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The 3 Steps that Took Me From
Slinging Blog Posts for $50 a Piece
to Collecting $7,500 Per Project
in 6 Months Flat

I'm now booked solid for the next three months —
making more money as a copywriter than
I EVER did at my corporate banking job!

Today, I want to share the three steps I took
that changed my life so dramatically …

If you are looking for more profits, flexibility, and success
in your new or existing copywriting career, read on …

Because I'm about to tell you how to
get exactly what you want in six months or less.

Dear Reader,

Julie Hassett: Freelance
AWAI-Trained Copywriter

As I write this letter to you, I look around and realize that my life is unrecognizable compared to this time last year.

I'm in my home office watching the sun set over the ocean on the Pacific coast of Baja, California.

It’s evening and I’m just sitting down to work.

Today, I got to spend time tending to my heart's callings … playing with my dogs on the beach, and volunteering in the kitten room at a local animal shelter.

I now split my time between this beach house and my home in Los Angeles, going back and forth whenever the urge hits for a change of scenery.

I'm currently booked with high-paid copywriting jobs for the next three months, so I can relax and enjoy my summer without money worries, wherever I happen to be.

I am truly living my dream life … loving my job … and reveling in everything that has happened since last October.

And today, based on what I've learned since then, I'm going to hand you an easy template for your own “roadmap to success” right here in this letter. By the time you finish reading, you are going to be closer than ever before to stepping right into your own personal vision of the writer's life!

But first, let me tell you what my life looked like less than nine months ago …

Last fall, I still had my corporate day job at a large bank. Every morning, I would wake up at 4:30 a.m. with a heavy heart … drag myself reluctantly out of bed … spend nine hours performing dull, meaningless work … then endure an hour-long commute home.

Then, when I got there, I'd grab a snack and study my AWAI copywriting materials well into the evenings and on the weekends, getting a little better each week.

I had one client. She was a real estate agent who needed a couple of ghostwritten blogs each week. She paid me $50 per post.

By the time October 2013 rolled around, my total earnings as a copywriter amounted to a measly $1,250.

Certainly not the kind of money I needed to quit my dreadful job anytime soon. And, honestly, I wasn't sure how to start making the kind of money I needed to make the leap.

Then, everything changed …

My Boss Begrudgingly Gave Me 3 Days Off
to Travel to Florida.

What Happened Next Shocked Me,
My Family, and My Now Former Boss.

On October 23, 2013, I touched down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I traveled to the Delray Beach Marriott and checked into my poolside room to get ready for a luncheon.

My heart was racing. I was unusually nervous. Maybe something inside me knew that my life was about to change forever before I even realized it.

Breathing deeply and telling myself to relax, I made my way to the lobby, where the crowds were gathering. I looked around and didn't know anyone.

To top it off, it looked like everyone had already found a buddy. I even made the assumption that those sitting alone were big shots who didn't want me to bother them.

I was paralyzed with fear when I remembered a promise I made to myself before I got on the plane:

“Go WAY out of your comfort zone and network like your life depends on it.”

As soon as I re-committed to that decision, I started a conversation with a group of people who, just like me, didn’t know anyone. Within five minutes, my heart had slowed down, my breathing normalized, and I realized that everything was going to be okay.

What I didn't realize was that everything was about to be absolutely amazing …

For the Next 3½ Days at AWAI Bootcamp 2013,
I Definitively Became a Copywriter.

I arrived in Delray Beach as an “aspiring copywriter.” I walked away as an up-and-comer with serious connections. AWAI's FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair is simply that transformational … no matter what stage of your career you're in right now.

In just 3½ days’ worth of valuable presentations and priceless networking opportunities …

  • All thoughts that I wouldn't be able to pull off this “freelancing thing” completely disappeared …
  • My confidence shot through the roof …
  • I soaked up advanced tricks-of-the-trade like a sponge for hours every day in the presentations …
  • I made friends with uber-successful copywriters who were willing to advise and help me …
  • I sat down for drinks with bona fide masters of direct response like Clayton Makepeace, Ryan Deiss, and Mike Palmer …

And that was only by day two! Then …

Within Hours of AWAI’s Job Fair, I Had
Clinched My First Serious Client …
But that Was Only the Beginning …

I'm going to give you the real scoop on job opportunities during AWAI's FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair in just a moment. First, I'll share what happened to me after I attended my first one …

I returned home from Bootcamp with my first big assignment … to write a sales promo for a Global Asset Protection Conference.

