Our Most Important Upgrades to Circle of Success in a Decade — and How They’ll Impact You…

This is your FINAL CHANCE to lock in “Circle” membership at the “old” price … and still enjoy all the NEW benefits, for life.

But you must act quickly — before today’s discounts and payment plans disappear forever … and the cost of Circle of Success more than DOUBLES.

Dear Copywriter,

Katie Yeakle

If you’ve been with AWAI any length of time …

Or you’re serious about becoming an “A-level” copywriter …

You’ve no doubt heard about Circle of Success.

Circle of Success is AWAI’s most comprehensive program — by far.

It’s for people who have made up their minds on becoming a professional copywriter …

And want the kind of personalized learning that can catapult them to the upper echelons of the copywriting world very quickly.

Circle of Success offers EVERYTHING any aspiring copywriter needs to achieve the highest level of success — including:

  • Lifetime access to all AWAI home study and targeted live learning resources…
  • A personalized curriculum and learning path…
  • Structured training in all facets of copywriting…
  • Unlimited writing assignments, with feedback opportunities via professional Peer Reviews and live ‘Hot Seats’…
  • One-on-one mentoring and guidance…
  • Lessons from pro writers and industry influencers…
  • Help building and launching your freelance business…
  • Guidance and support, every step of the way…
  • A lifelong commitment to your success…
  • Professional support your entire career…
  • And much, much more…

Since we introduced it in 2007, hundreds of AWAI members just like you credit this powerful learning experience for propelling them quickly to lucrative and fulfilling copywriting careers.

Circle of Success member Steve Coombes called it his “make or break” moment:

“I had to decide whether I would continue treating copywriting like a hobby or if I was going to make it a serious and a full-fledged business worthy to invest in. And today, I make significantly more money than I did when I worked in IT. Circle of Success has directly contributed and it continues to contribute to my success and my income.”

Julie Hassett told us:

“For me, the benefits began kicking in immediately. I started taking the live courses and getting feedback on my writing right away. And you can just choose any program and get it. That’s a huge help to anyone starting out.”

Marianne Foscarini says Circle of Success is a big reason she’s able to earn more money in retirement than when she was working full time:

“The most valuable AWAI program is whatever I need at the moment to help a client!” she says. “Circle of Success has really been worth the investment for me.”

And Elizabeth Blessing told us this:

“As you know, one of the two Spec Challenges I won was the Clayton Makepeace challenge for Weiss Research. I don't think I would have dared to aspire to something so enormous if it hadn't been for my Circle of Success experience. Thank you and the entire AWAI team for creating a program that truly delivers on such a huge promise.”

Simply put, Circle of Success represents that all-important giant leap from passive learning … to active learning.

Once a member, you’re on a learning path that’s specifically tailored to you and your career objectives.

Your Ascension Begins … Immediately

Within a few days of joining, we’ll get on the phone together to talk about your goals and objectives … your strengths and experience. We’ll help you decide on a niche and a learning path that’s right for you and get you started.

If you already have a niche in mind — we’ll help you map out a game plan … give you the tools … introduce you to a mentor who can help you … and put you on a very specific learning path.

This kind of “guided learning” is the hallmark of Circle membership …

There’s always someone there for you — to coach you … inspire you … push you to the next level …

So, you’re never alone …

Circle of Success, or “COS,” as it’s known, is the pinnacle of hands-on learning.

It is — by far — the fastest and surest way to guarantee your success as a professional copywriter.

You have access to live, instructor-led learning programs where you master all aspects of copywriting.

You’ll be writing for real clients and real products.

You’re guided by working copywriters — and you’ll get personal, professional feedback on your ideas and writing.

With the help of industry professionals, you’ll have an opportunity to build up an “A-level” portfolio of writing.

You’ll have a mentor — someone you can contact anytime …

You’ll have lifetime access to any home study resource, whenever you need it.

You have AWAI’s assurance that we’ll “stick with you” until you’ve reached the level of success you want to achieve, no matter how much time you need to get there.

When it’s time, we’ll help you launch your business … set up your website … put together a personal marketing package … and help you find the clients you want to write for.

And the benefits don’t stop once you’ve “made it” as a copywriter.

That’s because Circle of Success is a lifetime commitment from us to you.

So not only is every new home study and learning program we create yours for the taking, you have unlimited access to continuing support and education throughout your entire writing career.

I’ll tell you how all these benefits work together to give you the ultimate learning experience in a moment.

But first, here’s something else that’s especially true about Circle of Success …

Every Year, the Benefits Grow and Grow

We’re constantly adding new programs, new benefits, new and more levels of intimate one-on-one learning.

And this year is no exception.

In fact,

2018 will see the biggest and most profound changes in Circle of Success … ever!

That’s why there will never be a better time to become a Circle of Success member than TODAY …

Not just because of the massive savings (which I’ll explain later) …

But also, because you get to be among the very first to benefit from some very major upgrades and additions to the program.

For instance …

A Brand-New Professional Learning Track …

We’re completely overhauling how you learn to write “A-level” copy.

In short, we’ve created a brand-new Learning Track that’s a virtual “mirror image” of the in-house training program at major companies like Agora publishing — the biggest and most successful information publisher in the world, with over $1 billion in sales.

Best of all, you won’t have to quit your job … move to a new city … and work 12-hour days …

You can get this high-level “masters” education from the comfort of your home — on your own schedule.

You master each element of the sales letter one element at a time — and get feedback every step of the way.

I’ll explain more about this new initiative soon …

But we have other enhancements to the learning process as well. Like …

Monthly “Mastermind” Sessions …

These live, online learning events further our commitment to providing Circle of Success members with ongoing and up-to-the minute learning.

“Mastermind” Sessions will focus on three areas crucial to your success:

Motivator Sessions where we’ll share concrete ways to help you get to the next level, so you’re never standing still when it comes to learning or advancing your success …

Skill Building where we’ll pull back the curtain on current successful marketing campaigns so you can see everything that went into making them successful — from how the “Big Idea” was generated … to all the written components and the strategy that made it successful.

Getting Clients and Business Building — where you’ll see new trends in direct-response and learn how to capitalize … discover where the up-to-the-minute demand is … who’s charging what for what kind of work … ways to boost your production … run your business more efficiently … and much more.

These sessions will be priceless for copywriters at any level.

And believe me when I say …

You are likely to get as much — or more — of an education in direct-response copywriting out of these sessions than all the “academic” learning you’ll ever do!

And like so many of the specialized copywriting and business-building programs in Circle of Success — they’re only available to members.

But there’s more …

New Online “Study Rooms” …

Another brand-new benefit of Circle of Success is something we’re calling “Study Rooms.”

Think of these as an online “academic library” especially for copywriters — a place where you can go and find hundreds of writing tools through a series of online “Study Rooms.”

For instance, we’re creating a special room dedicated exclusively to research …

Where you not only discover powerful research techniques from some of the best researchers in our business … but you’ll also have access to a long list of links and resources you can use to find ammo for your promos across all kinds of niches …

Another “room” we have planned is a “Live Promotions” room, where you’ll find the Ultimate Swipe File with up-to-the-minute links to new and successful promos … along with a complete analysis as to why they’re so successful.

We’re also working on a special “Idea Incubator Room” — where you’ll learn new techniques for unearthing and recognizing new Big Ideas for your own sales promotions. You’ll gain insights from master Big Idea thinkers like Robert Caldini, Malcolm Gladwell, Daniel Goleman, “reverse innovation” creator Vijay Govindarajan, and others …

You’ll also learn proven copywriter-specific idea generation techniques, like Mike Palmer’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” strategy and others.

But there’s more still …

Chapter Meetings — Coming to a Town Near You!

Another idea we’re working on is live Circle of Success “Chapter Meetings” in cities across United States, Canada, Europe — wherever Circle of Success members are.

It’ll be a great opportunity to get together … meet one another … celebrate our successes.

We’ll invite a special guest to give a talk. Perhaps an “A-level” copywriter to discuss a new technique he or she has discovered … or a marketer to talk about the kind of writing his niche of the industry needs right now … or …

When we can, we’ll invite some potential clients in search of new writers to “pitch” their companies, maybe leave you with a Spec Assignment.

We’ll have refreshments, maybe even meet for a cocktail afterwards.

And of course, the entire event will be free for Circle of Success members — just one more perk to add to the list.

Here’s another new idea we’re initiating right away …

Monthly “Copy Hot Seats”

One of the best ways to understand how to write strong copy is to participate in what we like to call “Copywriting Hot Seats.”

That’s where a writer — maybe you, or one of your colleagues — submits an “in progress” headline and lead for review by a panel of professional copywriters who together “brainstorm” ways to make the copy stronger.

Listening to these sessions offers new writers insights into copywriting and how Big Ideas are born that you simply can’t get anywhere else.

And there’s only one rule: no negativity.

Just positive constructive ways to turn so-so copy into great copy.

COS A Lifelong Learning Partnership

“Copy Hot Seats” …

Professional Learning Tracks …

Chapter Meetings …

“Masterminds” …

Online “Study Rooms” …

These are some of the BRAND-NEW benefits you’ll see this year as a Circle of Success member — even if you join now at this “last time” cheaper, old price.

They offer new ways to learn …

New ways to stay on top of our ever-changing (and highly lucrative) industry …

New ways to meet important players and influencers who can have an immediate and lasting impact on your career.

It’s all part of AWAI’s commitment to make Circle of Success bigger and better — and the ultimate resource for professional copywriters …

That means giving you more access …

More personalized attention …

More feedback on your writing …

More help building up your portfolio …

More help marketing your writing services …

More help matching you with the right clients …

Of course, it also means — as Circle of Success grows and becomes more “hands-on” — the cost of delivering this level of personalized training goes up.

Which is why, next time we extend an invitation to Circle of Success and many of these new benefits are up and running — we will have no choice but to raise the price of Circle of Success by thousands of dollars.

But as we do before any major price increase — we like to give our most serious people one last chance to get in at today’s much lower price …

And that’s what this invitation is:

Your final chance to sign up for Circle of Success at the current price — and still be entitled to all the new and enhanced benefits we’re constantly adding to the program.

Again, I’ll explain it all in just a moment.

But first — let me take a few moments now to show you how your life will be transformed from the moment you step up to this ultimate learning level.

Circle of Success: Personalized Training That Begins Now… and Continues Your Entire Career

I’ll start off with one of the benefits central to the Circle of Success experience …

It’s a benefit members absolutely love … and you get access the instant you join:

Free Lifetime Access to EVERY Home-Study Resource AWAI Publishes

Now, just so there’s no misunderstanding about what this benefit includes:

I’m talking about the complete library of AWAI-published writing and career-building products — from our advanced Masters Program … to our niche specialty writing programs … to our getting-clients resources … to any products we develop in coming years — for as long as you’re a Circle of Success member.

If you’ve been on the AWAI website and clicked on the “products” link, you know that the list of AWAI programs and resources we’ve created over the years is substantial.

Everything you need to be successful in any niche you choose is there — from financial publishing to health products, to lifestyle to the many specialties you can explore in the Business-to-Business world …

There are resources that will help you write more clearly… build up your freelance business… land top clients. There are books, and guides, and templates…

In fact, if you were to log on to our website right now and buy every program and resource we publish — it would cost you more than $40,000.

But as a Circle of Success member — you get lifetime access to these and every new resource we publish — free, for the rest of your life.

(For the full list, be sure to see the Summary of Benefits Booklet, which will open in a new window when you click here.

Please have a look.)

Why do we offer Circle of Success members lifetime access to everything?

Because, when you make the decision to step up to this, our highest level of learning, you’re telling us and the industry you’re ready to become a major player.

And, given the enormous demand for new, eager and qualified writers — we want to make sure you have everything you need to be successful.

With Circle of Success, you simply log on to your “COS Member Page” — choose what you want … and you get it instantly.

Of course, access to all of this gives you — and your mentor — immense flexibility when it comes to your progress.

In effect, it means you never stop learning… never stop growing your freelance business and income.

For instance, if you’re struggling with an aspect of your writing, your mentor might suggest an AWAI resource that can help you.

Or, if you want to try out a secondary niche — like the highly lucrative and very in-demand Business-to-Business (B2B) sector — you’re free to explore simply by logging on to your Circle of Success web page and selecting the introductory program, Introduction to the B2B Market …

If you like what you see, you can go “all-in” and study the more detailed programs, B2B Writing Success: The Complete Guide to Making Money as a Top B2B Writer … and Secrets of Writing High-Performance B2B Copy.

Then you can ratchet up your skills even further by mastering all the most lucrative “sub-niches” within the B2B realm by learning how to write case studies or white papers or video scripts and so on.

And then, start building your business with programs like, How to Land Great B2B Clients Fast in Just 6 Easy Steps and How to Price, Quote, and Win B2B Writing Projects. (All of these home study programs are yours as part of your COS membership.)

And it’s not just B2B, of course…

Over the past 20 years, AWAI has created and is constantly adding and updating skill and business-building programs in the areas of Web Writing, Health Writing, Financial Writing, Self-Publishing — even a variety of Home-Writing Businesses where you can use your persuasive-writing skills to generate a five- or six-figure income in your spare time.

In short, if there’s a writing specialty or niche that needs copywriters and lets you make good money writing from anywhere in the world — AWAI has a program that helps you master it.

And just remember:

  • As a Circle of Success member, every AWAI program, book, guide, and learning resource you see is “yours for the asking.”
  • Plus, you get any new programs created by AWAI absolutely free… for as long as you’re a COS member.
  • Plus you get the deepest discounts possible on other live industry events and products where AWAI partners with outside experts.

Many Circle of Success members have told us they loved having the confidence knowing if there was a resource they needed, all they had to do was log on and access it.

Julia Borgini says having access to everything “removes the stress” …

“Having a one-stop shop for all this wonderful information is perfect. It removes any of the stress I might have whenever a client asks me about something I've not written before, and gives me the confidence to suggest projects to them because I've already read up on that project type. It lets me build up my skill set at my own pace, and makes sure that I'm current on all the latest trends in copywriting.”

