Circle of Success

The Guidance, Motivation and Personalized Learning You Need to be a SUCCESSFUL Writer FASTER

“Help me become a successful writer in the shortest time possible!”

Writing Success. Fast.

It’s a great time to be a writer!

More than any time in history, businesses large and small need skilled writers to engage customers and attract new ones through the written word:  Sales letters, content, social media, websites, emails, video scripts, funnels and more.

You love to write…

You know the money and opportunity is bigger than ever…

And you want your share.

But where do you start?  More importantly…

How do you get “in the game” now and start earning money fast?

For AWAI’s top achievers, it’s Circle of Success.

Circle of Success is the industry’s most comprehensive and personalized level of copywriter training. It takes you from where you are now… to successful, six-figure working copywriter – in the timeframe you want.

With access to AWAI’s vast resources – expert copywriters mentoring you and championing your success – it’s the fastest and surest way to guarantee your success as a well-paid, in-demand professional copywriter.

But our focus on you doesn’t end once you’re successful.

Your Circle of Success membership then becomes a strategic partnership, offering you community, advanced education, access to AWAI’s industry-wide contacts and ongoing help growing your freelance business… for as long as you want it.

How will Circle of Success Guide You?

We’ll Help You Set Achievable Goals, Customize a Curriculum and Give You a Proven Roadmap to follow

“Tell me what to do next”

Your “Career Action Plan”

The opportunity for copywriters is endless. So many industries, niches, specialties. You need a plan specific to YOU. So first we’ll meet – either by phone or Zoom. We discover your interests, your experiences, your income objectives, the kind of “writer’s life” you imagine for yourself. Then we’ll guide you to the best options for you and your writing career.

And if you have a niche or a specialty in mind, that’s great too! We’ll talk about specific industries, clients you can target… and get you trained in the writing projects they’re likely to need.

Personalized Learning Curriculum

No teaching organization anywhere has more programs on copywriting than AWAI. Trying to learn everything can be overwhelming. That’s why, once we’ve created your Career Action Plan, we’ll hand pick the menu of programs that’ll give you the skills you’ll need to be successful in the shortest time possible.

A Roadmap to Follow

You wouldn’t begin a degree program taking “Comp 301” before you’ve completed Comp 101 & 201. Same applies to copywriting. Efficient and effective learning is all about “skills progression” – mastering one writing technique before moving to the next. That’s why every Circle of Success member gets a personalized roadmap… a progressive learning path that will get you to your end goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How will Circle of Success Teach You?

You’ll Learn from Copy Experts Who’ll Give You FEEDBACK and DIRECTION as You Build Up Your Writing Skills Day by Day…

“Help me make my writing a strong as possible”

Instructor-led Learning

Since we began introducing writers to copywriting back in 1997, AWAI has led the industry when it comes to revealing the deeper secrets to persuasive writing. Secrets and techniques like The Rule of One, the Core Concept, the 4-Legged Stool, the power of transubstantiation, The Golden Thread, the 4 P’s, the 4 U’s, product transparency, and more. Once you master these elements, you’re unstoppable as a copywriter. And only Circle of Success members get live, instructor lead training in all these critical elements.

Quarterly “Make Money Now” Summits

These fast-paced, online, interactive training events are hyper-focused on teaching you a WRITING SKILL YOU CAN USE in a matter of days — not weeks or months. A copy project that virtually all companies need… and can be applied to ANY niche of the digital marketing world. The premise is very simple…On Day One, we teach you to write a given project type… And on Day Two, we introduce you to, and show you how to land, clients who are looking for the writing skill we just taught you! So that by Day Three, you have a skill and a potential client to write for!

Feedback & Direction

You can learn skills and write until you’re blue in the face. But you’ll never know if your writing is hitting the mark until an expert tells you it is. Or if it isn’t – explains clearly where you’re going off track and how to fix it. Feedback and direction help you grow as a writer. Because Circle of Success is a small group, we’re able to give you this benefit at every stage of the learning process… now and well into your writing career!

Real Clients, Real Writing Assignments

As the world leaders in copywriter training, many marketers come to us when looking for new writers. And they’re most interest in Circle of Success members because they know you’re serious and the education you’re getting is second to none. Which is why many of the projects you’ll work on as a Circle member are actual projects from real clients – with the hopes you’ll choose them when you’re ready to turn pro as a writer.

