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 Heather’s SEO Copywriting Certification Training includes monthly scheduled webinars, frequent video releases and a blog that is one of the best SEO copywriting references around.”

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Hi there!
Heather Lloyd Martin here.

12 years ago, I was the first Web copywriter to start talking about blending SEO keywords with direct response marketing strategies. People listened and I built a thriving business in this emerging industry.

Today, “SEO copywriting” is a hugely profitable freelancing niche filled with opportunity for you – one that BusinessWeek and Yahoo have called a hot career choice.

Most website owners are baffled when it comes to what really works online. So just imagine how good it will feel to finally master the SEO copywriting techniques that help you …

 Transform your clients’ web traffic from so-so to spectacular, generating more sales for them. Make your clients so ecstatic with your work that they’re referring other companies to you!
Write copy for your own freelance site in a way that attracts clients who beg to work with you. Establish yourself as an SEO Copywriting expert, with real answers on what works today.
Enjoy a happier life by having in-demand skills your clients are willing to pay $500, $1,000 or more for … right now!

No matter how much experience you have as a freelance copywriter, I promise that you can master SEO copywriting skills and deliver the valued services that companies are desperate to find right now.

Thanks to my program, dozens of copywriters from all skill levels — even those who tried SEO copywriting before — are now earning more money as confident, Certified SEO Copywriters.

I feel much more confident about my copywriting abilities for SEO now that I’ve completed the course.

– Erin Donnan, SuccessWorks® Certified SEO Copywriter

This is so much more than a basic SEO training course
or how-to ebook. It’s your own “personal on-call professor.”

As you follow my path to earning your SEO Copywriting Certificate, think of me as your friendly personal guide, taking you through every step.

I show you exactly how to create solid content for any website using SEO best practices and my own tested methods. Plus I invite you to listen in on SEO expert interviews, answer your via email to help you complete the program successfully in no time.

Sooner than you think, you’ll know how to combine direct response copywriting, SEO guidelines and consumer psychology in a masterful way. As a result, you’ll quickly nail this highly valued skill while I show you how to attract clients that need you!

No one is more qualified to guide you to SEO copywriting success than the “Pioneer of SEO Copywriting,” Heather Lloyd-Martin. She guides you — as only a seasoned veteran can — step-by-step through the process of SEO copywriting.”

– AWAI endorsement

How can you help clients get top-10 search rankings and make more money? A few SEO Copywriting tweaks is all it takes …

Yes, you really CAN make a difference to all types of companies as a Certified SEO Copywriter. And the best news is — you don’t have to be a Web “techie.” If you can write to sell, you can do this!

Simply follow my 8 video training modules, complete with my step-by-step guidance and real-world examples.

I’ve untangled the geek speak so you can easily write for search engines and propel your client’s web traffic in easy-to-understand language.

 Heather’s enthusiasm and depth of knowledge are two of the things that make this course both enjoyable and useful. I never thought I would say that about a class I was taking.

— TopRank® Online Marketing Blog

You’re just a few weeks away from starting
your new SEO copywriting career!

Soon you can bump up your fees by 25% or even 50% … earning $500, $1,000 or even more per page of content. Here’s how the program works to help you become a higher-paid SEO Copywriter.

I'm extremely proud to have the SuccessWorks SEO Copywriting Certificate badge on my site. It shows clients and prospects that I’ve earned my “ ̃Good Housekeeping Seal’ for ethical SEO content writing that works.

–Pam Foster, SuccessWorks Certified SEO Copywriter, ContentClear Marketing

Just look at everything you’ll master through this program:

Not only that, but I’ll show you:

Heather’s course is a life-altering program, one that has advanced my freelance copywriting career by a quantum leap, onto the next level!

– Laura Crest, Certified SEO Copywriter

Imagine SEO Copywriting clients
beating down your door to work with YOU!

Once business owners and marketers learn that you specialize in “writing for search engines” – they’ll beg you to help them! Even your local health club, restaurant and retail store … they’re all potential clients.

And with your SEO Copywriting Certificate, you’ll be ready to confidently research keyphrases for them, write pages that SELL – and even do some simple back-end coding (it’s sooo simple – believe me!). Again, if you have any questions, help is just an email away.

“Although I had been writing content using keywords for several years, this SEO Copywriting certificate course offered more in-depth insights and processes into choosing the right keywords and using them in a site as a whole. It’s helped me deliver better quality work and more extensive services to my customers. It was just the thing I needed to revamp and improve my career.”

– Courtney Ramirez,
SuccessWorks Certified SEO Copywriter

This industry-endorsed SEO Copywriting Certification Training
program delivers the best return on your training investment.

This is the ONLY legitimate SEO Certification program focused 100% on copywriting, and it’s endorsed by two of the most respected Web and copywriting industry leaders: and AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.).

With other SEO Certification programs, you may have to pay up to $300 per month or $3,000 complete for training that only skims the surface of SEO copywriting as part of other stuff you don’t need.

Even worse, live SEO conferences cost between $1,400 and $2,000 (not including airfare and hotels) and usually only include one half-day session on SEO copywriting at the most.

I designed my SuccessWorks SEO Copywriting Certificate Program to include 8 all-inclusive video modules, frequent podcasts for extra learning, a secure, password-protected Members Forum, a weekly SEO Copywriting roundup, expert teleconferences and personal access to me — all from the comfort of your computer chair — for just $599 complete.

Heck, you could make that money back on your very first assignment!

Remember, I’ve outlined all my secrets – the secrets that took me over 12 years to learn – in my SEO Copywriting Certificate Program. And now, you can sign up for just $599 – that’s less than $7/day!

Not sure? Check out these testimonials from happy graduates!

Isn’t it time to differentiate yourself as a Certified SEO Copywriter and double your copywriting income? Take your SEO copywriting knowledge to the next level. For just $599, you’ll learn how to write sizzling optimized pages that convert like crazy. It’s a minimal investment when you think of all get in return, including status as a “Certified SEO Copywriter.”

“I was very surprised with the prompt responses I received anytime I emailed a question. The answers were well thought out and were obviously not canned responses as they were specific to the situations I had asked about. Good to know when purchasing a course online that there are real, qualified and accessible people backing it up.”

– Erin Donnan,
SuccessWorks Certified SEO Copywriter

Still not sure? Give me a call at 503-922-3627. I’m happy to answer your questions.

Get started today!

Heather Lloyd-Martin

 P.S. One final thing… As a special bonus for AWAI members only, I’m including my video presentation sessions from AWAI’s 2010 Web Copywriting Intensive.

Attendees of AWAI’s Web Copywriting Intensive pay close to $5,000 to attend the event, but when you order this SEO Copywriting Certificate Program, I want to give you access to my presentations absolutely FREE!

During my sessions, I’ll teach you my proven techniques and strategies to boost your client's search engine result rankings.

You'll learn how to write great page titles and descriptions and how to seamlessly weave keywords into your online copy. Spend this time with me and you'll have the knowledge behind you to answer a confident "yes" the next time a client asks if you know how improve their page rankings.

But beyond that, I’ll also share my insights about the business side of being an SEO copywriter. I’ll show you how to present your services to clients in a professional and convincing way so you always have a consistent flow of checks coming into your mailbox.

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