Paul Hollingshead
Co-Founder, Co-Chairman
American Writers & Artists Inc.

If “good” simply isn’t good enough for you…

Dear Inside AWAI Reader,

First, let me say “congratulations”…

With AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, you’re well on your way to a career and a lifestyle most people can only dream about.

By now, you know what the life of a successful copywriter holds in store for you …

No question, the skills you’re working on right now will help you get there.

And if you’re like most people, the Accelerated Program and some persistence are all you’ll need to launch a good, successful copywriting career.

But if “good” isn’t good enough …

If you truly want to be a great copywriter …

If your gut is telling you that you really want this…

If you’re working your way through the program and you’re thinking, “Wow, this is exactly the kind of career I been waiting for. I need to make this happen for me fast!” – then you’ll want to pay special attention.

Because for you, there’s a very powerful resource we’d like you to see…

An Opportunity to Move
to the “Front of the Crowd”

It’s something that will not only let you take that crucial “giant leap forward” in your copywriting career – it’ll propel you past the competition … and give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to out-write and outperform some of the top copywriters on the planet.

It’ll be like an actor suddenly acquiring the talent it takes to perform on Broadway … or an athlete suddenly having the skills to compete at the highest level of a professional sport.

You’ll understand our business of copywriting – and the art of selling – at such a profoundly high level that there will be no limit to how successful you can become.

I know these are some very big promises …

But I also know they’re achievable. I’ve seen it happen with me, my colleagues, and a growing number of AWAI members who are determined to succeed.

The First 5 Secrets Will Transform You

All you need to do to make it happen for you is take that all-important step from where you are now … to the “next level” of success. How do you do it?

You master the bigger, deeper secrets of copywriting …

 … beginning with what I consider to be the five most powerful “big picture” secrets any copywriter can know. Learning these is like stepping back and seeing your whole mission as a copywriter through a crystal-clear pane of glass. You’ll know precisely what you need to do and say to produce the most convincing sales letters possible.

Then it’s just a matter of “fine-tuning” your writing by applying a series of deeper secrets that’ll have you doing all the “little things” better. This is where everything comes more effortlessly … and your copy is substantially stronger, more persuasive.

I’ll tell you about many of these specific Masters secrets in a moment … including details on a brand-new secret we’ve just added that could very well be the breakthrough you need to establish yourself as one of the masters of our industry.

Once you discover them, you’ll be surprised at how quickly things will fall into place for you … and how any one of the secrets you learn can touch off a domino effect of successes.

Let me explain …

… by telling you a quick story about what I consider to be my “breakthrough” moment – and how it almost immediately propelled me into the ranks of some of the most successful and highest-paid copywriters in the country.

The Power of “Deeper” Secrets

“The Masters Program took all of the concepts from the first program (plus quite a few more!) … and went much, much deeper into each one. It didn’t just show me how the techniques worked, it told me why – and then gave me money-making opportunities to put these powerful concepts into practice. Just last week, I came home from vacation to $2300 worth of royalty checks – my first ones! And I currently have three more packages in the mail that will pay out royalties in the coming months. In my mind, that’s the Masters Program paying off.”

— Monica D.,
Philadelphia, PA

When I was starting as a copywriter, there was no AWAI program to follow. I learned by studying direct-mail promotions that were working. And from those, I worked long and hard to figure out the basic outline of a letter – and what it had to say in order to be successful.

Things went along pretty much okay. My first couple of letters enjoyed some good success. One letter that I worked closely on with Michael Masterson wound up grossing over a million dollars. But there were a few others that didn’t do much at all …

And then something happened …

Agora Publishing – the company I was writing for – began holding these “copy critiquing sessions,” where we’d all get on a conference call and critique the sales letters we were working on.

As luck would have it, the two people heading up my sessions were none other than Bill Bonner and Michael Masterson – two of the greatest copywriters and most successful direct-response masters of our time. (Bill Bonner, as you may know, is the founder and president of Agora – one of the largest newsletter publishers in the world … and Michael Masterson, well, you know his story.) Each time we’d have a call, they’d go over all the things that were right and wrong with my letter – and suggest ways to make it better.

But something else was happening in those sessions that I didn’t realize at the time … something that would ultimately have a huge impact on my life …

During the course of every call, Bill and Michael would quietly reveal two, maybe three, of their most private and powerful copywriting secrets. Whether I realized it or not at the time, it was those deeper writing secrets that were transforming me from the ordinary copywriter I was to the “master” copywriter I’d soon become.

Those critiquing sessions lasted just a little over a year. Agora was growing quickly and Michael and Bill simply became too busy to go over all the letters from all the copywriters Agora was using.

“The Masters Program is definitely a huge factor in my success. Using AWAI Master techniques, I’ve produced several web copy jobs during the last year and a half that are still live on the Internet. Plus I recently created a DM package for a national mortgage refinance company. If it becomes their new control, I’ll get a 5-figure bonus.”

— Vicky H.,
Denton, TX

“AWAI’s Masters Program has been invaluable to me. The deeper secrets have put me head and shoulders about the competition. As a result, there’s only been one week in the last 3 years when I haven’t had work … I typically work on several projects at one time … and my income doubled last year.”