I also returned with the belief that I had just accumulated everything I needed to become an unstoppable player in the copywriting industry.

I told my bosses the following week that they needed to start looking for my replacement, since my freelance copywriting career now required my full attention.

It took just four months until I walked away from that job for good.

And you know what?

I was absolutely right — Bootcamp had given me the tools and connections I needed to launch my career from ground zero to well beyond the goals I set for myself.

As proof, remember my total copywriting income prior to Bootcamp 2013?


As of writing this, I have earned $39,602 on copywriting assignments alone since Bootcamp.

And for nearly half that time period, I continued to work a full-time job and only wrote in the evenings and on weekends!

Right now, I'm on track to make more money this year than I ever did working nine hours a day at one of the world's largest corporate banks.

I can trace the trajectory of my career back to three specific steps I took that you can now take as well.

These three steps are simple to execute … they just require commitment on your part to make them work for you.

And if you make sure to do all three — even if you're shy … or busy … or tight on money right now … I know you are going to see your copywriting career burst into the stratosphere. You'll be able to write your own ticket! Even if you don't have your first client yet.

Because I'm not the only one this has happened to. Not even close!

Roy Furr decided to attend Bootcamp without a timeline or a plan in 2009 — during what some now call “The Worst Economic Crisis Since the Great Depression.” With mortgage payments due and a brand-new baby on the way, Roy made the trip to Florida that changed his life forever.

Within one week of AWAI Bootcamp, he had $26,000 worth of new projects. And his investment in attending was worth $42,964 of new work within just 12 months’ time.

Joshua Boswell went from six-figures of debt to six-figures of annual income after attending his first AWAI Bootcamp. He did it by teaming up with other AWAI members he met to help each other more effectively promote themselves. And he scored four clients and five assignments in 2½ hours at Job Fair!

Jen Adams was stuck in “learning but not doing” mode for years, just like so many copywriters. Yet now, three years after attending her first Bootcamp, she says, “I can tell you with absolute confidence it works.”

“It’s taken me from a successful freelance life to an in-house position I love, where I’m coached and mentored by the best in the business … including Don Mahoney, Paul Hollingshead, and Mark Ford (aka Michael Masterson). My lifetime success as a copywriter is virtually guaranteed.”

If incredible (and often unexpected) success can happen for them, and for me, there is absolutely no reason it can't happen for you this year.

If You’ve Made Up Your Mind to Be an
In-Demand Copywriter, Here are the 3 Steps to
Ensure You Get There in Under One Year …

1) Attend AWAI's FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp
and Job Fair.

When you consider the things you want to invest in throughout the year to further your copywriting career, put AWAI’s Bootcamp right up there at the top of the list.

I just calculated the amount of money I’ve made off my trip to Bootcamp last year.


That isn't all my income. It's the total amount of money that was a direct result of attending this particular three-day event.

Talk about a solid Return on Investment!

There is literally no single event on earth that will launch your copywriting career like Bootcamp.

From the moment you make your first connection with someone, you'll realize you’ve stepped into one of the most supportive, welcoming, and fascinating families you'll ever be a part of.

And then, before you know it, the presentations begin. I suggest sitting as close to the front as possible, because you don't want to miss a word. This year, you'll hear from legends like …

Bob Bly : “The Master of Getting Clients” Bob has written more than 80 books! McGraw-Hill calls him “America’s Top Copywriter” for a reason; he’s written for some of the biggest business names in the world. Bob continues to grow his own personal publishing empire, and mails over 13 million emails per year.

This year, Bob will take his 35 years of experience and boil it down into 10 no-fail steps to having a lifelong, blockbuster copywriting career.

Brian Kurtz: “The Marketing Master at Boardroom, Inc.” Brian has played a huge role in turning Boardroom into a $100+ million-a-year newsletter and book publisher.

Brian will teach you seven things you MUST know about marketing if you want to work with the big dogs.

Dan Kennedy: “Earns $50K-$150K Per Project” Dan earns well over $1 million per year, so when this man shares the secrets to his success over the past 30 years, I listen!

Dan will show you exactly what it takes to NEVER be out of work again. He'll share the secrets of how to be a freelance writer who always has a great client roster knocking down your door and boatloads of interesting, lucrative work to choose from.