Access to AWAI’s Study Library

This is HUGE – full access to every self-paced skill- and business-building program AWAI offers – over $60,000 worth and counting. Why do we open up lifetime access to our entire library to Circle of Success members? Simple. By joining this elite level of learning, you’ve made it clear you’re serious about your success – and we want you to have any resource you need to make it happen! Take a look at all the self-paced and business-building training programs included with COS membership.

Here’s what COS Members are Saying …

How will Circle of Success Inspire You?

You’ll have Mentors to Encourage and Guide You Through Every Phase of Your Skill and Business-Building Journey

“Give me someone I can call”

Personal Mentors

Learning and writing in a vacuum can be hard. That’s why we’ve recruited actual working copywriters – people who’ve benefited from mentors themselves and are only too happy to “pay it forward” by being there for you. Your personal mentor will be your guide, confidante, motivator and champion. Anytime you’re confused, stuck, frustrated, want a quick “gut check” on something you’ve written or simply need a nudge in the right direction, a personal mentor is just an email away.

Copy Reviews

From our exclusive “peer review” process… to being able to request niche-specific professional copywriters review your copy…nobody has more free access to personalized copy review than Circle of Success members. Whether it’s a headline and lead you want to make sure is clicking… or a subject line is grabbing the attention it should – feedback from your professional copywriters and peers is there when you need it.

Project Collaboration

Imagine… working with copywriter and AWAI co-founder Paul Hollingshead on developing your project’s big idea. Or bringing your letter’s headline and lead into focus with Sandy Franks – AWAI’s copy chief who spent nearly 30 years working with top writers at Agora, the biggest direct mailer in the world. Whether it’s a spec assignment that could lead to more assignments or your first paid job… your “Circle” exclusive Project Collaboration benefit can be a lifesaver. And only “Circle” members get it.

How will Circle of Success Prepare You?

We’ll Make Certain You Have the Knowledge, Skills, Tools and Confidence to Succeed When the “Real World” Calls

“Help me find, land and keep my first client”

Market Yourself Like a Pro

Two things you’ll need as a working copywriter: A rock-solid LinkedIn profile and your own website. We help you build both: A professional website that establishes you as an expert in your niche – and LinkedIn strategy that not only blows other freelancer profiles out of the water – but can result in more client referrals than you’ll know what to do with!

Your Own “Client Funnel”

One of the best ways to ensure a never-ending flow of new client leads is to build your very own “client funnel”. Your client funnel is all about establishing you as an expert in your niche. You’ll write valuable content… which will lead to a landing page… with a lead generator… and an effective email sequence that prospective clients will love getting. Sound complicated? It’s not. And besides, we’ll help you build it.

A Portfolio You’ll Be
Proud to Show

You’ll be writing a ton of copy as a “Circle” member as you master all the key copy elements. We’ll show you how to polish that copy up and use them as samples on your website or in a portfolio you can send to prospective clients. That way when someone asks, “what have you written,” you’ll have actual copy you’ll be proud to show them.

Client “Coaching” and Acquisition

New writers dread the day they have to talk to a real client the first time. With “Client Call Coaching,” we’ll help you through it. When you’re ready, just call your mentor to set it up. We’ll get on the phone or Zoom… talk about the project… what your client expects from you… the questions they’re likely to ask… pricing… and put together a strategy that make’s sure your first client interaction goes off without a hitch.

How will Circle of Success Empower You?

Ours is a Lifetime Partnership of Learning, Building, Growth and Professional Enrichment

“Don’t leave me now! Help me grow my business!”

Free Copywriting and Getting Clients Bootcamps

AWAI’s Copywriting Success & Getting Clients Bootcamp is the copywriting event of the year.

It’s where you connect with fellow writers as well as learn the latest insights and new writing skills from the top copywriters and marketers on the planet.

So, it’s no surprise more copywriters get their big break at Bootcamp than anywhere else. And as a Circle of Success member, you get free attendance to Copywriting Success & Getting Clients Bootcamps, with added perks just for you.

