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Last Chance: Make Money Writing – WITHOUT Clients!

Today’s your LAST CHANCE to have Nick Usborne help you build a money-making website that will generate $400, $1,000, $3,500 (or more) every month.

He’ll walk you through his process step-by-step, answer your questions, and help you build a passive income stream that requires just a few hours a week to maintain.

And then get ready to build a new income source this summer!

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The Fastest Way to Become a Well-Paid Copywriter

Join Katie, Rebecca and special guest experts for an in-depth, comprehensive webinar series where they’ll walk you through one section of The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting at a time, in extreme detail.

You’ll learn all the skills, secrets and techniques you need to become a successful copywriter — all in a matter of 10 highly-productive hours.

Learn about the special training series here.

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Last Call: Get Paid to Write - Without Clients!

A Money-Making Website is the perfect side gig - write about what you love, no clients required ... and if you order by midnight tonight, you'll save $150! Get more details and sign up NOW.

Double-Dip With Your Writing Skills? PWA Reveals How To Do It Right For Extra Cash & Extra Perks

Are you getting the most out of your copywriting skills? Find out how members of the Professional Writers' Alliance community are using their skill sets AND the perks they're receiving.

Podcasting Provides Breakthrough for Money-Making Website

Irene Gabelnick has been promoting her money-making website in various ways … and it’s paid off.

The No-Client Copywriting Job

As a writer you can create your own unique “online business” and make a full-time income from part-time work.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Jason Holland

Writer and Editor Jason Holland on his Costa Rican writer’s life.

Successful Careers in Writing: Free Webinar and Q&A

To be a well-paid writer, you need to become a full-time freelancer, right? Not so fast. We’ll show you how this is just one of several options to make a living as a writer. Join AWAI on June 22nd at 1 p.m. (ET) — where we’ll discuss several different ways professional copywriters are thriving today.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Kathy Widenhouse

Ready for a career change, Kathy Widenhouse knew she had a talent for writing but wasn’t sure if she could earn enough income from it. Find out how she achieved copywriting success

Last Chance: Get Started as a B2B Copywriter for Only $97.50!

There's still time left! Save $100 and get everything you need to get started as a B2B copywriter from the expert himself - Steve Slaunwhite. But don't wait too long ... this special offer ends at midnight tonight. Get all the details and sign up NOW.

Start Your B2B Writing Career for Just $97.50…

Don't let anything hold you back from the perfect writing opportunity for you ... not even the price! For a limited time, you can save $100 on Steve Slaunwhite’s Secrets of Writing High-Performance B2B AND split the total cost into payments. Get more information, and start YOUR B2B career today - for just $97.50.

Millennials Bring Change — and New Opportunities — for B2B Copywriters

Thanks to Millennials, B2B copywriting is changing. But the opportunity to land high-paying projects is as great as ever.

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Donna Baier Stein

Multi-talented writer Donna Baier Stein on what she’s learned during her 32-year writing career.

All the experts — all in one place — all for one reason: YOU!

All of the biggest names in copywriting gather in one place every year. Put yourself in the same place and make connections and build relationships.

The $16,000 Copywriting Job

Jean Greene has just started going after clients for copywriting jobs. But she knows her stuff. And a client has hired her to write their website for $16,000.

B2B Expert Helps You Land Copywriting Jobs

Steve Slaunwhite gives you the lowdown on the skills you need to master B2B and how to get copywriting jobs in this niche.

VIDEO: What Type of Copywriter Are You?

Maybe you enjoy long-form sales letters and trying to beat controls. Or maybe you’re the type of copywriter that writes in a more conversational style, without all the hype. B2B Expert Steve Slaunwhite has a message – and a quiz – so that you can find out what type of copywriter YOU are!

Last Day: More Than $40,000 Worth of AWAI Programs and Resources… All Yours!

Don't miss your chance to save big on our entire home study library! Enrollment is currently open for AWAI's Infinity Program ... but only until Midnight tonight - get all the details and signup NOW.

A Popular Bootcamp Goal: The Success Panel

The Member Success Panel is a fun annual tradition at Bootcamp. It’s also a great motivator for aspiring copywriters. Read why…

Interview with a Barefoot Writer: Melanie Rembrandt

Discover the elegant niche of writing that launched Melanie Rembrandt’s wildly successful career.

Copywriting: More Than The Writer’s Life — A Lifestyle

Copywriters live an enviable lifestyle ... living where they want, writing when they want, and getting paid well to do something they love. But the benefits go beyond the perks of income and freedom. Copywriters often experience other less obvious benefits too - something we call glicken. Circle of Success Member Bette Arnold is a great example. Read all about her experience, and the new benefits she's discovering come with being a copywriter!

Copywriting Jobs Prove to Be the Ultimate Companion to an Acting Career

Robert Rice is pursuing an acting career in Hollywood. As he works his way up to stardom in Tinseltown, he uses copywriting jobs to support himself and sometimes even promote his projects.

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