Carline Anglade-Cole : “Launches Supplement Businesses into the Stratosphere” Carline is one of the most in-demand, highly respected direct-response writers in the health niche.

She will show you how to double your hourly rate without raising your fees … by learning how to write control-busting copy in half the time.

Herschell Gordon Lewis : “A Legend in the Direct Marketing Association Hall of Fame” Herschell has authored more than 30 books, one of which should be on every copywriter's bookshelf, “On The Art of Writing Copy.”

Herschell is making a promise to you this year … After spending one hour with him, you will — without a doubt — be able to write more effective copy than you ever have before.

Donna Baier Stein : “Winner of Multiple Prestigious International Awards” Donna is a copywriter, poet, and novelist! She has held hard-to-beat controls in the nonprofit industry for many years.

For copywriters, publishing a book in your chosen niche is one of the smartest moves you can make to increase your visibility and credibility. And it's easier than ever to do! Donna will take you step-by-step through everything you need to know to get your first book published.

John Carlton : “The Most Ripped-Off Writer on the Web” John is known as “the most respected writing teacher alive.” He is always booked out over a year in advance and rarely lectures at conferences. This is a very special opportunity to learn from the same guru that Frank Kern and Rich Schefren credit for launching their online empires. I wouldn't miss it for the world!

And that's not all … Clayton Makepeace, Lori Haller, Will Newman, and more will be leading master classes, presentations, and workshops throughout the event.

You'll also attend intimate breakfast sessions where expert copywriters speak candidly about what it's like to work in their particular niche. These morning sessions are a perfect place to mingle one-on-one with masters of the industry.

In between presentations, you'll find that copywriting superstars like John Forde, Pam Foster, and Parris Lampropoulos are scattered about, welcoming the chance to converse with attendees.

All along, AWAI rolls out the red carpet. You'll be treated to lavish breakfasts and lunches plus a lively happy hour with wine and hors d'oeuvres during Job Fair.

Oh my goodness, Job Fair! Okay, here's the lowdown …

On October 17th, You Can Set Yourself Up
to Multiply Your Copywriting Success
By 2x, 5x, or Even 20x in the Next 12 Months.

If you've ever been to a “career fair,” you know that they're mostly nerve-wracking and just plain dry.

AWAI's Job Fair is anything but that! For 2½ hours, the Job Fair ballroom is positively alive with energy.

The online marketers, publishers, and direct-response companies in attendance are genuinely excited to find new, talented, AWAI-trained copywriters.

Plus, before Job Fair even begins, Joshua Boswell and Katie Yeakle prep you as if they were your professional career coaches.

This year, they're pulling out all the stops to make sure you walk into that room and blow the roof off the place.

An Exclusive Treat For Bootcamp Attendees Only.

For the first time ever … in the weeks leading up to Bootcamp, AWAI is hosting a live webinar series where Job Fair marketers give you the inside scoop on exactly what they're looking for in the copywriters they want to hire.

Because of the immense value of these webinars, they are available exclusively to those already registered for Bootcamp.

During each one:

  • You’ll learn what each marketer’s idea of a “knockout” Spec Assignment is and gain the knowledge to tailor yours specifically to what they want.
  • You’ll get an in-depth look at the assignments … the background of the project … the nuances of the offer … the target audience … everything you’d normally spend hours or days researching yourself.
  • You’ll get free “insider information” into the hiring companies … the type of stuff usually reserved only for in-house writers or longtime freelance hires.

If you miss a single one, they're all recorded and archived on your AWAI Bootcamp web page. You can also review them as often as you like while you’re preparing your Spec Assignments.

This kind of valuable preparation is absolutely unheard of in most other industries. It just goes to show you how special copywriting — and AWAI — are.

Then, once you get to Bootcamp, you'll have the chance to attend a live Q&A session immediately before Job Fair where you can get answers to all your burning questions and calm your nerves just in the nick of time.

To maximize your Bootcamp and Job Fair experience, I want to share the second step I took that launched my career from virtually nothing to referring work to others because I've gotten so busy.

This step will put you miles ahead of every other copywriter trying to get a foot in the door at the highest-paying, most copy-hungry companies out there.

2) Do at least three Spec Assignments

At Job Fair, nearly every marketer will have Spec Assignments for you to do, if you choose to do them.

Choose to do them.

I know it can be hard to rustle up motivation when there isn't a guaranteed check attached to the project.

