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How to Consistently Bring Your "Good Stuff"
Michele Peterson explains how keeping up with the latest in copywriting can help you earn more from your clients.
Find Your Team and Pack Your Stadium Full of Encouragement
Michele Peterson gives some guidance on how to find the support and motivation to keep stepping up to the plate.
Play for the Name on the Front of Your Jersey
Michele Peterson encourages you to define the “why” that’s driving your writer’s life.
How to Bloom Wherever You're Planted
As a freelancer, every marketing opportunity you miss is lost income. Michele Peterson recounts some of the places she has landed clients, and reminds us that anyone can be our next referral.
Taking Care of Business...
Michele Peterson discusses the importance, and complexity, of running a freelance copywriting business.
How Will You Get From Here to There?
Michele Peterson has a great strategy to help you plan out a doable path to your goals.
Sorry, Practice Doesn't Make Perfect!
Michele Peterson has some tips for making sure you get the most out of practice.
5 Ways to be a Better Business Parent
How do you stay on top of all the changes and new developments in the copywriting world? Michele Peterson has some tips for helping keep you in the know.
Is Your Timer Set to Automatically Water Your Growing Business?
Michele Peterson gives you a great way to make sure you are marketing your business automatically.
Are You Asking Your Family for Help?
As a freelance copywriter you now have an extended family. Michele Peterson has some resources to help you reach out to all your new kin.

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