95% of B2B companies need writers like you… Add Writing Emails to Your B2B Copywriting Services and Make $800-$1,200 Per Day

Dear Writer,

I’m always on the lookout for new ways to help you make more money as a writer.

Specifically ways where:

  1. You can start taking on new projects quickly.
  2. Clients stand ready and willing to hire you as soon as you complete your training (or maybe even before).
  3. You can quickly increase your income per project, per client, and per hour.

That’s why I was thrilled when Steve Slaunwhite, a Master B2B Copywriter, gave me the inside scoop on an underserved specialty within B2B: Email copywriting…

In Steve’s 22+ years of experience as a B2B writer, he has found emails to be one of the easiest and yet highest-paying B2B specialties around.

In fact, $500 per email is the typical payout in B2B… and most clients need an entire campaign requiring 4-7 emails.

Here’s just one example: a software company recently hired Steve to write emails to prospects who had signed up for a free trial. They wanted the emails to motivate them to purchase the software.

Steve suggested a 7-email sequence. His rate? $4,500 for 7 emails with an average of only 400 words each. The client agreed and Steve made $642.86 per email!

So, why are clients willing to pay so much for so few words?

I’ll tell you everything, but first let’s back up a bit…

What is B2B Email Copywriting?

Before I explain how you can bring in an easy $800-$1,200 per day with B2B email copywriting, let’s make sure we’re on the same page about the project…

B2B emails are short, conversational pieces of copy that engage a reader and share more information about your client’s products or services…

  • A medical supply company, for instance, may need you to write a few emails telling doctors about their new topical numbing agent.
  • A commercial refrigerator manufacturer might hire you to write an email series about one of their newest models.
  • A sales trainer may ask you to write several emails to their ideal clients, sharing tips for improving their sales process and closing more deals.
  • Or, a dental supply company might request a series of emails talking about new equipment or dental procedures.

As the email copywriter, you’ll interview your client to get all the details. And then you’ll write a persuasive, conversational email — or series of emails — explaining your client’s product, service, or special offer before telling the reader how to learn more.

That’s it!

And it gets better…

You won’t have to write all that much… most B2B emails are just 300-800 words. About the length of a blog post!

Sounds like something you could easily do, right?

You bet!

Plus, it’s pretty easy to find clients who need these emails…

Millions of companies are hiring — or looking to hire — B2B copywriters to write their emails right now…

5.7 Million B2B Companies… Add Writing Emails to Your List of B2B Copywriting Services and You Can Have Your Pick of the 95% of B2B Companies Who Need YOU

Yes, there are 5.7 million B2B companies just in the U.S. (without even looking at other countries), according to the Content Marketing Institute.

Many of them are searching for a good B2B email copywriter.


Because email marketing gets great results.

Look at this:

  • Every time a marketer spends $1 on sending email, they can expect to make $38-$40 in return, according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).
  • Experian found the average ROI from email marketing to be even higher… at $44.25 for every $1 spent.
  • And, 74% of companies told EConsultancy that email marketing delivers the highest ROI.

Most telling of all, 73% of B2B marketers reported to Salesforce that email is “core” to their business

Notice these marketers didn’t just say that email is “a part of” their business… instead they said it’s CORE — meaning the most important part of their business.

And while a “documented” 87% of B2B marketers use email to bring in leads… Steve estimates the number is even higher.

In his experience, as many as 95% of B2B companies want to get better results with their email marketing! So if you build up your email copywriting skills, you’re in an excellent position to help them. (They’re going to want to talk to you!)

And since companies need to send new emails regularly, just 5-6 clients can keep a copywriter booked and making good money…

Plus, Steve tells me B2B clients tend to be very loyal to email copywriters they like. So, if you do a great job for them, they’ll hire you again and again. This gives you a steady stream of projects — and a “repeating income” you can count on. (Keep in mind, your client benefits, too, because they get a dependable writer they know, like, and trust.)

But, this demand is only one of many reasons to consider adding B2B email copywriting to your services…

Simple and Short…
Write Each Email in Less Than One Hour

B2B email messages that perform best are short. Really short.

Most of the time, they’re less than a single page…

Another way to measure the length of these projects is word count…

Most B2B emails you write are around 300-800 words… and even the very long ones are no more than 1,000 words.

