Now You Can …
 … And Enjoy Full-Time Freedom
As A Freelance Writer

Use These 7 Secrets to
Get From Wherever You Are …
to the Freedom, Independence,
and Financial Rewards
of Living

Dear Reader,

In this letter, I'll share seven secrets you can use to get from wherever you are right now to living The Writer's Life – filled with freedom, independence, and financial rewards. Follow my seven secrets, and all the struggle and complexity of making the leap to becoming a freelance writer will simply dissolve … And before long, you'll be thriving in your new life!

But first, my story …

Monday, February 1st, 2010, was perhaps the most nerve-wracking AND most exciting day of my life.

The owner of the small publishing company I'd worked at over the last five years walked into the office. When he stopped by my cubicle on his rounds to say "Hi," I asked him if we could talk privately – and pointed him toward the small meeting room we called The Tree House.


He walked into The Tree House before me, and I followed – I think my hands were shaking.

As I was shutting the door behind us, he asked, "You're not quitting, are you?"

"Well actually … "

But that's not where the story starts.

The Best Job in the World

In early 2005, a few months before getting that gig at the publishing company, I discovered copywriting.

It'd been a big blind spot in my world view up until that point.

Sure, I'd read websites, brochures, sales letters, catalogs, advertisements, and tons of other writing put out by companies.

Yet I never knew the people who write these are, in many cases, earning six-figure incomes from the comfort of their homes. Heck, I'd never even connected the dots that people actually write this stuff!

When I discovered copywriting, everything changed.

Sure, I'd enjoyed writing for as long as I could remember. I often thought I'd like to do it for a living – but had no clue how.

I knew the John Updikes and Stephen Kings of this world are few and far between … And my definition of financial success from writing was based on my grandma buying nine copies of my self-published poetry book for all my aunts and uncles.

It wasn't until I discovered copywriting, though, that I had a clear path to enjoying these benefits of The Writer's Life …

So I decided then, in early 2005, that my ultimate goal was to become a freelance copywriter. But it wasn't until February 11th, 2010, that I would finally walk out of the office for the last time.

The Biggest Barrier to Quitting Your Job

So what was the giant roadblock that happened between early 2005 and February 2010 that stopped me from going out on my own?

First, comfort.

See, shortly after I discovered copywriting, my wife and I were moving across the country. With only a few months' worth of reading on the subject, I wasn't ready to go out on my own yet.

“I'm no longer stuck in an 8-5 job in an industry in which I have little interest, for an average salary, with very little time with my son. Copywriting has made all the difference in the world.”

– Biba Pearce,
AWAI Member Since 2004

So I found a job writing marketing materials for this small computer training publisher up in Oregon. The company was growing fast, and my knowledge of copywriting and marketing was growing just as quick. I went from writing product descriptions and emails to managing nearly every marketing effort they did. I kept learning – with the goal of one day quitting my job and going out on my own …

But I got real comfortable as my income more than doubled in five years.

And by then I had a mortgage and a kid on the way. I got scared.

I didn't want to give up the comfort of a steady paycheck with benefits for the perceived chaos of full-time freelancing. (Maybe this is where you are, too?)

Baby's gotta eat, of course.

But my dream was like an acorn growing into a mighty oak.

Discovering copywriting in 2005 had planted the dream deep inside me, and it kept growing and growing until I had no choice but to let it out.

So in mid-2009, I made the decision that I was ready to start living my dream.

Quitting Your Job With Confidence

It took time, but from mid-2009 until the day I told my boss, "I quit," I put a lot of things in motion. And because I did those things, I had confidence when I walked into The Tree House that I was making the right decision and that everything was going to be okay.

It paid off, too.

Who is Roy Furr?

Roy Furr has been a full-time (if you can call it that!) freelance copywriter since February 15, 2010.

He's worked with AWAI, Nightingale-Conant, Brian Tracy, Casey Research, StreetAuthority, and many others. His insights on marketing and copywriting have been featured in Michael Masterson's Early to Rise and Clayton Makepeace's The Total Package, as well as numerous AWAI publications.

When he's not writing copy, he loves spending time with his growing family. He also enjoys producing music (he was a DJ in college) and playing hockey.

Living The Writer's Life has given him an unprecedented opportunity to live a life that balances these different values in a far healthier way than the 9-to-5 lifestyle ever could. One of his favorite things about living The Writer's Life is taking afternoons off to take his son on father-and-son "field trips" to everywhere from the grocery store to the local library to the airport to watch planes take off and land.

