes …

Welcome to a Unique Club of Writers

Because you are about to be invited into a little-known fraternity of men and women who do exactly what I do.

We each write about different things – and use the writing techniques we know to make money in all kinds of ways. (That’s one of the beauties of this business – there are thousands of things to write about, so you can pretty much write about whatever you like.)

And we all get paid great money. Some of us even get “extra” payments in the mail every month (royalties – just like real authors), sometimes years after we’ve written something.

Talk about retirement income!

I’ll tell you more in a moment, but in short – our club is part of a hidden $2.3 trillion economy in America that operates all over, in every town and state, but completely under the radar of the media.

Members of our club can work in their bedrooms, in libraries or coffee shops, or in public parks. We dress as we please. We seldom work for more than a few hours at a time. And we make loads of money.

If you join us you may find, like we’ve found, that your neighbors will wonder what you do. Be prepared. Some of them will be envious.

“How can he afford such a nice house/car/etc. when all I see him doing is taking walks and playing golf?” They might not say it out loud. But you know they’re wondering. It’s kind of funny when you think about it.

This is – truly – the best “club” in the world. I’ve inducted a few of my close friends into it (including one guy who is even lazier than I am!) and they’re all enjoying great results.

You may be thinking, “This sounds great, but I’m not qualified to be a writer.”

Let me set the record straight on this. There are no qualifications to join our club. None whatsoever. You don’t need a formal education. (Remember, I was a college dropout.) You don’t need experience. (I was stocking shelves in a supermarket.) And you don’t need special talent. (Many of our techniques are so simple that you can use a computer program to do your work.)

All you need – really – is the desire to join us.

I have to tell you …

There are times when I think of my buddies climbing into their cars and going to a cubicle every day, working for a rigid (and often modest) wage … happy just to have a job – and I think to myself …

If only they knew they could easily have a much different life … a much better life. One that’s free of time restraints, where you’re beholden to no one. If they only knew that life doesn’t have to be an endless 9-to-5 grind.

If they only knew that you don’t need to take the long road – where you pay a fortune to get a degree, to take a crummy job, to work your way up the company ladder … enduring all the bull$%#@ … and hoping you don’t get canned.

Members of our little club no longer do any of that.

We just decide what we want to write about and we do it. Then we wait for the checks.

And we call the shots.

As I already mentioned, I write mostly from my home, which is in a little town in Vermont where I can see the Green Mountains outside my window. I start around six or seven in the morning and by noon I’m done. Then it’s off to play some golf, or just putter around the house.

And like I said, I’m able to have a pretty nice income doing this – over $300K a year these days.

“I used to dread that drive …”

John Torre worked in sales and engineering for a construction company – a career that gave him and his family a nice living, but it was hardly inspiring.

A few years ago, John became a barefoot writer and his life changed dramatically. Today, he writes letters from his house – no bosses, no daily commute. Plus, when his mother fell ill recently, he was able to be there for her as she recovered. Says John:

“I used to dread that drive to the shop each morning and pray for a way out of that ‘time-for-a-paycheck’ life.

“Had I not taken the initiative to pursue the ‘writer’s life,’ I don’t know how I would’ve managed my mom’s care during this time. For me, having the opportunity to be available 24/7 and coordinate her care made me truly appreciate this new life I have.”

“I no longer feel torn
between my work and my family.”

 Marcella Allison has had a lot of jobs over the years – venture capitalist, business manager for an art gallery, gardening storeowner, development director – but nothing she truly loved.

Now, as a barefoot writer, Allison knows she’s found her calling:

“I no longer feel torn between my work and my family. This past winter, when my father-in-law passed away suddenly, I was able to drop everything and take care of my husband and children. I didn't have to ask anyone's permission to take time off, and I wasn't limited to 3 days of family leave.

“I also take better care of myself physically. I never used to have time to take walks or to work out at the gym. Now I do both daily. And when my youngest son gets sick, like he did last week, I don't have to run around desperately trying to find a babysitter. He just hangs out at home with me while I write. And being able to take 3 vacations a year isn't bad either!”

We Enjoy a Casual, Carefree Existence

But I'm not the only writer who likes to work this way. There are many of us … and we have found at least a dozen different ways to make great money writing in our bare feet (I’ll tell you about some of the best ones in a minute … )

One woman who used to work as an environmental engineer – a job she hated – quit one day, “joined” our club and writes about health and self help (two of her favorite subjects).

She is now making more money than she did as an engineer.

Another club member, John, splits his time between New York, Philadelphia and Paris. Though I have to be honest. John doesn’t strike me as the “barefoot” type a lot of us are. He’s more the “snappy dresser” type.

Then there’s Don, the gentleman who introduced me to this career years ago. He just bought himself an old historic house in upstate New York, right near Cooperstown. He plans to split his time between writing about health and wellness, while whipping the house back into turn-of-the-century shape … maybe run it as an inn one day.

Other people we’ve shared our secrets with over the years have great stories too.

One guy we know, Jason, considers himself “homeless.” He makes a great income but he has no fixed address. He travels from one exotic world destination to another, living in rented cottages or in hotels. He loves his life. The last time I talked to him he was writing from a beach in Thailand.

And there’s Josh, a club member from Kansas. Soon after he joined our club he shed more than $200,000 in debt – and now he’s able to give his family of nine (!) a very good life.

Rachel has school-age kids – but as a barefoot writer, she can take off in the middle of the day to go on a field trip with the kids, have lunch with friends or take a yoga class!

Or, Paul — a dance teacher who was scraping by on an annual income of about $15,000, learned this skill, and now has a home business where he writes about getting fit and martial arts …

And he’s now making more than a quarter-of-a-million dollars a year!

And then there's Michael, who taught me a lot about the kind of writing we do. He became a “barefoot writer” almost 30 years ago. He has a house overlooking the ocean in Florida.

Actually, “house” is a bit of an understatement. It’s a 7,000-square-foot, $5 million mansion. He has a private office a mile from his home where he sometimes works, but he prefers to do his writing by his pool or on one of his porches.

I could go on.

“Freedom I never had before!”

 Like so many Americans, Starr Daubenmire lost her corporate job during the economic downturn. At first, she was devastated.