For instance, Steve recently worked with a B2B online training company to create a series of emails designed to convince prospects to buy the company’s online courses. He recommended a monthly email series consisting of three emails per month.

The client took Steve’s recommendation and paid him $2,500 to strategize and plan the emails and $1,500 per month to write the emails…

That’s $500 per email on a repeating, predictable basis. When the emails were finished, they were an average of only 350 words per email (that’s just barely more than one page of copy).

Because B2B emails are so short, once you understand the basics of writing them, you can complete each one very quickly…

It’s not at all uncommon for writers to knock out an email for a company in half a day!

You see, as a B2B email copywriter, you won’t be writing hyped-up sales copy.

Instead, B2B emails are truly conversational… even more so than other types of B2B copy. True, persuasion plays a big role in these emails, but it’s the kind of persuasion that’s built on facts, not hype.

Steve Slaunwhite says a conversational tone will help your customers better relate to you and create a personal connection. That’s why the best B2B email writers write like they talk.

After all, even though your clients are trying to sell to a business, it’s still a person reading the email!

So, with B2B emails you won’t be writing “hype-y” copy. Instead, you’ll write factual and engaging copy that starts conversations and then encourages the reader to continue the conversation with your client and move closer to making a buying decision…

That’s why when you learn how to write emails effectively, clients will gladly pay you good fees…

$800-$1,200 Per Day…
Even If You’re Just Starting Out

As I mentioned earlier, email copywriting is one of the highest-paid writing gigs you can find as a B2B writer.

At $400 per email, you can easily make an incredible income in a short period…

Let’s say you’re able to write just two emails per day. If you’re just getting started, it may take you four hours to write them. But even if you take double that… up to eight full hours, you could still make $800 for a single day’s worth of effort.

Then, once you get faster, you could knock out 2-3 emails a day and realistically bring in $800-$1,200 for your effort. (Keep in mind, you also have to promote yourself and land the work. But Steve walks you through this process as well, so by the end of the program, you’ll know, step-by-step, what you need to do to land great clients and lucrative email writing gigs.)

Now, if you’re new to the B2B industry, these rates may seem high to you. I understand, but let me assure you that $400 per email is the norm for good companies who value effective email copywriting. (Charge any less and you’re likely to scare away those good companies who may assume you’re not professionally trained!)

If you’re wondering exactly why B2B clients are willing to pay so much for these projects, I’ll tell you…

The Very Simple Reason Why B2B Clients Are Happy to Pay $400+ for Effective Emails

The reason B2B clients are willing to pay so much for email copywriting goes back to what I said earlier: emails are effective. It’s as simple as that.

Because emails are so easy to track and the results are almost immediate, clients can’t deny their success…

  • 76% of marketers reported that their email lists are actively growing (source: Ascend2)
  • 71% of B2B marketers agree email is effective for achieving their marketing goals (source: Regalix)
  • 69% of millennial B2B buyers prefer to communicate with vendors through email (source: IBM survey)

So, in the world of B2B, email has proven itself to be the best tool for generating leads and sales as well as staying in touch with customers and prospects.

That’s why 95% of B2B companies want to do more email marketing.

Even if they’re already working with other freelancers, they’re looking for better results. They’re ready to pay well for emails that attract new buyers, encourage repeat orders, and share information with their clients.

What’s more, when it comes to direct communication, email is quickly replacing direct mail and cold calls. As a result, companies are in desperate need of writers who can help them write B2B emails to replace lost leads and sales.

But, a general writer won’t do.

Writing an effective B2B email takes a certain level of expertise and writers must put some effort into learning this specialty. That’s why those who become properly trained in B2B email copywriting are in short supply… and why they’re so valuable to clients…

Luckily, it’s not at all difficult to write effective B2B emails when you have an expert like Steve Slaunwhite to guide you…

Meet the B2B Email Copywriting Expert — Writing These Projects for More Than 16 Years

As you can tell by now, I wholeheartedly believe B2B email copywriting is a great opportunity…

  • The demand is strong and growing every day…
  • The projects are short and fun (and relatively easy to learn)…
  • The going rates are very good — around $400 per email, and even higher once you’ve built a track record!

That’s why I was so excited when Steve offered to put together an entire course, teaching you the ins and outs of B2B email copywriting…

I believe he’s the absolute best person to teach you how to write these emails. Not only is he a specialist who has worked with B2B businesses for more than 22 years… he’s been writing B2B emails for over 16 years.

