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Let Our Dream Team of Master B2B Copywriters Train YOU to Become an In-Demand B2B Copywriter — In Just Four Weeks

During our 4 Weeks to B2B Mastery Virtual Workshop, you’ll get intimate, hands-on training on the TOP copy projects and business-building skills you need to know to attract and land all the B2B clients you’ll ever need.

Join us online for this interactive B2B virtual workshop, and you’ll be able to:

  • Write powerful sales copy that generates new leads and skyrockets your clients’ businesses …
  • Choose and dominate a profitable B2B niche, position yourself as the “go-to” copywriter, and begin charging a specialist’s fees …
  • Craft highly-effective case studies every B2B client needs (and will pay up to $2,000 for) …
  • Pitch, plan, and write fun, interesting e-newsletters and blogs that can bring you regular income, up to $2,000 per week …
  • Transform your clients’ B2B websites into selling machines (for a handsome fee of up to $2,500) …
  • And start writing white papers, the foundational “big dog” of B2B content that can net you up to $10,000 per project …

And that’s not all …

You’ll also get to participate in LIVE, hands-on exercises and writing experiences … and get instant feedback from your Master Class instructors …

You’ll get guidance on crafting simple but effective samples of each project for your portfolio …

AND, you’ll go through “Business-Building Week,” where you’ll learn how to price your services and land all the clients you’ll ever need!

… All from the comfort of your own home. No travel hassles or costly airfare and hotel expenses!

But hurry — only 125 writers will be allowed to participate in this exclusive Workshop …

From the desk of Rebecca Matter, President of AWAI

Rebecca Matter
President, AWAI

Dear B2B Copywriter,

If you’re ready to become a professional, well-paid B2B (Business-to-Business) copywriter faster …

If you’re ready to leapfrog past the learning curve and learn to write like some of the best-paid, most in-demand pros, using their very own techniques …

Or, if you’re just ready for the “next step up” in your writing career by offering more services to clients (and charging higher fees for them) …

I’d like to invite you to join us online for our 4 Weeks to B2B Mastery Virtual Workshop … where you’ll get hands-on training from the very best B2B writers in the business … beginning on August 2nd.

It’s a groundbreaking event …

Where THE experts on the most important B2B copywriting opportunities and business-building topics have come together for a single common purpose:

To reveal the BEST of their decades of experience — their master secrets, techniques, and shortcuts … all while training you LIVE in their specialties.

These top experts are extremely busy … and having ALL of these Dream Team members available to you in these live sessions is exceedingly rare.

Which is why I can say with confidence:

When you attend this intimate … hands-on … and interactive event, you will quickly and dramatically elevate your skills …

Both as a B2B copywriter and as a business owner.

In short …

This is one event you DON’T want to miss.

And if that’s not enough reason to take a close look at this opportunity and decide to be a part of it today, let me say this up front:

Only 125 AWAI members will be allowed in.

I’ll explain why in a moment …

But first, let me get straight into the details of this hands-on, live event.

Here’s what you need to know right now:

This is not “Copy 101” or a “crash course.”

This is Master’s Level Training.

(Though if you ARE just starting out, keep reading. You don’t have to be a master to join … and we’ll get you up to speed with the basics before the event kicks off. This is NOT an opportunity to miss just because you’re new. But more on that in a few minutes.)

This is an unprecedented opportunity to spend four weeks this summer with personal attention from some of the top writers in the B2B industry:

  • You’ll get deep inside their “head space … ”

    You’ll get to be inside their heads and discover how they think about copy … how they approach each project … and how they polish each piece with diamond precision.

    You’ll get to hear the thought processes they go through to craft the master-level copy their names are synonymous with.

    (This is absolute GOLD for beginning and advanced copywriters alike.)

  • You’ll learn the market-tested writing techniques they use to guarantee themselves six-figure incomes, year in, year out …

    I’m talking about the detail-by-detail, beginning-to-end writing processes these masters personally use every day …

  • You’ll get the systems and strategies each writer has spent years (and even decades) perfecting …

    You’ll be able to use these formulas to significantly shrink the typical learning curve … and save yourself months of training and possibly years of potential pitfalls, frustrations, and “newbie” errors.

  • You’ll get a clear, exclusive, and “doable” plan for finding, landing, and working with your first few clients … with exclusive coaching and in-depth guidance for doing it …

    You’ll have guidance for putting up (or revising) an impressive website fast. You’ll learn the hidden places to look for your first client, and you’ll take the first guided steps to landing him.

  • You’ll get a real “workshop” experience … with live instruction, writing exercises, and the chance to participate in live discussions with each master.

    This is the workshop you’ve been waiting for. You’ll have the time (and motivation) during each session to write … and in many cases, get instant feedback or observe while the masters critique others’ copy for your benefit.

  • And, you’ll get answers to ALL your questions about writing B2B copy … getting clients … or running your business!

    For these exclusive Master Classes, you’ll have these experts’ undivided attention. They’ll be “all yours,” on hand to reveal their most closely-held secrets and available to answer any questions you have during their live sessions.

