A special message from Rebecca Matter, President, AWAI

“What’s the Fastest Way to Earn a Living as a Writer?”

Dear Reader,

It’s the question I get asked via email and on Facebook most often:

“I need to know which program would get me started making money sooner rather than later, with the most bang for the buck, with complete information on how to find clients and how to charge for my services.”

Put simply, “What’s the fastest way to earn a living as a writer?”

My answer every single time: Write emails!

In today’s e-commerce era, businesses of all shapes and sizes (from your local mom-and-pop to your larger Fortune 100s and 500s) want and need emails written.

That’s why when it comes to launching your career and getting paid to write in the shortest time possible, writing email copy gives you every possible advantage. Take a look:

Another neat perk about writing email copy is that once you get your foot in the door with a client, it can easily lead to more and bigger paying projects.

Email is a cheap way for a client to test your copy. So they really have nothing to lose. The client’s risk is minimal, meaning you have a very good chance to “wow” them.

The Easiest Copy You’ll Ever Write

Why is writing email copy such a quick skill to learn?

Because the projects are short, sweet, and to the point.

For example, one day you might be writing an email to introduce a new product …

“He is a master!”

“Jay White is a specialist in writing the email autoresponder series, at which he is a master.

“The reason most online marketers don't use the autoresponder series more often is the cost and time required to produce it — there are simply too many other priorities (like writing your landing page or info product) that take precedence.

“But any time you allow a visitor to register on a page without serving him an autoresponder series (and we all do it), you are leaving money on the table.

“Now, with Jay's formula, you can learn to write your own autoresponder emails, enabling you to increase conversions, upsells, and cross-sells — for your own sites or your clients.”

— Bob Bly, “America’s Top Copywriter”

“Desperate for Writers”

“[Email copy] is a lucrative niche that is desperate for the type of writers trained in your method. Thanks for the excellent content, Jay — I am inspired!"

— Julie Herckenrath, Professional Copywriter

“Copy that blows their minds!”

“Talk about excited! Thanks to Jay, I've already produced email copy for clients that blows their minds!”

— Dot Pecson

“Jay can walk the walk.”

“Not all hot-hand writers can teach, but Jay can walk the walk and talk/teach, too… with enthusiasm, clarity, and grace.”

— Curtis Tuck

“The best copywriting teacher I’ve ever seen.”

“Jay White is the best copywriting coach I've ever seen. Unlike others who teach copywriting, he doesn't throw a bunch of information at you to make sense of by yourself. He guides you through email copywriting step by step. He explains what is effective and why, and highlights common errors.”

— Melody Brooks

“Take your writing skills to the next level.”

“I'd recommend this program to anyone wanting to improve their broadcast and autoresponder emails. Even if you're already an expert copywriter, Jay can take your email writing skills to the next level.”

— Perry Droast

“2 emails at $290 each.”

“Hi Jay,

“Things starting to warm up on the [email copy] front — recently got a client… 2 emails at $290 each.”

— Mark McClure

Another day you might write a series of auto-responder emails — a series of up to 7 short emails that are automatically sent to a new prospect who just opted in to your client’s email list.

Perhaps the next day you’ll write a simple story that entertains and educates your client’s audience and continues to build a relationship.

The variety of emails you’ll be working on keeps things fun and fresh.

But here’s the thing —

No matter what kind of email you’re writing, the same foundational principles will apply. And that’s why this is such a great little niche.

In just a few days, you can learn how to write these emails and be well on your way to earning a solid income as a writer.

Best of all, thousands of businesses around the globe are HUNGRY for email copy. They need someone to write emails for every product they launch … every new email list they create … and every new affiliate offer they want to promote, and much, much more.

And if they like what they see from you, they’ll keep coming back …

How Soon Do You Want To Live The Writer’s Life?

I ask, because once you decide to focus on this one area of writing, you can write your own ticket. And you can truly do it as quickly or as slowly as you’d like.

It doesn’t matter what your background is or what kind of writing style you have right now.

That’s because we’ve brought in the best in the industry to show you how to write and specialize in email copy. His name is Jay White, and he earns a comfortable six-figure income solely by writing short, fun emails for a small handful of clients.

Jay White

In his program, Email Copy Made Easy, Jay gives you everything he’s ever learned about writing email copy for clients — in a concise, easy-to-follow formula.

For example, you’ll learn:

With You Every Step Of The Way

Once you’ve gone through Email Copy Made Easy, you’ll have everything you need to get started on the fastest way to earn a living as a writer.

But Jay doesn’t stop there.

He’s agreed to share a large chunk of his time and help you out in his exclusive online community.

This is an “email writer only” community. And as soon as you get your copy of Email Copy Made Easy, you’ll receive details on how to gain access.

Here you’ll have personal access to Jay. Ask him anything at all and he’ll get back with you as quickly as he can. Feel free to discuss the business, any sticking points you might have, or just pop in to say “Hi!”

Plus, you’ll get to connect with other program members whom you can bounce ideas off of or find out the secrets to their own success.

This is like having the ultimate “mastermind” group that’ll help you achieve your goals faster than you’ve ever imagined. And you’ll have the confidence you need to tackle ANY client project, knowing that Jay is just a short online message away.

The best part is, you can access the online community at any point in your training. So if there are any questions you have about a specific module while you’re learning about it, no problem. Just send it over to Jay and he’ll get back to you.

