Kerrin Kuntzman
Garland, Texas

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Practical marketing strategies for chiropractors

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The Chiropractic Marketing Guide provides a practical overview of chiropractic marketing strategies. We want to help busy chiropractors find easy-to-use, effective marketing techniques that offer a great return on investment. You’ll find plenty of helpful ideas and tips, whether you’re a new chiropractor just out of college, or a well-established doc looking to stay ahead of trends. Give us your input, so we can do our best to cover the topics that interest you.

Program Thoughts

The knowledge I received from Nick Usborne’s Money-Making Websites program gave me the skills and inspiration to begin building three separate, monetizable websites. I’ll admit I’m addicted! I haven’t been more energized about a concept in years and have discovered I want to become an “infopreneur.”

My thanks to Nick and the AWAI team for putting together such a well-designed, interactive program!

Site Update

Right now, Kerrin only spends three to four hours a month maintaining her site. “The money I make from it doesn’t give me bragging rights (she brings in $300 to $500 per month), but here’s the thing … the orders keep rolling in for the two products I wrote that I sell on the site. The amazing part is they only took me a few hours to create and I’ve made thousands of dollars from them.”

Her advice: Follow Nick’s step-by-step template. “Nick’s system is a proven success model. If you follow it, and stick with it, you will be successful. It’s a wonderful means to make a ‘stay-at-home’ income. It’s helped me do all kinds of home improvements in the short-term and it still continues to be my plan for retirement.”

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