Take This Simple Shortcut to Move Your New Career – and Your Earnings – Ahead of the Pack

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Of all the questions new AWAI members ask me, the one I hear most is, "How do I get my first client?"

While I've answered this question many times, there's never enough time to really explain it in detail. You see, the answer itself is short … but knowing how to put it to work for you isn't.

Katie Yeakle

Hi, I'm Katie Yeakle, Executive Director of AWAI. Over the past 19 years, I've seen hundreds of our members – people just like you – go from square one to enjoying the income and the freedom that come with the writer's life.

I'll bet the financial and personal freedom copywriting offers was one big reason you chose this career. After all, top copywriters make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year … many while working what they consider to be part-time.

However, getting from "just learning" to "big-time earning" is a journey … and not everybody has a roadmap. If you know the shortcuts, though, you'll get where you're going a lot faster.

So here's the good news: There is a "shortcut" to living the writer's life. A shortcut that can leapfrog you years ahead of the competition. And it's not hard to learn.

This shortcut has worked so well for so many of our members, I've asked our experts to put all the details together for you in a single, easy-to-follow program. A simple program that can cut months – even years – off your rise to the top.

Start Earning More … Sooner

One thing I've noticed time and time again is that our members' success stories often share a common ingredient. This ingredient is a particular technique they used to jump ahead of the pack … and really ignite their budding careers.

As you know, you have to put in years of hard work at most jobs to get a shot at the top. But not as a copywriter. At least, not when you know this shortcut …

How'd you like to turn your very first job into five assignments for a national marketer? AWAI member Phil Graham did just that with this shortcut technique.

And wouldn't it be great to turn your first – unpaid – job into a 2 ½ year gig worth over $100,000? That's what this technique did for Susan Nickerson.

Or maybe you'd like the whole enchilada. How about landing three first-time clients then a full-time job working for a leading financial publisher? That's exactly what happened to Sean McCool when he applied this same technique.

And all of these people were new copywriters. They didn't wait years for a big payoff.

And you don't have to, either.

How to Make Almost Any Marketer Eager to Consider Your Work

How could these copywriters – without experience or writing samples – get anyone to give them a break? Everybody "knows" that doesn't make sense. What business would take a chance on someone who hasn't already proven their skills?

Well, that's the beauty of the special technique revealed in AWAI's program, Getting Your First Client: The Copywriter's Shortcut to Making $100k per Year. This technique practically erases any advantage that experience might give your competition … and even makes your copy a very tempting first choice to prospective clients.

Imagine being on equal footing with copywriters who have years' more experience than you do. Even better – imagine marketers preferring to consider your services over theirs!

This technique almost always evens the playing field … and it often actually gives you an edge over more experienced copywriters who don't use it. It's almost unfair to the competition.

And you won't simply discover this technique. Getting Your First Client breaks it down for you step-by-step. In just a few hours, you can master the most powerful tool for landing a new client that I've seen in my entire career.

You'll Have a Clear Roadmap Leading Straight to Your First Client

As you know, there's a big difference between simply knowing about something and truly understanding it. And that's why I've asked some of our most successful members to share their insights on this powerful technique.

Getting Your First Client gives you the "inside scoop" on how it works – from people just like you who've used it to build a successful copywriting career. This isn't classroom theory. It's the real deal: a hands-on "how-to" from people who've been right where you are today.

We've left nothing to chance.

In Getting Your First Client, you'll hear the stories of real AWAI members who started out right where you are now. You'll learn exactly what they did to win their first clients – straight from the source.

Getting Your First Client takes you through every step of mastering this powerful technique. And you'll learn more than simply how to use it. Our experts explain why it works – and even how and where to apply it.

We've included examples of real-life copy, too. You won't just read about what works … you'll see it.

Here's just a taste of the secrets you'll discover:

  • How to use this technique's almost irresistible appeal to approach the clients you really want to work for and start your career at the top.
  • How to earn up to $10,000 on your first letter!
  • How to supercharge all your copy by mastering these six simple elements.
  • The "secret bonus" that this technique often yields.


  • Turn a trip to your mailbox into cash. (AWAI member Elizabeth N. did it.)
  • Uncover three nearly limitless sources of prospects – found right in your home!
  • Discover three huge FREE sources of national prospects.
  • Master Bob Bly's proven "stealth approach" for landing assignments.
  • Win paying clients … with no expense whatsoever.

Imagine the jump you'll get on your new career with all these tricks in your toolbox!

Land Your First Assignment Before You Even Complete AWAI's Copywriting Program!

Applying this technique is so easy and so powerful, some AWAI members have used it to land their first jobs even before they've finished our Accelerated Copywriting program!