— Glenn S.,
Mountain Grove, ON

But here’s my point …

Secrets That Propelled
So Many Successful Careers

The Masters Secret
That Changed My Life …

The Secret of
“Small Miracles”
by Peter Beteul

I remember a statement by Rosser Reeves, one of the great advertising giants, that changed my copy approach and greatly improved results.

Someone once asked him how he came up with good ideas. He admitted that he had never really given this much thought, but it was an excellent question. In looking back at his greatest campaigns, he said there was a common thread throughout them all that yielded great ideas.

It was doing basic research on the product. While this may not sound exciting, it is. As Mr. Reeves said, “a thousand ideas come swimming up.” The example most have heard is the Claude Hopkins story. He created a campaign that let readers know his bottles are steamed clean.

In fact, all bottles were steamed clean, but he was smart enough to mention it first in his advertising. Today, that might not be a compelling benefit, but it was then. Folks often became sick because of poor washing of bottles.

A year ago I did a direct mail package for a relatively unknown financial newsletter. In doing research, I found that the publisher had known Warren Buffet for many years. And years ago Buffet said that this newsletter was absolutely influential in creating his view of investing.

This fact was buried under a ton of other facts. Even the owner of the newsletter was hesitant about using it. From a promotional point of view, it’s solid gold. One of the greatest investors in the entire world loved his publication. Why hide that?

Also about a year ago, I did a magalog for a health supplement that helped people with arthritis. After looking into this in great detail, a point came “swimming up,” as Rosser Reeves would say.

This product was ordered by the wife of the Prime Minister of England. Here was someone with all the money in the world and access to all the doctors and experts in the world— and what does she do? She orders OUR PRODUCT.

When you find killer persuasive facts, you have a big edge over the competition. People begin to believe what you ’re saying. A friend of mine once said that your claims shouldn’t exceed your proof. And it’s true. Otherwise, you will come off as another person throwing out slogans. Give people a convincing reason why to buy your product.

Had I not been exposed to all those deeper, more insightful copywriting secrets over those 12 or so months – insights that Bill and Michael learned by analyzing thousands of breakthrough letters over many years – I doubt very much that I’d be enjoying the success I enjoy today.

And if you think I’m exaggerating, consider this.

Don Mahoney was in on those calls too. So were AWAI Board Members John Forde … Jennifer Stevens … and countless others who have gone on to become great copywriters and direct-mail marketers.

It’s no coincidence that the very writers who worked so closely with Bill and Michael during those days went on to be very successful.

And I can tell you why …

It’s because we benefited directly from the many years Bill and Michael spent studying thousands of breakthrough letters by the top copywriters in the world. They’d break each one down … analyze the headline, the lead, the structure, the tempo, the content, the wording …

They came up with some fundamental rules of copywriting – rules every copywriter needs to follow in order to be successful. Those are the rules you’re discovering right now in your Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

But they also discovered that the consistently great copywriters did more than follow the basic rules. They used more sophisticated writing techniques. They connected with the reader in a deeper, more powerful way. They had a way of making the product they were selling “irresistible” to the reader.

Those are the secrets Bill and Michael would feed me in our copy sessions. They made such a powerful impression on me that even when I sit down to write a letter today, I can still hear Bill and Michael telling me …

… You’re missing a key element here – remember to include all “four legs” of the stool.

… You’re talking too much about the product here – remember the “Secret of Transparency.”

… Your letter’s wandering here – stay close to your reader’s “core emotion.”

… Don’t let your reader lose interest here – you need to tighten up the “Golden Thread.”

… You need to address the deeper needs and wants of your reader – remember the “Secret of the Prism.”

… This headline and these bullets could be stronger – use the “4 U’s Rule” to make it more urgent and useful.

… Is this the best lead for this package? Try a more “indirect” lead … or maybe a “fascination” style lead would work best.

… and so on.

Now, you won’t find these secrets in your Accelerated Program – for good reason. They’re simply too advanced for people who have yet to master the basic skills. It would be like asking someone who just learned how to use Microsoft Windows to write a computer program for NASA.

But here’s the thing …

The Day Everything Changed

Being exposed to these “deeper secrets and techniques” early in my career was just the thing I needed to grow and mature as a writer.

The moment I started incorporating these high-level Masters secrets into my copy, every one of my letters became a virtual “tour de force” in the mail. Suddenly, my packages were hitting all the right notes with my prospects. Orders were rolling in, often at a record-breaking pace. Product managers were thrilled. My letters mailed over and over again … with quantities numbering in the millions.

Marketing managers from everywhere knew my name. They were calling me up – offering me my choice of jobs. When I’d tell them I was completely booked up with work, they’d say, “No problem … call when you have an opening. Name your price and the product you’d like to write for … ”

And remember, I wasn’t the only one whose star was rising fast. Don, John, Jennifer, and many others exposed to these “Masters secrets” over the years experienced similar – if not greater – success.

Where Are You Now?