Christina Gillick told us:

“I've often described Circle of Success as ‘an instant fear eraser’ because of my favorite COS benefit: access to ALL of the AWAI products. That single perk gave me immediate confidence to take on almost any project. I knew, no matter what type of copy a client requested, I could instantly download a quality program, learn what I needed to know, and deliver impressive results every time!”

Says Deb Monfette:

“Having access to a wide selection of free courses that are updated, as well as new courses, is invaluable in building the skills needed to move ahead.”

A Free Pass to the Copywriter Event of the Year

Of course, another massive benefit to becoming a Circle of Success member today is admission to two Bootcamps… absolutely free.

At the regular price, that alone is a $5,000 value.

Every year we jam-pack Bootcamp with dozens of expert presentations, often running in succession from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. at night.

You get to see and hear specific writing tips, the latest in what’s working in today’s market, big-picture insights, and new ways to win and work with the clients of your dreams — all from the industry’s top copywriters and marketers.

There’s the powerful networking aspect of Bootcamp — the chance to meet one-on-one with many of the heavyweights of our industry.

Imagine renewing acquaintances each year with Clayton Makepeace… catching up over a drink at the bar with AWAI Co-Founder and copywriter Paul Hollingshead… or direct-response legend Mark Ford… talking about your latest project with Rebecca Matter and Nick Usborne… or getting advice from the many, many successful AWAI and Circle of Success members who keep coming back to Bootcamp year after year…

And, speaking of networking — nothing can propel your career ahead farther and faster than our hugely popular Job Fair…

Job Fair is an “event within the event” where marketers from our industry descend upon Delray Beach every year for one reason:

To meet you and to land their next copywriting superstar.

As word gets out, more and more marketers join them every year. Why?

It goes back to a sentiment we echo often here at AWAI:

Given all the new copy that needs to be written in this era of Internet Marketing and e-commerce, top marketers can never have enough writers …

And, where better to find new, eager, promising writers they can mold into superstars than Bootcamp, where the most enthusiastic, aspiring writers gather every year, looking for that all-important big break!

That’s why we save a handful of spots especially for Circle of Success members at every Bootcamp. Just let us know you want to come and we’ll reserve your seat.

Plus, as a “Circle” member, you get special perks at Bootcamp … like special lunches, cocktail events, and Master Class sessions.

Another big benefit of attending Bootcamp as a Circle of Success member: Exclusive “early and first” access to Job Fair — when it’s not so busy and you can talk longer and more in-depth with the marketers there who interest you most.

COS members get this special attention, because we know you’re committed to your success — and we want to do everything we can to help you.

I have entire file drawers full of notes and letters from AWAI members who credit the one-two punch of COS and Bootcamp for launching their writing careers …

Take Steve Coombes, the COS member I told you about earlier…

Steve Coombes

He told us his big break came after he attended his first AWAI FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair, where he wrote a spec sales letter for The Healthy Back Institute… which ultimately led to his first paid writing assignment:

“When I went to Bootcamp, it was like a rocket. I literally took off in this business and I have not slowed down at all.”

COS member Starr Daubenmire told us Bootcamp gave her the kick-start she needed:

“For me, Bootcamp was a true turning point. I knew on the very first day of Bootcamp that I had made the right decision. At Job Fair, I felt like a kid in a candy store.

“My life has done a complete 180 since I attended my first Bootcamp. And it was so dramatic and rewarding that I wouldn’t dare miss an opportunity to attend again. For me, Bootcamp made my dreams possible. It was far more than I was expecting.”

Malcolm Smith, as well:

“My first Bootcamp was what really got my career moving. I made tremendous contacts there… I also landed a Spec Assignment from the Job Fair that turned into a second assignment. And I still go back to the handouts and notes from that Bootcamp. It’s more than paid for itself several times over.”

And Roy Furr, who’s emerged as one of the top copywriters working today:

“My first AWAI Bootcamp launched my copywriting career and was worth $42,964 within 12 months… Within one week of my second AWAI Bootcamp, I had $26,000 worth of new projects… And, of course I’m going again— because this is the smartest investment you can make in your copywriting career… PERIOD!

“When it comes to royalties (which have added up well into the five-figures since my first Bootcamp), I can confidently say… Most of the royalties I’ve earned in the past couple of years have been ‘insider secrets’ I picked up from the presenters at AWAI Bootcamps.”

Another great example is Circle of Success member Jon Stoltzfus, who recently negotiated a six-figure retainer deal with Dent Research … AND collected his first $100,000+ royalty payment — all while holding down his “day job” as an aerospace engineer!

As he told us:

Bootcamp was a defining moment for me,” Jon says. “I won a spec [Copy Challenge] and that client sent me to another AWAI event where I met my second client. Everything just cascaded from there. Quite literally the first Spec Assignment I did has directly led to every contract since.”

Granted — the personalized training … the new benefits … access to over $40,000 worth of resources … two free Bootcamps … plus all the VIP treatment you’ll receive are reason enough to consider Circle of Success membership …

But, it’s only the beginning.

Another massive benefit of Circle of Success is all the in-depth, customized, LIVE training you get — and an entire team of personal mentors to help you at every stage of your learning — as well as when you’re ready to land your first client.

Barb Hume

The first person you’ll hear from is Barb Hume, your COS Liaison.

She’ll walk you through your COS Member Page, your roadmap and learning center — complete with all the programs and resources you now have free access to — and give you important dates for your orientation and future online classes.

Barb’s also your central “contact person,” in case you have any questions about your COS membership … need help accessing any of the benefits … or would like any additional information related to the niche you’ve chosen.

Your Live “Career Action Plan” Call

Next, we’ll contact you to schedule your Career Action Plan (CAP) phone call … the first of your “mentoring” calls where we’ll talk about your goals and objectives and lay out a learning path specifically for you.

This is where you’ll have a conversation with one of our professional, working copywriters … perhaps even AWAI President Rebecca Matter or me … so we can get to know you better …

  • Your areas of interest…
  • Your life and work experiences…
  • Your strengths…
  • Your income objectives…
  • Your writing experience…
  • And a lot more.

At the same time, you can ask us questions, like:

  • Where are the best opportunities right now?
  • Where is the greatest demand?
  • Who and what niches pay the most?
  • Where am I most needed?

After we talk, we’ll map out the best learning plan for you — and put together a written “Career Action Plan” tailored specifically for you…

Meet Your Team of COS Mentors

We’ll also explain how the mentoring process works for COS members.

Personal Mentoring means you can reach out to a professional copywriter or marketing expert anytime you’re not sure which step to take next … where your focus needs to be at any given time … if you want to change niches … or focus on a specific copywriting skill but you’re not sure of the steps to take.

Your “Strategic Learning Partner”

Think of your mentor as your “strategic partner” — someone who’ll be there by your side throughout your learning experience… encouraging you, pushing you to succeed, giving you confidence in knowing that anytime you need something — someone will be there for you.

And, just so we’re clear…

The folks you’ll be working with aren’t just some hastily trained “hired hands” waiting to hear from you…

People Who Know the Journey You’re On

The mentors you’ll be working with are successful working copywriters and marketers… people who know the business… who understand the niches you’ve chosen… who know the journey you’re on firsthand… and are committed to helping you succeed

Like Circle of Success graduate Pam Foster. Before joining AWAI as our Director of Copywriting Training, Pam successfully fashioned a six-figure writing career following her passion for animals and the pet industry.

Or Charlotte Hicks, another Circle member who now writes web copy, sales letters, newsletters, and SEO optimized web copy for the B2B market — and who now serves as AWAI’s Managing Editor of …

Or Heather Robson, Managing Editor of Heather is a wealth of information, having written everything from financial copy with legend Clayton Makepeace … to health copy alongside our own AWAI Co-Founder, the late Don Mahoney.

You could be speaking with me … or my AWAI partner, Rebecca Matter, who’s recognized as one of the top web-writing experts in the country and who’s responsible for our overall web-marketing strategies here at AWAI …

Or you may be in touch with Paul Hollingshead, another AWAI Co-Founder, who’s worked with many, many Circle of Success members over the years — particularly with those leaning towards a career in writing financial copy…

Or Denise Ford — the remarkable woman responsible for making each AWAI annual Bootcamp better than the previous one — and someone who knows our industry (and the influential players in it) like no one else…

Or Gary HennerbergCircle of Success member and six-figure copywriter with a long list of clients from many niches, famous for selling millions of fruitcakes by repositioning them in a series of brilliant marketing pieces as “Native Texas Pecan Cakes”…

Or Will Newman, COS’s Master Instructor, who teaches many of the online courses you and your fellow Circle of Success members will be encouraged to take — and who writes an exclusive blog for COS members …

Or any of the many successful copywriters and marketers we know who are happy and eager to share their experience and insights with you.

Your mentors can answer any questions you have at any point of the learning process …

They’ll let you know what skill you should be learning next … and the best programs and practices to help you learn it …

Your mentor can also help you get anything you write “peer reviewed” — which is a proven “positive feedback” technique many marketing organizations use to make copy stronger, leaner, and more effective.

Your mentor can also put you in contact with people who can help you advance your skills — or land that first job when the time is right.

Your COS mentor will always be there for you — whenever you’re stuck, confused, frustrated, or wanting to know where to go next.

They’ll keep you motivated and moving in the right direction …

No longer will you ever have the feeling you’re “going it alone.”

It’s a level of comfort you’ll have that will certainly make the learning process not only easier — but far more enjoyable and productive, as well.

So …

With your Career Action Plan in place from your very first call … access to all the resources available to you — and confidence in knowing you have a mentor you can contact anytime you have questions or need guidance …

It’s time to start learning the writing and research skills you’ll need to have to compete at the highest levels of our industry.

Now, Your Skill-Building Begins…

And, it all begins with COS’s Targeted Learning Programs — a series of university-level, online, instructor-led “deep dives” into the four key components of a direct-response sales letter.

Targeted Learning is the most comprehensive online “classroom” on sales letter writing offered anywhere.

It’s available only to Circle of Success members.

It’s your definitive “live” program for learning exactly how to structure a direct-response promotion …

You’ll know how to write each element of a professional sales letter from start to finish.

You’ll discover how “A-level” copywriters do their research and uncover those all-powerful Big Ideas every successful sales promotion MUST be built upon.

You’ll find out how top writers “connect” with their readers and establish that all-important trust.

You’ll understand how to “talk” to your prospect in a conversational tone — and write with unparalleled clarity.

You’ll learn techniques the very best copywriters use to ratchet up excitement line by line, paragraph by paragraph — until your reader can’t wait to buy your product.

As you can imagine, there’s a lot of ground to cover here …

Which is why we’ve broken Targeted Learning into four highly focused, 10-week sessions where you begin with the headline — and study every aspect of the sales letter right down to the close of the letter.

Those sessions begin in May … but that doesn’t mean you’ll be sitting on your hands until then.

After your CAP call and your orientation into Circle of Success membership, you can take part in a very special four-week program in April we’ve put together for you called The Power to Persuade: The Art of Persuasive Writing.

This is where, among other things, you’ll unlock the “secret structure” of every sales letter and learn to write with much greater focus and clarity.

You’ll study Mark Ford’s breakthrough “Architecture of Persuasion,” where he takes you step-by-step through the relationship you have with your reader at every stage of the sales letter.

We’ll also give you a reading list of classic direct-response books that will prepare you for the learning ahead.

We’ll encourage you to connect with your fellow Circle members on our exclusive Facebook page, explore the Circle of Success web page, check out the hundreds of resources, and run through The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting if you haven’t already.

Before you know it, it’ll be May, and time to dive headlong into your Targeted Learning Programs …

  • The Secrets Behind the Captivating Headline — where you learn the indispensable skill of research, the art to finding and fine-tuning your promotion’s “Big Idea” — and turning it into a powerful headline that grabs your reader’s attention and never lets go…
  • Mastering the Irresistible Lead — where you make a powerful promise that connects your reader to the product you’re selling… and begin to establish that all-important trust that must exist between you and your reader…
  • Loading Your Letter with Proof and Credibility — where, through examples, stories and anecdotes, you demonstrate that your product can deliver what you’re promising, making sure every claim you make is supported with undeniable proof…
  • The Ultimate “Close” — Getting Your Reader to Take Immediate Action — where you sum up all the benefits, make your offer, give (and justify) the price, and lay to rest any lingering doubts, questions, and concerns your reader may have… and, most importantly, get them to take action!

Mastering these skills is vital to your success, so it shouldn’t be rushed …

That’s why we suggest you set aside between six to 10 weeks for each targeted module — so you can get a firm grasp of the material … do the necessary reading, research, and writing … and participate in the online peer reviews … until you’ve mastered each session.

To make it easy for you, we offer each of these sessions three times per year — January to April … May to August … and September to December.

That way, you can take them whenever you want … in any order you want … as many times as you want.

Just remember …

The skills you’ll learn through Targeted Learning will serve as the foundation for everything you do as a copywriter the rest of your career.

And members love it.

Circle of Success member Ricki Linksman recently told me:

Targeted Learning is the best part of Circle of Success.

“It’s like enrolling in an at-home university to learn all aspects of copywriting (from) the world's leading copywriters.

“Each instructor has been caring, dedicated, and committed to my success. In every course, program, webinar, and training, the instructors have taken me by the hand, guiding me to put into practice what they teach, taking us from novice to pro in the shortest time.

“The amount of help I have received from mentoring calls, live questions and answers on webinars, email responses, peer reviews and feedback to my work, and in some cases, even phone calls, far exceed the cost of being a member.”

Thomas Coalson is another huge fan of Targeted Learning:

COS is an enormous package offering the most comprehensive set of copywriting tools, education, support and camaraderie to be found anywhere…

“But if I were to single out one feature, it would have to be the training courses available only to COS members. Taught by some real heavyweights in the copywriting industry, it’s a tour de force of copywriting tips and tricks, as well as the copywriting secrets you’ll find nowhere else.

