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This Simple Strategy Will Get You Everything You Want From Your Copywriting Career …

  • Starr Daubenmire went from nothing to $60K a year as a writer …
  • Mindy McHorse paid off $80,510.43 in debt …
  • Joshua Boswell moved from living on borrowed funds to supporting his family on a more-than-comfortable six-figure income ...

Jen Adams here, AWAI's in-house copywriter.

Now, some would call that a pretty sweet gig. I make an excellent living writing — plus I get to work with writers I respect and admire.

But my copywriting career wasn’t always so rosy …

I struggled until I made one specific shift in my personal marketing strategy – a shift that finally gave me the success I craved.

And I want to make sure you get where you want to be faster than I did by telling you exactly what that shift was …

You see, I spent four years as a full-time freelancer without ever having the kind of big breakthrough I was always reading about in my AWAI newsletters.

I studied those emails for hours, trying to pull as much knowledge as possible out of their pages.

Because studying success is important for copywriters — and I loved reading.

But here's the thing …

While reading was a safe, easy pastime I could do at home in my pajamas without any makeup on, it wasn't helping me get new clients. Or meet the marketing managers and sales directors who could really boost my career.

I needed to connect with more people who could help me break out as a writer. The kind of people who would help me give my life a total makeover.

I wanted to be like Steve Coombes, who went from being a cubicle slave with a nasty commute to living a work-from-home dream life with plenty of time for his kids.

Or Christina Gillick, who went from a break-even business selling Mary Kay to owning her own piece of gorgeous Texas meadowland and auditioning for a spot on the venture capitalist TV show, Shark Tank.

And I wanted to make a leap like Sean McCool, who swapped a life in the construction industry for a career with one of the nation's top financial newsletters.

I suspected in my heart-of-hearts these people weren't any more talented than I was … and I knew we'd all done the same AWAI programs.

There was just one little thing they'd done that I hadn't … but if I was willing to follow their lead, I knew I could have a success makeover, too.

Seems like a lot riding on single small shift, doesn't it?

Yet just three years later, I can tell you with absolute confidence it works. It’s taken me from a feast-or-famine freelance life to an in-house position I love, where I’m coached and mentored by the best in the business … including Don Mahoney, Paul Hollingshead, and Mark Ford (aka Michael Masterson). My lifetime success as a copywriter is virtually guaranteed …

And the best part about it?

To join me in making all your own copywriting dreams a reality – earning more money, living better, and having real fun as a writer - all you need to do is follow this proven path to success …

Soaking Up “How-To” From Some Of The Copywriting World's Most Successful People

Your shortcut to the top starts with meaningful connections to experienced and influential copywriters, marketing directors, and project managers who can truly transform your career.

Yet these people aren't just hanging around waiting to meet you. They're busy. And it's very hard to get on their calendars … except for once a year.

Once a year, there's a very special gathering that makes it easy for you to meet the right kinds of movers and shakers — even if you're just getting started as a writer.

It puts more of the industry's leading decision makers and trendsetters together in one place for an extended period of time than any other event I know.

The hallways are full of the top active writers from every major market niche sharing tips and copy strategies with newcomers.

These are people who make more money than doctors and lawyers, without the headaches or insane schedules.

They have the cash and the freedom to be anywhere in the world they want — but they choose to be here.

They're not alone …

Major clients consider this event a can't-miss date on their calendars, too.

You'll see the biggest copy buyers in the world taking notes in sessions, swapping insights with their neighbors, and hunting for writers who “get” what's going on in their markets — even if those writers are just starting out in the field.

At Bootcamp, you meet legends like:

  • Herschell Gordon Lewis, the “Godfather” of direct marketing
  • John Carlton, a copy pioneer and renegade whose promotions are some of the world’s most imitated sales packages
  • Dan Kennedy, the “No B.S” series author responsible for training generations of successful writers
  • Clayton Makepeace, the “world’s highest paid” copywriter
  • Donna Bayer Stein, AWAI’s 2013 Copywriter of the Year and genius behind multiple decades-long controls

Plus dozens more experts, thought leaders, and major copy buyers you just don’t see anywhere else … and who have the power to help you supercharge your copywriting career

Truly, AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair is the only event of its kind happening anywhere in the industry.

