You missed out on Dan Kennedy’s one-time-only BUSINESS OF COPYWRITING ACADEMY – comments from copywriters who attended appear later in this letter, and they’ll just make you sicker about having missed this, for whatever reason, because Dan definitely provided action-oriented ‘trade secrets’ for getting good clients NOW… getting better clients … having far greater control over, compliance by and respect from clients … making freelance copywriting a real business, with top income and terrific time freedom. AWAI Members who attended got taken behind the curtain and shown the strategies of one of the highest paid, most in-demand copywriters in America, as well as his back-in-the-beginning strategies … and you missed it all! Fortunately, there is a almost-as-good-as-being-there opportunity to avoid missing out on this priceless information forever …

READ THE REST OF THIS NOW – you don’t want to be left out in the cold again.


Knock-knock. Who’s there? A guaranteed, risk-free opportunity to kick your copywriting/freelancer business into high gear. And what better time to do it than now?

But listen up – this isn’t for everybody, and if not for you, let’s save you the trouble of reading much. Truth is, most people give lip-service to ambition, but secretly are not all that eager or determined. This is only for those very, very serious and determined to create excellent income and steady flow of good clients, for a real freelance business. If you’re content making just a few hundred dollars a month on the side, an occasional assignment now and then, really just having a nice money hobby, there’s nothing wrong with that – but you can stop reading this now. Only if you want 6-figure, high 6-figure, even 7-figure income as a freelancer with great autonomy and time freedom AND ARE WILLING TO TAKE A BUSINESS-LIKE APPROACH to it, is this important for you to read.

Are you ready
to leap up to the big leagues?

If not now, when?
Isn’t ‘someday’ another way of saying ‘never’?
And, there’s only going to be THIS ONE OPPORTUNITY
to have a self-made millionaire copywriter personally direct your leap up.


the 3 days that can change your life. Yes, the 3 days (and nights) of this Academy DID change lives and the impact of these days continues to improve attendees’ business, incomes and lives. It will NEVER occur again. But Dan has authorized release of an edited, condensed version of the training included in those 3 days AND the incredible resources given out during those 3 days. And you get it for 60 days, to begin immersing yourself in – able to return it for full refund if you don’t quickly realize that MANY breakthroughs for you are to be found within! So, no risk, only upside.


 From Dan Kennedy

Dear Friend,

There’s just nothing like SUCCESS in the freelance copywriting business. In one day, the week before Christmas, I had scheduled phone appointments all day with clients, one after the other, and effortlessly put $63,800.00 (plus royalties) of new writing work under contract…. listened to reports of good results from several campaigns (from which I’ll be receiving royalties month after month)…. and did some “quick fixes” to a client’s campaign during a 2 hour call, billed at $2,000.00 an hour. A good day. I have a lot of them. Why shouldn’t you? In case you leap to the conclusion that I can and you can’t because of talent, forget it. This is about business. About how you approach this as a business.

Self-made direct selling billionaire and founder of the original Success Unlimited Magazine rhetorically asked: can one seminar change your life? He used it as an advertising headline for quite some time. The one opportunity I had to meet him, in connection with my work on the Think And Grow Rich infomercials for my client, Guthy-Renker, I asked him about it. He said that a lifetime of seminars had zero effect on the person who wasn’t ready, but that a single sentence could change the entire life of the person ready to hear it.

“Change your life” is a very bold and audacious idea. But my Business of Copywriting Academy (that you missed!) actually came with a Change-Your-Life GUARANTEE, described later in this letter. And one person did, in fact, take me up on it. That person determined it “wasn’t for him” early, and exited – without a penny lost. Just one person. The others stayed and, without exception, raved. Not (just) because it was a “great seminar.” Because I gave them know-how, tools, documents, contacts, and very frank, forthright truth with a capital ‘T’ about the making of a truly great freelance writing/copywriting business and an exceptional Writer’s Life. No BS. What is required. How to do it. Boom, boom, boom. I shared my client stories “then” and now, even my contracts, my business strategies, my getting of clients, everything. I knew for the right person, it’d be an “earthquake.”

Are you the kind of person that would find what I delivered during that 3-day Academy immensely valuable, empowering, confidence-creating, strategically useful, practical, profitable?....

If you are content with an ordinary, ‘small-time’ copywriting career, getting and doing jobs, and being paid by the job, and worrying and hustling over the next job, this isn’t for you. I mean no disrespect when I say that. As long as you really are content at the level of client and income you’re at – and not just settling for it because you fear you can’t do better or are unwilling to invest in your true ambition – then there’s nothing wrong at all with making such a choice. There’s a need for the journeymen copywriter servicing small accounts. There’s a place for the person content just to eke out a living, $500.00 here, $1,000.00 there. A retired person, for example, who develops enough skill as a writer for small clients’ little jobs and only wants to supplement a pension with a small extra income and have something more interesting than golf to do, by all means. A stay-at-home Mom making extra money for the household. But my Academy was definitely NOT constructed for people of such low or modest ambitions, and if that’s you, then you did have legitimate reason to avoid it. NOW: ONLY IF YOU ARE READY TO RAPIDLY TRANSITION TO THE BIG LEAGUES….AND ARE READY TO EMBRACE THIS AS A BUSINESS….need you read further.

For the record, I’ve put a rather detailed resume of my accomplishments – and the reasons you should pay heed to what I – and I alone, I uniquely – have to say about creating the clientele, income, status and life you really want as a professional freelancer….at the very end of this letter. Here, now, just the briefest statement: for the past decade, I’ve earned over $1-million to as much as $3-million per year directly from copywriting. I built my position as a top income copywriter from scratch. My strategies for doing so seem very much at odds with most of what I see “taught” to copywriters. Presuming reasonable writing skill, I can show any copywriter more about THE BUSINESS OF copywriting than they’ve pulled together from all other source … prevent a lot of “hard knocks” learning … .and skyrocket their income. My “roads less traveled” can be your high-speed highway to all that you want from a life as a copywriter. I have no genetic edge, special background, nor did I begin with special connections or a well-placed mentor. I’m a high school graduate – no college. I did it all myself. There is no need for you to settle for struggle or give up years to being a low-paid peon hoping for a break. You can leap up now. I am happy to guarantee it so you risk not a penny in determining for yourself if I’m full of baloney or if I’ve got the keys you’ve been missing, to open every necessary door, to get to exactly where you want to be.

Now, let’s dig right into a few uncomfortable Truths about making top income as a copywriter, then I’ll get into all the details of your opportunity to have the Academy you missed come to you – and do so on a 60 day trial. I’m about to break a cardinal rule of copywriting, by the way: I’m going to “teach,” not just sell, in this letter. I have solid information to share HERE about what really separates the Have’s from the Have-Not’s, the Working Writers from the Wishful.

Why Most Copywriters
NEVER Crack Through To Ideal,
Permanent Clientele And Top Income – Three “Uncomfortable Truths”

Truth #1: You must leave the ranks of those who treat this as art, as past-time, as a plaything, or even as a second or alternate career and join the few who treat it as a BUSINESS.