“The copy reviews are like getting one-on-one instruction from the industry’s best. That alone makes the COS membership worth its weight in gold.

“I’d recommend it to anyone (newbie, or seasoned old hand) that wants to get their copywriting business off the ground or kick it in to high gear.”

But your education on “A-level” copywriting doesn’t stop with Targeted Learning by any means …

New Skills You’ll Need to Compete at the Highest Level

Next, you’ll be encouraged to enroll in one of our most popular learning experiences that we simply call Advanced Training.”

Advanced Training is by far AWAI’s most important and ambitious educational initiative yet.

It’s a multi-faceted program developed specifically to give you the knowledge every copywriter working in today’s internet era must know — like how to write lift notes, internet ads, landing pages, stick letters …

I’m talking about all the in-demand “specialty writing projects” associated with Internet Marketing.

For instance …

Chances are, your client will want you to turn that sales letter you just wrote into an online Video Sales Letter, otherwise known as a “VSL.”

It’s important you know how.

You’ll most certainly be asked to write several “lift” emails that “tease” your sales letter to your main file of readers. (A critical skill that can boost your letter’s response dramatically … )

If your sales letter will be promoted online — through Google, Facebook, or the Ad Networks — you’ll want to know how to write small but highly effective teaser ads, also known as “click bait,” to get people to read your sales letter …

Some internet Ad Networks require your online ad to lead to an “advertorial” — an informational marketing piece that looks and reads like a news article, but is designed to “send” your reader to your sales letter.

Someday, a client will ask you to write a “Splash Page.” We’ll make sure you know how.

You’ll likely be asked to write a “Welcome” or “stick” letter to people who’ve bought your product or responded to your sales letter … an important technique for building customer loyalty and cutting down on refunds.

If you’re savvy, you’ll have your client offer a “one-click upsell” that promotes a new or complimentary product immediately after your reader has just bought something. You’ll want to offer to write the copy because it can mean more money for you.

There may be another series of emails that lead to a secondary sale — something known in the industry as a “gauntlet series.”

And that’s just a few of the kinds of writing projects you’ll likely be asked to take on these days.

It’s in your best interest to know how to write this stuff — and write it well.

Advanced Training will ensure that’s the case.

It’s project-based learning program where you master each of the 12 key “writing assignments” you’re likely to be asked to write for a typical marketing campaign, by today’s typical marketer.

And, here’s what’s really exciting about it:

You’ll be learning from some of the top names in our business!

So, imagine …




Learning how to write a Video Sales Letter with the help of Clayton Makepeace, one of the pioneers of modern-day VSLs…

How to construct a captive landing page from web-writing guru Nick Usborne

How to write an email campaign with insights from top email marketing specialist Ben Settle




Writing and editing techniques from “A-Level” copywriters Carline Anglade-Cole and Marcella Allison and Bob Bly




Big Idea research insights from one of the greatest Big Idea copywriters of all time, Agora Financial senior copywriter John Forde (who, incidentally, learned to write copy working side-by-side with Agora Founder and copywriting legend Bill Bonner).

Insights on editorial article writing from Steve Sjuggerud, editor of (among others) Daily Wealth, one of the biggest and most popular financial newsletters at Stansberry Research.

Dan Kennedy on how to write highly effective “Welcome” emails.



Rebecca Matter and AWAI Copy Chief (and long-time Agora marketer) Sandy Franks on e-letter ads, advertorials, and gauntlets…

And that’s just to name a few…

Something else these high-level industry clients have offered: “Live” Assignments.

This was an important breakthrough when creating our Advanced Training program…

This was an important breakthrough when creating our Advanced Training program …

Because it’s one thing to work on hypothetical “practice” assignments …

But, when you’re writing copy for real products and real clients — that's when things get very exciting.

Because, remember what I told you before …

Circle of Success is not just about skill building …

It’s about relationship building too.

It’s about learning and writing within a very small group of well-connected people who — when they see talent early — can help make things happen.

And don’t forget …

In the coming months, we’ll be introducing two brand-new Circle of Success Learning Tracks …

These are based on the training programs many of the big, successful direct mailers like Agora Publishing put their new hires through.

You’ll be writing as you learn.

You’ll submit each element of your writing and get constructive feedback …

You’ll never be alone at any point in the process.

The first Learning Track will take you step-by-step through everything you’ll ever need to know to write traditional sales letters.

After choosing your niche, meeting with your mentor, and getting access to all the resources you need, your interactive writing journey will begin.

  • You’ll get your “live” writing assignment and your initial research package …
  • You’ll understand the subtle differences between regular writing and persuasive writing …
  • You’ll be introduced to all the campaign elements you’ll need — from the sales letter all the way to the new customer “Welcome” letter …
  • Together we’ll develop a strong, new Big Idea upon which you’ll build your letter and your campaign …
  • You’ll learn how to master the art of research, a skill most writers ignore, but one that can have an enormous impact on your success as a writer …
  • Learn the “secret structure” of a sales letter …
  • Perfect a working headline …
  • Master all the elements of a complete sales letter: lead, body, copy, offer, close, order device, landing pages, and more …
  • Master all the “collateral” copy elements you’ll need to execute a professional campaign: space ads, content articles, sales emails, lead-gen pages, funnels, SEO, video, social media messaging, and more …
  • And all the while, you’ll be writing … getting feedback from experts … and building a rock-solid portfolio of direct-response elements.

But it doesn’t stop there …

Once you’ve mastered all the writing components, we’ll help you start up your freelance business, build a website and self-marketing package — even target and land your first paid client.

Plus, we’ll have a SECOND Learning Track …

Only this one will be 100% dedicated to Business-to-Business — that in-demand niche of the copywriting world that’s perfect for people who want to parlay the skills they already have into a worry-free $150,000 to $300,000 writing career.

Again, my team and I are busy working on these Learning Tracks now …

And when you join Circle of Success today — even at today’s “old” price — you’ll be among the very first to see and use them as soon as they’re “live” …

Okay — we’ve covered a lot of ground already.

Circle of Success is a BIG program — too many moving pieces, in fact, to explain in a letter like this one.

But I hope you’re beginning to see the kind of impact Circle of Success can have on your copywriting career …

And don’t worry …

All the pieces will fall into place one you start speaking with the folks who will be so instrumental in your success … Barb, your CAP Call coach … and, of course, your mentor.

So, let’s do a quick review …

I’ve told you about the “personalized learning curriculum” we’ll create together through our Career Action Plan (CAP) call …

I’ve explained how the exclusive Circle of Success mentor program works — and how you can talk to a professional copywriter or marketer anytime you’re stuck … have a question … need direction …

I’ve told you about the two free Bootcamps you’re entitled to … and how you’ll get immediate and lifetime access to all AWAI’s home study courses, programs, guides, books — over 120 in all … and worth well over $40,000!

I’ve told you about lifetime access to Targeted Learning — the highly comprehensive, online, instructor-led programs that take you through the letter-writing process from start to finish …

And about Advanced Training, where Circle of Success members can work on a wide variety of real writing projects for real companies alongside some of the top copywriters and marketers in our industry.

Add up the value of these benefits alone — and you’re looking at over $65,000 in educational benefits so far.

Circle of Success Is Building a Portfolio of LIVE Assignments… for REAL Clients With Guidance and Help From Pro Writers

And then there’s all the new learning elements we’ll be introducing …

The brand-new traditional sales letter and B2B Learning Tracks I just told you about …

The Monthly “Mastermind” Sessions we’ll be bringing online soon …

The new online “Study Rooms” …

The “Chapter Meetings” we plan on bringing to a city near you …

The monthly “Copy Hot Seats” you can submit copy to … or just tune in to learn …

These new benefits alone are easily with $20,000 to $30,000 over your lifetime membership.

But, remember…

Circle of Success is about becoming an “A-level” writer first and foremost.

And that means you’re going to be writing — a lot…

Everything from small space ads, to emails, to lift letters, to “Welcome” letters, to squeeze pages, to advertorials, to full-blown sales letters, video scripts, and more.

And that’s where your Circle of Success membership is worth its weight in gold.

The professionals you’ll be learning from as a “Circle” member are copywriters first and foremost.

They make their living writing letters.

They’re the ones in the market every day.

They know the kind of ideas and copy approaches that are working — and which ones aren’t.

And all the copy you’ll be creating with the help of these top writers?

If you think it’ll be “just for fun” or practice — think again.

You’ll Be Writing “For Keeps”

Many of the projects you’ll have an opportunity to work on will be actual Spec Assignments for real products supplied by top marketers at every stage of your learning process.

These are offered to Circle of Success members because marketers understand that COS participants represent the very top .01% of all AWAI members …

Those most eager to succeed, in the process of learning the highest-level skills taught anywhere.

They’re happy to offer Spec Assignments because they want to see your writing.

We suggest you take on as many as possible. Why?

Because not only will it give you an opportunity to broaden your skills and decide on a “niche” that’s right for you…

And not only will it give more marketers more opportunities to discover your writing talents as you submit your assignments…

But you’ll also be building up a portfolio of work you can proudly and confidently show to any prospective client in the direct-response industry.

In fact, we’ll help you assemble a professional “self-marketing kit” that you’ll be proud to show any client you’d like to write for… complete with sample letters, an introduction and proposal letter, and other pertinent material that marketers want to see.

But that’s not all…

Your Own Web Presence on AWAI’s Site

We’ll provide you with your very own promotional web page on AWAI’s own website, which hundreds of potential top-level industry clients can see.

We’ll even help you set it all up. Just fill out the template we give you, send us your portfolio, and we’ll put it all online, including links to letters you’ve written.

And, if you’d like to have a promotional website of your own in addition? No problem…

AWAI has all the self-promotion tools you’ll ever need within its library of amazing products…

Including one called “Build Your Freelance Website in Four Days” which, like every single program in our more than 120-strong library, is yours for the taking!

There’s also a new program we recently created called Virtual Business Building Intensive — where top pros like Bob Bly, Rebecca Matter, Ilise Benun, Pam Foster, and Nick Usborne not only show you how to create a content-rich personal website …

But also a “branded” marketing message … a professional LinkedIn profile … a comprehensive Copywriter Marketing & Information Kit … a new client acquisition funnel … and more.

Circle of Success-only opportunities like this mean you’ll never be alone when it comes to ANY ASPECT of your professional development…

Whether it be learning to write… building your freelance business… or finding new clients.

You’ll be able to go to fellow Circle of Success members for support and encouragement anytime through our COS Community web pages.

Of course, your personal mentor is only an email away…

Anytime you have questions about the program, Circle of Success members have a direct line to our offices so you can speak with Barb Hume, your COS Liaison… or any of our talented, friendly and highly supportive “Circle” team members.

Writing Support at Every Level

And when it comes to your writing — you’ll never be without help, guidance, and assistance … from our team of working copywriters and from your peers during our regular Peer Reviews and Copy Hot Seats.

These are excellent opportunities to get fast, “first impression” feedback, varying ideas, and new approach suggestions from people who are both potential buyers and who have an understanding of copywriting rules as well.

But perhaps the most career-changing benefit of Circle of Success membership is something we like to call “Master Coaching Sessions.”

Work with High-Level Copywriters

This is where you’ll have an opportunity to send any important piece of copy you’re working on — whether it’s for a real client or a Spec Assignment — directly to one of the AWAI pros for a detailed peer-review copy critique.

Someone like Paul Hollingshead, Will Newman, Rebecca Matter … or another six-figure copywriter who writes or is involved with copy for a living each and every day …

One of these folks will read through your promo and give you …

A full, comprehensive, “head-on” critique of your writing…

With specific suggestions for how to improve and strengthen the headline… the lead… the offer… even the very idea behind your promotion…

How valuable would that be to you?

Needless to say — because of the time required and the one-on-one aspect of this benefit, this is a perk we could only ever offer to a small group like Circle of Success.

Not only will you learn from the feedback of a professional copywriter at this level — it will ensure that the letter you’re sending off into “the real world” is the best and strongest it can possibly be.

This kind of mentoring can give you a huge “leg up” in this business. It’s why some top copywriters charge — and new writers pay — upwards of $10,000 for a full copy critique…

But, as a Circle of Success member — you get one full, professional critique each year.

All you have to do — is ask for it!

So, you see…

When it comes to getting tips and commentary on your writing, we’ve opened up every avenue for you — from making it easy to talk to your fellow Circle members… to gaining direct access to the masters.

And remember — if there’s someone specific you’d like to show your work to, don’t be afraid to call up Barb and ask. She’ll do her level best to have anyone from our many, many contacts in the industry help you with any challenge you might have!

As you can imagine — from a logistical standpoint — this is something we can only do for Circle of Success, our most eager and ambitious members.

But this is precisely why we created Circle of Success in the first place.

To give writers ready to succeed the access they need.

It’s All Waiting for You Now…

So, between career planning…

The high level of learning…

The broad scope of writing projects you’ll be exposed to…

The portfolio building…

The unique and direct access to “A-level” marketers and other industry professionals…

The writing support and personal coaching you’ll get…

The professionals who will see your work and offer positive constructive feedback…

The help you’ll get writing for the clients in the niche(s) you want to write for…

Your two free Bootcamps (and guaranteed deepest discounts to future Bootcamps and other live events)…

Your personal mentors to help you get the most out of everything

Help building your freelance business and marketing yourself within our industry…

Ongoing, up-to-the-minute education …

And don’t forget:

Free LIFETIME access to the entire library of AWAI-published resources — over 120 in all — plus the Advanced Training program and educational resources, all worth over $65,000*. (Not to mention steep discounts on resources we offer from friends and partners outside of AWAI.)

I hope you can see now just what a special and life-changing opportunity Circle of Success membership is.

And here’s something else that’s very important for you to know:

We’re with you for as long as you need us!

What do we mean by that?

Very simple. It means Circle of Success is a lifetime commitment from us… to you.

It means there’s no “time limit” when it comes to achieving the success you want.

