Share What You Know
— and Get Paid for It!

You may be able to
turn your knowledge and experience into thousands
in additional income —
this year and every year!

In a new e-book, published by AWAI,
I show you how … step by step!

– Don Hauptman,
   Copywriter, Critiquer, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker

Dear Reader,

Think about all the valuable knowledge and experience you possess.

Take it from me. Few people have that level of expertise or specialized skills. There’s a market and a demand for it.

All of this spells opportunity—for you. You can share what you know … and get paid for it!

How much? How about $2,000, $4,000, $7,500, $10,000? And not just once but repeatedly and consistently. I did it, and I’ll show you how to do it, too!

The opportunities are everywhere, and the potential benefits are huge. What’s more, the rewards go way beyond money, and include numerous other advantages I’ll tell you about below.

What, specifically, are the professional activities I’m talking about?

Critiquing. Consulting. Training the staffs of client companies. Speaking at industry events. And more.

All these activities are linked by a common theme: communicating what you know—and being well compensated for it.

Not sure you can do these things?

Well, consider what a friend once told me: “To be regarded as an expert, you don’t need to know everything about your subject. You only need to know more than your audience.”

By branching out into these lucrative and fun areas, you’ll reap enormous returns. In fact, it could be the single best career decision you’ll ever make!

Learned a Technique that Generated
$9,500 in Three Days!

  I just made an easy $9,500 in three days from one simple technique I learned while reading The Versatile Freelancer. I’m a speechwriter. I had never critiqued speeches, but Chapter 2, all about doing critiques for money, gave me the idea and taught me everything I needed to know. I charge clients $6,000 to $12,000 to write a speech. Now, as an option, I offer to critique, correct, and punch up the drafts they write for $2,000 to $2,500. I can do a critique or rewrite in one-fifth the time it takes to write a speech. I also got several promising ideas from Chapter 4, on delivering seminars and training for corporate clients. The book’s Bonus Section contains numerous useful tools. The Versatile Freelancer has my highest recommendation. 

— Michael Cloud, speechwriter

This Information-Packed New e-Book
Shows You How, Step by Step

My name is Don Hauptman. For more than 30 years, I was a full-time freelance direct-response copywriter. Throughout my career, I did all of these things, and I was paid well for them.

Now I’ve written an e-book, just published by AWAI, that shows you how to achieve the same success. It’s called …

How Writers and Other Creative Professionals
Can Generate More Income by Seizing New Opportunities in
Critiquing, Consulting, Training, and Presenting

The Versitle Freelancer

The Versatile Freelancer is not a book of theory or guesswork. It’s practical, real-world guidance, based on what worked for me—and for many other equally successful freelance professionals.

I recently retired in order to pursue other interests and passions. As a result, I no longer have any “trade secrets” to protect. I’m free to reveal everything. And in this book, I do!

I share all my tips for critiquing, consulting, training, and speaking. I give you my planning documents and agreement letters and publicity tools. I explain what to charge for these jobs, how to prepare for them, how to conduct them, and how they can generate still more business and revenues for you in the future.

Most important, I tell you how to land these plum assignments! Where to find clients. What they want from you. How to get them to hire you for these jobs.

All with specifics and details …

Actions to take. Mistakes to avoid. Plus first-hand reports of my own experiences with client companies. And those of other freelancers who successfully made the leap into one or more of these exciting new career paths.

In The Versatile Freelancer, I hold nothing back. This book is complete, comprehensive, all you need to know. It’s packed cover to cover with sound advice and insider information that you’ll find nowhere else.

Let me say it again: Everything you need to know to capitalize on these great, well-paying opportunities is in this book.

Do you have any hesitations about speaking? Well, fear not! You don’t have to be an eloquent orator. I’m certainly not—yet I spoke, trained, and consulted successfully for 30+ years.

I did it all. I won’t suggest that you do anything I haven’t already done myself.

Whether you’ve spoken in public before or not, whatever your level of presentation skill or experience, you can make this transition. The Versatile Freelancer is filled with terrific tips and advice to help you become an effective presenter. (And by the way, some of these activities require only writing, phone calls, or informal meetings.)

