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5 Projects You Can Get Paid to Write If You Can Write an Email - Inside AWAI
Discover how you you can get paid to write emails. In this free Inside AWAI session, Katie, Rebecca, and Pam welcome special guest Jay White as they explore five different projects that can get you started making money writing emails faster.
Today’s Unexpected Opportunities for Email Writers — Inside AWAI
In this FREE webinar we teach you about the big variety of projects available to people who can write a simple email.
Write Now! Persuasive Writing Prompt: Become an Email Subject Line Machine [video]
Practice writing stronger email subject lines with this video from Pam Foster, Director of Copywriter Training at AWAI.
How to Write High Impact Emails
Marketing Emails: Get paid for something you already know how to write! One of the best and easiest ways to break in as a copywriter is to learn the secret to writing great marketing emails.
Write Now! Persuasive Writing Prompt: Email a Story with Good Advice [video]
Collect 7 pieces of advice to share with a college graduate and write a story email. Do the same for a client.
The 10-Minute Workday Email Business for Copywriters
Ben Settle shows you how to write your way to six-figures in 10 minutes a day using a “client-less” email business model. Earn more in less time.
How to Master Valuable B2B Email Marketing Copy Skills — AWAI
From B2B email marketing expert Steve Slaunwhite and AWAI: how to write highly effective email copy for B2B companies and earn top rates, starting today.
Writers Benefit as Email Breaks New Records in 2021
Email is “mission critical” to the survival of businesses today, so brands are willing to spend big on campaigns. To make a great living as a writer, you can start off with these short, in-demand projects.
Things You’ll Love About Being an Email Copywriter
Every writer should learn to write emails because marketers need a lot of them, and your fees will add up. Discover five emails you can get paid top dollar for, and six steps to get started.
Is Email Your Ticket to Being a Successful Freelance Writer?
Virtually every business uses email to communicate with customers… and they need writers. For a quick start to making money, here’s why writing these short, fun projects could be an ideal option.

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