We know everyone’s life is different. Maybe you have a job and a growing family and you can only commit a few hours a week right now to the learning process…

That’s okay. All of our learning programs have been designed and are offered in such a way that you can take them at your own pace. So there’s no hurry or “deadline” to get them done.

And, remember — all the resources to which you’ll have access are available for as long as you need them.

That means you’re under no pressure whatsoever to succeed within any “set” or limited time frame.

Rebecca, me, Paul, the entire AWAI team, and all the folks who work with our writers — we’re here to support, encourage, and teach you for as long as you’re willing to work at it … and for as long as it takes to see your copywriting career become a reality.

So, what does it take to get in?

This is for People Who Are Serious

By now, I’m sure you see why we say Circle of Success isn’t for everyone.

It’s for people who are 100% serious about joining the very highest ranks of the copywriting profession …

If you’re not excited about the prospect of launching a successful career as a six-figure copywriter immediately — then my advice is to wait until you’re ready.

As I said at the start, you must be motivated and willing to make the effort.

But once you decide you want the success people like Jon, Julie, Steve, Starr, and hundreds of other Circle Success members now enjoy …

That’s when everything kicks into high gear.

It’s like you’ve pressed a magic button that alerts us and everyone in the industry that you’re ready to “take up the mantle” and succeed … and we all swoop in to help you.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly things move.

Within days, you’ll have a Career Action Plan in place and a path to follow.

Every day, you’ll be motivated to take one small step forward — by us, by your mentor, by your peers, by marketers waiting to look at your work, by the coaches you’ll work with.

Day by day, week by week, month by month… your knowledge and confidence will grow.

You will no longer struggle with the letter-writing process.

The words and powerful ideas will simply come to you

You’ll know instinctively how to grab your reader’s attention… how to speak in a respectful yet convincing tone… how to gain trust… how to build excitement and acceptance with every paragraph… and, most importantly, have your prospect wanting to buy what you’re selling long before the letter ends.

And, while you’re perfecting the writing process, you’ll be learning the “business” side of things…

Where the opportunities are…

Who the biggest marketers are…

What they expect of you… and how to work with them in the most professional manner.

Circle of Success will give you every resource you need to succeed.

You’ll have people you can call on with issues or questions…

You’ll have the opportunity to work with professional copywriters on your letters and show your writing to influential marketers.

As a “Circle” member, you’ll have VIP access to important meetings and events — including our new Masterminds … “Copy Hot Seat” sessions … Chapter Meetings … your two free Bootcamps where you’ll enjoy priority access to top people in our industry … and more.

Through it all, you’ll be building up a contact list of friends, writers, marketers, and other business associates who can have a profound impact on your writing career.

What Circle of Success Costs

It goes without saying, Circle of Success is not an “insignificant” investment.

Remember — Circle of Success is a lifelong relationship and commitment from us.

You get access to everything our company offers …

Including many resources we simply don’t offer to anyone else and you couldn’t buy even if you wanted to — like our Targeted Learning Programs, special Bootcamp access, monthly live “Masterminds,” online “Study Rooms,” and more.

When you consider the value of the more than $65,000 in live-learning, professional resources, and business-building tools you’re entitled to right away …

The value of having a personal mentor guide your progress and success …

All the live learning and professional feedback on your writing …

Your two free Bootcamp live events … the professional feedback opportunities … the high-level access … the personal Career Action Plan session … the value of building a professional portfolio … the people you’ll meet and associations you’ll form …

The ability to call up Barb, your Liaison, and ask to have a piece of writing “critiqued” by someone like Rebecca or Paul … or anyone else we can ask on your behalf.

And don’t forget about the $20,000 to $25,000 in NEW benefits we’ll be adding in 2018.

That’s close to a $100,000 value in resources alone.

Then, when you consider that Circle of Success membership can give you the skills that can earn you a $200,000 to $400,000 annual income as a copywriter — as many Circle of Success members enjoy …

Plus, all the freedom that goes with it …

It’s long been our opinion — and that of many “Circle” members — that Circle of Success is worth so much more than a $200,000 college education …

An education which, these days, barely gets you an interview for a mid-level job that might pay you $50,000 to $60,000 a year.

That’s why, at just $15,000, we believe Circle of Success is without question one of the greatest educational values on the planet.

After all, when you consider that Jon — the Circle of Success member I just told you about — lined up a six-figure per year retainer deal with one client … and recently cashed a royalty check worth another six-figures …

Do you think he’s losing sleep over the decision to pay $15,000 — for an education that, in all likelihood, will pay him millions of dollars over his lifetime?

But, here’s the good news — and why your timing this year couldn’t be better.

You see — that $15,000 price …

That’s the firm price we’re setting for Circle of Success membership once this year’s new benefits are in place.

And because Circle of Success will serve you as a lifelong partner and continuing educational resource throughout your entire career, we’ll soon also be introducing a $2,500 annual “Professional Membership Fee,” which will begin the following year.

That means, over the course of five years, Circle of Success will cost $25,000 — $15,000 to join and $2,500 per year for the next four years.

Of course, if you recognize the value of all the benefits I’ve told you about …

The multiple Learning Tracks …

The access to industry insiders …

The personal mentoring …

The live feedback …

The ongoing support …

The complete library of resources …

It all adds up to the best $25,000 you could ever possibly spend on your professional writing career over five years.

But through this offer, I want to give you ONE LAST CHANCE to get in at the “old” rate …

Which is a one-time price that’s FAR LOWER …

Here’s how it breaks down.

The cost of Circle of Success is $15,000.

But because you’re an AWAI member, we’ve always extended a $3,150 courtesy discount, which brings your price down to $11,850.

In the future — once the new core Learning Tracks, “Mastermind” sessions and Chapter Meeting benefits are in place, that discount will no longer be offered.

But today — you’re entitled to that discount through this offer.

Also, because Circle of Success includes access to every home study learning program we offer, we’ve made it a habit to “credit” any resource you’ve purchased in the past 12 months towards your membership price …

That entire amount would come right off your Circle of Success price …

Again — as Circle of Success grows and its focus is more on personalized learning — we can’t guarantee we can refund that money in the future.

But through today’s offer, we’ll honor that credit.

That’s not all.

Right now, we offer a program that lets you spread out your Circle of Success payments over as many as 36 months.

Which means for a very small down payment, you can enjoy full access to all COS benefits … starting immediately.

Again, because Circle of Success is more and more a program geared to serious professionals, we likely won’t be offering such generous payment plans in the future …

But today — for this offer only … you can take advantage of our “in-house” payment plans one last time.

So, how much can you save by joining Circle of Success today as opposed to waiting?

With your $3,150 AWAI credit …

Your cost to join Circle of Success today is just $11,850.

If you choose to pay the entire fee today, you will save another $1,000 … for a ONE TIME price of $10,850.

PLUS — you’re entitled to a FULL REFUND of what you’ve paid for any AWAI resource you’ve purchased in the last 12 months.

So, if you recently purchased our “Badges” program — everything you’ve paid so far will be credited — up to the full $1,795 price.

If you’ve signed up for Bootcamp — anything you’ve paid so far gets immediately discounted … up to the full $2,495.

Even if you joined Infinity — you’re entitled whatever amount you’ve paid so far … all the way up to the full $4,250!

So you see — the discounts can really add up.

And remember …

Through today’s offer, there’s ZERO annual fee …

If you wait, not only will you “lose out” on all those discounts … you’ll also be subject to the new $2,500 Professional Membership Fee.

So, the bottom line is this.

Wait past this invitation and you could pay as much as $25,000 for five years of Circle membership.

Join today and the MOST you’ll pay over those five years is $11,850.

That’s better than half the price …

And FAR LESS when you factor in any discounts you’re entitled to.

Plus, today …

You can still take FULL advantage of our very generous and convenient payment plans …

And gain full access to EVERY Circle of Success benefit for just $1,250 down!

Go to the Order Form to see all your payment options.

And just to be clear …

Choosing this “pay over time” route does not diminish your access to “Circle” benefits or slow down your learning one bit.

You get every resource, every perk, and every advantage someone who pays in full gets …

In other words, your CAP session will be scheduled alongside everyone else …

You’ll get your learning plan with everyone else.

You’ll meet your mentor, start your Targeted Learning Programs, and have full access to AWAI’s full library of resources … along with everyone else.

The only difference is, our “no interest payment plans” let you start learning and earning now, as opposed to waiting until you have all the money in hand.

Now, I know this is an important decision.

Even with a payment plan and all the “last chance” discounts you’re getting today — this is not a small investment.

That’s why I urge anyone who’s thinking about joining Circle of Success to be 100% committed and serious about their success.

If the speed in which you need to decide gives you concern — or if you join now and decide Circle of Success isn’t right for you — know this:

You Can Try the Circle — Risk-Free

Simply let us know within 60 days of starting your membership and we’ll refund anything you’ve paid to us, whether it’s the full amount or the first installment of your payment plan.

So long as you understand that, once you cancel, you’ll no longer have access to any of the online resources you may have selected (unless, of course, you’d like to keep qualifying resources and want us to deduct the cost from your refund).

Even if you decide to quit COS after the 60-day trial period — you’re still protected.

We’ll simply stop your remaining installment charges or, if you paid in full, issue a prorated refund (based on two years, less the amount of whatever resources you’d like to keep) — and open your spot up to someone else.

So, you see, there really is no risk.

Once Again, Here Are Some Highlights of What You Get

Allow me to quickly recap just the highlights of what you’ll get:

  • You’ll get a personalized Career Action Plan — or “CAP” as we sometimes call it — where we get together by Skype or phone and work together to determine a career path that’s best for you.
  • You’ll be assigned to your “Success Circle” group, where you’ll meet, mix, and work with fellow copywriters, new and experienced alike — and have full access to the special Circle of Success website.
  • You’ll meet with a Personal Mentor, who will be there to encourage you, guide you along your path, and answer any questions you have during your entire Circle of Success learning experience.
  • You’ll immediately be enrolled in our brand-new “Power to Persuade” jump-start program — where you’ll sharpen your writing skills and learn the fundamental secrets to good, sound, persuasive writing.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to choose which of the four Targeted Learning Sessions you’ll want to take first. These in-depth online learning sessions cover all the core elements of a successful promotion: Headline, Lead, Body Copy, Proof, Offer, and Close. At the end, you’ll have mastered every aspect of a successful sales letter. And you’re free to take these programs as often as you like.
  • You’ll have a chance to enroll in Advanced Training, where you’ll learn from top copywriters all the “21st Century” copy elements any client will ever ask of you — campaign pieces that can boost the success of your campaign dramatically and make you invaluable to your clients.
  • You’ll have access to our all-new Circle of Success Roadmap to Landing Your Dream Clients. This in-demand resource has been five years in the making — talking with top clients… gathering the resources… and mapping out the best way for new writers to reach the clients they want to work for. You’ll be amazed at how simple the process is. You’ll have everything you need to pick your niche… build a website… write a simple and concise self-promotion letter… create some writing samples… and target 50 of the clients you want to work for. Best of all, with your Circle of Success Roadmap to Landing Your Dream Clients — we’ll be with you every step of the way.
  • You’ll have access to a variety of live assignments that you will use to build your portfolio and we’ll work with you to create a self-promotion package and website.
  • You’re free to take part in our Monthly Online “Peer Reviews” and “Copt Hot Seats” — either by submitting your copy (anonymously, if you like) for live review… or just to get insights from watching other writers copy go through the review process…
  • You’ll have access to unlimited copy Peer Reviews by working copywriters who will give you feedback on your headlines and leads as well as suggestions for improvements.
  • You’ll get one full, comprehensive, “head-on” critique each year of your writing from pro copywriters and marketers like Paul Hollingshead, Rebecca Matter, Sandy Franks and others… With specific suggestions for how to improve and strengthen the headline… the lead… the offer… even the idea upon which you build your promotion.
  • You can attend two Bootcamps at no charge, get VIP treatment at Job Fair, and sit in on Circle of Success members-only Master sessions. (Plus, you’ll receive the deepest discounts on other live AWAI and industry events.)
  • You’ll have direct access to AWAI and AWAI’s partners through your very own Circle of Success Liaison.
  • Access to every resource in the AWAI home study library — current and future, over $65,000 worth and growing — free, for life, as well as the deepest discounts on any resource offered to AWAI members by our friends and partners.
  • And, of course, full access to EVERY NEW benefit — including the NEW sales letter and B2B Learning Tracks … the Monthly “Masterminds” … our online “Study Rooms” … all future Chapter Meetings … and more.

Incredibly, this is just a partial list of some of the main benefits…

Much, much more about your Circle of Success membership will be explained to you once you sign up.

Get ready, because that’s when things will start moving very quickly.

In the coming days, you’ll be invited to a special “orientation call” where all your Circle of Success benefits, procedures, ways to gain access — and more — will be covered in detail.

Next, we’ll schedule a time for your private CAP meeting with your mentor, where together you’ll work out an initial career path that’s best for you.

Soon thereafter, you’ll be starting your online “Power to Persuade” program — all in preparation for your first of four Targeted Learning sessions which begin in May.

From there, you simply follow your CAP’s path to success with your mentor’s help and guidance anytime you need it.

Again, I feel obliged to remind you that you’ll be learning at a very fast pace.

Time will move quickly.

Every day, your writing will get better …

And, before you know it, you will have the knowledge and the skills to compete at the highest levels of the copywriting world …

You’ll be building up a world-class portfolio of work with the help, guidance, and assistance of some of the top copywriters in our industry … writing you can proudly display as content to any prospective client — on a personalized website we help you set up!

Most importantly though, you have our commitment to be here by your side until you reach the level of success you set out to achieve.

Even after you’re successful, AWAI and Circle of Success remain invaluable to you by serving as an important professional organization for you — offering timely industry insights, ongoing advanced resources, personal support, invitations to industry talks and events, and much, much more.

So you see, Circle of Success really is about a professional lifelong partnership.

Reserve Your Spot Now Online

You can sign up online by clicking here.

Remember, after this invitation ends, you will NOT be able to get into Circle of Success at these prices and under these terms …

And over the next five years, your Circle of Success membership will cost you at least $13,000 more, depending on how today’s credits add up.