By being ready to quit my job when I did …

And just about every day I look around at my life and think …

"This is exactly where I want to be – I wish I'd done it sooner!"

The 7 Secrets to Success In Making The Leap

In this letter, I'd like to give you the seven secrets I used to quit my job with confidence so you can use them too as you strike out on your own as a freelance writer.

Making The Leap Secret #1
The First Step to Success
In This or Any Business

“I know I’m living the writer’s life every time I talk with a friend or previous co-worker and they tell me how much they wish they were in my shoes.”

– Ed Gandia,
AWAI Member Since 2003

In Michael Masterson's book, Ready, Fire, Aim, he said the first thing you need to do when you start any business is to make sales. If you apply this to your freelance copywriting business, this means you need to get clients – even before you quit your job to be a full-time freelance copywriter.

There are a few benefits to this:

(Plus getting clients in your spare time will really help with Secret #2!)

Even when I was working full-time, I took on freelance copywriting clients here and there. I'd do the work early in the morning or on weekends. This built my connections within the industry and started building my résumé as a freelancer.

Also, as the time approached for me to move from spare-time freelancer to full-time freelancer, this gave me a steady base of clients I could approach for more work. This proved invaluable – I haven't had trouble finding work since I made the leap!

If you want to know how to get clients easy as a freelance writer – especially when you're working only part-time – you'll want to get your hands on The Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business. I just created this special video bonus series as a free bonus to go with the newly updated Making the Leap program from AWAI.

In The Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business, you'll discover these important lessons I learned about getting clients as an aspiring freelance copywriter:

With what you learn in The Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business, you'll be surprised how quickly and easily you can get your first clients for your freelance copywriting business.

And because this is the first secret to quitting your job with confidence and making the leap to enjoying The Writer's Life, you'll be well on your way to success …

Making The Leap Secret #2
This Gives You Unshakable Confidence
On the Day You Say, "I Quit!"

“When I got my first check for my first writing assignment, I knew I was going to make it.”

– Caroline Melberg,
AWAI Member Since 2005

One of the biggest fears that can prevent you from quitting your job is income security. Put simply, as long as you keep your job, you have a "guaranteed" income. Quitting your job, on the other hand, makes the steady income go away, and you have to ensure you can continue to make ends meet.

(I put "guaranteed" in quotes because I tend to side with those who think "guaranteed" income from any job is a lie … Because if your boss has one bad day, you could be out the door. I've seen it happen time and time again to people who thought they had secure jobs.)

The fear of losing a steady income was tough for me. I told you before, I had a mortgage and a baby son at home. My wife was earning a little bit doing work study in her Ph.D. program – but my growing family depended on my income for most of our monthly expenses.

So this is the solution we came up with: Before I could make the leap, we'd have to come up with a financial cushion to cover a few months' worth of bills.

This was liberating.

Because in addition to knowing our expenses would be covered when I quit my job, it also gave me a target to shoot for. This gave me momentum in earning and saving extra money, plus it put a bright-as-the-sun light at the end of the tunnel to self-employment. And frankly, I was surprised when I did a couple of things right how quickly I was able to build this cushion for myself.

In The Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business, I cover these important questions and things to consider if you want to build a sizeable financial cushion fast so you can make the leap ASAP:

Listen, I don't hear people talk about this subject much. Perhaps it has something to do with our cultural taboo against talking about money. But it's critical.

In fact, this is perhaps the single most important thing you can do so when the day comes for you to go out on your own, you can be more excited than afraid.

Follow the directions I lay out in The Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business for creating your financial cushion fast and easy. You'll see for yourself how powerful this secret is.

Then when it comes time to tell your boss, "I quit," you'll have an unshakable confidence that you're doing the right thing.

Making The Leap Secret #3
One Major Success Shortcut
From My Multi-Millionaire Mentor

“The ability to pay my bills no longer worries me, even in these rough times. I know I can always market my skills to an endless list of potential clients and keep enough copywriting projects rolling in.”

– Cheryl Malcham,
AWAI Member Since 2007

I wish I'd have picked this secret up in 2005 – and learned what it takes to do it right.

Being able to set and accomplish your goals in a realistic-yet-ambitious manner gets you so far so fast … You'll leave heads spinning.

