Urgent Message from the Desk of Copywriting Coach, Joshua Boswell…

If you want the writer’s life with all the benefits it offers, including more free time and money, but have no foggy clue how to get started, you’re in the right place…

My 12-step “Getting Clients Roadmap” is THE clearest, simplest path to landing high-paying clients RIGHT NOW. Anyone who follows it can make the writer’s life happen… even if you have NO writing, marketing, or business experience — guaranteed. — Joshua Boswell, Expert writing coach

Dear Writer,

Joshua Boswell

Joshua Boswell

The number one question aspiring writers ask me is…

How on earth do I get started?!

You probably have asked that same question yourself. You’re excited, you’re motivated, and you’re ready to start writing…

But HOW?

That’s exactly what I’m going to answer for you here today.

But first, I want to you to know that I’m stone-cold serious about the promise I just made.

You don’t need ANY writing, business, or marketing experience to follow these 12 steps and get high-paying writing clients…

In fact, all you really need to know right now is these three things:

  1. You want to live the writer’s life
  2. You want to get paid to write sooner rather than later…
  3. And, you want a proven, automated system that can bring you clients for life.

I’m going to assume your answers are “YES!” to all three.

How can I be so confident?

It’s because I used this exact same 12-step process to achieve my success… so have hundreds of aspiring writers…

You see, I’ve designed this Getting Clients Roadmap to work for total beginners with absolutely NO experience in the freelance writing market.

It’s the foolproof, comprehensive guide to landing your first freelance writing client…

And your second, and third, and fourth…

In just 12 simple steps.

Here’s why I’m so confident my Roadmap will work for you

I’m not one to honk my own horn, but getting clients happens to be something I’m pretty darn good at. (Google, Microsoft, and Verizon are among the many Fortune 500 clients I’ve written for.)

And, I’m super passionate about training beginning writers like you to get a foot in the door as a professional freelancer… and start getting paid fast.

That’s why I’ve spent the better part of the last decade developing, testing, and perfecting this ridiculously simple 12-step action plan…

Which takes you by the hand and breaks down exactly what you need to do to find just one client to pay you to write for them… when to do it… and HOW to do it.

That’s just one client to start, of course…

But one client is all it takes. Just one client officially makes you a professional freelance writer.

Even better: It means you’ve built a system that will bring you a second person to pay you to write for them (and a third… and a fourth… ).

After that, you’re unstoppable.

Yes — seriously!

I have seen it work time and again, for people who thought they could never, ever get paid to write.

My 12-step system will help you avoid ALL of the obstacles, hedges, and dangerous camouflaged pits… anything that could trip you up on your way to freelance writing success.

Best of all?

It’s extremely easy to do!

Like I said…

All that matters right now is that you know you want to live the life of your dreams.

You know you want complete financial and lifestyle freedom.

You know you want to control your life… not let some faceless corporation or a haggard cubicle troll tell you what to do, when, and where… and how much they’ll pay you to do it (and why you should be grateful for even that!).

Maybe you want a life full of exotic travel you can pay cash for…

Maybe you want a completely flexible schedule, so you can see all of your kids’ (or grandkids’) soccer games… or attend your favorite yoga class at 10:30 in the morning.

Maybe you’re tired of asking for time off, when it’s YOUR life and YOU should be controlling it.

Or maybe you want to live on a beach somewhere, spend your days in the sun and surf and use your evenings to make a living.

All of that (and so much more) is possible when you are a well-paid freelance writer.

Right now, all you need to have is hope that it’s possible.

I will handle the rest.

“I just used one of Joshua’s Roadmap tools on a telephone call with a potential client and got told at the end, ‘You've got the job, just send over your proposal as a formality.’ That's one client for sure and I'm talking on Thursday afternoon to another potential client! Woo-hoo!”

— Debby Kevin
Columbia, MD

First, what makes ME so qualified to give YOU career-building advice?

There’s three reasons:

  1. I’ve been where you are…
  2. I’ve become extremely successful doing what you want to do (using the same high-leverage action steps I’m about to show you)…
  3. And, one of my life’s passions is to help you become successful, too. (That means I’ve put my heart and soul into this Roadmap, and given you only THE best advice that’ll provide you with the highest return for your effort.)

In fact, let me back up…

I daresay I’ve been far worse off than where you are right now.

See, a little over 11 years ago, I hit rock bottom.

I was $200,000 in debt.

I had no income, no job, and very little hope.

The fundraising company I’d built had just collapsed on me.

We were behind on all of our bills and the phone rang nonstop, day after day, with calls from ‘friendly’ collection agencies demanding money.