So, if you think this program is right for you, now is most definitely the time to sign up.

Your credit card will be charged the $1,250 activation fee.

Then, within one business day, we’ll review your account and email you a list of all the discounts you’re entitled to — your final price — and payment options you can choose from.

Or Call Us Directly…

You can also set up your Circle of Success by calling us directly during regular business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET) toll-free at:


Jackie, Jessie, Shantek, or Melissa will be able to access your account immediately … add up your discounts … calculate your final payment … put you on one of our payment plans … or arrange a custom payment plan that works for you.

And don’t forget…

We have our 60-day refund policy in place, so you’re not locked into anything. You can take advantage of this “last chance” pricing now — and still get every penny back if you change your mind.

The important thing is to reserve your spot now… so we can set up your CAP call… give you a learning path to follow…

And start you on your journey to a successful, lucrative career as an “A-level” copywriter in an industry where qualified writers have never been in such high demand.

We very much hope to hear from you.

There’s a lot to do, so let’s get started.

Click here or call toll-free 866-879-2924 right away.

Here’s to your success!


Katie Yeakle
Executive Director, AWAI

P.S. I should warn you …

Because of the personalized nature of the learning — we can only take a small number of new members at any given time. And given this is the LAST CHANCE to join Circle of Success at the old price, we expect the demand to get in will be much higher than usual.

So, if you think the time is right for you — and you want the LOWEST possible price you or anyone else will see from this day forward …

There’s no better time to join than today.

Click here to see your full list of Circle of Success Benefits.

Click here now to join Circle of Success!

Summary of Lifetime Benefits

In addition to the unparalleled high level of access to copywriters and marketers within our global network, your Circle of Success membership entitles you to every resource within the American Writers & Artists Inc. library now and in the future — as well as the largest discounts on programs offered by AWAI partners.

And don’t forget about the new benefits coming soon – the ones mentioned in your invitation:

  • Your Brand-New Learning Track: Get the same high-level “masters” education major companies are using to train their in-house copywriters, but do it all from the comfort of your home — on your own schedule. You’ll master each element of the sales letter one element at a time — and get feedback every step of the way.
  • The Monthly Mastermind Sessions: Live, online learning events that will focus on the three crucial areas of your success … motivation, skill building and business building. These sessions will be priceless for copywriters at any level and ensure you’ll have ongoing and up-to-the minute learning!
  • Your New Online “Study Rooms”: Your online “academic library” is a place where you can go and find hundreds of writing tools through a series of exclusive online “Study Rooms,” that will allow you a more in-depth focused learning environment.
  • Planned Chapter Meetings – Coming to a Town Near You!: A great opportunity to get together, meet one another and celebrate our successes through live meet ups in cities across the United States, Canada, Europe – wherever Circle of Success members are. We’ll plan to have special guests, a-level copywriters, even some potential clients in search of new writers!
  • Regular Monthly “Copy Hot Seats”: Participate or listen in on these hot seat sessions as a panel of professional copywriters brainstorm together ways to make the copy stronger. Listening to these sessions offers new writers insights into copywriting and how Big Ideas are born that you simply can’t get anywhere else.
  • And much more!

Following is a summary listing of the resources IMMEDIATELY available to you, free for the asking, upon your acceptance as a Circle of Success member:

Live & Interactive Learning

“Targeted Online Learning” Classroom Sessions

Participation in a series of online programs offered in a “targeted learning” environment — where you tackle one subject at a time, with the dynamics of a live classroom setting and a professional instructor who is right there with you, delivering invaluable content and answering your questions along the way.

Right away, you’ll have access to our “Power to Persuade” Targeted Learning class.  These four 1-hour webinars are specially designed to give you essential secrets underlying all successful copywriting. They are the perfect way to start and reinforce your Circle of Success Targeted Learning Programs. Try to make it a point to go through them before your LIVE Targeted Learning classes begin.

Next, you’ll study and master each of the crucial elements of a successful direct-response package at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

You can opt to start with “Secrets Behind The Captivating Headline,” where you’ll learn the secrets to crafting powerful “A-level” headlines. Next, you may choose “Mastering the Irresistible Lead,” then on to “Proof & Credibility: Making Your Reader Say ‘Yes’”… and wrap up your online learning session with the all-important “Offer and Close” session called “The Ultimate Finish: Getting Your Reader to Take Positive Action.”

There are three “semesters” each year, and you’ll have the ability to choose which programs you want to take — and when you want to take them.

All support and reference material is supplied, and Circle of Success members are entitled to take part in these programs as they’re offered, as many times as they wish.

Estimated value: $15,000†

† Estimated value only. Live online programs not offered outside of Circle of Success membership.

“Portfolio Builder” and Spec Challenges

During your Circle of Success membership, you’ll have access to a variety of writing opportunities you can work on to build up a portfolio of writing samples to show prospective clients.

The selections will cover a broad spectrum. For one three-month period, you may work on a financial package. Next, you may take on a health and wellness product. After that, perhaps you’ll tackle a fundraising letter. Your next project may be a letter from AWAI or perhaps a Business-to-Business project or a Web offer…

The objective of these optional exercises is four-fold:

  1. To expose you to the most lucrative sectors of the direct-response industry. Health, financial, fundraising, and self-help are without question the biggest markets.
  2. To ensure that you enter the market armed with the ability to write any package that comes your way.
  3. To build up a solid portfolio of at least five professional direct-response packages — consisting of at least one letter for each of the “big four” sectors: health, financial, B2B, and Web.
  4. To get a feel for which market best suits you, which one you may decide to specialize in. Note: The “Live Spec Challenges” are from marketers looking for new promotional copy to test. So, in addition to helping you build an effective portfolio, any one of them could actually launch your copywriting career!


Copy Critiques and Headline and Lead Strengthening

Full, comprehensive critiques of your work by a professional AWAI copywriter, with specific suggestions on how to improve and strengthen the headline… the lead… the offer… even the very idea behind the promotion.


12 Steps to Landing Your Dream Client Roadmap

This in-demand resource has been five years in the making — talking with top clients… gathering the resources… and mapping out the best way for new writers to reach the clients they want to work for. You’ll be amazed at how simple the process is. Follow the Roadmap and by the time you’re done, you’ll have picked your niche… built a website… written a simple and concise self-promotion letter… created some writing samples… and targeted 50 of the clients you want to work for. Best of all, with 12 Steps to Landing Your Dream Client — we’ll be with you every step of the way.


Two Free Passes to Our Annual FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair

It’s the copywriting event of the year — the place to learn new skills, make new friends, and network with the pros. As a Circle of Success member, you have two (2) “free passes” to AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair — plus, you’ll enjoy special dinners, events, presentations, and other perks arranged exclusively for Circle of Success members. (And if you want to go to more Bootcamps in following years — Circle of Success members pay a fraction of the regular price!)

Value: $4,990

Circle of Success“Learning Mentor” Program

Circle of Success exclusive “Learning Mentor” program, where you’ll be able to  reach out to a copywriting expert with questions.

When you’re not sure which step to take next… where your focus needs to be at any given time, or if you want to change niches or focus on a specific copywriting skill you can turn to one of our knowledgeable experts who will guide you.

A group of dedicated “Mentors” who will not only motivate you and assist you every step of the way on your Circle of Success journey, but also help you tailor your learning to the niche you want to work in!

Value: $5,000
(But the impact will be priceless)

Of course, you’re also entitled to…

“Anytime Access” to AWAI’s Library of Interactive Copywriting Programs

AWAI Verified: Mastering the 8 Collateral Marketing Projects Every Copywriter Must Know

Without a doubt AWAI’s brand-new “Badges” program is one of the most popular learning programs AWAI has introduced in over a decade.

It’s the latest interactive program where you’ll learn to write eight of the most important and in-demand collateral copywriting assignments every marketer needs today. You’ll get constructive, written feedback on EVERY piece of copy you submit …

And you’ll earn digital “Badges” when you successfully complete each assignment, which tells marketers you’ve been “Verified” by AWAI and really know your stuff.

We’ll even setup a very impressive “Advanced Member Profile Page” especially for you …

This is where you can display your Badges, along with the polished writing samples you’ll have completed as part of the program … and send potential clients there when you’re ready to start making money.

“Badges” allows you the ability to quickly master the smaller writing projects that are IN HIGH DEMAND right now so you can start making money right away.

*Due to the interactive hands on elements of the program we have to place a strict limit on participation and limit our enrollment periods. But as a Circle of Success Member you don’t have to wait for enrollment to open, you’ll have the ability to grab one of the spots.

(Regular program price: $4,680)

The Accelerated Program Live Companion Series

This highly popular resource has been added to AWAI’s lineup of learning resources — a way to bring the flagship The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting “to life” by listening in as Rebecca Matter, Katie Yeakle, and a series of special guests walk you, chapter by chapter, through the core program, stopping at key learning points to drive them home with additional examples and expanded explanations.

(Regular program price: $997)

Advanced Training

One of the most important benefits we’ve ever offered to AWAI Members through Circle of Success — an interactive training program where you learn, under the direction of a de facto “Copy Chief,” all of the most crucial modern-day elements of a marketing campaign: Teaser ads, advertorial promotions, lift emails, welcome letters, gauntlet elements, one-click upsell techniques, and more…

Plus, the projects you’ll be working on are for real products, from real marketers who have asked us to monitor the writing and send them the most promising samples.

Value: $3,900

The Masters Program for Six-Figure Copywriting — v4.0

For 19 years now, The Masters Program has been THE resource AWAI members reach for when they’re ready to learn the deeper secrets to writing copy that sells billions — and gets you noticed within our industry.

Masters secrets are the result of decades of collecting and breaking down and analyzing the most successful direct-mail packages… meeting and working with legendary copywriters… determining what makes the great promotions outsell and out last all the others… and then “packaging” these ideas in such a way any ambitious copywriter can understand them and inject them into his or her copy.

Today’s version has made this industry-renowned advanced resource even better…

(Regular program price: $1,150)

Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection

Over 60 blockbuster promotions — complete with a detailed “page-by-page” analysis of what made each letter work so well… and an in-depth interview with the letter’s copywriter, where private writing techniques are discussed and many personal secrets are revealed. There’s no better way to know what’s working in the mail… why it’s working so well… and “steal” a secret or two… from some of the best writers of some of the most successful promotions ever.

Plus, you get 20 “$20K Secret” detailed reports — big secrets the writers used to boost response. (We call it the “$20K Secret” because we honestly believe each one has the power to boost your letter’s response rate enough to earn you $20K or more in royalty income!)

(Regular price: $497)

Herschell Gordon Lewis’s “Creative Rules for the 21st Century”

The late Herschell Gordon Lewis was a legendary copywriter. In his last program for AWAI, he discussed the “new rules” of copywriting as they apply to an ever-changing marketplace.

Some of what you’ll learn: “three little words” that immediately melt the reader’s objection to a statement he might otherwise reject… the 10 “guaranteed” letter-writing rules (including how never to begin your letter)… 10 phrases that automatically suggest a benefit to your reader — without actually saying it… the best phrases to use to promote a more positive reaction in your reader… and much, much more. No copywriter, new or seasoned, should pass up this opportunity to benefit from Mr. Lewis’s 40+ years of direct-marketing experience and success.

(Regular price: $299)

Lifetime Membership in The Barefoot Writer Club

AWAI’s exciting “writer’s club” that shows you where the hottest and most lucrative writing opportunities of the day are — along with all the success tips, writing insights, and ongoing motivation you need to be a more successful writer.

(Regular fee: $298 over 2 years)

Lifetime Membership in The Professional Writers’ Alliance

Enjoy full access to a long list of resources — each of them aimed at elevating your professional skills and offering you an invaluable source of ongoing motivation and inspiration each and every day. Plus, you’ll be in on everything that’s new and happening in our exciting and fast-paced industry — including the latest opportunities to emerge from web writing, e-commerce, traditional direct mail, and more. In short, joining this Alliance is the best way to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the industry — and the skills you need to grow with it.

(Regular fee: $1,392 over 2 years)

The Legalities of Copywriting Made Simple

Many AWAI members asked us for this: all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to the legalities of copywriting and the direct-mail industry. What you can and can’t say… what kind of back-up you need to support various claims… rules on testimonials and endorsements… and so much more.

These days, you have to be more careful than ever when it comes to what you can and can’t say in support of a product or service. And the rules concerning financial copy are entirely different from, say, the rules for health copy… or fundraising promotions… or even consumer product letters. So, we did what our members have been asking us to do for years: With the help of Agora Inc.’s legal department, we’ve assembled the ultimate (and perhaps only) “layman’s guide” to avoiding legal pitfalls with your copy.

For a copywriter or direct-response publisher, this powerful resource is as crucial as a dictionary or thesaurus.

(Regular program price: $149)

Writing Great Leads — Erase Your Blank-Page Panic for Good!

Developed by Master Copywriter John Forde, Writing Great Leads will help you narrow your headline choices to just one of six powerful types… write the perfect opening sentence so your target reader finds it irresistible… and successfully reach any kind of audience, regardless of whether you are writing for the health, financial, or Business-to-Business markets.

If you've been struggling to come up with the right headline and lead, Writing Great Leads is the perfect solution. With it, in a matter of just a few days, you'll able to eliminate the frustration, worry… even panic when it comes to writing those critical first few sentences and paragraphs.

(Regular price: $199)

The Copywriter's Core Offer Blueprint

The clearest, most direct way to start making a whole lot more as a copywriter is to make one clear core offer that makes your most ideal clients want to hire you on the spot.

Many copywriters who have the skill and ability they need to make $5,000, $8,000, $10,000 or more per month still struggle because they aren’t making a clear offer to prospective clients.

This is where The Copywriter’s Core Offer Blueprint comes in. Created by AWAI’s $10K Challenge Winner Roy Furr, this new program — made up of three comprehensive hour-long training sessions — provides you with a complete breakdown of over a dozen copywriting offers.

