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Blogging Made Easy with These 347 “Ready to Steal” Topics

Blog writing is one of the easiest forms of well-paid writing to learn. And it gives you the chance to share your personal ideas, adventures, and viewpoints with other like-minded people.

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Who is AWAI? Since 1997, American Writers and Artists Institute has been training people from all backgrounds how to make a great living as a writer. As the world’s leading source for copywriting training and programs, we’ve turned out countless success stories from all corners of the globe. Your success and happiness matter to us, which is why we are always standing by, ready to answer any questions you have along the way. 

What People Say About AWAI

I was skeptical about the possibility of earning a living as a freelance writer… I am so glad I decided to give it a try! The teaching is excellent, my confidence is growing, and my writing has improved immeasurably.

Peggy McClaine

AWAI has enabled me to live my writer’s life. The classes, mentoring, reviews, and feedback have helped me to understand how to best get the message across. I never knew I wanted to be a web writer — but that is what I am today. Thanks to AWAI, I earn a significant income each year with the flexibility to travel with my retired husband, or visit my military kids.

Diane Sweeney

I am now putting my business end together, and writing for the Sport Fishing Industry, specializing in Women’s Sport Fishing. AWAI is able to provide the tools I need to open doors that I never knew were there, and then show me the way. It isn’t easy, but I love learning, and love the people at AWAI because they care about all of us.

Cynthia Jackson

If you’re interested in learning the copywriting and business skills necessary to start your own freelance copywriting business, AWAI is the place to go. AWAI has a vast array of different programs, from general copywriting skills programs, to business building programs, to programs for various niches. I can’t recommend AWAI highly enough.

Vincent Gonzales

My AWAI training and career have been such lifesavers because I haven’t had to find a new job every single time we’ve moved. I can just pick up right where I left off in the last state — with no gaps in my income.”

Rachael Kraft

Learn how to become a paid blogger… and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss, making your own hours, writing about something you’re passionate about, from anywhere in the world you want to be.