Just getting started as a writer?

This “Quiet Niche” Pays a Consistent, Predictable Income…

Even if you’ve never been paid to write before!

Here’s how you can live the writer’s life NOW with short, simple projects that “sell without selling.”

Dear Reader,

Imagine fully enjoying the writer’s life

The freedom to work in your home office… or anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection for that matter…

Getting paid a full-time income for part-time hours…

The satisfaction of helping businesses find new customers and grow…

All while writing short, fun content.

And, not “someday”… but right away. Starting now.

You can, with the little-known (but extremely profitable) writing niche I’m about to introduce you to.

In fact, it’s quite possibly the best way to make a consistent, predictable income as a writer. All while having fiercely loyal clients that pay you every month — year after year.

This niche is “quiet” because so few writers know about it — and even fewer are talking about it.

Which surprises me when you consider just how great it is for anyone starting out (and for experienced pros, too!):

  • The writing style “sells without selling.” So, you’re not writing “hype-y” sales copy. Instead, educational stories, metaphors, and simple advice work best. So you won’t have the pressure of trying to beat a control or get stuck writing pages upon pages of long sales.
  • The projects are simple, fun, and short. You can learn how to write them in only a few days. With a little practice, you’ll complete each one in less than a day. So, whether you have a little time to work or a lot: your schedule will be easy to plan, and you’ll have plenty of time left over to enjoy the writer’s life.
  • You won’t need to worry about where your next job is coming from. You’ll have income coming in consistently. Why? Because your clients need these projects completed every month… meaning you’ll have the security of being able to count on steady income with these in-demand projects.

Plus, here’s what else is surprising…

Despite this being a relatively little-known niche by most writers, the demand and opportunity for this style of writing is off the charts!

26 Million Clients Want to Pay You Month After Month (and Year After Year)

While all businesses — in countless industries — could use this style of writing to their benefit, there’s a “sweet spot” of clients who will benefit most.

In fact, there are 26 million of these clients in the U.S. alone.

Frankly, it’s the largest writer’s market we’ve ever seen. Which means the opportunity for you to live the writer’s life doing this is practically unlimited.

Just a handful of clients (say, 3 to 5) could easily give you a VERY comfortable lifestyle.

That’s because these 26 million prospective clients NEED this kind of copy on a regular basis. So they’ll be happy to pay you a retainer fee, month after month — year after year.

So, Who Exactly Are These Clients… And What Are the Lucrative and Repeating Projects You’ll Work On?

You’ll be helping professional service providers.

Simply put, that’s anyone who provides a service or their expertise — like accountants, lawyers, real estate brokers, architects, chiropractors, dentists, and coaches.

And as you just learned, there are 26 million service providers throughout the U.S. alone. That’s a lot of potential clients!

Even if you decided to write for only one specific type of service provider, you’d never run out of options.

Take accountants as just one example… there are over 1.23 million in the U.S. alone!

And there are millions more of other kinds of service providers in every industry imaginable — from life coaching to home organization — there’s bound to be a niche that fits your interests.

These professionals usually work for themselves or a small firm. So, their income is directly related to how many paying clients they get every month.

This is where you come in…

Many of these service providers don’t have the time or desire to constantly market themselves and drum up business. And even though they should, many don’t keep in touch with past customers who may hire them again (and refer them to others).

As a result, a large majority of service providers simply rely on word-of-mouth advertising to keep them busy.

But as you can imagine, relying solely on word-of-mouth referrals to sustain and grow a business isn’t always enough…

So what’s the solution?

Hiring YOU to create a fun, simple e-newsletter for them.

Entertain, Engage, and Get Paid!

You may call them electronic newsletters, email newsletters, or e-zines.

They’re all the same thing: an email from your client to their target audience. An e-newsletter isn’t an autoresponder or an email blast. It doesn’t use hard sales or quick promotions.

Instead, e-newsletters are short, concise “articles in email form.” Unlike sales emails, e-newsletters are meant to entertain and engage readers.

By creating an e-newsletter on a regular basis, a service provider can generate likability and trust, making a prospective client more likely to buy from them.

Most professional service providers already know this. They know that having a regular e-newsletter can help their business grow.