In short, this is a rare opportunity to get a comprehensive, masters-level education in one of the most lucrative and in-demand niches in the copywriting world.

You’ll have the ability to replicate each writer’s personal technique for crafting THE most in-demand (and highest paying) B2B projects today.

You’ll become confident in your skills, thanks to the hands-on exercises they’ll give you … and their guidance in crafting new samples for your portfolio.

Plus, you’ll get the option of having your assignments professionally critiqued, so you know your writing is ready to “wow” potential clients!

I can’t imagine another opportunity for B2B copywriters that is more exciting or crucial to your success.

Talk about rising to the top of your niche …

The detail-by-detail, personal information, and “one-on-one” revelations like what you’ll experience simply aren’t available anywhere else.

And that’s why the 4 Weeks to B2B Mastery Virtual Workshop — featuring some of the most recognized and respected B2B copywriters in the industry today — will be so exclusive.

To ensure that everyone gets all their questions answered … one-on-one attention … and critiques of their work …

Only 125 copywriters will be given a “golden ticket” to these live online sessions and all the benefits that come with them.

I truly hope you’ll be one of them.

Because by the end of the summer …

As long as you attend each live Master Class, participate in the discussions, ask your questions, complete the exercises during each session, and submit four of your choice for valuable professional feedback …

You WILL BE capable of taking on top assignments from B2B clients and ready to work on the same professional level as the best in the business.

How can I be so confident?

It’s because of the Dream Team we’ve gathered to teach you …

Master Insight #1

“A successful B2B copywriter is agile and knows how to write many different types of B2B copy.”

— Steve Slaunwhite

Copywriters who are not JUST recognized experts in their specialty, but who are outstanding teachers as well.

Let me take a few minutes to introduce them to you now, to give you a taste of what you’ll discover in their exclusive Master Class sessions … and how you can use their wisdom to immediately strengthen your writing.

And, you’ll discover the top eight projects and business-building skills you need to know to be successful today …

Each with the potential to give you a successful, satisfying career … and bring you a steady six-figure income.

(Plus, be sure to check out the sidebars to glean some of the master’s tips along the way!)

You’ll Be Perfectly Positioned to Rule the B2B “Content Revolution,” Where Writers Are King

According to an extensive survey from the Content Marketing Institute, 55% of B2B companies say they’ll be spending MORE on content marketing this year than last year.

(And by “content,” I mean writing that provides useful information, establishes expertise, and is persuasive, like an article or e-newsletter.)

The Business-to-Business Sales Cycle

In B2B, making sales is quite a bit different than in the “consumer” world. As the copywriter, your goal is to provide information that persuades the reader that the product or service you’re writing about is worth investigating further.

This is often done with B2B content pieces, like white papers, case studies, and newsletters. The final deal is most often made by in-house sales teams.

It’s been called the “content revolution” — and it’s excellent news for you as a freelance writer.

It means B2B marketers have money to spend on more white papers … more web copy … more email campaigns … and tons of new, well-researched content pieces to support their sales cycles and sales teams.

And your expert guide through this “content revolution” … and all of the 4 Weeks to B2B Mastery Virtual Workshop… is Steve Slaunwhite.

Steve has been a full-time freelance copywriter and consultant in the B2B market for 19 years … and he’ll kick off the event with motivating and inspiring Welcome video.

I don’t want to give away any of his surprises …

Just know that Steve and the Dream Team of experts are ready to teach you everything you need to know about this “content revolution” … and how you’ll be able to claim your “throne” by the end of your four-week experience.

Master Insight #2

“There isn’t enough skilled and knowledgeable writers to meet the demands of the ‘content revolution.’ And these projects pay very well. That means there’s a REAL opportunity here to build a freelance business and make a good living. It’s not hype — it’s just a fact.”

— Steve Slaunwhite

Plus — and this is truly a HUGE benefit to you — Steve is also going to serve as your emcee for each Master Class.

You see, Steve has experience writing every single one of the projects and using the business-building skills you’ll be learning about …

Which means he’ll act as your liaison. He’ll ask the speakers the questions you may not have known to ask … and ensure you get the soup-to-nuts understanding you need to confidently work on that specific project or use that certain skill.

Now, without further ado, let me give you a brief introduction to each skill … give you a taste of the handsome fees you can charge for each one … and exactly what you’re going to be learning in your 3-hour LIVE sessions with each individual Master B2B Copywriter …

Project #1: B2B Sales Copy

What It Is: Interest-grabbing ads, landing pages, emails, and even direct-mail letters are the first, crucial step in any B2B marketing campaign.

What You’ll Do: Write each piece to intrigue the prospect enough to request more information, and create the opportunity for the sales team to come in.

Demand: Constant. Lead generation is essential to a business’ growth, and testing new media and messages is a continuous project. (Bob Bly has three times more requests for work than he can handle.)

How Much You Can Charge: Write three different ads and you can charge $500 … a landing page runs between $1,000 and $2,500, depending on length … a short email directing traffic to your landing page starts at $250 … and a full lead-generating direct-mail package runs from $2,500 up to $5,000.