If you’ve been fighting for clients… or fighting for the fees you deserve… this could be your missing link!

(Regular price: $99)

FREE Access to AWAI’s Specialty Copywriting “Niche” Programs

Secrets of Writing for the Health Market

Everything you need to write powerful and effective copy for the huge and ever-growing $200 billion alternative health market — freshly updated and revised. You’ll learn how to reach your prospect’s core desire… what voice to use… how to structure your offers… how to do research… how to market yourself to health companies… and much more. It’s all inside this comprehensive program.

(Regular program price: $399)

Secrets of Writing Blockbuster Financial Market Controls

Write a successful financial letter, and the world will beat a path to your door. Few assignments pay better than a promotion for a stock market newsletter or trading service. This powerful program includes (among other things) interviews and audio transcripts with the top financial copywriters and marketers in the business: Clayton Makepeace, Parris Lampropoulos, Stephen Moulis, Paul Hollingshead, and others. There’s also a groundbreaking section on writing Video Sales Letters for the financial market, as well as a bonus presentation from Stansberry copywriting superstar Mike Palmer on a “foolproof” technique for writing breakthrough financial promotions.

(Regular program price: $497)

Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market

Not far behind the health and financial markets is the huge and growing self-help niche. This $9.9 billion market for motivational “self-improvement” programs and products that seek to improve us physically, mentally, financially, or spiritually is growing at a rate of 6.1% annually and many AWAI members now make a lucrative copywriting career out of writing nothing but promos for self-help products. You, too, can join them — once you know these secrets.

(Regular program price: $399)

Copywriting for Nonprofits: How to Write Inspiring Copy for the Fundraising Market

Can you make money while helping your favorite cause? Many copywriters do — and to the surprise of many, writing for the nonprofit market can be very lucrative. But, like most niches, this one has its own secrets… its own rules… and they’re all revealed in this popular program.

(Regular program price: $399)

Secrets of Writing for the Catalog Market

Every day, thousands of catalogs are mailed in the United States alone — by smaller specialty boutiques as well as huge national retailers. And they all need copy from skilled writers. Secrets of Writing for the Catalog Market gives you all the tips and techniques you need to write clean, concise, and riveting catalog copy. This program also includes writing for online catalogs, with information from legendary copywriter Herschell Gordon Lewis and online training tutorials from Jay White. Get it while it’s hot!

(Regular program price: $490)

Secrets of Writing for the Christian Market

It’s an amazing statistic: Last year, one out of three Americans made at least one purchase in a Christian bookstore. Once you digest that little fact, it’s easy to understand why Christian consumers represent a 5.1 trillion market. And it’s begging for good copywriters who understand how to “connect” with this special group of buyers.

(Regular program price: $399)

Copywriting for a Cause: How to Profit as a Writer and Make a Difference in the World

“Cause Marketing,” as it’s become known, is one of the fastest growing niches out there. In Copywriting for a Causewe show you how to position yourself as a Cause Marketing Specialist — helping companies around the world become better citizens, whether it’s helping the environment… the less fortunate… or encouraging growth and success in less developed parts of the world.

(Regular program price: $197)

“Niche Marketing” Special Report

Revealed: the 10 hottest “niche markets” of the direct-mail industry — and how to start writing for them right away.

(Regular report price: $49)

Programs to Help You Become a Successful Business-to-Business Copywriting Professional

Introduction to the B2B Market: How to Use The Business Skills You Already Have to Earn a Six-Figure Income

Introduction to the B2B Market: How to Use The Business Skills You Already Have to Earn a Six-Figure Income has everything you need to take skills you already have and put them to work earning you a steady, reliable, part-time, six figure income.

(Regular program price: $79)

Secrets of Writing High-Performance Business-to-Business Copy

If you believe the Business-to-Business (B2B) market is for you, then definitely check out this comprehensive program written by 23-year award-winning marketing consultant and B2B copywriter Steve Slaunwhite. B2B companies are often desperate to find skilled copywriters to write for them… writers who understand their needs and can give them clear, concise, compelling copy that motivates the business buyer. Steve shares his experience and expertise in this lucrative niche, such as:

  • Surprisingly little competition…
  • Over 8 million potential clients (both local and around the country)…
  • “No-hype” copy…
  • Loyal clients willing to give you a steady stream of paid assignments…
  • Terrific pay…
  • Short, quick assignments…
  • The potential to earn up to $2,000 in a single day 
  • A lot less pressure to produce a control or hit a home run for your clients…

(Regular program price: $490)

Crash Course in B2B Content

Dive into the lucrative world of B2B content writing. Expert Gordon Graham will show you the top 12 content types in high demand by B2B firms and how to complete each one like a pro.

Loaded with examples and how-to resources — including exclusive step-by-step video walk-throughs — Gordon’s Content Crash Course is the fastest way to launch your career as a well-paid B2B content writer.

(Regular program price: $497)

Become a Lead-Gen Specialist: Earn Top Fees Writing B2B Emails, Landing Pages, and Ads That Sell

There’s one thing B2B marketers can never have enough of: New Leads.

All businesses — Business-to-Business especially  live and die by them. Without a constant flow of new, fresh eager prospective clients, sales dry up and businesses go broke.

Now you can be a savior to all of them!

With AWAI’s program from B2B Master Copywriter Steve Slaunwhite you can help solve the Number 1 problem every B2B marketer has by mastering the skill of lead generation.

  • His personal step-by-step guide to building a successful lead-gen career, complete with everything you’ll need to understand the world of lead-gen and why it’s so valuable to B2B clients.
  • Templates, tip sheets, and examples for creating outstanding lead-gen emails, sales pages, and web copy. You’ll be able to take on any project with confidence with these resources at your fingertips.
  • Big-picture strategies and tactics to make you look like a professional lead-gen consultant from the very start and keep you as a B2B marketing manager’s #1 copywriting choice.

And much more… including a pricing guide and a real-world project simulation. In fact, you’ll be up and running as a Lead-Gen Specialist in a very short amount of time.

(Regular program price: $499)

Writing Email Copy for B2B Companies — Your Complete Guide to Writing and Winning These Profitable Projects

In the world of B2B (Business-to-Business), there’s an often-overlooked writing specialty with massive demand for short projects that are easy to learn and fun to write: writing email for B2B companies! Everything you need to know to start making $800-$1,200 per day with this specialty is covered in Writing Email Copy for B2B Companies by Steve Slaunwhite.

Steve is a Master B2B Copywriter who has worked with B2B businesses for more than 23 years… and he’s been writing B2B email marketing campaigns for over 16 years.

(Regular program price: $497)

Key Message Copy Platforms: A Unique High-Income Service That Can Skyrocket Your B2B Copywriting Success

B2B writing expert Casey Demchak has invented the ultimate door-opening project — Key Message Copy Platforms. These unique documents help businesses organize their marketing campaigns so their messages are more consistent and effective. Along the way, they save time, save money, and discover a perfect writing partner for all their ongoing projects — YOU!

In this hands-on program, you’ll work with Casey to build your first Key Message Copy Platform… you’ll learn his proven talking points for closing new clients… and you’ll put yourself on an easy path to landing your first client and building the B2B career you want.

(Regular program price: $497)

How to Write Online Video Scripts for B2B Companies

Online video is the latest trend in Internet marketing — and B2B companies are jumping on it. One of the best ways for a B2B company to announce a new product or solution is to email a quick 8- to 12-minute video to busy business owners and purchasing managers for them to watch on the go. These “get-to-the-point” presentations save everybody time, cost very little to produce, have all kinds of inherent credibility, and, when properly executed, leave a very lasting positive impression. Luckily for you, this relatively new area of B2B expertise is wide open — and screaming for qualified copywriters who know how to write effective scripts!

(Regular program price: $497)

How to Price, Quote, and Win B2B Writing Projects

With B2B companies needing an endless amount of marketing materials, the last thing you want is to be unsure when it comes to quoting the price of your services. With How to Price, Quote, and Win B2B Writing Projects, you’ll learn exactly what price to set for specific projects… how to handle price objections… how to put together a truly persuasive quotation… how to follow up and land the project… and more.

(Regular program price: $199)

How to Write White Papers That Command Top Fees

If you loved the challenge of writing essays and reports in high school or college, you’ll love writing white papers. Because unlike school papers, these can pay you up to $4,000 apiece! Simply put, white papers are 5- to 10-page documents that define a business or technical problem and present a new or better solution to that problem. And, they’re one of the most effective ways for a B2B company to promote its products.

(Regular program price: $497)

Writing Case Studies: How to Make a Great Living Helping Clients Tell Their Stories

Some B2B copywriting specialists make a very nice living from writing “Case Studies” alone. What are they? They’re simply business-oriented “stories” that show how a particular product or service has improved productivity, bolstered profits, increased sales, boosted employee morale, or saved or made money for the client’s customers. Best of all for copywriters who know the secrets to writing them, these fun, super-quick projects can pay between $1,250 and $2,000 a pop.

(Regular program price: $497)

Creating Email Newsletters for Professional Service Firms: A Step-by-Step Guide

By the time you finish this program, you’ll be able to develop and publish stand-out email newsletters for professional service clients, earning thousands of dollars per month via a predictable, repeating income stream. The projects are short, competition in minimal, and the going rate is $900 each!

(Regular program price: $497)

Getting B2B Clients: How to Land Great Clients Fast in Just 6 Easy Steps

With this program, you’ll be able to kick-start your Business-to-Business (B2B) copywriting business with the help of Steve Slaunwhite, AWAI’s B2B expert. Steve will show you exactly — step-by-step — how to get B2B clients quickly, easily, and consistently. The strategies in Getting B2B Clients will help you find prospective clients and exactly what to say to them.

(Regular program price: $497)

Creating B2B Websites: Developing Content that Builds Authority and Generates Leads, Too

There are over 5 million different B2B companies operating in the U.S. and Canada, and most of them share the same problem.

Their websites are terrible.

They haven’t been updated in years.

The copy is hard to read.

There’s page after page of confusing content… jargon-packed descriptions a Ph.D. would be hard-pressed to figure out… no call to action… the contact information is hard to find or missing completely…

Big companies… small companies… they’re all in the same boat.

B2B companies often reserve thousands of dollars for their website projects — and they want a very specific kind of person to help them out.
Dianna Huff shares more than 16 years of hard-won experience in B2B Websites: Developing Content that Builds Authority and Generates Leads, Too, but you can start applying it to your own business after just eight hours of training.

(Regular program price: $497)

Programs to Help You Meet the Ever-Growing Demand for Web-Based Copy

Web Copywriting 2.0: Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy That Converts, by Nick Usborne

Writing copy for the Web is NOT the same as writing offline copy. There are key differences that can spell the difference between success and disaster. So, for the first time in his career, online copywriting expert Nick Usborne has finally agreed to reveal all of his secrets in the most comprehensive program for writing top-notch blockbuster web copy in record time — regardless of your experience. Web Copywriting 2.0 was just updated to include 15 video training tutorials and a comprehensive glossary of web terms. Plus, Nick has included four webinars where he walks you through the most common online writing assignments.

(Regular program price: $497)

SEO Copywriting Success: Grow Your Business by Helping Clients Get Better Google Rankings

Businesses — in EVERY niche — desperately need writers with the ability to blend persuasive copy with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills so that more “ready-to-buy” customers find their websites. And there simply aren’t enough skilled SEO Copywriters to meet the demand.

You can become their go-to SEO Copywriter by gaining these valuable skills in under eight hours.

SEO Copywriting Success: Grow Your Business by Helping Clients Get Better Google Rankings is the only foundational program of its kind — designed to teach you how to master SEO copywriting in the quickest amount of time possible so you can get going and earn a large income writing SEO copy.

Industry pioneer and world-class SEO Copywriter Heather Lloyd-Martin shows you exactly what to do NOW…

(Regular program price: $497)

Ryan Deiss’ 6-Hour CVO Expert Training

Learn Ryan Deiss’ million-dollar secrets for designing, writing, and optimizing powerful, automated sales funnels for your clients. He gives you in-depth explanations, live case studies, blueprints, and even the fill-in-the-blank templates you need to re-create his “Customer Value Optimization” (CVO) funnels. In just six hours, your web marketing expertise will expand substantially. You’ll have an in-demand but relatively rare skill that makes you the “go-to” expert… and allows you to collect three paychecks for every project, significantly increasing your bottom line — and your client’s!

(Regular program price: $297)

Marketing With Video Online for Profit

Online video has become a major tool for direct-response marketers. This is nothing short of a gigantic opportunity for you to cash in — by quickly establishing yourself as an expert in this exciting, here-to-stay niche. And to help you, AWAI has teamed up with Jessica Kizorek, one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and respected video-marketing experts in the industry. You’ll learn everything you need to know to market your own line of promotional videos.

And to make this a truly interactive experience, Jessica has included dozens of hands-on exercises, hundreds of real-life examples, and 19 video tutorials.

(Regular program price: $199)

“Email Copy Made Easy”: Write More Persuasive Emails That Get Opened, Get Read, and Get Click-Throughs

Master Copywriter Jay White shows you how writing email copy can be the most lucrative copywriting niche on the Internet. Thousands of companies are hungry for email copy as part of their online marketing strategy — for every product they launch… every new email list they create… and every new affiliate offer they want to promote. This step-by-step online program gives you everything you need to know to master the potentially lucrative world of email copywriting — including samples, templates, Jay’s own personal “cheat sheet,” and more.

(Regular program price: $497)

Site Audits Made Simple — “Consult” Your Way to Lucrative Web Copywriting Projects

This innovative program shows you how to educate clients about the web content opportunities they’re missing… and then get hired to fix them!

In this hot consulting sector, you can easily earn $2,500 or more by diagnosing a “sick” website, and then make even more money by “healing” it with your web copywriting skills. You’ll learn how to conduct a professional review of how the client’s web content performs to drive traffic to his site and drive sales activities — and then how to help your grateful client achieve his marketing goals.