You MUST separate “copywriting” from “THE BUSINESS of” copywriting – in your own mind; in the advice you heed and who you get it from; in your approach. It’s fine to have a passion for writing copy and a love for advertising. But that passion alone won’t carry the day. The metaphysical happy advice: do what you love and the money will follow is dangerous and delusional. Money only follows passion or talent in context, including the individual’s own construction and control of a marketplace. (By the way, I happen to lean metaphysical in my writing, but practical metaphysics. Some of my good friends and colleagues are Joe Vitale, seen in The Secret; Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul; Lee Milteer, author of Success Is An Inside Job. I understand the power of inner-directed success, as well as the power of inner-fragilities to hold one back. But I am also a pragmatist. A cause-and-effect guy. I know that success as a freelance writer can’t come from the writing itself or from passion for it. It is an effect of very business-oriented causes.)

Further, using ‘career’ is deceiving. By definition, a career has a career path; somebody starts out in the mailroom and works their way slowly up the corporate hierarchy. He can look up and see the ladder. But for the independent copywriter, there is no such ladder. This is a business all about self-appointment and self-promotion. In life, incidentally, there are ladder-climbers and there are leapers. You choose which you are or stay.

In developing a BUSINESS around your copywriting and/or writing skill, you do many things that have nothing to do with that skill, and absolutely nothing to do with ladder-climbing. By doing those things, you elevate yourself in status so you are on par or above your clients (not serving them like a servant)….take control of your own destiny….and create and control more than one synergistic income stream, so that you have steady, secure income and build equity.

Truth #2: The path to more clients, more easily obtained clients, better clients, better fees, higher income, and more opportunity is NOT in working on your copywriting. It’s in working on your BUSINESS.

You MUST “get over it” – the self-sabotaging idea that you getting better and better and better and better at writing will automatically provide you with better clients, better income, a better life. There is no such automatic link, warranty or entitlement. It’s just not how business works. Nor is there some threshold of copywriting skill that must be met and crossed before you are entitled to big money. Business doesn’t work that way either. There is a complex list – more than 20 reasons – why “good enough” copywriters attract clients like a picnic basket attracts ants….and why he or she makes big money….and only two of those reasons have to do with copywriting skill.

This same uncomfortable truth is true, incidentally, for most professions: chiropractor, dentist, M.D., financial advisor, you-name-it. The first quantum breakthrough in status and income is making the mental, emotional and actual shift from “doer of the thing” to “marketer of self.” The second quantum shift is moving from “doing work for money” (hours for dollars or pages for dollars) to designing, developing and building a business.

In your case, by the way, I’m not using ‘business’ as synonym for office, staff, overhead – I have one part-time staff person 1,000 miles away. I mean ‘business’ as a process for monetizing your skill-sets, managing client relationships, expanding your range and diversity of income sources, and developing assets. But the most important preliminary fact to grasp is that technical excellence does not automatically bring excellent income. Power – and that’s clients seeking you out, paying your fees without resistance, status, top income, wealth – power is rarely given in recognition of skill, it is taken by application of business principles. If you refuse to learn them, if you turn your back on them in favor of your ‘art,’ if you will not control and use them as your own, you are doomed to forever “seeking work” – and worrying that this day it may not come.

By the way, we wound up talking quite a bit at the Academy, in discussions, about confidence, not just good business strategy. Many there honestly offered up their worries, fears, doubts, concerns. What I demonstrated to them is that if you have a solid business and systematic means of attracting appropriate clients who respect you as an expert who can help them, your angst about asking for money, about charging good fees, about exercising control over projects eases. When clients stop questioning you and stop trying to negotiate with you, your confidence and confident demeanor improves, and as that happens they question even less, try negotiating even less. What I am going to deliver to you is focused on changing the way you go about your business but it will organically also change the way you feel about yourself as a worthy and expert professional too.

Truth #3 – an old one: The definition of INSANITY is: doing the same things the same way over and over again while hoping for different results.

I ask that you be ready for a DIFFERENT concept of yourself and your business, and I promise when we’re done, that’s exactly what you’ll have – plus the business know-how needed to make it reality.

Now, before getting into the details of the BUSINESS OF Copywriting Academy Home Study Program, I want to expound on the points just raised, and give you further insight into the “change of roles” I want to guide you in…

I REPEAT MY STERN WARNING: Just getting better and better at writing will not guarantee you better clients or more clients, better fees or more income, nor will it alter the basic dynamic of your life from pursuing jobs to being pursued by clients. This is a LIE. It is usually sold to “pups” by “old dogs” who resent anyone achieving success that is greater than theirs, faster than they did…who are threatened….even who, very frankly, never figured out the client attraction concept for themselves.

When you see a supposed “star” in this business still running ads offering to do free copy critiques and free consults, at age 50 or 60, after 20 or 30 years to build a rep and a client roster, you’d better think long and hard before taking business advice from him! He may be a terrific copywriter, but when it comes to creating a terrific copywriting business, pfui.

It’s not unique here, by the way: tired, old dogs hate young pups everywhere. Also, since this LIE is what a lot of writers, maybe most, want to hear and believe in, there’s status, popularity and profit in peddling it. It’s called “pandering.” I will not pander. I have no need. And I have hated this sort of b.s.’ing my entire life. I encountered it in the very first field I entered, and in every one after that, and I watched “names” protecting their fragile egos and demonstrating their business ignorance by selling the new folks the “crawl and beg and work endlessly at getting better at your art and eventually success will come” line – and I ignored it.

If that’s what you want to cling to, the idea that success will find you if you’re just good enough and do good work, you definitely should NOT get this Academy Home Study Program– ‘cuz I’ll dash your entire “religion” to pieces and you’ll either get mad or be depressed. YOU MUST BE READY FOR A DIFFERENT APPROACH.

That different approach includes a fundamental change in the way you think of yourself and your role, and in the way you present yourself to clients.

The CEO of a $1.6-Billion direct marketing company told me he had carefully collected all the (many) e-mails that a client of mine had been sending out promoting an upcoming product, that the CEO knew I’d written, and sent them over to the director of their e-commerce operation (which includes over 20 web-stores) with his note saying: “Study this. They really know what they’re doing.” I told him I was flattered, and that there was much to be learned just by such diligent observation, but much behind it all too, which led to discussion of a 3-day, $50,000.00 engagement for me – but that’s not my point here. My point is that strategy is important. I’m “watched” and spied on and talked about in the top echelons of the direct marketing industry not just because I can write powerful, persuasive copy, but because I can put copy into the context of sophisticated strategy. This is something YOU MUST UNDERSTAND AND BE ABLE TO DO, to raise yourself up to bigger clients, better clients, better paying clients, and more demand.

I’m sure you know, you fundamentally increase your income by increasing your value to those who pay you money. But most copywriters invest all their energy in only one means of increasing their value: writing better. This is akin to trying to lose weight, keep it off, and be healthier only by reducing the quantity of calories, carbs and fat you eat – with no changes in physical movement, exercise, food choices and nutrition, nutritional supplementation and mental attitude management. Yes, you can lose some weight by doing just one thing to further and further extremes, but as any dieter will attest, you hit a wall when no more pounds can be lost even if you eat nothing but a leaf of lettuce and a lemon peel every night at dinner. (I am 45 pounds thinner than the worst, peak weight I carried for years; I’m a non-insulin dependent diabetic; and I write copy for weight loss companies – I know a bit about this analogy.)