In The Versatile Freelancer, you’ll also meet many other people who have achieved success in these fields … and who candidly share their stories and advice.

Copywriters. Graphic designers. Photographers. Travel writers. Book editors. Career counselors. Experts on management, leadership, salesmanship, customer service, and other topics. And more.

So here’s the bottom line …

I’ve done it. They’ve done it. You can, too! The potential rewards are gigantic. Let me tell you just a few of them …

Essential to Moving into the Really Big Figures

  Just finished reading Don Hauptman’s great book, The Versatile Freelancer. Sure wish I had it in hand when I first started freelancing. It would have made my life easier and my bank account fatter. Speaking and consulting are a natural outgrowth of writing in the business field. Anyone who is active as a writer will find this book essential to moving into the really big figures. 

— Phillip M. Perry, Pres.,, syndicated columnist, author of more than 5,000 published articles

The Multiple Advantages of Making the Move

By diversifying into some or all of these new professional activities, you can add thousands—or perhaps tens of thousands—of dollars to your income each year. That alone should be enough of an incentive to consider them!

But as I said above, the rewards you’ll realize go way beyond money. For instance …

And there’s more! You win applause and adulation. You experience the satisfaction of helping others. And this kind of career diversification can even help “recession-proof” your business, as I’ll explain a bit later.

Holds Nothing Back!

  In recessionary times, it’s essential to have multiple sources of income at your fingertips—and The Versatile Freelancer shows you how. This book supplies lots of really practical and unique ideas for writers—including things I had never heard before. For example, I had never thought about critiquing, but these days clients are very interested in this. Critiques are quick, easy, and lucrative. Don Hauptman explains exactly what to do to get started. He also provides a bunch of cool tools to help build your business, including an elegant and useful questionnaire that can make your life easier whenever you begin working with a client on a new project. Don is incredibly generous in sharing his 30 years of experience and knowledge. In The Versatile Freelancer, he holds nothing back 

— Stacey Morris, copywriter

Opportunities Are Everywhere

At this point, you may be asking …

Who would hire and pay me for critiques … or consultations … or training … or speaking?”

The answer: Just about everyone!

Many large companies have programs for training their staffs regularly. And owners of smaller companies and solo entrepreneurs know that they can benefit from a critique or a consultation.

As a copywriter, I found these opportunities all over the place. Many people eagerly seized the services I offered. Why? Well, one reason is that they couldn’t afford, or didn’t want to pay, the far higher fees I charged to write a direct-mail package.

And here’s still another opportunity: You can speak at industry meetings—including conventions, conferences, seminars, trade lunches, and more. Hundreds of these events take place every day. Speaking to industry groups enhances your reputation, boosts your visibility, and generates new business. Indeed, this is one major way I built my own career.

“But come on!” you may be scoffing. “Don’t these assignments come along only occasionally?”

Not at all! One client hired me to do critiques multiple times. Other companies invited me back repeatedly to deliver presentations for new staffers. I spoke at one important annual trade conference almost every year for decades.

In The Versatile Freelancer, you’ll find case studies of my experiences with actual clients. You’ll learn exactly what I did for them—and the results, in their own words.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these professional activities—and how The Versatile Freelancer will help you seize the opportunities they offer …

Particularly Useful in Tough Economic Times

  Inspirational and invaluable! Step-by-step specifics on how to morph your career into other areas and do a fantastic job when you get there. Clear, concise, brimming with practical information and the author’s own success secrets, The Versatile Freelancer is an indispensable reference for writers and other creative pros on every rung of the food chain. Don shows you how to deploy your core skills to expand your business into speaking, training, consulting, and critiquing. This book is particularly useful in tough economic times when budgets are lean and competition is cutthroat. If you want to be the best at what you do, and do more of it, get hold of The Versatile Freelancer and read every word.

— Ruth K. Sheldon, Copywriter/Consultant


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An Easy (and Profitable) First Step

If you’re good at what you do, you can be a good critiquer. It’s really as simple as that!