He’s also the lead advisor for AWAI’s B2B Copywriting Division, and has created many of our training programs, including the best-selling Secrets of Writing High-Performance B2B Copy.

Now, I’m thrilled to announce that he’s agreed to teach you everything he knows about B2B email copywriting. Not just how to write these emails, but also how to strategize a complete email campaign for your clients, and get as many of these projects as you need…

Writing Email Copy for B2B Companies: Your Complete Guide to Writing and Winning These Profitable Projects

We’ve already covered the massive opportunity within this specialty. But, there’s one more thing you need to know… how to write these projects.

Otherwise, when a client asks if you can write their B2B emails, you’ll have to turn them down or send them to someone else.

Instead, I suggest that you follow Steve’s advice and master B2B email copywriting now — so you’ll be ready.

Everything you need to know is in Steve’s brand-new program, Writing Email Copy for B2B Companies.

Over 6 hours, in easy-to-consume, bite-sized lessons, you’ll discover exactly how to make $800-$1,200 per day writing short, persuasive emails that wow clients.

Here’s what you can expect:

Part One: The Basics

After an Introduction Lesson where Steve explains how to get the most out of his complete B2B email copywriting program, he then digs in to the first three lessons:

  • How B2B companies use email to help sell their products and services. Steve provides a close-up look at several typical email campaigns and reveals how clients measure B2B email copywriting success.
  • The important role of the freelance copywriter in B2B email marketing campaigns, and the various key clients who need this type of project written. You’ll get a snapshot of the B2B clients you’ll work with. Steve shares the simplest way to recognize companies who already use email marketing, who to approach within the company, and why they’d happily hire you — even if they have other writers on staff.
  • How to set your clients expectations before you write a single word of copy… and what to never, ever promise your clients.

And, that’s not all.

Steve will also cover the seven types of success metrics and explain how to get repeat projects from clients.

Then, Steve dives in to the “How-to” Lessons of Writing Emails for B2B Companies…

Part Two: Planning a B2B Email Copywriting Campaign

Up next, Steve gets right into planning your first successful campaign… In these two lessons, you’ll discover how to:

  • Handle your initial discussion with the client. Steve covers questions you need to ask and what to do if your client doesn’t have a Creative Brief. (With this lesson from Steve, you’ll never fumble over what to say when your client asks, “What’s next?”)
  • Help your client decide on themes, strategy, and offers. Plus, answer the question you’re likely to hear a lot: “How many emails should we send?” (With this lesson alone, your clients will view you as an expert in B2B email copywriting!)
  • Complete your initial research and come up with plenty of great ideas for emails… making your clients stick with you longer… giving you a steady, reliable income stream.

You’ll also get access to Steve’s personal resource, a "Copywriting Information Worksheet." Steve will walk you through how to use this essential worksheet to understand who your clients are, what they're selling, and how they market their products or services.

Part Three: Writing the Pieces of a B2B Email Copywriting Campaign

Then, in the next four lessons, Steve will walk you through the five types of B2B emails you’ll write most often… complete with examples of each. You’ll find out how to:

  • Write emails to generate orders, capture registrations, make sales, follow up after a “free trial” offer, and much more… plus, discover which emails to use in different situations to meet your client’s goals.
  • Craft subject lines that grab the reader’s attention and make sure your emails get opened. (You’ll even get Steve’s step-by-step formulas — the techniques he personally uses — for writing effective subject lines.)
  • How to meet your client’s expectations and when you can use the easiest type of email — a message so simple it only takes 10 minutes to write.

Steve will also explain the terminology you can expect — like what clients mean when they say they want to send a “solo blast” and how to write one.

Plus, you’ll get Practice Exercises for Writing a Promotional Email and Writing a Subject Line.

Part Four: Things You Need to Know

In these three key lessons, Steve will share his best kept insider secrets — the things you must know about B2B email copywriting — that took him 16+ years to develop. For instance, you’ll learn:

  • How to write an effective landing page… this page, which you’ll link to in your emails, can make or break your campaign. Learn exactly what to say for the best results possible.
  • What you need to know about visuals and layout… and how to help your clients make winning decisions (even if you’re not a designer).
  • What you need to know about spam filters and email deliverability. You’ll also get solid information about how to avoid emails landing in a prospect’s SPAM folder.