Sorry, but just getting better and better and better at copywriting will slam you into an income barrier, and will NEVER lift you over that wall. YOU NEED TO INCREASE YOUR VALUE TO CLIENTS IN MULTIPLE WAYS IN ORDER TO MULTIPLY YOUR INCOME AND DEMAND FOR YOUR SERVICES. Please re-read that sentence. It is the “core” of my Academy. One of these multiple ways is in mastering marketing strategy and being able to authentically present yourself as a strategist, and influence, even direct the strategy into which copy you write is fit. With what I taught at the Academy, you will get “leap-frogged” to a much higher, more sophisticated approach to your business and to your work with clients – which will raise your income.

So, let’s examine some of the details of the BUSINESS OF COPYWRITING Academy Home Study Program….


  • Traditional and NON-Traditional and Hidden Sources of Clients
  • How to “create” your own client “out of thin air”
  • How to turn business owners not now using copywriters into clients
  • How to create MAGNETIC STATUS for yourself, so clients come to you
  • Where and how to create MAGNETIC VISIBILITY
  • How to position yourself as MORE IMPORTANT than a copywriter
  • The two situations when taking on a client and project with NO FEE, paid only on results, makes good senseand how one of those situations can be found right now, right where you live, and turned into thousands or tens of thousands of dollars of cash in less than 30 days
  • Getting and keeping ‘the Milk Cow account’ that pays the bills
  • How to “leapfrog” and use “category of one tactical positioning” – so you are target clients’ only choice

    Powerful lessons from … a retired dentist who makes $50,000.00 mailing simple letters anytime he likes (working from his motor-home) … the most tried-and-true marketing method known to successful real estate agents moved to copywriters … Ogilvy and his peers of the ‘Mad Men’ golden age of advertising, my friends Gary Halbert and Jay Abraham and me – about attracting clients … the “secret” few know about Donald Trump … much more. PLUS: Case History Examples: where my clients came & come from.


  • Why and how to conduct your business as a Strategic Advisor (not a copywriter): THE BIGGEST STATUS & INCOME BREAKTHROUGH
  • Inside looks at my actual client relationships, contracts, correspondence … control and feeding of clients … examples, examples, examples
  • Identifying the “GE-SPOT” … the Good-Enough Spot for each client and each situation (hint: each one is in a different place!) … to be a much more efficient and productive copywriter
  • The fine art of Project Definition … The income strategies of Project Layering … and Sequential Project Lock-In
  • Compensation Structures … Getting Paid … Benchmark Payments … Royalties, Performance/Results Bonuses, Royalty Buy-Outs, Licensing/Use Fees, Use Renewal Fees

    (Note: differences between wealthy and poor folks: (1) wealthy get paid before work, poor get paid after work; (2) wealthy get paid for who they are, never just what they do; (3) wealthy share in upside gains from their contributions, poor never do.)

  • Presenting and gaining acceptance for your recommendations and compensation (without resistance or stress) – 3 KEYS … and why you should NEVER “do a proposal”
  • Creating permanent client relationships: you have far less worry about getting clients when you get the right clients in the first place, create growth and expansion of need for your services, and keep them for life
  • How to “mold” the copywriting assignment so YOU have the best chance of producing a “WIN” – and how to avoid being stuck in a Can’t-Win Situation.


  • 15 Best ‘Beat The Control’ Tactics
  • Breakthrough Idea Discovery PROCESS – where to look for the leverage even the client doesn’t know he has, to dramatically improve results from his advertising/marketing … examples, examples, examples; checklists
  • Efficiency (For Speed): The 12 “Boxes” To Collect and Organize Information and Ideas In, so Writing Copy for any particular project happens at Lightning Speed
  • Copy Intel: Where to get the “intelligence” you need to craft the most compelling copy for the client … and how to make HIM do most of the work fetching and assembling it
  • Creative Traps, Time Sucks, Hazards to avoid


  • Multi-Media Integration and Systems (= more need/work for you)
  • Multi-Step Systems (= more need/work for you)
  • Lead Generation Systems vs. 1-Step Selling
  • 20 Critical Decisions: Pros/Cons, Key Questions
  • How to unearth and exploit Stored-Value in a client’s business – including products without marketing; products applied to only one to few distribution channels; under-utilized lists … how to AMAZE & ASTOUND CLIENTS by seeing what they’ve been blind to
  • TRANSFORMING YOUR ROLE: never writing to assignment … participating in marketing strategy … defining your own projects … bringing enormous added value to each client …

    Fiction, yes, but in it, Sherlock Holmes billed himself as ‘the Consulting detective’. Similarly, you want to be ‘the consulting copywriter’, not just a writer. As a writer you are at the end of a process, paid as a piece of it. As a consultant-strategic advisor, you are an integral part of the entire process from inception to end, thus valued and paid far better.


  • Ghost-Writing. SECRET: many clients use (could use) books, entire courses, online courses, articles, etc. that need to be carefully crafted either as disguised sales letters or as stealth-promotional tools. If they hire ordinary writers to do this work, it totally misses the mark. I’ll tell you how to attract these clients – locally, with a simple prospecting letter or even a postcard (!) … or nationally, with a simple, low-cost lead generation ad … and by non-overt methods as well. Local clients can produce per-project fees upwards from $3,000.00 to $5,000.00, “bigger in scope” clients from $15,000.00 to $25,000.00 and up. I’ll show you actual examples. Give you the blueprints.
  • Audio, Video, Online Presentation Scripts: SECRET: many clients use (could use) audio CD’s, DVD’s, Webinar, Online Video, etc. presentations but don’t – or bungle them badly – because they don’t know how to create the properly structured, persuasive script. I’ll send you home with ACTUAL SCRIPTS I’VE WRITTEN for these purposes, STRUCTURE NOTES, as well as pointing you to these clients and telling you exactly how to interest them in having these scripts written for them. I’ll also give you “script secrets” from TV infomercials that apply to any of these formats. EXTRA CONSULTING SECRET: I’ll equip you to help clients obtain celebrities they can afford, to host these presentations. INCOME STRATEGY: go from Writer to “Producer” of these projects.
  • Speech-Writing/Group Presentation Script-Writing: SECRET: many clients use (could use) public speaking or their own seminars to promote their businesses or outright sell their products and services but don’t – or fail – because they lack the right scripts. I’ll send you home with ACTUAL SCRIPTS I’VE WRITTEN for these purposes, STRUCTURE NOTES, as well as pointing you to these clients and telling you exactly how to interest them in having these scripts written for them.
  • Implementation Training: SECRET: Many clients have trouble getting their salespeople, distributors, franchisees, staff “on the same page” with the marketing projects and systems you write copy for … and can be induced to pay you to come in and sell their own people on supporting the project and train them on related implementation. You don’t have to be Tony Robbins to do this. I’ll give you the OUTLINES for this kind of training, too. (One of my very first clients, a local chain of real estate offices, paid me $2,500.00 over and above my copywriting fees to present the campaigns to their own agents … small group presentations in five of their offices – and that was in 1974, when $2,500.00 was real money. Not long ago, a computer software company I wrote copy for paid me $18,000.00 to come to their headquarters and do the very same kind of presentation. You can make a very good income doing in-house trainings for clients. PLUS, there’s another type of training opportunity ideal for most copywriters, easily good for $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 a month like clockwork. I’ll give you that one, too.)
  • Referral Commissions: SECRET: great copy implemented in successful advertising and marketing campaigns exposes and creates need for other services that you don’t provide, but your client needs help in securing. With full disclosure (nothing sneaky!) I routinely earn referral fees this way, in some years, tens of thousands of dollars’ extra income with no work. You can too. I’ll even send you home with my private Rolodex® of key providers you can hook up with.