Worse than that, deep inside, I felt ashamed… miserable… and worthless.

Even worse than that… I had six children to feed and no way to bring home bread, let alone bacon.

That was when I discovered freelance writing.

And I was SO excited. It just made sense to me that businesses would hire professional writers to tell their stories and sell their products.

I borrowed $50 from my brother to get the first installment of AWAI’s The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and I was off to the races.

Just 11 months later, after attending a live training event on getting clients, I’d established myself as a copywriter, earned a six-figure income, and created the foundation of a system that would bring me work for years to come.

Today, my income increases every year… our debt is completely paid off… and I live the writer’s life every day to the fullest.

To me, the writer’s life means spending as much time as possible with my family (now 11 kids!), serving in my church and community, and doing as much or as little work as I want. (Your definition of the writer’s life might be completely different — and I can’t wait to hear about it!)

To date, I’ve written for some of the biggest companies in the world…

Plus, I’ve been blessed to write for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Iowa Right to Life, The Children’s Christian Fund, and many others…

I even wrote a fundraising letter pro bono for a private Christian school that was about to go bankrupt. It increased enrollment by 300%.

The point here is not to brag about all of my accomplishments… (Okay, maybe a little… )

The point is, if there’s one thing I know how to do better than most “gurus” out there, it’s how to get clients…

And not just any clients…

BIG, high-paying clients that love working with freelance writers.

And now, I am so excited to teach you a highly-effective way to bring those same high-paying clients into your life, as quickly as possible.

Flipping the Script: Why you don’t need a salt lick’s worth of writing, marketing, or business experience to be a successful freelance writer… (In other words, why I know you’re ready for this NOW!)

Now… you’ve probably been wondering…

“Joshua, how can I possibly be a successful freelance writer without any writing experience?”

The answer is simple:

Learning the writing skills is the EASY part… and you can save it till the very end, if you want!

Seriously, don’t worry about writing skills right now.

In Getting Clients Roadmap, I give you the names of the writing programs that have made the biggest difference in my career… they’ll teach you all the skills you’ll need in the beginning, quickly and simply.

Yes, eventually you have to learn to write, but you should NOT let it hold you back right now.

Here’s why (and this is very important to understand):

I’ve found time and time and time again that so many beginning freelancers like yourself get caught up in this negative cycle of feeling “not ready”…

They tell themselves, “Oh, I need to take this program, and oh, I have to get this certification, and maybe I should attend that event… before I can think about calling that client.”

And guess what?

They NEVER feel ready enough… they NEVER end up calling that client and they NEVER get paid to write and they NEVER change their lives!

I’m not saying getting the training isn’t important. It absolutely is.

And, I’m not saying that’ll definitely happen to you. Just that I’ve seen it happen so many times I don’t WANT it to happen to you.

What I’m saying is that if you build your business and your “client-getting” system first, you’ll know exactly what writing skills or specialized knowledge you need to serve them.

Getting clients won’t be an afterthought; it’ll be a driving force behind your learning.

Trust me, once you have a client ready to pay you real money, you will be massively motivated to get those writing skills as quickly as possible.

You’ll be so excited, you won’t even think about procrastinating!

And, you won’t waste a second learning a skill you might not need right away.

This little paradigm shift… just flipping the script and building your business before worrying about training… is the first step to making your writer’s life very real, very quickly.

After all, what good is there in having these super valuable writing skills if you don’t have someone willing to pay you to use them?

Build the ‘bones’ of your business and find the right people first

Then you can worry about getting the writing skills.

Make sense?

I hope so…

Now, let’s get on to the nitty-gritty:

How exactly do you find paying clients?

And how do you convince them to pull out their checkbook and send you real money, especially if you have NO writing experience, samples, or testimonials (right now) to prove you can do the job?

And after that, how do you find a second client to pull out their checkbook and send you real money?

And the third… and the fourth…

And… well, you get the picture.

That’s exactly what this Getting Clients Roadmap is going to answer…

Getting Clients Roadmap is your step-by-step guide to living your ideal writer’s life as quickly as possible.

Right now, I want to show you what you’re going to learn… we’ll get to the how part in just a few minutes.

“Your courses address two of the hardest and most important things for new copywriters: where in the world to even start and how to find clients. You also have given us an excellent idea of what to expect — both the good and the bad.

“I like having step-by-step instructions. And it’s also good to know that good enough is good enough: I tend to want things to be perfect before I even start, and of course, they never are!

“I have known for at least the past 20 years that God put me on this earth to write, but I hadn’t found a way that I could write and bring in the income we need. THANK YOU for showing me the way!!”