It's held every October in Delray Beach, Florida, at the beautiful Delray Beach Marriott.

This year's event is October 15th-18th.

And it's your chance to soak up success strategies from the masters as you connect with potential clients who could change your life.

For the three and a half days of Bootcamp, Delray Beach is copy central.

Conversations about the fine points of copy break out everywhere. Ideas are born, fleshed out, and brought to life at breakneck speeds.

Everyone's there to make connections. It's about new friends. New partnerships. New ideas.

The atmosphere is upbeat and energizing. To be there is to be in the middle of where things are happening, learning what's working now, and meeting the people making it happen.

And it's no accident …

A Place Made For Your Success Story To Happen

AWAI’s 2014 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair is the 17th consecutive Bootcamp hosted by the AWAI team… and every year, they work to make it better and better.

Now, the very first Bootcamp was a small retreat. Just a few ambitious writers face-to-face with industry leaders and copy experts, sharing secrets and launching new ventures.

But the results of that Bootcamp — writers powered up with new skills, improved sales letters, and multiple successful product launches — had more and more people hungry for the Bootcamp experience.

And so it grew … but carefully, because AWAI wanted to keep the intensely personal nature of Bootcamp intact.

After all, a key part of Bootcamp's value is that priceless association with and access to the serious clients and major achievers in the world of copy — something you just don't get anywhere else.

That's why along with the hands-on training sessions, there are dinners, networking sessions, and intimate breakfast breakouts with representatives from the nation's biggest and most innovative direct-mail companies.

It takes months of hard work to get everything ready.

But those long hours do serve a purpose …

They make sure each Bootcamp is a place where you can write your own success story.

That's what I cared about when I signed up for my first Bootcamp — and the part that's going to blow you away when you get to Delray Beach this October.

Skip The Hard Road —
Take AWAI's Smoothly Paved Path To Success

Some people like to do things the hard way.

“I’ve been to AWAI’s Bootcamp for the past two years and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Every year I learn more than the year before. I meet new contacts and greet old friends. But most of all, each year, Bootcamp becomes the launching pad for new projects, new clients, and most of all, better copy … Thank you again for an outstanding conference with more high-quality content than I could keep up with!”

— Marcella A.
Cincinnati, Ohio

“For me, this year’s Bootcamp was the best ever (and it’s my fourth and counting!). When you’ve been doing this (full-time) for a while, the ‘a-has’ get even bigger and more profound.”

— Cheryl M.
Mercer Island, Washington

That's fine … but why?

Bootcamp is set up to make your journey to the top smoother and easier.

And you'll see that from the first moment you walk in to the gorgeous Delray Beach Marriott Hotel.

Every presentation gives you information you can start using right away to achieve your goals.

For example, take Mike Palmer's 2011 workshop on creating effective headlines …

Mike's one of the best financial copywriters active today. In his session, I was able to brainstorm headlines using his methods and get them critiqued by my peers.

The feedback helped me lock down the title of a sales letter I was working on at the time. When I delivered the final product a few days after Bootcamp, my client was thrilled at how fast I'd gotten it done … and even more thrilled when the results came in.

Then there was Clayton Makepeace's presentation on Video Sales Letters at the 2012 Bootcamp …

Clayton shared his testing results and templates for creating top-performing Video Sales Letters (VSLs). VSLs are one of the most lucrative copywriting requests from clients in the market these days, if you didn't know. But even if you'd never heard of VSLs before Clayton's talk, the session was such an active back-and-forth conversation with the audience that by the end, everyone's brains were overflowing with VSL know-how.

And how about Bill Bonners 2013 keynote address? It was packed … standing room only … and as more people streamed in to hear him, we worried we’d run out of standing room, too. But everyone from newbies to season veterans from around the world wanted his insights – and can you blame them? The man transformed our industry with his “Agora Model” of marketing, and his latest advice was definitely thought provoking.

Of course, it's not just outstanding training moments like these that make Bootcamp an easy way to take your career to the next level. There's also the face-to-face networking opportunities …

Eat Dinner With The Masters

Every year, Bootcamp kicks off with a special happy-hour reception and “Wall of Fame” networking dinner.

If you're not familiar with the Wall of Fame, it's where copywriters are recognized for writing winning copy — copy that beats other letters in terms of sales, newsletter opt-ins, or donations. This dinner honors new Wall of Fame members, plus dozens of past Wall of Fame honorees come, too.