(Regular program price: $497)

Working Effectively with Web Clients: 7-Steps to Making Sure They Love You and Continue Paying You the Big Bucks

Needless to say, to write great web copy for a client, you need to know the structure of a successful website: the role of the home page, what landing pages must do… and how to make it easy for the Web surfer to find and buy products. With Working Effectively with Web Clients, you’ll be able to guide your clients through the critical considerations and decisions involved in creating websites that work.

(Regular program price: $99)

How to Price and Land the Top 7 Web Copy Projects

AWAI’s  report, How to Price and Land the Top 7 Web Copy Projects, takes the fear and anxiety out of pricing your online writing jobs.

In this report, Wealthy Web Writer founder, Rebecca Matter carefully breaks down the most common types of web writing projects into their individual components and then gives you a crystal-clear look at the standard fee ranges associated for each component and for projects as a whole.

(Regular program price: $49)

How to Make Money as a Social Media Marketing Expert

YouTube… Facebook… LinkedIn… Instagram… Twitter — more and more, these and other social media sites are playing a major role in how businesses connect with perspective clients. And as a copywriter, you need to know the best strategies for using them. Let Nick Usborne guide you through the ever-changing social media landscape, showing you exactly how you can use social media to position and grow your freelance business.

(Regular program price: $499)

Web Copywriting Intensive Home Study

The Rebecca Matter (and friends) Web Copywriting Intensive has become the web writer event of every year. Because there (and only there) can you learn all the latest techniques for selling effectively online: emails, autoresponders, landing pages, Search Engine Optimization, and much, much more. Bottom line… if you want to write for the Web — or market yourself as an expert in Web-based marketing — you need to know this stuff. And if you can’t attend a Web Intensive (at a cost of up to $6,000, including conference fees, hotel, food, and airfare), there’s no better way to learn the material that was covered than to “relive” the experience through these comprehensive home study programs.

*Not available for sale, but as a Circle of Success member you can request access to the recordings and the materials from the LIVE event.

(Regular program price: $4,995 ticket price to the LIVE event)

How to Build Email Lists — The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Profitable Way to Get More Traffic, More Prospects, and More Sales

In today’s marketing world, the size and health of a company’s list — the master file of their customers and prospects — can make or break a business. And in How to Build Email Lists, you’ll learn this powerful, valuable skill from a master of the craft, Brian T. Edmondson.

By the time you finish this program, you’ll be able to:

  • Build a list in any market, for any client… or for yourself.
  • Get prospects interested in your client’s products and services. Brian will show you how to presell them on an offer so that when you tell them to buy, they hit “Order Now.” His tactics will make selling easy and send your marketing response rates soaring.
  • Make money from email lists. Your clients will be amazed at what you can do with the names they already have, not to mention what you’ll accomplish with the new names coming in once you shift your focus to generating profits.
  • Deliver more traffic where it counts. Brian’s got 12 super-effective methods to share with you so you can deliver high-quality traffic on command and feel like a true Internet genius.
  • Have clients send you fat checks and think of you as an irreplaceable asset. You’ll never need to worry about where your next client is coming from again — your existing clients won’t let you go!

(Regular program price: $197)

More Exciting Ways to Parlay Your Writing Skills into Lucrative Streams of Cash

Bob’s Bly’s Ultimate Guide to E-Book Writing Success: A Comprehensive Program to Writing and Selling E-Books for Profit

Bob Bly takes the small, closed industry of book publishing and turns it on its head. In less than 4 hours, he shares with you the exact model he uses to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year — working only a few hours a week — writing and publishing e-books.

(Regular program price: $249)

Write Your First Novel or Memoir NOW!

This program demystifies the how-to-write-a-book process as you know it. In its place, you’ll be shown how to quickly and simply how to properly write a novel or memoir… one that is polished and publishable. Published author, Donna Baier Stein’s process is fun and rewarding. And it’s easy to follow. If you follow her simple blueprint and the clear instructions that guide you through each step of the craft of novel-writing… you can have a complete book to show for your efforts before you know it!

(Regular program price: $479)

Grant Writing Success: Opening the Door to Financial Opportunity

Another great way to supplement your income while perfecting your copywriting skills — learn how to find cash for thousands of needy organizations by submitting grant proposals to any of the thousands of government and private foundations. This program, written by a grant writing expert who’s successfully secured tens of millions of dollars in grants for over 30 years, shows you the secret structure to a successful grant application… plus, how to match nonprofit organizations with the proper funding organizations, how to set up a profitable little grant writing business (for no money) in your home, and much more.

(Regular program price: $497)

Writing for Love & Money: How to Become a Successful Romance Writer

Did you know that romance novels account for over 54% of all popular fiction books sold? So get in on the action — and have some fun while you’re at it — by learning the secret formula to creating top-selling romance novels from experts who write for such publishers as Harlequin and St. Martin’s Press. It’s all in Writing for Love & Money — yours free for the asking.

(Regular program price: $249)

How to Successfully Write and Publish Children’s Books

Many AWAI members have told us they’d love to write a best-selling children’s book one day. It’s a competitive field, but we’ve recruited some of the most successful published children’s book writers in the business to reveal all their most powerful secrets about breaking into this fun and rewarding genre.

(Regular program price: $246)

Desktop Marketing for Success, Independence, and Income

So many businesses out there are screaming for people who can do more than just write great sales letters. They also need space ads, press releases, newsletters, and website content. Desktop marketer Donna Doyle shows you, step by step, how to cash in on all this “hidden” demand… and how she was able to make $156,250 in one year working five hours a day with just a phone, a computer, and some basic copywriting skills.

(Regular program price: $190)

How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites

As a copywriter, you already know how to write copy that sells. Why not do it for your own website — and generate thousands of dollars a month in easy, passive income?

Now you can… with website expert Nick Usborne’s unique program that walks you through the process of turning any hobby, interest, or passion you may have into a fun and profitable website and business.

You’ll learn how to structure a simple site so it’s up and running quickly, load it with exciting and sales-oriented content, and drive people to your site without spending a fortune. Plus, by using Nick’s proven “affiliate marketing strategy,” you can make thousands of dollars a month without having a single product of your own to sell. No selling… no shipping. You just guide people from your site to the sites of companies with relevant products to sell — and get paid for every sale!

(Regular program price: $497)

Secrets of Becoming an Internet Research Specialist: How to Surf the Web for Freedom and Profit

It’s the ideal “part-time job” for any COS member — and a great way to generate extra money while perfecting your craft. Simply offer your services as a “researcher” to working copywriters. There’s a huge demand, the pay is good (as much as $50 an hour just to “surf the Web”), and you learn while you do it. This program — which is being snapped up by AWAI members at a record pace — gives you all the secrets and shortcuts to generating top-notch research on any topic… and shows you how to get hired by working copywriters! Plus, Circle of Success members can use the program to learn powerful researching tricks for their own writing projects!

(Regular program price: $129)

Secrets of Becoming a Publicist: A Simple, Step-by-Step Guide to Boost Your Income and Enjoy the Satisfying and Exciting Life of a PR Pro

The persuasion skills you master as a copywriter aren’t just for selling products and services. You can also use those skills to generate publicity and reshape public opinion on behalf of businesses and community groups, large and small. Press releases, letter campaigns, awareness programs — they all require persuasion to succeed.

As a copywriter, you’re just the person to deliver the “power of the press” (and Internet!) to clients looking to improve their image and boost sales — quickly and cost-effectively.

Running a PR business is a perfect spare-time business for copywriters who want to expand their services… create a new stream of income… help businesses grow… and have some fun. It’s inexpensive to get started… and much easier than you may think. AWAI teamed up with PR pro Melanie Rembrandt to create a step-by-step guide that gives you everything you need.

(Regular program price: $199)

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming a Highly Paid Content Marketing Strategist

One of the great challenges for advertisers today is cutting through the clutter… sidestepping spam filters, pop-up blockers, do-not-track programs, and reaching customers with copy they want and need.

That’s where a highly-skilled “content” writer comes in. It’s all about writing copy readers and buyers can find through search engines, find useful, and will want to read.

In fact, some call this niche the best opportunity for web writers this year — and possibly for years to come. That’s why AWAI is offering Content Mastery: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Highly Paid Content Marketing Strategist to help you take advantage of this trend while there’s still time.

We’ve brought in Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger, and possibly the most renowned content marketer online today. Brian knows this niche like few do, and in eight simple steps, he’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to become a master content marketer like him.

(Regular program price: $497)

Self-Fulfilled: How to Be a Writer and a Publisher

Whatever your passion, you can immerse yourself in it AND make a six-figure income. This program is full of practical publishing ideas and case studies that could be your direct ticket to the fulfillment you’ve always wanted in life.

(Regular program price: $499)

The Pro Resume Writer Program

Resume writing is one of the most popular little “side businesses” among AWAI members — and this program gives you everything you need to start and run a successful spare-time, or full-time, resume preparation service. With our detailed guidelines, writing resumes is fun, quick, and easy. And guess what? With so many people looking for jobs these days, the demand has never been greater!

(Regular program price: $197)

Speech Writing Success! The Craft and Business of Speech Writing

It’s not just politicians who hire speechwriters. Lots of businesspeople who don’t have the time (or skill) to write their own speeches would gladly pay you to do it for them. Speech writing is in big demand and pays well. Plus, many of our core copywriting principles go into writing a great speech! With Speech Writing Success! The Craft and Business of Speech Writing, you can start capitalizing on this under-served market right away. You’ll learn:

  • The 5 rules of engagement — critical to the success of any speech
  • How to find your client’s “voice” and use it throughout the speech
  • The keys to doing effective speech research… and knowing when enough’s enough
  • The single-most important part of a speech — and how to tackle it
  • How to “write for the ear”
  • Understanding the ins and outs of rhetorical devices and how they affect your audience
  • How to deal with all kinds of clients… from the easy-to-please to the most difficult… and always stay in the driver’s seat
  • And much, much more…

(Regular program price: $497)

Programs for Growing Your Business and Getting New Clients

Your No-Stress Method for Getting Clients: 26 Field-Tested Strategies for Introverts, Extroverts, and Everyone In-Between

Whether you’re someone who loves putting yourself out there and talking with people … or you prefer to stay hidden behind your computer screen … or even if you’re somewhere in the middle … you’ll find proven client-getting strategies in this program that you’re comfortable using and that suit your personality.

These methods are taught by some of the most in-demand copywriters working today, who use them personally to find and land high-paying clients. You’ll hear from A-listers like Bob Bly and Nick Usborne, successful AWAI members like Steve Maurer and Heather Robson, as well as many others who have mastered the art of getting clients.

Their methods are easy to use — even if getting clients has been a sticking point for you before. And many of the experts have included additional resources like checklists and templates to support your efforts.

Best of all, it only takes ONE of these strategies to start landing great clients and earning stead writing fees.

(Regular program price: $995)

Freelance Writing Business Success

Specific answers to hundreds of questions about starting, running, and marketing your own $100,000-a-year freelance writing business — all in one place.

Nothing is left in doubt… everything from information about setting up your home office and business structure to organizing your “Swipe File” and negotiating fees. Checklists, step-by-step systems, and articles from Master Copywriters are included. Recently updated with numerous suggestions for marketing your new freelance business in a variety of media, both offline and online. Avoid years of trial and error and start your freelance business on a solid foundation. No copywriter should begin his or her career without this invaluable resource.

(Regular price: $199)

Essential Templates for Your Copywriting Business

Win and Manage Projects Like a Pro with These Ready-to-Use Documents

Successful writers know that building a great copy career involves more than simply writing good copy. You also need to be able to interact with your clients like a professional and properly manage the administrative and “business end” of all your projects. And the fastest way to ensure you look like a pro, right from the start, is with AWAI’s toolkit, Essential Templates for Your Copywriting Business.

You get every business-critical document and ready-to-use template working copywriters need, including a New Prospect Intake Checklist… a Fee Schedule… an Invoice Template… a Project Time Frames Reference Sheet… a Copywriting Quality Checklist… a Prospecting Email Template… a Website Home Page Checklist and much more!

(Regular price: $129)

Getting Your First Client

Many AWAI members have landed their first paying client just by following the simple and proven roadmap outlined in Getting Your First Client. They've gone from total beginners to fully booked-up calendars. And nothing about their success was accidental. It's all available to you here, using these tools to launch your writing career.

(Regular price: $99)

AWAI’s Simplest Guide to Pricing Copy Projects

Pricing your copywriting services accurately, quoting projects, and talking about money with confidence are very important parts of running your freelance business. But, if you’ve never run a freelance business before… Or “talking numbers” has never been your strong suit… Or you don’t even know what ballpark to start in… Then AWAI’s Simplest Guide to Pricing Copy Projects is the solution you’ve been looking for.

This is the comprehensive yet simple guide for copywriters who want to quote, price, and negotiate fees like professionals — without fear or emotion. Step-by-step, creative business expert and negotiator Ilise Benun will help you finally feel completely confident running the “money side” of your business.

(Regular program price: $247)

Effective Networking: The Fastest Way to Win Clients and Grow Your Business

When was the last time you had a casual conversation worth $100,000 in new business to you? Or a $10,000 email? With this exciting program, you could have them all the time — with just about anyone you meet. Use this tool to effectively launch a new business or dramatically improve an existing one.

(Regular program price: $179)

How to Choose Your Writing Niche — Your Step-by-Step Blueprint for Choosing a Profitable Niche That’s Right for You

No matter where you are in your copywriting career, you can start attracting your ideal clients faster by using the same marketing system Pam Foster used to land 7 ideal clients in 7 weeks.

(Regular program price: $199)

Making the Leap: A Practical, Hands-On Guide to Getting From Wherever You Are… to the Freedom, Independence, and Financial Rewards of Living The Writer’s Life!

This special program shows you, step-by-step, how to go from working for someone else to being a successful, in-demand freelance copywriter. It includes the 7-part video bonus series Fast Start Guide to a Thriving Copywriting Business, which prepares you for the day you confidently say, “I quit!”

