The Man Who Taught You Copywriting
Now Wants To Help You Become Rich …

A Unique and Exciting Opportunity
to “Complete the Journey” We’re on Together


Dear AWAI Member,

You came to AWAI empowered with an idea: To ultimately leave the work-a-day world and take back control over your life.

Copywriting, we’ve shown you, is a ticket to freedom of sorts. Something anyone with a desire to write can learn.

It’s a chance to leave the office cubicle, grouchy bosses, the low pay, and the daily commute, to write about interesting things … at your leisure … from anywhere in the world.

It’s also a chance to make a very good income — an income not limited by the whims of managers, company pay scales, or even cost-of-living raises.

As a copywriter, you decide how much you want to make — whether it’s $50,000 a year writing a few hours a week while tending to a growing family … or half a million dollars writing blockbuster controls for big-league businesses and publishers.

In our industry, there’s something for everyone. And thanks to all the potential the Internet brings, there’s more opportunity in our world than ever before.

For 15 years now, AWAI has been introducing want-to-be writers to this very exciting and lucrative world.

And we’re proud to say our Rolodexes are teeming with AWAI members who’ve worked hard and “made it” … and are now living out their dreams as happy, highly paid, in-demand copywriters.

If this is you — or even if you’re on your way … congratulations!

But here’s what I’m writing you to say: We’re not quite finished helping you yet!

You see, besides “being there” for you anytime you need us — to help you develop and refine your skills or break into an untapped market — there’s one more way we can help you.

It has nothing to do with writing … or marketing … or graphic design … or an Internet business. It’s not about selling yourself or finding new clients or growing your freelance business …

Yet what I want to talk to you about today can have a profound impact on how wealthy you become and the lifestyle you have 3, 5, 10 — even 20 years down the road.

It could even have a major impact on the lives of your children, their children, and those closest to you.

And it’s not just about the money …

Wealth and a Clear Peace of Mind

Even though what I want to talk to you about today could easily add millions to your net worth over your lifetime … what it’s really about is the peace of mind and comfort in knowing that you’ll never run out of money … even if you decide to stop writing (and working) in the not-to-distant future.

I’ll explain everything in a minute.

But first, let me give you a little bit of background as to why we’re able to bring you this opportunity today.

Recently, I started working on a new project with Michael Masterson.

Now, you may have heard that Michael has retired. In fact, he has. You see “Michael Masterson” was the pen name of Mark Ford, a wealthy businessman, author, wealth consultant and philanthropist.

After writing more than 1,000 essays and 9 books on business in 10 years Mark "retired" the Michael Masterson brand and devoted his writing time to fiction and poetry.

As you may know, I owe a great deal to Mark (as many of us do).

He’s the gentleman who took me from a minimum wage job at the grocery store, taught me about copywriting … and now I’m able to consistently earn over $350,000 a year writing from my home, a few hours a day.

Mark was also instrumental in helping us start up AWAI. In fact, many of the secrets you’ve learned through the various AWAI programs – from our introductory Accelerated Program to the high-level writing and marketing techniques found in the Master’s Program … are the very ones that helped Mark become a superstar in our business.

Naturally, when he invited me to be a part of his latest venture, I was only too eager to jump aboard. Who wouldn’t?

After all, we all know him as a master marketer, copywriter, and serial entrepreneur.

A Very Savvy and Successful Investor

But what a lot of people don’t know about Mark is that he’s also a very, very smart and successful investor.

Savvy investing, in fact, is how he’s been able to parlay the money he’s made in marketing and business into a more than $50 million personal fortune — all while keeping up a very comfortable (some might say lavish) lifestyle, complete with fancy cars, first-class travel, multiple mansions, and a very impressive collection of fine art.

But here’s the thing …

Mark didn’t invest his money the way most people do — and certainly not the way Wall Street brokers and typical financial advisors recommend their clients do.