Master Class Sessions

Keeping up on the latest industry trends and strategies is crucial. Circle of Success Master Class Sessions are designed to keep you connected with the industry. Every month you’ll join top industry experts as they discussed the very latest trends in direct response… copy techniques that are (and aren’t) working now… who’s charging what for what kind of work… the latest marketing tactics… new ways to boost your productivity and run your business more efficiently… and much more.

Circle of Success Community

It was Ernest Hemmingway who said: “Writing, at its best, is a lonely life.” All due respect to one of our favorite writers, not so when you’re a Circle of Success member! You get the best of both worlds – total freedom to make a great living from anywhere in the world AND full access to a community of writers, experts, clients, peers that span the globe… including everyone here at AWAI: Rebecca, Katie, Paul, Sandy, Pam and our entire team. As a Circle member – you’ll never be on your own!

Is Circle of Success Right for You?

YES, But only if…

1 You Want Success and You Want it FAST

From helping you choose your writing niche… to creating your curriculum… to giving you all the tools you’ll need to write at the very highest level… Circle of Success is the FASTEST track to success.

You’ll have access to mentors… expert direction when every you need it… lots of chances to write… feedback and direction at every turn… and the opportunity to collaborate with professional writers…

Every step you take on your customized roadmap exists to move you forward.

In fact, many Circle members are paid to write very early in the process… by leveraging some of the early skills they’ve mastered writing projects that don’t demand high levels of expertise.

So, while you’re mastering more advanced skills like the structure of a sales letter and the architecture of persuasion – you could be earning $500… $800… even $1,000 a week writing “lighter” content based on skills you learned earlier!    

2 You Want to Make a GREAT living as a Writer, But You’re Not Sure Where to Start

As copywriters, we have what many would call “a good problem to have”.

With the emergence of the Internet and ecommerce, the demand for good writing is everywhere.

From the wine and cheese store down the street wanting to engage existing customers and attract new ones with a simple marketing funnel… to full-blown sales letters that can generate $10 million dollars in sales over a weekend… and everything in between.

There’s literally no end to what you can write, who you can write for, and what you can write about!

And as great as that is – it also presents the biggest challenge you’re likely to have as a writer: Deciding what direction to take!

That’s why, as a Circle of Success member, we’ll take the time to choose the best possible niche and writing specialty for you based on your interests, your past experiences in life and business, how much time you want to spend writing, your income goals and much, much more.

No false starts. No wasting precious time. Just a rock-solid plan, a proven roadmap to get you there and plenty of personal help along the way!

3 You Don’t Want to “Go it Alone”

Circle of Success is about community.

When you step up to Circle of Success, you’re sending a loud and clear signal to the industry that you’re SERIOUS about a career as a six (and seven) figure writer.

And that puts a lot of influential people in your corner…

Copy Chiefs eager to teach you and work with you because they know you’re serious.

Fellow writers (including A-listers) who’ll want to collaborate with you, because they know you’re serious.

Marketers and companies who’ll be following your progress, because they know they’re serious and they want new writers.

And, of course, everyone here at AWAI, willing to bend over backwards to get you the training and access you need to be successful. Why?

Because we know you’re serious and you WANT to succeed.

4 You Want to Write at an “A” Level

You can write at a “B” level and earn a high five- and early six-figure income, no problem. That’s just a testament to the massive demand for decent copywriters today.

But as in every industry, there are “A” players – and everyone else.

“A” Writers are the pros everyone wants to work with. These are the writers who have clients lining up for their services. A-level writers are the most respected – among peers and within the industry. And they’re the ones who can command top dollar for their skills.

Circle of Success is NOT about making you a “B” Writer. (You can easily become that with AWAI’s foundational Seven-Figure copywriting course.)


When you join Circle of Success, you’re signing up to write at the “A” level and nothing less.

5 Six Figures is the MINIMUM I’ll Accept as a Writer

Truth is, once you’re writing at an “A” Level, it’s almost impossible not to make six figures. The question becomes, how far into the six figures do you want to go?

Remember – as a writer, your words have the power to impact a company’s bottom line. And for that, businesses are willing to pay. That’s why it’s not unusual for skilled copywriters – Circle of Success “graduates” among them -- to earn $200,000… $300,000… $500,000… even $1 million and more.

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