But then again, most professional service providers aren’t writers or marketers. In fact, most of them don’t even like the idea of having to market themselves or toot their own horn.

Instead, they want to place the majority of their focus on doing what they do best — providing a great service to their clients.

This is why they’ll pay you handsomely to solve this dilemma and write an e-newsletter for them.

How You Can Earn Up to $34,000… Writing Just ONE E-newsletter in Your Spare Time

I honestly don’t know why more writers aren’t scrambling to be a part of this amazingly lucrative niche.

1) There are literally millions of prospective clients.

2) They’re hungry for this kind of copy.

And 3) they’ll pay handsomely for it.

In fact, even writing an e-newsletter for just ONE client could mean $34,000 in your pocket over the course of a year.

Here’s how:

First and foremost, you’ll charge a “set-up” fee.

This is where you interview the client about their expertise… get an understanding of what they want to accomplish with their e-newsletter… how they want it to look and feel… etc.

Think of this as the “planning” stage, so you can get to work and then write an e-newsletter however often you and your client agree to.

Your fee for this stage of the project? Anywhere from $3,000-$10,000!

(Smaller service providers with no employees will pay on the lower end of the scale, while larger service firms will gladly pay upwards of $10,000 or more for this crucial set-up phase.)

So already, we have the potential of making $10,000… and you haven’t written a word of copy yet!

Once you’ve planned and mapped everything out, it’s time to write the e-newsletters.

So now let’s say you’ve decided on one e-newsletter that goes out every single month.

You have the potential to charge $800 all the way up to $2,000 per issue for this simple and fun-to-do service. THIS is the repeating, predictable income I’ve been talking about. The income you can count on for months or even years.

In our current example, that’d be 12 issues at $2,000 each — or $24,000 every year.

That’s on TOP of your initial $10,000 fee.

Which means that in this scenario, just ONE e-newsletter hands you $34,000 for the year ($10,000 for the setup + $24,000 for 12 e-newsletters that go out, one each month).

Now imagine if you had two clients… that’d be $68,000 for the year.

Three clients, and you’re in six-figure territory.

And you could do it all in your spare time, too.

Because each e-newsletter is typically only 700 to 1,000 words, total.

That’s something you could knock out in a few hours’ time at most.

And the benefits of this “quiet” niche don’t end there…

Sell WITHOUT Selling

One of the most appealing things about e-newsletters for new writers (besides the excellent income potential) is that they don’t require any hard-sell copywriting.

You’ll mainly write pure content because the goal of the e-newsletter is simply to stay in touch with and build relationships with current, past, and potential clients.

For example, you might write an article on “how to organize your office” if you’re writing an e-newsletter for a business coach or home organization client.

Or, you may find yourself writing a short article on “tips for traveling with pets” if you’re writing an e-newsletter for a veterinarian.

It’s about as far from “selling” as you can get.

BUT — because you are providing tons of valuable content that helps enrich the reader’s life, he or she will be more inclined to do business with your service provider client.

And soon, your client will report getting comments like these:

  • “Your last newsletter made me think of hiring you, and we’re wondering what it cost to do that.”
  • “I’ve been reading your newsletter for months now, and I like what you’ve got to say. We have a need for a lawyer, can you help us with that?”
  • “A colleague of mine gets your newsletter and forwarded it to me. We’ve been thinking of hiring a new accountant. Are you taking new clients?”

These instances — where your client can absolutely link leads and sales to their e-newsletter — will make you look like a star. The hero of the day! Growing their business with your words.

And this is why your clients will gladly pay you month after month, and year after year.

It can be so consistent and predictable, that it’s like having the steady income from a full-time job, but with all the freedom you want to create your days as you please.

Maybe you want to spend all that extra time and volunteer, travel, focus on other projects, spend more time with your kids, your family, and your friends.

Whatever your version of the writer’s life is, writing e-newsletters can help you achieve it.

Not “someday.” But starting now.

The key is having an expert guide you through everything.

Let me introduce you to that person now…

Meet “The E-newsletter Expert”— Writing E-newsletters Since 2001

Michael Katz Photo

Michael Katz

Here’s why Michael Katz is the perfect person to show you how to make a predictable income with e-newsletters…

Because he’s a successful e-newsletter writer himself.