After all, you know better than anyone what works in your field or specialty. You just need to communicate that information to your client.

For critiquing a single direct-mail package, I charged (and got) between $2,000 and $4,000.

But you don’t need to be a copywriter to do it. I’ll introduce you to a designer, a photographer, a book editor—all of whom regularly do critiques and are well paid for them. And critiquing opportunities for other freelancers abound.

What’s more, these assignments don’t take long. A big advantage is that you can probably do them a lot faster than your usual jobs.

Here’s a preview of the great advice you’ll find in this chapter of The Versatile Freelancer …

Plus: This fact-filled chapter tells you exactly how I did critiques, with actual examples from my client reports. A case study of a major critiquing assignment. My terms and conditions. (One clause of my agreement specifies full payment in advance—and I always got it!) How to set limits and protect yourself. And much more.

Turns You Into a “Multiple Streams of Income” Machine!

  The Versatile Freelancer is the world's most comprehensive book on the many additional career paths and income sources open to freelance copywriters. It's all here—this terrific book shows you, step by step, how to turn yourself into a ‘multiple streams of income’ machine through highly paid critiquing, consulting, and speaking assignments. The inclusion of fees, contracts, worksheets and an action plan ensures that this will be among those rare books with a shelf life of decades. Bravo! 

— Chris Marlow, The Original Copywriter’s Coach

Consulting Can Be a Lucrative Sideline
to Your Career

Can you expand your business into consulting? I’ll bet you can. Think about what you know … and the people who would be willing to pay you for it.

For consultations, I charged between $4,000 and $7,500.

Why did clients hire me as a consultant? Here’s what I often heard:

Whatever your own specialty, don’t you have valuable advice to share—advice that people would eagerly pay you to learn?

If I could do it, you can, too! The Versatile Freelancer shows you how. Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll learn …

Plus fascinating and useful profiles of successful consultants, a case study of a consulting assignment of my own, my simple 4-step approach to consulting, the research and preparation methods I used, and much more.

Be a Well-Paid Trainer at Client Companies

In a way, it’s almost a “hidden” market. If you don’t know it exists, you can’t cash in on it.

Companies regularly invite outside experts to train their employees—and compensate them handsomely.

For an in-house training seminar, I charged between $5,000 and $10,000.

You might assume that only huge corporations hire people for this purpose. Not true! I’ve done in-house training for numerous companies, large and small alike.

Consider the plight of a typical client. The boss may not be able to hire an outsider for every project. The budget is just too tight. Or the job may need to be done quickly. So such tasks will often fall to an employee. That company’s problem equals your opportunity!

I was called in to teach staffers like these to be better copywriters and marketers. It’s likely that a similar demand exists for corporate training in your specialty, too.

Can The Versatile Freelancer help turn you into a highly paid trainer? I’ll do my best to make that happen. Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover in this chapter …

Plus detailed accounts of my experiences as a trainer for client companies, how I handled each assignment, what these companies wanted, what I delivered, the results, and more.

Meet the Author … Who “Did It All”

For more than 30 years, Don Hauptman was an award-winning independent direct-response copywriter and creative consultant.

In the course of his career, he did all the things he discusses in this book: critiquing, consulting, delivering in-house company training seminars, speaking at industry events.

Don may be best known for his headline “Speak Spanish [French, German, etc.] like a Diplomat!” This ubiquitous series of ads generated revenues that total in the tens of millions of dollars … and achieved the status of an industry classic.

His work was praised by such direct-marketing legends as John Caples, Eugene Schwartz, and Bob Stone.

His winning campaigns are mentioned in three major college advertising textbooks, and examples of his promotions are cited in the books Million Dollar Mailings and World's Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters.

In a column in Advertising Age, Don’s name was included in a short list of direct-marketing “superstars.”

Last but not least, Don was an early specialist in marketing techniques for freelancers. He created and presented an acclaimed one-day seminar called “Self-Promotion for the Self-Employed.”