But ever since she discovered the life of a barefoot writer, she looks back on it as the best thing that could have happened to her. It really hit home for her when she got her first “royalty” check in the mail.

“In the corporate world, you are a worker bee tied to someone else's schedule. Now I answer to my favorite boss – me! I have a measure of freedom I never had before. I can take a two-hour lunch and go for a swim. I can run to the school and pick up a sick grandchild. And I can work from anywhere I like – home, the bookstore, while traveling. Absolutely nothing beats being your own boss!”

“I am now in total control
of my time and my life.”

Penny Thomas knew there had to be more to life than working as an administrative assistant at an investment bank.

But it was only when she was let go from that job due to downsizing – and happened to discover barefoot writing a few weeks later – that she discovered how much more to life there really was:

“I used to never see the sun. I’d leave for work in the dark and arrive home in the dark. I am now in total control of my time and my life. I no longer have to rely on another person’s agenda to dictate where my career is going or what I do during the day. My decisions, actions, and energy dictate how successful I will be.”

Penny says it really hit her that she was living “the writer’s life” when she was watching a neighbor digging his car out to drive to work after a snowstorm – and all she had to do was walk to her home office and turn on her computer.

“I didn’t even have to get out of my flannel PJs”! she says.

You Have Never Been Invited Into a Club Like This …

But let me get to the point. This is an invitation to join our club. It’s probably the first time you’ve ever heard of us and it might be the last time – so if you’re interested in what I’m saying, please pay close attention.

This is a one-time chance to turn your back on the 50-hour week … the mediocre pay … the daily grind … the pain-in-the-butt bosses … and all the hassles and frustrations of being a wage slave.

It’s an opportunity to be welcomed into a world where you call the shots … you have control over every minute of your time … and you decide how you will spend every single day.

An invitation to enjoy the very same lifestyle we’re enjoying. And if you act quickly you may be able to break free from the grind and begin doing what we’re doing by the end of the year (or sooner).

Take a moment to think about that right now.

If you could be 100% sure that in less than a year you would be effectively retired, making a great income, working where you want, the hours you want and writing about the subjects you want … and doing it all in comfort (even in your bare feet if you choose) … would you like that?

If so, let’s get right down to it.

One of the first of many things you’ll get when you join our club are six special reports, each one describing a unique opportunity to make money as a barefoot writer.

Each of these opportunities is different. But they all have some of the same benefits. They are all relatively easy to do. They are all financially lucrative. And they can all be done from the comfort of your home (or in your motor coach or in a boat or on a beach) in your bare feet.

When you get these free reports all you have to do is read them and decide which of these opportunities appeals to you.

“The Automatic Retirement Fund”

Freedom to sail the world!

For Bob Bois, becoming a barefoot writer gave him the freedom to pursue a lifelong dream – to build a sailboat with his wife and sons and travel the world:

“My wife and I are both ex-Peace Corps volunteers who value being able to travel with the boys, have them experience other cultures and languages, other ways of being in the world.

“But, we’re also adamant that [our boys] learn self-reliance and a set of skills that’ll prove useful in their lives. Skills like carpentry, navigation, teamwork, and problem solving.”

Bob says that being able to write from anywhere will help him accomplish this dream years earlier, since he’ll be able to write (and be paid) no matter where in the world he is!

This is the kind of writing I do.

It’s perfect if you love the idea of sinking your teeth into fun and challenging projects (there are hundreds of topics you can write about) AND you want steady income from reliable sources for the rest of your life.

Plus, as I’ll explain in a moment, this kind of writing can fund a “secret little retirement account” that just keeps building up, year after year.

That’s why some people in our business refer to this Barefoot Writing Opportunity as: “The Automatic Retirement Fund.” Because besides getting paid to write, you can get “bonus checks” that many of us put aside for retirement.

How do we do it?

We write simple letters about things people are interested in – like health matters or investing or new products that can help improve people’s lives.

The objective of these letters is to get people to take some kind of “action” … whether it’s to try a new product, vote a certain way, donate to a worthy cause or simply request some information.

What’s more, there’s a simple formula for all these kinds of letters. Once you master it, there’s no limit to the amount of money you can make writing them.

That’s because these letters are the lifeblood of a $2.3 trillion industry – and companies all over the world depend on them for their business. Learn how to write them and you’ll never have to worry about money again.

$100,000 From One Letter – With $30,000 Still to Come

First, you get paid upfront to write these letters – an “advance” as it were. Just like a book author would get.

And even though that amount is typically thousands of dollars, that’s not where the “real” money is …

The real money can come when the letter is sent out and people read it and respond. When that happens the writer (you) can get a kind of “royalty” on every one – again, just like a bestselling author would.

And that can add up. In fact, it’s not unusual for one of these letters to keep paying you years after you’ve written it.

For instance, one letter I wrote three years ago has paid me well over $100,000 so far – and it was just sent out again. I don’t know how much I’ll get from this “run,” but if history is any indication, I should get at least another $30,000.

And this is over and above the money I make from my new writing!

See why we call this kind of writing “The Automatic Retirement Fund”?

You can live on writing fees of several thousand dollars a month, stash all those royalties into tax-deferred retirement accounts … and have millions set aside by the time you’re ready to retire!

But here’s the thing you need to know.

It doesn’t take a genius to write these letters. You don’t have to come from a “writing” background. Don, for example, was a cabinetmaker when he learned to write them. Paul was a dance instructor. And you know my story …

Others we’ve introduced to our club were housewives, salesmen, students, pilots, mid-level managers, teachers, store clerks, artists and more.

So long as you can write a coherent sentence – and can learn the basic formula that goes into creating these letters – you too can call yourself a writer, just like we do.

And you’ll be surprised at how in-demand you’ll be. I’ve been doing this for 17 years now, and there hasn’t been a single day I haven’t had any writing to do.

In fact, I turn away about three times as many jobs as I take on! I could write more, I suppose – and make more money.

But I’m very serious when I tell you I’m pretty lazy when it comes to this stuff. And I love my routine … writing a few hours in the morning and having my afternoons completely free. (Today, for instance, I’m meeting up with my retired friend Bruce for a game of golf.)