That's exactly what AWAI member Sandi Krakowski did.

Sandi took an off-hand comment made at a restaurant one night and turned it into an opportunity. She did it by putting this special system to work.

And work it did – like a charm. In no time, Sandi had a professional writing assignment from the restaurant's owners. And, this was while she was on a family vacation.

And this technique doesn't just work with small businesses, either. Other AWAI members have used it to land assignments with giants like The Sovereign Society, Mercola.com, The Oxford Club and Nightingale-Conant.

Just imagine getting your first paycheck when you're barely halfway through AWAI's Accelerated Program. How much would that be worth?

As AWAI member Penny Hunt discovered, it can be worth a lot:

"Just a month into this I got my first copywriting assignment … that I am being paid $500 for. And, they want another letter from me in November!"

Once you know how to use this tool, you could be a working copywriter a lot sooner than you expect. Just like Sandi and Penny and so many other AWAI members. Just picture your new career paying for the program before you've even read all the way through!

But it gets even better, because you'll discover how to spin this technique to get more than just a paycheck …

Discover the Twist That Could Propel Your Career to the Top

Getting an assignment is great. But wouldn't it be better to land an assignment with your dream client? You know … the one you'd proudly tell all your friends you're working for.

Picture this: You're a band-new copywriter. You have big goals, but – so far – all your jobs have been small. You're looking forward to working your way up the ranks, and someday landing a job with your dream client.

But your dream client might be the biggest player in their field, and you probably won't get a shot at working for them for a long time.

But – maybe you will …

You see, there's something in this program that can help you open even the biggest doors. It's a twist to the technique you'll discover … and it's so effective, it can take a copywriter from "just dreaming" to "dream job" in practically no time flat.

That's what it did for AWAI member Cathy C.

Not long after she completed AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, Cathy decided to go after her dream client: Nightingale-Conant.

Nightingale-Conant is the world's largest publisher of self-improvement audio programs. They mail millions upon millions of letters every year. For a copywriter to land a job with Nightingale-Conant is like winning the lottery. It's a jackpot.

As you can imagine, the competition for writing assignments from Nightingale-Conant is fierce. And it's easy for a new copywriter to get lost in the crowd … especially when that crowd is full of experienced writers with big portfolios.

But Cathy didn't let that stop her. She used this special twist on the technique that's almost guaranteed to get you the right kind of attention. And it worked.

Today, Nightingale-Conant is Cathy's biggest client. A client that conventional wisdom said she shouldn't have been able to land.

In Getting Your First Client, you'll uncover the twist that Cathy used to start her career at the top. And we'll show you how to use that twist to get your career started in high gear, too.

We've even included a copy of Cathy's actual letter … and we break down how and why it worked. When you're done, you'll know exactly how to put the same plan to work for you. It's as close to a blueprint for success as there is.

And it's all yours in Getting Your First Client.

Shift Your New Career Into High Gear – Starting Today

When you decided to become a copywriter, you made a life-changing decision. Now you can accelerate your dream. Reach your goals earlier … get the bigger paychecks faster … enjoy the freedom of the copywriting lifestyle sooner.

With Getting Your First Client, you'll move into the fast lane. You'll learn how to make marketers eager to read your copy. You'll discover how to leapfrog ahead of the competition. And how to get your foot in the door with the big guys – clients you may have thought were out of your reach.

And, yes, you'll earn more … faster.

Throughout the program, you'll find examples of how AWAI members just like you have put this technique to work for them. This is simply the easiest, most powerful way there is to land your first client.

Promoting your services in a small classified ad in the NY Daily News would cost about $100 – for just three days. And your ad would be lost in a sea of black ink … just a tiny message vying for attention among thousands of others.

But Getting Your First Client shows you how to get straight through to the people who need your services … this technique can be used almost anywhere and at any time … and it cuts through all the "noise" of the competition.

I'm so sure that you're going to love Getting Your First Client – and that you're going to be amazed at the doors it will help open – that I'm making you this promise:

If you're not completely satisfied with Getting Your First Client – for any reason – just contact Member Services within 90 days. I'll have them refund every penny of your purchase price.

Don't wait to start making money. Begin living the writer's life sooner. Click on the link below right now to order your copy of Getting Your First Client … and put your new career into high gear.

To your success,

Katie Yeakle
Executive Director, AWAI

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P.S. By using this technique, newly minted copywriters Kris Obertas, Jan Eaton and Eric Murphy convinced me to hand checks and book them for more work. And I was more than happy to do it.

In fact, I once gave AWAI member Krista Jones $10,000 after she applied this technique. And I'm looking forward to handing out more …

Get your share faster. Order Getting Your First Client right now. Just click on the link below to get started.

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