Speaking at Industry Events Can Enhance
Your Reputation and Build Your Business

Every industry regularly holds numerous meetings: conferences, conventions, seminars, workshops, breakfasts, lunches.

These events need speakers—lots of them. What’s more, sometimes the sponsor is desperate to fill an opening with a qualified presenter. Why not you?

Whenever I spoke at such gatherings, I received a warm reception, an attentive audience, and enthusiastic applause. It was flattering to be treated like a star. What’s more, these appearances often led to new business. I met people who became my clients for years and even decades.

How tough is it to become a speaker at such events? Not difficult at all. The Versatile Freelancer will tell you all you need to know …

Plus my own speaking adventures around the world, details on presentations I delivered successfully, what should—and should not—be in your talks, profiles of well-paid professional speakers who share their excellent advice, and more.

Made Me a Ton of Money—in Two Hours!

  In The Versatile Freelancer, Don Hauptman provides great advice for copywriters and other creative professionals. Let me tell you how great it is: Last week, in two hours, I earned more than I was paid in an entire month on my first job out of school—which, by the way, was as a 'glamorous' staff writer for a national publication in New York! How did I make so much money in two hours? Simply by following the advice Don gives you in Chapter 2. 

— David Garfinkel, Founder, World Copywriting Institute

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Be a Top-Notch Presenter—Whether or Not
You Have Previous Speaking Experience

If you have any fear or hesitation about speaking, you’ll be well on your way to a permanent cure after reading this chapter!

This part of The Versatile Freelancer will turn you into a confident and successful presenter—whether you have public speaking experience, or none at all. And even if you’re already a top-notch pro, I’ll bet that this chapter will give you some useful new ideas.

You’ll discover tips for becoming an acclaimed and applauded speaker—one whose presentations attract new clients, who gets invited to speak again by the same organization, and to present at events sponsored by others.

Here’s a sampling of the advice that will show you how to “knock ’em dead” …

Plus how to dress, how to lose the “pause fillers” (er, um), how to avoid “hiding” behind the lectern, how to use visuals effectively without boring your audience, and more.

It Paid Off Immediately!

  Don Hauptman has done an extraordinary job in The Versatile Freelancer, telling creatives how to accelerate their profits. This book stands apart because of the depth and richness of the content. It strikes the right balance of practical advice, real-world experience, inspiration, and clear action steps. And the sidebars and case histories supply proof that it all works. I've been a well-paid freelancer for 14 years, but this book taught me new income-generating ideas and practical steps that have already paid off. A top publisher recently asked me to do a staff training seminar for a handsome fee. I might have turned down such an invitation in the past, but I’m more confident now thanks to Don’s thorough and inspiring guidance. 

— Robert Lerose, Direct-Response Copywriter

How to Get Paid What You Deserve

I haven’t forgotten compensation. That’s important!

In The Versatile Freelancer, you’ll find such crucial guidance as …

Do you understand what’s really happening when someone challenges your fee? The problem may be something else entirely. The Versatile Freelancer explains the psychology at work here.

You may be surprised to discover how often you can get the prospect to agree to your full fee … if you do it right. Indeed, many people I interviewed for this book told me that they began to succeed only when they raised their rates— sometimes doubling or tripling them! You can do it, too!

Valuable Tools You’ll Find Exclusively in
The Versatile Freelancer

The Versatile Freelancer contains numerous practical tools that you can put to work right away … to make your business expansion strategy fast, easy, and profitable!

You’ll find the professional documents Don created, tested, polished, and used throughout his career:

Critiquing checklist. Terms for a critique. Structure of a consulting report. Agenda for a company training seminar. Pre-presentation checklist. Sales piece for generating speaking engagements. Letter of agreement for consulting or training. Announcement for an industry presentation. And others.

Plus a Bonus Section with still more helpful tools:

You’ll find all these great professional tools nowhere else!

If you decide to explore further, a Resources Directory leads you to recommended books, websites, organizations, people, and more.

 … and Still More Great Ideas, Tips, Opportunities!