He tried that years ago and found that it didn’t work. For about six months, he worked with two firms: a smaller “boutique” brokerage that would accept a starting investment of $100,000 … and a fancy Wall Street private banking firm that wanted a minimum of $10 million, just to get started.

He saw that both of them had a team of slick, well-dressed advisors, fancy offices, and glossy marketing brochures … “Impressive details that always scare me,” he recently wrote, “Because I can’t stop thinking, ‘Boy, these guys must be making big margins to have all this fancy stuff — and at whose expense?’

Then he started doing something a lot of clients don’t bother to do — he started asking questions. They were simple, quite basic questions he would ask before he would buy into any private business himself.

What he discovered shocked and surprised him. In his words:

“I concluded that neither of these professionals knew more about how I should invest my money than I did. In fact, I believed they knew less. They certainly knew less than I do about how businesses really work. They knew less than I do about how to evaluate businesses. And they showed no common sense when it came to making asset allocation decisions.

“If these shortcomings weren’t scary enough, I came away with the distinct feeling that they really didn’t care whether I or any of their clients was going to get richer in the future. All they really seemed to care about was getting richer themselves.”

This experience changed the way Mark viewed the financial advisory industry. More importantly, it made him wonder: If a millionaire like me can’t get reliable financial advice … how can people of average wealth who need it most get it?

It was about this same time that his friend — a very successful publisher at Agora Publishing — asked him if he was interested in sharing what he knew about investing with regular investors. After the “eye opening” experience he had dealing with those top financial firms, he jumped at the chance.

Better Than Any Wall Street Money Team

He gathered up a group of the smartest moneymen he knew — people he could trust with his own money — and together they started a brand-new investment advisory service called The Palm Beach Letter.

And in true “Mark Ford” fashion, he’s giving his all to the project … and more. In fact, I haven’t seen him this excited about a project since he helped us create and grow AWAI over 15 years ago.

In short, he’s made it his personal mission to tell anyone who will listen the truth about how real money is made through investing — and to reveal the actual secrets and investment techniques he and many of his wealthy colleagues have used to grow their personal wealth by a combined hundreds of millions of dollars.

So what does all this have to do with you?


Now that you have an opportunity to make a lot of money as a freelance copywriter, I believe that Mark can help you in yet another way … by showing you many of the very same money techniques he used to leverage his copywriting and marketing income into more money than he’ll be able to spend in several lifetimes.

So we went to Mark with a very straightforward (and exciting) proposition: help us create a program that will help freelance writers effectively manage the money they’re making — so they can parlay their newfound wealth into millions of dollars by the time they’re ready to retire … just like he has!

I have to say …

When we mentioned this idea to Mark, his eyes lit up. You could tell he was very excited about it. He started rattling off all the things new writers need to be doing with their money … the kinds of investments they should be making … the mistakes they should avoid.

And then he said what we were all thinking: We should have done this years ago!

That may be so … but this is by far the very best time ever to offer you an opportunity like this. Why?

Because it wasn’t until the last 18 months that Mark changed his life’s focus to helping people become rich through successful investing — and has a team of people in place that can help us create the very best program on wealth creation specifically for freelancers anywhere!

And the great thing about it from AWAI’s perspective is that it’s the perfect opportunity to “close the circle” as it were.

By that I mean, for over 15 years now, it’s been our goal to introduce you to this wonderful niche of writing — so you can make more money, leave the rat race, and live a lifestyle most people only dream of.

So when this opportunity came about — the opportunity to work with Mark to give you his best secrets for growing wealthy through investing, we saw it as a way of “completing our journey together” … by helping you parlay the money you’re making as a successful or up-and-coming freelancer … into a lifetime of wealth and security.

But before I get to details on what we’ve put together for you, I need to ask you a question: Is it even necessary that you consider an investment strategy at this stage of your writing career?

I can answer that with a very quick story: My own.

Don’t “blow it” Like I Did …

Now, if you’re thinking I’m going to tell you how years ago I took Mark’s advice … invested a good chunk of my newfound income into the investments he was making … and that I’m a multimillionaire now because of it …

You’d be wrong.