Pam Hair

So if you start to think, “Well, how do I do THAT?” just remember I’m going to walk you through every single baby step and you can always ask any questions you have.


Okay, let's get started.

As we just discussed, in order to live the writer’s life and become a well-paid freelance writer, you have to get a client.

That means you must sell your writing services to a marketing director or CEO. (Or, the person who controls the checkbook at the company you want to work with.)

If the word “sell” freaks you out, don’t worry. It’s a LOT easier than it sounds, and you don’t even have to talk to them on the phone if you don’t want to!

In order to sell your services though, you do need to have a marketing plan.

Designing, building, and automating your marketing plan is the bulk of what we’re going to do in the Getting Clients Roadmap.

There’s three major components… and I’m going to walk you through each component, one little step at a time.

Remember, this is all about simple.

Each little step is as easy as possible… a small task you can complete in a day and usually less than an hour.

Nothing is too complex or too complicated, because I’ve stripped each major milestone down to its core fundamentals. (That’s why this program has worked so well for beginning writers I’ve shared it with at conferences around the country.)

It’s not a program that’s going to “stretch your limits.”

It’s not supposed to — the exact opposite in fact!

I want you to get past any frustration as quickly as possible and feel the glorious sensation of success. And that will motivate you to keep completing small action steps and keep feeling successful.

It’s all about momentum… little success after little success.

With all that said, let’s break it down.

The three major components are MARKET, MESSAGE, and MATCH.

It’s like I’m right there with you…

Along with guidebooks and assignments, the Roadmap includes a series of 25 video lessons, so it’s like I’m right there with you, coaching you through each step, and asking you to take action right along with me.

There are also audio-only mp3 tracks and transcripts, so you can absorb the info in the way that’s most convenient for you.

Your MARKET is simply who you want to write for… and who you’ll have the “hire me” conversation with.

In the MARKET section, I’ll guide you through…

“I really enjoyed this program, and got a lot out of it. As you say, it's not easy but it is simple!

“The thing I liked best about the program was the video content walking us through each step of the process.

“My results have been good: I've now been solidly email marketing and pitching clients for about two months. I've made around $1,500 so far, my portfolio is growing rapidly, and I'm confident I'll be able to effectively scale this up in the next few months and make a good income.

“Thanks a lot for making this available!”

Richard Rowlands

That’s it!

Step #1, done.

Easy, right?

Okay, let’s move on to your MESSAGE.

This section includes the services you’ll offer, at what price, and the channels and documents you’ll use to deliver that message.

In the MESSAGE section, you will…

We’re also going to go through online marketing methods, including how to build a website, whether you should have a blog or social media, how to build a sparkling online presence that works for you…

And, I’ll give you some of my best tips for making your LinkedIn profile a client-getting magnet.

This is by far the bulk of the work, but here’s two pieces of great news for you:

Each of these “big” steps is broken down into little steps along the way. They’re tiny things you can do, one hour at a time.

When it’s all broken down for you, you’ll see how simple it really is to build a lucrative writing business.


You only have to do it once!

After you’ve built the foundational pieces, you can tweak and update them, but the majority of it will stay the same.

That’s why getting your second and third and fourth client gets even easier as you go along.

The third section… MATCH… is the only part you’ll repeat to keep getting more clients later on. (And, I’ll even show you how to automate it to make it even more hands-off.)

In this stage, I’m going to show you…

All of these techniques are gleaned from my 11+ years of experience as a freelancer… and after I walk you through them, you’ll feel like you’ve already written for a million clients before.

Plus, my templates will save you tons of time and make you look like a professional right off the bat.

You’ll be surprised at how something as “simple” as a professional-looking invoice or project proposal will quickly put your clients at ease.

There will be no question that you can handle the job… and that you deserve those handsome fees!

But, I’m not just going to walk you through creating this highly effective marketing plan…

I’m going to coach you through developing the mindset to handle your brand-new freelance business.

It’s not just about the marketing plan… it’s about turning you into a savvy freelancer, too.

Not everyone is born an entrepreneur — and that’s just fine, because with my guidance, it won’t take long to become one.

So if you’re just coming out of a full-time job… or been a stay-at-home mom or dad… or only have ever worked part-time… or you’ve never run your own business, don’t worry!

After you finish the Getting Clients Roadmap training, you’re going to have the mindset of a freelancer.

You’re going to feel CONFIDENT going out after clients and handling the writing projects you land.

And, you’ll understand how to run your freelance business with ease.

And these “mindset-building” sessions are built-in throughout the Roadmap, so you’ll get this critical training as you go.

“This was an extremely well-organized and helpful program full of actionable advice.