Meet Your Sales and “Lead-Gen” Copy Master: Bob Bly

Bob Bly
  • Specializes in B2B technology companies
  • Named “America’s Top Copywriter” by McGraw-Hill
  • 37+ years of experience in B2B
  • Past clients include Dow Chemical, Intuit, Forbes, ITT, and dozens of others
  • Author of 85+ books on copywriting, marketing, and business

If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Bob Bly teach yet, come prepared to take a TON of notes.

Bob has over 37 years of experience in the B2B field — having written for such huge companies as IBM, U.S. West, Lucent Technologies, and even the Physicians’ Desk Reference!

But Bob’s 37 years of experience should really be measured in hours …

Because he writes 12 hours per day.

In fact, he does little else but write copy and spend time with his family. He outsources everything — including invoicing, client management, and lawn-mowing.

So you can bet that any time Bob is available to speak, even Master Copywriters sit down to take notes.

And he’s ready to pass on his wisdom to you …

During Bob’s live Master Class, Secrets of Writing B2B That Sells, he’ll teach you:

  • How to write powerful B2B ads that grab attention and get prospects to respond …
  • How to craft effective direct-mail pieces in the Age of the Internet …
  • How to write winning text-only emails — no graphics or HTML — in about 5 minutes each …
  • How to overcome skepticism and build instant credibility in your copy …
  • And more!

With what he has planned, Bob has said you’ll be able to cut your lead-gen learning curve in half!

And since lead generation is so important in B2B, you could feasibly base your entire career on this service alone …

But we’re just getting started …

Project #2: Case Studies

What It Is: Article-style stories that demonstrate an organization’s success using your client’s product or service. They help land more sales by creating in-depth proof.

What You’ll Do: Interview the person who used the product or service successfully and write up their story in an objective but creative article.

Demand:According to a survey from the Content Marketing Institute, 77% of B2B marketers use case studies — and those who do, continuously need new ones to reflect their new products or services.

How Much You Can Charge: Beginners should start between $500 and $600 per page, and work up to $1,000 per page.

Casey Hibbard is on Deck to Teach You Her Time-Tested Formula for Writing Powerful Case Studies …

Casey Hibbard
  • Has been writing B2B case studies since 2001
  • Past clients include Avaya, Acxiom, and Zebra Technologies
  • Author of Stories That Sell: Turn Satisfied Customers into Your Most Powerful Sales & Marketing Asset.

Casey is THE top case studies expert in the B2B industry, and I’m very excited she’s agreed to teach a three-hour LIVE session on her lucrative specialty.

She’s going to give you her six-figure formula for writing powerful case studies …

She’ll show you why you can earn anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000 for a two-page case study …

And, she’ll give you her insider “tricks of the trade” that will make your case studies shine.

Plus —

Master Insight #3

“Giving a business its first ever customer success story/case study is like Christmas morning. They are thrilled to have documented a success in such a way. The story not only shows benefits to potential customers, but gives the business itself a lot of pride and satisfaction that what they do makes a difference.”

— Casey Hibbard

  • How to make sure you write a case study that not only tells a compelling story — but also helps your clients meet their marketing and sales goals (your clients will love you for this!) …
  • Crucial tips for interviewing your client’s happy customers to get the information you need to write a case study that sells …
  • Fresh examples of what companies are doing today and exercises to apply what you’ve learned!

You’ll have every detail you need to start writing lucrative case studies for your clients.

Casey Demchak Will Show You How to Choose a Niche — and Dominate It — So You Can Be the “Go-To” Copywriter in Your Specialty

Casey Demchak
  • 22 years of experience writing B2B copy
  • Former screenwriter and Hollywood story analyst and two-time winner of the  Samuel Z. Arkoff award for screenwriting excellence
  • Copywriter for seven marketing communication projects that have won American Advertising Awards
  • Author of Essential Sales Writing Secrets and AWAI’s Key Message Copy Platforms program

Casey Demchak isn’t just a talented and respected Master B2B Copywriter … a prolific and award-winning author … and generous B2B instructor …

He’s a “Big Idea” kind of guy.

And when I asked him to teach a Master Class this year, he said he wanted to teach you something that could impact your career even more than a new type of copy project …

He wanted to teach you the one self-marketing strategy he’s used to make himself a highly-recognized (and well-paid) copywriter:

Dominating a niche.

Dominating your B2B copywriting niche is much more than choosing a specialty and marketing yourself to those specific clients.

It’s about becoming THE ONLY writer for the job. 

When you’re “the one,” you’ll not only get more projects with less effort …

You’ll attract the top caliber of clients …

And they’ll expect to pay you tip-top fees for your work.

This long-term self-marketing strategy is bigger and further-reaching than just having a website or an updated LinkedIn profile …

It’s based on establishing expertise and training your market to think of you FIRST when certain needs arise.

During his live session, you will …

  • Understand the variety of different ways to specialize, across industries, niches, and B2B media …
  • Learn how to increase your value (and revenue) by positioning yourself as THE “go-to” copywriter in your particular specialty …
  • How to establish expertise — even if you don’t have any right now — and go on to dominate the niche you choose …
  • And much more!