The Masters Secret
That Changed My Life …

The Secret of
“The Masterful Lead”
by Don Mahoney

I’d have to say that the thing that made the biggest difference in my career – and my ability to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year – was learning how to write a masterful lead.

In fact, for me, once I have the lead I consider my job 80% done. It’s the hardest part by far. You have to carry the reader into your idea emotionally, not logically, and make the big promise to him in a way that’s totally believable.

After that, it’s all supportive work. If you have your reader that far, there’s no excuse for not carrying him the rest of the way.

Now, I’ve always been known as a highly productive copywriter. Because I am. And the way I’m able to be so productive is because I can get a project done in a short amount of time. To be a successful copywriter, it’s more than just being quick. The copy has to be good, too.

And for me, learning that Masters Secret that led me to this ability to nail down a powerful lead in a short period of time is one of the main reasons I can do what I do. And in fact, as I was building my career, for a long time I charged half what other top copywriters charged. And I made more money than them.

How? By being able to crank out a top-performing package in a fraction of the time.

So to me, this is one of the most valuable lessons you can learn. Nail that lead, and the rest of the package pretty much writes itself. Fast. And for a lot of money.

Perhaps today you’re where my colleagues and I were not so long ago …

You’re getting into the business … mastering the basic secrets … beginning to write at a higher level.

More importantly, you love what you’re doing. You’re determined to be a top-notch copywriter – and you’re ready to know the deeper, more sophisticated copywriting secrets that helped us transform our careers.

But where do you find them? How do you take that all-important step to the next level in your copy career?

There’s only one place in the world: the AWAI “Masters Program.”

All the Secrets
You’ll Ever Need to Know

Simply put, the Masters Program is a collection of all the most powerful copywriting secrets you’ll ever need to know to become a great copywriter.

They’re Michael’s personal secrets. They’re Bill Bonner’s private secrets.

They’re the secrets developed by some of the legendary copywriters of our time – Gene Schwartz, Joe Karbo, David Ogilvy, Claude Hopkins, and Joe Sugarman – as well as the modern masters of our day, like Herschell Gordon Lewis, Peter Beteul, and Arthur Johnson.

They’re techniques, tricks, and secrets that have come from years and years of poring over some of the most successful direct-mail packages ever created. From breaking down the structure … understanding the different techniques great writers use to connect with their readers … understanding what it is that makes a successful letter’s promise and offer so compelling … and understanding what every successful letter has in common.

Bill and Michael understood early on that in our business “Copy Is King.” And understanding what makes great copy great is the key to building a successful direct-mail business.

Insights That Helped Build a $350 Million Business

They were right.

“The Masters Program has become the cornerstone on which I’ve been able to successfully grow my business. Thanks to everything I’ve learned at AWAI, my copywriting income more than doubled last year. (Yippee!) In addition to local clients, I work with publishers nationwide to help them create compelling sales materials for their information products.”

— Beth E., Kandiyohi, MN

These are the very secrets that helped Bill Bonner turn a burgeoning publishing company with one newsletter into a $350-million-per-year publishing empire. These are the very secrets that have not only made Michael Masterson a multimillionaire – but have made more than a dozen of the friends he shared them with millionaires too.

These are the secrets I use every day – and still refer to when I’m stuck or struggling with a package.

These are the deeper secrets that will give you unparalleled insight into how the selling process works – and how to use that knowledge to become one of the best copywriters and direct-response professionals in the country.

What’s more, these are the secrets guaranteed to provide you with that “breakthrough” moment … that instant when the sun suddenly breaks through the clouds and you say to yourself …

“A-ha! Now I get it! Now I understand the secret to writing a great sales letter like I never did before!”

I still remember when that happened to me.

Like many new copywriters, I focused my energies on selling the product. Then Michael explained his “Secret of Transparency” – which is all about getting to know your reader’s true needs, beliefs, and desires … and understanding that it’s not really the product that your prospect wants, but what that product can do for him.

“I am only three months into the Masters Program and already it has helped me land two new jobs. This program pays for itself many times over. I strongly recommend the Masters Program to all AWAI members.”

– Paul D.,
Carlsbad, CA

Our job is to keep the product transparent and the benefits visible. Not just the obvious benefits, like wealth and freedom and good health. But the deeper benefits. The ones the prospect himself may not even be aware he wants …

Once this technique sunk in – and I understood it – writing letters became infinitely easier for me. It’s nothing I can define, really. It’s just that, all of a sudden, I had a better understanding of what my job as a copywriter was. Everything was coming more naturally to me. I was more confident every time I sat down to write a letter, simply because I had this knowledge in me … this deeper insight into what selling to my prospect was all about.

Then all the other secrets began connecting with me in ways that were just as powerful, including what I consider to be the most important five secrets you’ll ever learn as a copywriter …

For copywriters like you and me – this stuff is pure gold.

Think about it.

Two Writers: Who Has the Edge?

You and another writer are going head to head on a project. You know these advanced secrets – even just the few I’ve talked about so far. Your competition doesn’t. Who’s going to write the stronger letter?


