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12 Issues of the Barefoot Writer

I'm Ready to Be a Well-Paid Writer!

From the Desk of Mindy McHorse, Executive Editor of Barefoot Writer

Mindy McHorse
Executive Editor, Barefoot Writer

Dear Fellow Writer,

Want to be a happy and successful writer?

There are literally dozens of ways to make a living as a writer. You just need to choose the path that’s right for you. And what great choices you have…

Some writing careers pay more than others…

Some require a lot less time to get established…

Other choices have a shorter learning curve…

Still others get you free “perks” like all-expense-paid trips to resorts…

Some writing careers let you write about your favorite hobbies…

And there are some writing careers that are simply a lot of fun — plus you earn a nice income!

From writing online content and social media updates, to video scripts and travel essays, the options for well-paid writing assignments have never been greater.

But how do you start? Which path is best? And what does life really look like for writers already living your dream?

Get the answers (and inspiration)
you need from Barefoot Writer today

Each month, the pages of Barefoot Writer magazine are filled with details about writing opportunities that pay very well and have excellent perks…

You might read about Beverly Hart’s travel writing adventure through Europe’s best museums and chocolate factories… and how she was able to get into many of her feature destinations for free simply because she’s a writer…

Or John Forde’s career writing for financial newsletters… and how this path led him to writing books, living abroad, and becoming a noted speaker in his field…

Or how Robert Rice has used writing to make his acting career possible in New York City… plus how both pursuits have worked together to make him very well-connected in publishing and theater.

“I thought the first issue of Barefoot Writer I read was worth the entire price I paid. Everything else is a great bonus. I’d been a ‘Lone Wolf’ writer for years and I was amazed at how much I enjoyed plugging back into a writing community. Great magazine!”

— Mike Johnson
Wapiti, Wyoming

You see, every part of Barefoot Writer is dedicated to writers who want to make a great living while also actually enjoying themselves and their writer’s lives.

Each digital issue is packed with interviews and stories from writers who are making the most of the flexibility, independence, and freedom that comes with being a writer.

When you subscribe, you’ll find out how these writers discovered how to travel at will… put family time first… and enjoy all of life’s little luxuries (things you’ll be doing too, very soon!).

But for all their playing, the writers you’ll meet here are serious about their writing businesses, too.

Many of them are the breadwinners in their families. So they work just as hard as they play.

“I've been reading Barefoot WriterMagazine since the beginning of the year and I love it! The information and stories you share are the perfect combination of entertaining and educational. And, it's great to hear about the different opportunities that exist for freelance writers.”

— Anna Gressler
Canberra, Australia

It’s not unusual for these Barefoot Writers to bring in $50,000… $75,000… and even $100,000 a year or more from their writing.

So when it’s time to talk business, they don’t pull any punches.

That’s why Barefoot Writer also showcases time-saving resources for writers… gives advice for winning new clients… and talks honestly about the income potential of different writing opportunities each month.

Every value-packed issue contains eye-opening content, from interviews with multimillion-dollar publishers to lists of productivity-enhancing tools writers can use for free.

You’ll soak up useful, real-world knowledge while getting firsthand glimpses into the lives of passionate, committed writers from around the world.

And you can use that knowledge to change your life for the better…

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12 Issues of the Barefoot Writer

Every month, Barefoot Writer brings you over 40 pages of motivation, inspiration, and insight into living your best possible life as a writer.

You’ll see how to get paid well, reach your writing goals, and have more time for your personal life, too.

And right now, you can get 12 months of Barefoot Writer for just $12!

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To your success,

Mindy McHorse
Executive Editor, Barefoot Writer

P.S. One other thing… Barefoot Writer also hosts monthly writing competitions with cash prizes. All subscribers — aspiring and established writers alike — are eligible. You can check out the contest details inside each issue… so get your subscription now.

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