Fact is, I ignored Mark’s good advice about learning good money habits and using my newfound income to build up real wealth. Time after time he told me that becoming rich takes a lot more than just a high income. To become truly financially independent you must learn how to parlay that good income into what he calls “a financial fortress” of wealth… money that will be there and with you and provide a luxurious standard of living… even when you stop writing.  

No …

The reason I’m writing you today is so you don’t make the mistake I made – which is to not think a good investment plan is needed … that somehow your money will take care of itself. And, so you don’t fall into the terrible trap I did of upping your lifestyle as more money comes in … spending it on frivolous things rather than good, solid sound investments that can ensure a very wealth future.

Let me show you what I mean.

I already told you that over the past 15 years, I’ve averaged about $350,000 per year as a professional copywriter.

At the time I started writing, I could live very comfortably on $100,000 — after taxes. I had a nice home with a manageable mortgage, two nice cars. My wife and I lived well, traveling and eating at fine restaurants whenever we wanted. I even had a membership at a fancy private country club.

That means, based on my income — and the amount of money I needed to live comfortably — I had $145,000 leftover, on average and after taxes, that I could have tucked away into wealth-building investments.

$4.2 Million I Could Have Had

Had I done that, beginning my wealth building in 2000 … look at the money I might have today had I followed Mark’s “off Wall Street” strategies and earned the kinds of yields he strives for with his innovative investing approach:

2001 $153,252        2007 $1,663,226
2002 $328,523   2008 2,055,442
2003 $528,977   2009 $2,504,009
2004 $758,230   2010 $3,017,024
2005 $1,020,421   2011 $3,603,746
2006 $1,320,282   2012 $4,274,765

Incredible, isn’t it?

Over $4.2 million that I could have amassed in a little over a decade … while still enjoying a very comfortable lifestyle, working at a job I loved, with a level of personal freedom many 9-to-5 workers would kill for!

But what did I do with my money instead? I spent it — on ridiculous things like cars and gadgets and toys.

I “upgraded” my lifestyle when I didn’t really need to, buying more expensive houses and filling them with progressively more expensive furniture and artwork.

I spent money too freely. If I saw something I liked, I bought it. As a result, I have a small fraction of the money I could have saved up.

But that’s not “the all of it.” The story gets more depressing when you consider how much I could have amassed had I stuck with this plan for the next seven years.

Take a look:

2013 $5,042,192
2014 $5,919,879
2015 $6,923,667
2016 $8,071,674
2017 $9,384,620
2018 $10,886,203
2019 $12,603,525

By the time I turn 59 years old (I’m 52 now) I might have built up over $12 million in wealth. And that’s despite the “late start” I got in my new career. (Remember, I didn’t even start making this kind of an income until 41 years old … )

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. I consider myself very fortunate to be where I am now, with the lifestyle I have, making the money I make. And it’s not too late for me to still build up a serious fortune using Mark’s advice …

But if only I had slowed down … focused more on the future and realized I could be “retiring” a multimillionaire at 59 … just by following a simple investment and money plan!

And here’s something even more incredible …

All It Takes is a Sound Plan

Even at 59 and not working anymore, my wealth would still be growing. How so?

Because invested properly and earning Mark’s “very achievable” gain objectives, my $12 million nest egg could be earning me over $1.6 million in gross income per year. After taxes and $500,000 living expenses (Yes, I’d have given myself a nice “raise” — so I can travel more and “live it up” in my leisure years) … my income would still be increasing by over $500,000 per year!

Incredible, isn’t it?

The idea that by taking a few simple steps now you could amass enough of a fortune that not only would you never have to worry about running out of money in your lifetime … but also that your heirs (and their heirs) may never be in financial need either!

Believe me, there are times I look at these numbers and kick myself for not being more proactive with my money. Then again, I didn’t know any better. I never realized how big the numbers could be … and how simple Mark’s “blueprint” for getting rich through investing could be.