“I love the way you break everything down into different components such as the system piece, About Me page, and writing samples. All of the information was simple to follow.

“I also enjoyed all the templates.

“I particularly liked The Game of Success, as I felt the advice in this video was applicable to many areas of business and life.”

Kate Findley

You will…


This is the preparation I wish I had before I started my career!

Through my videos, I’ll coach you through every single step… inspire you to action… and guide you around any obstacles you may face.

From there, you’ll know exactly how to find and land the lucrative projects you want…

You’ll begin reaching out to your dream clients in a way that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and in control…

And sooner than you think, you can begin living your ideal life.

The steps are as simple as they can be without being dumbed down or watered down.

These are highly effective, high-leverage action steps you can take one bite at a time, on your schedule.

Here’s why I can guarantee that YOU can make the writer’s life happen with this proven system…

“I wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have given us during this course… not only your devoted time, but almost every tool one could imagine to become successful at copywriting. I have never been part of a course before where the course leader has given so much.

“I truly appreciate everything you have done.”

— Carol Perkins

For one thing, I already know the 12 steps work.

Here’s what they had to say…

Beta testers of Getting Clients Roadmap had some fantastic results…

“I have my first client! We are working out the details but they are a really cool company and I am SO EXCITED!”

— Susan White

“I'm so excited! I just got my first ‘real’ client. Blog posts, articles, newsletters, and social media. Yippee!!!”

— Robin Dohrn Simpson

“Greetings, Roadmap friends. Dropping in to share some real-life victories thanks to AWAI and especially to Joshua Boswell and his **fabulous** program.

“I'm now eight months down the road from making three of the best decisions of my life: 1) launching my own gig to be my own boss, 2) heeding some wise counsel and sticking to an industry I know like the back of my hand, despite being burned out, and 3) signing up and diving in wholeheartedly to the Getting Clients Roadmap program.

“Today, I work regularly with three clients in my industry — one on retainer. And this morning, I just signed my fourth and largest client ever. They didn’t even question the investment proposal or redline the contract.

“And guess how they found me?

“Through the things I did in Getting Clients Roadmap.

“I offer this for anyone who may be wondering if the advice we get in this program pays off. It sure has for me. At least, once I quit second-guessing everything and trusted the experience of my mentors and teachers, that is.

“No doubt, it DOES take discipline and effort (and putting yourself out there). Nothing in life is free and you have to put in the work. But if you do work the program, the program can definitely work for you.”

— Gidget Hall

And, thanks to their feedback, Getting Clients Roadmap is now “bug-free,” streamlined, fine-tuned, and ready for YOU to dive right in.

So, there’s no doubt you can use these same steps to land as many high-paying clients as you want — and get your investment back tenfold within a matter of months… and a hundredfold within 18 months, if that’s what you want to do.

The content is proven to be rock-solid. As I mentioned…

This is the same action plan I’ve traveled the country teaching people…

The same action plan I teach in Simple Path to Success…

And the same action plan I continue to use in my own career.

The foundational elements are all the same. (Seriously, the only difference between them is how much of my one-on-one coaching time I offer.)

It’s simply a matter of YOU taking action.

Are you ready to get going?

Me too!

Here’s the deal…

“It's been so exciting! I will have three proposals this week!

“I did the research, put together a great proposal, and now I'm getting paid and doing a variety of work.

“Today I have another one with a small Boulder yoga company which would be a blast.

“Also just realized… with this client I just landed and all the other assignments I've gotten… your [$2,500] course has paid for itself! Yippee!!”

Marissa Paysinger

As I mentioned, I run a hands-on coaching program that uses these same exact steps, and ensures participants get through the material in just 12 weeks.

People who have gone through my hands-on coaching program have happily invested as much as $3,995 for me to guide them through the program in detail, meet with them regularly on the phone, and be available 24/7 via email and Facebook to help them.

But, you will NOT be paying $3,995 for this today. Not even close.

And, this past spring, I presented this same exact material LIVE to a few hundred folks on my tour around the country.

They paid $500 to attend a full-day seminar with me, in person, in their hometown.

And the reviews were fantastic…

I can’t tell you how many people emailed me, saying the “lightbulb finally came on” and how motivated and excited they were to launch their writer’s life once and for all.

So much success has come out of these two venues…

But, you won’t have to invest $500, either.

In fact…

The regular price for the Getting Clients Roadmap is just $297.

(That’s 92% off what people pay for the same information, but to have me walk them through it in my live, hands-on training course.)

Take 30 days to review, risk free…

Even though I’m giving you a great deal today, this is still a risk-free opportunity.

