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“I owe my writing career to AWAI. I never would've even known about direct response copywriting without them — much less how to get started. Their courses are relevant, timely, and thorough. I always feel like I'm getting the most up-to-date information about today's marketing trends. And they genuinely care about their members, and are excited about your success.”

— Candice Lazar

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“AWAI ‘real deal.’ Its courses, newsletters, webinars and more provided me the foundational skills I needed to get started. And the AWAI staff and the extended copywriting “family” I've discovered through AWAI has given me support unlike anything I experienced over a 30 year technology career. Today, AWAI is like a family to me. I have absolutely no regrets…”

— Les Worley

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“AWAI has opened a lot of doors for me… valuable industry contacts… terrific training on how to write effective copy… business skills to expand my impact as a copywriter, and as a marketing strategist. Financially, it has meant literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to me, and millions to my clients… and many lasting friendships…”

— Mike Connolly

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“Each of my investments in AWAI and Circle of Success are — hands down — the best investments I've made in my future… specifically… my future enjoying my passion of writing — since investing my time and money in law school!”

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“AWAI provides outstanding training, and they truly want all their members to succeed. I joined their highest-level mentorship program at the end of 2018 and have quickly seen my freelance income rise. AWAI is giving me a real path forward in my career. The best thing you can do, if you want to make a great living as a writer, is to get as involved with AWAI as you can.”

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