You Can Start Building Fantastic Wealth
— Starting Today

But for you, it’s different.

Because you’re reading this letter … you know the impact having a good money plan in place can have.

In fact, you have an enormous opportunity in front of you … a chance to put into place a very simple (and proven) investment program that could make you wealthier than you ever thought possible.

And it could all be happening very quietly, without fuss or muss all while you’re enjoying the freedom and earning power of your exciting new freelance career.

There are only two things you must do:

  1. Resist the temptation to use your growing freelance income to increase your lifestyle beyond what makes you happy, and …
  2. DO NOT spend money on things you don’t need, just because you have “extra” money in your pocket!

Instead, invest it in a manner that’s been proven to generate tremendous wealth, safely over time.

Something else I want to make clear:

You don’t need to invest $145,000 every year, like I could have, to enjoy the lifelong benefits of a sound investment plan.

You can start with $10,000 … $25,000 … $50,000 … even $90,000, and add more money as your income grows.

With a Plan In Place, You’ll Be Eager to Earn More

(Remember, the great thing about being a freelance copywriter is that once you’re established, you have control over your income … you can “dial it up” when you need more money, or “dial it down” when you want to take a break … )

Take a look at what even those smaller amounts can add up to over the same period of time:


In other words, by putting those “extra” dollars you can earn just by writing an extra project a month into the right investments … you could quietly be building between $875,000 and $7.8 million for your retirement.

For younger people, the numbers are even more astonishing. If you’re, say, 30 — and you want to retire at 59 — these numbers can skyrocket to between $3.5 million and $32 million!

Of course, I am obligated to tell you that neither us, nor Mark … or anyone on earth for that matter … can ever guarantee you these or any gains. You need to know that the markets can be very fickle and there’s a chance you could actually lose money over time with the wrong investments.

But what these figures represent are the kinds of gains you could see when you have a sound plan in place … and you put your money into the kind of safe, steady, income-generating investments Mark has been using for years.

Which brings me full circle to why I’m writing you today.

I’d like you to have the opportunity I missed out on — which is to have a firm grasp on successful investing from the get-go … and to have a real plan to follow, created with the direct help of a very successful gentleman who earned his money the way you’re earning it now — as a freelance writer and business marketing expert.

A Money Guide Every Freelancer Should Own

To get you started and guide you down the right path, AWAI has teamed up with Mark, Palm Beach Letter publisher Tom Dyson, and Investment Director Paul Mampilly to put together a very special “Freelancer’s Wealth Program” for you called Wealth Planning for Freelancers: How to Parlay Your Freelance Income into a Multimillion-Dollar Retirement.

It includes (among other things) a detailed “Wealth Guide” Mark has written specifically for freelance professionals where he shares his very simple “blueprint” for becoming wealthy through safe investing.

Now, you’ll hear a lot of talk about “safety” over at Palm Beach Letter. One thing Mark is definitely not is a risk taker when it comes to his money.

In fact, one of the first of his two critical rules of investing you’ll learn in the first essay of the Wealth Planning For Freelancer’s Guide is: Never Lose Money. (The second is: Get Richer Every Day.)

That’s why you will never see a recommendation where there is undue risk. Complicated and risky investing strategies don’t fly. As Mark has said many times, “In the race to a multimillion dollar fortune, it pays to be a tortoise, not a hare.”

That’s why I urge you to read this Guide immediately. Right away you’ll learn exactly what you need to do — and how you need to think about money — from this day forward to be rich.

I promise you, if you’re new to — or confused about — investing, this collection of powerful “Wealth Builder” essays will be an invaluable resource for you. And here’s what’s important to know:

This is not some blather you’ll hear from a broker trying to sell you on funds and investments that will make him richer, not you … nor is this some talking head on television who tells you to buy a stock one day only and then to sell it a week later …

Mark makes the point clear: You will never get rich chasing the next “hot stock” or relying on the stock market alone. And you can definitely not rely on broker recommendations to make you rich either.