Please, take the next 30 days to go through the program.

Watch all of my videos… read all the guidebooks… really get a feel for the whole thing.

If you think there’s no WAY this “one-on-one” style video coaching… and this proven 12-step action plan… could possibly help you land a new client worth at least double what you invested…

Let me know within 30 days.

I’ll refund every single penny. All it takes is a quick email or five-minute phone call to AWAI’s friendly Member Services team and they’ll send you a prompt refund, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Order Now

Are you ready?

Are you ready to live your writer’s life?

Are you ready to FINALLY know exactly how to get started… with step-by-step, “show you the way out of your own neighborhood” instructions?

Are you ready to see exactly how to find your very first client… ?

(The one who’ll kick the snowball off the hill… write you your very first paycheck… and bring you the momentum and confidence you need to keep pressing forward… ?)

Then grab your copy of Getting Clients Roadmap now.

Get in, and get going…

Use the momentum and excitement you have now to keep moving forward…

Putting one foot in front of the other…

Until you’ve created an automated, foundational system that’ll bring in Client #2, Client #3, and so on…

Until you have enough money and flexibility in your schedule to live the writer’s life as you see fit.

And I’ll be there with you, every step of the way.

I look forward to hearing your success story!

Order Now

May God Bless You,

Joshua Boswell

P.S. Even though Getting Clients Roadmap is its own, separate program, remember, the curriculum and steps are all the same as what I’ve taught in my $500 live training events and $3,995 coaching program.

I wanted to share what those students have been saying about me and this step-by-step information…

“The business is really starting to percolate… You said that I would get my first client by the end of the three months and well… I got my first client! Lo and behold… $3,000!”

— Denise Healy

“Joshua makes taking action easy! I was always overwhelmed by how BIG everything seemed — making a website, getting a list, picking a niche, actually talking to clients.

“I always procrastinated because of how overwhelmed I was. I was an info addict — I always needed more information before I could act. My self-talk was definitely getting the better of me, ‘How on earth are you going to create a website!? You don’t know anything about making websites — and look how many pages you will have to do! Why don’t you just read about how to create websites instead? Then you can start working on it tomorrow.’ But tomorrow would just repeat the process.

“But your program made me realize all I had to do was break it down and just take everything one step at a time. Those small actions will build up over time. And if I take small actions every day, I will certainly accomplish more than I would by being completely overwhelmed and procrastinating!”

— Marissa Paysinger
Denver, CO

“Thank you for such an excellent program! My immediate takeaway has just been living a more balanced, productive life that is finally letting me begin my copywriting journey. The program has given me a fantastic roadmap to make my copywriting happen in a realistic, effective way!”

— Karen Van Offeren

Order Now

“I mentioned to a good friend that I am copywriting now. Can you imagine the sheer joy when he said, ‘Hey, I'm launching a new company for the domestic plastics market, and you have the project. Go ahead and write the entire website content for it!’

“I received payment two weeks ago. Nothing can replace the feeling when the universe has validated you and your work this way.

“All-in-all, you have got this process down. It's really just our own demons that hold us back. Thank you for all you do!”

— Anna Fitter

“Information Packets can work! I followed Joshua Boswell's advice and sent one to a niche company that fits my background.

“I just got an email from one of their sales staff who wants to meet me and connect on LinkedIn with me!”

— Helga George

“I've been getting connected with people on LinkedIn. Well, today I got a request for a connection, which I accepted. We sent a couple of messages back and forth and his response was ‘Definitely interested. I would like to have a media push in the next month.’ Holy smokes, Batman! I'm excited, scared, and hoping this can be a lucrative client.”

— Kat Susann Panzeri

“THANK YOU for all you taught me in three weeks. I'm at work now so I'll fill in details later, but the ‘biggest’ thing you taught me was HOW to figure out what another person's needs are and HOW to offer to work together in ‘my own voice.’

“I figure for every hour I was at the event, I was able to reduce my learning curve one year. So I feel seven years ‘ahead’ of where I was before the event.”

— Gwen Price

“Joshua’s workshop was an eye-opening, life-changing experience. I listened with rapt attention and soaked up as much wisdom, training, and encouragement as possible — it was everything I needed to kick-start this next exciting chapter in my career as a writer. I know now exactly what I need to do to be successful and have already taken the preliminary steps. Better yet, I have a roadmap designed to help me achieve that success and make up for 10 years of lost time.”

— Jessica Joy Reveles

And finally, one I am particularly proud of…

“Joshua's commitment to the success of others is genuine and full of purpose and unlimited enthusiasm.”

— George Krone
Miami, FL

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