You’ll know your prospect better.

You’ll know that the secret to selling is to not sell the product.

Your letter will grab your prospect hard with a strong, bold lead – and you’ll keep his attention throughout, thanks to what you know about the “Golden Thread.”

Your letter will be built with the “four legs of the stool” firmly in place – virtually assuring that your package is stronger, more balanced, and loaded with promise, credibility, benefits, and proof.

And that’s after using just a few of the Masters secrets …

More Than 60 Deep-Rooted Secrets

In all, the AWAI Masters Program has over 60 deep-rooted secrets – each explained in precise detail … with examples to help you understand them … and exercises designed to make sure you never forget them.

For instance:

In a moment, I’ll tell you how we’ve designed the Masters Program to be the ultimate “working resource” for you – and why we’re convinced your writing will be better and stronger right from day one …

But first, you may be wondering, “Am I ready for the more advanced secrets found in the Masters Program ?”

Well, that depends on how serious you are about your copywriting – and how quickly you want your success to happen.

Here’s where we stand on that …

“I could have used this stuff long ago.”

Until recently, we’ve hesitated to offer these Masters secrets until all the “basic” work was finished. But then, people in the Masters Program kept telling us – “Why did you wait to get me this information? This is stuff I could have used long ago. Had I had this in the early months, I’d be much further ahead by now.”

“The Masters Program has far exceeded my expectations!

Already with the first section, I have learned how to really zero in on my target audience. In fact, just working through the materials has reignited my enthusiasm and confidence. I have landed two new clients in the past months”

– Mark K.,
Ashburn, Virginia

The more we thought about it, the more we realized that motivated members of the basic program were blowing right through the basic material … and wanted the best stuff fast. That’s why we decided to make the Masters secrets more readily available … so you can have these advanced selling secrets at your fingertips … and use them when you’re ready to “step things up” and reach your prospect on a much deeper level.

So once you’ve made that commitment to be a successful copywriter, there’s no reason not to get your hands on this advanced material … and start putting the secrets to work for you just as soon as you’re ready …

If that’s where you stand – if you’re serious about your future success – then I promise you this will be an exhilarating experience for you. Because the insights you’re about to gain into the wonderful and lucrative world of copywriting can’t be found anywhere else.

Here’s how it works …

Your Complete Copywriting “Advanced” Program

The Masters Secret
That Changed My Life …

The Secret of
“The Golden Thread”
by John Forde

I'd have to say the most important thing I've learned is Michael Masterson's concept of the "Golden Thread." Like most great ideas, it's pretty simple: the core idea of a sales message is like a golden thread, woven throughout the promo. It's just a way to remind myself to stay on track while I'm writing, or to get my writing back on track during the editing phase. But I'm such a kinetic thinker sometimes, it had revolutionary results. Suddenly I stopped getting lost in the little details and started seeing the "big picture" of some pretty tough copy challenges. I started cranking out packages that just "worked" and burst the six-figure income barrier.

Literally, I went from living on tuna fish dinners in my $365-a-month apartment... to eating out three nights a week at nice restaurants... while wiping out every penny of debt (I haven't carried any in ten years)... writing checks for $10,000 in surprise medical bills and $11,000 to cover the rest of my wife's graduate school loans... and piling up about $300K in savings and investments. Not bad. But it wasn't just the money. Success makes it easy for me to work from wherever I want, whenever I want. Which I consider a huge perk. After my copy really started working for me (thanks to the "golden thread" secret and a few other key Master's secrets, I can almost guarantee clients a control package every time I sit down to write)... I packed up my laptop and moved to Manhattan for three years. Now I work and travel in Europe. There's always plenty of work to do. And I can't tell you how great it is to be able to do it from wherever I can find an electrical outlet and an Internet connection.

I've internalized most of the other master's secrets and use them now without really thinking about them. But the "golden thread" is one that definitely sits there, right in front of me, every time I'm at the keyboard typing or picking up my red pen to run through my first round of cuts and edits. I'm not sure where I'd be without it.

The AWAI Masters Program is a complete and comprehensive study guide of all the greatest and most potent copywriting secrets, tips, and techniques known to work in our business.

This online program is divided into 24 distinct and power-packed sessions. We’ve structured it in such a way that you’re able to focus on one secret at a time, so when you sit down to write, all this powerful information will be “center of mind” when you need it.

You’ll find the most important and powerful secrets early on in the program – the secrets that let you better understand your prospect and know his core buying emotion … the “Secret of Transparency” (which had such a dramatic impact on my copy career) … the secret of writing masterful leads and headlines … powerful bullet writing … the secret of the “Golden Thread” … and the secret of the “Four-Legged Stool.”

In fact, the first eight sessions of the Masters Program, alone, have the power to transform your copywriting career in ways that will amaze you.

But it gets even better.