What he gives you here is a serious plan for making money. One that involves organizing and managing the money you have coming in so your debt is paid down, your current and future expenses are covered … and you’re investing as much money as possible in safe, sound, high yielding, and always-compounding investments.

Remember too, this advice is not from some 30-year-old kid who took some finance classes in college and landed a brokerage job at some retail firm selling investments from the company playbook. Mark is a very, very wealthy many who has earned millions and made millions more investing it. And this Guide gives you the exact strategy he used.

And unlike a lot of people in the financial industry, nobody at Palm Beach Letter is paid or otherwise incentivized to steer you in to a specific recommendation. Every penny of Palm Beach Letter’s revenues and profits come from subscription fees (and even then, Mark donates his share to his charity in Nicaragua … )

But it’s not just Mark’s collection of eye-opening essays you’ll get.

3 Webinars on The Most Powerful
Wealth Creation Strategies Ever …

We’ve also teamed up with The Palm Beach Letter for a series of three (3) very exciting “Wealth Creation Webinars” for you, covering a trio of the most important aspects of wealth building.

Just wait until you hear and see these …

I promise you — not only will you come away from them with a much better understanding of what really makes money for investors in the real world — you’ll have a new level of confidence when it comes to your finances … and how simple it is to put a plan in place that can transform a few extra dollars in savings each month into millions of dollars.

Here’s a brief peek at what you’ll learn in each presentation:

Webinar #1 is all about what serves as the foundation of Mark’s financial success: his very simple “Golden Buckets” wealth system. It’s a very simple way to track and categorize all the money you have coming in … so you can pay down debt and obligations quickly … put aside money for future expenses, like college, a new house, even retirement … and still ensure you have enough money to invest in high yield, profit-generating ventures.

It also ensures you have all the money you need to fill those buckets by making you mindful of the impact just a little bit of extra income can have on your long-term wealth … so you’re constantly motivated to find new ways to fill your “income” buckets.

This innovative money-management technique will be explained in full in this online webinar. I know from experience that once you start using this strategy (I’ve been using it for about a year now), you feel like you’ve gained total control over your financial future.

Webinar #2 is a crash course in Mark’s favorite and most reliable way to get rich: Real Estate.

Now I know that to the average person, buying and selling real estate can be intimidating. But it needn’t be. And as you’ll learn from the “Investing in Real Estate” webinar, buying, selling, and renting out houses and apartments can generate the most cash flow of any investment you’ll ever find.

The idea behind successful real estate investing is simple. You buy a property at a price where the rental income covers the cost of the property and then some … so you have positive cash flow. Meanwhile, while you’re banking this money … your property is appreciating, over time, at the 4% to 6% average annual rate.

Best of all, your timing couldn’t be better! With mortgage rates the lowest in modern times and housing prices likely at their bottom points — as well as the demand from renters the highest since before the 1990s housing boom — it’s like a perfect storm for making money in real estate.

Of course, like any investing strategy, the secret is “buying right” — and that’s just what this Webinar is about. It teaches you all of Markl’s real estate strategies — from the types of neighborhoods you should be looking for properties in … to the formulas you need to know for determining good investment potential … to learning how to get started for as little as $10,000 — it’s all here.

Webinar #3 has been designed to give you a solid understanding of Mark’s and The Palm Beach Letter’s investment philosophy.

In this presentation, Palm Beach Letter publisher Tom Dyson (himself one of the foremost experts on safe income investing strategies in the world) takes you one- by-one through the various strategies and portfolios the service offers to its’ subscribers.

You’ll learn all about Palm Beach’s “Performance” portfolio, where Tom, Paul, and the investment research team have successfully uncovered at least a dozen of the most exciting, undervalued, and fast-growing companies offering great yields … all under a very wide umbrella of safety.