In 2000, Michael “stumbled on this niche by accident.” He left his full-time job to build websites and started an e-newsletter to promote his services.

Right away, people started asking to be added to his e-newsletter list. So, his list grew. And as they read what he had to say, people began hiring him for web design projects.

And, something else happened, too. People also asked Michael to create an e-newsletter for them.

By 2001, he decided he liked writing and gave e-newsletters a try. He’s successfully been doing that ever since.

Over the past 19 years, he’s worked with big companies like Comcast, Harvard, Uno Chicago Grill, and Country Financial.

Here’s what some of Michael’s happy clients have to say:

“Immediately after our first working session together, I saw changes in my business. You helped me see the genuine voice and vision behind my company, and have given me a clarity and presence with my clients that I hadn’t had before. Your suggestions have been right on the money, and I am blown away by the way you take my words and make them sing. I feel more focused than in a long time.”

—Rosalind Joffe, Principal, CICoach

“When we hired you, we made the investment of time and money at a time when we could least afford it. I cannot tell you how delighted I am with the results. The process that you used to get the ‘voice’ of our company, who we were talking to, and what kinds of information we wanted to give, was the most valuable marketing exercise I’ve been through in quite a long time.”

—Betsy Harper, CEO, Sales and Marketing Search

“Your work with us in developing our e-newsletter has elevated our position with clients and colleagues. You’ve given us an effective way to communicate with our target audience, and in a way that reflects who we really are. Blue Penguin has been a pleasure to work with, and you’ve delivered on every promise made.”

—Allan Goldstein, President, Goldstein Financial Corporation

“I truly can’t thank you enough for helping me. For almost a year, I’d been trying to do it on my own and I felt like I was spinning my wheels all the time. But now, everything has changed. I feel energized and purposeful in a way I haven’t for years. I’m getting the kind of work I love, with the kind of clients I want to work with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

—Belinda Wasser, Chief Rocket Launcher, RocketGirl Solutions

“I know my business, but I quickly learned that I knew nothing about how to communicate that knowledge and experience to my target audience — and I was completely (as in totally) clueless about how to find my ‘authentic voice’ and why it was the only voice I could use. Michael is a complete pro who knows when to challenge and when to praise to help you achieve the results you need to grow your business. I am amazed at what we have created… really amazed. I will be eternally grateful for his help.”

—Kathy Rowell, M.S., M.H.A., Founder, Katherine S. Rowell & Associates

“I have a lot to thank Michael Katz for. The questions he asked about my business and the answers to those questions gave me the confidence to believe in myself as an expert in my field. There’s not a week that goes by that at least one of Michael’s marketing ideas doesn’t come up and get put into practice. There’s no possible way of underestimating the effect your very excellent advice and ideas have had on my business!”

—Debby Brown, Founder, Deborah Brown & Associates

“Michael’s focused question-and-answer approach helped us clarify what we do, why we do it, and perhaps most importantly, what makes our business unique. The value of these insights reaches beyond marketing, and has had a lasting impact on every aspect of our business.”

—Richard Cohen, Founder and Director, School Mediation Associates

“You helped us focus on who we were and who we were trying to communicate with. In essence, it was a review of our business — clients, products, strategy. Michael is great to work with, offers insightful comments, and his guidance is right on target. I wish we’d done this sooner.”

—David Wyndham, Partner, Conklin & de Decker

“Michael Katz has a one-of-a-kind laser vision. With his unique infrared scope, he sees through people and their companies, getting to the heart of business models in a way that no one else can. His ability to put words and images together astounds, delights, and makes the bottom line sing. His philosophy of customer relationship management isn’t only brilliant — it is a methodology that makes companies more profitable and brands more visible, with customers coming back again and again.”

—Lyn Chamberlin, Executive Director of Marketing, Communications & Enrollment, Vermont College of Fine Arts

“We knew what to do once we had a client and the great majority of prospects had been referred to us by a colleague or by their company’s HR department. But to reach our goals, we needed — and had been looking for a long time — a business development process that reached a wider (and targeted) audience, communicated our message consistently, reflected our unique approach, was cost-effective and fun to implement! Michael Katz gets it, gets us and gets it done.”