Now, the food at the dinner is good. But the conversations are so much better you might find you haven't even touched your plate by the time the desserts are brought out!

The whole room buzzes as people swap names, information, and tips. Copywriting all-stars, speakers, and potential clients mix with first-time attendees and beginning writers to share ideas and make connections.

Really, the only way to avoid making a new friend at this dinner is to deliberately not talk to anyone!

And that's just the start of the experience.

Each day, the Bootcamp schedule has smaller breakout sessions and breaks where you can make deep and lasting connections with other writers.

It's fun. It's social. And since everyone is there to meet people instead of sell something to you, it's much more comfortable than traditional networking events.

To be perfectly honest about it, the networking is almost relaxing. And I'm not a super socializer, either. Traditional networking events make me itchy.

But Bootcamp doesn't. People are warm, inviting, and best of all, they “get” the writing life.

Plus, you never know where a simple conversation might lead you …

“One of the best things about going to the conference is meeting smart, creative people and being able to spend time with some of the brightest minds in the business. The after-hour discussions in the bar, dinner out with a group of other attendees, and the breakfasts are as valuable as the regular sessions. It’s a great way to meet new friends and new contacts!”

— Brad M.
Salt Lake City, Utah

“Thank you for hosting such a fantastic event that Bootcamp was. It was incredible! I learned so much and really appreciated all of the help and advice everyone gave me. I met so many wonderful people there. The friendships and "study buddies" and peer groups that came from this is absolutely amazing…”

— Donna Annis
Casper, Wyoming

“Great day today at Bootcamp! Met so many rock stars and mentors...Katie, Mindy, Joshua, Pam Foster, Steve Roller, - tomorrow looking for Rebecca, Steve Slaunwhite, and so many more. The speakers were great (so much information) and the energy had me writing on the breaks.”

— Karen Crone McCauley
Buffalo, New York

The Right Words In The Right Ears

Bootcamp conversations just aren't like other conversations.

When you're at Bootcamp, people really care about you, your goals, and your skills.

Things you've been working on and trying to accomplish in your copywriting career for months — maybe even years — can be taken care of in minutes if you've got the right set of ears listening.

Take the conversation I had with Steve Coombes my first year at Bootcamp …

Steve's an AWAI Wall of Fame writer and at the time, he was the editor for one of the nation's largest health and wellness websites.

I told Steve I'd been trying to raise my rates slowly over the last few years, but I wasn't sure I was doing it right. He took a quick look at my rate sheet and showed me how to mark up my fees for basic copy to ten times what they were before.

“Everyone was simply incredible! Aside from all the invaluable stuff I learned, one of the best parts was just BEING there, with like-minded people, who share the same values (of freedom and working for yourself as a writer) and beliefs (that it IS a viable career). At home it's just me... but at BootCamp, I felt so affirmed and validated!”

– Sarah Dizney
Indianapolis, Indiana

Every new client I've gotten since then has been worth more to me — a lot more. All thanks to access to the right set of ears.

But I'm hardly the only Bootcamp attendee to make a breakthrough just like that …

  • Pam Foster met her “copy buddies.” This friendly group of fellow writers formed a motivation and accountability team that helped put all of them on the road to a six-figure income.
  • Mike Crespo and Eric G. used conversations at Bootcamp to get full-time jobs as junior copywriters with subsidiaries of Agora, one of the nation's largest direct-mail companies.
  • Roy Furr's been hired on the spot for projects. He even got a job from a client who heard about him from another attendee and then spent a day and a half trying to track him down to make him an offer.

These are just a few of the life-changing events that happen at Bootcamp.

For many others, their big shift starts at Bootcamp, but pays off in the months and years that follow.

The Fast Track To A Well-Paid Life On Your Terms

AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair is your chance to be where things are happening for writers … and where things could happen for you.

“I landed my first paid copywriting assignment two months after I attended AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success. Six months later, I had all the work I could handle.”

— Krista Jones
Roswell, Georgia

“Just 8 months ago, I attended my first AWAI FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp … and since then, I’ve attracted enough business to make at least a 5,754% return on my Bootcamp investment by the end of this year.