No more "living for the weekend”

When we asked former ad salesperson Cindy Cyr what she liked best about becoming a barefoot writer, her answer said it all. She told us she is now able to enjoy every day of her life … and no longer “lives for the weekend,” like so many of her friends do.

Plus, she no longer dreads working. As a barefoot writer, she looks forward to sitting down at her computer and writing about interesting things:

“I'm living the life I pictured for myself. I get to be outside and enjoy a bike ride in the morning, go to EVERY activity my kids are in, and work about 3 feet from my husband … so I get to give him spontaneous hugs, eat lunch with him, and get a word of encouragement whenever I need it.

“Oh, did I mention I don't have to wear pantyhose, can work barefoot, and I get to take naps whenever I want. I eat better. Drive my car less (A LOT less), see my friends and family more, and never worry about running out of vacation time.”

“An absolute dream come true!”

Former high school guidance counselor Janet Grosshandler dreamed of writing a novel. Turns out, she’s much happier being a barefoot writer. Why? Because the writing is much easier, and the pay can be a lot more.

Recently, she landed a writing job with a company whose products she’s loved and used for decades. It’s “an absolute dream come” true, she told us:

“I am doing more traveling for business and pleasure, so that's fun. And as long as I have my Mac and WiFi, I'm golden!

“For me, a day where I can write a bunch, take a run at the beach, spend time with my family, and get a very nice check in the mail – well, it doesn't get any better than that. I count my blessings every day, and look forward to many more years of living this writer's life!”

Great Retirement Income for Lazy People

Of course, people who work harder than I do on “Retirement Fund” style assignments can make a whole lot more money.

One guy I know – a very humble guy who likes to golf three or four times a week (and he’s become a pretty good golfer, shooting in the high seventies!) – makes over $700K a year doing this.

Or Alan, a former stationery supply salesman, and another avid golfer, who joined our club about 15 years ago and now lives part-time on a golf course in Boca Raton, FLand part-time near the ski slopes in Park City. He’s disappointed if he makes less than a million dollars a year.

Another Alan I know, a doctor who was concerned about what he considered to be questionable ethics in the medical industry, learned how to do this and then reinvented his business. Now he uses his writing skills to help thousands (not hundreds) of people become healthier. And his business has revenues of about $20 million a year!

Those guys make big bucks. But they're ambitious. Not like me.

I’m okay with a few hundred thousand dollars a year if it means I can do all that other stuff, including slacking off when I feel like it.

But you can decide how far you want to take this powerful little writing skill – should you choose to learn more about our club.

Of course “The Automatic Retirement Fund” is just one of the writing opportunities we know about.

And if you decide to join our little group, I will send you a very special report we just published on “The Automatic Retirement Fund” miracle absolutely free. It’s called “Copywriting 101: The Secret Forumula for Making Six-Figures from Home – Writing Letters” … and it’ll tell you everything you need to know about it, show you successful examples of the letters I’m talking about and show you how to start writing them yourself.

Plus, I’ll send you reports on five more fun and easy ways to turn the kind of writing we do into a rewarding (and lucrative) “work-from-home-in-your-bare-feet” career, including one where you’ll get paid serious money to write simple little emails to people waiting to get them!

But before I tell you about those, I’d like to make something crystal clear.

This Industry Is Big –
And That’s Why It’s So Lucrative for Us!

What I’m talking about here is not the typical opportunity you read about.

This is NOT about multilevel marketing, stuffing envelopes or some other gimmick.

This is NOT about opening an online business where you have to buy advertising, take orders, buy inventory, run credit cards … and then ship out some kind of product to people.

Nor is this some kind of crazy get-rich-quick scheme where you have to spend a lot of money up front to compete against thousands of people just like you trying to sell something nobody needs or wants.

This is NOTHING like any of those things.

And you don’t need any special tools to be successful at it. Just the computer you have now, a comfortable chair, a desk (or your lap will do), an Internet connection … and the desire to learn.

But make no mistake about it: This is a skill that can literally change your life … and reward you with a lifetime of money and freedom from the day you start using it.

Plus …

If you’re tired of your job just learn this skill, tell your boss you’ve had it and do this instead.

If you need a change of pace … barefoot writing lets you step off the treadmill and enjoy new and exciting challenges every week.

Want to regain control of your life? Do this and you’ll never again be at anyone’s beck and call.

Need more time with your family? I know parents (both men and women) who write while the kids are at school … so they can be there for them when the bus pulls up to the curb.

Forgot to save enough for retirement? Stop worrying! This skill, combined with what you already know, will ensure you’ll have all the money you’ll need from this day forward … for as long as you want to write. Some of the most successful “barefoot writers,” in fact, are recent retirees who bring a lifetime of knowledge and experience with them!

That’s why, when I call this a “lifetime” skill, I mean it.

Once you have it, you’ll never be without the ability to earn thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of dollars each and every month you use it … even into your retirement years.

With that in mind, let me tell you about a way you can have even more freedom as a writer.

This one’s from a friend of ours – a fellow barefoot writer – who has figured out a fun way to make money by “working” ridiculously short hours.

I think the name he gives it say it all …

“Your 1-Hour Work Week”

The letters I write make a real difference in the lives of less fortunate children

Mary McNamara’s life has always been about helping others. For years she was a program director at a non-profit organization. So when she learned there was a huge demand for barefoot writing skills within her industry, she jumped on it.

She knew her life had changed dramatically for the better when she was sitting in a park with a latte on a summer day, while everyone else she knew was stuck in an office … and she was legitimately working.

More important to her is the real difference she’s making in the lives of others:

“Money raised by the letters I write makes a real difference in the lives of less fortunate children. Yes, I’m paid well for it – but the money’s nothing compared to waking up and feeling good about the contribution I’m making each and every day.”

You know, there’s this idea that you have to be “creative” and “inspired” to be a successful writer.

That’s not the case with a lot of the writing we do. And “Your 1-Hour Work Week” is a perfect example.

This opportunity is ideal for you if you don’t have a lot of time … and you enjoy writing about something you already know – like a hobby or a favorite pastime. It’s also a perfect way to “ease into” the writer’s life … because, as the name implies, you don’t have to write very much at all to be successful at it.