You’ll also hear about Palm Beach Letter’s innovative and very popular “Perpetual Income” portfolio that uses a proprietary “Bond Laddering” system to provide you with steady month-after-month income for as long as you need it.

A Powerful 1-2-3-4 Punch!

No question, between Mark’s collection of “Wealth Builder” essays and the three “live” Wealth Webinars that have been created especially for you, AWAI’s Wealth Planning for Freelancers: How to Parlay Your Freelance Income into a Multimillion-Dollar Retirement will be a life-transforming experience for you.

What is this kind of advice worth?

It’s hard to put a number on it, really.

After all, if you make the effort and follow this plan, if could easily be the difference between a “comfortable” retirement and a luxurious one … the difference between having to keep working later in life and having literally millions of dollars set aside.

What would you pay for that? Financial advisors can charge tens of thousands of dollars through fees and commissions over time — and people happily pay it.

But don’t worry …

This comprehensive wealth-building program won’t cost you near that much. Or even a fraction of it. But before I tell you the price, let me tell you about one more thing you’ll get as part of the program.

The Palm Beach Letter — Yours FREE For a Full Year

It’s a free one-year full subscription to Palm Beach Letter – the financial advisory newsletter Mark publishes along with Tom, Paul and the rest of the remarkable Palm Beach team.

The Palm Beach Letter newsletter is published monthly and is loaded with very exciting and actionable wealth-building advice — places to put your money for the best and safest returns right now.

Mark wanted you to have a year of his new service — his compliments — because he’s put his heart and soul into this project. It’s where he reveals many of his best (and latest) ideas on wealth building through his regular, amazingly insightful “Wealth Builder” essays. This is where you’ll get actionable ways to buildup your wealth, add to your income, live a richer life, travel, and retire well … and be inspired to take wealth building seriously.

You’ll get all the newest, latest, and specific investments that the PBL team is recommending. I’ve taken a few minutes to look at some of the exciting opportunities the team has uncovered. Here are just a few I found from the most recent issues:

All great investment ideas that, Mark assures me, are designed to give you much higher than market average returns and that you’re unlikely to find anywhere.

There’s also a long line of “Special Opportunity Reports” containing some of the most exciting investment situations and strategies. Among them:

“Apple’s Billion Dollar Technology Heist” — the special urgent opportunity report based on Palm Beach Letter’s Investment Director Paul Mampilly’s latest research that suggests computer giant Apple may be on the verge of buying out another prominent technology company … why he believes it could happen any day now … and how you could make a quick 53% (or more) when the announcement is made.

“Intrinsic Art” — The special category of collectible “gold art” we believe has the potential to appreciate 1,000% over the next 5 years.

“The ‘Golden Cross’ Wealth Strategy” — the historically powerful investment where you can set aside $25,000 now and potentially watch it turn into $1.5 million by the time you’re ready to retire.

“A Stock For Your Grandchildren” — this might very well be the best company you could ever invest in: 175 years in business, over $1 billion in “spare” capital, 36 years of consecutive growth, and between 13% and 19% annual returns for shareholders. Buy this stock now, sit back, and let it make you rich.

“The $650 Million Pile of Cash” — the deal The Palm Beach Letter team uncovered that’s like someone giving you $639 in cash … but only charging you $440 in return. Plus all the other assets and intrinsic value that could this opportunity one of the biggest “steals” of the day.

And more …

Of course, you’ll have full access to Palm Beach Letter archives where you’ll find back issues, special reports, wealth essays, and previous recommendations — as well as up-to-the-minute prices of all the investment recommendations in our current portfolios.

The regular price for a one-year “Silver” subscription is $99 — but through this deal, your first year’s subscription to The Palm Beach Letter is FREE.

The Best $79 You’ll Ever Spend

So what will you pay to own AWAI's Wealth Planning for Freelancers: How to Parlay Your Freelance Income into a Multimillion-Dollar Retirement – complete with Mark’s collection of “Wealth Builder” essays, our three (3) Webinar Presentations on the “The Secret of the Golden Buckets,” Mark’s personal Real Estate Investment Strategy, and Palm Beach Investing Strategies – plus a free year's “Silver” subscription to The Palm Beach Letter — itself a $99 value?