  • How to RETAIN RIGHTS AND SYNDICATE YOUR WINNERS – take one successful copywriting project and license it to others
  • How to BUILD “PROPRIETARY” COPYWRITING PLATFORMS you can re-use repeatedly – and use to attract and “wow!” clients
  • Advanced Multiple-Compensation Structures and Partnering With Clients to create continuing income, share in upside, even share in the client’s exit strategies and sale of his company (without taking on risks or liabilities of business ownership)
  • SPECIAL FRI. EVE. SESSION: WHY & HOW TO BE YOUR OWN CLIENT – as an information-marketing entrepreneur. I’m credited as a Father of an entire info-marketing industry, in which people with smarts and writing ability create solid, secure, steady 6-figure incomes (and more) for themselves with online/offline media, niche-target markets; books, newsletters, online courses, home study courses, reports, more. This is important to you for 3 reasons: one, you’ll pay yourself better than any client ever will* … two, income security, controlling your own destiny … three, demonstration, that attracts clients. Gary Halbert held me up as one of the few copywriters “who puts his own money where his mouth is” and succeeds with his own products, promotions and projects, and he was right. And that fact gives me great credibility with clients. I’ll show you the SIMPLEST, FASTEST WAYS TO CREATE INCOME AS AN INFO-MARKETER.

    (*I’ve written over 100 different sales letters and ads that have each produced more than one million dollars. Most were written for clients, and earned me fees and royalties, as little as $15,000.00 to as much as $150,000.00. Only the ones I wrote for myself and my own products have made me millions.)

MESSAGE-MARKET-MEDIA is the basic Triangle that I’ve relied on for 30 years, in pre-educating and educating clients, and in organizing my own work with a client. There is also a “secret” within this Triangle that, applied well, virtually guarantees the success of any marketing effort. There are also common mistakes made with this Triangle that, when identified and avoided, prevent embarrassing failures that lose clients and damage reputation.

PROJECT-PROPOSITION-PROFIT STRATEGY links the three most critical elements of any marketing effort, and it is my contention that the copywriter must be able to influence all three. For example, I teach clients that “the cleverest copy can’t conquer bad economics”, and, for that reason, I probe and exert influence over price decisions, margin decisions, even product choices. There is also a “science” to defining and measuring Profit, usually differently than the way the client thinks of it if left to his own devices. All three of these elements need to be “managed” by the copywriter if he is to be successful.

CLIENT ATTRACTION-COMPENSATION-EFFICACY is the Business Model for the consultant/strategist/copywriter. As with all Triangles, no one element is of greater or lesser importance or priority.

Five Ways This Academy Home Study Program
Is PROFOUNDLY DIFFERENT Than Any Seminar, Workshop, BootCamp Or Other
Training Event You’ve Ever Invested In

How This Academy

EVERYTHING is fully supported with actual, contemporary examples. Nothing here is a “made up for the seminar” idea or example. No b.s.

AMPLE OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUR QUESTIONS – but done in a way I invented for my intensive trainings, that minimize time-wasting.

ADVANCE PREPARATIONS – You’ll complete a detailed Questionnaire. Receive a recommended reading list citing specific chapters, even pages in different books. And if you register immediately, be invited to two Pre-Academy Tele-Classes.

THE TRAINS RUN ON TIME – The Academy is a workplace for serious people working on the most important thing: their lives. Breaks are brief. We start on time regardless of stragglers.

NO DISTRACTIONS – NO cell-phones, laptops or assorted gizmos permitted in the room. We are in a full-service hotel high on a hill, isolated from any walking-distance shops, restaurants or entertainment facilities.

  1. It’s being presented by a real 7-Figure Income, working Copywriter.

    I’m not somebody who used to write copy for clients, turned teacher of copywriters. I’m on the bloody battlefield everyday. I earn over a million dollars a year doing it, part-time. I’m not an academic theorist. I’m not a corporate captive, writing for wages, for just one or a few clients. I’m not a factory worker-type copywriter grinding out enormous quantities of work for small fees to add up to a decent living … as unimaginable as it may seem, there are “names you know” in copywriting, who write for a few hundred bucks to no more than a thousand bucks a “job” and work like wage slaves 8, 9, 10 hours a day to deliver enough such “grind out” work to make $50,000.00 or so a year. Ugh. Listen, if you’re picking a guide to show you how to climb a mountain, do you want somebody who has learned mountain-climbing from a book … or climbs the “kiddie mountains” … or has climbed the tallest mountains?

  2. Mine is a very unusual, untraditional, abnormal, contrarian approach to the business of copywriting.

    First, remember this is NOT a ‘copywriting seminar.’ It’s about THE BUSINESS OF. Then, get that my approach is about NOT chasing after clients, NOT giving endless “free lunches” and free advice and making pitches hoping to get work, NOT just getting ‘jobs’, and definitely NOT begging for work. My approach means NEVER saying: Please give me a try. Third, I have an integrated, synergistic business approach that elevates your status, positions you as much more than a “writer”; interweaves multiple income streams.

    I will show you every mistake copywriters make that positions them beneath their clients, as workers doing work that ought be paid for by the hour, page or pound … and show you how to position yourself above your clients, to be paid accordingly.

    Ultimately, what I have to present focuses on getting high-value clients for whom copy that sells has very high value.

  3. This isn’t a warm ‘n fluffy, lots-o-fun, feel good ‘place’.

    I’m likely very different than anybody you’ve worked with on your business before, too. I’m extremely blunt. I’m not gentle. There’s too much to discuss and too little time. Gentle diplomacy is out. We WORK. You can pee and sleep at home. Actually, I think you’ll find me entertaining enough and we’ll have some fun along the way – but I’m not going to waste your time with endless ‘war stories’ or joke-telling or workshop games. Breaks are short. Hours long. Even the “Movie Night” is built to deliver vital lessons.

    The objective here is to empower you for exceptional success operating a business as a strategic advisor/consultant + copywriter. That’s serious stuff.

  4. This isn’t built for broad appeal to anybody who thinks they’re a copywriter – or is happy playing at it.

    Yes, I’m trying to scare off the casual dilettantes, the too easily offended, the timid. I want serious business-minded people here. It’s not so much about where you ARE at the moment, but about your attitude. You can be a well-established pro who knows his income ought to be higher and clientele more secure by now – or a beginner coming right out of the box. I just need you thinking right. Most freelancers think like “worker bees”, and use the language of workers: getting a job, for example. They tend to think in terms of hours or pages of output. If you are going to cling to that, bluntly, stay home. I am looking for those ready to think like entrepreneurs and business owners, ready to be “YOU, INCORPORATED” – not you, the job-seeker. I don’t want to talk to people thinking in terms of getting jobs – I want people thinking about building businesses.