We’re not done yet. There’s much more in this remarkable book.

The Versatile Freelancer will show you …

In addition to everything described above, this unusual book also reveals opportunities to become a mentor or coach, participate in a teleseminar, teach at a real school or college—or be the honored guest speaker in a professor’s class.

You’ll even learn new ways to be more persuasive and sharpen your personal communication skills.

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Get Paid Again and Again—for the Same Work!

Did you know that you can “recycle” what you do over and over again … and get paid for the same work repeatedly?

For example, let’s say you receive a fee for an in-house training presentation—and then you repeat it almost verbatim at another company, or at an industry conference.

This is the adroit use of leverage to expand your time and multiply your earning power. I did it all the time—and I’ll show you how in The Versatile Freelancer.


“You Must Make This Career Plan Work …
… or You’ll Get All Your Money Back!”

If you don’t get at least one lucrative assignment in one of these new areas within one year, AWAI promises you a prompt and full refund—all your money back!

You may even claim your refund for any reason, or no reason, at any time. Whatever the case, you keep both the e-book and the free bonus report, “The World’s Easiest Way to Sell Yourself and Your Services.”

Could any offer be more fair?

Katie Yeakle
Executive Director,
American Writers & Artists Inc.

Can You Make Your Business “Recession-Proof”?

For years, freelancers have been told to specialize and “find a niche.” That’s sound advice, especially in good times.

But what happens if you’re “locked” into a single specialty … and the economy tanks? To survive and prosper, being able to offer a “portfolio” of skills can be essential to your professional survival.

Here’s where being a “versatile freelancer” really pays off!

By diversifying, you have an “insurance policy” against economic downturns. The activities explained in The Versatile Freelancer can protect you from a bad economy. They help “recession-proof” your business.

Everyone I interviewed for this book (during a gloomy economic period) reported doing as well as ever or better—in part, they told me, because they have diversified careers!

The World’s Easiest Way
to Sell Yourself and Your Services

A Special Report by Self-Promotion Expert
Ilise Benun

Order The Versatile Freelancer today and you’ll receive this valuable free bonus. It’s a quick-reading report that tells you the fastest, best, and simplest way to market your services.

Ilise Benun, a top expert on self-marketing strategies for independent professionals, gives you great advice on networking, cultivating prospects, and turning them into clients. Here’s a sampling:

“The World’s Easiest Way to Sell Yourself and Your Services” is the perfect companion volume to The Versatile Freelancer. After you decide which professional activities outlined in the book to pursue, this nifty little guide will help you “close the deals.”

What’s more, even if you later choose to cancel and claim your full refund, both of these important resources remain yours to keep.

Unconditional Guarantee:
You Must Make This Career Plan Work …
Or You Get All Your Money Back!

If you remember only one thing, remember this …

Whatever your specialty, whatever knowledge you possess, someone probably needs or wants to learn it—and is willing to pay you for sharing it.

Isn’t it time to cash in? You can, when you order the new e-book,The Versatile Freelancer: How Writers and Other Creative Professionals Can Generate More Income by Seizing New Opportunities in Critiquing, Consulting, Training, and Presenting.

The Versatile Freelancer is just $79. That’s a small price when you consider the potential returns.

I persuaded the people at AWAI, my publisher, to offer you this extraordinary guarantee:

If you don’t get at least one lucrative assignment in one of these new areas within one year, AWAI promises you a prompt and full refund—all your money back!

You may even claim your refund for any reason, or no reason, at any time. Whatever the case, you keep both the e-book and the free bonus report, “The World’s Easiest Way to Sell Yourself and Your Services.”

Could any offer be more fair?

Don’t wait. Find out how The Versatile Freelancer can open up a whole new world of opportunity and income.


Don Hauptman
Direct-Response Copywriter
Critiquer, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker

P.S. As I said above, diversifying your career could be the best decision you’ll ever make. The Versatile Freelancer shows you how to generate more revenues, advance professionally, and enjoy life more. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Explore this new universe of opportunities today—without risk.

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