The idea is very simple. It uses the power of the Internet … and people’s unquenchable thirst for good, free information about a long list of very specific subjects … and lets you generate as many steady streams of income as you’d like to have.

Best of all, you can have everything set up and in place quickly and easily, at a very low cost (typically under $500) – and be running your brand-new “business” within 48 hours.

From there, it’s a matter of spending as little as one hour a week to maintain and expand it.

Sound unbelievable? Well, it’s not.

Fact is, most of the websites you see online are half-hearted, amateurish attempts at this very thing. But a good friend of ours named Nick has perfected this money-making technique over the years and recently shared it with us.

What’s really great about this one-hour work week strategy is that you’re not selling anything … you don’t have to ask for money … you don’t have to write about something someone else tells you to write about … you don’t have to write on any set schedule – nothing like that.

Pick Your Favorite Hobby … Then Profit From It!

You will be spending your time on something you enjoy. And thanks to the vast reach of the Internet – and the billions of people who are on it at any given time – you can write about any interest, any hobby, any subject and be paid to do it.

I know this sounds crazy, this idea of wandering to the beach barefoot with your laptop, writing a few paragraphs about stuff you love – then logging on to your bank account to see how much money has come in …

Fellow Club Members Have Done the Work for You

But it’s happening and it’s happening a lot, thanks to the Internet and the many people who are thirsty for good, FREE information.

Sara D., for example, is making $4,000 a month writing about the benefits of juicing. She started in her spare time, but recently quit her regular job and now makes all the money she need – writing just about juicing!

Tomaz M. is another one. He’s averaging $1,000 a day writing about vacuum cleaners …

And Birgit B. is averaging $8,500 a month writing about the place she lives – a little town called Kimberley, Australia. She writes about Kimberly six months out of the year and then takes the other six months off to do what she loves best: travel.

Our friend Nick – well, he writes about a bunch of things … but one of his biggest income generators is what he writes about coffee! Last I heard, Nick’s little coffee website had made him up to $4,500 a month – and he only spends an hour or so a week working on it …

Talk about passive income!

(Plus, like a lot of barefoot writers, Nick makes hundreds of thousands of dollars from other “barefoot writing” opportunities he has going … )

Point is, if you have an interest or hobby you’d like to write about, there’s no reason why you can’t be generating this kind of income for yourself. And you won’t be alone in learning how to do it …

You see, one of the great things about our “barefoot writer’s” club is that we’re always sharing with each other what we know about new ways to make money.

Many of our members have benefited from “1-Hour” trailblazers like Nick and others who worked hard for months (years, in some cases) devising their systems and perfecting their formulas. They know what works and they’ve passed it along … so we can share the formula with you when you join our little club.

All you have to do is decide what you want to write about … set things up based on the prototypes and formulas that we know work … and write a few paragraphs every couple of days to keep the information fresh and the money rolling in!

Imagine waking up in the morning, pouring yourself a cup of coffee, walking barefoot out to the deck or the pool and writing a paragraph or two while you soak up the morning air …

 … and you’re done for the day!

Just 15 minutes of your time, four or five days a week – writing from anywhere: your bed, the pool, the beach … add it up and it comes to about a one-hour work week!

I have full control over my income
and my career

Ed Gandia was making a good six-figure salary as a software salesman. But he felt like he had limited control over his career. His employer had recently decided to scale back further support and development for the product he sold. They were also pressuring him to take on a different sales territory that had a higher income potential but also required much more travel.

“My wife and I had just had our first child, and I didn’t want to be away from home every week,” he said. “Sure, the money and upside they were offering me was amazing, but I wanted both: a way to make a great income and have full control over how and when I worked.

“As a freelance writer, I’m able to chart my own course while generating a very strong income doing something I love. I don’t commute to work … I don’t have to travel … I get to see my family every day … I have no one to answer to … I make my own business decisions … I have plenty of variety in my everyday work … And I get to help my clients generate more revenue!

“Plus, I’m a lot more relaxed than I used to be. This may sound cheesy, but I’m a lot more at peace now that I’m in control of my life.

“As for replacing that six-figure salary, that wasn’t a problem for me. In my first full year as a full-time freelance writer, I grossed over $163,000.”

We’ll Send You All the Details

You’ll get all the details in the second report I’d like to send you called: The Secret of The 1-Hour Work Week.”

In it, you’ll learn from one of the pioneers of this fun and easy writing technique – everything from how to set up your “1-hour-a-week” business to all kinds of exciting ideas to write about.

And it’s yours free when you accept our invitation for a close-up look at the many “barefoot” writing opportunities we know.

I’ll tell you how you can get it in a minute – without risking one red cent.

Of course, there are plenty more opportunities to make money as a barefoot writer …

Including this one … something we like to call:

“The Secret of the $500 Email”

Here’s a question for you: Have you ever writen an email?

Okay, silly question. Of course you have. You write emails to friends, you probably write them at work. Maybe you write them on Facebook.

But here’s a more important question:

Have you ever been paid to write an email? And I’m not talking chump change, here. I’m talking $100, $250, $500, even $1,000 – for a simple one- or two-page email!

Sound crazy?

I’m sure it does. But this opportunity exists in our little underground world. It’s perfect for anyone who has a few hours a day to write short, quick emails:

Now don’t worry …

I’m not talking “spam” here. You won’t be writing about some Nigerian prince who needs money to unlock his vast fortune … or someone in a faraway country who needs someone to cash his winning lottery ticket for him.

Emails That People Are Waiting For

In fact, the emails a lot of us write don’t “sell” or “ask for” anything. Your name isn’t on them and you’re not the one sending them out …

They’re sincere and genuine “messages” sent out by companies to customers who are expecting them because they contain information the customers have asked for – information they want and need. The main objective of these emails is to make the people who are getting them feel welcomed … appreciated … valued.

We learned about getting paid to write simple emails from our good friend and fellow barefoot writer Jay.

Jay’s got quite a good thing going in Missouri, where he lives.

He has just a few clients who call him up at his house whenever they need some emails written. He jots down what they need … writes them out in a matter of a few hours (often copying the formula of successful emails he’s written before) … sends them to the client, along with an invoice for his work.