If you want to successfully make the leap and create a thriving copywriting business for yourself, you need to know where you are and where you want to go. And then you need to map out what it's going to take to get there.

Think about it this way. Let's say you want to go on an incredible vacation. You don't just pack your bags and show up at the airport and say, "Send me somewhere interesting!" Instead, you need to first pick your destination – where do you want to go? How will you get there? What route will you take? What stops are there along the way? As you're getting there, how will you know you're headed in the right direction? And what will you do once you get there?

Similarly, in your copywriting business, you need to know:

And then once you have these "wants" in mind, you have to figure out how to get there. In The Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business, I show you how to use the secret goal-setting system of a multi-millionaire entrepreneur not only to set realistic-yet-ambitious goals for your life and business, but also how that same system lets you accomplish them day by day by day.

Frankly, I fail frequently at following this goal-accomplishing system to the letter. Yet I still outperform just about every one of my peers in how quickly and effectively I accomplish my big life goals.

Even applying this system half-time will turn you into both a prolific writer and a successful business person. And it's all laid out for you in The Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business.

Making The Leap Secret #4
Train Your Brain to
Make Success "Automatic"

“I’m in charge of my income now. The only ‘ceilings’ are the ones I place there myself. If I want to make more money, all I have to do is pick up a few more projects. I love that!”

– Rachel Karl,
AWAI Member Since 2009

It's trite but true. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

I was talking with a couple of copywriters recently who were on either side of this equation.

One of the copywriters simply takes work as it comes based on what clients can offer, and fills his schedule as much as he can based on the work available. He's miserable. When it all shakes out, he's overworked and underpaid, and is getting a bad reputation for missing deadlines and delivering sub-par work. He feels like he's spinning his wheels and getting nowhere.

The other copywriter is enjoying success like never before. A few months back, she'd set her sights on where she wants to take her copywriting business next, and how she wants to work the business so it gives her the freedom, independence, and financial rewards of The Writer's Life. Now, after doing this, she's in bigger demand, earning more, takes more time off, and has happier clients than ever before. Work has become a joy, and her success just keeps coming.

And frankly, there isn't much difference in each writer's ability.

In The Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business, I share exactly what you need to do in terms of planning your business so you're in control.

(And the good news is, this is simple, simple, simple!)

I don't know if you've ever read the self-help classic Psycho-Cybernetics – if you have, you'll recognize that in the book Dr. Maxwell Maltz talks about "The Automatic Success Mechanism." This is the hidden power within your mind that creates your success if you know how to program it to work for you.

By following along with The Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business as you design your copywriting business, you'll be activating your Automatic Success Mechanism and programming it to bring you everything you want from The Writer's Life.

Making The Leap Secret #5
The Day Your Life Changes …
Your "Personal Independence Day!"

“I realized that I could bring in significant income and still be home with my kids … I have meaningful work that I love, and we don’t have to worry about paying the bills …”

– Eileen Coale,
AWAI Member Since 2002

What comes next is the single most exciting part of the Making the Leap process. Because it finally makes everything feel real. It gets your blood pumping.

But further, things start to line up in a hurry so you can be a big success out of the gate.

What is it?

It's something I call "Setting your Personal Independence Day."

This is the day you're going to go out on your own. This is the day after which you'll never work a traditional job in your life. You set this as your deadline, write it on your calendar, and it practically forces everything that needs to happen to make it real to fall into place.

The power of setting your Personal Independence Day can be almost magical, too.

In late 2009, I'd been working with my wife to figure out exactly what I'd need to do to quit my job with confidence and start living The Writer's Life. We'd laid out all the other details, but I knew something big was missing.

What was it? Well, the "when" part of quitting my job was still a big question. Would it be in six months? A week? Somewhere in between?

Not knowing was driving me crazy.

“When I worked for someone else, I felt like life was just something that 'happened.' As a freelancer I now believe the quality of my life is determined by the actions I take or don’t take. Life doesn’t just happen; I make it happen.”

– Cassandra Lee,
AWAI Member Since 2003

So one day right around New Year's, I told Gina it was time to set a date. My heart was fluttering and my palms were sweating when we decided it would be March 1, 2010!

What happened next, though, was the surprising part.

When I started to tell all my past clients and contacts within the industry March 1st would be my date, the projects started coming in fast. (Remember, I primed the pump for this to happen with Secret #1 above!) Every spare minute of my day was either planning what I'd do starting in March or doing extra work for these clients right then and there while I still had my full-time job. (The income from these projects helped with Secret #2, too!)