What Steve shares here will set you apart when approaching and working with B2B email copywriting clients. In fact, these lessons are so packed with high-quality, in-the-trenches details that you’re going to want to review them more than once.

Part Five: Getting B2B Email Copywriting Gigs

Now that you know how to write B2B emails, Steve will explain exactly how to land these projects. By the time these two lessons are over, you’ll understand:

  • The basics of promoting your new B2B email copywriting service… including how to position yourself as a skilled B2B email copywriter and what to say to get a new client to hire you.
  • How to nail your first meeting with a prospect to ensure you get the project… plus additional projects in the months and years that follow.
  • How to make even more money with B2B email campaigns — and have a lot of fun doing it!

Steve’s even included a Marketing Action Plan you can use to get started right away.

Then, Steve wraps up the program with an important “Next Steps” Lesson, so you’ll know exactly how to move forward.

By the time you finish this program, you’ll have superior knowledge and skills in how to plan and write email campaigns. You’ll be able to produce everything from single emails to complete email series that get spectacular results.

Plus, you’ll know exactly how to market B2B emails to new or existing clients and ensure they pay you at least $400 per email.

And, Steve won’t just talk about B2B email copywriting. He’ll walk you through the process of writing B2B emails with real-world examples, skill-building exercises, and homework assignments to practice what you learn.

Plus, you’ll get Steve’s toolbox of writing formulas, model emails, tips, and checklists to speed up your success in B2B email copywriting.

You’ll also get lifetime access to everything I’ve told you about here…

Every insider tip, instruction, and video training lesson is available online, so you can access them at any time day or night.

You’ll also get the audio version and transcripts of each of the 16 lessons…

With Steve’s guidance, you’ll even develop a practice B2B email copywriting piece to use in your portfolio. And, he’ll show you how to use this new portfolio piece to pick up clients right away.

Once you complete Steve’s program, you'll have the cool confidence of being trained by the best… you’ll know everything you need to start offering this service to clients… and you’ll have a portfolio piece to prove your skills.

And, that’s not all…

Bonus #1 — Look Over Steve’s Shoulder ($249 Value)

Steve really wants to make sure you nail the concepts in this course.

You’ll get to watch as Steve critiques the best pieces in a recorded session.

Now when I say “best,” I don’t mean the pieces that are near perfect. Quite the opposite actually…

Instead, Steve selected the pieces that needed the most improvement. He critiqued them anonymously, of course… so everyone will have the benefit of learning from his advice.

Isn’t that a good idea?

And, if you’re just getting started with B2B or wondering, “Am I ready for this?” You’ll be thrilled to hear about this next bonus…

Bonus #2 — “Crash Course” on the Principles of Good B2B Copywriting ($297 Value)

During these recorded Master Class webinars, Steve shows you the underlying principles of good B2B copy. Whether you are starting out or want a quick refresher, you can review the basics you need to succeed as a B2B copywriter.

  1. Overview of B2B Copywriting — In this introduction, you'll learn what B2B copywriting is, how the B2B sales process works, and what B2B copywriters do. You'll also discover the most important thing you need to know about how businesses sell their products and services.
  2. Basic B2B Copywriting Techniques — Next, you'll learn the fundamentals you’ll need to know to succeed as a B2B copywriter, including the twin pillars of persuasion, the distinction between features and benefits in the B2B world, how the B2B audience is different from consumers, and much more; three necessary B2B copywriting techniques you must use; and what to think about every time you write B2B copy… regardless of what you're working on.
  3. Common Copywriting Projects — Finally, Steve explains the various types of projects you'll likely encounter as a B2B copywriter and how they fit into the B2B sales cycle. From websites to landing pages to product descriptions, you'll learn the basics of what B2B clients expect from each project type.

Of course, this “crash course” is not a replacement for a full B2B training course. But with these three videos, you'll get a head-start on the basics of B2B copy.

Paired with what you learn in Steve’s new program, Writing Email Copy for B2B Companies, you can get started right away — contacting and working with B2B email copywriting clients.

Get Everything You Need to Start Making $800-$1,200 Per Day with B2B Emails Now

The knowledge and skills you’ll discover in this program are equal to what you’d learn in a day-long workshop with Steve… plus, just like a real workshop, you’ll have the chance to get your emails critiqued by Steve! The good news? You won’t have to travel at all. You can access all the materials from your own computer.