I get it. But the checks will come if you do the work. Trust me.

It's just like what all famous actors had to do before they got their big break … audition like crazy to land that breakthrough role!

No one paid them for their time studying those lines or waiting out in the hall for a casting director. And no one guaranteed them anything after they finished an audition.

They did it because they were hungry for it.

It's the same with spec work.

Every Spec Assignment is an opportunity dangling right in front of you. All you have to do is reach out and pluck the ones that look most appealing to you.

Just like Deb Monfette did when she submitted five Spec Assignments after Bootcamp as a “semi-newbie” and was brought on part-time to work with the marketing team behind Brian Tracy, a famous motivational speaker and prolific author …

And Mike Crespo, who two years prior to attending Bootcamp didn't even know what copywriting was! He walked away from Job Fair with connections that led to getting hired as a junior staff copywriter at Sovereign Society, a direct-response powerhouse …

Mindy McHorse connected with a marketer at Job Fair who ended up giving her a small assignment. One thing led to another, and that single assignment ballooned into $18,500 worth of projects — and they’re still coming! And all Mindy did was shake her hand and give her a business card.

Maria Jacketti submitted a Spec Assignment to Nightingale Conant and was awarded an assignment working with products by Dr. Wayne Dyer, whose work she had been devouring for decades …

And, remember, a Spec Assignment doesn’t mean writing out a full 16-page promotion that will take you a month.

It means coming up with a great idea for a promotion and usually submitting only a headline and lead, so the client gets a sense of your style and what you have to offer.

Here are just some of the opportunities Spec Assignments open up for you:

  • Get big paid projects — Six months after submitting my first Bootcamp Spec to InvestorPlace Media, I got an email with a job offer … with an up-front fee plus royalties!
  • Improve your copywriting skills — The only way to get better is to keep practicing, especially when it comes to writing promos specifically tailored to your dream clients.
  • Get faster at writing hot copy — The more you practice coming up with great ideas and putting them down on paper, the faster you'll become at it.
  • Build your portfolio — Every single spec you write — whether you get paid for it or not — can go up on your website and get sent out to prospective clients as sample work.
  • Get referred to others who are hiring — Although I didn't win the Clayton Makepeace Spec Challenge last year, he sent all the entries around to financial publishers and within a month, I got a call from one of them. They flew me out to DC for a meeting and I landed a $7,500 gig, which parlayed into a two-promo contract for $15,000.

Job Fair not only offers you a huge selection of Spec Assignments to choose from, but you also get the chance to meet face-to-face with the people who are ultimately going to read your specs!

You can ask them questions about the assignments before you begin.

Or you can just strike up a friendly conversation with them, so that when you send in your spec (or just follow up with them), you can preface your letter with, “Hi, we met at Job Fair. We talked about how the chicken skewers were to die for …”

To get an in like that with a Director of Marketing or Senior Copy Chief instead of just sending a cold email introducing yourself is priceless.

On that note, the third “must-do” in order to launch your career this year is …

3) Network like your life depends on it.

Because, well, it DOES!

Everywhere you look at Bootcamp, there are people who can impact your copywriting career and your life in HUGE ways.

They may be your future clients, friends, copy chiefs, coaches, referral sources, or mentors.

The key is to make a friend first out of everyone you encounter. Make that your number one priority. To leave with as many friends as you possibly can.

Some of those friends will be just starting out, same as you.

Some of those friends will call you two months down the road and say, “I'm completely booked right now. Are you interested in talking to a client who just contacted me?”

And some may be marketers who will hire you on the spot because they like an idea you brought up in conversation.

Whatever the opportunity ends up being, it will be something that might never have happened if you had stayed home. Or if you retreated to your room right after the presentations end.

Bootcamp is information- and action-packed, so don't miss out on life-changing networking opportunities just to veg out in front of the tube in your room. Be in it to win it and you will.

And So I Challenge You …

I assure that if you make the choice to do each of these three steps this year …

  1. Go to Bootcamp
  2. Do at least three Spec Assignments
  3. Network like the wind

 … your dream of achieving copywriting success will fall into place — piece-by-piece — and become your reality.

Using those three steps, your writer's life can be as big and incredible as you want it to be.

Only you will be the judge of how far you can go.

As advertising giant, David Ogilvy once said, “Raise your sights! Blaze new trails! Hit the ball out of the park!! Compete with the immortals!!!”