Before January was up, I was so booked up I had to tell Gina …

"I'm quitting my job ahead of schedule!"

And that's when my Personal Independence Day was revised to February 11th – more than two weeks before I'd planned.

I'm firmly convinced that without setting my Personal Independence Day, writing it on my calendar, and using that to put everything else in motion, it would have taken me a lot longer to make the leap.

In The Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business, I share:

Put simply, if you're going to quit your job with confidence, you have to have a plan for when it's going to happen.

I was getting to a point where I simply couldn't stand working for anyone else (even in a good job!), and I was one bad mood away from losing my job with an unwarranted snide remark.

Setting my Personal Independence Day – and being confident that I'd done it right, with all the right factors considered – instantly gave me the confidence I needed to stick with my job while I needed it and quit when I planned.

The Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business gives YOU that confidence, too.

Making The Leap Secret #6
Lies About Success – Debunked!

“Copywriting brought out my hidden creativity and raised my self-esteem. Of course, the extra money has helped to improve my lifestyle as well.”

– Shama Sankaran,
AWAI Member Since 2005


This is a big reason that otherwise competent, capable people struggle to fulfill their dreams.

And it can kill your freelance writing career before you ever get it off the ground. But only if you let it.

I'm going to bust a big myth about fear – right here, right now.

You see, one of the big misconceptions people have about fear is that successful people don't feel fear. Somehow the Zig Ziglars and Dan Kennedys and Michael Mastersons of the world are immune to fear. That couldn't be further from the truth. I'm sure very few days go by when any of these superstars do not feel any fear at all. And some days, in some situations, I'm sure each has had almost debilitating fear wash over them.

Yet they act anyway. They stare down their fear – and act in spite of it. As you watch from the sidelines, it looks like they're not feeling fear. But if you could glimpse inside their mind and heart, you'd see they're every bit as fearful as you are.

Acting in the face of fear, though, does something special. It tells the universe you're not going to let fear control you. It tells the universe you're ready to create success for yourself. And the more you do it, the less fear you feel in situations that previously scared you.

So if you want to make the leap and start living The Writer's Life – and enjoying the freedom, independence, and financial rewards that come with it – you have to follow through on what I've recommended above, in the face of any fear you may be feeling …

Especially when it comes time to tell your boss, "I quit!"

In The Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business, you'll learn my secrets you can use to destroy fear's ability to control your actions (you'll be surprised how easy these are to put to work in your life – and how quickly they change EVERYTHING) …

This all may sound a bit mystical and New Age. But there have been some very revealing psychological advances in the past few years that suggest our minds are much more open to suggestion and direction than we thought.

The Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business shows you what it takes to auto-program your mind so you're able follow through on your plans and goals and take action in the face of fear …

 … to create the success you dream of and that your friends will envy.

Making The Leap Secret #7
This Gets You New Clients, New Projects,
and Checks in the Mail

“As I listen to myself explain what copywriting is, how my hours work, how good the pay is, I realize I really am living the copywriter’s life …”

– Joanne Sullivan,
AWAI Member Since 2004

Okay, so you do everything right so you can finally walk in and confidently tell your boss, "I quit."

What's next?

Well, you need to make sure you have a steady stream of clients and projects that will give you the income you want and need. (Without having to work too hard for it either!) And this all comes down to marketing your business.

There are a few things I've learned early on in my freelance copywriting career about what really works now to get clients for your copywriting services. Some may confirm your hunches and suspicions, and some may surprise you.

But together they account for a large part of why I'm now booked months in advance and expect to continue to be so for much, if not all, of my career.

I spill the beans in The Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business and share these important lessons about marketing yourself:

Most of us come to copywriting and freelance writing from the perspective of writers – so “selling ourselves” to potential clients can be tough. Yet if we want to live the life we dream of, and make the income we aspire to, marketing ourselves is simply a fact of life.

What I share in The Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business makes it painless for you to market your services – AND you'll do it more effectively, too!

And of course, you'll thank me when you start to receive the steady flow of checks in the mail … Advances for upcoming projects, payments for completed work, and royalties, too!

Imagine … YOU … Enjoying the
FINANCIAL REWARDS of Living The Writer's Life!