And how much will Jay make by writing simple emails this year?

Jay doesn’t like to talk specifics about things like that, except to say he earns “a comfortable six figures.” So I did a little math …

He charges $500 per email. He says he typically writes seven emails for each assignment. It might take him two mornings, writing about two emails per hour, to get the job done – then a round of golf in the afternoons.

The “$1,000-per-Hour Writer”

That’s $3,500 from just two days of writing … or right around $1,000 for every hour spent at the computer …

Do that 52 weeks a year and it adds up to over $180K per year … writing short, simple emails two days a week – for just two clients! And remember – many of the emails you write will be based on successful “templates” you’ve written before!

Sound like the kind of writing you might be interested in? If so, you can learn all about it in the third special report you can have within minutes – just for having a look inside our little club.

“The Secret of the $500 Email” is our latest briefing on this, one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand opportunities for barefoot writers. You’ll learn who needs these emails, what they’re meant to do, the simple formula for writing them and more.

Can you imagine the reaction when your friends ask you about your new “job” … how you can suddenly have new cars, go to fancy restaurants, and have so much time to travel. And you say: “I do it by writing emails.”

They’ll think you’re putting them on. But you’ll know just how real it is.

Remember, with many of the writing opportunities we’ll share with you, you can make as much (or more) money as a lot of doctors, lawyers, architects and other well-schooled professionals.

Yet there’s no going back to school …

No having to relocate or travel …

You can do it all from the comfort of your home.

And you can do it living what really amounts to a “retirement” lifestyle … where you don’t have to work that hard or that often.

“A good income and the freedom to set your
own schedule – ‘the best of both worlds’”

Barefoot writer Sean McCool brings new meaning to “Done it all.”

He mowed lawns, starting at the age of 10. He cut and delivered firewood at the age of 14, saving up money for his first car. And he’s been working ever since. He’s done retail, delivered papers and pizza, waited tables … served in the army. He’s sold insurance, funeral plots, even knives. He also owned a handyman business. Most of these jobs – the ones Sean liked best – allow you to set your own schedule.

Problem is, they’re jobs that don’t pay well – and left him living paycheck to paycheck. And with a wife and family to support, the stress was getting to him. Then he discovered the life of a barefoot writer:

“Now, I actually have the best of both worlds. I’ve got good income, so the stress is gone as far as paying the next bill and those kinds of things, but I kept the freedom that I was used to. For instance, this morning, from 8:00 to 10:00, I spent at my daughter’s school, doing a basic first aid training course.

“Years ago, I could never afford to give my kids the things I can give them now. And not only can I now afford to send my daughter to the best soccer camp … I can be there to share the experience with her. Not only can I get my son guitar lessons, I can be there to watch his skills blossom. To me, being a barefoot writer is all about having these options.”

You’re Entitled to Be Skeptical

Which brings me to an important thought …

Every so often, I have to remind myself that this idea might seem crazy to those in the outside world.

People who have been told all their lives that you have to “work hard” and that money doesn’t come easily …

People who are not in our world and can’t see the benefits firsthand each and every day …

People who think that unless you write a New York Times bestseller or a blockbuster movie, you’ll always struggle as a writer.

People who could never imagine you can be paid so much money (and enjoy so much personal freedom) for writing a few well-chosen words!

Why We Get So Much for Our Writing

But here’s the thing.

Our writing is in big demand for a very good reason.

You see, the writing we do helps people get things they want. It stirs people to take action – whether it’s trying something new, dropping an old habit or doing something to improve their lives.

In short, if you know the secret to getting people excited about something you’re interested in (like growing bigger tomatoes) … or making them feel wanted and special through a simple email … or you can persuade them to consider a certain investment or product … you have a very powerful skill.

And because this skill is the engine of the $2.3 trillion economy I’ve been telling you about, a lot of companies are willing to pay you very well to write them – and in many cases, even share some of the profits with you!

I’ve introduced you to a few opportunities already.

But there are many more. When you join our club, you will have your choice among dozens of terrific, low-stress ways to make money as a “be-at-home-in-your-bare-feet” writer. It’s just a matter of choosing the one (or ones) that interests you the most.

In a short moment, I’m going to tell you how you can join our little club. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you very much at all.

In fact, with this invitation you’ll be able to have access to every one of the dozens of amazing opportunities I’ve been talking about for just pennies a day.

So your investment in joining the club is so small it’s almost laughable. But the return you can get is so extraordinary it’s almost laughable too.

I’m talking about hundreds of dollars an hour – as I explained, $500 an hour is not unheard of, and in certain cases the reward is greater than that. On an annual basis, I’m talking about a six-figure income. And some people (yup … people like me) make that kind of money working part-time!

But here’s what’s really special about this invitation, and the message I’m bringing you today. And I’m sorry if I sound blunt or a little bit forward.

Right now we’re in troubled economic times. Jobs are more scarce than ever. And jobs that do exist are not as secure as they once were. Also, millions of Americans have watched their retirement savings fall substantially in recent years.

Many more have nowhere near enough saved up.

And a lot of experts are predicting it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

I firmly believe what I’m offering you today is more than the “lifeline” it was for me when I was struggling years ago. It’s a skill you’ll have forever – and will use in so many ways.

You can use it as a way to make a few extra thousand dollars a month … or use it to build yourself a multi-million dollar business.

Once you learn this skill, it’s almost like having your own personal “ATM machine” – where you set the limit.

Excuse me for saying so but given the risk/reward ratio of this invitation, you’d have to be crazy to turn it down. These sorts of tiny-investment, huge-potential opportunities come along very, very rarely.

And remember, this isn’t some flash-in-the-pan money making idea. Persuasive writing has been a highly marketable skill ever since advertising’s golden age in the 1950s and 60s.

But what you might not have known before today is just how in demand the kind of writing we do is … and the great life you can have once you learn this simple skill. And now, the Internet has come along and multiplied the opportunity for skilled writers one thousand fold!

Fact is, we’ve been showing regular folks like you how to grab your share of the pie since 1997 – almost 20 years now.

And the risk in learning it? The risk is zero.