(Regular program price: $129)

Marketing Confidence: Learn to Love Marketing Your Business

Over a period of just a few days, you’ll learn how to market and promote your services… in a way that feels comfortable for YOU. Not weeks, or months, or years — days. Nick Usborne will give you the same exact approach he’s used to earn big fees and work with clients, all while having more free time to do the things that are important to you.

(Regular program price: $497)

3-Minute Marketing: Bite-Sized Strategies to Build Your Freelance Business in Just 3 Minutes a Day

Transform the way you do business just 3 minutes at a time! Join the "likable expert" Michael Katz for a unique video coaching series exclusively designed for busy writers.

In 3-Minute Marketing: Bite-Sized Strategies to Build Your Freelance Business in Just 3 Minutes a Day, you get 36 specially-made coaching videos. From pricing to landing clients to ongoing marketing tactics, each short, powerful video will make running your business feel fun, easy, and natural.

(Regular report price: $179)

Bob Bly’s Getting Clients Weekend Home Study Program

Learn how to build a rock-solid business, master your niche, create a stellar freelance website, negotiate the best contracts and so much more with Bob Bly's Getting Clients Weekend Home Study Program. During the live Getting Clients Weekend event, Bob took attendees inside his 35 years of copywriting experience, providing them with the wisdom, secrets, tools, documents and strategies for landing high-paying, top-notch clients. With the home study program, you get all of the live event materials, including:

  1. Over 15 hours of audio and video presentations from Bob and his special guests.
  2. The complete collection of materials, containing all the relevant samples, notes, and handouts from every presentation — all organized with an easy-to-follow agenda from the event.
  3. Bob’s exclusive 170-page Copywriter’s Toolkit of all the forms, templates, and messages you’ll need to land clients, manage, projects and get paid what you’re worth.

(Regular price for the program: $495)

Bob Bly’s “Get Clients in 30 Days” Challenge

In this 6-part teleconference series, Bob Bly and his expert guests show you not only how to get all the clients you need — but how to get the kind of clients you want, too.

(Regular price for the series: $249)

Everything You Need to Know About the Lucrative World of Graphic Design

Graphic Design Success!

Learning the simple, basic skills you need to be a direct-mail graphic designer, it turns out, is not as difficult as you might think.

AWAI’s Graphic Design Success is the only comprehensive program on direct-marketing design that shows you the five common elements of a direct-mail package and how to design them for maximum effectiveness… how to make the layout of a page “come alive” and grab your reader’s attention… the secret to stirring your reader’s emotions with typefaces, color, and graphics to get him in the “buying mood”… and much, much more.

By the time you finish this program, you’ll have real-world techniques you can use to design almost any project that comes your way. Best of all, you’ll know more about good direct-marketing design than 99% of the other freelance graphic designers out there.

(Regular program price: $290)

The Copywriter’s Six-Figure Design Library

From designer extraordinaire Lori Haller — this is unlike any graphic design program we’ve ever created. In fact, it’s not so much a learning program as it is your own little graphic design “franchise” business. You simply decide what you want your sales promotion to look like — a simple letter, a special report, even a full-color magalog. Then you go to your Design Library, select from the 13 ready-to-go print formats, drag your copy into the open space, and… voilà!… you have yourself a professionally designed direct-response marketing piece! Or, if you choose to focus on online copy design and layout, Lori has created templates for a landing page, sales letter page, sign-up page, order device, assorted banners and bursts, and much more.

Aside from all of Lori’s professional templates, you get complete instructions on how to use them… and all the tools you need to quickly produce lift notes, envelopes of all sizes, business cards, stationery, postcards, e-books, and premiums.

(Regular program price: $5,141)

Programs You Can Use to Make More Money and Accelerate Your Success

Virtual Business Building Intensive On-Demand

AWAI’s Virtual Business Building Intensive On-Demand is a proven training method that you CAN build a successful freelance business in less than 30 days.

This is your rare chance to have seven business-building coaches lead you step-by-step through launching a writing business that attracts clients who desperately need and want your services – all from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll choose your niche, build an online presence with LinkedIn and your own impressive website, begin attracting a steady stream of prospects, learn how to close them into clients, negotiate higher fees, and much, much more.

Watching each session and following the expert’s guided instructions will remove any guesswork as they show you the exact strategies they personally used to build successful writing businesses. Follow along and you’ll be launching your freelance writing business in just 30 days.

(Regular program price: $1,995)

12 Weeks to B2B Copywriting Mastery On-Demand Program

Reach success as a B2B copywriter faster than ever with guidance from B2B Master Copywriter, Steve Slaunwhite. During this in-depth, 12 Weeks to B2B Copywriting Mastery On-Demand Program, Steve walks you through and teaches you how to write copy for 14 of the most in-demand B2B projects all in just 12 weeks.

You’ll acquire all of the insider secrets, tools, and skills you need to become a highly-effective B2B copywriter… and you’ll walk away with a portfolio to prove it.

(Regular program price: $1,997)

Web Copy Apprentice: 13 Weeks to Well-Paid Web Copy Pro On-Demand Program

The Web Copy Apprentice On-Demand Program is Master Web Copywriter, Nick Usborne’s “one-on-one” 13 week webinar training where he takes you from where you are now in your writing career to a place where you can earn a solid six-figure income as a web copywriter. You’ll learn how to write and command great fees for the top most common types of web projects clients ask for. 

This classroom-style learning is based on a model we’ve proven makes the learning faster, more efficient, keeps you motivated, and ensures you “get” the major concepts in a way that simply reading a program never could. By the time you finish the apprenticeship program, you’ll be ready to take on numerous new clients and kick off a lucrative, successful web copywriting career.

(Regular program price: $1,997)

Build Your Freelance Website in Four Days

“Intimidating.” “I don’t know where to start.” “Too technical.”

Those are just some of the responses we’d expect to get when we say every freelancer must have his or her own website to promote themselves and their work. So, AWAI’s resident web guru, Rebecca Matter, got together with some of her best web-expert friends and produced a four-session (one hour each), step-by-step webinar series on how to build, write, and launch your very own website… for under $100.

Just to be clear — this is not about the “theory” of building a website. It’s a roll-up-your-sleeves-and-do-it program where, at the end, you “flip the switch” and take your actual website — content and all — live on the Internet. If you’ve yet to set up a website, one of the first things you need to do is watch — and follow — this amazing webinar series!

(Regular price for the series: $399)

Annual Bootcamp Home Study Program

Get every presentation, every tip, every secret, every selling strategy revealed at Bootcamp — bundled together with all the relevant handouts, guides, examples, and backup material… delivered to you in a complete, concise, “learn at your own pace” package. Plus, you get access to the Spec Assignments offered during Job Fair.

*Not available for sale, but as a Circle of Success member you can request access to the recordings and the materials from the LIVE event.

(Regular program pricing: $2,495 ticket price to the LIVE event)

Profitable Freelancing: The Definitive Guide to Earning More Money From Day One

Successful web copywriter, author, and coach Nick Usborne outlines nine groundbreaking strategies to “gap hunt” and maximize your income… be a Constant Marketer… build an audience of prospects for your website… utilize his innovative Step-Up Principle™ and Circles of Income Method™ to make every month your best month ever… and much more.

(Regular program price: $297)

The AWAI's Accelerated Income Goals System — A Guaranteed Approach to Perpetually Increasing Success

Ever wonder what separates regular folks from the ultra-successful? Fact is, the vast majority of the wealthiest and most successful people in the world aren’t any smarter than you or me — they’re just more focused on their success. And, whether they realize it or not, they’ve broken down many of the obstacles and roadblocks that stop most people from reaching their potential.

International marketing expert and Master Copywriter Joe Vitale calls it “The Law of Attraction” — the simple idea that once you eliminate the five “roadblocks” that are secretly sabotaging your success, success can’t help but find you. And in this special guide written especially for up-and-coming AWAI copywriters, he gives you a step-by-step plan for removing these obstacles from your life forever, once and for all opening the door to wealth and prosperity.

(Regular program price: $129)

The Versatile Freelancer: How Writers and Other Creative Professionals Can Generate More Income by Seizing New Opportunities in Critiquing, Consulting, Training, and Presenting

One of the many great things about being a copywriter is that you’re not limited to just writing copy. That’s because, as a copywriter, you have a very valuable skill: You are a master of the art of persuasion. And that’s a skill every business needs — to sell products, attract new customers, motivate and teach employees, and so on. So, not only can you market your copy to businesses everywhere — you can also market your knowledge.

Consulting, copy critiquing, training in-house copywriters and marketers, presenting at company events and sales meetings — there’s a huge market for all these things. In this e-book, direct-response copywriter, critiquer, consultant, trainer, and speaker Don Hauptman shows you how to turn the very specific and in-demand knowledge you have into an endless supply of “non-writing” income.

(Regular price: $79)

How to Find a Mentor You Can Trust

Every successful person on planet Earth has had a mentor they could trust.

It is an indispensable part of the formula for winning in life. It is a major part of the formula for winning with an online business and making a safe, secure, on-going income.

Inside you’ll discover powerful, easy-to-apply secrets not only to finding a mentor who will help you succeed, but also to building a secure online business that will provide you a steady income month-after-month

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Meditation for Writers: Accessing the Writer Within

Quiet your mind and unleash your creativity with the power of meditation. On this 21-day journey, Dr. Annette Annechild guides you through daily meditations designed to help you silence your inner critic, overcome writer’s block, and increase focus (and MUCH more). You’ll experience increased creativity and spend more productive writing time “in the zone”… while achieving financial success, personal fulfillment, and professional satisfaction faster. Create your ideal writer’s life just by popping in your headphones, closing your eyes, and letting Dr. Annechild’s rich voice soothe you into relaxation in Accessing the Writer Within: The 21-Day Meditation For Writers Program.

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  • The Architecture of Persuasion: How to Write Well-Constructed Sales Letters
  • Bob Bly’s How to Create Irresistible Offers: The Easiest Way on Earth to Make Your Marketing Generate More Leads, Orders, and Sales
  • Great Leads: The Six Easiest Ways to Start Any Sales Message
  • Copy Logic! The New Science of Producing Breakthrough Copy (Without Criticism)
  • Persuasion: The Subtle Art of Getting What You Want
  • Copywriting Tricks of the Trade: 50 Essential Secrets That Every Copywriter Should Know
  • Michael Masterson’s Personal Productivity Secrets: How to Accomplish All Your Most Important Goals
  • 20 Masters Tips
  • 20 More Masters Tips
  • Conquering the Tyranny of the Blank Screen — Eliminating Fear and Procrastination When Facing Writer’s Block
  • Finding a Winning Tone, Style, and Voice for Your Copy
  • Mastering the Art of Persuasion — Copywriting Secrets of the Masters
  • Conversations With the Masters: Interview With Arthur Johnson and Bob Bly
  • Copywriting for Nonprofits: Interview With Kimberly Seville (audio)
  • Copywriting for Nonprofits: Interview With Madeline Stanionis (audio)
  • Copywriting for Nonprofits: Interview With Mal Warwick (audio)
  • The Art of Persuasion: How to Get What You Want Through the Power of the Word
  • How to Prospect Successfully (audio)
  • Insider Secrets for Making Money Writing Copy Online (audio)
  • Promoting Yourself (audio)
  • Breaking Into the Top-Paying Market: Consumer Newsletters (audio)
  • 5 Steps for Establishing Your Reputation as a Top Copywriter in Your Field (audio)
  • Entering the Lucrative World of Writing for the Healthcare Market (audio)
  • Writing for the Corporate Communications and Marcom (Marketing Communications) Market (audio)
  • The Ultimate Secrets of Freelance Copywriting Success (audio)
  • Writing for the Information Products Market (audio)
  • How to Get Out of a Slump (audio)
  • Writing for the Business-to-Business and High-Tech Markets (audio)
  • How to Write a Book and Get It Published (audio)
  • Prospecting for New Business (audio and transcript)
  • Conversations With the Masters: Interview With Don Mahoney and John Forde
  • How to Quickly Become a Published Author: The Secret of Children’s Magazines
  • Secrets of a Master: Less Is More — Confessions of a Word-a-Holic
  • Succeeding in the Children’s Non-Fiction Market: Interview With Kieran Doherty
  • Developing a “Hands-on” Approach to Catalog Copywriting: Helping the Customer Experience the Merchandise
  • Secrets of Writing Blockbuster Financial Market Controls: Interview With Clayton Makepeace (audio and transcript)
  • Secrets of Writing Blockbuster Financial Market Controls: Interview With Sean McCool (audio and transcript)
  • Secrets of Writing Blockbuster Financial Market Controls: Interview With Marcella Allison (audio and transcript)
  • Secrets of Writing Blockbuster Financial Market Controls: Interview With Julia Guth (audio and transcript)
  • Copywriting for Nonprofits: Interview With Jerry Huntsinger (audio)
  • Make Money Writing Catalog Copy (audio and transcript)
  • Make $3,000 a Project Writing White Papers, Brochures, and Other “Marketing Collateral” (audio and transcript)
  • Writing for the Self-Help and Biz-Op Markets (audio and transcript)
  • What’s New in B2B Copywriting? (audio and transcript)
  • “Power Start” Teleconference Series Recordings (audio)
  • The 62 Most Commonly Asked Questions Beginning Copywriters Ask About Getting Clients
  • The Copywriter’s 7-Step Wealth-Building Plan: Turn Yourself Into a MILLIONAIRE in Just 10 Years!
  • The Designer’s Guide to Buying Software: Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Right Software for Your Graphic Design Business
  • A Cheater’s Desk Reference for Copywriters: 27 Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Help You Work Less and Make More
  • 9 Fundamentals of Good Writing
  • 101 Story Ideas for Children’s Books
  • The Secret of Capturing Children’s Attention
  • A Secret Technique for Getting Your First Piece Published!
  • Analyzing Response Rates
  • How to Identify and Appeal to Your Prospect’s Core Buying Emotion
  • The Power of the Offer
  • Secrets of a Killer Swipe File
  • Social Science Techniques in Copywriting

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