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How Web-Writing Colleagues Can Help Your Business
Developing relationships with other writers is a good thing. Think of them as web-writing colleagues, not competitors. They can make your business stronger
Are You Attracting the Wrong Audience on Social Media?
If you’re using social media to market your web-writing business, the social media audience you’re attracting matters. Many writer make a common mistake…
The Result When I Took a Writer’s Retreat to Work on My Business
Working-at-home is wonderful, but it can also be jam-packed with distractions. A writer’s retreat can help you work on your big goals interruption-free.
5 Words to Gain Instant Credibility as a New Freelance Copywriter
Looking to be hired as a freelance copywriter? Use these five magic words to set yourself apart from other writers.
5 Creative Ways for Saying Thank You to Your Clients
Saying thank you to your clients is more than just polite. It builds relationships and can help keep your clients coming back to you with new projects.
How to Use Direct Messaging for Social Media Marketing Success
Social media is a great place to attract attention with public posts AND it can be an effective way to continue the conversation with direct messaging.
7 Reasons Why You Should Send Newsletters to Your Clients and Prospects
Sending newsletters to your clients and prospects can help you keep your project pipeline brimming over. Find out 7 ways this strategy helps your business.
You Can Increase Client Referrals by Asking 3 Simple Questions
A simple way to increase referrals. Even in today’s age of automated lead generation, most businesses say they get their best customers through referrals.
The Dangers of Relying on One Major Client
Relying on one major client for your writing work can lead to some landmines. Learn to recognize when you’re in dangerous territory and what to do about it
Social Media Marketing for Web Writers: Are You Posting Enough?
Social media marketing is a smart strategy for web copywriters, but to be successful, there are some nuances that are important to understand.

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