—Phil Corcoran, CFP, CIMA, President, The Corcoran Group

But, his “sweet spot” for e-newsletters is still smaller professional service firms.

Build a Predictable Income Stream with E-newsletters — FAST!

So, we convinced Michael to create a program exclusively for writers who want to quickly write e-newsletters for clients and make as much as $800… and even up $2,000 per client every month.

It’s called Creating Email Newsletters For Professional Service Firms — A Step-by-Step Guide. It’s the only comprehensive program on how to earn a fantastic living writing e-newsletters.

Michael will show you absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know to earn a great income right away with e-newsletters. In fact, he’s organized it in such an easy-to-follow way, you could learn this skill in just a few days.

And, Michael isn’t leaving your success to chance. That’s why he’s including ready-made templates, forms, training videos, and sample e-newsletters for you to follow, step-by-step.

Wondering how to get started on a project for a client? Just pull up one of the e-newsletter samples that he’s included and use that as your guide.

Not sure how to measure the open or bounce rates of your e-newsletters? Just use Michael’s Data Tracking Form template.

It really is that easy.

Let’s take a quick tour of what’s included…

Module 1: Discover the E-newsletter Action Plan™

In Module 1, you’ll discover Michael’s proprietary system for planning and writing effective e-newsletters. (It’s SO powerful, he’s even trademarked it!).

His E-newsletter Action Plan™ is a single document that organizes all the pieces of each client’s e-newsletter into one place. Use this to keep track of the details, streamline your process, and produce e-newsletters quickly.

Using this system, you’ll be able to produce an e-newsletter in about a day. (Remember the going rate for that? As much as $800-$2,000 each.)

You’ll also find out:

  • Six reasons professional service providers are eager to start an e-newsletter now — and why they’ll gladly hire you to write it. (Use these benefits to smoothly and confidently close deals with potential clients.)
  • How to measure your e-newsletter’s success. Use this information to prove your e-newsletter is bringing in business for your client. Then, turn that into referrals and repeat business. (Michael will tell you how.)
  • Three BIG concepts — or “secrets” — to an effective e-newsletter. Michael calls them “secrets” because they’re completely ignored by 95% of the people and companies producing e-newsletters today. Use them and you’ll immediately shoot ahead of other writers.

There’s a lot more covered in this module: how to handle clients who think social media is killing email (it’s not!)… what to watch out for as you’re writing your e-newsletter… how to keep your clients excited and contributing… and much more. Finally, before moving on, you’ll see some real-world examples of e-newsletters.

Module 2: Michael’s Exact Process for Easily (and Quickly) Writing an E-newsletter

A lot of people can write an email and send it out to a list of people.

But an e-newsletter isn’t just an email. To be effective, it needs to be something people anticipate, open, read, and share enthusiastically. Michael has perfected this process over the past 19 years… and he’ll pass it on to you.

In this module, Michael covers what to write about in your e-newsletters starting with his “Two Hippo” diagram for structuring each e-newsletter. You’ll find out how to:

  • Write e-newsletters that are easy to read while strengthening the relationship between your client and readers. (This is the key to keeping readers interested and responsive… and impressing your client with your e-newsletter skills.)
  • Reinforce your client’s position as an expert in the eyes of the outside world. (Use this to get referrals and repeat work, so you never have to wonder where your next project is coming from.)
  • Create a lifetime’s worth of content (straight from your client’s lips) so you’ll never run out of material for your e-newsletter — or suffer from writer’s block.

You’ll find — as you apply Michael’s tips and suggestions — most of this will feel like second nature. That’s because, as a writer (or an aspiring writer), you already know a lot more than you think.

Module 3: How To Write Like an Expert… Right Away!

E-newsletters are all about connecting with your reader. That’s why getting the “voice” — your client’s voice — to sound authentic is so important. In this module, Michael will walk you through writing an e-newsletter like a professional. You’ll see how to:

  • Fine-tune your client’s voice and write in a way that reflects what it’s like to do business with your client. This is the key to writing an e-newsletter that gets results (like more leads and sales)… and it’s what makes your client want to work with you again and again.
  • Determine the best mix of promotional vs. “real” content for each e-newsletter. Too much promotional content, you’ll turn people off. Too little, and you won’t get anyone to respond or buy. Michael will show you how to get it just right.
  • Decide if you need an editor… Spoiler alert: There is no right answer… but an editor can save you time and energy — if handled correctly. If you do decide to work with an editor, Michael will show you how to hire and work effectively with them.