“That moment when you close your eyes, suck in your breath and say a silent "yes!" happened just recently when I got a royalty check in the mail. That one project has turned out to be quite profitable.”

– Starr Daubenmire,
AWAI Member Since 2006

Above I gave you the 7 SECRETS that were most instrumental in me being able to quit my job with confidence … Establish my freelance copywriting business … And start living The Writer's Life.

I also showed you how you can get a lot more information about how to put these secrets to work immediately in The Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business – the new video supplement I put together as a bonus for you when you try AWAI's Making the Leap program.

But what is Making the Leap, and why do you need to have this tool at your side as you start your copywriting business? I'll explain …

Your Practical, Hands-On Guide for Getting
from Wherever You Are to Living The Writer's Life

“I made a commitment to myself that I’d never again be dependent upon someone else to employ me or provide me with income.”

– Jim Turner,
AWAI Member Since 2005

Making the Leap was the AWAI program I used to learn all those little other things about copywriting success that you just don't pick up when you only focus on writing copy. Learning these things is the last step you need to take to go out on your own, succeed as a freelancer, and create The Writer's Life for yourself.

The truth is, if you want to live The Writer's Life, it's more about the copywriting business you build than the writing you do. And the best way to build a thriving copywriting business off the bat is to follow in the footsteps of those who've done it successfully before you. AWAI's Making the Leap program gives you those footsteps to follow.

But there was one problem. A lot has changed since AWAI put Making the Leap together in 2005. And while many of the fundamental skills remain the same, the details needed to be updated. So I've spent the last couple of months working with the folks at AWAI to do just that – plus we've taken advantage of this opportunity to pack the program full of even more secrets and recommendations to help you succeed as you launch and grow your thriving copywriting business …

Now More Helpful Than Ever …
The Expanded and Updated
Making the Leap Program!

“Since becoming a copywriter, I’ve really enjoyed the little things that have made life easier … And, I’ve gotta say, tripling my income is something that I smile about every day.”

– Leah Carson,
AWAI Member Since 2005

I was already convinced of the power of Making the Leap. After all, I'd used it myself so I could quit my job with confidence and build a thriving copywriting business that allowed me to:

But now the newly expanded and updated Making the Leap program is even bigger, better, and more valuable to you as you set yourself up to make the leap to living The Writer's Life. It’s packed to the brim with helpful tools, resources, exercises, and inside information like …

“Since becoming a copywriter and marketer, I have a confidence like never before. You could drop me out of a plane, give me a laptop and the Internet – and I could make money!”

– Sandi Krakowski,
AWAI Member Since 2007

 … The "Head Game" of copywriting success!

 … Critical skills every aspiring freelancer should pick up … NOW!

“I realized I was living the writer’s life when I made the exact same amount writing VERY part-time that I made teaching full-time. It was quite an incredible feeling.”

– Kelly Richardson,
AWAI Member Since 2003

 … How to create a copywriting business that will give you The Writer's Life

“ … for the first time in my life, I’m making the money I want without the stress!”

– Sharon Olsen,
AWAI Member Since 2003

 … Marketing your services for bigger, more consistent profits

“I spent six weeks on an island off the coast of British Columbia with my kids last summer … and still managed to keep my business rolling along.”

– Monica Day,
AWAI Member Since 2002

 … And really, every item in that list probably deserves another list just as long. Making the Leapis packed full of very specific lessons to help you get ahead in your first days, first weeks, first months of your freelance career.

It's a Steal to Get All This …
PLUS The Fast Start Guide

“When I got work from Nightingale-Conant and continued getting work from them, I realized I didn’t need to go back to a “job.”

– Catherine Cairns,
AWAI Member Since 1999

How much is it worth to you to finally break out on your own … Get out from under the heavy hand of a boss … Start enjoying the freedom, independence, and financial rewards of living The Writer's Life … And replace your previous income as you go on your way to six figures and beyond while working less?

I can guarantee it's worth far more than the $129 AWAI is offering it for.  But that’s all you have to pay to get your hands on Making the Leap and its proven strategies for getting from wherever you are to living The Writer's Life

Plus, you get the special online BONUS video series: The Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business too!

But that's not all …

Let's Throw In One More Thing

“I’ll make more money this year than I ever did as a staff employee!”

– Pam Foster,
AWAI Member Since 2005

You'll also get the companion workbook: 8 Steps to Copywriting Success.