With Casey’s proven strategies, you’ll be on your way to having your name instantly associated with specific types of copy or niches fast!

Project #3: B2B E-newsletters

What It Is: E-newsletters are relatively short, multipurpose articles that provide useful information, open up two-way dialogue with readers, and position your client as an expert in their field. They keep your client’s name in front of their audience, boosting trust and familiarity.

What You’ll Do: Research and write 700-1,000 word articles for each weekly or monthly issue. Often, a client may ask you to set up a template, which not only makes your job easier, but you can charge an extra fee for.

Demand: Getting hotter. According to Michael, the rise of “fleeting” social media has made long, foundational content even more important to create credibility and results.

How Much You Can Charge: A minimum of $900 and up to $2,000 per weekly or monthly issue.

Meet Michael Katz, THE Expert on E-newsletters and Blogs …

Michael Katz
  • 15 years of experience writing e-newsletters
  • Regarded as “the expert’s expert”
  • Author of three books and publisher of 350+ issues of the e-letter, The Likeable Expert Gazette
  • Author of the AWAI program,Creating Email Newsletters for Professional Service Firms: A Step-by-Step Guide

Since he “accidentally stumbled” onto them in 2001, Michael has been a successful e-newsletter writer … working with big companies like Comcast, Harvard, Uno Chicago Grill, and Country Financial. (Though, he says he prefers to work with smaller professional service firms.)

During Michael’s session, you’re going to get the best of his best advice, and learn how to establish and operate an email newsletter for your clients — top to bottom.

But, your e-newsletter won’t just be any e-newsletter.

As Michael said to me recently, “Anyone can send out an e-newsletter. The hard part is creating something of value that supports the client’s overall strategy — otherwise it’s just more noise.”

During Michael’s session, Creating B2B E-newsletters and Blogs for Professional Service Clients, you’ll learn to do exactly that:

Master Insight #4

“Newsletters are a great business model. I’ve got clients who have been with me for over 10 years. It’s so much better than looking for new project work again and again.”

— Michael Katz

  • You’ll get his up-to-date best practices and insights for e-newsletters and blogs in 2016 …
  • You’ll discover his seven BIG secrets for writing an effective e-newsletter …
  • You’ll learn to use his newsletter design and layout “skeletons” to get you ahead of the game and cut your work time in half …
  • He’ll walk you through his “two hippos” formula for deciding what to write … simply pop in the “two hippos” Michael will teach you, and you’ll always know exactly what topics to cover in your letters …
  • You’ll master working with clients AND get Michael’s insider’s secrets for pricing and packaging your services — secrets that took him years to learn and develop, and which he’ll straight-out give to you …

Plus, with Michael’s in-session exercises, you won’t just learn his brainstorming techniques … you’ll also learn how to use the power of e-newsletters to boost your own business and bring in new clients!

Project #4: B2B Websites

What It Is: A website that generates leads and tells your client’s story in a compelling way is a top priority for nearly all B2B companies today.

What You’ll Do: Strategize key messages and craft the copy for home pages, product/service description pages, About pages, and many other website elements.

Demand: Very high. Many companies constantly want to update, re-do, or create brand-new websites — ASAP.

How Much You Can Charge: $2,500 and up.

For B2B Websites, We’ll Put the Spotlight on Your Host, Steve Slaunwhite …

Steve Slaunwhite
  • Award-winning marketing consultant and copywriting veteran with 19 years of experience
  • While Steve’s Client List includes big-name companies like UPS, Hewlett-Packard, Sprint, and Forbes, these days he prefers working with smaller clients who have a personal stake in their businesses
  • Author of AWAI’s popular program, Secrets of Writing High-Performance B2B Copy

Steve is a leading expert in B2B copywriting of all types, and he’s going to show you how to take advantage of the HUGE demand for lead-generating websites.

In his Master Class session, Writing B2B Websites, Steve will show you …

  • How to write each website element, from strategizing key messages to crafting the copy …
  • How to advise your client on generating more thought-leadership, brand awareness, and — most importantly — sales leads with their websites …
  • How to solve your client’s number one concern — generating more leads — with effective, well-planned, and well-written websites …
  • And MUCH more!

Steve Knows His Stuff Like No One Else

“I’ve taken a number of Steve Slaunwhite’s programs, as well as worked with him one-on-one. Steve knows his stuff like no one else. He consistently offers sound, practical, real-world advice based on his many years of experience. He’s extremely generous with sharing his skills and is helpful and encouraging.”

— Ann Hasselquist
Training and Coaching Client

An Excellent Copywriting Teacher

“Steve is an excellent teacher. His style is concise, relaxed, and interesting. I gained a great deal from his teachings and his books. And I left with real hands-on experience through the work that was assigned. Steve is a true expert in his field. Any copywriter could benefit from his suggestions.”