“On top of that, I’ve been able to ‘retire’ from my day job and become an in-demand copywriter … 5 months ahead of schedule!”

— James Turner
Hopewell Junction, New York

Everyone who comes to Bootcamp is looking for things to move forward in their lives. Dramatically, and as soon as possible.

It's a sharp difference from the daily grind, that's for sure!

If your friends and neighbors are like mine, they're scared of big changes. They're just trying to hang on to what they've got. They're worried the future will be bleak and don't want to rock the boat.

The marketers and leaders who come to Bootcamp are different. They're experts at cutting through the status quo and “the way we've always done it” thinking.

They're known for innovating and reshaping the world around them — often in ways that generate serious income for their go-to writers.

To sit down in a room with these people is a lot like the first part of a road trip. You pull out of town, where you've been piddling along at 25 mph, and floor it to get out on the interstate. You switch over from regular speed to warp drive.

In the real world, as soon as you really got racing along, a cop would pull you over.

Not at Bootcamp.

Your Direct Connection To Clients

Instead, after two days of getting you fired up about your career and trained up on the latest copy skills, AWAI opens the doors to the Job Fair.

The AWAI Job Fair is where the clients at Bootcamp put on their official hiring hats.

For three hours, dozens of deep-pocketed, copy-hungry marketing managers and direct-mail firms wait for you to come to them.

They want full-time, in-house writers. They want part-time contractors. They want writers for retainer deals, product launches, and website revamps. They want new brochures, landing pages, and autoresponders. They want … well, they want everything you can imagine.

And they'll pay.

I really can't say that often enough.

More Jobs Added
Every Year!

Every year, the opportunities at Bootcamp grow …

  • In 2011, there were 45 spec opportunities offered in addition to in-house positions.
  • In 2012, that number went up to 50 Specs, plus dozens of in-house jobs.
  • In 2013, there were 53 spec and sample submission opportunities and the in-house offers were INSANE … Mike Palmer even offered new in-house writers the chance to earn $1,000,000 over 5 years with his firm, Stansberry & Associates.
In 2014, the trend will continue … but will you be there to take advantage of it?

At Bootcamp, there's a room full of people looking to pay whatever it takes to get great copy for their projects.

Companies like Boardroom Inc., The Palm Beach Letter, The Oxford Club, International Living, The Healthy Back Institute, NewsMax, Stansberry & Associates, American Lantern Press, Levenger, and Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle are there.

And every year, there are more and more major players in the direct-marketing industry at Job Fair — all looking for talent to add to their teams.

These are people who know what good copy can do for them.

They don't need to be sold on the value of a sales letter.

Now, they may need to be sold on your skills, but that's easy enough. All you have to do is show your samples or complete what's known as a spec assignment.

Spec assignments are short copy test-runs that firms put out to see how you'd do writing copy for their products.

Most request just a headline and a few paragraphs of copy. They often expect less than a page of copy.

The details for each company's spec assignment are posted to your Bootcamp page in the AWAI Members Area in August and September. You’ll have the chance to research each one thoroughly and be ready to make a great impression with prospective clients the minute the doors open at Job Fair.

Plus – and this is an exciting new development for the 2014 event – you can even get exclusive training on what to do for a great spec straight from some of the biggest companies coming to Job Fair.

In exclusive pre-Bootcamp webinars, marketers who will be at Job Fair will give you their personal guidance on how to write a winning spec for them.  In these virtual sit-down sessions, you’ll hear – straight from the hiring manager or copy chief – exactly what kind of copy they’ll be asking for in their Job Fair spec challenge.

They’ll reveal the background on the project … the nuances of the offer … and what they want to see to know you’re the right copywriter for them.

These special sessions will give you insights usually reserved for copywriters who’ve already been hired … and help groom you to be these companies’ next copy star.

AWAI is hosting these exclusive webinars each month between now and Bootcamp. The sooner you decide to come, the more time you’ll have to soak up the insights, write the spec, and then polish it so that you have the best possible chance of being hired.

The first one happens in May with Master Copywriter Marcella Allison and Boardroom Inc’s Marketing Director Michele Wolk. They’ll reveal what makes their Spec Challenge this year so unique – and how you can get started now on your submission.

What Will Happen For You This Year?

The stories from Job Fair never fail to impress.