Michael covers a lot more too: using stories and metaphors to add personal touches… strategies for using links to “reuse” your content… examples of these and a whole lot more.

Module 4: Making Your E-newsletters Look Incredible! (Even if you know nothing about design)

Along with e-newsletter content, your clients will need a professional email template with all the right placeholders for the content…

This template can range from a very simple text email all the way up to a very elaborate HTML e-mail. Michael will walk you through all the options and how to decide for each client.

Now, don’t worry if you’re not a designer. You can outsource the design part (and pass that cost to your client) if you want to… but more about that in Module 6.

In this module, you’ll learn how to set-up your e-newsletter for long-term success, answer your client’s design questions like a pro, and make decisions like:

  • Which version of e-newsletters (HTML or plain text) is best for my client? (Truth is, there are benefits to both options… Michael will walk you through them, so you can make the right decision for each client.)
  • What to name your client’s e-newsletter. This may seem simple enough but helping your clients name their e-newsletter is part of creating something people will read and remember. Michael will show you plenty of examples from other popular e-newsletters to make sure you get this part right.
  • Should we include the entire article in the e-newsletter or just a summary and a link to the website? While these are two common approaches, they each have their pros and cons. Warning: Do this wrong and you’ll lose a lot of readers.

There’s a lot more in this module too. Like how to make sure you and your client are on the same page before you start writing — saving you time and energy and making your client happier with your services.

Keep in mind that most of this module is about the set-up process. So, it only has to be done once (when you first set up your client’s e-newsletter).

As I said earlier, this set-up is a separate service from writing the monthly e-newsletter… meaning you get paid more.

The going rate for setting up a client’s e-newsletter is $3,000-$10,000 (depending on factors like the size of your client’s company and the complexity of their e-newsletter)…

And, that’s on top of the writing fee which can be as much as $800… and even up to $2,000 per month for writing each issue.

Module 5: Sending the E-newsletter and Growing the List

When you begin to work with a new client, they may already have a “list” (a group of people who have given your client permission to email them). This might be a list of friends and family, a list of previous clients, a list of contacts, and so on — depending on your client’s business and the relationships they’ve built.

The bigger this list is — meaning the more names and email addresses on it — the better.

That’s why, in Module 5, Michael explains how you can manage the list your client gives you… and go beyond their expectations to add even more names to that list.

You’ll find out how:

  • One well-placed article (only 500-700 words) can lead to dozens of new e-newsletter sign-ups (meaning more profit for your client!).
  • Creating a separate information page — a “landing page” — on your client’s website will boost sign-ups to the e-newsletter list… and what to include on that page. (Bonus: This can be offered as an upsell… at $500-$1,500 each!)
  • How much information your client should ask for at sign-up. (Hint: Knowing the answer to this question will position you as more than “just a writer” in the eyes of your client.)

There’s more too: how to leverage social media, what to do about SPAM, and determining what to put in the “From” field and the subject line when you send out your e-newsletter. (Tip: Pay special attention here because your “From” field and subject line mean all the difference between a reader deleting your e-newsletter or opening it.)

Module 6: Getting Paid for Your E-newsletter Services

Now that you know all about writing the e-newsletter content and setting up the e-newsletter, you’re ready to get paid!

In this module, Michael will walk you through every detail of selling your e-newsletter services. He’ll show you how to:

  • Develop pricing and packages that protect you from the feast or famine cycle and set you up for predictable, long-term income and success.
  • Feel confident that you know what you’re doing and land paying projects right awayeven if you’ve had zero clients so far.
  • Manage your billing and minimize the time you spend on administrative work, so you’ll have more time for writing (the profit-producing part of your work). Michael even outlines his own invoices so you can duplicate his formula for your use.
  • Get the most value out of EVERY word you write for an e-newsletter. So, not only are e-newsletter projects shorter and simpler… but you can use the content over again to get more exposure for your clients. (It’s called “repurposing” and when you do this correctly — as Michael will show you — you’ll make even more money per e-newsletter.)