— JoAnn Attison
Workshop Participant

His Training and Coaching is Fantastic

“I’m just starting out, and I don’t like to think about where I’d be if I hadn’t had Steve’s expert guidance. It has probably saved me years of agony, time, and money. I can’t say enough about how much it has helped me.”

— Rebecca McKenzie
Training and Coaching Client

Project #5: White Papers

What It Is: The “big dog” of B2B copywriting, white papers are in-depth reports that help during lead generation, formal evaluation, and final buying decisions. They are the “foundational” content pieces … and are the most challenging and most rewarding pieces a company can publish.

What You’ll Do: Dig in and get to the bottom of your client’s product or service and the problem they’re trying to solve. Then, present the technical information in a persuasive, but “business conversational,” tone.

Demand: “Overwhelming,” says white paper expert Gordon Graham.

How Much You Can Charge: Fees range between $2,500 and $10,000 depending on length, with the average being around $4,200.

There’s No One in the World Better to Teach You About White Papers Than Gordon Graham — After All, He IS “ThatWhitePaperGuy!”

Gordon Graham
  • A B2B copywriter since 1984
  • Author of White Papers for Dummies, which has been called “absolutely the finest book on the subject”
  • Creator of more than 235 white papers for clients from Silicon Valley to Switzerland
  • Big-name clients include 3M, Google, Intuit, Oracle, and Verizon
  • Author of the AWAI program, Crash Course in B2B Content Writing

Gordon is another writer whose name is practically synonymous with his project:

He is, quite literally, “ThatWhitePaperGuy.”

He wrote the book on white papers, White Papers for Dummies, and he’s been an attendee favorite at past B2B Copywriting Intensives.

And it’s no surprise he’s so good — he’s been a B2B copywriter since 1984, with over 15 years of experience focusing almost exclusively on white papers.

Gordon has even taught at two different universities and the in-house teams at Cisco, Ericsson, and Sprint.

He helps clients refine their message and improve their communications — and most of all, find a better way to tell their stories.

He’s written for legendary companies like Google … but the feats he’s most proud of are helping the companies you’ve probably never heard of … the small- to medium-sized businesses for whom he’s made a real difference with his work.

His Getting Started with White Papers class will help you to start doing the same.

Master Insight #5

“Most white papers are not very persuasive and not very well executed. The bar is low, and I haven’t found it difficult to do better than most companies do. I see five poor white papers for every good one I come across.”

— Gordon Graham

In his live session, Gordon will show you …

  • Three simple questions to ask a client to find out if they need a white paper …
  • Which of the “three flavors” of white papers to use for a given marketing challenge …
  • How to research more effectively, saving you tons of time so you can turn out projects faster …
  • How to structure the contents of a draft … the important things to put in and what to definitely leave out …
  • How to avoid typical pitfalls of writer’s block, false starts, miscommunications with the client, and the frustration of having to scrap and re-work …
  • Many other practical takeaways, including how to decide whether writing white papers is the career move for you, a service you want to offer, or a service you might want to offer exclusively.

Bottom line:

You’ll understand what a white paper is … how they’re used in complex B2B sales … and, you’ll find out whether you might enjoy writing them.

Plus, you’ll build confidence with hands-on exercises and learn Gordon’s tips and best practices that cut your learning curve by 20+ hours!

Oh, and there’s one MORE thing Gordon has insisted you receive …

If you register for the 4 Weeks to B2B Mastery Virtual Workshop today, Gordon is going to include a potentially priceless bonus video …

It’ll reveal one, very simple step that you can use to generate thousands of extra dollars in revenue per year for you … using your white papers or other B2B content … with hardly any extra effort.

It’s a little trick Gordon likes to call “repurposing” — and it can increase your project income, get you additional copywriting work, and position you as a go-to expert with your client.

Master Insight #6

“An effective white paper must be very well-researched and carefully argued, so doing one is like climbing a mountain. When you’re finished, you see something few people ever see: you stand on that mountaintop and take in an incredible view.”

— Gordon Graham

Plus, it’ll save you hours and hours of valuable time, while making you more money and increasing your productivity.

He’ll show you how to repurpose one piece of content (like a white paper) and convert it into five other types, using actual samples from a real client project.

Plus, he’ll give you a master list and a unique “pyramid” graphic that instantly reveals which types of content can be repurposed into what…

And he will point out the two best times to propose repurposing, either as a bargaining chip or a value-add (in a way that DOESN’T feel one bit like selling)…

Again, this generous bonus alone could be worth thousands of dollars in extra (and mostly effortless) work for you.

But …

If you don’t know how to find, land, and work with clients … then charge appropriate fees … all of the things I’ve just told you about will be practically useless.

That’s why we’ve added an all-important “Business-Building Week” to the 4 Weeks to B2B Mastery Virtual Workshop

Two full sessions JUST on building your business, getting clients, pricing your services, and MORE.

