Turn Your Pictures Into Cash!

If you’re intrigued by the idea of making some extra money from your vacation pictures … or seeing your photos on the covers of glossy magazines and coffee table books … or traveling on a whim on someone else’s bill …

… while getting paid as much as $150-$800 per shot …

… then you have come to the right place.

You’re about to discover some simple, yet profound, secrets for turning your pictures into cash …

You don’t need fancy equipment. And you don’t need to know a thing about photography to get started. Turns out all you really need are the few simple secrets behind taking the kinds of photos that sell best. They’re easy to learn. And you can make $150 … $400 … even $800 per sale …

Turn Your Pictures Into Cash: A Comprehensive Program in Taking and Selling Amazing Photographs — gives you everything you need to get started.

You’ll discover:

  • From amateur to pro: The three crucial components in every saleable photograph (and how exactly to master them)
  • The easiest and fastest way to sell your snapshots as a new photographer
  • Never take a bad picture again — fool-proof tips and techniques for shooting beach scenes, snow scenes, landscapes, the desert, people, pets, architecture, rain, waterfalls, fireworks, birthday parties and more
  • Specific advice on a dozen broad photographic markets and how best to break into them
  • Two of the most lucrative markets: Secrets for getting into commercial photography (where $20,000 a project is not uncommon) … and stock photography (where images as simple as tissue paper, your yard, or your kitchen table can sell for super-fast cash!)
  • Little-known secrets that photographers use to land free meals, vacations, and other fun perks

This program includes everything you need to do to start (or jump-start) your career as a freelance photographer — and quickly get on track to earn $200 to $2,000 a week or more. And with the newly improved online edition, you’ll get access to convenient, downloadable chapters (that you’ll be able to access anywhere!) and brand new instructional VIDEOS showing you techniques that will help you get started selling your photos faster than ever. This online edition ensures you’ll gain the skills you need to start cashing in on your photos right away.

Special Offer: Turn Your Pictures Into Cash: A Comprehensive Program in Taking and Selling Amazing Photographs $430.00 $399.00 or start today for just $45 with 11 additional payments of $35 each.

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Money-Making Travel Photography — Train Yourself to Take Saleable Photos in 15 Minutes Or Less

Photos can be a remarkably strong sales tool when you’re approaching an editor with a story. They can significantly increase your chances of getting published (and earning extra income) — that is, if you know how to take the kinds of photos editors like.

In Money-Making Travel Photography you’ll find out the simplest and best camera to take with you (you don’t want to be lugging a trunk full of equipment) … six ways to take saleable shots of overly photographed places … how to photograph people and more.

Money-Making Travel Photography: $24.50

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The Next-Best Thing to Your Own Personal Photo Expert

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an expert to look over your shoulder when you snapped pictures? You know, somebody who could tell you, “Hey, change that f-stop for a much better shot,” or “That’ll come out quite nicely if you focus on something farther away.”

Well, while we can’t put an expert at your beck-and-call, we CAN do the next-best thing.

We can ship you a set of our Photo Tip Cards. These pocket-sized “cheat sheets” will ensure you get the best possible pictures all the time.

Sunsets, beaches, people, sports, waterfalls — whatever you’re shooting, just grab the card for that situation and it’ll tell you which camera settings to use, what to look for, the pitfalls to avoid, and exactly how to get the best images.

Photo Tip Cards: $39.97

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Free Articles on How to Become a Successful Photographer

AWAI’s photography pros have put together an archive of articles that includes the latest tips on improving your photography and making money with your pictures … plus monthly photo contests designed to improve your pictures and produce entries good enough to vie for AWAI’s $2,000 end-of-year prize.

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