In just a few hours, writers are getting projects that offer income for months … sometimes even a whole year. They're connecting with new clients who need an unending stream of copy written … or lining up full-time jobs!

  • Joshua Boswell picked up four new clients and five new assignments at his first Job Fair.
  • Mindy McHorse used a small assignment from Bootcamp to prove her skills to a new client. The client went on to pay her over $18,500 that year for other projects!
  • Roy Furr used Job Fair contacts to line up $26,000 worth of projects in the week after Bootcamp.
  • Starr Daubenmire used her first Job Fair to connect with clients who paid her nearly $60,000 over the next 12 months.

And as for my own experience …

Two weeks after Bootcamp 2012, one of the clients I'd met flew me out for an interview at their site in Texas. Within a month, I had two full-time job offers in a niche I loved.

Those offers beat what my little sister will make in her first year as an MBA working for the government.

Not that there's any sibling rivalry — it's just that government jobs are supposed to be so good … but copy pays better!

Imagine what it would be like to fast-track your own dreams in the same way …

Think of everything you want from your copywriting career — a solid income, time for family and friends, the freedom to prioritize your days as you see fit, and real fulfillment from your work.

Now imagine instead of getting those things on some magical future date, you could have them in a matter of weeks or months.

Just picture it … instead of sitting at home reading about other people's success, you're being interviewed for your own story.

It's possible. Very possible.

Of course, a golden ticket to the top isn't guaranteed. But every single year, there are new stories of copywriters who took the opportunity to be in the middle of the action. Now they have new contracts, bigger contracts, and better contacts to get what they really want.

2014 — The Best Year Yet?

At the end of every AWAI FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair, emcee Joshua Boswell yells, “This is the best Bootcamp ever!”

A bit silly … but it's true.

Every year, the AWAI team tries to outdo themselves. They build in more hands-on copywriting training. They invite more companies to the Job Fair.

And the speakers they get …


That's all I can really say when it comes to the quality of the speakers.

Just wow.

And 2014 promises more of the same.

Here’s who’s already on board:

  • Herschell Gordon Lewis:  From his classic On the Art of Writing Copy to his induction into the Direct Marketing Association Hall of Fame, Herschell has shaped the direct response world for the last 50 years. The expertise he brings to the room means you’ll hear proven, road-tested advice you can use to obliterate your personal obstacles and take your copy career to new heights.
  • John Carlton:  John’s coming to Bootcamp for the first time in 2014, but his influence has been present for years. He’s been called “the world’s most ripped off” copywriter – an honor he’s earned by writing copy so good for so long people can’t help but borrow his ideas. John’s a pioneer who’s never stopped pushing the leading edge of copy and every word of his presentation should be solid gold for anyone looking to surge ahead in the business.
  • Clayton Makepeace: I've already told you how Clayton's stellar VSL presentation in 2012 brought down the house — and in 2013 he delivered two killer sessions and awarded writing contracts worth $25,000 in fees with royalties on top. So not only did the “world's highest paid copywriter" share his invaluable insights, he also did his part to open the door for up-and-coming writers. This year, he’ll be revealing more of his proven strategies to grow your business and your fees. You won’t want to miss it!
  • Dan S. Kennedy:  For 30 years, Dan Kennedy has been making waves in the copywriting world … and bringing home some of its highest fees and most lucrative royalty deals. His take on business is like none other, and may shock you, annoy you, or inspire you to be the absolute best copywriter you can be. This year, Dan will be telling the real story behind his incredible career and some of the secrets he’s learned about creating high demand, developing a stable of repeat and on-going clients, and commanding big income.
  • Bob Bly: Bob is one of the most generous teachers in the world of copy. His presentations at Bootcamp are some of the highest rated and most anticipated. He's published more than 80 books and been a respected copywriter for over 35 years — yet you’ll never catch him being complacent. He’s still mailing an average of 13 million messages a year for his clients and continuing to grow his own six-figure publishing empire. Small wonder attendees don’t  want to miss a single thing he says.
  • Richard Armstrong:  AWAI’s Copywriter of the Year in 2012, Richard Armstrong has gotten fan mail for the high quality of his “junk mail” letters. Warm and personable, he’ll teach you elements of copywriting that will help you push your work to the next level and stand out to your future clients in all the best ways.
  • Donna Bauer Stein: Author of Write on Target and The New Marketing Conversation. Her work has moved her clients to the front of their markets for more than 30 years – and her impact as a writer and teacher earned her honors as AWAI’s “Copywriter of the Year” in 2013. This year, you’ll be able to learn even more from her bringing the pages of your writing to life in a way that will have you winning awards someday, too.
  • Brian Kurtz: The driving force behind Boardroom, Inc’s continual success, Brian is one of the most skilled marketers in America today. He’s also an incredibly generous teacher and copy mentor. Not only will he be revealing what it takes to be an A-list copywriter during his presentation … he’ll also be giving several up-and-coming writers the chance to connect with him for a foot in the door by advance coaching registered attendees during this summer’s spec challenge preview calls.
  • Carline Anglade-Cole:  Carline knows what it takes to grow a business through the mail … she’s done it over and over for her clients. Some of the biggest names in the health market owe their bottom line to her copy skills, including Health Resources, True Health, Neogenis, and Biscayne Labs. Plus, she’s a fantastic example of how to take the job you start with and turn it into the foundation of a million-dollar copy career … be sure to see her there!.
  • Lori Haller:  Her ability to make words shine through effective graphic design has made Lori one of the most sought-after graphic designers in the business. Her work can be seen in Oprah, Hyatt, MCI, Kay Jewelers, Forbes, The Motley Fool, and National Geographic, among others. Her advice to copywriters will help you make your copy look the best it can and give you a unique competitive advantage when it comes to working with designers on your next winning package.
  • Pam Foster:  Pam is the copywriting maven behind three popular AWAI programs and a true expert in helping new copywriters find their niche, grow their business, and confidently claim success. Her sessions at Bootcamp are always well-attended, and you’ll want to be sure to sit in on this year’s all-new presentation. 
  • Jennifer Stevens: As Executive Editor of International Living, Jennifer Stevens manages a global team of writers while traveling non-stop. Based out of Colorado, Stevens is the author of The Ultimate Travel Writer's Program. She'll help you focus on capturing the Big Idea in your copy and coming up with more of the Unique Selling Propositions that can make your copy shine.
  • Will Newman: Will is a Master Instructor for AWAI's Circle of Success, specializing in Headlines and Leads. Highly approachable, his presentations are full of tips to help novice and expert writers strip out unnecessary copy to let the core ideas shine, boost conversions, and engage readers all the way to the final offer.

This list of highly-talented copywriters and marketers would be impossible to get together under normal circumstances …

But Bootcamp is hardly “normal circumstances” — and that's a very, very good thing.

Because of their work to offer you the best every year, when you come to Bootcamp you get:

  • Customized training from amazing speakers like those I just showed you — so you can get insider tips on copy creation straight from the heart and soul of this business.
  • The chance to connect with today's top writers and the up-and-coming writers of tomorrow, so you can build a network of people to help you succeed and seriously launch your career.
  • An exclusive invitation to network with the industry's biggest and most copy-hungry firms, so you can book more business this year … and every year that follows.
  • The inspiration, energy, and confidence that comes from being around people who are living the writer's life, so you can go home and make it happen for yourself, silence your critics, and redefine your life.

The potential for something amazing to happen is there this year.

All that's missing is you …

Register Now For The 2014 AWAI Bootcamp

To learn how to be the best so you can get everything you want and need out of your copywriting life, there's just one thing you need to do.

One little change to make …

You need to come to Bootcamp.

It's that simple.

It really is.

The difference between you and the copywriters who have the life you want is that they chose to put themselves where they could find success …

I want that for you. You want that for you.

That's why you need to sign up now to guarantee your spot at AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair.

It's three and a half days that can dramatically change your life.

And for a limited tim, you have the opportunity to change your life for an incredibly low price …

You see, admission to Bootcamp is regularly $1995. And it sells out every year, with a waiting list of people who don’t hesitate to pay top dollar for last-minute flight just so they don’t miss their chance to be there.

But you don’t have to wait until the last minute …

If you sign up now, you can save $200 and claim your Bootcamp seat for an Early Bird price of only $1795.

Plus, if you register now, you'll have plenty of time to work on your skills so you can compete in the AWAI Bootcamp Spec Challenges.