  5. I stand up for what I have to say …


GUTSY, HUH?  As I said, only one person chose to exit – I imagine I offended him – but he was gracious about it. The rest – well, you couldn’t have gotten them out of there if you offered to give them ten times their fee to leave. They recognized pretty quick what you will too: I may be a little annoying, but I’m for real and I’ve got the experience and I’ve got the stuff, I lay it out without sweetener, I tell you exactly how to make a solid, lucrative business out of this.

Well, I’m going to let you have the entire Program in your home for a full SIXTY DAYS, to examine, get into, think about and decide whether or not you want to continue using it. If you judge it unsatisfactory for any reason, you just ship it back to AWAI and get an immediate refund of every penny paid – no questions, no hassles. And if you really feel I misled you about this and wasted your time, I’ll also donate $250 to any charity of your choice: just send me a brief note explaining why you think I was misleading or unfair or full of bull or offensive or whatever, name your charity, and I’ll send ‘em $250 in your name.


REASON #1: As I said at the top, if you are content with an ordinary, ‘small-time’ copywriting career, getting and doing jobs, and being paid by the job, and worrying and hustling over the next job, this Academy isn’t for you, and there’s no reason for you to trouble yourself over paying for it or preparing for it. I need people here who are READY FOR A DIFFERENT APPROACH TO THIS AS A BUSINESS – and have something more than ‘small ambition.’

Huge Academy
Take-Home Package

You'll get a unique collection of resources including the 4-volume follow-along-with-me Manual, giant Samples Package, checklists, forms, books and more — including samples from my private archives not published elsewhere.

REASON #2: If you find me offensive. You aren’t alone. And I’m rather intelligent, so I am not oblivious to it; I do know that many people find me offensive, for a variety of reasons. Philosophically, because I am an Ayn Randian advocate of self-interest, and I am unabashedly about getting paid as much as I possibly can for whatever I do. Or because I am aggressive in promoting. Or because I am famously blunt. A bit coarse. Deliberately provocative. Or because I dare insult the gray-beards.

Or because I brag and “show off” – even though I do it as ‘motivational proof’, not out of ego. People who get to know me are often shocked at how little ego or pretentiousness I have. By choice, for example, I’m still driving a 2006 Ford Explorer, a thank-you gift from a client – not a Mercedes or being chauffered around in a limo, and our Ohio home is modest – no circular drive, fountain with peeing cherubs or koi pool, our Washington D.C. high-rise penthouse condo is pricey but then everything there is pricey. I mostly wear jeans when not on stage, even when clients come. But. We do travel by private jet, own over 20 racehorses, 3 classic cars, take very nice vacations, and have amassed enough wealth that I work entirely by free choice, personal interest and, perhaps, some compulsiveness that psychiatrists would have fun with, but no need. Got there before age 50. Saying such things – and showing them – offends some people. So why do it? Because I think you need to KNOW you aren’t getting “advice from a fat doctor who smokes”, a pretender chock full of ‘ideas’ but with little to show for it himself. How can somebody still scurrying about for crumbs advise you on securing a seat at the big peoples’ table? How can somebody still working like a whipped dog for low fees guide you to a top income, top status, top lifestyle?

You don’t have to like me, by the way, to learn from me. And I’m fine with you having the Academy Program even if you don’t like me one bit. I don’t even have room for any more friends. But if finding me offensive or disliking me personally will get in the way of you learning from me – a practical way to achieve your goals – then, of course, you should stay away. But know this: I’ll back up what I have to say. I’ll show and match my tax returns’ proof of my personal income with anybody who wants to gossip, criticize, or tell you that you shouldn’t invest in this Academy Program. The numbers on those tax reports represent the Truth of the paths I present. The paths I took from high school grad, no college; no formal training in advertising; to wealth and prestige in multiple, synergistic fields including copywriting.

By the way, some women find my “tone” particularly off-putting. In the membership-association built around me, we have over 25,000 dues-paying members … entrepreneurs, business owners, sales professionals, creative folks – artists, writers, photographers, etc. – and nearly half are women. One suggested to me, jokingly, crassly that I seemed to attract “women with balls.” I have since used that to explain the kind of women who do find value in what I do. I mean it as a compliment. If you’re a woman, and my ‘tone’ in this letter and elsewhere seems “heavy” and is off-putting to you, I imagine it means this Academy isn’t right for you either. It’s my experience that succeeding in business, putting yourself across as a key advisor, commanding high fees and top compensation … ain’t for marshmallows. I believe in what I call ‘The Brass Balls Factor’.

So, if you need gentle gender sensitivity, you won’t like me: I treat everybody as equals. If you want a china cups ‘n doilies and meditation moments seminar experience, you’ll find mine disappointing. If you want blunt truth, well, then, I’m your guy.

REASON #3: The money. That’ll be a stopper for some. Frankly, I let AWAI convince me to demand less of a fee than I would left to my own devices.

If you are unwilling to make this modest investment in yourself, your business and your future, I suppose that tells us both you really are not ready for this. I’ll only say this: if, given all the information here, the facts about my accomplishments and body of knowledge about this business, and even the guarantee, if you won’t invest in this opportunity to leap up to the big leagues and use copywriting as means of living the life you want – how else do you think you’ll bring those changes about? It just isn’t everyday that a self-made millionaire, 7-figure income freelancer shows up and offers to share everything he’s done and does to create and sustain his business.

If you are unablereally unable – to make this investment, that’s the best argument to be made for doing so, even if you must give up Starbucks, cable TV and, heck, eating altogether and put your whole house on eBay. The only sure way not to keep finding yourself in the can’t-afford-it position, and be in the copywriting business, is to find a way to do this. And candidly, it should be pretty embarrassing to be a poor copywriter. A starving artist or novelist, maybe that’s romantic. But a starving copywriter? Smart clients want successful copywriters. Sorry, but it’s time to cowboy up (or cowgirl up). If not NOW, when? When will the timing ever be “right” to take the action that lifts you up to higher income? By the way, I’ve been broke. I know what it is. No shame in it either – just shame in staying that way.

Oh, by the way, the Fee is $1,295.00  It required a bit over $5,000.00 to attend the Academy in person, so this is nearly a 75% discount. That’s a very big discount. But if you respond immediately, you can claim an extra from-AWAI discount of $300.00, reducing your investment to just $995.00, or two payment of $498.00 if you prefer.

IS THIS A LOT OR A LITTLE?   As I said, it’s a lot less than was required to be actually at the Academy. Of course, you are missing out on the opportunities those in attendance got for Q&A, discussion, participation. But you ARE getting all the “meat,” all the how-to’s and information, AND all the resources. It’s the bargain of all bargains for the right person – but I suppose it’s obscenely over-priced for the wrong person. It should be recovered and then some from one new client or even one improvement in relationship and compensation with one existing client. I can promise you this: you’ll be amazed you got by with this low of an investment once you get into the Program and realize just how much I reveal.

Really, at this low fee, money should not stand in your way.

REASON #4: Poor self-image. There’s a perversity to what I’ve spent a big part of my life doing: guiding people to the means of achieving their goals and creating exceptional incomes for themselves. To invest in themselves they must really believe in themselves and have strong, confident, healthy self-images. Many who could benefit from an expert guide like me never hire one, because they don’t think enough of themselves. If you don’t feel you deserve to leap up in status, clientele, income, demand, you’ll undoubtedly have found ways to “disqualify yourself” as you’ve read my letter, and talk yourself out of this – even though it represents everything you claim to want.