From there, you build on what you know with the finer points of great copy that will add polish and greater focus to any direct-response project you take on. Let’s face it. So much of copywriting success – like success in anything – comes from the smaller things you do right … the things that might not seem so big or important …

Things like getting the right “voice” for your package …

As you well know, good copy doesn’t scream “buy this” at your prospect. Good copy establishes a trusting relationship between you and your prospect. Good copy is empathetic toward his or her wants and needs. Good copy establishes a tone of authority – without talking “down” to your reader. That’s what I mean by the right voice. And when you combine the right voice with a good, solid well-structured letter – watch out! Those promotions have been known to mail successfully for years … and pay tens of thousands of dollars in royalties.

Things like “Mastering the Offer” …

Most copywriters you’ll be up against take the offer for granted. But what if your offers were better than anyone else’s? What if you knew the secret for creating an offer that’s absolutely irresistible to your reader? How much more successful would your letters be?

Allow me to answer: The ability to consistently craft an innovative and compelling offer can double, even triple the success rate of every letter you write. In fact, creating a winning offer is the fastest and easiest way to boost any letter’s response.

How about getting your letter started …

New copywriters are constantly telling me that their biggest challenge is getting those first few words on the page. You should read Don’s “Staring at the Blank Page” secret for getting started. It’s so simple and powerful – I can’t tell you how many times it’s helped me jumpstart a package.

And what if you knew of all the most successful “approaches” you can take with your letter? Winning techniques like …

All these direct-response approaches are proven winners – and you’ll find out how to use them in your Master Program .

But the Masters Program isn’t just about memorizing one secret after another.

It’s much more than that …

Are You Ready to Launch Your Career –
and Start Writing for REAL Money – Right Now?

It’s about applying these deeper secrets – to a series of live “spec” challenges that come with the Masters Program .

Now, understand that these aren’t just “practice letters” that you write for fun …

These are actual letters for real products that you’ll write for real clients.

The idea is very simple.

You have basic copywriting knowledge from your Accelerated Program. Absorb the deeper insights and breakthrough ideas you’ll get from the Masters Program . Apply all this newfound knowledge and insights to any of the live spec assignments that interest you.

In all, there are six spec assignments you can choose from – including a few AWAI products you know.

You can do one, a few, or all six if you like!

And here’s the thing …

We’ll give you complete instructions on how to submit your letter to the marketing director of the company. If they test your letter – and it’s successful in the mail – they’ll pay you for your work … a writing fee plus any royalties from future mailings.

But these aren’t the only spec assignments you’ll have access to once you sign up for the Masters Program . Many more await you on our AWAI website under the special “Masters Only” section of our $10K Challenge page.

There you’ll find our most advanced assignments for a long list of AWAI products – including the Accelerated Program you’re working on now … .our Freelance Writing Business Success program… our Travel Writer’s Program … and 12 more!

These are assignments that might be a little too much for those in the basic program to take on – but with the skills you’ll know by working your way through the Masters Program, you’ll be ready. They pay better than the basic program assignments too – $1,000 for a headline and lead idea that’s accepted … another $1,000 for the finished letter … and royalties should your letter beat the control when it’s mailed.

Beyond the money, though, these assignments are an excellent way to get you and your writing known to us and others in the industry … get your foot in the copywriting door … and launch your six-figure career quickly. Who better to write for, after all, than the very people who are committed to your success!

But wait.

There are still a few things I haven’t told you about, including something very exciting we recently added to the program …

Master Your Copywriting Skills “On the Go”

All 24 Masters Program sessions include a bonus streaming MP3 – which has the entire session in audio format. This is great, because you can read online about the secret in the written materials … then, later on, you can download the MP3 and listen while driving in your car or relaxing on the couch and have the whole thing reinforced.

Another thing I found with the audio recordings is that, in virtually every session, I was able to pick up something I missed while reading the program! It’s a great way to make sure you don’t miss a thing when it comes to these all-powerful secrets.

There’s more …

In addition to the 24 sessions and all those audio recordings, there are 18 specially written and carefully chosen bonuses waiting for you …

This special “Masters Library” of bonuses gives you all the information every master copywriter needs to know – from how to research over the Internet … to what the government says you can and can’t do or say in your promotions.

You’ll find all 18 of these bonuses conveniently indexed online. Or you can do what I did – print them all out, drop them in one of those three-ring folders, and start your own “Writer’s Resource” library.

This really is an amazing storehouse of information …

Your Personal Library of  Advanced
AWAI Copywriting Resources

Among my favorites:

  1. A Cheater’s Desk Reference for Copywriters – which contains 27 little copywriting “shortcuts” that help me work less and write more. It’s not surprising that my copy automatically falls open to the “Idea Starters” page, which has 95 different headline archetypes to get your creative juices flowing. Then, a few pages later, there’s a section on “Five Ways to Create a Powerful and Passionate P.S.” Understand that I’m not a big fan of writing P.S.’s. Not because they don’t work, but because I’m usually too worn out to think about one by the time I get to the end of my letter. Now I don’t have to. This little section gives me the five most effective P.S.’s that’ll work with virtually any letter.
  1. Michael Masterson’s Personal Productivity Secrets – Nobody I know is more “on the go” than Michael. What with his many businesses, his daily Early to Rise service, his real estate portfolio, his martial arts, his fiction writing, friends, family, traveling – I’m simply amazed that he gets anything else done. But he does. Way more on a day-to-day basis than anyone else I know. This concise little report details how he does it. Just 30 minutes with this little booklet can change your life.
  1. The Power of Selling: The Art of Copywriting Above and Beyond Direct Mail – Let’s face it … no matter what we call what we do, it all boils down to selling. And to be successful at it, you gotta know the three basic rules of selling. This little guide will tell you what they are. But there’s so much more in it – everything from overcoming price resistance … to the secret of getting free publicity. I refer to this report constantly. So will you.
  1. 20 Masters Tips – many of the advanced secrets you’ll find in detail throughout the Masters Program (and more) – as they apply to an actual, working direct-mail package. (I love these.) For instance, if you want to see how a master copywriter uses a “Fascination Teaser” in a real-life direct-mail package … check out the Boardroom letter on Page 3 of this special report.
  1. 20 More Masters Tips – another gem you won’t find anywhere else. This special report contains some of the lesser-known but still highly effective selling techniques that master copywriters use … like the “Friendly Ultimatum” and, one of my favorites, the “Hare Krishna Principle.” It also talks about specific little tricks you can use to boost response … see if your package will stand out in the mail … and more.

Plus 13 more – each designed to boost your writing skills … build up your understanding of the direct-response industry … and get you writing at the Masters level faster than you ever thought possible.

One More Bonus – Worth $497!

If I may be frank, I’ve long held you can become very successful with three of AWAI’s resources at your fingertips: the Six-Figure Program you’re working on now … the Masters Program I’m telling you about today … and a good, detailed clip or “swipe” file of ads and ideas you can “borrow” from when you need to.

These three things (and the desire to sit down and write!) will give you all the tools you need to go from where you are now … to A-level copywriter very quickly.

Which brings me to the very special free bonus I want to give you when you order your Masters Program today. It’s the “third” resource I think every copywriter should have: a “file” of the world’s greatest and most successful sales letters.

A Resource So Potent It Turns Average Copywriters Into Great Ones … (and Great Ones Into Legends)

“Even though I’m not finished with the Masters Program yet, I wanted to get started building clients right away, so I approached a former employer.

He asked if I could do something to help him bring in more distributors for his business. I immediately sent him a plan that included a 5-letter series based on what I’ve learned so far in the Masters Program .

My client was happy to pay me $7,500 for the 5 four-page letters … He’s more than pleased with the results, and wants to replicate the program three times in 2005 (for which I’ll be paid an additional $10,500!).”

– John W.,
Lufkin, TX

That’s why I’m so excited to be able to include AWAI’s Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection at no extra charge with your Masters Program purchase today.

With it you’ll get 24/7 online access to 64 blockbuster direct-response promotions that blew the doors off the existing controls. Letters that brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars – mailing after mailing. Some of which have been mailing four or five years!

They’re known in the industry as “grand-slam homeruns.”

But that’s not all. You’ll also get a thorough analysis of precisely what it is that made each letter great. We’ve broken down these winners section by section for you. You’ll get an expert critique of the format, headlines, subheads, product positioning, bullets, offer, false close, actual close, order device … every element that goes into a winning package.

And, for some invaluable extra insight into what made each of these promotions so great, you’ll even get an in-depth and revealing interview with the writer of the letter. This really is a unique opportunity to get inside the heads of the greatest copywriters of our day and hear firsthand the deep, powerful, and useful insights from the copywriter himself.

The great thing about AWAI’s Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection is you not only learn powerful new techniques from it – but you can “steal” from it too! Of course you can’t lift long passages of copy word for word … but you can certainly borrow the great ideas … structure your letter after a million-dollar seller … use the same tricks and techniques these master copywriters used. (Hey, it’s a little secret of the business: we “borrow” the stuff that’s working all the time!)

But there’s one more neat little added bonus that comes with Copywriting Genius … It’s AWAI’s “$20K Secret” Series – a 20-report series containing an in-depth look at 20 different copywriting secrets, each having the potential to boost your income by $20,000.

Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection – which is a bargain at $497 – is like having your own private library of the world’s most successful promotions … along with all the secrets that make them work so well!

In my opinion, this resource provides the “knock-out” punch of a trio of must-have AWAI resources:

The Basic Program – for gaining a sound understanding of the direct-response business and fundamental copywriting techniques that provide a foundation for good copywriting habits …

The Masters Program – where you’ll find the advanced secrets that can take your writing to the very highest level … secrets 90% of working copywriters don’t know …

Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection – the “Cadillac of clip files” where you not only get 60 great promotions you can steal from … but you get a detailed analysis of why those packages worked so well, and thoughts from the writers behind them.

“The New Superstars”

You know, if you’re serious about becoming a great copywriter, I can’t think of a better way to jumpstart your career than with these Masters secrets and this collection of blockbuster controls.

It’s no coincidence that many of the AWAI-trained copywriters who are writing for money today have succeeded because of the deeper secrets they’ve learned through the Masters Program.