Before I went to Bootcamp, I would have said, “Who am I to compete with the immortals?”

After attending only one Bootcamp, I’m ready to meet those immortals head-on and beat the pants off their controls!

That is what Bootcamp gives you the opportunity to do. And it piles on the guidance, support, and networking to make it all happen.

I challenge you today to attend Bootcamp this year and then come back again in 2015 with a life that is completely unrecognizable.

  • Whether that means you were able to quit your job … double your income … cut your working hours in half … travel and work from wherever you want …
  • Or maybe just chuck that dreaded alarm clock for good … and carve out time for your family whenever you want to …
  • How about not worrying ever again about earning a great income in a jobless economy … or how you're going to fund the retirement of your dreams?

Choose whatever it means to you and buy your ticket to Bootcamp with that dream already settled in your mind.

And when you walk into the Delray Beach Marriott on October 15th, you’ll see that the opportunities are all there to turn that dream into your real life in the near future …

Remember, from the moment the event begins, you will:

  • Connect with the industry's most-successful and wealthiest writers, plus upcoming writers just like you … all of whom can become the power network you need to launch your career.
  • Get one-on-one interaction with marketers who are desperate for AWAI-trained copywriters … who know the value of good copy … and are willing to pay A LOT to get it.
  • Discover what's working RIGHT NOW in the online and direct-response industries and how to go out and implement it for clients … so you'll be miles ahead of other “plain-vanilla” copywriters out there.

And every day, in between a grand breakfast (calling it “continental” would be an insult) and a relaxing, open evening of socializing, you'll be:

  • Training under masters like Clayton Makepeace, Bob Bly, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, and even more of the most highly sought-after copywriters in the world.
  • Putting yourself in exactly the right place at the right time for potentially lucrative assignments, freelance contracts, and six-figure full-time copywriting jobs.
  • Soaking up the energy, inspiration, and mile-high confidence you need to make major moves as soon as you return home.

Why Bootcamp is the #1 Investment
You Can Make in Your Career. Period.

In the copywriting and marketing industry, you can take your pick of all sorts of seminars and conferences.

And I've been to a few over the past year. They're all different — especially what they offer and the price they charge for it.

The two things I've discovered are this …

#1. Bootcamp is — far and away — the best bang for your buck! Other seminars and conferences charge $2,500 or more PER DAY and don't pack in nearly as much information and career advancement opportunities as Bootcamp does.

Roy Furr, the six-figure copywriter I mentioned earlier, who most recently worked directly under Brian Kurtz of Boardroom, claims that a single presentation by Ryan Deiss at Bootcamp 2013 was worth $20,000 and packed enough information in a single hour to increase a copywriter's income by 10X in just 60 days.

#2. Bootcamp is not just a conference, it's a family. I hope you don't think I'm being overly sentimental all of a sudden, but it's the absolute truth.

Remember how nervous I was that very first day wandering around the lobby?

Well, since the day I flew back to California, I've been anticipating my return to Bootcamp 2014 and my reunion with the lively, intelligent, driven people I met last year.

And it's not just newbies and “aspiring” copywriters who think Bootcamp is the very best place to make significant strides in your career.

Because of the nature of these events, sometimes the other attendees sitting next to you in presentations are copywriting royalty. It's NOT only the masters on stage that make Bootcamp so worthwhile.

Like David Deutsch, considered a modern day master of direct response, who said, “What an amazing opportunity Bootcamp is for those who really take advantage of everything it has to offer.”

Now, here's the thing …

You don't need to pay anywhere near $2,500 per day to soak up all the incredible information and opportunity that Bootcamp is waiting to give you.

You don't even need to pay $2,500 for the ENTIRE 3½ day event! The registration fee for the entire AWAI Bootcamp and Job Fair is a steal at $1,995.

And right now, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the Early-Bird Discount and get $200 off the registration price.

That will more than pay for a night at the luxurious Delray Beach Marriott!

You'll also receive a FREE Bootcamp Home Study Kit (a $495 Value) with e-versions of updated speaker notes and slides … high-quality audio and video recordings of the sessions … plus, all the invaluable special handouts and reports available at the event.

This Bootcamp Home Study Kit lets you virtually attend as many times as you want in order to effectively incorporate the wealth of information into your business.

You also don't need to worry about missing a presentation because you chose to go to an alternate session during Bootcamp. Just make a note to watch it online using your Study Kit at home!