I’m a bit of an expert in self-image function and dysfunction. I have been broke, I have fought and conquered an alcohol problem. I stuttered almost uncontrollably as a kid (yet became one of the highest paid professional speakers in that business). I also became an ardent researcher in self-image psychology, and even co-authored a book, ‘The New Psycho-Cybernetics’ with the late Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the founding father of self-image psychology. To abbreviate to something that fits on the head of a pin, we all live inside two boxes, one constructed of real limits, the other, much smaller, more tightly confining box of our own making, our self-imposed limits…this entirely governed by self-image.

If you are disqualifying yourself from all I’ve promised from this Academy Program, with whatever statements of unworthiness you may use … I’m too new, I’m not that sophisticated, I’m not that good, I can’t get clients to pay me that well … whatever… there’s nothing I can do about it. As a favor to yourself, though, please get four books and read them in this order: The New Psycho-Cybernetics; To Be Or Not To Be Intimidated by Robert Ringer; Thick Face, Black Heart by Chin-Ning Chu; and The Trick To Money Is Having Some (When They Show Up, Bill ‘Em) by Stuart Wilde.  If, however, you now recognize that you have been standing squarely in your own way and are ready to change, well, still get those books, but you could also, still make obtaining this Academy Program your powerful statement to yourself, your acting on intention, and here, find greater confidence as well as methods. Up to you.

Your Fears?

Dan’s some sort of freak. Perhaps! – but not in the way you fear. There’s nothing so “special” about me to put my success in the copywriting business out of your reach, nor make my methods for creating that success ill-useable by you. It’s not like I’m Michael Jordan offering you basketball lessons, or Tiger Woods offering you golf lessons. They do have Talent missing from the basic make-up of you and I. But I do not. In fact, I doubt I have any Talent; just deliberately, highly developed skills. And the strategies and skills of THE BUSINESS OF copywriting are definitely learnable, not genetic gift.

There’s not that much opportunity to make “Dan kind of money” as a copywriter. If your world-view is of only small accounts, tight-fisted and cheapskate clients, only a small market for professional copywriting, that’s all your problem - but it’s not reality. The person who writes copy that sells has a virtually unlimited market, as every business owner seeks to sell more, sell more efficiently, sell more profitably, acquire more customers, grow, expand. The ratio of copywriters to businesses that can profit from them is a whole lot more favorable than the ratio of Starbucks stores to coffee drinkers! No, not every business is a good prospective client. But there are plenty of good clients to go around. And my Academy empowers you to create demand for yourself from countless good clients who had no interest in a copywriter until you created it. You can make your own market with my methods.

REASON #5: You’re LEGITIMATELY not ready. That’s possible, and it is a reason to ignore this. You may honestly assess your writing skills or advertising and marketing knowledge as severely inadequate, and feel able only to work with small clients, the simplest of assignments. You should remember copywriter John Francis Tighe’s favorite admonition: in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. You need only know more than the client and enough to produce results he could not get on his own. You do not need to know more than every copywriter, most copywriters. If that governed, there’d never be more than one working copywriter, period. But only you can decide if your skills and know-how are too little for the opportunities provided in the Academy Program.

Another way you might legitimately be unqualified is if you reject and, perhaps, resent the reality of being in business, building a business, and treating this in a business-like, entrepreneurial way and/or reject or resent the need for self-marketing and self-promotion. Stay stuck long enough; watch others (of less writing skill) surpass you in caliber of clientele and earnings enough, and your thinking about this may change. But if you’re still chained to the delusion that your writing skill and work alone should be enough, then you really aren’t ready for this Academy Program.

REASON #6: You are honestly not THIS ambitious. You may not want a true professional’s 6-figure income, or more – you may be perfectly content with much less. You may not want to be sought after by high-value clients, and you may be content, maybe even prefer staying a ‘small-time operator’. That’s fine. This field nicely accommodates the writer of small ambition, just desirous of enough to pay the rent on the cottage and stock the ‘frig. Often, these are folks with day jobs they like and want to keep forever. Or the aspiring novelist, doing just enough copywriting work to stave off starvation while devoting most time and energy to the novel in progress. I have no gripe with these people. Many do good work for clients. I’m sure some subscribe to and get value from LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER and MARKETING YOUR SERVICES, the newsletters I write for copywriters. But it is true, this Academy Program is just not for you, if you’re in and intend happily staying in that group.

REASON #7:You have something else up your sleeve. Will you marry rich? Go ask your wife or husband – maybe they’ve been holding out on you. Might there be a rich uncle somewhere, unknown to you, but your fan from afar, soon to die and leave you a fortune?  Once a year McDonalds® rolls out its Monopoly® game and gives away millions, and all you need do is peel a sticker off a cup. A recent survey showed that 42% of the people listed “winning the lottery” as part of a “sound financial plan.”  Yes, I’m being snide and sarcastic, but I refuse to apologize.

REASON #8:You think I’m blowing smoke.  Not much I can do about this, other than offer up the facts of my business and accomplishments. And this Guarantee.

Why Did I Do This?...why did I spend 3 days revealing my every strategy for building a top-income writing business?...and why do I offer it all to you now, fully guaranteed?  

It’s okay to be skeptical. But I have no secret agenda. I’m doing it, one, because I can – and what I’m doing, no one else can.  Two, because I sincerely feel for those with talent, skill, ambition not shown a path or, worse, shown dead-ends, who could be contributing mightily to clients and living the life they desire if privy to what I know. I take pleasure in revealing my secrets and sharing my life experience…not indiscriminately, mind you, but with sincere people prepared to make use of it. Third, because I hate having any body of knowledge I’ve accumulated go without being monetized. I am a committed capitalist and entrepreneur. So, yes, I intended being nicely paid for the anticipated 100 hours or so of preparation and the 3 days of teaching – and I was. Now I will enjoy being paid a second time for the same work. In fact, I’ll enjoy it even more. What’s wrong with that? Fourth, because I have no reason to protect my methods, sources, know-how; I need not work to earn money at all; but I also have more than enough “lifer” clients to keep me busy.

Denying my achievements is like denying gravity or being a member of the Flat Earth Society (which does exist).  My facts are documented. My life is very open book.  Denying that I can guide you to a better business life is, therefore, about you, not about me. About something other than honest skepticism – ego? Fear?  Excuse addiction? Whatever.

So, ask yourself this – then decide to get this Program or not… many of these accomplishments interest you? How many would you like to create your own version of?....

6-Figure to 7-Figure Income As Copywriter/Consultant. My very first year, still pretty dumb about the business, I cleared 6-figures. Never had a year since when I banked less.  I know how to make top money in this business.  What will a stable 6-figure+ income mean to you? Your family?  It’s there for the taking.

