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How to Make Money Fast as a Writer
There’s a secret to making money fast as a writer. Take this one step, and you can start getting paid and quickly recoup your investment in yourself.
Boost Your Confidence with these 5 Foundational Elements of Your Writing Business
Building a solid foundation for your writing business provides benefits like increased confidence. Use these resources to put five key essentials in place.
Make Great Money Writing Any of These 5 Short-Form Copy Web Pages That Are in High Demand
Discover the details of the five in-demand web pages marketers need your help with, and how much you can charge to write each one.
Go From Busy to Productive in 3 Easy Steps
Become more organized and more productive with these 3 great tips from Michele Peterson.
Is It Ever the "Perfect" Time?
Finding the "perfect time" can often be misconstrued. Michele Peterson is here to help you focus in on what that phrase should mean.
Article Archive :: AWAI
Find any article in our archive, from publications such as The Golden Thread, The Writer’s Life, Wealthy Web Writer, Inside Freelance Design and Copywriting Insider.
AWAI Directory of Professional Freelance Writers
Since 1997 AWAI has been helping people develop the skills to acquire financial security, independence, and freedom through writing. Meet some of the AWAI members who have launched successful writing careers with the help of AWAI training programs and events.
Do You Need To Change Your Perspective to Move Forward?
Michele Peterson has found that understanding your business and its goals, both short and long term, are fundamental to building a successful freelancing career.
Is It Growing Season for Your Business?
If you aren't telling everyone you know about your freelance business, you're losing clients. Michele Peterson explains how to be the strongest marketing force for your freelance business.
Are You Trying to Appeal to Everyone?
Michele Peterson shares how she learned to focus her career and use that focus to pull in higher fees and more income.

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