If you join our club, get all the reports and decide, for any reason at all, that you aren’t thrilled about them you can let us know and the small amount of money you’ll have paid will be sent back to you, promptly, in full, along with a “thank you” from us for your interest.

I Believe Our Little World Will Amaze You

But I think you’ll like what you see.

It really is a wonderful life, this life of a well-paid writer.

I’ll tell you all about what you’ll get when you join our little club – which we call, appropriately enough, “The Barefoot Writer’s Club” – and how you can start getting all the details on the opportunities I’ve been telling you about (plus dozens more) within the hour.

But first, I have another writing situation that might interest you, particularly if you’re a little bit nervous about doing any kind of writing at first.

“Get Paid to Surf the Web”

It’s true that most of the opportunities that come our way involve some kind of writing – whether it’s the hour a day you’ll be writing about your favorite hobby … or writing emails … or maybe even a letter like this one.

But there are a few opportunities where you don’t have to write much at all. Like this one, where all you have to do to get paid is surf the Internet … find information … then copy, cut and paste it onto a page!

Okay …

I realize as I’m writing this that it sounds a little far-fetched.

“What nut,” you might be tempted to ask, “would be willing to pay me to sit on my butt and surf the Internet all day?”

Fair question. But one of those nuts … is me!

Here’s why.

For a lot of the writing I do, I need facts and figures and other information that helps make my writing stronger. But I have so much work to do (that pays so well) that it’s better for me to hire someone else to hunt down that information. So when I need something, I just shoot off an email to one of my “Personal Web Surfers” asking him (or her) to look for it – while I continue writing what I have to write.

It’s a great arrangement for both of us. I get the information I need without having to interrupt my writing flow and take the half a day it might take for me to find it.

As for my Web surfers, they know where to look, so they can find what I need fast. They can surf the Net for any number of writers – depending on how much time they want to spend on their computers each day.

And they can charge some pretty good money for very little work.

Here’s a quick example of what I mean.

One time I needed some statistics from a government site and asked one of my Web surfers how much he would charge me to find it.

“Seventy-five dollars,” he told me.

Truth is, I was willing to pay a lot more than that – somewhere around $200. After all, it would have taken me three or four hours to find the information, and it was going to be a pretty important addition to the piece I was writing.

“You’re on!” I said to him, thinking I’d gotten a pretty good deal.

Well, 10 minutes later I got an email from him with all the information I needed (and a little bit more).

Turns out he knew exactly where to look for the numbers I wanted. And assuming he spent all 10 of those minutes on my project alone, he’d just ”earned” the equivalent of $450 per hour by “surfing the Web”!

Plus, I happen to know I’m not the only writer using this Web surfer. Who knows how many times a day he can find information within minutes … and charge that kind of money to do it!

That’s what makes this the perfect “barefoot writing” opportunity for someone who’s Internet savvy and loves surfing the Web.

Between what you know and what the Web surfers we use can show you – and considering all the other barefoot writers out there who would rather pay you to “surf the Net” rather than do it themselves – you can make a very nice side or full-time income doing this.

And it’s very simple. Once you know the shortcuts to the best information sites and some rules and formats to follow when it comes to submitting information to writers, you can be in the “Web Surfing business” in a matter of hours.

Of course, you’ll get more details in the fourth free report I’ll send you when you join us: “Get Paid to Surf the Web”.

Which brings me to another important point I want to make.

Just how do I plan to introduce you to all these opportunities … and show you how you can become a “barefoot writer” along with us before the year is out?

Let’s just say we know a thing or two about introducing folks to the writer’s life. Here’s a little background …

We’ve Been Helping Writers for Almost 20 Years Now

The high demand for writers in our little underground economy is nothing new. Even before the Internet really took off and opened up a whole new universe for people who could do the kind of writing we do. A big reason is what I mentioned before. No schools teach this style of writing, so to learn it you have to know someone who’s “in the business.”

So back in 1997, some fellow writers and I got together and started putting together special programs, books and guides to help more people who were interested in getting out of the rat race and becoming successful, work-at-home writers.

We set up an office in Florida (where all of us lived at the time) and hired a good friend of ours, Katie, to run it. She made sure that the materials people ordered got to them quickly … and that the resources we were offering had the latest and best information. She also provided “customer service” – a place new writers could call if they had questions or needed more information about anything.

And that little company we started – American Writers & Artists Inc. – still keeps a small but dedicated crew working hard to help a lot of up and coming writers.

But what we never had was a fun and easy way for people to get to see all the things we were offering … get some tips on how to succeed as a “barefoot writer” … and decide which opportunities were best for them.

So not long ago, we all met again … at Michael’s beachfront mansion. (Remember him? He’s the one who got me into this in the first place.) And we decided to create a very special “club,” as it were – where anyone who joined could:

  1. Get a close-up look at what we do
  2. Learn how our little underground economy works (Actually, it’s not so “little.” It may be small in terms of the number of people taking advantage of it … but in terms of dollars, it’s a $2.3 trillion industry.)
  3. And know exactly how to get started making good money by writing from anywhere

“We Hate Shoes!”

We decided to call it “The Barefoot Writer’s Club,” because when we met at Michael’s place to talk about it, we noticed we were all sitting around in bare feet …

So the name was born – and it perfectly describes the lifestyle you can have as a writer:

You never have to “be” anywhere for work …

Which means you never have to dress up …

You can throw on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt (no shoes) … grab your laptop, mosey down to the beach or outside to your favorite lawn chair … and earn a very good living as a writer!

So what are some of the things you’ll see and learn when you join our club?

First and foremost, you’ll learn about the growing number of high-paying opportunities open to you. There are so many, there’s sure to be one that suits your interests, your experience, your personality.

I’ve already told you about four terrific possibilities:

The one where you’re paid an upfront fee … plus a royalty that can act like an “Automatic Retirement Fund” … so you can make great money as a writer – and lock up a million-dollar retirement while you’re at it!

Then there’s what we like to call “The 1-Hour Work Week,” where you simply write about an interest or hobby – and once you take a day or two to set it up, all it’ll take to keep a nice income stream flowing your way is about an hour a week.