And because AWAI is ALWAYS a fan of piling on value, and over-delivering in spades … they're throwing in additional incredible bonuses to everyone who registers for Bootcamp this year.

In addition to the Bootcamp Home Study Kit, and the priceless 3½ action-packed days of learning, networking, and enjoying your new copywriting family … when you register, you'll also instantly receive access to the following bonus materials to help ratchet up the speed of your progress:

The 7 Daily Habits of Successful Copywriters (e-book)

Don't re-invent the wheel! Simply discover what ultra-successful copywriters like Mike Palmer, Will Newman, and Paul Hollingshead already do on a day-to-day basis to maximize their time and resources. It's all packed into this 57-page e-book that's yours free when you register for Bootcamp.

Niche Marketing Special Report:
Proven Method for Making More Money (e-book)

Choosing a niche or specialty is the fastest, easiest route to becoming an in-demand copywriter able to command lofty fees. This 68-page e-book takes you step-by-step through which niche markets are hungriest for great copywriters and aren't afraid to dig deep to pay for them!

Get Out There and Sell Yourself With Confidence! (e-book)

Bob Bly wrote this highly practical e-book for all copywriters who have unanswered questions that may be negatively impacting their confidence levels. Instead of learning the answers the hard way, he decided to give them all to you in one 16-page e-book. After reading this, you'll be able to confidently pitch clients without an ounce of self-doubt!

How to Choose a Profitable and Hungry Niche (Audio mp3)

Pam Foster is the “Niche Master” and she has developed a highly-effective system for targeting and researching niches based on what you already know and LOVE. In this 77-minute mp3, Pam guides you through this process step-by-step, so you can be sure that when you finally pick your niche, it will be full of clients that are perfect and profitable for you.

Bootcamp 2014 Will Create a Brand-new Idea
of What’s Possible for Your Career
(and Maybe Your Life!) …

And Then Show You the Fastest,
SmartestWay to Get There.

Knowing what I know now … If I had chosen to hold off last year and I missed the opportunity to attend Bootcamp in 2013 — I know I would have ended up looking back on it as one of my lifelong regrets.

Now, I know you can't see into the future.

You don’t know what your life will look like if you come to Bootcamp this year … or what it will look like if you don't …

And success isn't guaranteed to everyone who attends Bootcamp …

But I know that huge success happens every year for people just like you and me.

And I know that there are certain connections and revelations awaiting you that will never happen if you don't make the commitment to be in Delray Beach this October 15th-18th.

If money concerns are holding you back, keep in mind that it was because of Bootcamp that:

  • Guillermo Rubio got a $10,000 check … after he won the AWAI Bootcamp $10K Challenge. Plus, he says, “Every year I’ve been to Bootcamp, I’ve walked away with either a new client or greater income as a result.”
  • James Turner got a 5,754% return on his investment … which allowed him to ditch his day job five months ahead of schedule because he became so in-demand as a copywriter.
  • And Krista Jones landed her first paid writing assignment … which turned into more work than she could handle just six months later.

If skepticism or a fear that “something may come up” is keeping you from making the commitment today, you'll be completely relieved by AWAI's more than generous money-back guarantee.

  1. Cancel any time before September 15, 2014 and receive a refund of your registration — no questions asked.
  2. You can even attend the first day of Bootcamp. If you are not completely satisfied with the event, simply tell anyone on the AWAI staff. They will courteously and instantly begin preparing your refund (minus a small $300 processing fee).

So even if you're “not quite sure” right now, reserve your spot today anyway. Bootcamp sells out every year and if you change your mind and want to come later, it may be too late.

If you're afraid that maybe you're not ready or you don't have what it takes to walk away a winner after your time in Delray Beach, I'm telling you now … you are and you do!

Whatever pieces are missing right now from your success puzzle, I bet you'll find them at Bootcamp.

If you are anything like I was last year … hemming and hawing, wondering, “Is Bootcamp worth it?” Let me tell you right now, “YES! It's worth every penny and then some.”

Register for Bootcamp Today!

Getting registered for Bootcamp is super easy. Just click one of the Register Buttons on this page and you'll be taken to a quick and painless order form.