You’ll discover key concepts, best practices, and effective writing strategies that Steve has learned firsthand… giving you a real competitive advantage when it comes to planning and writing B2B emails that get impressive results for your clients.

Remember, you’ll also get:

  • Steve’s personal toolbox of formulas, emails, tips, and checklists… so you can copy Steve’s 16+ years of experience and start writing effective B2B emails right away.
  • An invitation to watch Steve critiques B2B emails. This will catapult your ability to craft stronger emails, and keep your clients coming back for more.
  • A B2B email copywriting portfolio piece, and instruction on how to use it to pick up great B2B email copywriting clients right away — so you never have to think about where your next project is coming from.

Now, as I mentioned several times, all of this took Steve years to perfect… over 16 years, to be more exact.

But, with his guidance, you’ll be able to slingshot over the trials and errors he made and instead get going with B2B email copywriting right away.

Using only his best techniques — including how to sell B2B email copywriting to eager clients — you’ll be able to start earning as much as $800-$1,200 per day with email… and not in the distant future.

As soon as you complete Steve’s program and create your portfolio piece, you’ll be ready to go. And, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Remember, when you use the strategies that Steve teaches, you’ll not only impress your clients, but they’ll want to hire you again and again. Most B2B clients need emails every month, month-after-month. You’ll be in the perfect position to provide these emails and impress your clients.

Now, considering that your very first B2B email copywriting project could earn you $800 (at a minimum), paying that amount for Steve’s B2B training would be a bargain. After all, you could earn many times that figure in your first month as a B2B email copywriter…

But, you won’t pay anywhere near that much for his comprehensive program.

Because this opportunity is so huge, I want to get this out to as many writers as possible.

That’s why Writing Emails for B2B Companies — including all 16 lessons, Steve’s worksheets and checklists, the bonuses I mentioned earlier, and lifetime access to everything — is yours today for only $497.

Yes, I want to add B2B email copywriting to my services!

The moment you place your order, you’ll get an email granting you immediate access to everything we’ve discussed here (and you’ll receive more information in the weeks to come with detailed instructions for the live Bonus Webinar with Steve).

Then, you’ll be well on your way to learning all about B2B email copywriting and making an impressive income by helping B2B companies everywhere…

There’s No Risk in Giving B2B Email Copywriting a Trial Run…

Get your copy of Writing Email Copy for B2B Companies today by clicking here. Go through the sessions… follow along with everything Steve shows you… try your hand at writing the portfolio piece and pick up a client or two for your effort.

Even then, if for any reason you’re not satisfied — or you decide email copywriting isn’t for you — just give AWAI a call within 30 days. You'll receive a quick and complete refund of every penny you paid.

Yes, I want to add $800-$1,200 per day to my income!

Or, if you’d prefer to place your order by phone with someone in our office, please call our Member Services team toll-free at 1-866-879-2924 during regular business hours. (We’re in Florida, on Eastern Time.)

There’s nothing to lose. And, remember, roughly 5.7 million B2B companies need email copywriters now.

Let Steve show you everything you need to know to add B2B email copywriting to your services and start picking up these projects fast!

The Shortest Route to Increasing Your Income by $800-$1,200 Per Day…

Honestly, if you’re looking for a simple — and fast! — way to add another specialty to your B2B services — or, if you’re just getting started and looking for a skill to specialize in — B2B email copywriting is the answer.

Not only is the pool of potential clients practically unending…

  • The word count on these projects is short… most of the time you’ll write 300-800 words per email. Longer emails will rarely exceed 1,000 words.
  • The time you spend on each project is short… each email can be completed in an hour or so… or write a whole campaign (that’s 4-6 emails) in just a few days.
  • The learning curve is short… with Steve’s help, you can learn everything you need to know within a week. Then, get your portfolio piece ready and start working with clients.

All you need to do is learn how to write B2B emails… and that’s exactly what Steve is offering with Writing Email Copy for B2B Companies.

Why not take him up on it and start writing these short, fun, profitable emails today?

To your success,

Rebecca Matter
President, AWAI
Founder, B2B Writing Success

P.S. Master B2B Copywriter Steve Slaunwhite is ready to teach you everything you need to know to add $800-$1,200 per day to your income.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Start grabbing your share of these short, simple — and fun! — projects by clicking here to Order Now.

Remember, with our 100% money-back guarantee, there’s nothing to lose.

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