Week #4: Business-Building Master Classes Two Full Classes on Pricing Your Services, Landing Clients, Self-Marketing, and Building Your Business with Ilise Benun and Ed Gandia

Ilise Benun
  • Business expert for the “creatively self-employed”
  • Author of AWAI’s Simplest Guide to Pricing Copy Projects
  • Author of 7+ business books, including The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money and The Art of Self Promotion
  • Host of the popular online course, “Command the Fees You Deserve”
  • Sought-after speaker, including presentations for AWAI’s Bootcamp, the American Marketing Association, and the International Association of Business Leaders

If you’re like most freelance copywriters, you’ve probably wondered, “How much should I charge for my copywriting services?”

Pricing your services can sometimes feel baffling … quoting projects can feel scary … and guesstimating your fees can mean you’re leaving good money on the table.

That’s why Ilise Benun — founder of Marketing Mentor and author of AWAI’s Simplest Guide to Pricing Copy Projects — is on deck to help!

In Ilise’s Master Class, The Art & Science of Pricing: 4 Strategies to Command Top Fees, you’ll discover her tried-and-true methods for pricing copy projects AND getting clients to happily pay your fees.

She’ll teach you …

  • How to figure out what you must charge … and exactly what you’re “worth” …
  • What it takes to price your services confidently …
  • How to “talk numbers” without hesitation …
  • How to negotiate the best fees for yourself, while keeping your client’s needs in mind …
  • And MUCH more.

Plus, you’ll be able to ask her ANY questions you have in the process!

And that’s just the beginning of “Business-Building Week” …

To tie everything together, you’ll have Ed Gandia on board to show you how to land your first round of clients …

Ed Gandia
  • Has been writing in B2B for 12 years
  • Founding partner of the International Freelancer’s Academy and International Freelancer’s Day
  • Co-author of the award-winning book, The Wealthy Freelancer
  • Host of the popular High-Income Business Writing podcast
  • Author of two AWAI programs, Writing Case Studies: How to Make a Great Living by Helping Clients Tell Their Stories and How to Write White Papers that Command Top Fees

If there’s anyone who could be called a master of building a freelance business, it’s Ed Gandia.

Not only is he a Master B2B Copywriter, Ed is an expert on “transitioning successfully from employee to self-employed,” having made the leap from zero to six-figures in just 27 months himself — without putting his family or financial future at risk.

He’s successfully coached hundreds of B2B copywriters just like you through landing their first several clients and scaling up their businesses after.

But this isn’t going to be your run-of-the-mill coaching experience …

Ed’s approach to launching a freelance B2B copywriting business is totally unique. He’ll get you focused on getting quick wins and generating momentum fast so you’re naturally inspired to keep going.

He’ll use the power of his incredible experience and behavioral science to boost your self-confidence, inspire more action, and generate real results.

And you’ll get to sit in on a full, three-hour session with this business-building master!

He’s going to walk you through a concentrated, “no-fluff,” step-by-step plan he teaches his individual coaching students … the very same steps he’s spent years perfecting.

In his How to Land Your First Set of Clients with Short Prospecting Emails Master Class, you will learn to …

  • Bring your real, unique value to the surface, making your services extra attractive while marketing yourself …
  • Develop a powerful “value statement” you can use on your website and while talking with prospective clients …
  • Tap your own network of contacts for client referrals and direct opportunities …
  • Assemble your “highest-chance” prospect list …
  • Craft short but powerful prospecting emails that get responses …
  • Manage your first conversation with a prospect like a pro …
  • And, you’ll get quick wins early on in the game that will give you confidence and effortless inspiration!

And of course, Ed will be coaching you LIVE so you can ask him any questions you have about self-marketing or landing clients.

Bottom line?

You’ll have a very clear and “doable” action plan for landing your first two to three new clients!

Master Insight #7

“Once you have some domain knowledge or a specialty and your basic writing skills in place, it’s not hard to attract clients. B2B clients are starving for good writers and good storytellers. They really are.”

— Gordon Graham

This “Business-Building Week” — six full hours of coaching and Q&A time with Ed and Ilise — absolutely blows the value of this workshop off the charts …

Not just because Ed has said he would have to charge $2,000-$4,000 to give this training one-on-one …

Or because Ilise regularly charges $250 per hour for her guidance on pricing services and negotiating with clients …

But because of how incredibly valuable this training is going to be for the future of your business.

After all, you can have all the copy skills in the world … but without the skills to find and land clients, your business won’t be very successful!

And they’ve both graciously agreed to give their best advice to you in their own individual Master Classes.

Three Paying Clients and All the Confidence I Need

“When I started with Ed, I had zero paid clients, no solid leads, and no confidence that I could actually make it at as a freelancer. I just finished my last session with Ed a few weeks ago and now I have three paying clients and my confidence is through the roof. Ed showed me what I was doing wrong and gently guided me to a more effective version of my business (and myself). With Ed, I got more than a coach, I got a mentor.”

— Kent Bridgeman
Chicago, IL

$80,000 in Revenue Thanks to Ed

“Ed managed to kick-start my stagnant B2B writing business. He’s a warm, smart, and motivating guy who shares everything he knows — and really cares about his students’ real-world results. The [new client I landed] will result in probably $80,000 in revenue.”