This workbook takes everything you learn and practice in Making the Leap and gives you concrete steps you can take to carry you along in the process …

And you get this at no additional charge as well when you try Making the Leap out in your home, your life, your career, your budding freelance business, completely risk-free for the next 90 days.

Make the Leap in 3 Months
Or Your Money Back!

Okay, this is quite bold. But I believe you can do it. Let me explain.

I'm absolutely convinced that everything we've put together in this expanded and updated version of Making the Leap and the complimentary bonus materials will help you as you go from wherever you are to living The Writer's Life.

And I believe if you become a SERIOUS student of this program and really put it to work starting immediately …

You Can go from Wherever You Are …
to Being a Working Freelance Copywriter
Within About 90 Days … or Less!

“I no longer have to wake up to the jarring sound of an alarm clock, I very seldom have to deal with rush-hour traffic, and I get to wear comfortable clothes every day.”

– Krista Jones,
AWAI Member Since 2001

Once I decided it was finally time, it took me 3 months, 3 days. And the first half of that was wasted with inaction. From the time I realized I needed to set my Personal Independence Day (putting the last piece of the puzzle in place), it was only six weeks until I was out on my own.

It can happen fast if you follow the secrets above and put what you learn in Making the Leap to work for you.

So here's what I want you to do. Start today! Agree to try Making the Leap for the next 90 days. Start off by going through the entire program within the next two weeks. Create your plan of action to make the leap. And then follow through on the plan – I know you will because it's that serious to you.

And if you don't actually make the leap by the end of your 90 days – or at the very least put yourself on a track where you're certain you'll make the leap soon after thanks to what you've learned … I want you to call up AWAI's Member Services at (561) 278-5557 or (866) 879-2924, tell them that you tried Making the Leap and that it didn't work for you.

They'll be happy to provide a prompt and courteous refund of every penny you paid for the program.

I challenge you to challenge yourself and make the leap to living The Writer's Life within the next 90 days. Prove it for yourself …

I know you can do it! And once you do … The successes will come quicker than you could imagine.

You Get This Complete Toolbox for Making the Leap

“It was only 4½ months from the time I made the promise to myself to become a full-time copywriter that I got my dream job. Had I not made the commitment to myself, I seriously doubt it would have happened.”

– Sean McCool,
AWAI Member Since 2003

Making the Leap is a toolbox jam-packed full of the tools you need – to take you from where you are to enjoying the freedom, independence, and financial rewards that come with living The Writer's Life. And with all the tools you need in hand, you'll get there far faster than if you "go it alone."

So here's your reminder of everything you get when you try Making the Leap risk-free today:

And the bestpart is it's completely risk-free for the next 90 days. So take me up on the 90 days challenge. It'll give you a clear goal and specific deadline. (I believe there’s magical power in this combination that creates amazing results!)

And of course, even if you decide not to take me up on the challenge, you're still fully covered to try Making the Leap and all the additional materials for the next 90 days risk-free, thanks to AWAI's satisfaction guarantee.

Do This Now …
For Your Future and Your Happiness

“It all became very real to me when the checks started coming in. It really feels great to get paid for what I love to do. Life is good!”

– Michelle Burgess,
AWAI Member Since 2007

If you're serious about making the leap – going from wherever you are to enjoying the freedom, independence, and financial rewards that come with living The Writer's Life – you need Making the Leap.

It's a risk-free investment for you to prove it for yourself.

For me, it was a matter of my entire family's future and happiness for me to make the leap. By breaking out on my own, I immediately became the person who I'd been dreaming of becoming for years. It gave me an instant boost to my happiness. And that happiness spread into other areas of my life including my health, personal wellness, family relationships, and even gave me a new sense of "how high is high" when it comes to income and financial freedom.

I believe the same thing will happen for you.

Do it today.  It's easy to get started.  All you have to do is click the big button below, or call Barb, Pat, or Debbie, or at toll-free 1-866-879-2924 (international: +1-561-278-5557). Ask for Making the Leap – tell them you read Roy's letter and they'll take it from there.

To your success,

Roy Furr
Freelance Copywriter (Personal Independence Day: February 15, 2010)
Regular AWAI Contributor

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“While no job anywhere is secure these days, Michigan, where I live, has been particularly hard hit. My copywriting income has definitely increased our peace of mind in a very uncertain economy.”

– Carol Parks,
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