Susan Clark is an excellent example. She’s an AWAI member who has mastered many of the advanced copywriting secrets contained in the Masters Program. Take a look at the email we received from Jenny Thompson, who runs the Agora Health Publishing Division and hired Susan for a project:

Hi Katie,

We’ve just finished our edits on Susan Clark’s first full-blown newsletter package for us, and I couldn’t be more excited. Honestly, it was the best first package I’ve ever seen from a writer. She applied all the elements of great copywriting almost flawlessly.

At the same time, we had commissioned one of the greats for a package for another newsletter. He was credited with writing one of the most successful controls in the health market over the past 10 years. Unfortunately, we’ve had to kill that package. He just couldn’t capture our voice and audience as successfully as Susan did.

So she has a lot to be proud of.

Knowing she will be in demand, I’ve asked my creative manager to book her in advance for a few jobs.

Have a great day – and keep developing great talent.


Wouldn’t it be great to have one of the most powerful direct-mail marketers write a letter like that about you?

It can happen. All you have to do is write a great letter. And no resource I know of will help you “step up to the challenge” like AWAI’s Masters Program can.

Others have written to tell us The Masters Program was an important “turning point” in their copy careers. Here are some off the top of the pile:

“I’ve been enrolled in the Accelerated Copywriting Program for several months now and have also recently enrolled in The Masters Program . Just last month I landed my first paid copywriting gig, and it should be an ongoing one … so thank you AWAI. I think the most valuable element of your program is the belief you instill in the aspiring copywriters enrolled in your programs.”

Rachel B., Grays Lake, IL

“I’ve just been invited to work with one of the country’s top copywriters. It was quite a selection process … based in great part on writing samples I submitted. AWAI’s Masters Program is one of the keys that pushed my writing to a new level.”

Malcolm Smith., Lake Worth, FL

“I’ve completed the Accelerated Program and recently purchased The Masters Program . Before I got past chapter 3 of the Masters, I got my first job! … ”

Fran M., Indianapolis, IN

“If it weren’t for the Accelerated and Masters Copywriting Programs, I’d still be thinking small and missing out on doing 2 things I love: writing and cashing checks.

P.S. The company is referring to me as a ‘Special Projects Facilitator’ … I like the ring to that!”

Anthony C., Berkeley, CA

Don’t Forget About Our
Special Limited-Time Offer!

Given the impact this resource has had on others -- and what it can do for your career -- I’m willing to go out on a limb to say that nowhere will you find such power-packed, copywriting-specific expertise offered in one “get-it-all-at-once” package.

What’s the value of all this knowledge, know-how, and expertise?

The Masters Program by itself is a tremendous bargain for what amounts to a “graduate degree” in the business of copywriting. Any graduate program in any college could leave you $30,000 poorer – and you wouldn’t have a fraction of the useable skills the AWAI Masters Program gives you.

That’s why at $936, it remains one of AWAI’s most popular and best-selling multi-media learning programs.

And, when you consider the immediate impact Copywriting Genius: The Masters Collection can have on your very next writing project – normally a $495 value -- you’ve got quite a “one-two punch.”

But I’m happy to tell you that you won’t pay the going rate of $1,431 for these two programs if you order through this offer.

First off, I already told you Copywriting Genius: The Master’s Collection comes as part of the deal. So “no charge” for that…

And through this offer only we’re going to give you our biggest discount everon the Masters Program itself.

Here, in a nutshell, is why we’re doing it.

As you may know, we’ve been working on moving all of our “printed” programs over to an “online” format – for several reasons. First, it’s a more convenient way for you to learn. You can access the programs from anywhere with your computer, a laptop, even iPad or smart phone. No need to lug around a big heavy manual, not to mention the library of writing bonuses we’ll be giving you.

Another reason is it allows us to update these programs on a more regular basis. For instance, when we come across another “masters level” secret we know will have an impact in today’s market – or a resource that can help you understand a deeper secret better – we’ll simply upload it to the program and you’ll have it in an instant.

Now, over the years we’ve updated and added to the Masters Program a good half-dozen times…

But right now, we’re smack-dab in the middle of perhaps the biggest overhaul of the Masters Program ever!  Don’t get me wrong – you’ll still have all the secrets and pro-writing techniques folks have used to elevate their skills dramatically over the years… we’re just adding a whole bunch more

More writing samples so you can better see the secrets in action…

More letters and headline examples for you to model your promotions after…

More audio recordings to drive home lessons better…

More support material to enhance your learning experience…

But here’s where I must confess something. Because of the scope of resources we’re adding, we’re slightly behind on our schedule for getting these extensive changes incorporated into the program. Truth be told, we were hoping we’d have them ready in time for this “Thanksgiving Masters Campaign.”

As it stands today, we’re still a few months away from going “live” with the new version. So here’s what we’ve decided to do: Rather than offer you access to the Masters Program at the regular price of $936 – or even the special “campaign” price of $690 we’ve offered in the past – we’re going to offer it to you at an even bigger discount…

Our biggest Masters discount ever, in fact – just $445.

And remember – once we’re ready to go live with all the updates we’re working on… you’ll be the first to see them!