— Dan O’Brien
Austin, TX

A Game Changer

"Ed's coaching was a game changer for me. It helped me to realize that I wasn't running my business, but instead, it was running me. It was through Ed's ideas, shared experiences, and suggestions that I was able to get a handle on things, and start to put together a strategic plan for turning my business around. Since working with Ed, my business has evolved, and continues to evolve to this day."

— Tim Dietrich
Midlothian, VA

But it gets even better …

You Don’t Have to Wait ‘til August 2nd for the Excitement to Begin …

Register Now, and Your Master Class Experience Starts Today!

I mentioned earlier that if you’re brand-new to B2B or copywriting, you shouldn’t pass this opportunity up …

That’s because there’s yet another bonus I’ve lined up for you … something that’s perfect for any aspiring or up-and-coming B2B copywriter …

A special gift from your host, Steve Slaunwhite, who has generously agreed to GIVE you his Principles of B2B Copywriting course — a 3-part webinar series that will get you up to speed on the basics of B2B copywriting in just over 90 minutes.

The Principles of B2B Copywriting series is designed to give you the basic foundation you’ll need to make the most out of this workshop.

You’ll learn the underlying principles of good B2B copy from Steve Slaunwhite, including …

  • A basic understanding of what B2B is all about …
  • Where you — the very important B2B copywriter — fit into the long, eventful sales cycle …
  • Examples of typical B2B marketing pieces …
  • The 3 ways the business buyer’s mindset is different, and how to appeal to their “split personality” in your writing. (Do this, and you’ll look like a pro from the get-go!)
  • Basic B2B writing techniques — the foundation of solid copywriting, including the twin pillars of B2B persuasion to always keep in mind, no matter what type of project you’re working on …
  • How to write the way business buyers talk — and why this conversational approach is good news for you …
  • The most important and most common types of copywriting projects, where they land in the sales cycle, and the most lucrative projects that will also help your client make more sales …
  • And MUCH more …

Whether you’re just starting out or want a quick refresher, this 3-part webinar series is an excellent foundation for good B2B copy. It’ll get you up to speed quickly so you can get the most out of the rest of your Master Class experience.

Plus, it means you can get started on your B2B “fast track” adventure right away … and get a head start on building up the skills you need.

Steve’s Principles of B2B Copywriting normally sells for $500 …

But, if you’re one of the 125 lucky (and fast) enough to be a part of this exclusive Master Class series, you won’t pay another dime for it.

It’s yours to have and keep for FREE, forever.

Again, this instant bonus is worth $500 on its own.

Now, you’re probably wondering by now how much this hands-on workshop is going to cost.

As you know, professional one-on-one training does not come cheap.

It’s not uncommon for professionals to charge up to $2,000 per hour to be in a room with them, just to pick their brains.

In fact, I asked each of the experts what it would cost to get just three hours of hands-on training with them, exactly like the sessions you’re going to get.

Not surprisingly, 7 of the 8 said they don’t offer it because of their busy schedules … but if they did 

Bob Bly said he’d charge $1,500 for three hours …

Casey Hibbard said $1,200 …

Ilise Benun and Casey Demchak were at $750 …

Gordon Graham and Michael Katz were both at $1,000 …

Ed Gandia regularly charges $4,000 for what you’ll learn …

Steve Slaunwhite said it’d be over $2,000 …

Add them all up and it’s well over $10,000!

And remember, that’s just for their time …

As a Participant in the 4 Weeks to B2B Mastery Virtual Workshop, You’ll Get Structured, Hands-On Training in Each of the Most Lucrative and Crucial Projects in B2B

Plus, you’re going to get in-depth guidance on landing clients …

Learn how to price your services with confidence …

The chance to ask all the questions you have throughout the whole event …

The opportunity to have your work reviewed by working writers …

AND Steve’s Principles of B2B Copywriting (a $500 value on its own) …

So, what is your investment for this exclusive Master Class series?

Well, it won’t be the $10,000 these writers would normally charge for their time …

Nor will it be the $5,000 professional training events like this regularly cost writers like you … writers who are serious about getting the laser-focused training that can result in a six-figure freelance income.

(That’s not even mentioning the thousands you’ll save on airfare, room and board, and restaurant meals by attending virtually … )

In fact, the full price for all eight B2B Master Classes … the generous bonuses … and professional feedback on your writing exercises …

Is only $3,495.

Honestly, just attending one of these classes would be worth that in time saved … increased income … and the ability to write better copy that gets you repeat projects more often.

If you’re on board … and you know you want LIVE guidance through launching your B2B copywriting career …

And you can see the value in having a Dream Team of eight of the most respected and recognized Master Copywriters in the industry with you, teaching you their very best techniques …

Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

This type of live Master Class experience has been in demand for so long, I really doubt we’ll have any trouble selling every one of the 125 seats.

So if you want in … now is your chance.

Register Now — Only 125 Tickets Available!

Your Investment is 100% Risk-Free with AWAI’s “12x Industry Standard” Money-Back Guarantee

I hope you can see how valuable this workshop is going to be … and how everything I’ve just shown you is going to fulfill my promise of transforming you into a professional B2B copywriter in a matter of four weeks.