Amazingly, just $79 for everything.

Why such a fantastic value?

Well, I already told you how we think this is a natural “leg” in the journey we’re on together … a way for you to parlay the new money you’re making (or soon will be making) into a substantial fortune for yourself … so you can retire early and well if that’s what you want to do.

But also, the timing couldn’t be better, given Mark’s newest mission in his life, which is to teach people the real and proven ways to get wealthy.

And I have to say — The Palm Beach Letter team — and Mark especially — were very generous with the knowledge they shared with us as we were putting this program together for you. It’s because they know — like us — how important it is that you have a plan in place for your money … so you can take full advantage of the wealth creation opportunity that being a freelance writer gives you.

Remember — as a freelance professional, you have a very unique opportunity. You can choose how much or how little of your time you want to dedicate to working. You can focus on developing your skills and charge your clients more as your skills improve. You can take on more work and earn a higher income if you want to …

No matter how you look at it — you have control over how much you work and how much you earn.

Making good money is one thing. But unless you are smart about saving and investing some of it, you will never acquire any serious wealth.

As Mark says, building wealth is more than financial planning. It is more than saving 10% of your income and putting it into mutual funds or buying bonds, etc.

Building substantial wealth is a serious commitment that requires smart decision-making and discipline. 

You’ll Get the Very Wealth Strategies
That Have Made Mark Millions

Mark has been writing about building wealth for many years — through his New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling books as Michael Masterson, and more recently under his given name at Palm Beach Letter.

But this is the first time he’s ever been involved in developing a program tailor-made for a single audience. And that audience is you: the freelance writing professional.

Fact is, we know dozens of copywriters who have been earning six-figure incomes for years and yet manage to stay essentially broke. They enjoy a quality lifestyle but they must continue to work to maintain it.

The reason this happens is that they are busy making money and put off the important matter of financial planning, saving, and investing until later.

This is a big mistake.

With the skill you have acquired through AWAI, you have an opportunity make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as a freelance writer. I know this because we hear from many of our members who have put in the effort and have gone out and done it …

But with a smart investment strategy, you truly can parlay this earning power into a personal fortune worth millions.

And this Guide is your blueprint for doing it.

Let me quickly recap what you’ll get with your AWAI’s Wealth Planning for Freelancers program:

Everything You Get:


That’s five amazing resources that can transform your knowledge of what successful investing is about and have a profound impact on your future wealth — a $630 value — all for just one payment of $79.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

Plus, if for any reason what-so-ever you’re not absolutely thrilled with this exciting new program – even if you’ve had it and tried it for a full year – simply call us up and we’ll give you a FULL REFUND of your $79 – no questions asked.

Click here to order now.

Once your order is processed, you’ll have access to Mark’s special collection of “Fundamentals of Wealth Building” on your myAWAI page.

We’ll send your name to the folks at Palm Beach Letter so they can set you up as a subscriber and send you everything you’re entitled to, including access to your special reports, the most recent issues, and a special “subscriber only” password giving you full access to The Palm Beach Letter website.

Then, beginning August 7th, you’ll have full, any-time access to the three exclusive for AWAI “Wealth Webinars.”

You’ll get all the “when and where” details concerning everything in a special welcome letter from Barb Hume shortly after you sign up.

An Incredible 83% Off The $630 Value

The important thing is that you take advantage of this offer now.

This is a very good deal. Remember, each Webinar alone is a $99 value — and Mark’s special collection of “Wealth Builder” essays could easily be sold as a series of six “special reports” for $39 each. That alone puts the value of this offer at $591 …

Add in the $99 “Silver” subscription value and the total value of this deal is $630 …

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Paul Hollingshead
Fellow Copywriter, Co-Founder of AWAI

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