Della Flood
Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland

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The Health Benefits of Tea

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The health benefits of tea … Not only is tea good for our physical health in so many ways, but it benefits our mental and emotional health, as well!

This site is all about tea and health. From the countless physical benefits of tea to the things about tea that make us feel nurtured emotionally, socially, and spiritually, The Tea Talk will provide you with fresh, interesting, easy-to-understand information about how tea is not only good for you, but enjoyable, too!

Program Thoughts

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Site Update

A couple of years ago, when Della first read about the Money-Making Website opportunity, she said, “Something just clicked right away.” She knew it could be just what she was looking for to boost the flexibility and creativity in her life. Her goal is to wake up every morning and work on what she wants to write or design. So, how close is she to her goal? Based on the pace she’s going, Della estimates that within the next 12-18 months (or 3 1/2 years, in total), she’ll be making enough income from her Money- Making Website to give up her full-time job.

Della says none of this would have been possible without Nick’s guidance. “He’s such a good presenter and instructor, and he’s so generous with his knowledge. To me, he’s the perfect person to be teaching a program like this. I would recommend it to absolutely anyone. It’s been such a good, helpful, informative experience.”

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