There’s a lot included in this step-by-step guide. Truly, no question has been left unanswered.

Whether you’re already a working writer… or you’ve never been paid to write anything… you can follow Michael’s simple instructions to quickly offer e-newsletter services to clients… to the tune of as much as $800… and even up to as much as $2,000 per issue!

Best of all, the entire program is accessible online, for immediate access. So, whether it’s 2 a.m. or 2 p.m., you can be well on the path to earning a consistent and predictable income with e-newsletters, within a few clicks.

Create a Repeating, Predictable Income with E-newsletters Now

As I mentioned earlier, what you'll learn in Creating Email Newsletters For Professional Service Firms — A Step-by-Step Guide took Michael years of trial and error to learn and refine. He’s been writing e-newsletters since 2001. (That’s 19 years!)

You won't have to go through that long journey. Or, deal with costly and frustrating mistakes like writing the wrong type of content, not getting results, or missing deadlines.

Instead, Michael will give you the exact techniques and information he has used for his own clients over the past 19 years.

Simply follow his proven step-by-step instructions and you’ll soon be able to confidently and professionally complete these projects — and build your own predictable income stream with e-newsletters.

Considering that this program gives you absolutely everything you need to know to create a predictable income of as much as $800… possibly more for every e-newsletter you write… an income that goes on and on for months or even years…

Well, we could easily ask several hundred dollars for this program. And, pa program this comprehensive is worth it.

Remember, you’re getting all six modules where you discover the ins and outs of Michael’s actual business. One that allows him to predictably make a consistent income with e-newsletters month after month… and year after year for 19 years now.

So, since your very first e-newsletter project could earn you as much as $800 (not to mention $3,000+ in e-newsletter set-up fees!), even paying that much would be a bargain.

But, you won’t pay $800. Or even close to that much.

Instead, the entire program — including instant 24/7 online access and downloadable PDF, template files, sample e-newsletters, and training videos — is yours for only $497.

Order Today!

As soon as you place your order, you'll get access to everything I’ve mentioned, and be well on your way to making a predictable income with e-newsletters.

And, There’s No Risk!

Get access to Creating Email Newsletters For Professional Service Firms — A Step-by-Step Guide today…

Take a full year to let Michael show you how to make a predictable income with e-newsletters. Use his proven formula, ready-made templates, worksheets, and everything else included with this program…

Then, if you decide writing e-newsletters isn’t for you (for any reason), just give AWAI a call and you'll receive a full refund of every penny you paid.

Click here to Order Now!

Or if you’d prefer to place your order by phone with someone in our office, please call our Member Success Team toll-free at 1-866-879-2924 during regular business hours. (We’re in Florida, on Eastern Time.)

There’s nothing to lose.

Professional service providers need e-newsletter writers like you to create content that people anticipate, open, read, and share enthusiastically. Michael will show you exactly what to do.

Millions of Potential Clients Are Waiting for You

If you’re looking for a simple way to create a predictable income as a writer, e-newsletters are the answer!

Not only is the industry huge ($3 trillion) but there are millions of clients to work with — 26 million potential clients in the U.S. alone.

Right now, you’re minutes away from getting started with e-newsletters and helping these professional service providers increase their business.

But, your clients won’t be the only ones who benefit

You’ll get to write short, easy projects that are scheduled in advance… require little to no “research” at all… and add up to a really nice, consistent income you can count on every month.

What could be better than that?

To your success,

Rebecca Matter
President, AWAI

Order Today!

P.S. E-newsletters aren’t complicated. But there are a lot of details involved…

That’s why Michael’s also including his personal E-newsletter Action Plan™. Use this template as your roadmap to complete each and every project easily, quickly, and to the very best of your abilities.

This comprehensive template is going to ensure you impress new clients and make the process of writing content that “sells without selling” fast and simple. It’s just one more way that Michael will help you get your e-newsletter business up and running faster so you can make money sooner.

Don’t waste your valuable time reinventing the wheel. Michael has put everything you need for a successful e-newsletter business in one place: Creating Email Newsletters For Professional Service Firms — A Step-by-Step Guide.

Order Today!

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