You do remember me telling you about the spec assignments you could do for clients to help them see that you were their best choice as a copywriter, right?

Simple, short writing assignments that cover a headline and lead for one of the company's products?

Well, AWAI doesn't let the clients have all the fun …

It's our Bootcamp, after all. And we need talent, too.

AWAI sponsors a series of Spec Challenge assignments for our most popular programs and products that need fresh copy.

Once you've registered for Bootcamp, you’ll be on the list to be notified the second the details of the AWAI Spec Challenges are be posted in your AWAI Members Area.

Headline winners walk away from the conference with a $1,000 check.


Even if you choose not to compete in the AWAI Spec Challenges, your 2014 Bootcamp Members Area will come loaded with other special bonuses to help you start getting ready for success, including:

  • The 7 Daily Habits Of Successful Copywriters (e-book)
  • Niche Marketing Special Report: Proven Method for Making More Money (e-book)
  • Get Out There and Sell Yourself With Confidence! (e-book)
  • How to Choose a Profitable and Hungry Niche (Streaming Audio mp3)

In addition to the bonuses above, as a registered Bootcamp attendee, you'll receive the home study materials from Bootcamp FOR FREE.

Non-attendees have to pay $495 to get the Bootcamp Home Study Kit. It has electronic versions of the speaker notes and slides, recorded audio, video of the sessions, and all the special handouts and reports distributed at the event. It lets you relive the best parts of Bootcamp whenever you want and study the new copy skills taught there as much as you need.

And you get to have it all FREE so you can enjoy the live event and know you'll never miss a thing.

Stop Waiting For The Magic

Back before I made the strategy shift to get my actual person to a live event to meet other actual people, I did so much reading it was crazy.

But the reading masked what I was really doing …

I was waiting for something magical to happen.

For a client fairy to come and fill my inbox with job prospects.

For a marketing fairy to come and take care of all my self-promotion needs.

For a networking fairy to come and put me in touch with the people who mattered in the world of copy.

And I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Guess what?

I wasn't any better off because of all that waiting and procrastination.

It wasn't until I made a move that my career also moved forward.

I know the same thing will happen for you.

Remember, when you come to AWAI’s 2014 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair, you're not just enjoying three and a half days next to the beach in Florida at the stunning Delray Beach Marriott. That's nice, but that's not the point.

You will:

  • Rub elbows with the industry's biggest names, including major players like Brian Kurtz, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, Clayton Makepeace, and Bob Bly.
  • Network with key marketers and clients in the world of copy, like Boardroom Inc., Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle, NewsMax, International Living, NewMarket Health, and Agora.
  • Get cutting-edge copy skills training from John Forde, Will Newman, Bob Bly, Pam Foster, and other highly-respected copywriting teachers.
  • Connect on a personal level with other writers who get you and your goals — because they're where you are and willing to help you dramatically upgrade your career.
  • Give yourself a shot at spec assignments, freelance contracts, and well-paid full-time copywriting positions.

All of those things are better than magic … because all of them are real and truly capable of transforming your life.

Make sure something big happens for you this year by taking action now.

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Changing my personal strategy gave me the career and life makeover I'd been looking for — but if I’d been smarter and registered for Bootcamp earlier, I could have saved a ton on my first Bootcamp trip.

You see, I didn’t snap up this early bird price … I waited and registered later, paying much more than you will if you register now.

I was worried something might change and I wouldn’t be able to make it … but that was a silly fear, because Bootcamp has a generous cancellation policy that protects you no matter what this next year holds.

Say you register now, but something comes up. Cancel by Sept. 15, 2014 and you'll get back every penny of your registration fee.

And don't forget AWAI's legendary live event guarantee, either:

Live Event Guarantee: Register and come to the first day of any live event. If you are not completely satisfied with what you experience, simply tell us before the last session of day one. We will prepare a refund for you for your entire registration fee on the spot (minus a $300 processing fee), no questions asked. Enjoy the rest of your time as a mini-vacation, and head home with the refund in your pocket.

You really can't lose, when you think about it …

So the only way you can mess up here is by deciding to stay home.

Don't do that.

Come join me in Delray this October, and see what Bootcamp really can do for you.

To your success,

Jennifer Adams
Copywriter, AWAI

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