This really is an extraordinary offer…

Remember everything you get: The Masters Program, with it’s 24 masters-level lesons … the six live Spec assignments… the library of 18 writing reports… all at more than half off the regular price of The Masters Program (52% off, to be precise…)

But when you factor in the $936 Master’s Program AND “Copywriting Genius: The Master’s Collection” at $495…

Your actual savings on the two programs combined is a whopping $986 – or 69%! 

Everything’s Guaranteed

And as is the case with everything AWAI offers, your satisfaction is guaranteed:

Take 90 days to look over the program. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with the deeper secrets you’re discovering, simply contact Member Services and we’ll issue a full refund. .

So allow me to take a moment to recap. You get online access to:

And don’t forget:

Once we’re finished with our current round of Masters Program updates over the next few months – we’ll send you an e-mail letting you know they’re “live” … that your Masters Program has been updated… so you can start benefiting from them right away.

A lot of stuff, I know.

But there’s one more thing I need to tell you about … something we only offer to Masters Program owners.

It’s access to some pretty advanced private training AWAI was hired to do a few years back. Here’s a little background:

Train with the “Big Dogs”
of the Copywriting World

Agora Publishing as you may already know, is one of the most successful direct mailers in the world.

It was the brainchild of Master Copywriter Bill Bonner. Starting with just a few ideas and the power of the written word, he built his small company into the $300-million-a-year behemoth it is today.

It’s no surprise that Agora spends a good chunk of its revenue training and grooming copywriters, so it can continue to grow as a company.

Here’s why this matters to you —

Two years ago, Agora hired AWAI to hold private monthly training sessions for all of its new, in-house copywriters. It was designed to turn these gals and guys into Master Copywriters — by instilling and imprinting them with some of the most powerful copywriting secrets and techniques around today.

These sessions were not open to the public. Only Agora copywriters could attend.

The good news is, Agora has finally agreed to let AWAI share the webinars and recordings of these valuable training sessions with you.

This is where you’ll discover and revisit powerful, master’s level secrets. Including some responsible for helping a handful of these in-house copywriters earn six-figure salaries in record time.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll be learning:

Agora paid AWAI in excess of $100,000 for this training. And if they wanted to recoup those expenses, they could easily package and offer tapes of these sessions for thousands of dollars – especially when you consider just one of the secrets you’ll be learning could translate into an extra $1,000, $3,000, or even $5,000 more a month.

But, there’s more …

AWAI invited top copywriters and marketers to these close-door sessions to share their own personal secrets to crafting superior copy.

Eavesdrop While Top Copywriters
and Marketers Share Their Secrets

During the Agora training sessions, copywriters were privy to a series of interviews with top copywriters and marketers.

The quality and level of knowledge discussed during this time is unparalleled. Just one tip … one technique … one insight could easily boost your income in the coming months.

And, when you’re part of the Masters Program , you’ll be getting access to every single one of these interviews.

Remember – if you’re not absolutely thrilled with your Masters Program experience … if you’re not convinced that the information you’re getting will help you become one of the top copywriters in the country … simply contact Member Services and we’ll issue a full refund.  

“I thought I was a pretty smart copywriter – making over $1,000 a week with my ‘niche’ specialty – writing space ads. But, just one concept I learned from AWAI’s Masters Program has rocketed my little at-home business into the $10K-a-month club. I feel I’m now part of a ‘secret club.’ A small, exclusive group of highly-paid, specially-trained individuals who are in great demand by direct marketers all over the world. It’s very cool to be needed, respected and … successful!”

– Mike S.,
Palm Cove, FL

There’s Never Been a Better Time

Quite frankly, there’s no better time to take advantage of this offer than today.

We’ve added the 24 MP3s so you don’t miss one word of any Masters session …

Copywriting Genius: The Masters Collection is a resource you’ll turn to time and time again …

We’ve added a ton of new and exciting bonuses – all of which are designed to help you succeed …

We’ve made meeting and getting clients as easy as possible for you…

You get to “sit in” on actual training sessions offered to Agora’s copywriters…

And last, but certainly not least…

You’re getting the very best price we’ve ever offer for access to the entire program – with full rights to the extensively updated version the instant it’s ready.

So if you’re ready to get serious about your copywriting career, there’s never been a better time.

You’ll have online access to the program and all of the benefits within 48 hours of your order being processed.

I hope to count you among our small group of Masters soon! Call Debbie or Jacqueline at 866-879-2924 or click here to order today.

Paul Hollingshead
Co-Founder, Co-Chairman, AWAI

P.S. In case there was any doubt, you’re being offered this deeply discounted price as incentive to getthis comprehensive Masters Program package in advance of the extensive updates we’re currently working on. (And remember, the instant they’re finished and ready – you’ll receive them in their entirety!)

I can assure you, the next time this offer is made, the price is certain to be substantially higher – somewhere in the $1,500 range, Katie tells me. That’s why I urge you – if you’ve ever considered owning The Masters Program… you’ll never get it at a cheaper price than through this “pre-update” offer!

Order Today!

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