Clients seeking you.  An end to “looking for work”.  For many years, I have turned away and referred away quite a bit of work from new clients every year, because I have more knocking on my door than I care to accept. When a new one contacts my office, he is told to send a 2 page memo describing his business and perceived needs for my review. He has to wait 2 to 3 weeks for a phone appointment. He must pay $18,800.00 for an initial consultation day without knowing if he’ll be accepted as a copywriting client or not.  I rarely, rarely “hunt”.  This is a position and a system of attraction very deliberately constructed, put in place and maintained – not an accident. It can be used as a “model” once understood from the inside-out, by just about anybody. What will it mean to you to go to sleep every night with no worry whatsoever about “finding your next job”?  I’ll guide to that position.

Clients who stay with you.  85% of mine repeat multiple times, are in reoccurring or on-going relationships. Many extending over 10 and even 20 years. This “stacking effect” means I’ve needed fewer and fewer new clients with each passing year – something many copywriters you see perpetually advertising and ‘hustling’ for new clients haven’t mastered. What will it mean for you to have a cadre of clients you can count on to support you, month after month, year after year? Let me show you how to build a business instead of ‘freelancing’ – which too much of the time really means ‘unemployed’.

In-depth involvement in clients’ businesses. I am not just a “pizza place” that gets a call and delivers copy! Most of my clients pay for “bundles” of services, pay monthly or yearly retainers, and rely on me for advice, ideas, help brokering joint ventures, product development and more. Will you have a more interesting and rewarding business life if you are in the trusted strategic advisor role? I know how to elevate your status.

Personal independence. Travel or not, as you please. For some years, I chose to travel to clients, and often “camp out” for several days at a time. Now I almost never go to clients; they all travel to me. Work with clients you like and who respect you. I’ve fired clients before and would do so again, in a New York Minute. Work when you want – day, night, half-weeks; where you want – I prefer my 5 minute commute to my spacious 5-room home office, including the conference room where I meet with clients.  I take no unscheduled incoming calls and enjoy working with no interruptions; my clients are trained to communicate with me as I choose; I have an assistant in an office at the opposite end of the country.  I take time out to watch my favorite news programs or to visit with my wife while having lunch, to play with the dog. What will it mean for you to define the business lifestyle you want – and live it?  Don’t envy me. Join me.

Multi-faceted business career. In addition to being a top-income copywriter and consultant, I’m a speaker, published author, newsletter publisher, political columnist. I’ve used my copywriting skills to make these other lucrative and interesting activities possible. Surely, there’s something else you’d love to do, in addition to copywriting? And why shouldn’t you? I’ve also used these skills to create equity, not just income, so that there are business and investment assets working for me. Why be one-dimensional? It’s more profitable, more secure and more fun to be multi-dimensional.

And So, It Comes To This: YOUR Choices

It is time for me to stop talking, and for you to make this BUSINESS OF Copywriting Academy Program your ally. Or not.

There are many choices available to you with no possible upside. You can choose to disqualify yourself, to sell yourself short, to judge all this “too much” for you. Or, at the opposite, you can let your ego decide things for you, and insist you are “too smart for the room” based on years already spent. You can stubbornly cling to popular, comforting delusions – like if I just get good enough, work hard enough, opportunity and money will someday, inevitably beat a path to my door.  You can be too busy. The timing can be bad for you.  You can be unable to afford the fee. Or unwilling. You can make whatever excuses you like – just know that the making of excuses and making of money are skills in conflict. The person adept at the first is rarely capable of the other. All these are choices. None have upside – other than, of course, keeping the Academy fee in your wallet. But it won’t stay there for long, regardless of whether you obtain the Academy Program or not. It won’t be locked safely away in a solid investment, untouched, accumulating interest over years to fund your retirement. No. It will be spent. And gone.  Keeping it away from the Academy will accomplish nothing.

There is only one choice here with potential upside for you, and it is obvious.

Dan S. Kennedy

Order Today!

INSTRUCTIONS & DETAILS: Use the attached Acceptance Form to RESPOND IMMEDIATELY to have The Business of Copywriting Academy Program rushed to you – on 60-day, no-risk, guaranteed trial.

P.S.: The cliché’ “Time Waits For No One” is doubly true here. Think about YOUR LIFE.  Do you know what this number is? 77.5. The average life expectancy for an American male. Deduct your present age. Deduct hours that add up to years for sleeping, eating, defecating, errand running, standing in lines and whatever else of ordinary life you find unavoidable. What’s left is what you’ve got left. Now, how much of that shockingly small number will you sacrifice to a job you dislike, work you find unfulfilling, clients who annoy you and “don’t get it”, worrying over money?  Each day you postpone and delay and waffle over change makes the number you have left, less.  Your Ideal Writer’s Life is waiting.

P.P.S.: In advance of the actual Academy, I conducted two pre-Academy Tele-Classes. They were recorded. I'll include them here too. The first tele-class focused on "Five Things Clients Want To Know But May Not Ask" – the second on "Ten Questions To Ask Yourself, To Get Top Value From The Academy."


"More than anything else, 'The Business of Copywriting' event that Dan Kennedy put on, gave me the most valuable asset one can have in business... especially in a business where your success or failure, rises or falls on your ability to promote yourself. 

“It wasn’t some magical technique for closing clients - though he did give us a number of those gems. 

“It wasn't the forms, letters, procedure, or patterns that he gave for managing clients... but that stuff was incredible and has made me tens of thousands of dollars in the past months. 

“It wasn't even sample packages and astonishing copywriting tips and tricks that he handed over - though we had our fair share of those during the event.

“For me, the most powerful and valuable thing that I gained from being with Dan was an awareness that there was a world where copywriters are paid in the tens and hundreds of thousands... and not in the hundreds.  It opened my eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities and gave me the total confidence that I could actually live in that world and make those possibilities my reality. 

“That weekend created a major shift in my thinking about who I am and what I can do. And not just a wishful, hopeful what I can do... but a solid plan, backed with all the right tools. That's the kind of stuff that turns dreams into reality.  It wrenches despair and wonder and doubt from you and infuses you with great hopes, confidence, and power to get things done. 

“Yes, more than anything, Dan tweaked my head, opened up a new world for me, and gave me the vehicle to go after it. I could this event as a significant turning point in my personal and financial growth." 

– Joshua Boswell

“The value of the workshop for me was in helping me to adjust my thinking about how to ask for money. As an aspiring copywriter I tend to undervalue what I can provide, and Dan really clarified the need to see ourselves as value providers - not ‘just’ writers.

“The coolest thing was when Dan explained how every job could actually be turned into three jobs!

“I see myself as a ‘Copy Strategist’ now, which gives me a lot more confidence when asking for larger fees.

“I can honestly say this was one of the most powerful bootcamps I've attended.

– Stacey Morris,

“I’ve participated in many good marketing and copywriting workshops and programs over the past few years.  However, none compare to the Dan Kennedy’s Business of Copywriting Academy.

“This was the FIRST program where I learned practical ways to make more money from copywriting. I also got a roadmap through the minefield of obstacles that could have seriously derailed my success.

“Throughout the program Dan rolled up his sleeves and shared secrets he'd discovered over his long and successful career. For example he revealed how to: get new clients quickly and effortlessly, accelerate copywriting output and boost copywriting income (without increasing hours worked).

“All in all this was a most amazing few days. I am SO pleased I was smart enough to jump at the opportunity to attend The Academy.

“I highly recommend this program (should Dan offer it again) to ANYONE who wants to save 30 years figuring out how to be a SUCCESSFUL (ie: making money) copywriter.”