You'll receive an email confirmation that your order is being processed and within one business day, you'll have access to all the information you'll need to begin planning your trip, including …

  • Hotel Recommendations
  • Discount rate codes
  • Travel Information
  • Your 2014 Bootcamp Primer
  • Your “Inside Track to Job Fair Success” Webinar Series
  • Plus, the four bonus e-books and mp3 recordings I told you about above.

Plus, you’ll receive the Bootcamp Buzz e-newsletter updates, filled with insider tips and behind-the-scenes information about Bootcamp activities. Buzz subscribers are also eligible to win a variety of giveaways and contests with prizes like coaching sessions and small group lunches with people like Paul Hollingshead, Jennifer Stevens, and Don Mahoney.

It couldn't be easier to say yes to the best decision you'll make all year … and maybe when you look back, it will be the best decision you've made so far in life!

And it's also completely risk-free.

What else is risk-free? Staying home. Skipping out.

The problem with avoiding that kind of risk, though, is that there's also no reward. There's only the same struggle …

A sort of half-knowing what you should be doing … who you should be calling … what you should be pitching in order to become so in-demand you're raising your rates and turning work away.

Joshua Boswell put it very succinctly when he said,

“There is nothing like it. Outside of Bootcamp, you have to call, tweet, email, post, link, hunt, and plead for clients. At Bootcamp, you just show up, smile, and shake a few hands. AWAI does all the presorting for you.

“Bootcamp has always made me tens of thousands of dollars. I believe it could do the same for anyone who is willing to set aside fears and simply ask for the money.”

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Don't forget … If you register today, you're still eligible for the Early-Bird Discount! That's a bonus of $200 off the normal registration price. Plus, you have up to September 15th to cancel and get a guaranteed refund.

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P.S. Denise Ford is the Conference and Events Director at AWAI and she is the front line for all the follow-up success stories that flood their email inbox after every FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair. Here are just a handful of those that Denise passed along to me …

“I don’t often get lucky, but this day was different. A big-name marketer was giving me — a new AWAI-trained copywriter — the opportunity to write for him. He said, ‘Every great copywriter has to start somewhere, and I’m in favor of giving you a chance.’ His gamble paid off — my letter beat the control by 29%. Thanks, AWAI, and your fabulous FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair.”

— Penny T., Metuchen, NJ

“My second Bootcamp was even better than my first! I was offered an assignment on the spot at the Job Fair, and several other prospective clients asked to see my existing samples.”

— Tom T. (“TNT”), Digital Dynamite, Inc.

“I did walk away with a paid assignment. Networking happens, whether you consciously do it or not. Let it take you where it will, because you’ll be thrilled when it does. And, when you get home and the phone rings the next day with another paid assignment, you can grin, make the deal, then hang up and scream and jump for joy. Go ahead. Expect it all. It happens.”

— Susie H., Shakopee, MN

“I submitted a Spec Assignment to a financial newsletter and it may be expanded into a full promo. Meanwhile, they wanted a renewal series right away and hired me to do those, which I did. So the Job Fair Spec Assignment led directly to a paying assignment, and I'm hoping it will lead to greater things to follow.”

— Phil G., Plano, TX

“This event confirmed, once again, that my investment in AWAI has been the smartest, most fruitful, and most rewarding investment I could have made for my career. I can’t imagine getting a better education anywhere else. AWAI is like a big, smart family that connects me to a circle of folks who ‘get’ what I do and encourage me to reach for the stars!”

— Pam F., Beaufort, SC

P.P.S. Did you know you can earn back your investment while AT Bootcamp? Yep! AWAI is hosting a whopping seven Bootcamp Copywriting Challenges this year that each pay $1,000 on the spot. That’s right, seven Spec Challenges!

When you register today for Bootcamp, you’re automatically eligible to enter. All the details you need to write a winning entry will be on your AWAI Bootcamp web page.

If your entry is chosen, Katie Yeakle, AWAI’s Executive Director, will write you a check for $1,000 at Bootcamp and hire you to complete the project!

Once you complete the assignment, you’ll get another payment of up to $1,000.

And don’t forget about royalties! If you happen to beat the control, you’ll get those also!

That’s enough to pay for Bootcamp — and then some!

Plus, Clayton Makepeace is offering a Spec Challenge that will pay the winning attendees (yes, there can be more than one winner!) $12,500 plus royalties. That would pay for your Bootcamp 7X over — at least!

These copywriting Spec Challenges are only available to Bootcamp attendees, so you must register to participate.

Register for Bootcamp Today!

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