I’m so confident this workshop will be one of the major turning points in your career … if not THE turning point … that I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get in.

That means making sure your investment today is 100% risk-free with this unprecedented guarantee:

Sign Up Today and Enjoy All of the Pre-Event Bonus Materials

Then, come to the first day’s session. Get a feel for what the Master Class series is going to be like, and get your questions answered.

If you DON’T agree the very first day’s session alone is enough to launch a full, satisfying career … and you DON’T feel the 4 Weeks to B2B Mastery Virtual Workshop will have the power to transform you into a professional B2B copywriter …

Then please give AWAI’s friendly Member Services team a call, or shoot them an email. They will give you a full, 100% refund on your investment … no questions asked … no hidden fees … no strings attached.

Before I leave you to claim your spot, I want to quickly show you how this is all going to work … and sum up the incredible package you’re registering for today …

Here’s How It’s All Going to Work …

When you sign up today, you’re going to get:

  • Instant access to the 3-part, Principles of B2B Copywriting webinar series, so you can start your Master Class experience now (a $500 value) …
  • Eight LIVE, 3-hour sessions on the essential B2B copy projects, including lead-generating sales copy, white papers, case studies, websites, e-newsletters, and blogs … and essential business-building skills … with eight Master B2B Copywriters at your service …
  • Hands-on guidelines for creating pieces you can use in your portfolio … plus professional feedback on four exercises you want to polish and perfect …
  • Gordon Graham’s repurposing content video bonus …
  • A totally unprecedented, 100% money-back guarantee …
  • AND access to your session’s recordings for LIFE.

Once you register, you’ll receive a “Welcome” email from Denise Ford, AWAI’s Events Director. She’ll include all the dates, instructions, and details you’ll need to log in and get started.

You’ll also have the 4 Weeks to B2B Mastery Virtual Workshop added to your myAWAI Member Page. (It’ll be under the “Live Events” section.)

There, you’ll be able to access Steve’s Principles of B2B Copywriting course and his recorded Welcome message to get you started.

Then, mark your calendar for 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time, every Tuesday and Thursday, starting August 2nd and ending on August 25th.

Simply follow the links you’ll receive in Denise’s pre-event emails to enter the virtual classrooms. (Links to live sessions will also be available on your myAWAI Member Page.)

Once the workshop has wrapped up, you’ll be able to submit four exercises of your choice for professional review. (You can submit the writing exercises you want feedback on through a convenient form on your MyAWAI Member Page.)

That’s it! And if you ever have any questions about scheduling, details, or technical problems, we’ll show you how to email Denise or Jade for help.

Register Now!

This is Truly a Life-Changing Experience …

I hope you can see how this Master Class experience has the power to take you from wherever you are today … and give you an incredible foundation for a successful career.

Because when your goal is to become a successful professional copywriter, there’s really only four things you need to do:

  1. Get the basics of B2B copy down — you’ll have that in your crash course, available immediately after you register …
  2. Learn to write the most common projects clients will ask you for — you’ve got the best in the business ready to teach you …
  3. Create samples of your writing to prove you can do it — you’ll get exercises and feedback to help you achieve mastery …
  4. Know how to find, land, and work with clients — thanks to Ed and Ilise’s Business-Building sessions, you’ll be getting quick wins FAST!

That’s it.

Seriously … that’s all it takes!

And here’s the absolute BEST part …

These Master Classes will cure your procrastination — and set you on a clear path to becoming a professional B2B copywriter FAST.

If you’ve wanted to jump into B2B for a while … or you’re brand-new to this area … or you’ve been wanting a leg up with some master-level techniques or new services to provide …

All you have to do is show up to each exciting session, and you WILL get the knowledge you need — no extra studying on your own required.

Each session is happening LIVE — and we’ve purposefully scheduled this workshop so you can take these Master Classes during the summer, and finish the year with a profitable and productive business.   

Just remember … there are ONLY 125 spots available.

Register now … save your spot at this exclusive event … and get ready to skyrocket your career!

To your success,

Rebecca Matter
President, AWAI
Founder, B2B Writing Success

P.S. There’s one more thing I forgot to mention …


The Master Copywriters I’ve introduced you to have ALL been known to hire copywriters whom they have personally trained when they have too much work coming in the door. (Which, thanks to their expert status, is always!)

And I’ve challenged each expert to bring an in-depth training experience that would make them feel comfortable either outsourcing work to you or referring their high-caliber clients to you.

I’m currently planning to give each speaker a directory of the 4 Weeks to B2B Mastery Virtual Workshop attendees … and if you’d like, I’d be happy to put your name in it.

After we’ve seen samples of your work, simply let me know you’re interested in being on the referrals list and it’s a done deal.

Of course, I can’t promise they’ll send you work — that’s up to them. But getting your name in front of the top copywriters in the industry, knowing they have projects up to their ears, is a pretty great spot to be in!

But, you have to attend the workshop in order to be on the referrals list.

Register Today!

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