– Mark Dresner

"You cannot place a price on the information I received from Dan Kennedy's Academy of Copywriting Workshop!

He exposed insider tips and secrets that I used immediately to increase the value of my PR and copywriting business. In addition, I started two, new businesses and published my book, ‘Simple Publicity,’ within weeks of returning home from the conference." 

– Melanie Rembrandt

"Dan Kennedy’s Business of Copywriting Academy helped me to make tomorrow’s business breakthroughs this year rather than hoping to connect the dots over many years.  In fact he connected dots I hadn’t even known existed yet!

 “What I gained is far too long to list here, but among the best take-away was how to approach and manage clients so I could set myself up to be on the winning end a much higher percentage of the time while avoiding being on the failing end.

“The material is a constant source of reference for me as I continually access as new situations come up. Best of all, it’s filled with wisdom I know will have far more lasting impact on my career than any single copywriting course ever could. 

“And while I’m still introducing more of what I learned, the things I’ve already implemented have reduced my stress, increased my confidence and caused me to work with better paying clients while helping them be more successful at the same time.”

– Cindy Cyr

“Thank you, Dan! You liberated my thinking on finding quality clients, finding “sure wins” for both client and myself… Plus how to escape the two big traps of the write-to-assignment trap, the billable hours trap and other evil temptations that suppress my earnings.

“You taught me instead how to leverage my knowledge and get compensated (at a much higher level) for diagnosing and solving problems.

“I learned more than 12 alternative fee structures at this Academy, which will substantially boost my income – and the quality of my clients – in the next year.

“Thanks a million, or more, for making a million dollar difference in my income.” 

– Carol Parks

“Knowing the mechanics of great copywriting can only get you so far. To earn the rock-star 6- and 7-figure copywriting commissions, you need to be well-versed in the BUSINESS of copywriting itself.

“And I know of no greater person to teach that subject than Dan Kennedy. Dan is the quintessential ‘been there, done that,” no B.S. copywriter and direct marketer who has forgotten more useful knowledge than most veterans in the same fields gleaned after a lifetime of learning.

“His unique Business of Copywriting Academy contains a boatload of true insider knowledge of what works in the real world to get you the Big Bucks as a Professional Copywriter. Using this new knowledge, I was able to score a high-paying, full-time job with a major investment newsletter publisher.

“Also, there is ‘One Big Secret’ I discovered at the Academy that is THE KEY to easily increasing your value tenfold to your clients. This ‘One Big Secret’ will allow you to destroy your competition, and will cause your client to view you as the only sane choice out of a sea of competitors. And that ‘One Big Secret’ was worth the entire price of admission to me..” 

– J. Daryl Thompson

“Dan’s Business of Copywriting Academy opened my eyes and filled in many blanks.  I am now able to move forward with confidence!”

– Kellie Craft

“This has been life changing.  I needed this to finally make the leap to full time consulting/copywriting.”

– Marsha M Miles

“Dan gave me a roadmap for starting the business side of copywriting consulting from someone who has been successful, very successful at marking the landmines so I don’t step on them.”

– David Dodge

  "When I left Dan Kennedy's Business of Copywriting Academy, I had a completely different mind set and a new way of looking at my copywriting business.

“Dan provided a mountain of information based on years of working in the trenches. He showed us how to improve response on a control without changing a word of copy. How to market ourselves so we stand out in a crowd. How to add value to any job so you become more than ‘just a copywriter’ to clients.  

“Yet Dan went a step further. He also demonstrated how attitude affects everything, including your business and wealth. One of my most important ‘ah ha’ moments came as a result of this. I currently work full-time, and I'm building my copywriting business on the side. I was constantly telling myself ‘I don't have time’ or ‘If only I had more time...’  Thanks to Dan, I realized that I was defeating myself before I even left the gate. If the only thing you learn from Dan is how to reach your dreams by changing your attitude, it will be worth far more than any price you'll pay.

Now, a few months later, I’m working with a client using much of the techniques and principles taught by Dan and I can't believe how much fun it is. I would never have thought of approaching a client like this (a financial planner) before the Academy. Yet it was so easy - I just asked if she was interested. Her response was an immediate yes, and I'm redoing several marketing pieces for her including ads, a white paper, her website, and sales letters. The icing on the cake is that she already has referrals for me, as she puts it ‘Professionals with lots of money, but little time.’ What could be better?! 

– Chris Allsop


A brief, further introduction to Mr. Kennedy…from AWAI 

CONSULTANT/COPYWRITER. Mr. Kennedy has been in advertising his entire life, self-taught, his businesses and reputation built from scratch. He currently commands $18,800.00 for private consulting days, $2,000.00 per hour for tele-consulting, and from $25,000.00 to $150,000.00 and up plus royalties for copywriting projects.  He has extensive experience with print, direct-mail, TV infomercials and online media.

SPEAKER. In more than 25 years as a professional speaker, he has delivered over 1,500 compensated presentations for corporate and association clients as well as audiences of his own making. For 9 consecutive years, he appeared in 25 to 27 cities a year on the largest public seminar tour, drawing audiences of 10,000 to 35,000. He has shared the platform with three former U.S. Presidents, Margaret Thatcher, Gen. Colin Powell, and other world leaders and political figures; legendary entrepreneurs including Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Gene Simmons (KISS), Jim McCann (CEO – 1-800 Flowers), Debbi Fields (Mrs. Fields Cookies); sports personalities including George Forman, Olympian Mary Lou Retton, NFL quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Joe Montana; Hollywood celebrities including Mary Tyler Moore and Bill Cosby; top business speakers Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins; and advertising, marketing and internet marketing experts including Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Joe Sugarman,  Terry Jones (founder, Travelocity), Corey Rudl, Yanik Silver. Dan has specialized in development and delivery of multi-day, intensive, specialized trainings commanding per-person participation fees of up to $25,000.00.

PUBLISHING / INFORMATION MARKETING. He began his mail-order/info-marketing adventures famously with “the cat who licked stamps” and no other assets. Over 30 years, he has made millions as an independent publisher, and launched thousands of people in this field. For 5 years, he owned the largest publishing/seminar company serving the chiropractic and dental professions, with its seminars held in every U.S. state but four, and every major city in Canada, and attended by more than 10,000 doctors. His most successful newsletter, THE NO B.S. MARKETING LETTER, is the largest paid subscription marketing newsletter, and the centerpiece of a membership organization with over 25,000 members, 140 local chapters meeting regularly, and two annual conventions each attended by 1,000+, and a offline+online publishing program reaching over 250,000 readers every month. He has created some of the most successful business info-products ever, including his own MAGNETIC MARKETING SYSTEM, now topping over $65-million in sales worldwide. His private clients in info-marketing, in total, generate over $300-million annually – most having begun as “kitchen table info-preneurs” under his guidance.

AUTHOR. Mr. Kennedy has 13 books published and available in bookstores, with #14 - #17 set for release in 2010. His books have repeatedly appeared on bestseller lists, the BusinessWeek Magazine Bestselling Books List, an Inc. Magazine Best Business Books List, and been praised in Inc., Forbes, Success and USA Today. His first book (about copywriting), THE ULTIMATE SALES LETTER, was first published in 1991, and has never been out-of-print.

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