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Claiming a Niche Gives You Focus and the Power of Choice
Michele Peterson wants to help give your freelance career focus by getting you to choose your niche.
“Do, or Do Not … There Is No Try”
Michele Peterson wants you to stop trying and start doing.
How a Site Audit Made These CPAs Happy
A simple site audit can open doors to landing new clients. Michele Peterson shares how site audits lead to getting clients.
Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First... Then Assist Others
Michele Peterson wants to make sure you are helping your own business first before trying to help clients with their's.
Why Busy-ness Is Not Good for Business
How you spend your time can be as important as how you spend your money. Michele Peterson has some tips for focusing your energies on the most profitable actions.
Pre-Game Rituals to Get You in the Writing Zone
Many people who have had success at anything have a ritual that keeps them in the zone. Michele Peterson shares her pre-game ritual, and helps you develop your own.
5 Quick & Easy Ways to Be Memorable
Michele Peterson provides some great tips for making sure you make a memorable impression that can boost your freelance business.
How to Leverage Work You Do Outside Your Niche to Build Credibility
Sometimes as a copywriter you may have to deviate from your goal to keep afloat. Michele Peterson recommends some ways to help push these deviations closer to your original plan.
Why I Chose Web Copywriting … And You Should, Too
Michele Peterson explains the nature of the vast and ever growing world of web copywriting.
7 Steps to Cure “Cobbler’s Children Syndrome”
Michele Peterson reminds us that we need to help ourselves to further our careers.

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