I told you about a way to make thousands of dollars a week by writing quick little $500 emails a few hours a day – emails people are expecting to get (not spam), because they contain information they need, want and asked for.

Plus, I told you how you can make money by surfing the Web, barely writing at all – helping other writers find the information they need.

And as I said, I’ll send you our latest full research reports on all four of these opportunities the instant you sign up to join us as a Barefoot Writer.

From scientist … to writing on the beach

Krista Jones was one of the first people we helped become a successful barefoot writer. She had a good job as an environmental scientist. But like so many people who join us, what drew Krista to writing was all about the freedom:

I no longer have to wake up to the jarring sound of an alarm clock, I very seldom have to deal with rush-hour traffic, and I get to wear comfortable clothes every day.”

“It hit me that I was living the life I always wanted when I was sitting on the beach and writing one beautiful afternoon!”

More Exciting Opportunities Each and Every Month

Then, every month, you’ll find out about more quick, fun and easy writing opportunities through our monthly online magazine – opportunities that could have you leaving the rat race behind … and living the life of a happy, wealthy, liberated Barefoot Writer just as soon as you’re ready to do it.

Some of the fun and rewarding opportunities we’ll be talking about in upcoming months include:

But new writing opportunities are just part of what becoming a Barefoot Writer gets you.

Wait Until You Hear About the Perks!

You see, everyone involved with this project is already a successful “barefoot writer.” And all of us have our own little “shortcuts” for becoming successful faster and making more money – shortcuts we’re happy to share with you in The Barefoot Writer magazine.

Plus, we live the “writer’s lifestyle” each and every day. Which means we also enjoy all its perks – and there are plenty of them: everything from free trips to exotic destinations … to generous tax benefits … to free “stuff” … to opportunities to meet and mingle with the rich and famous.

We’ll tell you about these (and how to get them) every month.

We’ll also do everything we can to motivate you to “make the leap” from the cubicle to the barefoot lifestyle … by sharing the stories and the strategies of those who have successfully left their “old lives” behind.

There’s even a way for you to write to us with any questions you have about our underground world, various writing opportunities, ways to accelerate your success – and we’ll answer them all through the “Members Talk” section of our regular magazine.

So you see, this truly is a fun and exciting scene that you’ll be welcomed into. Plus, it’s one that’s ever-changing, where new opportunities are constantly popping up.

Just in the last year, for instance, an ENORMOUS opportunity has come up for people who are into social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. (And I mean huge! We’ll tell you all about it … )

There’s also a fun way to make good money writing scripts for the kind of online videos that more and more companies and organizations are using these days.

But make no mistake about it: As much fun as our world is, it’s very real – and it can make you very wealthy once you know how it works.

Let me say this too …

As wonderful as the money can be though, it’s not what most people who join us say is the best part.

They say it’s the freedom.

The freedom to do what you want … when you want … from wherever you want.

The freedom of never having someone looking over your shoulder … telling you what to do and how to do it, 40, 50, 60 hours a week.

The freedom of being able to “take off” for a day or two with your family, and not have to clear it with anyone.

That’s what we all love about the barefoot lifestyle.

The money – well, that just completes the picture, doesn’t it? With the security, peace of mind and little luxuries it can bring you.

So what does it take to join us?

First, let me tell you how we plan to get all this life-changing information to you:

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a steady stream of the information we know can turn you into a successful “barefoot writer” – just like us – and open the doors to a world most people don’t even know exists.

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up as a “Barefoot Writer’s Club” member:

You’ll also get immediate access to your free “opportunity” reports:

And you’ll get: “Notes From the Beach” – That’s what we’re calling the little success snippets you’ll be getting from me and my fellow barefoot writers. Whenever any of us come across or think up a new opportunity, success tip or anything that can help you become a barefoot writer faster, we’ll get it out to you immediately by email.

There Is Nothing Like This Little “Club” of Writers

Again, I want to make it clear …

The Barefoot Writer’s Club will be different from anything you’ve ever seen. Sure, you can buy books on “ordinary” writing and sign up for magazines that cater to freelancers. But none will show you the kind of writing we do … writing that can pay you so well for writing such fun and interesting stuff.

As I said, ours is a special “underground” kind of writing that’s very different from writing books or stories or articles for newspapers and magazines. And, because it can’t readily be learned in schools or anywhere else, there aren’t a lot of people doing it.

That’s why the demand is so high and the pay is so attractive.

So if you want to be a writer – a well-paid writer – I highly recommend that you let us show you the many opportunities in “our” world.

If you’re still unsure, here’s what I suggest you do:

Take a Full Year to Decide

Let us know that you’d like to see what we’re doing and what we have to offer.

Read through the “Barefoot Writing Opportunity” reports that I’ll send you … start getting our “Barefoot Writer’s Club Magazine” the first Friday of each month by email … be on the lookout for our “Notes From the Beach” three or four times a month.

Take a full year to look at everything.

Then – if in that time at least one opportunity hasn’t come along that got you excited … or you’re no closer to becoming the kind of highly paid, work-at-home “barefoot writer” we believe you can be … simply let us know and we’ll refund your membership fee in it’s entirety.

Even if it’s on the 364th day: If for any reason you decide you’re no longer interested in what we’re showing you, just tell us and we’ll refund your money.

Believe me, there’s no shame in asking for your money back if you decide this isn’t for you. After all, why would we want you to pay for something you’re never going to use?

But my hunch is that if you’ve read this far, the idea of becoming a “barefoot writer” intrigues you.

And if you’re intrigued now, I just know you’re going to be thrilled once the doors swing open for you – and you start to see the steady stream of opportunities coming your way … and how far we’re willing to go to help you be successful.

As I said, we’ve been helping people become writers for almost 20 years now – and the one thing we’ve learned is that the only thing you need to make this happen is the desire.

The rest, we can show you.

So how can you get started – and how much will it cost?

Well, before I tell you, there’s one more “Barefoot Writing Opportunity” report I want to send you … the fifth one you’ll see within minutes of activating your “test drive” Barefoot Writer membership:

“The Lazy Writer’s Path to a Six-Figure Income”

This writing opportunity is perfect for anyone who’s ever dreamed of having a quick and easy home business that can really make a difference in other people’s lives.