Working with a client and get stuck when writing? Write a post and Jay and your fellow email writers will get you unstuck.

Act Now!

In all, you’re getting a complete email writing “business-in-a-box.”

By the time you’re done, you’ll know how to find clients, land projects, write the emails, and most importantly — get paid!

Here’s what you get …

The price of the program is just $497.

Try It For 30 Days — If It’s Not For You, We’ll Buy It Back

I’m so certain that this program has the potential to transform your career that I’ll let you try it out on my dime.

Get the program. Take a full 30 days to do this.

If by then you feel you aren’t on your way to success, simply give our Member Services team a call and let them know. You’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund of every penny you paid.

What are you waiting for? Your version of the writer’s life awaits! Click the “Get Started Now!” button below:

To your (fast!) writing success,

Rebecca Matter
President, AWAI

Here’s what your fellow colleagues are saying about Email Copy Made Easy:

“Rebecca — In April, I emailed you asking about the quickest way to make money web writing and you told me writing [email copy]. I just wanted to say thank you — it was the best advice I ever got. I signed up for Jay White's Email Copy Made Easy and loved writing emails.

“Now, just 4 months later, I have my first retainer client writing emails for the self-improvement market, and I get enquiries every week. I can't believe how many people need great copy out there. The opportunities are endless…

“I am so excited about the new life I'm going to have with my family. The promises made by AWAI are very real and can work for anyone who wants to give themselves a better life. I'm counting the days until I can give notice to my regular job and become a copywriter full-time.

“Again, thanks so much. I never would have taken this path without your advice. I owe my future to AWAI.”

— Michelle Durham, Torrington, CT

“As someone who is constantly learning and improving, I've taken my fair share of copywriting-related training. Some, you just sort of muddle through because you need the info. Then there are the rare few that you actually enjoy. That's Jay's Email Copy Made Easy. I liked the audio-based format and especially appreciated the examples that he critiqued after every module. I loved his approach so much that I'm officially adding auto-responder and email copywriting to my lineup of services. After using Jay's techniques on just one email I sent to a particular list, it ended up being the second-highest pulling email ever. Pretty impressive! Thanks, Jay! You've got a real winner here.”

— Karon Thackston, Elgin, SC

“Offered a Job on the Spot with a Nice Monthly Retainer”

“After finishing just the second module of Jay White’s Email Copy Made Easy program, I got a little cocky and decided to send an email promoting my services to a fairly big Internet marketer. He was so impressed with my writing, he didn’t even ask for samples or references. He offered me a job on the spot with a nice monthly retainer. I went on to get three other clients by doing email promotions, all on monthly retainers. I now have time to take my kids to the zoo in the middle of the day, go out to lunch with friends, and do other cool things I enjoy. I couldn’t have done it without AWAI and Jay’s program!”

— Rachel Karl, McMinnville, OR

“One of the BEST programs I have taken”

“Email Copy Made Easy”, was one of the BEST programs I have taken. I know it was one of the most fun. The personal feedback was great! My emails have never been the same and the response to them, have been rewarding. Thanks Jay.

— Mary Ann Kalo

“First paid assignment — even before finishing the program!”

“Well, I got my first paid assignment — even before I was done with the program! I’ve been telling various people I’ve networked with over the years what I’m up to, and in casual conversation, it led to a real paying assignment — $3,000 for about 1 week’s work for writing an email and direct mail sales campaign. And there will be more work on the heels of this project…”

— Mike P., Coeur d’Alene, ID

“Given me confidence…”

Joining Emails Made Easy has given me confidence. Confidence that I can find common ground with prospects, be the voice for the client and make sales. I have gone back to review the program again and again. There are so many great ideas to be found in it. If someone asked me if this course is worthwhile, I would say absolutely…”

— Melinda Minette

“Opened my eyes to opportunities I was missing…”

Email Copy Made Easy with Jay White opened my eyes to opportunities I was missing as a copywriter. For example – I was under the impression 'email was dead'. How wrong! Companies are sending more 'money-making' emails to their list audiences today than ever before. And somebody has to be writing them. Online businesses need a non-stop flow of persuasive emails that get opened, get read, and get readers motivated to click-through. That's where you and I come in (thanks to studying Jay's program).

— Mike Searles

“Template for Success”

“I now have a template for success. I already knew the power of [email copy]. Some of the ones I wrote made me a lot of money. But until I bought Jay White's Email Copy Made Easy program, I didn't realize there was a formula for creating consistently successful emails. There is, and Jay pins it down so well in this program that I now have a template for success.”

— Jamie Sylvian

“Thanks, Jay!!!”

“[Jay] brought it ALL together for me in a practical way, and gave me the gentle kick in the pants I needed to get serious about my online copywriting career. Thanks, Jay!!!”

— William P., Loveland, CO

“Jay makes it easier and more fun than you may think it would be”

(joining ECE has meant) that I could get the training and confidence I needed to succeed as a copywriter. (the biggest benefit has been) the community. It's a big help to realize you're not the only one on earth trying to do this (even though it feels like it sometimes). (if a fellow AWAI Member asked if they should join, I’d say) do. It. Realize there's solid work ahead, but Jay makes it easier and more fun than you may think it would be.

— Ty Mall

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