The great thing about this business is:

And take a look at the money you can make:

These numbers are realistic. It’s the kind of money you can earn simply by offering a vital service that just about everyone needs and wants. And here’s the kicker …

It’s a business that thrives when the economy is strong … but really kicks into high gear when the economy is struggling!

This has been one of the most popular “barefoot writer” careers we’ve shared over the years. Not just because it’s so easy and the money’s great …

As you’ll discover, it’s highly rewarding too … because you’re helping others become more successful in their careers and in their lives.

Of course, we’ll send you our latest full report on this incredibly rewarding writing opportunity, “The Lazy Writer’s Path to a Six-Figure Income” – FREE – just for taking a no-risk membership in The Barefoot Writer’s Club.

But there’s yet another report I want to send you:

Get Paid to Take Your Next Vacation

I’ll be up front with you here: the money may not be as substantial as some of our other “barefoot writing” opportunities … but the perks are amazing!

Imagine, travelling to far off worlds, writing about food and cultures and the histories of little known regions of the world … and being paid to do it!

Few know it, but there’s an entire industry out there looking for travelers willing to explore different worlds, different cultures – and who know how to report back their findings in interesting and marketable ways.

It’s a skill to be sure, but one that’s easily learned – and we’ll tell you all you need to know in yet another special “Barefoot Writing Opportunity Report” we’d like to send you called: “Get Paid to Take Your Next Vacation”

In it you’ll learn who’s willing (and eager) to pay you for your travels … what kind of “stories” they’re looking for … and how to get your start writing them.

Thousands of writers we know have taken the time to learn these simple skills – just to take advantage of all the perks that can come with it. Which is why I’m thrilled to include this amazing report in the deal.

In all, that’s six exciting opportunities you’ll see within minutes of joining. And that’s just to get you started.

Plus, you’ll see dozens more over the next 12 months as a Barefoot Writer’s Club member.

What You’ll Get as a Member

To join us costs $99 for the year – and that includes everything I’ve talked about here: 12 issues of The Barefoot Writer’s Club Letter … Notes From the Beach … and your 5 free “Barefoot Writing Opportunity” reports:

Plus, you’ll have access to our password-protected “Barefoot Members Only” website, where you can contract us directly with questions … get updates on new opportunities … see which writing “niches” are currently paying the most and are in the highest demand … access all back issues of The Barefoot Writer’s Club Letter … see all the Notes From the Beach we’ve sent out … and a whole lot more.

I think you’ll agree, $99 per year is a fantastically cheap price for everything you’ll get with your membership.

I Still Pinch Myself Every Day

Remember, each month we’re going to show you specific ways to have the kind of life most people can only dream about.

Sometimes, it’s the little things …

Today, for instance, I’ll write until noon or so. Then I’ll meet my friend Bruce for a round of golf. And depending on what the weather’s going to do tomorrow — my wife and I will either head up to the boat we have on Lake Champlain for the weekend or maybe head down to New York City to see a show.

Spoiled, I know.

But it’s the kind of life so many of us have – and you can have, too … once you discover the secrets to becoming a “barefoot writer.”

And just so there’s no reason in the world for you not to at least look into it:

You have our full-year guarantee:

If after 12 months you haven’t found a barefoot writing opportunity that suits you – or you’ve simply decided that the kind of writing we do isn’t for you – just send us an email and we’ll send you your money back.

Nobody will try to change your mind – and, yes, you can keep everything you’ve received from us to date.

Through This Charter Offer You’ll Pay Just $49!

Plus there’s this:

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122 Amazing Perks and Freebies for Barefoot Writers (and How to Get Them!)

You know, one of the great things about being a writer in our $2.3 trillion underground economy is all the amazing little perks and benefits that come with it.

I can’t tell you how many free trips I’ve been on (not long ago I got to go on a seven-day Caribbean cruise aboard a Crystal Cruise Line ship … one of the most luxurious cruise operations in the world!) … how many luxury hotels I’ve stayed at (Ritz-Carlton, Fairmont, Hotel Intercontinental) … and how many interesting and exotic places I’ve visited (Paris, London, Bermuda, Nicaragua, Las Vegas, New York, and more) – all compliments of the folks I write for.

Others I know get all kinds of free stuff because of what they write about – everything from clothing … to subscriptions … to free computers. (Hey, if you’re going to write about an Apple iPad, you’re going to need one, right?)

There are barefoot writing opportunities where you can travel for free … get paid to watch movies and play video games … eat free in the best restaurants … get invited to premiers and openings … even rub shoulders with movie stars and high-profile business experts!

And that’s not to mention all the ways you can use this amazing skill to get other things you want – like discounts, free golf, theater tickets and more.

In fact, there’s so much free stuff you can get as a barefoot writer that we’ve put together a very special report on it called 122 Amazing Perks and Freebies for Barefoot Writers (and How to Get Them!). In it, you’ll learn exactly how to use your newfound skills to take advantage of these extra benefits.

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So, let’s quickly add up the value of everything you get through this exclusive and limited Charter Member offer:


 The Barefoot Writer’s Club Letter $99
Notes From the Beach


Your Seven (7) Free Bonus Reports:

 Copywriting 101: The Secret Formula for Making Six-Figures From Home - Writing Letters $39
 The Secret Of The 1-Hour Work Week $39
 The $500 Email Secret $39
 Get Paid to Surf the Web $39
 The Lazy Writer’s Guide to a Six-Figure Income $39
 Get Paid to Take Your Next Vacation $39
 122 Amazing Perks and Freebies for Barefoot Writers $39


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And even then, you can have your $49 back – and keep everything – if you decide the life of a barefoot writer is not for you!


If you love the idea of writing – and having the kind of “barefoot lifestyle” I’ve described … where you can work from anywhere as little or as much as you like and still make very good money – I hope you take advantage of this offer and sign up to join our little club.

There’s an old saying: “A change for the better justifies no delay.”

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I can tell you firsthand – I wouldn’t trade the life I have now for anything.

And believe me, if this can work for me, I know it can work for you.

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Besides everything you’ll get, we’re here to help you every step of the way.


Paul Hollingshead
“Barefoot Writer”

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